Waukesha SWAT Sgt. Accused of Murder Threats

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Photo Waukesha WI Police Sgt. Gregg Satula (Credit Waukesha PD)

By Tim @wkshacopblock – MilwaukeeCitizenPress

In the latest incident to come to light in what would generously be called an incompetent police department, Waukesha PD’s SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula is accused of showing up at the home of his wife’s lover, armed and holding his holstered gun, threatening to kill the man and his own wife. The PD’s cover-up machine apparently took effect within minutes of a 911 hang up call and continues to this day.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the incident:

Gregg Satula showed up off duty at Todd Kraine’s (name changed) house to confront him about an affair with his (now ex) wife Waukesha PD officer Jessica Satula-Trucksa. Satula pulled his green Prius down the street from Todd’s house and Todd called 911.  He was startled by Satula approaching his house and hung up the 911 call. Satula then approached Todd’s front door while holding a holstered silver .38 special with approximately a 2″ barrel and a laser sight while yelling and demanding entry into the home. Todd grabbed his own 9mm for protection. Satula was yelling and stated something along the lines of, “I’m on the Tactical Team and I can put a bullet in your and my wife’s head.”

The 911 hang up call was plotted by cell tower to Todd’s address and WPD officer Michelle Enderle was dispatched. She saw (her current direct supervisor) Satula standing at the door and was told it was taken care of and not to include his name on the report. Enderle falsely entered info into the WI State CAD system stating she made no contact. Satula filed for divorce the next day.

Months later, Todd contacted Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to file a complaint about the incident by phone and requested documentation. Dennis Angle refused to document this incident as noted below.

Here’s the email exchange from 8 months after the incident after Todd tried to file a verbal complaint.

-   -   -

4/15/13 Todd wrote to Deputy Chief Dennis Angle:

Dear Mr. Angle: I spoke with you about a month ago with my concerns over Sgt. Satula and officer Trucksa. I would like to get a copy of that report for my court case. Is this something I can procure via email or pick up in person at the station? Please advise.

4/16/13 Dennis Angle responds:

Mr. Kraines, I did not leave a report based on our conversation.

4/16/13 Todd writes:

Mr. Angle, I thought I stated that I wanted those incidents documented? Perhaps there was a misunderstanding?

4/16/13 Deputy Chief Angle writes:

There was no misunderstanding when I spoke to you. We spoke about the computer aided dispatch call (CAD) that documented your call to the police department. That document is attached to this e-mail. However I did not, nor plan to, draft any report documenting our conversation.

-   -   -

Now let’s just look at the individuals involved. I’ve personally had experience with Satula while I was trying to file a complaint against Officer Katrina Frey who illegally detained me for filming which was unsubstantiated. He is also apparently was a member of what I refer to as the “Beat and Delete” club which is a group of Waukesha cops involved in the deliberate destruction of a critical dash cam video showing excessive force. The group was admonished by Judge Stilling for deleting Officer Ryan Lafavor et al’s dash cam video of Mark Schroeder being beaten. She stated it was deleted in “Bad Faith.”  Obviously Satula’s in deep and under the assumption anything will fly.

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle is personally named in the above described “Beat and Delete” Federal Lawsuit pertaining to La Favor‘s beating. Angle once described to me how sometimes officers have to make up their best guess as to what happen then write it as fact on the report. As seen in the emails, he’s shameless and deliberate about his aversion to even document Todd’s complaint. Perhaps he’ll do a better job if he wins the lawsuit he and “eyes wide shut” Police Chief Russel Jack have filed against Waukesha. They claim they should both be paid more than their current rate of $14,000 per month.

Or perhaps Angle will get his act together now that Waukesha PD squads are equipped ALPR systems which, along with several area departments, boasts a database of over 7 million “stored plate reads” saving the GPS location, time of day, and photo of car/driver etcetera for at least 1 year. It’s likely also shared with the Milwaukee Federal “Fusion Center.”  The cited database covers around 250,000 drivers while only 6 million people live in WI. ALPR has been outlawed in NH and similar laws are working their way through other states’ legislatures.

Then there’s Officer Michelle Enderle. Her CAD (computer aided dispatch) entry was made about 2 minutes after arriving on scene at the 911 hang up call and her entry stated the party had left. She likely wanted to get out of the situation ASAP then lie on this state database which could probably land her in a jail cell. Enderle was also present for a not yet released conversation between her, Officer Darin Wittnebel, and Officer Jeremy Bousman in which Bousman is heard laughing, almost hysterically, about dumping evidence in the Kevin J. Noe case (marijuana plants) on Owens Drive which is a small road behind the PD in Waukesha. She’s also facing some other very serious allegations from another incident which I’ll go into detail about this summer.

Prior to publishing this story, I requested comment from Waukesha PD’s Public Information Officer Captain Ron Oremus regarding the allegations (as well as Satula and Angle.)

Here is his response: Your email has given us information that is contradictory to the information we received a year and a half ago about the situation involving Sergeant Satula and Todd Kraines. We will be investigating this new information.

I’m sure they’ll just ask Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to come up with a lie to support the existing lies.

But Waukesha Police Department’s  SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula placed a little American flag on top of his mountain of damning evidence.

On 8/13/12 (the day after the incident and the day he filed for divorce from Jessica Trucksa) Sgt. Satula sent this to Todd from his personal email which is gregg.satula@redacted.com:

I guess in some strange way I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and explain your side. I don’t have any reason to believe you lied to me. You don’t have to fear me any more. I’m never going to stop by or call you again. I’m not going to check if she’s there. If for some reason you have a question for me, I’ll answer.Take whatever you want from this mess. I hope you don’t believe her lies anymore. And if you ever go after a married woman, pray that they have the self control that I do.

Apparently Gregg Satula feels that going to a man’s house with a gun (and invoking his official capacity as a SWAT Sergeant) and threatening a man’s life is self control. I tend to disagree.

Town of Brookfield WI Police Department sits just to the East of Waukesha and shares a jurisdictional border. TOB is 99.999% white and houses the upper middle class (along with hundreds of 1 million plus dollar homes) in suburban Milwaukee. TOB includes a 1/2  mile section of Moreland Boulevard  just west of the eastbound I-94 on ramp to the Brew City. It’s a great place for all cops near and far to tax “out of town-ers.” I refer to where my friend was stopped as “The Gauntlet, where black people come to learn about racial profiling.”

In February around quarter to 5, a personal friend of mine we’ll call J got off the bus on his way to work a 12 hour shift as an assistant manager at a local restaurant. It was still broad daylight and he was walking the half block from the bus stop when he was stopped by Field Training officer Steven G. Thompson and his apparent trainee (hired in Feb. of 14) Antonio Dominguez. Thompson demanded ID which was given under duress by my friend (and fellow cop-watcher) while he adamantly asserted that his rights were being violated. Thompson proceeded to unconstitutionally pat J down for weapons (drugs.) Nothing was located but of course Thompson had to make it look good on paper.

He fabricated an incident report which included the “you’re violating my rights” quote but stated he was given consent for both searches. He also reported that the area has a lot of vehicle break ins. The corner in question is overrun with cops from Town of Brookfield, Waukesha PD, and the Wisconsin State Patrol Milwaukee Outpost which is located 200 yards from the field interrogation. I asked police chief Chris Perket to provide some area crime stats to back  up the high crime area claim 5 days ago. He didn’t.

Thompson decided to toss one more lie on the official (probably sworn) incident report. He claimed J has prior convictions for burglary and trespass. This is false. You’d think he’d at least lie about stuff that couldn’t be dis-proven but perhaps his lies have gotten him through the past decade with such little resistance he no longer considers them.

Town of Brookfield Police Chief Chris Perket declined multiple requests for comment on these allegations.

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DUI Checkpoint – Trooper Attempts to Open Door

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Ashton Woolen shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

February 20, 2014

Post 28 – Jasper Counties: Cherokee, Pickens
Ph: 706-692-4835
Troop Commander: Capt. E. Joe Hamby
130 State Route 20
Spur Cartersville, GA 30120
Ph: 770-387-4053 and 4003

February 20, 2014 in Woodstock, Georgia: At approximately 10:00 PM, an old work friend messaged me explaining that she knew a DUI checkpoint was nearby. I looked up the location, grabbed my two GoPro Hero 3s, and headed to seek out the checkpoint. The speed limit was 35 on the approaching road so I was going slowly, but as I finished going up a hill, I found myself at a 4-way stop. This 4-way stop was also the checkpoint. There were no signs and no place to turn around. I cracked my window about four inches as I rolled to a stop.

Trooper#1 asked how I was doing to which I responded, “I’m doing good, how ’bout yourself?” He then proceeded to tap my window and told me to roll my window down. I told him I was comfortable where it was. He then pushed it down another couple inches. At that point, only eight seconds after being stopped, Trooper#2 attempted to open my door, very hard. Trooper#2 then told me to, “Get out of the car, dude.” I ignored his demand as Trooper#1 asked for my license which I handed him. Trooper#1 then walked away and said, “You’ll get this (my license) back when you roll your window down. Then, Trooper#2 tried to say that they can’t hear well, even though my GoPro in a waterproof case can pick up their voices perfectly fine when they are in front of my car.

They then notice I have a dash cam and proceed to detain me for having “almost illegal tires.” I pulled into secondary where they told me to test all my lights for a ‘vehicle inspection.’ I denied doing it once, then complied, for I did not know the legalities of vehicle inspections. After realizing there was nothing wrong with my car for them to cite me with anything, they attempted to get me out of the car again, but this time to check my tire ‘for my own safety.’ I declined and they began asking me loaded questions and trying to get me upset by saying that I am afraid of the dark. Then they left me to sit for 8 minutes before Trooper#1 came back to return my license.

He stuck it in my window but would not let go when I tried to grab it. He then threatened me that if he ever sees my car on the road again, he’s going to pull me over. He then brought up a speeding ticket from three years ago and said that was the reason I was scared to get out.

Because of my previous occurrence with GSP, Georgia State Patrol, I thought I was not going to have any problems and that they would be professional. Boy was I wrong. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in the illegal and immature actions of these troopers.

GSP Mission Statement:

The mission of the Georgia Department of Public Safety is to work cooperatively with all levels of government to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors to our state. Although focused primarily on the enforcement of traffic laws and investigation of traffic crashes, the Department of Public Safety will support the efforts of all public safety agencies to reduce crime, apprehend those who commit them, and respond to natural and man-made disasters. In all of our endeavors, DPS personnel will remain committed to following our core beliefs of trust, fortitude, compassion and professionalism.


Trust is our hallmark and foundation. Our word is our bond. Truthfulness is what the public expects from us and what we demand of ourselves. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and highest level of performance beyond reproach.


We are committed to persevere through sacrifice and adversity to do the right thing, even at personal cost. In the tradition of those who preceded us, we are confident in our ability to fairly enforce all laws, to protect life and property, and to be accountable for our actions.


We have the courage and wisdom to be fair. We are sensitive to the needs of others and are committed to treat all with dignity and respect.


As an elite and diverse team of highly trained, motivated men and women, we are committed to providing effective, efficient, and courteous service. We pledge to set innovative standards for others to follow.

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Detained and Arrested Without Warrant or Cause – Children Abducted

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

An anonymous submitter shared the following account via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: March 7, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Sheriff Deputy Erasmo Santamaria, Sgt. Doyle Grady, Sgt. Quinn
Police Employee Contact Information: Sampson County NC Sheriff Department 910-592-4141

At approximately 4:05 PM on March 7, 2014, a Sampson County Deputy came to the door of Mr Randy’s home at 180 Pear Lane, Godwin, NC 28344 and his daughter Cheyenne answered the door. The officer, who did not give a name or badge number, explained that he was there to do a “welfare check” on Cheyenne. When Cheyenne asked him who called for this welfare check, the officer advised, “Your mother, Theresa Davis.” Mr Randy walked in the room to see this happening and asked Cheyenne to call her mother, as he had already talked to her mother once earlier in the day and he was clueless as to why this was happening, and so was Cheyenne. The Sampson County officer stated there was no need to explain but Mr Randy insisted that Cheyenne call her mother and the officer listen, which he did. Cheyenne asked her mother why she was doing this silly business and Theresa Davis said, “Because everybody down there is calling me and telling me how your Daddy is crazy and out of his mind and that it is worse than before.” Cheyenne asked who “everybody” was, who was calling Theresa. Theresa Davis refused to answer as to who “they” were. Cheyenne saw through this entire ploy and told her mother, Theresa Davis, “If you can’t trust me with these so-called people’s names, then I can’t trust you. Tell me who ‘they’ are or [she had been advised not to talk to her mother anyway, due to the abuse, but she still tries] I will not talk to you any more.” The Sampson County officer then said, “I see what is going on here, I will have the communications officer advised that this is nothing.” He then left the premises having been satisfied that nothing was wrong.

Next, about 10 minutes later, I called Mr. Randy after having been forced off my own residence at 46 Beulah Road, Clinton, NC 28328, by my brother Micah, and also having been refused entrance into my home where my son Mat had just gone after getting off the school bus, also by Micah. I was shaken and bewildered. I then headed to the Sampson County Magistrates office and asked the magistrate as well as deputy Sgt. Carter if there was some reason or order which I did not know about that my mother or brother had wrongly done in order to keep me from my personal items and more importantly from seeing my own son, Mat. Having checked for any orders, warrants, petitions or other legal documentation involving myself or my son, and finding none to prohibit me from entering my legal residence to speak with my own son and obtain my personal property, I then asked what the Sheriff’s Department could do in assisting me in obtaining my property and getting my son out of this environment created by my brother.

The magistrate at this time, approximately 4:15 PM on March 7, 2014, directed me to see Sgt. Carter for assistance in obtaining my property and removing my son, Mat, from 46 Beulah Rd, Clinton, NC 28328. Sampson County Deputy Marinelli assisted me and successfully aided me in removing my son, Mat, from my brother Micah, due to the fact there was no legal documentation, order, petition or agreement giving anyone any legal right to keep my son from me. I then left, taking Mat to McDonald’s for supper, afterwards driving towards the home of Mr. Randy so the four of us (myself and my son, Mr. Randy and Cheyenne) could visit other Croatan researchers. This is when it really got crazy.

I arrived at the home of Mr. Randy at approximately 6PM EST on March 7, 2014, and like rapid fire, unnamed Sampson County Deputies were back to back doing these “welfare checks” with no more than 5 to 6 minutes in between each one, culminating in about 5 “welfare checks” in a 30 minute period! Mr. Randy’s daughter Cheyenne called the Sampson County Sherriff’s Department and asked if we should expect to see a Sampson County Deputy every 5 minutes all night long. Ms. Karmen Jenkins, the lady who answered the phone at the Sheriff’s Office, advised Cheyenne that she (Ms. Jenkins) had been ordered to tell us that we should stay put as someone was coming to see us. When Mr. Randy heard Cheyenne repeating this he took the phone and asked Ms. Jenkins (1) who had given this order, (2) if it was a legal order and (3) what was going on. Ms. Jenkins advised Mr. Randy that Sgt. Quinn had ordered this but she was not sure if Sgt. Quinn was even in charge. Mr. Randy told her that he needed Sgt. Quinn’s number. Ms. Jenkins told Mr. Randy that she would have Sgt. Quinn call Mr. Randy and he did. Mr. Randy was asked by Sgt. Quinn “to stay put” as another cruiser was coming up the driveway, according to Sgt. Quinn, AND that an “unknown” agency was coming to his house as well, according to the Sgt. When Mr. Randy questioned what this was about and who the agency was, Sgt. Quinn became illusive, secretive and not forthcoming, creating anxiety and causing us to feel uncomfortable and threatened by this unnatural and illogical behavior never before seen by any of us. Knowing that the home’s driveway is 1/10 of a mile long, up into the woods and the home is not visible from any public highway and now being fearful and concerned for our safety, Mr. Randy, Cheyenne myself and my son headed for the car, thus speeding up our pre-planned trip to Fayetteville, while still on the phone with Sgt Quinn.

Mr. Randy asked Sgt. Quinn if there was an order or warrant demanding us to stay put. Sgt. Quinn stated he was just “asking.” Then Mr. Randy, Cheyenne, myself and my son walked out the door to see a cruiser with no lights or sirens erratically rushing up to block the vehicle we were trying to get in. When we moved our vehicle forward and headed out, the cruiser erratically and violently tried to intentionally ram our vehicle, thus creating a sense of terror and fear, distress, aggravation, agitation, concern and also making us feel very uncomfortable and threatened. At this point Mr. Randy told Sgt. Quinn that we were getting away from my residence and taking his guests (myself and my son) and his daughter Cheyenne somewhere more public thus, more safe and out of harm’s way. Mr. Randy then hung up and drove down the driveway towards the public road.

After being followed by this cruiser approximately 1 mile to the nearest intersection at Hwy 13 and Autry Mill Road, Mr. Randy stopped the vehicle behind the car in front of us at the intersection. The cruiser was still behind us but no sirens or lights. The vehicle in front of us moved through the intersection and, as we started to follow, the cruiser made a short use of his lights with no siren. We were then in the intersection with no safe place to pull over and no lights, thus we continued through the intersection. At this time the cruiser was still following with no lights and no siren. After about 1/10 of a mile, the cruiser turned on continuous lights and Mr. Randy searched for a safe location to pull over, under a light. Cheyenne immediately called 911 for verification this was an actual officer. Mr. Randy turned into the first secure and safe area which was a left hand turn into Mill Ridge Subdivision under the first streetlamp not in an intersection.

From this point on, the videos, 911 call, facebook postings in real time online verification by Cheyenne and other digital recording will show the unconstitutional, inhumane, illegal, abusive, neglectful and dishonorable behavior of what can only be described as a Police State action against innocent and law abiding individuals, as well as children of the Croatan race.

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Knowing the Difference Between Allowed and Not Permitted

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Submitted by guest writer, Keith Killian

What happens when the law makers become the law breakers? What happens when the protectors become the attackers? Who is to be held responsible? Who is to be trusted? These are questions plaguing the minds of millions of Americans, who are scared, disappointed, and angry at the rising brutality of American police. Too many incidents of uncalled for police aggression and unjustifiable police brutality have cropped up in different parts of America. This cop violence phenomenon simply cannot be ignored anymore. Let us take a quick look at some incidents of police brutality and the common trends emerging from those.

Racial Brutality

A charge often placed against American police is their racial discrimination and inhuman treatment of minorities. The 1999 murder of the young, Black, West African Ahmed Amadou Diallo by the elite Street Crime Unit cannot be forgotten and only shows the deep rooted suspicion and hatred of some White American policemen against Black people. Ahmed did not have any criminal record and had 41 shots fired at him by the police in his own home in New York. What was the police’s justification? Ahmed apparently gestured with his hands in a way which made the police think that he was reaching for a gun.

In 2006, a 23 year old Black man, Sean Bell, was shot on his wedding day by NYPD officers. His crime? Officers say the victim and his friends who were celebrating Bell’s Bachelor party were going to use a gun when the police intervened. 50 bullets were shot at this young man. The city was outraged, and violent protests resulted. The above are not incidents in isolation. Racial prejudice is too obviously prevalent in American police and this dangerous trend must be curbed to prevent many more from being victimized.

Brutality against Women

17 March, 2013 saw the most terrifying set of events unfold for 27 year old Kim Nguyen. She and her male friends were stopped by an officer outside a restaurant in Los Angeles at around 2 am while waiting for a cab as they had been drinking. The police apparently thought they were intoxicated. However, while her male friends were left behind she was charged with public intoxication and put behind the car. While she was handcuffed, an officer began to sexually assault her by touching her chest and pulling her ears to face him. Then he started grabbing her left thigh and trying to open her legs. That is when she fell out of the vehicle to avoid being sexually assaulted by the cop. She was injured very badly, spent two weeks in the hospital, had bruises all over her body, lost all her teeth and had to have her jaw wired shut.

On October 30, in Detroit, a woman called 911 to seek help from police after being assaulted by her boyfriend. The cops come in, and one of them take her to the upstairs bedroom and sexually assault her. These are just the small fraction of cases that come in the spotlight. There are hundreds and thousands of other cases of police brutality against women convicts of which there is scant record or coverage. Innocent or guilty, women have become a soft target for police violence and assault and the boundaries between permitted and absolutely not allowed and humiliating are being blurred regularly by the police department. Steps to protect dignity of women during all types of police encounters is the need of the moment.

Suppressing Anyone Who Tries to Question the Establishment through Brutal Means

So you are underage while entering a casino. You are stopped by a police officer. You follow their instructions but have an argument with them or say something to them, even while complying with their instructions. What follows is five policemen beating you up brutally, kicking you, hitting, you, handcuffing you, then releasing a German Shepherd on you to attack you in the presence of the officers. You would be lucky to be alive – and so was 20 year old David Castellani, who suffered multiple, deadly, injuries in the attack. This is not fiction, but the facts of an incident that took place and was captured on camera on 15 June 2013 in Atlantic City. While the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against the inhuman officers, the police chief of Atlantic City stood by his officers’ actions.

Last year also saw uncalled for police brutality on 75 students of City University of New York who were demonstrating against former CIA chief, David Petraeus, who was being given a teaching position at the school.

Video footage of the incident has emerged that shows New York police being irrationally violent with the young students, slamming them against cars and pavements and punching them in the kidneys. What were the police trying to do? Can anything justify their barbaric behavior?

Dealing With “The Epidemic of Police Brutality”

Wrongful deaths, sexual assault, gun violence, physical threats and dreadful injuries, fire-rubber bullets at peaceful protesters; indeed we are facing the epidemic of police brutality. Demonstrators across the US took part in the October 22 protests to stop police brutality, repression, and criminalization of a generation. This day has been observed as the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality since 1996. Despite many public efforts to stop this catastrophe, no concrete results have been obtained, and little has been done by state agencies. To counter police violence and convict and punish offending cops will require consistent and binding state policies, proper training among law enforcement officers regarding what the uniform permits them and what it does not and how their power is not to be misused.
Keeping an official record of such police misdoings and regularly suspending or punishing such policemen who have been involved in such incidents of police violence is absolutely necessary. The State, the people and the law enforcement agencies all need to work hand in hand to deter this uncalled, excessive violence. Violence is not legitimate, not justified simply because it is being committed by a law enforcement individual.

Author Bio:
Keith Killian is one of the principal attorneys at Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC, based in New Mexico. The firm exclusively focuses on personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation and many more. Keith takes enough time to understand and analyze each and every aspect of his clients’ case. And eventually, his team works together to achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the firm website here.

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Don’t Raise Your Hand!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

This post was shared via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

Before I tell you my story, I would like to give a little bit of my background.

I am 33, married, and have a daughter. I moved into the area about two years ago.  I bought a house and pay my taxes, which makes me think that after all I am a quite useful member of society. I work for a very big and well known international company as a service tech. My daily routine involves a LOT of driving around in a company van.

On February 12, 2014 at about 4:00 PM I was driving home (within the speed limit) on a local freeway. While driving, I was on the phone (via hands-free, that is integrated into my van’s stereo system) with my friend who was telling me some disturbing news, so at some point I got emotional and raised my hand into the air (as if asking “Why?”). At that same moment, I noticed on the opposite side of the road an unmarked police vehicle with lights flashing (apparently mister State Trooper was issuing someone a ticket). About a minute later, that same police car was behind me with it’s lights on. I pulled over and rolled my window down. Below is my dialogue with the State Trooper.

Officer: Your license and registration?
Me: Officer, I would like to know the reason why I am being stopped.
Officer: Give me your license and I will tell you!
Me: [Giving my license and registration]
Officer: [Speaking aggressively] So, what is you problem?
Me: Excuse me?
Officer: I said, what is your problem? Do you have a problem with cops?
Me: Officer, I am not sure what are you asking about?
Officer: [Speaking loud and aggressively] I saw you raising your hand on me! Is that your attitude? Are you showing me your attitude? Do you have problems with cops? Why did you raise your hands on me?
Me: [I decided not to disclose that I was on the phone, even though it was a hands-free ] Well, first of all it was only one hand. After all, is that illegal to raise a hand while you’re driving?
Officer: Yes it is! Actually, I’m going to give you a ticket for not keeping your hands on the steering wheel! So, what is your problem? You don’t like cops, huh?
Me: Well, do what you’ve got to do, but it sounds ridiculous, I could be just stretching…
Officer: [Screams] Okay, step out of the car!
Me: Why do you want me to do this?
Officer: [Screams] Step out of the car right now or I’m going to rip you out…
Me: [Stepping out, officer takes me behind the van, there is another trooper standing there]
Officer: [Starts “frisking” me]
Me: Officer, I do not consent for this search, are you detaining me?
Officer: [Keeps searching] Of course I am! For your behavior! Are you the guy that drives around and honks to the cops?
Me: What?
Officer: Are you that guy that drives and honks to the cops?
Me: No, I am not. But excuse me, is using car sound signal illegal in this state? After all, officer, do you realize how many white vans like mine are driving in this area?
Officer: Get back to the car!
[Several minutes later]
Officer: Here is your license and if I see you around one more time, you will get into real trouble.
Me: Officer, can I have your last name please?
Officer: [Screams out his last name so fast and loud that I can’t even write it down]
Officer: Have a good day [Walks  away]

I was going to let this story drown in my bad day memories when all of a sudden two things happened in next few days.

First, my boss showed me an email from NY State Police reporting me as “erratic driver”.

Second, my coworker called me and said that he was pulled over by two NYSP vehicles (one of them was an unmarked Chevy Tahoe, the same one that pulled me over earlier) for using a cellphone. The State Trooper asked him if he knows me and when my coworker confirmed that, they told him to talk to me because they were about to arrest me. The reason for that is “circulating around cops’ cars.”

Besides the fact that I was humiliated by some mentally disordered State Trooper, now I am facing clear and distinct attempts to knock me out of my job and make my life miserable. I am open to any advice! If someone can recommend me a good lawyer, I will be very grateful.

Thanks for reading!

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Police Chief Suspends Constitution in Waukesha

Friday, February 14th, 2014

By Tim – MilwaukeeCitizenPress & Waukesha CopBlock (twitter)

In the latest move by Waukesha PD to further separate Citizens from their basic human and constitutionally enumerated rights, Chief Russel Jack has declared that Waukesha cops may stop and detain community members simply for filming them. Despite numerous rulings from State, Federal, and even the US Supreme Court (by inaction,) Jack has declared that,  at least in this city, The Courts’ determinations are irrelevant.

June 26 I was hitting it hard. By 2:30 I had footage from 4 or 5 incidents and was getting ready to call it a night when I saw 5 or 6 police cars at South and Clinton.  As I was pulling in to a public parking lot a large group of cops headed my way. I had been filming quite a few police scenes the weeks prior and although I’d been harassed and intimidated a few times, I’d not been detained for filming Waukesha cops.

One of the five officers to detain me, Officer Katrina Frey, asked if I had permission to park in the (public) lot declaring it private. She told me I needed to produce ID which I did.  The cop with the glasses, later identified as Jeremy Bousman, was rather aggressive looking and had his hand on his gun. The video above shows what happened next.

Officer Frey wrote on CAD, the police database;

Timothy was observed copious amounts of times by multiple officers driving around in parts of the city throughout the evening and morning hours. He drives a moped and is out solely looking for police contacts so he can film them and insight problems. Wears camera around his neck. He stated he is “doing a story.”

I filed a complaint two months ago which was assigned to Sgt. Gregg Satula. He tried tirelessly to convince me to come in.  He went so far as to suggest that he needed to meet with me in person, preferably in a room at the PD,  because he couldn’t determine if I was really me.  I can’t imagine many people secretly file citizen complaints  on behalf of others.

We set up a time to speak by phone and he called (he looked up my number in the government database.) I asked him if he believed it was “me” and he stated he recognized the voice. He was determined to get me into the PD for a quasi interrogation. He stated to perform the investigation he’d need a written complaint in addition to my 1st written complaint. I guess they want two written complaints per complaint.  I told him he’d have to go off my brief and precise document submitted as there was nothing more to say.  I told him I felt it would be difficult for him to impartially investigate this complaint due to the “Blue Wall” and the fact that I felt his loyalties lie with his co-worker. “My loyalties lie with the organization” Satula said.  Indeed sir.

Police Chief Russel Jack responded today with the following;

After a deliberative examination of the facts in this incident and a thorough review of all reports, no misconduct on the part of the officer has been found. We find the officer’s action to be appropriate and reasonable; well within the bounds of the law.

Based upon these findings, your complaint is officially unsubstantiated.

The Courts tend to disagree with Chief Jack. From HuffPost…

It’s the second federal appeals court to strike down a conviction for recording police. In August 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit ruled that a man wrongly arrested for recording cops could sue the arresting officers for violating his First Amendment rights.

That decision also found a broad First Amendment right to record on-duty government officials in public: “Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest in protecting and promoting ‘the free discussion of governmental affairs.’” And in fact, in that it strips police who make such arrests of their immunity from lawsuits, it’s an even stronger opinion. Of course, the police themselves rarely pay damages in such suits — taxpayers do.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to grant certiorari in the case doesn’t necessarily mean the justices endorse the lower court’s ruling. But it does mean that at least six of the current justices weren’t so opposed to the ruling that they felt the case needed to be heard.


Waukesha Police Chief and Deputy Police Chief Sue Waukesha Taxpayers

But despite being on the wrong side of the law on many issues Chief Russel Jack wants more money. He claims in a lawsuit filed with Deputy Police Chief Dennis Angle against Waukesha Citizens that he’s entitled to more money.

These two members of “Waukesha’s Finest” are suing us for nearly $45,000. In addition to other claims, these financially struggling public servants want annual raises of almost $6,000(Jack) and $2,500(Angle.)

Let’s take a look at the numbers (According to Sue Conway of City of Waukesha HR)

Chief Russel Jack 2013 (rounded)

Base Salary                            $121,000

Pension                                     $19,000

Paid Hours 96 * $58/hour        $6500

Vacation 192 * $58/hour          $11,000  (1 month and 1 week per year)

Personal Days 16 * $58/hour  $900

Holiday 72 * $58/hour               $4200

The taxpayers also pay Jack $2600/year for not buying health insurance.

Total                                                     $165,000 per year

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle 2013 (rounded)

Base Salary                                    $107,000

Sick Days 96 * $52/hour            $5,000

Vacation  168 * $52/hour           $8700

Personal Days 16 * $52/hour   $800

Holiday Pay  72 * $52/hour       $3700

Pension                                       $19,000

Health Ins.                                 $23,000

Dental Ins.                                  $1,100

Total                                                  $168,300 per year

To put this all in perspective, the median household income in WI is $51,000. These two men alone are drawing 1 million tax dollars every three years.

Perhaps Chief Jack could start looking for a new job which will pay him what he feels he’s worth.  He’s already facing a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit and can’t even keep his own cops breaking simple traffic laws. I think Waukesha Taxpayers have given him enough.  Hit the road Jack.


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Kelly Thomas Verdict Was Just and Proper

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

If you are an Average American, that is. If you are a halfway decent human being, you might be crying in despair at humanity, or cursing God/Allah/Yahweh/Vishnu. But if you are the Average American, you will sleep fine tonight, like you have always slept, in the face of countless acts of police brutality – including plunder, robbery, rape, child abuse, and even murder.

Kelly Thomas was a schizophrenic and homeless man living in Fullerton, CA. In July of 2011, he was approached by police for questioning in connection with vehicle vandalism while in downtown Fullerton. Police escalated the situation (as they are prone to do). Some 6 officers were involved in this encounter with a homeless man, who had at that point committed no theft, violence, or any other crime. Mr. Thomas was subject to a brutal beating, during which Officer Manuel Ramos put on latex gloves, balled his fists, and said to Mr. Thomas, “You see these fists? They are getting ready to fuck you up.” Another officer principally involved in the beating was Jay Cicinelli. Mr. Thomas died from his injuries at a hospital several days later.

The incident, including Ramos’ blatant threat, was captured on video. Mr. Thomas can be seen on video being beaten and pleading for his life. He says “Dad, help me… They’re killing me,” repeatedly. He says, “Sir, please… okay…okay…” repeatedly. He says “Help me…help me god…” repeatedly. He also apologizes, but was murdered by police nevertheless. (More here.)

If an ordinary person had put on gloves, and said “These fists are going to fuck you up,” then proceeded to beat a person to death, a first-degree murder charge and conviction would be swiftly in order. In the case of hallowed police officers, charges were filed only after extensive public outcry, and even then, the most severe charge was that of second-degree murder against Ramos. Cicinelli and Ramos went on trial, and were acquitted on January 14, 2014, of all charges – including excessive force (more here and here). Of course, inherent in that conclusion by the jury is the unspoken declaration that in America, it is not excessive to beat a helpless and mentally ill detainee to death for merely being accused of suspicious activity.

This ruthless beating and murder would certainly seem horrendous to a human being of integrity, but of course, the Average American is not a human being of integrity. The Average American has, for decades, cheered on the various acts of police violence against students, disabled old men, children, among other completely innocent parties. The cops were doing their job – to hell with it if some innocent person was murdered in the process. The cops are heroes – so be it if they have to kill a child or two to “keep us safe.”

A less loathsome breed of the Average American insists that the poor victim should not have been beaten to death, but that some lesser form of force ought to have been employed to obtain compliance. Equally innate in this sentiment is the idea that people who have committed no theft, violence, or crime, nevertheless should obey a cop’s every command. Freedom is not of the utmost concern, justice is not of the utmost concern, safety is not of the utmost concern; blind obedience is. This morally degenerate standard exists for almost no one in society, save police.

The rationale behind the defense of Cicinelli and Ramos was that Mr. Thomas died not at their hands, but due to asphyxiation and heart problems arising from complications of alleged drug use. Keep in mind that when ordinary mortals commit crimes, it is a well-established legal principle that they take their victims as they find them. If an ordinary man punches another man in the face, and the victim unexpectedly dies because he happened to have a thin skull, no court would exempt the aggressor from the crime on the basis that the victim died from complications arising from a thin skull due to drug use or any other reason – the aggressor would be held to account regardless. However, have the aggressor don a uniform and a badge, and the story becomes quite different. His act of violence is treated almost like an act of nature, and everything else but his holy act is to blame – the victim’s mental illness, his resistance to abject humiliation and physical torture, his pre-existing conditions, etc. Such is the double standard the Average American allows the policeman.

The Average American has long been comfortable with double standards for cops – both legal and cultural. Cops can murder, rape, and pillage with impunity, both from a legal and moral standpoint. When they murder, rape, and pillage – it is for the sake of public safety and order. Thus, they are protected from legal consequences, as well as moral judgment.

The kind of worship the Average American lavishes upon police is similar to that of deification; police essentially can do no wrong. If they murder a petty criminal, it’s justified because he was a criminal. If they murder an innocent person, it was a mere “mistake,” and justified because police were “doing their job.” The only other entity accorded such moral leniency in the face of repeated, intentional, malicious violence, is God. Indeed, the mentality Americans have toward police is virtually indistinguishable from that of, “God works in mysterious ways.”

Because in America, a cop is likened to God, the Average American cares not that police lionization and immunity has resulted in the “Land of the Free” having the highest incarceration rate, both per capita and in sheer numbers, in the entire world. For the same reason, the Average American actually thinks it’s quite wonderful that their infallible demi-gods have steadily acquired weapons they should not possibly ever need for domestic purposes, including drones, tanks, and grenade launchers, while ordinary citizens are increasingly restricted and regulated in firearms ownership. As it should be, perhaps – who are lowly mortals to question the motivation of gods?

If you are the Average American, you are perfectly comfortable with this verdict because you, Average American, defend the system at all costs. In the past, people may have suggested to you the absurd proposition that justice and policing ought not be a coerced institution of monopoly by government, and should be conducted on a voluntary basis. You laughed at this “idealistic” nonsense, insisting that voluntary policing and freedom of choice in justice systems would surely lead to chaos and violence. As if police murdering people in the street with impunity isn’t chaos and violence. As if your precious government system of policing and “justice” isn’t simply a permanent monopoly of systemic violence that by definition perpetuates, and even encourages chaos and violence.

But this is no matter, because “the system isn’t perfect, but it’s the best there is. God bless democracy, freedom, and civility.” The police must murder to save lives. They must use violence to prevent violence. They must break the law in order to enforce it. Freedom isn’t free. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is Strength.


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Cops Get Told Off For Harassing

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

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Cops 258 – Constitution 0 (Videos in Link)

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stopped and questions 258 times over 4 years while working…at the private property on which you work? Apparently, according to TheRoot.com, one guy can tell you how it feels…

 Well, that’s what Miami Gardens, Fla., store owner Alex Saleh is trying to figure out. One of the employees at his store, 207 Quickstop, Earl Sampson, has been stopped and questioned 258 times, searched more than 100 times and arrested and tossed in jail countless times, the Miami Herald reports.

According to Saleh, Sampson, other employees and even his customers have been repeatedly stopped and frisked by Miami Gardens police, sometimes as often as three times a day.

Most of them, the Herald reports, are like Sampson. In two words: poor and black.

Saleh couldn’t take the constant harassment anymore and ended up installing 15 video cameras in his store—not to protect himself from criminals, but from the police.

What these videos reveal is shocking, the Herald reports. Read more and view videos…


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Boy Suffers Horriffic Facial Injuries After “Falling”

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


According to HuffPost:

Marissa Sargeant admits her 14-year-old son did a bad thing when he allegedly shoplifted, but she doesn’t think he deserved to be roughed up by cops during his arrest.

The arrest happened last Tuesday when the boy — whose name has not been released — allegedly shoplifted goods from a Walmart in Tullytown, Pa., with two adult relatives.

She doesn’t deny the charges, but said the arresting officers beat the teen so bad, he has a broken nose and two swollen eyes.

“What he did was wrong. He was coerced by a 19-year-old. He does know better,” she said, according to the New York Daily News. “The picture speaks a thousand words.”

Note that the article quotes District Attorney David Heckler:

“Heckler told Philly.com that his office may interview eyewitnesses and possibly review footage of the incident taken on a police dashboard camera before proceeding further.”

Read More…

According to the county website, the number to reach Heckler’s office is 215-348-6344.



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