Unconstitutional Stops by Tangipahoa Sheriff & Louisiana Wildlife Boats on Bayou

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

The content below was submitted anonymously via CopBlock.org/Submit by someone concerned about the incursion of police employees in the bayou where people seek to enjoy leisure time. Same as is true on land, where there is no victim there is no crime, thus the boat stops witnessed by the author, referred to as “unconstitutional and a flex of authority”, are not just.


On 24 August 2014 my brother and I decided to go and spend a few days out at his camp on the Tickfaw River in Louisiana (place can be only reached by boat, as it is out in the bayou). Across the river (maybe 300 yards) is a VERY POPULAR DRINKING SPOT called “The Prop Stop” that also serves some food, as it is the only place a around (also only reachable by boat).

After we arrived and unloaded the boat we sat on the pier because a lot of people were out as the end of summer is drawing to a close, to watch the going boats (Girls + bikinis ) we noticed that the Tangipahoa sheriffs department and Louisiana wildlife and fisheries were conducting random stops.

Authors note: A couple of years ago, illegal actions of Tangipahoa’s Sheriff employees were made known via another submission to CopBlock.org.

Not only were they checking for coherence of drivers, they were also checking for all papers and safety equipment. We watched them cruise around and do this for several hours.

I do not see the difference in this and stops on the road. As an avid fisherman and boater I have been stopped several times to check licenses and safety equipment and in my opinion this is unconstitutional and a flex of authority.

Authors note: According to the Tangipahoa Sheriff website, “The Water Patrol also takes a pro-active approach to crime prevention.” That apparently implies presuming everyone is guilty unless they can prove otherwise?

tangipahoa-sheriff-outfit-louisiana-copblockTangipahoa Sheriff’s Outfit

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Know Louisiana-based Police Accountability Groups

  • Cop Block NOLA – Twitter
  • Louisiana Cop Block – website  / Twitter / louisiana.copblock@gmail.com
  • Louisiana Cop Block – Facebook / Louisianacopblock318@yahoo.com


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Stranger Attempts Molestation of 16yo, Morgan City Police Target Man who Aided Victim

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

This post was received via CopBlock.org/Submit by someone concerned that a Morgan City, LA police employee targeted a man who sought to hold accountable a man who wronged his niece. This situation really underscores that justice comes not through a centralized bureaucracy of people who subsist on stolen money, but through commonsense.


A man pushed a 16yo females head nude the water and removed her bathing suit top. Dusty Rineheart, a relative of the victim, witnessed it and assaulted the man! He was arrested for battery and now may violate his probation for doing what ANY man should do.

What is Known:

  • Max Cordova (pictured above on left) pushed a 16-year-old under the water and attempted to remove her top
  • the girl struggled and Cordova left the scene, walking toward the nearby parking lot
  • Dusy Rineheart, a relative of the 16-year-old learned of the incident, located Corodova in the parking lot, and let him know of his disapproval
  • a physical confrontation ensued, with Cordova sustaining injuries
  • a still-unnamed Morgan City police employee then put Rineheart into handcuffs, and levied the threat of “second-degree battery” against him
  • many people rightly are questioning police actions, causing those involved at the Morgan City Police Outfit to backpeddle

From KATC.com:

The [Morgan City police] department says “Opinions may vary about what action the officer should have taken and whether or not Dusty Rineheart should be deemed a “Hero”. The Morgan City Police Department stands by its officer’s decision to affect an arrest on Mr. Rineheart based on the facts known and which were presented to them during the investigation. The Morgan City Police Department does not condone nor advocate retaliatory attacks or similar actions. We would support any individual who stand with us and comes to the aid of another in an effort to protect life and property, however this incident and battery occurred well after the initial attack. The resulting attack on the suspect, Cordova caused severe injuries and could have had the potential of becoming a fatal injury. The Morgan City Police Department is charged with the protection of the rights of all, including suspects in any case. The attack on the suspect, Cordova, hindered the initial investigation into the motive and reason behind the incident. Therefore, the arrest of both parties was made and the guilt or innocence of the suspects involved should be determined in a court of law, not by officers in the field who are there only to determine if probable cause exists for an arrest, or by social media and rumors when all the facts are not known.”

Morgan City Police Outfit

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Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Personnel Claim The Impossible

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Who killed Victor White III?

Which employee of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit will be the first to speak out?

From AddictingInfo.org:

According to statements made by Louisiana State Police immediately after the incident, on March 2nd, 2014, 22 year old Victor White, III, of New Iberia, Louisiana, was stopped by police. Police suspected White was involved in a fight at a local convenience store. A deputy searched White, found narcotics on his person and arrested him. White’s hands were cuffed behind his back. He was placed in the back of a patrol car, then transported to the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Upon arriving at the station, White refused to exit the vehicle. As the arresting deputy called for assistance, White retrieved a handgun that he was hiding in his pants, then shot himself in the back. White was pronounced dead at a local hospital later that day.

In the five months that followed, the family was kept in the dark. No new information was released. Then, late last week, the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office released the first page of the autopsy report. The autopsy, performed the same day White died, describes no back wounds at all. Instead, his cause of death is described as a gunshot wound to his right chest that passed through his left lung and heart, exited through his left armpit, and lacerated his upper arm. Although the autopsy still reports the official cause of death as suicide, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Yes, you read that correctly. The official police story, now corrected for accuracy by the autopsy is… White was stopped and thoroughly searched. Police found drugs, but no weapons. Then White, while seated in the back of a patrol car, with hands cuffed behind his back, miraculously produced a gun missed by deputies during their search. White then shot himself in the chest.

The claims made by the Iberia Parish personnel are ludicrous.

Fortunately, those closest to Victor – his parents Victor Sr. and his mother Vanessa, and the rest of his family – aren’t buying the story spun by those responsible. They started a GoFundMe campaign fundraiser, noting,

We are asking for your financial support as well as your prayers to help us bring to light the truth in this situation… We need to be able to produce an independent autopsy report… We vehemently disagree with its conclusion that my son shot himself in the right side of his chest while his hands were cuffed backward. This what they are asking us to believe is nearly if not completely impossible.

I’ve already put the unjust death of Victor White III on the radar of those active with the Louisiana-based groups listed at CopBlock.org/Groups, in the hope that someone invovled with one of those outlets will have the ability to dig into this situation.

How You Can Help

  • Visit the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit (300 Iberia Street, New Iberia, LA 70560) with a camera and ask questions. If you have a smartphone, stream the interaction so the footage is kept safely offsite. For related information see CopBlock.org/Apps Ideally, bring more than one friend as there is safety in numbers. If you’re new to such tactics refer to CopBlock.org/FilmThePolice
  • Submit FOIA requests to gain all available information. For related information see CopBlock.org/FOIA Where lies exist there are bound to be discrepancies. Already, those involved have changed their reports, what else is outlying? Is there any dash cam footage (perhaps showing the sheriff’s employees involved)? Is there any surveillance footage from the facility (perhaps showing the shooting)? Of course, those privy to the information may choose to censor, well-aware that transparency will oust their misdeeds.
  • Focus attention on those involved. Learn the names of those involved and make others aware. Share them via a post to CopBlock.org/Submit and, if you live in the area, knock on the doors of their neighbors and inform them of the situation. Ask them if they want to associate with someone who may have unjustly killed another.
  • Give support to the White family. Those around Victor White III are looking for answers, and they deserve them. If you are in a position to help them achieve that goal – whether through your own investigatory skills, a donation to their GoFundMe campaign through which they hope to get an independent autopsy, or anything else, make it happen.
  • If employed at the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit – speak the truth. If you were involved, directly or indirectly, or if you’ve heard some information that’s not been made public, change the situation. If Victor was your son or your nephew would you remain silent? Do what’s right. Obey your conscience, not the thin blue line.
  • Any other tactic that doesn’t involve the initiation of force. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Follow the course of action you think best.

New Iberia Sheriff’s Outfit

My son didn’t shoot himself. I never believed it. I won’t believe it.
- Victor White Sr.


Chavis Carter

This story is reminiscent of a situation that happened in two years ago in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in which another gentleman – Chavis Carter – was claimed to have shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a road pirate vehicle. Carter, like White, was said to have committed suicide with a handgun that had been overlooked by his captors.



August 29, 2014
The video below Victor White III handcuffed from behind allegedly shoots himself in chest according to coroner was uploaded on August 28, 2014 to the NC-based Black Talk Radio, which seeks to:

1) To continue the vision of Malcolm X in using media to eliminate racism and educate people. 2) To promote media that matters to the masses 3) To teach others about the value of media and how to create it.

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Police Brutality Over Fender Bender

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

The below was written and submitted by Madelyn Andrews (madelyndianne@hotmail.com) about her less-than-satisfactory experience with Aaron McNair, an employee of the Lafayette, Louisiana police outfit.

If, after reading Madelyn’s prose, you feel inclined to share your thoughts or ask questions, please do. The more we look out for each other the safer we all become.

Lafayette Police Outfit
Aggressor – Aaron McNair Badge #654
Phone – (337) 291-8600

Not too long ago five Lafayette police employees sued their higher-ups, per claims of corruption and policies purposefully written non-specific to avoid liabilities. That culture seems like a place someone like Aaron McNair would feel at home.


At around 5:00 PM, I was involved in a collision where my brakes failed and I hit an Impala from behind. The couple was very nice, we established that no one was hurt or needed and ambulance, my injury was a small brush burn, and we reported the incident.

My boyfriend, Winn Lavorgna, was following me home at this time and stopped when he saw that I had wrecked. The officer that arrived to the accident was a woman (seemed very nice, not sure of her name or badge number) but concluded that my eyes looked blood shot so called Corporal Aaron McNair badge number 654, to the scene to to a sobriety test.

The eye test was administered with one of the cops flashing lights to my left (or right) and my heel to toe test was administered on gravel. He told me I was failing the heel to toe so I asked if I could remove my boots so that the rocks would not make me wobble. He mockingly laughed but agreed; I proceeded to do the heel toe test on gravel which I thought I passed to my knowledge but apparently I had not.

McNair told me I was under arrest, I said yessir, turned around, put my hands behind my back and I asked, “Sir, what am I being detained for?” As soon as I said that, I was grabbed by the back of the head and thrown down onto the hood of the car; the blow to my head knocked me out momentarily as McNair proceeded to pull me up forcefully by the cuffs, cutting into my wrist. The last thing I remember as crisply from the incident is screaming from the pain of the cuffs cutting into my right hand (this is where things get a little blurry for I think I was concussed).

injury5 aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-7-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-6-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-5-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-4-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-3-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-2-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-1-copblock aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-8-copblock lafayette-police-outfit

I know my boyfriend was trying to film or take pictures but McNair unholstered his weapon any time Winn would try to go to his car for his phone or go to my car to move in from the road and get my personal belongings. I tried to tell my boyfriend to leave the scene and was tackled into the car by McNair hitting my knee on the way in. The female officer helped sit me up in the back of the car and whispered a small apology.

I was brought in, booked, blew a 0.0, (thats when McNair laughed mockingly and said “That’s what I thought”, then placed me in a an orange jumpsuit, told me that since I was in a collision I had to submit to a blood test, then sent to a cell next to men passed out in their own vomit.

I was not allowed to call my parents or a single phone call for that matter. I was held for 12 hours when my bail was posted the second I was booked and they kept me in and out of cuffs with a clearly infected and festering wound on my wrist.

Upon being released, my boyfriend brought me to my car to try to retrieve the 300 dollars in cash that I had just made off of a pressure washing job with my father and of course it was no where to be found after they tore apart my car looking for drugs or alcohol of which they found NONE.

aaron-mcnair-lafayette-police-employee-assaulted-madelyn-andrews-8-copblockI have since been treated for my injuries and also diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder by Dr. Lyle LeCorgne PHP of Lafayette Psychotherapy Associates (337-232-0060) resulting from this incident. We will be filing civil suits and I would be more than over joyed and moved to tears if you guys would share and support my story.

I have yet to be contacted from the people I was involved in the accident with (who witnessed the entire altercation along with my boyfriend) as well as the insurance companies or the court system.

The witness to this incident is Winn Lavorgna winn780@gmail.com.


- Madelyn Andrews


Lafayette Police Outfit
Aggressor – Aaron McNair Badge #654
Phone – (337) 291-8600


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Police: Get Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

CopBlock.org – Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights

If you’re a “good” police employee don’t sit by as your colleagues engages in actions that you know are wrong. Act according to your conscience, introduce accountability into what has tended to be closed ranks, and earn 500 FRNs.

1. You are a police employee
2. You decide not to sit by as a colleague violates another
3. You initiate a felony arrest
4. You are the first to let us know (via the form at http://CopBlock.org/Submit or an email at CopBlock@gmail.com)
5. You earn your choice of 500 FRNs or its Bitcoin equivalent

Of course, your name, the name of the person you arrest, and the incident that led to the felony arrest will be made public. Transparency, they say, is the best disinfectant.

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Questions? Comment here.

Police: Get Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Family Gathering Raided by Crowley, Louisiana Police Department

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Theresa Richard shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

On June 7, 2012, my family and I were awoken in the middle of the night when we learned that my daughter’s house was on fire. We live only a few houses down, so we ran down the street through the smoke and saw firefighters on the scene actively fighting the fire. We were told several hours later that my 22 year-old daughter and my 23-month old granddaughter had perished in the fire.

We were met later that morning after the officials had completed their assessment of the scene; we were visited at our home by Crowley Police Department officers along with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal, Keith Reed. We were advised that the scene had been released to my family along with the landlord of the house. We were advised by the police and fire marshal to remove a safe that had survived the fire. The officials were insistent that we remove the safe as soon as possible because they were afraid of looters.


My husband and I left the house for most of the day to take care of funeral arrangements and securing the release of the bodies. When we arrived home, we had several guests who were already present and in the company of my other children. There were also members of our church delivering food, along with the housekeeper and several of our neighbors and friends.

My brother arrived soon after us and brought a dolly. He and my husband walked down the street with the dolly to the burnt house and loaded the safe on to the dolly. As they left, with the safe, they were approached by a neighbor who began demanding they leave the house. The neighbor explained that the police had put him in charge of the house and they had advised him that it was a crime scene. My husband and brother rolled the safe out of the house while asking the neighbor to leave the property.

They rolled the safe back down the street to our house and into the yard when a Crowley, Louisiana Police Department Patrol car pulled up on the scene. The car was soon followed by another police car also from CPD. Officer Tammy Mallet – (337) 783-1234 -approached my husband and brother and began accusing them of stealing from a crime scene, asking things like who did he think he was, and just being a bully. My husband very politely explained to the officer that the house had been released and advised her that she needed to call the Chief of Police of the Fire Marshal’s Office to verify. She refused and began ordering my husband to bring the safe back to the house. He refused. My daughter approached Mallet and advised her that our family was in mourning, that we were having a peaceful gathering, and that she didn’t have to be so rude.

Mallet told my daughter to shut up and get inside. My daughter refused and when she did, Mallet grabbed her arm, spun her around and pushed her in the direction of the house. She told her to get inside or she would be arrested. My daughter immediately came into the house and told me what was going on outside. I went out on my porch and Mallet approached me and began telling me to get inside the house. I started telling her that the house was released and that there was no crime scene, that we were not breaking the law. She told me again to shut up and get inside. I came off of the porch and began telling her to get off of my property. I told her she had no right to be there because there was no crime. I begged her to please make a phone call and verify. Mallet reached around her back, pulled out her handcuffs and began placing me under arrest.

There was such a crowd at my home that several of my guests got in between Mallet and myself, and I was shuffled back inside the house. Mallet told me that if I came out I would be arrested.

Once inside, I immediately phoned the Crowley police department and asked for the officer on duty. An officer came on the line and I began to tell him the situation with Mallet and the release of the house. I begged him to send someone out that could control her. He advised me that he would not send anyone because Mallet was the supervisor, and that if I didn’t like what was going on, I could file an internal affairs complaint from 8-4 Monday-Friday.

When I got nowhere with CPD, I phoned the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department. I asked to speak to the officer on duty and when I gave my name, the deputy hung up on me. I could hear Mallet, along with two other unidentified officers, yelling outside to stop calling the Sheriff’s office because they weren’t coming.

This went on for what seemed like forever but probably lasted about 30-45 minutes. These officers finally received a radio call and just got in their cars and left. They never apologized or tried to explain why they had been such a bunch of thugs. They just jumped into the two police cruisers and drove off.

I was up the entire night after the incident. I’m sure that some of my lack of sleep was associated with the tremendous loss we had faced, but as the night went on I just couldn’t get over how they had disrespected my family and friends, but more importantly they had disrespected my babies who died in that fire. As soon as the sun came up, I called CPD to leave a message for the Chief to call me as soon as he was available.

That call never came but the department did dispatch two officers to come to my house and take my internal affairs complaint. These officers assured me that my complaint would be dealt with appropriately. I was assured that these types of complaints are taken very seriously. I questioned whether or not I needed to file a separate criminal complaint against Mallet for her trespass on my property. I was assured that with the filing of the IA complaint, any criminal charges found to have occurred would be forwarded to the Louisiana State Police. As we were still quite upset the morning the officer came to take my complaint, they asked me to fill out a complaint form and said that they would allow me a few days to gather my thoughts and take care of my daughter and granddaughter and then they would send out an officer to take my statement and gather the statements of any of the witnesses whose names and contact information could be provided the following week.

After ten days had passed and no one had ever come to take our statements or returned my phone calls, I helped my daughters type their statement and I typed up mine as well. I delivered these documents to the internal affairs officer, Konrad Kirsh. I also gave him a list of about 10 other witnesses and their contact information. Kirsh assured me that the issue with the officers being uninformed about the house was taken care of and then he promised that his officers would be respectful to my family and I in the future. He also advised me that Tammy Mallet had received her letter notifying her of the investigation that very day and that they were intent on following up.

I left the station and when I arrived home there were two men who I had hired to remove appliances from the burnt house waiting for me. They were on bikes and they followed me down the street and I accompanied them into the house. They assessed the situation and we all left the house to get a truck. As we were leaving, CPD Officer Lynn Baker arrived on the scene. I walked directly to his car and as his window was down, I began telling him who I was and about the release of the house. He started screaming at me to calm down. I was shocked because I had never raised my voice and I was not upset. He started asking me if I knew the two men who were in the house with me. I told him that they were doing some work for me. He started screaming at me about whether or not I knew what kind of people those were and finally I told him that what I did and who I brought into that house was none of his business. I told him that I had every right to be there and to bring whomever I wanted to help me remove the property. He continued to scream at me about what kind of people I had brought to that house and if I knew who I was dealing with. Finally I told him that I had had enough of him screaming at me and I turned around to walk home.

At this point, Baker jumped out of his car, grabbed me by my arm and spun me back around to face him. He got in my face and started screaming at me to look at him when he was talking to me and saying that he didn’t appreciate people like me complaining about people like him just trying to do their job. I told him that I was done talking to him that he could either arrest me or get out of my face. I turned around and started walking towards my house. I was terrified. I could see him running to get into his car and could see his car speeding to catch me. Right then, he got a call on his radio and though he had stopped again next to me on the street, after he got the call he just sped away.

The guys who I had hired to help me move the appliances told me later that Lynn Baker had caught up with them after he left me and followed them all of the way home and threatened them with arrest if they came back. They told me they couldn’t come help me until I got that straightened out with the Chief of Police (K.P. Gibson (337) 783-6050).

I went into my home in tears and called CPD and spoke to Officer Osbourne. Osbourne told me that Baker was confused about the situation because the property owner had added posted signs to the house. I asked to speak to the Chief but was told he was unavailable. I could hear Osbourne in the background talking to the chief asking him what he wanted him to do with me. I could hear the Chief say, “I don’t care, do whatever you think.” Osbourne promised to send me the internal affairs officer to take my complaint right away but no one ever showed up.

Two days later, my husband and I woke up early and walked to the burnt house to see if we could start retrieving the property in the house. We were met there by the property owner along with several dump trucks and equipment to tear the house down. We informed the landlord that we had been unable to retrieve my daughter’s property because of the police. We asked them to stop the tearing down of the house at least for a couple of hours so that we could get her property. He refused, and when I called CPD for assistance they told me it was a civil matter.

So, the house was torn down that morning, only 13 days after the fire. All of the dump-trucks full of my daughter and granddaughter’s things drove right in front of my home. It exacerbated our grief and truly devastated me to see the baby clothes and toys hanging over the sides of the trucks. It’s a vision I will never get out of my mind. It was all we had left of our loved ones and we will never be able to get those things back. It’s not something I think I will ever be able to forgive.

When Chief Gibson never bothered to call me back, ever, I began researching lawyers. I made dozens of calls to different attorneys until I found one that specialized in 1982 lawsuits and police misconduct. He took over the fight for me and began sending off preservation letters, Public Information request and eventually filed a Writ of Mandamus. We requested the public records from the fire, all the radio traffic, call logs, etc. We also requested the internal affairs complaint file, which by the way IS public information. We went to court for the Writ of Mandamus and were surprised that the Chief and City Attorney (Thomas Regan 3377837141) didn’t even bother to show up. Oh, sure they met us down stairs later but it was after we had already received our judgement ordering Kelly Gibson to turn over the documents we requested.

Unfortunately the Chief has yet to comply with the Court Order. We have certainly filed to enforce the judgement, but that court date has been postponed at least twice. I have no idea when that date will be set and really have no explanation as to why we have been postponed.

We have since filed a lawsuit in District Court here in Acadia Parish. This lawsuit focuses on the abuses of the police the night of the incident. Once again, the City Attorney Thomas Regan, along with Chief Gibson, failed to answer the suit. Two weeks ago, I received a Default Judgement against the Chief and others listed in the suit. No money judgement yet, but that’s the next phase.

I am very proud of the steps that I have taken to TRY to hold these bully cops accountable for their behavior. It is despicable that the Chief has broken a court order and violated state law to cover up the misdeeds of his band of bullies. I am disgusted that the cost of this fight has been in the tens of thousands of dollars. It makes me sick to think that without those resources, I would have had no recourse for what happened to us.

My family and I hope that our lawsuit brings about some change in policy within the department, and we will continue to fight until Officer Mallet, Baker and their two unknown comrades are held accountable for their behavior.

Theresa Richard

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“Be Aware of CopBlock Group” Warns NOLA Fraternal Order of Police

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013




fraternal-order-of-police-new-orleans-be-aware-of-copblock-group fraternal-order-of-police-new-orleans-twitter-be-aware-of-copblock-group police-union-warns-nopd-about-camera-carying-activists-fox8-scott-satchfield-copblock

“Be Aware of CopBlock Group” Warns NOLA Fraternal Order of Police is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

New Orleans Police Self-Detonate

Monday, November 25th, 2013

This post was shared anonymously via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

This is a response to an article on Fox8Live.com “warning” the New Orleans police about people out holding them accountable with cameras. The headline reads, “Police union warns NOPD about camera-carrying activists.” Here are the contents of an email sent to the article’s author:

It starts with the very first line of your article: “A group known for confronting police officers across the country with video cameras has arrived in New Orleans…”

You use the word “confronting.” This makes it sound like they are out to cause trouble and interfere with the police, yet all they do is approach from a safe distance and film. The only confrontations come mainly from the police themselves who tend to resent being held accountable in this way and often aggressively confront the activists with obvious attempts at intimidating them. If you wanted to be neutral and objective you could have chosen the word “approach.”

You then go on to say, “According to NOPD officials, Cop Block members armed with cameras…” Armed with cameras. Nice choice of words. They were not “armed” at all, they were holding cameras. A subtle attempt at slandering the activists and making them seem threatening.

Then, the police do a fine job of harming their own position in the article.

“This group is known to attempt to provoke officers into overreaction for the purpose of capturing that overreaction on videotape.” An overreaction is an overreaction. This statement says they themselves are known to OVERreact when “provoked.” So, they admit that they overreact. If their reaction to a provocation was appropriate, it wouldn’t be characterized as an overreaction, it would be characterized simply as a reaction. If they overreacted to a provocation, it’d still be overreacting, and we see a lot of that by the police. I’m just using his own words.

“The point of the warning is simply to remind our officers that people have a First Amendment right to video you,” Burkart said. I call BS. I think it was a warning to the officers to behave themselves for a change lest they get caught on film.

“Our officers are used to people trying to antagonize them, and our officers are trained to handle that type of treatment from the public in a calm, professional manner.” Right, just like that cop who kept turning his spotlight at the activist to interfere with his filming as seen in this video by the very activist they are “warning” about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN7xwr0g-mw.

Why bring this up using the word “antagonize”? It seems they think people filming them from a safe distance is “antagonizing” the police. Unfortunately, the internet is full of examples of police feeling “antagonized” by peaceful people filming from a safe distance.

“There is a limit, and it’s a safety and a privacy issue,” he said. “These videos, number one, could be used and seized as evidence.” If it could be seized as evidence, then that would be helpful to the police in getting a conviction, which would make the film taken by the activist desirable and useful to the police. So just how is this statement a complaint or concern?

“Number two, these people need to ensure that they maintain a safe distance from any police scene.” Most every activist that films the police does this – certainly the activists in Cop Block. [*Editors note: Cop Block is decentralized.] To voice this as a concern is ridiculous. An unarmed cameraman filming a group of heavily armed cops from a safe distance – just how is this a safety issue? If anything, it’s a safety issue for the peaceful video-tapers.

“Number three, there are privacy concerns, not for the police officer, but for the person with whom the police officer is interacting.” That is a blatantly false statement. People in public have no expectation of privacy and obviously this police spokesman knows this. A truly pitiful complaint. Not to mention this fact in your article was irresponsible.

All three points are bogus. It’s quite clear the police are having an emotional reaction to being held accountable. We know this because none of their arguments make any sense at all.

“However, the spokesperson points out that the videos uploaded to the group’s website seem to include mostly negative encounters.” That is yet another self-detonating statement. The negative encounters are of police being hostile and unprofessional, yet an attempt was made to use this fact against the victims of the police in these videos.

The headline of the article is pretty funny also. “Police union warns NOPD about camera-carrying activists.” Warning! There will be people out holding you accountable. Laughable!


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Plessy Proves Legislation Is Not Law

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Homer Plessy caused no victim yet the “authorities” said he acted in the wrong and thus had to pay a ransom…

When in New Orleans, the ninth stop of the Police Accountability Tour, Pete Eyre & Garret Ean sought to underscore the fact that legislation is not law by pointing to a situation that unfolded there not too long ago – the ransom levied against peaceful traveler Homer Plessy because he rode in a “white’s only” train car, which was said to be illegal.

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In the video Garret mentioned Lysander Spooner’s tract – The Constitution of No Authority, which is definitely worth becoming familiar with. It’s not a stretch to say that it may present to you a completely new way to look at the united states constitution and other legalese documents that some claim you’re beholden to despite the fact that you’ve never signed them.

 If you’d prefer to read ”The Constitution of No Authority”, on the lower-right corner of the embedded document below, type “272″ to be taken essay.

Alternatives to Top-Down Provision of Protection PART1

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New Orleans Police Employees Not Keen Having Actions Documented

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

One of the many know-your-rights flyers left in visible places to be snagged by passersby. http://CopBlock.org/Flyers

When in New Orleans, the ninth stop of the Police Accountability Tour Pete & Garret hit the streets armed with cameras and a desire to help create a safer community.

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New Orleans Police Employees Not Keen Having Actions Documented is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights