Cop Block Surpasses 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook – What’s Next!?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Cop Block just surpassed one million “Likes” on Facebook – that’s great, but it is bittersweet. Even better would be for the need for the decentralized project to be nonexistent. How do we get there? One mind at a time.


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Cop Block’s Facebook Page Reaches One Million Likes

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Cop Block’s Facebook Page has reached one million likes!
It surpasses both and the FBI.
It is clear that the idea that badges don’t grant extra rights is spreading, and quickly!

You can find useful resources to aid in sharing ideas at


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CopBlock Info Focus of RT News Coverage

Monday, August 18th, 2014

This post was shared by Ian Freeman via’s submit page.

RT is a great channel for getting non-mainstream perspective on American news. RT’s youtube is the top news producer on the site and their live TV channel is available on Free-to-Air satellite and cable systems around the globe.

Longtime CopBlock supporter Ian Freeman of Keene was invited on RT again to discuss police accountability via video cameras. The package was aired on their live channel and also on their youtube:


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#CopCoverage Campaign Announced in Fargo, ND

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: July and August 2014
Police Employees Involved: Twenty Fargo PD officers
Police Employee Outfit: Fargo Police Department

The People’s Press Project (PPP), is a media justice non-profit serving the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN area which has launched a community response to numerous claims of excessive force by the Fargo Police department. The PPP has responded with educational trainings empowering residents with an understanding of their civil, communication and community journalism rights and best practices.

#CopCoverage Video

This project benefits anyone who wants to learn their communication rights, the public’s rights to film and record in public, and how to exercise them. We also aim to help the public share their stories in the most effective ways. The PPP will be holding trainings, webinars, and community response actions in connection with the #CopCoverage campaign empowering residents to discuss concerns about police interactions, sharing their stories, and seeking remedies together with local law enforcement entities so that together police and community members can shape the face of community policing in the Fargo-Moorhead region.


The People’s Press Project is kicking off a series of trainings that will empower local community journalists and members. Check for updates on the People’s Press Project and facebook pages and websites if you can’t attend our first meetings, and follow @Media_PPP on twitter for more information about upcoming meetings, training opportunities, community actions and

How To Do #CopCoverage- Training will take place Sunday Sept. 7 at Fargo Public Library from 3-5pm in the Fercho room in downtown Fargo. This training is free and open to anyone in the community who wants to learn more about what their communication rights are and how to exercise their rights to film in public and share their stories in the most effective way.

When: Sunday, September 7, 2014 3:00 to 5:00 PM
Where: Downtown Fargo Public Library, Fercho Room
This event is free and open to the public.

Fundraiser: PPP is also conducting an online fundraiser on to fund camera equipment to train and equip community members to expose civil rights abuses by the Fargo PD, via #CopCoverage with audio and video recording devices.

Fundrasiser site Here:

Here are some stories that highlight these issues in Fargo, ND:
Local News Coverage,—13 Cops Dispatched to Arrest One 15-year-old Girl, Because a Cop ‘Smelled Weed’–Excessive Force Claim: 13 officers dispatched to arrest one 15 year old Mexican Girl


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Announcing Tricities CopBlock

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Tricities Copblock is a decentralized group run by like minded individuals from Tricities areas of East Tennessee.

We are committed to bringing police accountability, education and transparency to Carter County, Greene County, Hancock County, Hawkins County, Johnson County, Sullivan County, Unicoi County, and Washington County Tennessee.

We are here to be your eyes and ears, to help uphold your constitutional rights by exercising those very rights daily and by education those who are not aware that they are protected by the constitution. We want to help give Tennesseeans back there dignity and to remove the false truth that police have more rights then you. Shiny badges do not grant extra rights, and they also do not give officers the legal ability to intimidate, harass or assault citizens.

When one of our founders was 11 years old, he was violently attacked by his foster father. and in his time of need he reached out to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department for protection. When the officers arrived he was outside bleeding and in pain. He screamed out to the officers for help. Instead of helping they used physical force against him, hitting him and slamming him against the ground.

After their assault they took him to juvenile where he was charged with resisting arrest and unruly behavior. Even after his experience he does not hate cops, he just not longer trusts them to uphold their oath and to protect those who need protection. This is our motivation to educate the public about there rights and to help bring accountability to police.

Connect with Tricities CopBlock

Help Tricities CopBlock Get Gear

Help us purchase much needed equipment to pursue our cause of police accountability and public education. We do this by documenting police encounters and by teaching the public about the legal rights under federal and state laws.


Other Tennessee-Based Groups

  • Cop Block East Tennessee – Facebook
  • Cop Block Nashville – Facebook
  • Clarksville MSA Cop Block – Facebook /
  • Elizabethon Cop Block – Facebook
  • Knox Copblock – Facebook
  • Tennessee Peace Officer Accountability – Facebook
  • Tricities CopBlock – Facebook /


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Tickets to Waukesha PD Circus

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014


By Tim @wkshacopblock

The children working for Waukesha Police Department have again brought fodder to the front page of at the mere expense of numerous citizens’ time and well-being (lives.)  Black people always get an extra taste of “justice” in Waukesha and if you try to record it, you may be extra-judicially punished. The mood of WPD as of late has been that of a carnival where the kids run around drunk on love and sex. But these kids are also drunk on power.

In spring of 2013 some black people were driving around Waukesha. That was their first mistake. After spending 30 minutes with the driver the cops decide to give him a pre-release pat down for “officer safety.” Things take a turn as is usual and the guy ends up underneath a pile of Waukesha’s Finest.

As my friend TJ is videotaping this from across the street in front of his own home Ofc. Jessica Trucksa barks at him not to get involved. He’s watching a non-violent guy getting shaken down and having his car taken by armed and aggressive people. In true WPD fashion the guy who’s “not under arrest” and “not in any trouble” is taken to the ground because after calmly interacting with him for 1/2 an hour Ofc. Steven Cizinski remembers he forgot to pat him down for drugs before he’s allowed to walk away.  As Waukesha Cop Jeremy Bousman says “…I say take ‘em all (sic) regardless…” That’s exactly what happened in the end. But no arrest is complete in Waukesha without dash-cam failure. Check.

The Hunt For The Camera Man

TJ called me the night this all happened and told me after the take down that Sgt. Dave Wanner was trespassing on his property taking down license plates.  Ofc. Trucksa wrote in her report that TJ was a “member of CopBlock” and was anti-government.  She didn’t mention he’s also a psych major at UW Milwaukee and knows that he has the right to film cops. Trucksa applied for an arrest warrant for TJ on an obstructing charge but never got one. That didn’t stop her.

After coming to TJ’s house several times over the next few days to harass him they finally picked him up a week or so later while on a walk with his mom and her dachshunds. Shock and awe took effect as 4-6 cops took this man, accused of “obstructing,” into custody at the behest of Ofc. Jessica Trucksa.

He was taken to the PD and was thoroughly searched. Trucksa had him finger printed and photograph but not charged. She issued no citation or criminal charges at the time. We don’t even know if the case was referred for prosecution because the PD records custodian has no records of any nolle prosse documents from the DA’s office. This arrest has all but disappeared. Was this just a revenge arrest. Did TJ commit the unforgivable sin of contempt of cop? We now know that wouldn’t be outside the scope of possibility with Waukesha cops.

Death Threats and Hit Men

In a previous article I laid out the cases against SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula and Ofc. Michelle Enderle. Satula went to the home of his then wife Ofc. Jessica Satula-Trucksa’s lover. In a PD investigation initiated by my article Satula wrote a narrative of the events which he says occurred that night. Satula wrote that he went to Todd Kraine’s house to confront him about the affair (he states Ofc. Trucksa was having multiple affairs) Todd and his wife were alleged to be having. He admitted he was yelling, he admitted he was swearing, and he admitted he was armed. He didn’t admit to telling Todd he would “put a bullet in his and his own wife’s head” though he didn’t deny it. Satula also stated he had lengthy conversations with multiple PD supervisors the next day in anticipation that something may happen to him due to his crazy actions. He also confirmed that Ofc. Michelle Enderle lied in her official capacity regarding Todd’s 911 call she was dispatched to. Instead of documenting that she encountered her co-worker and Todd, as required by law, she documented “Gone on arrival.” That’s called Misconduct in Office and is crime in WI. She wanted to make sure no fellow cops would get in trouble.

During the time of my friend TJ’s arrest, Ofc. Trucksa was involved in a divorce from SWAT Sgt. Satula. She had also filed a (TRO) temporary restraining order against Todd Kraines apparently at the behest of Waukesha Police Chief Russel Jack. The TRO was based on Trucksa’s petition that she was “fearful” along with a text Todd sent of him with a gun to his mouth. But according to the court record Trucksa sent numerous disturbing texts too. She refers to wanting to commit suicide multiple times and actually states she was “jealous” of a lady who had tried to die by taking pills whom she encountered at work the night before. She stated the lady was in the hospital and may or may not live. Ofc. Trucksa also texts Todd that she has put a “hit” out on her personal trainer who she refers to as “trainer boy” in court records.  She assures Todd that “Mikey” will conduct the hit, apparently upon her request. It doesn’t seem like asking someone to kill someone else is consistent with her Oath of Office.

And it goes on and on…

“Must Be a Circus in Town” 

The fact is, these people acting like angst-filled horny teenagers are the ones making some pretty big life and death decisions for the citizens in Waukesha. I’m the last one who should be throwing stones from my glass house. But as a “Law Enforcement Officer” in a state which lists adultery as a Felony, and considering the mental state of these people, most would be hard pressed to say these are the best folks for this job.

This situation falls upon the shoulders of our police Chief. He’s willing to turn a blind eye to almost anything his officers do wrong.  We just settled a $300,000 Federal Suit in June and no apology yet from the PD. The Chief himself was involved in an incident where an SL6 Batan Launcher was used against a drunk and passed out female which ripped a 6 inch gash in her leg. It required 30 some stitches to close and we (taxpayers) paid between $10,000 and $1 million to resolve that case in 2012.

A week after Ofc. Jessica Trucksa filed the TRO against Todd (and months after the hit man text) she sent an email to Todd’s mom (which is also in the court record.) She offered Todd’s mom free tickets to the Circus. The exchange is odd and the offer is inappropriate to this guy’s mother after accusing her son, apparently with the help of the Chief, of being dangerous to her. Todd’s mom scolded her knowing Todd was not a true threat. It seems I’m not the only one living in a glass house.

Although it’s far from free, seats are always available to the Waukesha PD Circus.

Waukesha Police Department Facebook Page

Side Note: I planned to address  Ofc. Jeremy Bousman, Ofc. Darin Wittnebel, Ofc. Michelle Enderle casually discussing dumping evidence in this article.  I’ll be working on it this week and plan to pursue criminal charges when I find they dumped evidence in a Felony case. 



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Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses.



Ten Questions for Bill Scott, Author of The Permit
by Bill Buppert

I read Bill’s book, The Permit, and was aghast at the more intimate and grim details on his son’s murder by cops in Las Vegas in 2010 depicted in the novel. This site is no stranger to reports of predation and rampant misbehavior and mayhem wrought by American police today. My twitter posts three-five new incidents of cop brutality daily. The police state in the US may be the most far-reaching residual of the American War on Terror which has become a self-fulfilling Orwellian prophecy with the use of the campaign as a means to institutionalize maximum government to keep the tax cattle safe no matter the expense in liberty and freedom.

Bill has been kind enough to grant this interview with me.

Bill Scott is now a full-time author, writing techno-thriller novels. The latest is “The Permit,” which is based on the murder of his eldest son, Erik. He co-authored two other novels, “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III,” and a sequel, “Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III,” plus one nonfiction book, “Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story.”

Bill can be reached via the Contact section of my website,, or e-mail at:

While Bill and I may not agree on everything, we do agree that the US police state is a clear and present danger to any human being living within the borders of the US. -BB

Bill Buppert: Tell the readers some of your background.

Bill Scott: My wife and I have been married 44 years, and we were blessed with two incredible sons, Erik and Kevin.

In 2007, I retired as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, concluding a 22-year career as a writer/reporter for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. I’m a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), and flight-tested aircraft for 12 years, both as an Air Force officer and civilian FTE. My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering. While on USAF active duty, I flew classified nuclear debris-sampling/collection missions, served as an R&D engineer with the National Security Agency, and was a flight test instrumentation engineer, prior to being selected for USAF TPS. As a civil pilot with a commercial certificate and instrument and multi-engine ratings, flight test engineer, AvWeek reporter, and USAF aircrew member, I logged about 2,000 hours of flight time in 80 different types of aircraft.

Bill Buppert: Many condolences on the loss of your son; I read Erik’s story when it first happened in 2010 and then read your cathartic novel, The Permit, which fleshed out more details in a fictional narrative of the murder of your son by Las Vegas Metro cops and the subsequent cover-up. Were you surprised at the cover-up, stonewalling and general nastiness of the police after they murdered your son?

Bill Scott: Yes, very surprised. Before Erik was shot to death, I was one of those naïve American military veterans, who thought all but a few rogue police officers also were honest public servants dedicated to protecting and serving. I quickly learned that cowardice, corruption and cover-up were the standard for about a third of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department—including the sheriff, Doug Gillespie, and his chief cover-up “spook,” Captain Patrick Neville. I arrived in Vegas two days after Erik was murdered, convinced that a sloppy, transparent cover-up was well underway. When I asked, “Why would they cover up an officer-involved shooting, which appears to be a massive screw-up, not an intentional murder?” my lawyer, several of Erik’s friends, and long-time Vegas residents looked at me as if I’d parachuted in from Mars. They unanimously replied, “Because they always cover up their murders! There’s nothing special about Erik!”

Bill Buppert: Most Americans are living in what I consider an illusion in thinking the police protect and serve anyone but the rulers and bureaucracy of the various levels of government. This especially appears to be the case with the consistently egregious behavior of the LVM. Do you consider the LVM to be a viciously compromised and self-serving entity?

Bill Scott: Most definitely. Las Vegas Metro PD is an integral arm of the Clark County/Las Vegas Cartel of Corruption, which comprises billionaires, powerful politicians, immoral, appalling cops, a complicit district attorney’s office, compromised judges, the coroner’s office (which now encompasses Public Administrator functions), and an absolutely venal, obstructionist police union. This cartel is controlled by a Cleveland branch of the Mafia or Mob, which has its dirty paws in several of the big resort-hotels and casinos.

In short, this Cartel uses LVMPD cops as its enforcers of evil, ranging from stealing the wealth of elderly citizens to beating and executing those who can’t pay gambling debts, and forcing runaway kids into child sex rings. Paying off low-IQ cops is more sophisticated than hiring a bunch of knee-breaking “Guidos,” as the Mob does back East. Instead, the Las Vegas Cartel developed a quasi-legal “coroner inquest” system that guaranteed any murder committed by a police officer was found “Justified.” Since the late 1970s, about 200 coroner inquest hearings were held in Clark County, NV, billed as a quasi-judicial “fact-finding” exercise. Of course, not a single cop was ever found at fault. Every killing by a LV Metro cop was ruled “Justified.” Incredible.

Bill Buppert: Were you surprised at the cruel and nasty attitude and behavior of the LVM when you were attempting to get justice for Erik in the legal system?

Bill Scott: By the time we filed our lawsuits, I knew LVMPD would stop at nothing to protect their killer-cops and Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s reelection campaign. Good, honest cops said that my phones and e-mails were being monitored, thanks to the Vegas federal-state-local “Joint Fusion Center,” which routinely uses high-tech snooping technology, under the guise of counterterrorism. Metro detectives illegally broke into, and stole several guns from, Erik’s condo, twisted the facts of his medical records (Erik had 40% of his L5 vertebra broken off, a casualty of Army airborne training. He suffered severe back pain, after a fender-bender car accident that realigned his spine in late 2009.), tried to intimidate Erik’s ex-wife, harassed Erik’s then-girlfriend (three traffic tickets within three weeks of Erik’s murder), and cherry-picked witnesses for the coroner’s inquest hearing. Further, LVM cops illegally acquired court-sealed records from another state, which were clearly stamped by a judge, stating that the claims in a detective’s report “did not occur.”

Metro detectives even pursued laughable measures to gin up a patently false narrative about Erik carrying a “second gun,” when, in fact, he only had a single pistol on his person (a legal, concealed-carry weapon), when he was shot to death. His .45-caliber Kimber Ultra Carry semiautomatic was removed from the body, after Erik’s corpse had been loaded into an AMR ambulance. That firearm was then placed on the concrete, near the entrance-exit of Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas, supposedly as “proof” that Erik had pulled it, still in its holster.

Ooops! The ambulance EMTs’ report documented a firearm and extra magazine found on Erik’s body. That little hiccup prompted a panicked effort to break into Erik’s condo and steal a “second gun” to comport with 1) a gun found on Erik’s body, and 2) a pistol, in its holster, being on the ground, after the shooting. In fact, the only item on the ground, after Erik was shot seven times, was his BlackBerry, which he had in his right hand. At least two of Erik’s pistols, and, possibly, two rifles were stolen from the condo. Then, brilliant Metro detectives fired a hole in the handle of a small (stolen) Ruger LCP, trying to imply the small gun was in my son’s jeans front pocket, which contained Erik’s 1.75-inches-thick wallet!

A detailed analysis conducted by Mike McDaniel, a former professional police and ex-SWAT officer, trainer and crime scene investigator, completely destroys Metro’s ludicrous “two-gun” narrative. That superb analysis is available (with photos of Erik’s firearms) on Mike’s blog: The Erik Scott Case: Update 19

Bill Buppert: Is a Coroner’s Inquest designed to protect the misbehavior and brutality of the police and its allies?

Bill Scott: In Las Vegas, NV, that’s absolutely true. The old Vegas inquest was a one-sided, bizarre perversion of due process, which made a mockery of American jurisprudence. We allowed Erik’s September 2010 inquest hearing to be televised and streamed over the Internet. Once Las Vegas citizens and thousands throughout America and many foreign countries witnessed, first-hand, this moronic kangaroo court in action, the outrage and blow-back that erupted forced a radical revision of the Clark County coroner’s inquest process. However, the Cartel of Corruption, through its proxy, an uber-arrogant Las Vegas Police Protective Association (police union), managed to put the new, revised inquest system on indefinite hold. Now, a corrupt district attorney, Steve Wolfson, reviews all officer-involved shootings and single-handedly rules whether they were justified or criminal. Over the past three years, Wolfson has found every single shooting “Justified.” Surprise! New system, same outcomes. The Cartel maintains iron-fisted control of the Southern Nevada “justice” system, ensuring Metro’s killer-cops always go free and never are held accountable for crimes that would imprison a “civilian” for life.

Bill Buppert: There are an estimated 19,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA; do you suspect the behavior and actions of the LVM are a microcosm of modern American policing?

Bill Scott: I do, given that cops across the nation routinely commit and get away with egregious murders and acts of raw brutality. The federal Patriot Act literally gave cops a license to kill, and many don’t hesitate to shoot. As a result, law enforcement now attracts an extraordinary number of bullies and brain-damaged, angry men and women. Many of these are totally devoid of courage and conscience, and are convinced they truly are above the law. They feel they can do anything they please, and can get away with it. Backed by obscene unions, today’s cops take great umbrage with anybody daring to question their judgment, tactics, use of force, and absurd accounts of an incident.

Bill Buppert: I suggest an evil trifecta of police misbehavior in police unions, officer safety mandates and qualified immunity to be core causes of the tragedy that is the US police state today bolstered by creeping militarization and Federalization. What do you think?

Bill Scott: I agree. As described in Chapter Ten of The Permit, law enforcement officers and agents of all stripes constitute the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat facing Americans today. Over the last few decades, cops and federal agents have killed more citizens than our nation lost at Pearl Harbor, on D-Day 1944, and on 9/11/2001…combined. An American citizen is now eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. And a police officer is 130 times more likely to be involved in an act of misconduct than to be killed in the line of duty.

Police unions leverage the power of money to elect, then control, politicians. With polished, proven rhetoric, unions have tricked well-meaning, yet hopelessly naïve, politicos into passing “Qualified Immunity” laws that virtually guarantee a killer-cop will never be held accountable for murdering an innocent “civilian”—as cops now refer to lowly taxpaying citizens. Juries rarely find a cop guilty of murder or wrongdoing, because the average jurist still believes the falsehood that cops are honest and would never lie. As any experienced courtroom lawyer will confirm, though, cops do lie, even under oath.

Add to that the totally unjustified, runaway militarization of local and state police departments—aided and abetted by federal dollars and military equipment—and we now have precisely what the nation’s founders tried to prevent: A standing domestic army that exists for the sole purpose of controlling the very people who pay the jackbooted thugs’ salaries. In the 21st Century, America truly has become a police state.

Bill Buppert: Absent a police power, how would a state deny individual freedom and liberty?

Bill Scott: By gutting the Second Amendment and disarming American citizens, removing the only sure, last-ditch means to resist a tyrannical government. Disarmament, in itself, would inspire a power-hungry tyrant to create his own police force. No politician would allow unarmed, vulnerable masses to live as they pleased.

erik-b-scott-slain-by-lvmpd-employees-zerogov-copblockBill Buppert: Any updates in the case with Erik?

Bill Scott: I’m still pursuing legal measures, and continuing to wage asymmetric war against the Cartel of Corruption that controls Las Vegas. I don’t talk about strategies, operations and tactics, but several battles have been relatively successful. I’m aided by a small number of motivated, well-connected allies, who are quietly working behind the scenes. I’m not privy to their campaign strategies, but am assured that the Vegas Cartel and its killer-cop drones are literally living on borrowed days. I couldn’t halt these warriors’ strikes-for-justice, if I wanted to.

Bill Buppert: I hope The Permit has been well received. I would urge my readers to buy the book and, if possible, review it on Amazon. Has it caused the reaction you expected? Do you still receive threats from the LVM?

Bill Scott: Many thanks for the endorsement, Bill. National sales of the novel continue to build steadily, thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, particularly on Amazon. In Las Vegas, reactions from Cartel entities are basically what we expected: Ignore the book and pretend it doesn’t exist, or, when pressed, demean and dismiss it as irrelevant. Fortunately, criticism and patronizing dismissal by the police union director, Chris Collins, and his team of online intimidator trolls backfired and has significantly increased sales of “The Permit.” Anything union cops hate and trash-talk, smart people embrace.

Metro’s threats aren’t as overt and transparent as they were a few years ago. However, the Las Vegas Joint Fusion Center’s geek-goons still may be monitoring my phone calls and e-mail messages, according to inside sources.

Before Erik was murdered, LV Metro had two public affairs officers; it now employs nine, supposedly because the “Scott Family” caused the department so much grief. The Permit also has contributed significantly to Metro’s miserable, tanking public image. I’m assured that, as a result of Erik’s senseless murder and courageous activism by “Erik’s Warriors,” LV Metro has quietly changed its policies, procedures and training dramatically. Of course, Sheriff Gillespie and his scared-stiff “Tower” staff also were motivated by the threat of a Department of Justice consent decree being imposed on the department.

I’ve been accused of being anti-cop and hating police officers. Absolutely not true. I’m deeply indebted to many good-hearted, professional police officers, who helped me expose the sordid inner workings of Las Vegas Metro, in particular, and Sin City, in general. Law enforcement professionals across the nation have patiently explained how a good police force operates. They invariably express stunned disbelief, outrage and embarrassment, when they hear how LV Metro’s badged thugs executed my son, then covered up the killers’ crimes.

These pros (and I) are quite distressed by the militarization of U.S. cops, and a few have helped me develop a presentation I call “Restore Honor.” I firmly believe that, unless good cops stand up and collectively demand that their own departments return to a “protect-and-serve” mentality and culture, our nation will explode in rebellion. As The Permit warns, armed, infuriated citizens will literally hunt down any cop sporting a badge. The level of simmering, subsurface fury I sense throughout the country, primarily directed at arrogant, above-the-law cops, is unprecedented…and scary.

I adamantly emphasize that I do not advocate violence against police officers. But “good” cops have been too silent, too willing to look the other way, for too long. I predict that, in the name of self-protection, honorable, professional cops will soon launch an aggressive crusade to Rid the Ranks of Rogues—eliminating corrupt outlaws from their own departments. Such a campaign might take the form of destroying a corrupt officer’s credit rating; pressuring a bank to foreclose on a killer-cop’s home; filing criminal charges for malfeasance, or taking more-direct action. The operation will spread rapidly, and it won’t be pretty. But, when Neanderthal killer-cops are systematically expunged from local, state and federal law enforcement, citizens will be quick to rally behind those high-integrity officers, who Restore Honor to what once was an honorable profession.

Godspeed to them.

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Brady Lists – Another Injustice System Failure

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

In 1963, the murder conviction of John Brady was overturned by the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that that prosecutors had not disclosed all known facts pertinent to the case.

Specifically – that Brady didn’t commit murder. Prosecutors – eager to get yet another conviction – had decided not to share with Brady and his lawyers, a letter written by another man who took sole responsibility for the act.

Since then, the “Brady Rule” has required prosecutors to pass along material related to guilt or to punishment, known as “exculpatory evidence,” to defendants before a plea is entered.

Failure to do so is said to be a violation of due process.

Less than a decade later another case – Giglio v. United States – strengthened the Brady Rule by mandating that defendants and their lawyers had to be told about information that casts doubt on the credibility of government witnesses involved in the case.

Police employees – being political actors – who have questionable integrity, are supposed to be kept on a Brady List.

Qualifications for inclusion include lying under oath – what’s known as testilying, or other misdeeds done when “in an official capacity,” which in plain English means that when a person has on a police costume.

So where are those Brady Lists?

They’re certainly not readily available on the website of your local cop shop or district attorney’s office.

The simple truth is that there is no set process on how this information is to be shared, thus the norm is censorship on behalf of those who keep those lists.

And even though prosecutors are tasked with informing the defendant that a police employee set to testify is indeed, included on a Brady List, that doesn’t always happen. It’s ultimately contingent on the decision reached by a handful of senior prosecutors.

Regardless of the lip service given to “justice” and to transparency, the injustice system and its actors rest filmy on double-standards and censorship.

As said Mary Ellen Reimund, a Washington-based lawyer, “Although the case is 50 years old, how prosecutors and police are complying with Brady in regard to dishonesty and police officers is in its infancy.”

In LA, a process to comply with the Brady List was created only after a massive police scandal – dozens and dozens of police employees active with the Rampart CRASH unit, planting evidence, testilying, dealing drugs, beatings and shooting, and bank robbery, which cost area taxpayers 125 million federal reserve notes for settlements.

Within five years that process had been adopted by a handful of other police outfits in SoCal.

In San Diego, Jeff McDonald of the San Diego Union-Tribune solicited the Brady List from the local attorney.

Since the DA claims to be “dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice” and to strive for “open and forthright communication,” one would think that the request would quickly be granted, right?


The response received said that “Any information that may lead to the identification of the officers… is confidential.”

As opined Margaret Dooley-Sammuli, from the San Diego ACLU, “If officers are unreliable in court, are they reliable in our communities?”

This default to protect the identities of police employees who have questionable integrity is not surprising.

After all, we’re talking about an institution that does not have to respond to market signals.

All police employees, and their outfits, rely on a claimed legitimate right to extort you to then protect you.

And prosecutors, who are supposed to maintain the Brady Lists, tend to rely on donations and support from police unions to get elected.

Many, therefore, are hesitate to rock the boat, and call into question hundreds or thousands of convictions that relied on testimony from someone known to lie.

Such is the norm when justice is said to be provided by a coercive monopoly. That institution and its actors are inherently unaccountable.

Yet according to Richard Bradley, the president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, had the audacity to claim, that “in 27 years on the Boston force he had never encountered the practice” of testilying. Sure.

Honesty among police employees in legaland is not absolute. Anyone truthful – including some police employees – readily acknowledges that fact.

Joseph D. McNamara – when head of San Jose Police Outfit, stated, “as someone who spent 35 years wearing a police uniform, I’ve come to believe that hundreds of thousands of law-enforcement officers commit felony perjury every year testifying about drug arrests.”

In fact, during the legaland venture Ademo Freeman and I had a few years ago in Greenfield, Mass., it was a lie by a police employee on the stand that one juror cited as the reason he determined that Ademo and I were “not guilty.”

That police employee – Todd M. Dodge – had been asked by Ademo if he’d ever broken the law. Dodge replied “No.”

There exists thousands of pages of legalese conflated to be law, much of which is contradictory. The average person “violates” a handful of felonies each day, and Dodge claims he’s never broken a law?

Dodge should be included on the Brady List, and maybe he already is – but good luck finding out that information.

As Richard Lisko, a Baltimore Police employee noted in Police Chief Magazine – “Even though the Brady decision is nearly 50 years old, law enforcement agencies across the country are reluctant, if not defiant, to disclose potentially damaging information about police officers within their ranks.”

Earlier this week I called the Attorney General offices for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

For the most part, that communication was fruitless. Despite the passage of almost a week, I’ve yet to hear back from anybody, about how the Brady List kept could be obtained.

Even the one time I was told that I could file a FOIA request, that was quickly followed-up with the statement that it was not-likely to be fulfilled.

Had others experienced more success? I scoured the web, and found only a handful of examples when Brady Lists that were sought, were provided:

In Florida, the Brady List was provided to The Sun Sentinel earlier this year, which listed police employees convicted of crimes, those under criminal investigation, and those being investigated for discharging their firearm.

In 2010, the writers at the Phoenix New Times obtained the Brady list for Maricopa County, which listed hundreds of police employees, including Jeffeory Hynes, then the head of the Phoenix Police Outfit’s internal affairs department, who now teaches about Police Management at nearby Arizona State University.

In The Shire, where I now reside, the Brady List is referred to as the Laurie List.

In 2013 Elizabeth Dinan of the Portsmouth Herald and the Seacoast Media Group filed Right to Know Requests – New Hampshire’s version of the FOIA – with each county’s head prosecutor to obtain the Laurie Lists.

Though much of the information received was redacted, it was learned that more than 60 police employees were included. Said Dinan: “the process tracking them is so secretive it is virtually impossible to identify them or even say for sure exactly how many there are.”

Thanks to a submission made to Cop Block – the identities of a few of those police employees are known – Matthew Jajuga, Micheal Buckley, and Jonathon Duchesne – who all partook in the unjust beating Chris Micklovich (a name that may be familiar to you, if you’re aware with the Chalking 8 incident).

That trio attempted recently to get their names removed from the Laurie List, but their request was denied.

So, with lack of rigor surrounding Brady Lists, and the less-than-willing disposition of prosecutors to share them, why was it thought worthwhile to address this topic?

Because it acts as yet another data point to underscore the failure of a centralized, coercive monopoly to provide safety or accountability or any such idealistic goal.

If a police employee is known to be of such questionable character, shouldn’t that information be made public? Would you choose to hire a known liars and predators to protect you?


Anthony Arevalos who, despite being named in a dozen lawsuits that cost area taxpayers millions of federal reserve notes, was still employed as a San Diego police employee when he sexually molested a woman in the bathroom of a 711.

And, just a couple hours to the north, Vince Mater – who worked for the Fullerton Police, the same outfit where the killers of Kelly Thomas are employed – who’s inclusion on the Brady List wasn’t made public until he was quietly dismissed after he destroyed crucial evidence – his department issued audio recorder and the chip that had captured his exchanges with  Dean Gochenour, who was shortly afterwards said to have committed suicide in his cage.

Would you choose to employ a person of such disrepute?

That’s what this conversation is ultimately about – choice.

Today, with the failed “injustice system” there is no choice. There is no accountability. And there never will be, as that institution is based on a double-standard – that some people have the “right” to extort others.

It’s been over 50 years since the Brady List was kicked-off, it’s failed to curtail the very real, and very negative actions done by dishonest police employees.

If you know of a dishonest police employee, let others know. And that includes you too, current police employees. Your silence is acceptance.

To bring about real change, shed any vestiges of legitimacy you grant to that corrupt institution, and to the bankrupt idea that positions some as rulers, and others as ruled.





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Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Bullies like to operate behind closed doors, out of sight and off the radar of others.

Change that equation.

Seek justice not from the friends of the aggressor, but from the court of public opinion.

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Visit to inject the disinfecting light of transparency into a situation that demands justice.

And if it’d help, be sure to check out the post -  “Have You Been Wronged By a Police Employee?


Thanks in advance for your involvement – this decentralization is key to effect real change!

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#JusticeForJason – Beaten by Denton (TX) City Jail Employees

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Nocturnus Libertus shared the post below via


It was Denton, TX. In the early hours of the morning, July 18th, 2014 @ approximately 2:20am, a guy I know [Jason] was taken into custody for possession of alcohol and public intoxication. The arresting officer was Clint Webb Badge #132. Now this officer seemed to be acting within the confines of his job and other than my ideological argument that the state enforced by all officers is the very power structure I would love to tear down as an anarchist, I have no beef with him. He did however witness at least some of what followed – two Denton City Jail guards described as black, stocky, approximately ’5″9 started beating Jason ruthlessly.

The police who brutalized him are still employed, and face no criminal charges. This means they are still free to abuse their statuses as “sworn officers of the law” and (may/will) brutalize other people. We need your help in exposing the malicious abuses of these persons.


Through out this whole thing Jason, (the one beaten) was compliant. He did not fight back only tried to cover his vital areas as any reasonable person would do. He doesn’t have many people sticking up for him. And if this is what it takes to get his voice heard, well I got his back. There should be an investigation. This is clearly a case of bullies picking on one street person, but is part of a bigger problem. Lets set an example and fight for these pigs to be dealt with.

Justice For Jason



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Known Groups in Texas

#JusticeForJason – Beaten by Denton (TX) City Jail Employees is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights