Vernon Hershberger – Threatened by “Authorities” for Dairy Farm – Standing on Principle, And He’s Not Alone

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

UPDATE May 8, 2013 9:30PM EST
Guy Reynolds, the man wearing a black robe in Vernon Hershberger’s legalland venture, said yesterday at a pretrial hearing that the words “raw milk” can’t be uttered during the trial. Yes, this trial is about raw milk, but the combination of those two words is said to be prohibited. If Reynolds really cares about justice why would he demand others not mutter those words? At its core, this situation isn’t about raw milk, but about self-ownership.


Self-proclaimed “authorities” levied threats against Vernon Hershberger, who, on May 20th is slated to venture through legalland in Sauk County Wisconsin.

Hershberger’s alleged offense? He, his wife, their eight sons and 200 others in their private club, consume the milk and other related products from the cows they raise.

Fortunately Hershberger is standing on principle and many good folks are supporting his efforts. Already a few hundred have indicated their intention to be present.

vernon-hershberger-raw-milk-facebook-event-sauk-county-wisconsin-copblock>>Trial for Vernon Hershberger<<
Raw Milk is NOT a Crime!

Sauk County Circuit Courts
515 Oak Street, Baraboo, WI
May 20-24, 2013



No victim no crime!


Wisconsin Department of Justice
workplace of Eric Defort and Phillip Farris, who, in late 2011 drafted and filed the four complaints levied at Hershberger on behalf of a legal fiction they call “the State of Wisconsin”sauk-county-wisconsin-sheriffs-office-copblock-vernon-hershberger
(608) 266-1221

Sauk County Sheriffs Office
workplace of Chris Zunker, who, in late 2011, visited Hershberger’s home and communicated the threat from DeFort and Ferris. Zunker claimed to just be doing his job.
(608) 356-4895


Vernon Hershberger Criminal Complaint


Text from

Please attend Court in support of Vernon Hershberger!

farmfoodfreedom-vernon-hersberger-copblockMay 20-24, 2013
Sauk County courthouse

1. Attend the trial and events.
2. Donate to Vernon’s legal defense fund or in support of “Grow Your Food Freedom.”
3.  Bring Your own Raw Milk!  This is a BYORM event!  Stand in solidarity with Vernon and other peaceful farmers who are being criminalized for distribution of fresh milk!  Bring your own to this event!

Schedule for the Grow Your Food Freedom Event

MONDAY, MAY 20, through FRIDAY, MAY 24, of the trial, we will host a catered lunch (Chipotle) and a catered dinner featuring local foods and drink in the Al Ringling theater across the street from the courthouse. lunch and dinner will have a cost but the proceeds are going to Vernon and other local food efforts. Each day will also feature a brief recap of the trial.

MONDAY – MAY 20, 2013
Mark McAfee and Michael Badnarik followed, most likely, by a screening of Farmageddon.

TUESDAY – MAY 21, 2013
Tuesday Ajna Sharma-Wilson, attorney from CA who worked with Rawesome, Deborah Evans from Bagaduce Farm in Maine, Mark Baker from Michigan and Alvin Schlangen from Minnesota will discuss challenges and successes in the food freedom movement. They will be followed by a debate on legalization vs decriminalization of raw milk moderated by David Gumpert. That will be followed by a discussion of food sharing structures. e.g. food clubs, coops, herd shares etc.

WEDNESDAY – MAY 22, 2013
Wednesday will feature Cornucopia Institute Founder, Mark Kastel who will be leading a discussion on “the bigger picture of food” including GMOs, getting a consumer base active and involved. That will be followed by a screening of Genetic Roulette.

THURSDAY – MAY 23, 2013
Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm in VA and Eustace Conway from Turtle Island Preserve in NC will join us for a discussion on food and farming freedom and David Gumpert will be speaking on and signing copies of his BRAND NEW (that is the first day it will be available) book, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights.”

FRIDAY – MAY 24, 2013
is the last day and we will have lunch in the theater but not supper. After the trial we will meet in the nearby park (weather permitting) and discuss results and next steps. See you there!!!

Attending from out of town? Contact:

Transportation/Carpooling coordinator–Dick Suanders,
Volunteer coordinator–Nicole Harpt–


The Best Western Baraboo Inn has set aside a block of rooms for Mr. Hershberger and his supporters
Group Name: Hershberger Trial
608.356.1100 or 800.831.3881 (toll free) or

Arrival Date: May 19th, 2013
Departure Date: May 25th, 2013

*Guests may reserve a night for one or all of the nights that fall within the arrival and departure dates.

Room Rate: $60.00 (plus taxes)
Room Types: 1 King Bed or 2 Queen Beds (room rate is the same for either room type)

Please note that reservations will only be made at the $60 rate by calling our front desk directly.


Related Resources:

Video Sources:


John Whitehead, who late last year, through the Rutherford Institute helped to bring attention to the Brandon Raub situation, noted


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Friday, November 9th, 2012

I’ve been neglecting you. But just think, in the spring you’ll have your own portable collection of groin-punching, blood-pressure raising stories to pull down off your bookshelf—any time you like!

I do have some thoughts about the election. I just don’t have time to put them into a more substantive post at the moment. And they’re more about the various ballot measures than the election itself. Summary: I think that for the most part, there’s lots of reason for optimism in Tuesday night’s results. Even on the GOP side, the one Republican senator who managed to win a competitive Senate seat this week was Jeff Flake, a devoted fiscal conservative and principled advocate for limited government who also happens to be pro-immigration, pro-internet gambling, favors ending the sanctions with Cuba, and who generally avoids the culture wars. He’s a huge improvement over his predecessor. And he won in a state filled with Latinos and rock-ribbed conservatives. He’s a template for the rest of the party.

On to the links:

  • Cop tries to kill dog during drug raid, shoots fellow cop instead.
  • “The Permanent Militarization of America.”
  • In Colorado, legalization of marijuana got more votes than Obama.
  • Carlos Miller wins again. And how he’s suing the cops who deleted the video depicting his illegal arrest. You’d think Miami police would know to just leave him the hell alone.
  • North Korean court rules that the country’s military can torture dissidents with impunity.
  • A new front in the war on vegetable gardens. Don’t know about you, but if these stories ending up pitting the militant locavores and anti-obesity paternalists in an epic battle with the petty zoning tyrants . . . I’m making popcorn.
  • Hey, remember when super PACs were going to destroy American democracy? Not so much. Of course, when the anti-Citizens United crowd would say things like “this will destroy American democracy,” they actually meant, “this will help the candidates I don’t like!” Which means that if and when the GOP ever gets its act together (more likely: when they Democrats inevitably overplay their hand), we’ll be back to blaming money in politics for election results again.

Lemonade & Raw Milk Freedom Descends on DC this Weekend

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Lemonade Freedom
Raw Milk Freedom Riders

Friday, August 17th: Know Your Rights Workshop & Dinner Registration
Saturday, August 18th: Lemonade Freedom Day 2012 FACEBOOK EVENT

Timeline of FDA raids on raw milk by Mike Adams at

For more, check out Lemonade & Raw Milk Freedom Day posted to on August, 3rd, 2012

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

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Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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Who is Maggie McNeill and What the Hell is She Doing Here?

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

My name is Maggie McNeill, and I’m a whore.

Well, more specifically, a retired whore.  Or if you want me to be really specific, a retired call girl and madam who now writes a blog called The Honest Courtesan, in which I discuss the realities of harlotry.  Sometimes I write about my personal experiences (sans lurid detail), sometimes about the history of the profession, sometimes about unusual aspects of it most outsiders don’t know about.  Once a month I do a biography of a famous prostitute, and once a month I write a fictional tale in which a professional plays some major part, and sometimes I even do funny or whimsical columns.  But the great majority of my posts are about the rights of sex workers, which are under heavier assault in the United States (and a number of other countries) than they have been in years.  A lot of people enjoy flattering me by telling me that I write very well, and sometimes they do more than just tell me; a few weeks ago Radley asked me to be part of the group filling in for him while he’s on sabbatical, and I was delighted to say “certainly”.  I’m not even going to attempt to fill his shoes (I doubt he could cram his feet into my size 8 1/2 spike-heeled pumps, either), but I’ll do my best to keep you entertained and to maintain some of his usual traditions in my own unique way.  Most of the stuff I publish here will be written specifically for this blog,  but Radley said it was OK if  cross-posted as well; so, some days I’ll do that if I think that day’s post is of a more general interest rather than something that would feel out of place anywhere other than my own blog.  This post is a hybrid; it’s an adaptation of one I did last year for another libertarian blog called Nobody’s Business, which y’all might also be interested in.

Now, even though most of you think of prostitution as a libertarian issue for the straightforward reason that the government has no business regulating what two or more consenting adults do in private, many of you may not realize that it’s actually much bigger than that.  Because prostitution is the only “crime” defined purely by motive (having sex with strangers is perfectly legal unless motivated by financial gain), in the absence of a videotape of the interaction it’s all he said-she said territory.  And because professional escorts never, EVER directly agree to the such-and-such sex act for such-and-such amount of money by which prostitution is defined, cops are forced to either A) lie and say they did, or B) come up with some sort of “evidence” of intent to commit prostitution.  In recent years, different districts in the US have claimed all of the following as evidence:  the possession of condoms or a cell phone, the lack of underwear, winking, dressing provocatively, loitering in an area known for prostitution, and many others.  Last year Utah passed a law which added “acting sexy” to the list,  but legislators assure us it will only be used against “real” prostitutes.

This sort of “evidence” belongs in a 17th-century witch trial, not a modern courtroom; yet women (both prostitutes and non-prostitutes) are arrested on such flimsy pretexts every day in this country, and mainstream “feminists” say nothing because they accept the arrest and harassment of individual women as collateral damage in their jihad against prostitution.  Nor are women the only ones who need to worry; in Sweden, radical feminists have succeeded in establishing a law which makes it legal to sell sex, but criminal to buy it.  Let that sink in for a moment:  it’s as though cops witnessing a drug deal were to haul off the buyer but wave the seller on his way.  The rationale (such as it is) behind this madness is that prostitution is a form of “violence against women”, essentially “paid rape”, so the client is treated as a type of lower-degree rapist.  The woman’s wishes are irrelevant; she is considered legally incompetent to consent to sex if there is compensation involved, just as a twelve-year-old girl is incompetent to consent.

This “Swedish Model” has also infiltrated Norway and Iceland (where strip clubs were also banned on the same grounds) and is now being considered in Ireland, Israel and France; the French minister for women’s rights recently declared she will try to impose it on all of Europe.  Radical feminists are trying to trick Canadians into embracing it by wrongly labeling it “decriminalization”, and it has already entered into the rhetoric of police departments in a number of states.  Massachusetts wants to define “human trafficking” so loosely that even the husbands or drivers of sex workers can be prosecuted for it (and all their possessions seized, naturally), and as of last week New York threatens cab drivers with $10,000 fines and loss of their licenses “if they if they ‘knowingly allow’ their vehicles to be ‘used for the purpose of promoting prostitution’.”  And given how easy it is to accuse a woman of prostitution…you get the picture.  In the sex worker rights movement we have a slogan:  “Sex worker rights are human rights”.  Just as the “War on Drugs” has resulted in widespread havoc, tremendous waste and wholesale abridgement of civil rights, so has the “War on Whores” (though to a lesser degree).  When the government is allowed to criminalize raw motives, thoughts and relationships, and when a woman can be arrested for how she acts, or a man for whom he knows or does business with, no one is safe.

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Friday, June 29th, 2012

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
  • Federal court rules the University of Cincinnati’s “free speech zone”—which comprises all of 0.1 percent of the campus, is unconstitutional. That’s obviously the correct decision, but I’ve never really understood the purpose of these zones. Is this a PC thing?
  • Study: People who are into organic food are probably assholes. (Because it validates what I think about people who champion organic food, I’m pretty certain the study is accurate!)
  • Teen says Prince George’s County abducted, cuffed, and threatened him in order to “teach him a lesson.”
  • Jacob Sullum adds more debunking to that New York Times scare story about Adderall. (Disclosure: I have a prescription for Adderall.)
  • Newsweek, that vigilant media watchdog, slobbers all over New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.
  • Why you can’t start a food truck in New Orleans.
  • Smart post on money, political power, and inequality.
  • Reductio creep: I remember when I covered obesity as a Cato policy analyst, when I’d raise the slippery slope prospect of government regulating what you can and can’t eat, it was usually dismissed as libertarian fearmongering. No more.
  • Headline of the day.

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