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Saturday, May 17th, 2014
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Beware of Local Gang Members in the Las Vegas Area

Recently, I did an interview for an internet radio show on Block Talk Radio. The show is entitled “Non Partisan Liberty for All” and is hosted by Dave Bourne. While it can be heard everywhere (except most of China and sometimes parts of San Francisco) via the internets, it is based locally here in Las Vegas.

The main reason I came on was to discuss the article I had just posted about the suspicious events surrounding the hit and run incident I was involved in back in March and the chances that it was an intentional act committed in retaliation for my opposition to and exposure of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department”s corruption and other crimes, including the murder of Stanley Gibson by Jesus Arevalo and complete lack of accountability for abuses committed against other local residents. In the process, we discussed my own history and how I originally got involved in activism.

Among other things, I spoke about how I evolved from someone who believed in the basic philosophy of Anarchism, but didn’t think of it as a viable, real world possibility into someone that believes in and advocates for an Anarchist society. I also discussed my personal history with the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe and Charles (RadGeek) Johnson, my initial meetings with Cop Block founders Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman and how the harassment of homeless people  and peaceful activists that I witnessed while working with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas helped to shape my anti-police brutality based activism and ultimately the founding of Nevada Cop Block.

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Scott Crow Will be in Las Vegas Again Monday, May 19th from 6-8pm at Reclaimed Art Suppliez

Another reason I came on was to announce Scott Crow‘s upcoming talk on Monday, May 19th, from 6 to 8 PM at Reclaimed Art Suppliez, which is located in Downtown Las Vegas, within the Arts district. Scott Crow, author of “Black Flags and Windmills” and one of the founders of the Common Ground Collective, is an excellent speaker and Anarchist organizer. His talk, entitled “What Me Worry? The Rise of the Surveillance State & What We Can Do About It” promises to be excellent and very relevant to Las Vegas activists.

Although Dave has only been doing this show for about a month (as of mid-May 2014), it’s a good show and he’s a great host. I’m looking forward to doing future appearances with the show and very much encourage Cop Block fans and others interested in liberty and freedom to tune in. In fact, you never know when other awesome Cop Block contributors, such as MO/KC Cop Block‘s (and Women of Cop Block, too) Janel Florez might put in an appearance or when Deo from Greater Cleveland Cop Block might call in to talk about awesome videos the  crew out there in Ohio have made.

And before you go, don’t forget to head over to the NVCopBlock shop to get your Official Cop Block Press Pass and/or a Nevada Cop Block T-Shirt. In fact, in honor of the Cop Block Press Passes Facebook Page going over 1,000 “likes” a couple days ago, anything in the Nevada Cop Block shop is 10% off until May 22nd (2014) if you use coupon code “1kLikes” in the cart.

Listen to’s Own Kelly W. Patterson on “Non Partisan Liberty For All”

Listen To Politics Internet Radio Stations with Non Partisan Liberty For all on BlogTalkRadio

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Hey Denver Metro, Want to Grab Dinner?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 23) some good folks from the greater Denver Metro area will gather to discuss issues of police accountability over a bite, won’t you join us?police-accountability-tour-denverThursday, Oct. 24th, 7:00-9:00pm – sit-down dinner – 3 Margaritas, 6864 S Clinton St., Greenwood Village, CO

After an introduction by a longtime area inhabitant who’s concerned about the growing paramilitarism of police – specifically the targeting of dogs and youth, Juliet Piccone a lawyer who focuses on civil law/litigation, animal welfare/animal law, and veteran’s advocacy will share some thoughts, as will Pete Eyre, co-founder of, to be followed by a conversation among those present.

The event costs $50 (all inclusive) – a three course meal with beverage and 20% gratuity, Cop Block gift bag for each attendee, and a small contribution to help fuel the Police Accountability Tour.

For more info or to RSVP (walk-ins also welcome) email: or call: 720.442.6028


My time thus far in town with the Police Accountability Tour has been good – the meetup on Monday was solid and yesterday I cranked out a lot of work (a post on meshnets, Weinhaus, and a video from the Port of Oakland) and met up with solid folks downtown for the International Day Against Police Brutality.

The last time I passed through Denver, when on the road with Liberty On Tour, I had a really productive visit as well – save for the time I was put into a cage by J. Pinder and C. Pinder – employees of the Denver police outfit.

On that Sunday, August 29th, 2010, Ademo Freeman, myself, and about 10 others from the Greater Denver area were doing outreach to tailgaters at Invesco Field prior to a Broncos-Steelers game. It was going well – folks were really receptive – until some strangers with badges arrived…

It was claimed that I had interfered, disobeyed a lawful order, and disturbed the piece.


We weren’t having any of that.

After pushing back our departure date so we could reacquire our cameras that had been stolen (view this post to see a full, point-by-point recount of what unfolded, and how we got our stolen cameras back), Ademo followed-up and filed a complaint. That complaint was later sustained and the threats levied against us were dropped.

Search Warrant for Video on Seized Cameras by CopBlock

2011 06 08 Pinder Complaint by CopBlock

Complaint Sustained against Pinder by CopBlock

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Thoughts on this t-shirt mock-up for The Police Accountability Tour??

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

If you’ve been reading or watching videos at you’re likely aware that the Police Accountability Tour is now underway.

We’re brainstorming ways to help offset tour-related costs* and thought that a t-shirt might help to do that, at as well as get something tangible in the hands of those who donate to help fuel our efforts.

The graphic below is a mock-up of a white t-shirt with a two-color Police Accountability Tour logo** on front and one-color related text on the back. What do you think? Would you pick one up? Or do you have suggestions on how it can be improved or another idea entirely?



Of course, if you find value in our efforts and want to help keep us going, you’re free to donate now or when you’re better positioned. Thanks in advance!

via credit/debit card:
via Bitcoin: 1Hy8xL2ey3GwFLTEd3NTS76A3bWMnQ2dRP

The Police Accountability Tour is a collaboration between Jacob Crawford and Pete Eyre.

Jacob Crawford is a long time Copwatcher based out of the Bay Area in California. He joined Berkeley Copwatch in 2000 and produced the first ever “in the streets” non-dramatized know your rights video, These Streets Are Watching. He has been a contributor for Copblock for several years and currently is running with other Copwatchers.

Pete Eyre is co-founder of He went to undergrad and grad school for law enforcement, then spent time in DC as an intern at the Cato Institute, a Koch Fellow at the Drug Policy Alliance, Directer of Campus Outreach at the Institute for Humane Studies, Crasher-in-Chief at Bureaucrash, and as a contractor for the Future of Freedom Foundation. He later hit the road as co-founder of the Motorhome Diaries and Liberty On Tour and now calls Keene, in the ‘shire his homebase.

*the bulk of costs are transportation-related, with the remainder going to food and some incidentals like printing costs. With the exception of our Cape Town, South Africa stop our crash spots will be with friends, many fellow police accountability advocates themselves

**the logo was designed by Jason Harper. A few years back Harper designed the first business cards used by Cop Block – with Ademo’s contact info on one side related to, and my own on the second side related to

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(Video) OC Deputy Detains Dr. For Filming Arrest

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

6/12/13, Carlos Miller’s featured this article.

An Orange County sheriff’s deputy detained a man for more than 12 minutes because he was video recording her and another deputy making an arrest at a gas station.

The deputy pretended she was only looking out for the best interest of the suspect, who was getting arrested for unknown reasons.

The citizen told her he was also looking out for the suspect’s best interest, ensuring he doesn’t wind up the victim of police abuse.

Michael Schmidt said in his Youtube description that the incident took place two days after Kern County sheriff’s deputies beat David Silva to death, only to confiscate cell phone cameras from witnesses who had recorded the beating. Read More…

I’m sure OCSO would love to hear from you. They can be reached at (407) 254-7000.

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Larry Bohannon – Some Might Call it Karma

Monday, April 1st, 2013

After robbing a store at gunpoint and being chased by some area folks who wear badges, Larry Bohannon was shot and killed by police employees of Wahpole and/or Alstead, small towns in southwest New Hampshire, this past Friday.

That incident happened near to my location, as documented in a short video I posted about my attempt to learn why a number of vehicles with police decals had sped past my location. At the time, I concluded that the response was due to a bad traffic accident.


Larry Bohannon

While that was true – there was a pickup truck on its side – the cause of the accident only later become evident: the vehicle had been involved in a police chase after its driver, Bohannon, had robbed 75-yo Nancy Staniszewski, who was managing Snow and Lear/Newton Business, an office supply store, a few miles away, across the Connecticut River in Vermont.

After the accident Bohannon was shot dead by a still unnamed shooter(s) for not complying. He allegedly remained in his vehicle for some time – I’ve been told at least 10-mintues but can’t verify.

Michael Delaney*, the New Hampshire “attorney general”, who has controlled the release of related information has not yet weighed-in on the number of shots fired or whether Bohannon fired.

Was Bohannon combative? Did he shoot at those with badges? Did he ditch his gun during the chase? Does any documentation exist to show either?

When I made my way to the scene it was almost 6pm – at least an hour after the gunfire was said to occur. One neighbor has noted that they heard a few shots, then a pause, then a number of shots. We’ll soon see what becomes the “official” story.

What I do know about Bohannon doesn’t bode well. A couple of years ago he was partly responsible for the caging of a Bob Constantine, a friend who grew marijuana on his Grafton, NH property to help treat his pain.

stop-snitching-larry-bohannon-copblockConstantine’s actions had harmed no way, yet Bohannon, his neighbor at the end of a dead-end road, snitched him out to help himself (Bohannon had again found himself under the sites of those in the “criminal justice system” -  he’d previously been convicted of kidnapping, an action that does have a victim, again, reinforcing the point that he’s not a character with good integrity).

Here’s an except from Constantine’s trial coverage, where Bohannon’s testified:

And Bohanen [sic] denied ever having taking pictures on Bob’s property and sharing them with those who wear badges. Bohanen [sic]was very evasive, replying most often with “I don’t remember” or “I plead the fifth” (referencing text on a piece of paper that some believe is magic). Yet even the man in the robe noted that the he couldn’t “pled the fifth” since it wasn’t applicable since answering Bob’s question “didn’t expose him to criminal liability.” Thanks to Bohanen’s [sic]flip-flops Bob asked him “Are you aware of the penalty for perjury?” which only caused him to squirm even more, at one point even asking to speak to a lawyer.

Pierce’s follow-up of Bohanen [sic]was nothing but distraction. She essentially brought up every piece of evidence (which, except for some seeds in a pill container, was never shown outside it’s evidence packaging) and asked the snitch if they belonged to him. Hopefully the jury wasn’t impressed because I wasn’t. When Bohanen [sic] was dismissed, the bulk of us in the audience stood up and turned around – communicating our appreciation of his actions.

Did the Alstead and/or Walpole police employees who took Bohannon’s life act appropriately? It’s tough to know with the information available.

What I do know is that I can’t personally dig into every police shooting and that I’d much prefer to allocate my scarce resources to helping someone I know to be a good person, rather than someone who has proven to be a kidnapper, snitch, and armed robber.


*Delaney is the same individual who, in May of 2011, said that the four individuals who beat-up Chris Micklovich weren’t to be charged. Those four individuals happened to wear “Manchester Police” badges, which caused myself and a few dozen others to attend a police accountability rally. After a friend chalked on south side of the then-Manchester headquarters, “How many has Manch PD killed?” individuals wearing “Manchester Police” badges, including one involved in the beating of Micklovich, stole cameras and phones (lost mine) and caged eight people calling for accountability. Apparently though, Delaney can’t always set the reality about a situation as a couple of weeks ago a it was announced that a 200,000-FRN settlement was to be given to Micklovich by the “city of Manchester” (aka residents).

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“Officer” Mustard Punches Man for “Failure to Honor cop”

Monday, February 11th, 2013

From ABC7-KGO San Francisco

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) — The ABC7 News I-Team has uncovered a new complaint of excessive force against Vallejo police — the incident, caught on camera. The department is already reeling after a violent year, including six people shot and killed by officers.

The more I dig, the more questions I have. This story began when a package arrived in the mail from someone inside the department. It was a DVD, a police report, and a letter complaining about a “cowboy attitude” by officers and command staff.

Imagine you’re a police officer on patrol. It’s a warm summer day when the call comes in — a 22-year-old complaining his roommates beat him up and kicked him out of the apartment.    Read More…


Feel free to Contact Vallejo PD at their non ER number

(707) 648-4321

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Boulder CO Cops Accused of Executing Neighborhood Trophy Elk with Shotgun

Saturday, January 19th, 2013


According to articles linked by Facebook Page:  Justice for Big Boy the Boulder Elk,


Allegedly, some cops in Boulder CO conspired (one took the night off) to harvest a friendly beloved neighborhood Elk which area folks referred to as, “Big Boy.”

I’m personally speechless.  Comments are always welcome.

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Boulder CO Cops Accused of Executing Neighborhood Trophy Elk with Shotgun

Saturday, January 19th, 2013


According to articles linked by Facebook Page:  Justice for Big Boy the Boulder Elk,


Allegedly, some cops in Boulder CO conspired (one took the night off) to harvest a friendly beloved neighborhood Elk which area folks referred to as, “Big Boy.”

I’m personally speechless.  Comments are always welcome.

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The Cop Block Tour Soon Departing!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I’ll soon be kicking-off The Cop Block Tour – connecting with Copblockers and like-minded individuals in a number of cities in an effort to advance the police accountability movement. Ideas have consequences and I truly believe that through the introduction and incorporation of better ideas, we can quite literally, change the world.

Here’s the current overview from

Kicking-off from Keene, NH in mid-January and ending a month and almost 4,000-miles later at the Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH, The Cop Block Tour seeks to facilitate local, on-the-ground connections, brainstorming and the sharing ideas and tactics, and collaboration, to grow and make more effective efforts for police accountability.


My ultimate motivation to to live in a society free from the scourge of institutionalized violence. Most of us recognize that the theft of property or the attempt to coerce another person is wrong, yet many still don’t question the foundation upon which policing today is based – a claimed “legitimate” right to initiate force.

The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime. - Max Stirner

Through The Cop Block Tour, I hope to connect with individuals who recognize that the emerging police state we see isn’t the best way to achieve the stated desired conclusion – safety, security, freedom, peace, prosperity. The current means can never achieve those goals. But a different means can.

If one takes care of the means, the end will take care of itself.
- Carl Watner

Police today claim to protect you, but then paradoxically demand the right to steal wealth you’ve created to fund their operations. And they claim such doublespeak fictions as “sovereign immunity” and “acting under color of law” to eliminate repercussions to their negative actions. When any double-standard is allowed for it can only worsen in size and scope. For more on this front watch the video Want to End Police Brutality? Focus on the Institution and the resources at and

Throughout the tour frequent updates will be made via and

pete-tahoe-copblock-croppedWhile I will churn out some polished videos when on the road, due to the quick pace of the tour, it’s likely that most of the over-arching, high-caliber content will be released afterwards. However, during the next month, I plan to upload raw content from each stop to city-specific playlists at the newly-created so it can be viewed and utilized by others in the meantime.

Some background about myself – I went to school for law enforcement, worked in DC’s libertarian think tank world for four years, then hit the road with Motorhome Diaries then Liberty On Tour, and am now most-active with Cop Block, as I see the need for a complete liberty voice in the conversation of police accountability. That is, the fact that badges don’t grant extra rights, where we’re all free to act so long as we don’t initiate violence. For more, check out all my posts made to

Note too that it’s not just be behind this effort – many others helped lay the groundwork and are contributing behind the scenes. Much love to them!

Freedom is the emancipation from the arbitrary rule of other men.
- Mortimer Adler

It’s about freedom coupled with responsibility. Despite talking a good game – the “freedom” we’re said to have is usurped by those who claim to be “authorities” while such folks shirk their own responsibility for actions that cause real harm. The Cop Block Tour seeks to be a catalyst to bring-about real connections so that one day, the need for this project becomes non-existent.

I look forward to connecting with many of y’all awesome folks when out on the road!

This video, published in January 2013, provides background about and identifies three areas, including a short tour, that are thought to be an effective use of resources to advance the fact that badges don’t grant extra rights.

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Help Maximize Cop Block’s Impact

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Creating primer resources for active groups, ensuring a couple key components are covered, and funding for a month-long mini-tour are the three areas outlined in the video (script below) that I think will be good investments to increase Cop Block’s impact.

Interested and able to help? Please visit:

Any coin is much-appreciated, though reoccurring donations will help provide us with a bit more stability so we can budget accordingly.

Setting-up reoccurring donations is easy. When at, simply input the amount you want to donate (in this example I used 10FRNs) and click the green “Donate” button.


Then, on the next screen, select the frequency desired (in this example I choose “monthly”).


If you want to help fund one of the specific areas outlined in the video, just click the text “Include a message with your payment” and in the text field box that then appears, type the associated term(s). 

In this example I keyed “key components.” If you identify more than one area, your donation will be split equally among them.


All donations received without a comment noting a desired earmark will be used to fulfill the asks given in the video (resources for groups, key components, short tour). If donations above that amount are received, they’ll be used in other ways to advance Cop Block’s mission.

When I get a better idea of the coin raised for the short tour I’ll post my intended route and will work to connect with Copblockers.

Also, keep your eyes open for a new innovative component spearheaded by Ademo Freeman that is sure to draw much attention and involvement – hopefully from yourself:)banner - CopBlock Donate - PowerPost

Script from Video

If you watch the mainstream news or listen only to those who claim the right to control your life, it’s very likely that you have a pretty bleak outlook on the world today.
But recognize that such a reality – the belief that you yourself, can’t possibly hope to address those problems, as they’re so overwhelming – is the very paradigm being pushed by those attempting to usurp your rights.
Uncertainty and fear are peddled to gain your acquiescence.
Their very existence and the scope of their actions are directly contingent on the authority you grant them.
Fortunately many individuals are thinking for themselves.
They realize that though they’re rightfully disillusioned, there must be a better alternative.
If you’re watching this video, it’s likely you’re already familiar with Cop Block.
If not, I encourage you to check out Cop Block’s About page, but briefly, Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.
We do not hate cops. We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights.
We live by that fact and seek to share it with others. Both to safeguard our rights and those of future generations.
We choose to focus on police, because they are quite literally, the teeth, or enforcers of the State.
In fact, police claim a “right” to initiate force.
It is that institutionalized violence that is the issue.
Cop Block was founded three years ago this month.
In that time, the project has grown from a Tumblr site, to a group blog, to its current iteration, as a heavily-trafficked resource.
It’s clear we’re having an impact. But I know we can do more.
That’s the purpose of this video. To help get from here to there.
Over the next few minutes I’m going to share some thoughts and ask for your help, so that we can make more likely a reality where the institutionalized violence we see today is replaced by peaceful coexistence.
My hope is for us to so thoroughly change the conversation about policing, that the need for Cop Block becomes obsolete.
I brainstormed components and tactics we could add or grow, and I incorporated feedback received from Copblockers.
What is certain is that a handful of folks can’t do it all.
Key is decentralization and a consistent message.
I identified three areas that I consider low-hanging fruit, and that I think would offer a good return-on-investment, should you have the interest and ability to help defray costs
Firstly, resources for local groups
We house at all known contact info for offshoots as well as allies.
This graphic shows the increased number of local groups, from the fall of 2012, until now.
How did this happened?
We’ve created content, such as the /startagroup document, to help lessen the hurdle for proactive Copblockers, who then plant a flag and connect with those in their area to make a difference on the ground.
We’ve created print-ready flyers to help make it easier to share ideas, made available through our store an inexpensive 200-piece literature pack, and make ourselves available to brainstorm and work together where it makes sense.
Just imagine how different – for the better – things will be when the simple act of making transparent the actions of aggressors becomes the norm.
I’m asking for your help to provide active Copblockers with resources, so that they can do more.
Your reoccurring donation, or one-time donation, earmarked for resources, will be used to have created primer resources, like know your rights documents and videos, and crowdsourceable resources, like print-ready flyers, graphics, a better smartphone app, and to provide literature to active groups.
I hope and think a goal of getting 100FRNs donated per month for resources is obtainable.
And if it the coin is there and it makes sense, one idea is to solicit proposals from groups on how they’d utilize it to have an impact in their area, then put the proposals to a vote on and allow Copblockers to decide which group to award the coin. Think of it as an X-Prize of sorts for police accountablity.
Secondly, compensation for key components
Cop Block is decentralized. We solicit submissions from those who’ve experienced, witnessed, or have commentary about, police interactions.
There’s not a lack of such content.
Thus far we’ve received over 2,000 submissions.
The editing and scheduling of these submissions has for most of Cop Blocks existence, been done by a volunteer, or a group of volunteers.
But more-recently I started compensating another Copblocker, to the tune of 150FRNs a month, or about five bucks a day, to tackle this integral task.
Ideally, it’d be great if this cost could be covered by folks who appreciate the work, and who have deeper pockets than do I.
In addition to the editor, another vital component I hope to have better-funded is our IT, which is quite literally the backbone of our operations.
Specifically, the hosting that’s provided by Liberty Web Alliance.
Last year was taken offline by repeated DoS attacks.
A small team of tech-savvy friends hardened the site, and moved it, as well as local cop block offshoots also based on WordPress, to a dedicated server.
That provided much stability.
Yet recent site-related issues have again necessitated the need to step-up our IT, and with that, comes costs, about 200FRNs a month.
So, for these two key components – editing and scheduling submissions, and IT – I’m hoping we can get reoccurring donations earmarked for key components, at 350FRNs per month.
Thirdly, funding for more in-person collaboration
The Internet has undoubtedly been instrumental for the sharing of ideas that now seem so basic
It’s facilitated connections that ignore arbitrary political boundaries and underscore that we’re not alone, which can only empower others to get involved.
And it’s allowed us to bypass completely those who historically have censored the free flow of information.
Yet not to be discounted is in-person communication, which is unparalleled in its qualitative impact.
Prior to focusing on Cop Block, I spent time criss-crossing the states in MARV, the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle, with Motorhome Diaries and Liberty on Tour.
Ademo Freeman, who founded Cop Block, was involved in both as well.
When on the road we created hundreds of videos and interacted with thousands of people – including some who’ve since founded Cop Block offshoots.
This past summer I raffled-off MARV and reinvested the coin into my current vehicle – a 1996 turbo diesel Tahoe.
In mid-January I plan to leave the ‘shire and roll to North Carolina to pick-up my motorcycle.
Instead of just rolling down and back, over a couple of days, I plan to, over the course of a month, meet with Copblockers from the eastern seaboard, Midwest and Rust Belt, especially those who have founded groups, so that we can brainstorm, share ideas, hit the streets, and generate content.
This past August when traveling to visit family and friends, I was able to get-together with the founders of Ohio Cop Block and Minnesota Cop Block.
It was clear that our interaction was of much value, to all involved.
I’m hoping you can help defray my fuel costs, to make this short jaunt more realistic.
This one-month jaunt I’m proposing, which will end in late February in Nashua, NH at Liberty Forum, where I’m slated to speak about Cop Block, will be a good way to prove the effectiveness of this outreach tactic on a smaller scale, and make more realistic a future, longer tour, that could incorporate outreach at colleges, know your rights trainings, and Copblocking.
Coin donated and earmarked for “Tour” will be used to help make this possible.
Fuel costs, which I estimate will be about a grand, will be my biggest expense. Any additional monies received will be used to provide resources to Copblockers met.
So to summarize, if you find any of these three areas compelling – groups, key components, or a short tour – and can help make them happen, that’d be much appreciated.
Any other donations made to Cop Block will be used to do outreach to current law enforcement employees, to compensate Copblockers for creating graphics, for video contests, and much more.
CopBlock uses WePay and Bitcoin.
Thanks for your time. And if you’re not able to donate coin, it’s all good – we appreciate link love and even better, learning of your own peaceful, proactive efforts to cause those around you to think.
Remember, decentralizing is key, feel free to implement any ideas you have.
All content or graphics you see generated by Cop Block are free for you to use or modify.
And I’m always down to brainstorm – just shoot me an email at

Help Maximize Cop Block’s Impact is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights