Marion County FL Rights Violation by Sheriff’s Dept.

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

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Date of interaction: 4/6/14
Police employees involved: Badge #5196 and #5715
Police employee contact information: Marion Oaks District Office – 294 Marion Oaks Lane Ocala, FL 34473
Phone : (352) 402-6030 Fax: (352) 347-2409 Lt. Ramirez email:

I was attending a family reunion/cracker barrel party with my wife on the 15000 block SW 16th St when I observed three Marion County Sheriff’s deputies arriving in front of a home and shining their spot light on the house. They then started pulling over vehicles arriving and asking the occupants if they were going to be drinking at this house or if there was going to be any illegal drug use. After observing the harassment by the officers for about 15-20 minutes, my wife and I made our way closer to the scene, making sure to remain on our family’s property and out of the way. The deputies were then taunting anyone who was on the property, telling them that they just wait and they were about to get everyone. The deputy observed me approximately twenty feet away from the property line. He then shined his light at me and said they were going to come on the property. I told the deputies that I am well aware of my rights and that they are not allowed on private property. This statement caused the deputies to get loud and act like local thugs.

They came running onto the property and grabbed me. I then asked what I was being detained for and the female officer said, “You are not being detained, you are being arrested.” I asked for what charge and she said, “Open house party.” I asked her what code that is and she repeated the phrase open house party. I said it was not my property, to which her response was, “It doesn’t matter.” She asked if I had anything in my pockets. I replied that I do not consent to any search or seizure and I would like a lawyer present for any further questioning. I asked for her name and badge number, but she ignored the request and asked my name. I told her I would like a lawyer present for any further questioning to which she said she was going to slam my face into the car. I complied and did not resist which can all be seen on video once it is recovered. After pushing me into the vehicle roughly, clearly trying to hit me against the car, she put me in the back of the vehicle. The officer then peaked her head in the front passenger door after opening it and made a comment to which I replied, “What is your name and badge number?” She said, “I don’t have to tell you anything if you don’t have to answer anything.” I said I am requesting a lawyer and would like no further questioning. She never at any point Mirandized me and kept attempting to interrogate me. I repeated the question, “What is your name and badge number and the department you work for?” She repeated, “I am not giving it to you.”

My wife, in the meantime, had been recording the entire incident from where I was originally standing on the property, about twenty feet back from the road. During my arrest, she had stepped across the road about 10 feet in front of the bumper of the police vehicle and about fifteen-twenty feet away from the deputies. The cop then told her that she couldn’t stand there, so she crossed back onto private property, about five-ten feet from the road, but well on the property. The female officer said that the camera doesn’t scare them and one of the deputies said she was interfering. She said she was not interfering and was recording for everyone’s safety. She asked for the deputy’s name and badge number as well as what I was being charged with. The officer arrested her at this point and charged her with resisting and obstructing on two separate charges. Multiple witnesses at this point observed the female officer taking the camera and saying she wouldn’t have anything if it was deleted. She then took the keys out of my wife’s hand and asked, “Are these yours?” When my wife didn’t respond, she said, “Guess not,” and chucked them across the yard into the crowd. The male officer had made his way to the vehicle I was in across the road about ten feet from where the vehicle containing my wife was. He opened the door and I told him that it was hot and I couldn’t breathe, because it was 75 degrees and they left me in a turned off vehicle with no air or open windows. He smirked at me and I asked for his name and badge number. He said, “You’re not getting it,” and slammed the door.

The two deputies, along with another deputy, then proceeded to stand by the window and light up what appeared to be Marlboro lights. The female officer and one of the male officers were smoking the cigarettes and laughing about what they could charge us with and that we should learn better than to fuck around with cops. The said that they didn’t have a wallet on me, but then stated my name while looking at my wallet which they found on my wife; they said they should just book me as John Doe to fuck with me. They made jokes about my wife and I for awhile. Thirty plus minutes went by while I was locked in the backseat sweating profusely. When the female officer got in the vehicle, she said, “Not feeling so tough now, are you?” I then repeated the question asking for her name and badge number. She responded, “I told you already, you are not going to get it.” I then asked for a supervisor on the scene. She refused. I said, “I would like a supervisor on the scene. I do not know who is arresting me nor what code or violation I have broken.” She said that I could speak to the supervisor when I got to the jail. I then informed her that I am part of OathKeepers and Marion County Cop Block and that I am well aware of Sheriff Blair’s policy on recording police – he encourages it – and to let him know the reason she is arresting me, because as soon as the video goes viral and I submit a formal complaint, she will be embarrassed to walk around her community with all of the bad coverage she’ll get for deciding that she no longer upholds the constitution that she swore to uphold. I told her that shiny badges do not give her rights above that oath. She then asked if I would like to speak to Sheriff Blair directly and if he would know what the Oath Keepers organization I am a part of was. I assured her he would and that we met at the Sheriff substation. She got nervous and stopped speaking.

When we got to the jail, I again asked for the names and badge numbers of the deputies. They again refused. They started asking questions again, and I again requested a lawyer, still never having been read my rights. They told the jail deputy that I wouldn’t answer questions and he proceeded to shove me into a wall and physically assault me while I made sure not to show any resistance; I am confident video evidence will reveal this as well. He then took me into a room off camera and proceeded to try to shove my arm out of socket backwards; He said, “There are no cameras here and I will break your fucking arm.” I told him he does not intimidate me and his shiny badge doesn’t make him superman. His partner had to stop him because he kept trying to lift my arm out of socket, which I will be getting medical treatment for today because it is now in a lot of pain and clicking. I showed no reaction which made him angry and he said he would smash my face and smear my blood over the wall. I again told him that his threats don’t intimidate me and again his partner stepped in. My wife and I bailed out a couple hours later with the help of a bail bondsman. The female deputy in the vehicle had said that the phone was going to be so wrapped up in evidence that we wouldn’t see it for years and laughed. The video is on the phone if she hasn’t deleted it. If she has, I am confident that it could be recovered. There are also other videos taken that I have posted on Marion County Cop Block Facebook page. Help me in letting people know that Marion County is not above the law and they can not violate rights based on the fact they do not like to be recorded or told they can’t enter private property. Bogus charges do not make what they do legal and we as Cop Blockers will not stand for this type of police brutality. Please write letters, send emails and make phone calls. Let’s let this county know they are not above the law.


Execution in a Vegetable Garden

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

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May 8, 2013
Former Officer James P. Harris
Deland Police Dept, Chief Billl Ridgeway, 386-626-7414

Marlon Brown was being stopped at 12:30am for an alleged seat belt violation in the spring hill community of Deland, Fl. After exiting his vehicle in a vacant lot on foot and unarmed, he was followed by former Officer James P. Harris as he drove his police cruiser. Harris followed unarmed Marlon Brown, never deviating in his path nor decelerating in his speed. Harris entered the lot at 16mph and accelerated to 24mph upon striking and killing the unarmed Marlon Brown with his police cruiser. He next hit a fence and came to a stop in a neighbors back yard just feet away from their shed. Harris’ only comment of the entire event is that he was trying to scare the unarmed Marlon back to the wood line. That’s not seen in the video. The police chief Bill Ridgeway fired Harris immediately after viewing the video. However, our great State Atty Larizza refused to charge Harris with vehicular homicide, stating he did nothing criminally wrong, only violated policy and procedure. Also, the medical examiner states in her report that there is no evidence that Marlon Brown was struck by the vehicle. Did she watch the same video we watched? The family continues to fight along with their attorney Ben Crump for justice in this matter.

Watch the video!

Krystal Brown

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Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part V) by Bill Buppert

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

This essay was first published to on March 2nd, 2014 by Bill Buppert. It is the fifth in a five-part series that investigates the growing death culture of the American cop and the predator prey relationship between badged thugs in the pay of the King and the following victim classes among the Helotry that is America.

  • Part One [at, at] spoke to the cruelty and violence police are increasingly visiting on the most innocent of all – the animals
  • Part Two [at, at] spoke to the cruelty of cops against children
  • Part Three [at, at] spoke to the increasing war on woman by the thin black and blue line
  • Part Four [at, at] spoke to the caging, maiming and killing that has been targeting the elderly and in some cases infirm


by Bill Buppert

This series of essays have been concentrating on the more innocent and less strong among the population and the caging, maiming and killing that has been targeting the disabled to include the wheelchair-bound, disabled, deaf and blind.

This is the last in the series much to the relief of police apologists everywhere. The first four essays can be found at my site.

Again, the absurd violence visited on these people as a result of whatever wrong they were perceived having done never justifies the sadistic and disproportionate violence that modern cops get away with. Like with the other essays, I have tried to keep the incidents at less than a year old.

Most friends and families are touched or know folks who are either disabled or mentally and emotionally handicapped in some fashion. In my experience, those with Down’s Syndrome have been among the most peaceful and loving.

“On his way home,” Liko said, “The police followed me.”

Liko said, the officer smacked him in the face with an open hand and knocked him to the ground.

“His whole hand,” he said.

According to the police report, a Miami-Dade Police officer noticed a bulge in Liko’s waistband. The officer attempted to conduct a pat down, and Powell tried to run away.”

The Department, of course, excused the behavior of the police.

They are no different from some bully picking on some developmentally disabled child on a playground. The usual fabrication and lies so popular in the police ranks today was caught by surveillance cameras and clearly demonstrated the victim was shot by the cops while making no threatening moves.

“An arrest warrant affidavit charging Bennett with aggravated assault alleged that Bennett had stepped toward the officers with the knife raised in “an aggressive manner.”

But neighbor Maurice Bunch’s surveillance video showed that Bennett initially rolled back in his office chair before he stood up. And Bennett was standing completely still with his hands at his sides when Spencer began firing.

“There was absolutely no justification for any use of force against Mr. Bennett, much less potentially deadly force,” Tittle wrote in the complaint.”

When you watch the video footage of Spencer shooting mentally-ill Bobby Gerald Bennett in the Oct. 14, 2013 you arrive at one of two conclusions; either Spencer and his partner are sadists who jump at an opportunity to shoot someone or they are simply so scared for their “officer safety” all the time, they shoot and ask questions later.

The heroes in blue take down a wheelchair bound man in Rochester, NY. Pepper spraying and beating the man senseless in the process.


This also happened in Duluth where the uniformed government employee was cleared of all charges:

“That’s when officer Jouppi can be seen grabbing his arm and twisting it back.

Immediately Anthony said “Hey you can’t do that” and weakly swatted up at the officer to defend himself.

That’s when officer Jouppi began pounding in his face.

Anthony’s head can be seen snapping back after officer Jouppi punched him the first time. But that wasn’t enough. Jouppi followed with a combination of punches until Anthony appeared to go limp.

The video then shows Jouppi grabbing Anthony by the throat and ripping him out of his wheelchair.”

A deaf boy was assaulted and eventually tased by police in a double whammy of government school brutality and the cops who responded.

“Defendant Chris Hammond [a school staffer who assaulted the plaintiff] informed plaintiff that he was going to kill him and push him into an unsafe area of the construction site,” said the suit. “Defendant Chris Hammond proceeded to grab plaintiff and punched plaintiff in the face with closed fists.”

The boy reportedly picked up a stick to defend himself against Hammond and the other adult staffers. They retreated from the scene and left A.M. sitting by himself with his back to the school.

Police arrived at the construction site after dark. Knowing the boy was deaf, they allegedly made no effort to warn or communicate with him, but Tasered him from behind. As A.M. writhed on the ground from the “burns, paralysis and pain” caused by the Taser barbs, the two police officers rushed him and placed him in handcuffs.”


In another case, a Down’s Syndrome young man was murdered by police in a movie theater after having his throat crushed. Judging by the apparently common obesity problem among cops, this was most likely the result of a cop sitting on him. All over an unpaid movie ticket. Of course, none of the cops were charged.

“According to Frederick County, Maryland, police statements, he swore at them and refused to leave. The deputies tried to remove him, despite Saylor’s caretaker’s warnings and pleas for them to wait and let her take care of it. What happened next is a little unclear, but witnesses say the deputies put Saylor on the floor, held him down and handcuffed him. Saylor, called Ethan by his family, suffered a fracture in his throat cartilage. He died of asphyxiation.

The death was ruled a homicide, but a grand jury failed to indict the deputies and they returned to work without charges.”

Only in America can a death be ruled a homicide and government employment is your get out of jail free card.

The attacks are brutal, ruthless and tend to have a common thread of mistaken intent or a threat to officer safety to justify the maiming and killing.

“In another incident of police violence, one in the city of Houston, Texas, police officers responded to a call at a mental hospital concerning a man named Brian Claunch. Brian was acting aggressively and was both mentally and physically disabled, he had lost an arm and a leg in a train accident and experienced bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Brian used a wheelchair and was medicated and to be plain, could not have been too much of an imminent threat towards trained police officers. It did not stop one police officer from shooting Brian in the head and killing him instantly like some Nazi Officer. When the police officer was asked about the use of deadly force, the officer explained that Brian had been holding something in his hands – that object turned out to be a pen.

People who experience forms of developmental or mental disabilities are often times doubly targeted by police violence due to high rates of poverty and homelessness. The brutal murder of a homeless man with schizophrenia in Fullerton, California presents what happens when homelessness, mental illness, and police brutality meet. Kelly Thomas was sleeping on the streets when he was murdered; he was approached by six police officers in July of 2011.”


I have covered the Kelly Thomas incident in previous essays and the recent acquittal of two of his more sadistic thug attackers shows that the legal system protects its government employees rather well from suffering the consequences of their actions.

Much like Kelly Thomas calling out for his father while being savaged, young Ethan Saylor made the same calls for help:

“Mommy!’ a witness later reported hearing Saylor cry out while struggling with the deputies. ‘It hurt [sic], call my mom.’

Another witness wrote in his statement that the 26-year-old could be heard ‘squalling’ and repeatedly saying ‘no’ as the officers wrestled with him, one of them even reading him his Miranda rights, the Washington Post reported.” 

I would suggest that the continued mauling and beating of these disabled people by cops speaks to a special brand of psychopathy that may even pass the previous discussion on cops lethal encounters with dogs, woman, children and the elderly.

The common thread is that the immoral violence initiated by police is almost always excused, rationalized or acquitted like the shocking verdict for the two police thugs on trial for Kelly Thomas” murder in Fullerton.


One of the thugs who murdered Kelly is getting quite the jackpot for his duties.

“The city pension board reconvened later that year to reexamine the case and consider stripping Cicinelli of his LAPD benefits [40,00 per annum] in light of the Thomas killing. They ultimately decided to allow those payments to continue, however, though Cicinelli was eventually fired from the Fullerton police more than a year after the Kelly incident first unfolded. All the while, though, Cicinelli continued to be compensated by the city of Los Angeles.”

This tells you everything you need to know on what the government think of official violence:

“On the whole, the defense argued that the two officers were acting in accordance with their training in how to control a tense situation.”

The other defendant, Ramos, told Thomas before the assault, “Do you see my fists?” They’re getting ready to fuck you up.”

During a protest in the aftermath of the acquittal:

“While being transported to jail, Walder said the police were laughing and grinning. During the journey, one of the cops leaned over to the protesters and with “malice in his voice” said, “There’s a pack of 12 cops waiting to smash your fucking faces in.”

Another officer then immediately remarked, “And I’ve got two words for all of you, ‘NOT GUILTY,’” prompting laughter amongst all the other cops.”


In a nutshell, murder is murder when conducted by others but badged government bureaucrats have a license to kill. The US government has declared war on the citizenry and is employing a brutal occupying army to do it while the media industrial complex sings praises to the boys in blue and fawning hero worship of the badged thugs. Government employees who happen to be in an extraordinarily safe profession.

How a society treats its most innocent and least capable is a marker of its civilization. Judging from the behavior of the US government and its police subsidiaries throughout the fetid plain, one can see a callous and cynical attitude. It sees the citizens and residents as mere pawns to be ordered about, fined, kidnapped, caged, maimed and killed at the whim of a thoroughly corrupt legal system that sees it primary task as threatening or employing violence to build and maintain a society.

These are troublesome times and these incidents in this series are merely the tip of the iceberg of the extent and depth of police brutality that is an everyday occurrence in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Surprisingly (or not so), the government does not collect data in a uniform way on how many folks are maimed or killed by cops in the US.

“In 2011, Fisher attempted to do just that, tracking information about shootings by police officers using news media reports that he found on the internet. He found reports of 1,146 police shootings, 607 of which were fatal. The FBI, on the other hand, reported only 404 “justifiable homicides” by police officers for 2011, all but 3 of which were shootings.

Cop remain the existential threat to individual liberty and freedom, absent enforcement no bad laws can be foisted upon people and put into action. These stories were mostly focused on the immoral violence committed by police on a daily basis. This does not include all the corruption rackets that permeate the traffic violation franchise for revenue enhancement the state has set up so elegantly nor the fact that at the end of the day, the police are political enforcers who are the puppets of the collectivist nomenklatura in the USA.”

Due to non-reporting, under-reporting and cover-ups of police killings in the US, it is most likely far higher than the oft-quoted 5.000 American corpses stacked up since 9/11. The actual numbers are most likely in five digits and completely bifurcates the data from prison deaths caused by corrections officers.

There are no good cops anywhere because if there were they would police their own ranks, resign in protest or whistle blow on the seething corruption and sadistic mayhem that is American policing. Federal policy in the Drug War and the incessant warfare on the free market waged everyday by the central government has simply given carte blanche to the badged thuggery that happens all the time.

There are no regulations, reforms or housecleaning nation-wide short of a wholesale reexamination of what crimes are rightfully malum in se and a consistent hounding of all police violence visited on the citizenry. Once the devil’s triumvirate of officer safety, police unions and a government legal system are struck at the root and destroyed in place will any semblance of justice prevail. Until that time, Americans will continue to suffer under the not so tender ministrations of an occupying army that can fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill citizens at will in league with a diabolical criminal justice system that puts the Sovietized system to shame in comparison.


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Escambia County Cops Attack Homeless Camp in Pensacola, FL

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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I am an activist with Sean’s Outpost and Bitcoin Not Bombs, and this weekend a homeless camp was targeted by county deputies. We are fighting a battle right now with the City of Pensacola and the County to allow the homeless to camp on Satoshi Forest, a nine acre privately owned property. They have been engaging in a war on the homeless down here.

I did a whole blog post about it with multiple videos, so I didn’t have just one to submit. I hope you’ll consider reposting. Here’s the link.

On Saturday evening, I received a phone call from Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost. He had gotten a report that Escambia County sheriff’s deputies had walked through the back entrance of a homeless camp located on DOT property and cut down tarps that were hung to protect tents from the elements. The officers aggressively entered the camp from the back, though there were clear entrances in the front parts of the camps. The officers, later identified as Mark Smith and S. W. Melton, were allegedly wearing all black with no identification visible. According to eyewitness accounts, one of them had on a t-shirt that said POLICE printed on the back.

They then told the people camping there that they had to leave immediately or face arrest–with one threatening to bring a paddy wagon the following day if they hadn’t moved. After more intimidation, they changed the time to leave to 24 hours as it was already dark out and some of the residents had health problems. The first appearance of the officers was after dark around 5:45pm, but they reappeared around 10:35 pm to continue the intimidation.


Continue reading…

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Photography Trip to the Bartow Jail

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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I had a rental car with great gas mileage, so I decided to drive 20 minutes to Bartow in Polk County, Florida to photograph the court and jail. It turned out they were not at all knowledgeable and ended up detaining me for a while while attempting to ID me and intimidate me. After holding strong and not giving my name or ID, they stalked me once they let me go. I then started filming again and I was pulled over for using an electronic device, by the same officer that had first arrived at the jail where I was photographing within 10 blocks.

I now have a court date so it will be kept updated.

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Copblocker Discusses Lack of Police Employee Accountability on RT

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

From the video description:

The eight Los Angeles Police Department officers who mistakenly fired on two women during the manhunt for ex-cop Chris Dorner will be allowed to return to the field, upon completing additional training, according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. The incident occurred in February 2012, when police were protecting a potential Dorner target. One of the women was delivering newspapers with her 71-year-old mother, when a police officer thought the sound of a thrown newspaper hitting the pavement was a gunshot and opened fire. Other officers followed suit, shooting off more than 100 rounds. Both women survived with injuries. RT’s Ameera David talks to Pete Eyre, co-founder of, a group that promotes police accountability, about this incident and other police-involved shootings around the country to see if police are above the law when it comes to shooting innocent people.

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Marion County Cop Block

Friday, February 7th, 2014

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Hello and thank you for being such an awesome family that is willing to stand up for your rights. I have been involved with standing up for my rights with a group called OathKeepers. I am a Marine Corps Veteran who took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic just like these police officers did. I honor my oath. It’s time that so did all of them. I have started a new local chapter of Cop Block for Marion County Florida. The Sheriff in this county knows about OathKeepers and stands behind what they do. I plan to do the same for this chapter of Cop Block. No sheriff should fear their deputies being recorded if they are operating lawfully. Help me spread the word. Stop by and like my Facebook page.

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Bullying: A Family Affair

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

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My name is Patrick. I am an African-American, Disabled Veteran, and over the age of 55.

I live in a private gated community. On April 1, 2013, I was returning to my home when I was cut of by motorcycle officer Phillipe Lanoue of the Miramar Police Department. He turned into the community clubhouse parking lot, which is on private property in the gated community. I followed him into the parking lot. I parked my car and stayed in my car with my seatbelt on. I informed the officer that I nearly hit him because he failed to signal. The communication lasted about one minute. As I approached the stop sign to leave, the officer came running and stood in front of my car, blocking my access to leave. Officer Phillipe Lanoue, badge #210, of the Miramar Police Department, issued me a ticket for allegedly not wearing a seatbelt while parked. Pursuant to Florida Statute a seatbelt must be worn while the vehicle is in motion. Florida Statute also states that an officer has no jurisdiction to issue a traffic citation on private property in a gated community. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story!” The ending to this story is true. It will sound CRAZY, but it is true.

Approximately two hours after issuance of the ticket, the officer’s mother, who is not in law enforcement, called my parents, who are 92 and 80 and both suffer from heart conditions. The officer’s mother called my parents to harass them and inform them that her son had issued me, an adult over the age of 55, a traffic citation. Several hours later, the officer called my parent’s home, harassing, yelling and screaming at my parents over the issuance of the ticket.

I filed a complaint with the police department, a complaint with Mayor Lori Moseley, and a complaint with the Miramar City Council. The police responded by sending not one, not two, but three squad cars, to my home with officers with guns drawn, on a Saturday, for all the neighbors to see. To this day, ten months later, I NEVER have received an acknowledgment of my complaint against the officer. Mayor Lori Mosely and the city council also have NEVER responded to my complaint.

Question of the Day: Has an officer ever called your parents to harass them about you receiving a traffic citation?
Has the mother of the officer who gave you the ticket ever called your parent’s home, yelling and screaming at your parents?

Patrick Neptune

Miramar Police Department
3064 North Commerce Parkway
Miramar, Florida 33029
General information: 954-602-4000

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This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

This week, we have a trio of jail guards gone bad, as well as another cop with a pain pill problem and sticky fingers. That’s a bad combination. Let’s get to it:

In Miami, a Miami-Dade jail officer was arrested last Friday on charges he smuggled drugs and cell phones into the Miami-Dade County Jail. Officer Lavar Lewis, 27, also known as “The Love Doctor,” went down after a 19-month investigation into persistent smuggling at the jail. At least three other jail guards are under investigation in the ongoing probe. Lewis, a day shift officer since his hire in November 2008, has been suspended since September 2013. He was charged with unlawful compensation and conspiracy to introduce contraband into a jail and was being held Friday night at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade.


In Honolulu, a Halawa prison guard was arrested Monday on charges he was smuggling methamphetamine into the prison. James Sanders III was indicted by a federal grand jury after an FBI investigation. The indictment accuses him of distributing at least five grams on one occasion and at least 50 grams on another. He is charged with two counts each of distributing methamphetamine, conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine, and bribery. He’s out on bond already, but forbidden from working in any prison.

In Baltimore, a jail guard was sentenced last Wednesday to 3 ½ years in prison for her role in a vast drug-smuggling operation at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Adrena Rice is one of nine jail guards who have pleaded guilty in the conspiracy. She admitted to smuggling contraband including marijuana and prescription pills into the lock-up. She had copped to one count of racketeering conspiracy.

In Price, Utah, a former Carbon County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail for stealing drugs out of the evidence room. Christopher Howard Basso, 38, must also undergo substance abuse treatment and limit himself to one doctor and one pharmacy. Basso was put on leave in January 2013 after failing two drug tests, but suspicious colleagues noticed he was continuing to enter the sheriff’s office without permission and set up a surveillance camera that caught him breaking into the evidence room. In a plea bargain, the 13-year veteran copped to possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, and trespassing.


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Unfounded “Courtesy Transport” is a 4th Amendment Violation

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

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On Monday July 2, 2013, I called Escambia Co. Sheriff’s Office, spoke with Sgt. Weston, and advised him I was looking for a police report for an incident that occurred on July 1st in the early hours involving my son, a Navy sailor stationed at NAS Pensacola. My son advised me that he was handcuffed by Sgt. Nix and Officer White and placed in their patrol car after they ordered him off of the boardwalk at Pensacola Beach when my son asked a question concerning why they had grabbed his friend for no apparent reason. My son walked away, and more than halfway down the boardwalk, as he was walking to the parking lot, he flipped a bird up in the air following the officers’ profanity-laced tirade, but did not say anything back to them. The officers chased after him, grabbed him, handcuffed him and placed him in the car while my son calmly asked what they were charging him with and doesn’t he have first amendment rights of freedom of expression. They said, “No, being in the military, you don’t.” (Lucky guess he was in the military, with a short haircut.)

I wanted the police report or incident report describing the incident and the transport while handcuffed to the Navy Base. After all, without probable cause, police cannot handcuff a person nor transport them against their will without it being a violation of the 4th Amendment prohibiting unlawful search and seizure.

Sgt. Weston advised that Sgt. Nix works evenings and was not there at the time. He advised that Sgt. Nix works extra overtime detail at Pensacola Beach and is there frequently. He stated that he would send Sgt. Nix an email to contact me because since he wasn’t there at the time of the incident, it was best that I speak with Sgt. Nix who was there. Sgt. Nix is also the supervisor of Officer Shawn White who initiated the “arrest/detainment” of which there is no record. I was advised that he did not see a police report or an incident report of the police encounter and therefore, there was no record of it.

On Thursday, July 5th, Sgt. Nix called and stated that [my son] was a suspect in a crime, so there was probable cause to make an arrest. I asked, “What crime?” He stated obstruction. I asked what he was obstructing. He said he was obstructing an ongoing investigation in which an arrest was made. My son’s friend on the boardwalk was not arrested and my son was walking away down the boardwalk to the parking lot. Two others from his base were arrested after he was taken to the base in a “courtesy transport.” They likely balked at the false arrest and were subsequently arrested for trespass (in a public parking lot). When I stated there was no arrest made on the boardwalk and the two arrests were subsequent to the arrest of my son, he stated, “Why don’t I just get an arrest warrant right now on [your son] so everybody’s happy, because evidently you are not happy with the courtesy turnover.”

I stated that one cannot handcuff and transport without probable cause for arrest. He stated he did have PC and he can get a judge to sign off on a warrant and have [my son] picked up right now. I asked, “Eight days after the incident?” He stated, “We are well within the time-frame to get a warrant.” He said that incidents like this, of doing a favor and doing a courtesy turnover and then someone calling about it, this is why officers are seen as assholes when they are trying to do a favor. All you are doing by calling is making them consider next time in a situation like this to stop courtesy turnovers and make the military deal with civilian charges. Although Nix stated they act as “shore patrol, if you will” to help service members avoid civilian charges by conducting a courtesy turnover to the base, I found no evidence that there is a formal agreement between the base commanders and the Escambia County Sheriffs Office allowing these civilian officers to act as military police. In fact, they are violating the US Constitution as well as Florida State law.

Later the same day that I spoke with Sgt. Nix, my son advised that he was called into his Chief’s office due to Sgt. Nix of ESCO calling the top enlisted man at the Hospital NAS where he worked. The Chief stated that if he [my son] does not drop it and have [his mother] back off Sgt. Nix, he will have all the courtesy turnovers stopped and there will be civilian arrests in every case because of him. Needless to say, I filed a complaint with ESCO again, on Sgt. Nix regarding his unprofessional conduct, his profanity, his threats of arrest and interference with my son’s employment. He made threats to arrest my son if I did not stop inquiring about the events of July 1 at Pensacola Beach Boardwalk and also called the Chief at his job. I received a certified letter from a Lieutenant Walter Matthews of Internal Affairs that stated the complaint was investigated and concluded, and based on Lieutenant Eddins’ investigation, Sgt. Nix and Deputy White were exonerated and their actions were lawful and proper.

Well, I am not surprised at the outcome. But now that my son is no longer stationed there under the threat of his Command Master Chief at the hospital, who by the way is personal friends with Sgt. Nix, we shall proceed with further action against these corrupt individuals: Sergeant Philip Christopher Nix, age 45, and Officer/Deputy Shawn White (who was formerly in the Army and despises military members).

Christine Townsend

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