Marlon Brown – Killed In a Vegetable Garden by JP Harris, DeLand Police [Video]

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Krystal Brown shared the information below via about a police employee who’s actions, outside of policies and procedures, caused the death of Marlon Brown. Though that police employee – JP Harris – was fired from his job, he never faced any repercussions in legaland, as would almost assuredly happened if you or I acted similarly.

Date of Incident: 5/8/13
Individual Involved: JP Harris (Deland police employee); William Ridgeway (chief), Bob Apgar (mayor), Mike Pleus (city manager ), RJ Larizza (state attorney)
Outfit: Deland Police Department
Phone: (386) 626-7414

Around 12:30am on May 08, 2013, Marlon was stopped for allegedly not wearing a seat belt. Soon after the sheriff called off traffic stop. Yet two Deland police employees saw Marlon’s car and attempted to reinitiate the traffic stop.

They followed Brown into a field. Car 1 stopped according to policies and procedures. Car2, driven by over zealous JP Hararis, went around the lead car, accelerated in speed, never deviating in path, and struck and ran over Marlon – pinning him under the police car with little regards to human life.

They refused to allow citizens to assist with moving the car off his body. He was unable to breathe and died.

They allowed his body to lie there over four hours before removing the car off his body while his children stood and watched.

The officer responsible – JP Harris – was fired. The State Attorney RJ Larizza sent the case to grand jury who came back with no bill. The Medical examiner report states that he was never struck by the police car.


The medical examiner ruled that Brown died from accidental suffocation, and there was no evidence he was run over...

Marlon Brown’s family circulated a community-backed petition. They are asking DeLand Police Chief William Ridgway to recommend a coroner’s inquest. That’s a special investigation into Marlon Brown’s cause of death…

Ridgway, however, said it would be inappropriate for him to agree to what Brown is asking for.

Marlon Brown’s family is asking for a coroners inquest which they have been denied and the city of Deland. Elected officials refuse to assist even after being presented with thousands of signatures in a petition.

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Wearing a “Fuck the Police” Shirt to Court and Winning [Videos]

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

The content below was shared by Michael Burns via about his experiences within legaland, where those who purport to epitomize integrity were allowed to lie without question, and where, despite claims of a transparent forum, Michael was told that he could not show objective content pertinent to the conversation. Fortunately, at the conclusion of this most-recent adventure in legaland, Michael is no longer threatened by Broward County Sheriff’s Outfit employee Paul Sada.

Incident Date: 9/29/2014
Individual Involved: Deputy Paul Sada – on Facebook at
Outfit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (954) 831-8900

I got a little tired of going to court in a suit and tie to fight against lying officers with judges that did not care about the lie even when it was proven with a video.

I was happy this time going to court in my FUCK THE POLICE t-shirt fully expecting to lose either way.

I was denied my ability to admit video evidence to prove the officers were lying and I was told I had no 5th amendment right to remain silent upon being asked a question I didn’t much feel like answering. I did not answer it… Once upon a time I would wait my turn to talk and be soft spoken… This time I was rather out-spoken however end the end.. I won my case!…

This goes back to a traffic ticket for “obstructed tag” from having of all things, an FOP badge on it. (don’t ask.. its a love/hate thing with having it on).

The actual reason for being pulled over was because I was attempting to record what the Broward County Sheriff was doing on the size of a highway breaking up a get-together at a public boat ramp..(albeit at 1:30 in the morning). One officer told me they were just “ruining peoples fun”.. then said they don’t know what they were doing but they could be doing all sorts of illegal activities”.. non-sense.. as I made my way up the boat ramp/levee Deputy Paul Sada of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office told me I could not be there to film… even though it was public property. After getting his name, I left without an argument.

Once I left he got behind me along with six other BSO officers finally pulling me over five miles down the road as I was about to make a u-turn to go home. (The car is not in my name so.. he really wanted to pull me over to get my name.)

Original video from when I got the ticket, uploaded on March 17, 2014



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Internal “Investigation” Clears Pyscho Boynton Beach Cop Who Threatened to “Put a round in your ass so quick”

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

This content was shared anonymously via by someone rightfully shocked at the actions, and spin campaign, of Boynton Beach Police employees.

Date of Interaction: 2013
Individuals Responsible: Frank Danysh and a still-unnamed accomplice who pulled firearm
Outfit: Boynton Beach Police Department
Phone: (561) 742-6104

The video, uploaded to the Youtube channel TRAGEDYDAHOTBOY, was accompanied by this description:

this is how i got treated by Boynton beach police department. officer pulls gun out and threatens to shoot…always record u have the right to do so

After conducting an “internal investigation” those at the Boynton Beach Police Outfit concluded that their colleague who pointed his weapon at the vehicle occupant and threatened to “put a round in your ass so quick” did not act in the wrong. B

ig surprise. That’s the accountability had with a coercive monopoly…


A quick glance at their website shows that, far from even pretending to be personable, the individuals associated with the Boynton Beach Police Outfit seemingly take pleasure in trying to look intimidating.


Perhaps someone should update this picture to read, “Protecting Ourselves”


For more on this incident, and the complete lack of accountability thus far afforded to the aggressors, check out the on-point analysis from Carlos Miller over at Photography Is Not A Crime in post Florida Police Chief Defends Cops’ Aggressive, Violent and Life-Threatening Reaction Against Men Video Recording them which includes these excerpts:

Jeffrey Katz, chief thug, Boynton Beach PD

Jeffrey Katz, chief thug, Boynton Beach PD

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz defended the aggressive reaction of his officers in a Youtube video Tuesday, claiming the men in the car were “escalating” the situation by “recording the interaction,” causing one of the officers to fear for his life when a man “reached out of his window with a black object in his hand,” which was nothing more than a camera phone trying to record the cop’s name tag after he refused to provide it.

That cop slapped the phone out of his hand, then yanked the man out of the car, throwing him facedown on the grass while another cop with his gun drawn comes charging towards the other men, threatening to shoot one of them for who knows what.

“I’ll put a round in your ass so quick,” the cop said, even though none of the men in the car were doing anything more than being assertive about their rights, even if they were doing it in a profane manner, which is protected by the First Amendment.

The video cuts off when the gun-pointing cop moves to the backseat and arrests the man with the camera, eliminating the deadly threat they were envisioning…

Katz, who prides himself on being a social media whore on Twitter and Facebook, comes across arrogant and condescending in his statement (posted below in its entirety), stating that the men deserved to be attacked because they did not show enough “fear.”

If you’re a Boynton Beach Police employee and are not supportive of your colleagues actions – either the still-unnamed psycho who pulled his firearm and threatened the gentleman in the vehicle, or the joke of an “investigation” done – speak out.


Known Florida-Based Police Accountability Groups



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Waldo, Florida Road Piracy Generated Half of Town Income

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

The information below was shared anonymously via by someone concerned about the ramped-up road pirate activities in Waldo, FL.

Date of Incident: 8/26/14
Individuals Involved: The entire department!
Outfit: Waldo Police Department
Phone: 352-468-1515

-A Waldo police officer was fired by the city manager for insubordination towards the chief for undisclosed reasons (Likely refusing to obey the illegal ticket quota)
-His fellow bottom level officers felt their jobs were in jeopardy and requested a City Council hearing
-The officers laid out a list of grievances towards the department command, including confirming what citizens and motorists (Waldo is the 3rd worst speedtrap in the country) have known: they have ticket quotas. Which violates the Florida law they are supposed to be enforcing
-The officer that was terminated has been reinstated by the city council and the police chief is under review
-Half of Waldo’s entire revenue comes from traffic tickets.


From the September 8th episode of Police State Monday, posted by Angel Clark in collaboration with PoliceStateUSA:

Four officers in the Waldo Police Department revealed to the city council last Tuesday that the department’s chief was assigning required quotas for writing tickets. The information was brought forth while discussing other complaints about activities in the department.


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Was Police Employee in Motorcycle Club Involved in Jacksonville Beach Shooting?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

The incident below was put on our radar by an anonymous person via who noted,” This is very sad and unjust.”

Incident Date: June 26 2014
Individual Responsible: Unknown, name censored by police
Outfit Involved: Iron Order MC
“Investigating”: Jacksonville Beach Police (904) 270-1667

It has been ten weeks since a patched member of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club named Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton was shot and killed outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida by a member or prospect of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

Zach Tipton

Zach Tipton

Iron Order MC is known to be a cop club. With members of Police, ATF and other government employees. They look, act and conduct themselves the same as what the FBI deems an outlaw motorcycle gang.

On the FAQ section on the Iron Order website – the motorcycle club to which the shooter belongs – it states:


The killer of Tipton spoke with police immediately after the incident but no arrest was made, and his name has not been made public.

Many aware of the shooting believe the triggerperson was a current or former police employee, though some have suggested current involvement in the military, which may speak to the hush-hush nature of the “investigation”

jacksonville-beach-nippers-shooting-iron-order-comment-5jacksonville-beach-nippers-shooting-iron-order-comment-3On August 6th, a write-up at by Hailey Winslow quoted Jacksonville Beach police employee Thomas Crumley as stating:

“To the best of our knowledge, no one directly involved in this incident is or ever was a law enforcement officer”

Is that true? The lack of transparency, something not atypical for police outfits, sure leaves many wondering…

Do you have more information about this incident? Comment here or reach out to one of the nearby police accountability groups to help shed light on the truth.

Known Florida-Based Police Accountability Groups





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William Grimmich, 25-Year Police Sgt., Arrested for Trafficking Drugs

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

The information below was shared via by someone who wished to remain anonymous.

Date of Incident: 09/14/2014
Individual Responsible: William Grimmich
Outfit: Sebastian Police Department
Phone: (772) 589-5233

I saw this story online, and it’s a good story of police arresting one of their own.

Sebastian Police (Florida) Sgt. William Grimmich arrested and charged with Trafficking Oxycodone $100,000 bond, Felony Tamper or Destroy Evidence $50,000 bond. He is still in jail to this date. Below is a link to the arrest affadavit, and the news story.


According to a post at by Jason Davis:

Sebastian Police Chief Michelle Morris stated that, “routine accounting and auditing procedures earlier this year revealed discrepancies in submission of controlled substances placed into the evidence room.”

The Chief requested an investigation following this discovery by an outside agency.



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Lakeland, FL Police “Investigate” and Find Their Own NOT GUILTY [Video]

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

The information below was shared by Deo, who’s active with Greater Cleveland Cop Block, on behalf of Mike Burns, who’s active with Cop Block Central Florida. It’s an update about the baseless accusations made against Mike Burns by Lakeland Police employee Javier Perez, who reported a false crime in an attempt to justify harassment of a Copblocker. What would happen if you did the inverse – if you called the police and falsified such a story about a police employee?


Aggressor: Javier Perez
Outfit: Lakeland Police Department
Phone: 863-834-6900

Coming at you with an update from Lakeland County FLA, where the thin Blue line appears to be alive and well.

You all remember how Mike Burns caught officer Javier Perez calling in on him and telling them he was masturbating in the car?? Well officer Perez was cleared of all charges!

Listen as the investigating officer leads his buddy in the questioning process about the incident in this final outcome video of the incident.

It certainly doesn’t sound like justice to me!

But don’t worry folks Mike ain’t done yet! He is still out there with his cameras rolling.



Lakeland, FL Police “Investigate” and Find Their Own NOT GUILTY [Video] is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Supposed ‘Sexting’… Is this Really a Police Matter?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

This post was shared anonymously via by a person who thought it an undesirable sign that police became involved in a situation involving teens at school that caused no victim.

Date of Incident: September 2014
Outfit: Ocala Police Department
Phone: 352-369-7000

Two school children, aged 14 and 15 are given police citations for ‘sexting’ a fake nude photo of a girl in their school. They found the photo on Instagram. While not as violent as a normal CopBlock post, it is part of the worrying trend of police in schools.

Treating teenage misbehavior as a criminal matter instead of allowing school administration to deal with the problem, which is their job, merely creates younger criminals and instills distrust and fear into teenagers.

These kids were a few button pushes away from joining the sex offenders registry, as the officer subtly threatens in the CNN video included.

CNN coverage: Police: Teens Cited for Sexting in Class

Editors Note: Ange Scroble, the police employee shown on that video, stated, “They [the students] get an opportunity to have a lower-level penalty for what they’ve done and to learn from their mistake.” Huh? Who exactly is the victim? What was their mistake? The photo shared was not of a person in their school – and even if it was, should it have involved police?

On the homepage of the Ocala police outfit it notes that employees are “committed to protecting live and property” – how exactly does taking possession of the phones of some people, and giving them ransoms for pictures on those phones, amount to protecting live and property? And keep in mind that it was an Ocala police employee based at the school – the so-called “liaison officer” who started the wheels in motion to reach this stage…

Supposed ‘Sexting’… Is this Really a Police Matter? is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Panhandle Cop Block Start-Up Campaign

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The content below was shared via by Dirk, who’s involved with Panhandle Cop Block, which was earlier this month added to the page

Hello from the team over at Panhandle Cop Block!

We’ve created a GoFundMe account to help launch Panhandle Cop Block. We want to raise money so we can print and distribute Cop Block material to the community and the local law enforcement agencies to let them know what we are about and what to expect.

Help Panhandle Cop Block kick off its campaign of police accountability by donating today:

Your donations will go towards the printing and distribution of Cop Block materials and citizen’s right pamphlets to raise awareness in the community and educate the public how to stand up for their rights in Police State America. Every donation no matter the size helps and is greatly appreciated by our team here at Panhandle Cop Block. Be share to share this with friends, family, and other concerned citizens.


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Police State Monday: School Police Get Grenade Launcher, Cops Beat Terminally Ill Man In Front Of His Children, And MORE

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses.

Today Angel discussed:


Cops Fatally Shoot Man Carrying A Sword, But They Won’t Say Why

Darrien Hunt Facebook

Police shot and killed a man Wednesday morning who was carrying a samurai sword, but they’re not offering many details about what happened.


Cops Claim Man With Fake Sword Attacked Them, So They Killed Him — Autopsy Shows Cops Shot Him In The Back


Darrien Hunt, 22, was gunned down by Utah’s Saratoga Springs Police on Wednesday for allegedly lunging at police officers with a sword. Problem is, the sword was a toy, witnesses accounts entirely contradict the official story, and a new independent autopsy conducted at the request of the family has shown that all bullets entered him from behind.


17-Yr-Old In Critical Condition After Cops Taze Him Because His Window Broke

A witness who was in the car says his friend, Bryce Masters, couldn't roll the window down because they didn't work.  Authorities say Masters refused to roll them down. The officer then pulled him out of the car and used a stun gun on him.

Family and friends are questioning the use of force by Independence police after a struggle with an officer sent a 17-year-old to the hospital. The officer used a stun gun on the teenager who is now in critical condition.


Dozens of Indiana residents arrested for harvesting ginseng plants too early

Dried ginseng roots.  (Source: Fotalia / Stephanie Fray)

A number of Hoosiers are facing charges and potential jail-time for merely possessing ginseng plants without government permission.



Police Sergeant Arrested For Trafficking Oxycodone Stolen From Evidence Locker


Police Sgt. William Grimmich of Sebastian, Florida was recently arrested for stealing oxycodone from an evidence room at the department and selling it back onto the street.  The 45-year-old police officer was a 25-year veteran of the department, and is currently being held in jail waiting to post a $150,000 bail.


The Angel Clark Show talked with Lyn Ulbricht, mother of the alleged founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht. Ross is accused of being Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), and is currently sitting in a cage, awaiting trial. Hear what his mother had to say about the Government’s charges here:


Cop Told Accused Sex Offenders A New State Law Meant He Had To Take Their Pictures Nude


A police officer in Wise County, Texas was arrested this week after it was discovered that he tricked accused sex offenders into stripping naked and posing for pictures while they were in police custody.


Cop Caught Threatening Woman Filming Rough Arrest Of Terminally Ill Man

WV man with Huntington's Disease arrested [Justice for Jeffery Bane FB]

Police in West Virginia were caught on video violently arresting a terminally ill man they believed to be drunkenly abusing his children.


School Cops Received Military Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Armored Vehicles


School police in several California public school districts are ready for anything — including, apparently, a small invasion.


FBI Facial Recognition System Is Now Fully Operational


According to MyFoxNY, the Federal Bureau of Investigation just launched its Next Generation Identification program, which is made up of two databases called Rap Back and Interstate Photo System. The Interstate Photo System facial recognition service, according to a press release by the FBI, “will provide the nation’s law enforcement community with an investigative tool that provides an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities.” Rap Back delivers criminal record status updates on individual suspects of interest who might have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in other jurisdictions. The above-embedded animated video by NMA News Direct breaks down some of the details of the program.


Six Prison Officers Jailed And Fired For Setting Up Inmate Beating, Lying About It

James Kirkland

A corrections officer lied when he said an inmate spit in his face to justify a brutal beating last month at a Florida prison, investigators said.


Cop Won’t Be Charged Despite Video Proving She Lied About Seeing Illegal Strip Searches

wisconsin police

Six Milwaukee police officers who were being investigated for obstructing an inquiry into illegal cavity searches will not be facing charges.


Cops Often Drop Rape Cases Unless Victims Tell Them To Investigate

Rape victim Shutterstock

Prosecutors in Florida routinely drop their examination of rape claims unless the alleged victim explicitly agrees to an investigation.


‘Django Unchained’ Actress Detained By Cops Because They Assumed She Was A Hooker

Danièle Watts arrest Facebook

An African-American actress and her white boyfriend have accused two Studio City policemen of detaining her after watching her make out with him, believing she was a prostitute with a client.

Witnesses: ‘Django Unchained’ Actress And Boyfriend Having Sex In Car Before Police Arrived

Brian James Lucas and Danièle Watts via Facebook

In police audio provided to TMZ, actress Danièle Watts, who was detained over the weekend by Los Angeles police officers on suspicion of being a prostitute, can be heard refusing to provide police with identification after officers were called by a witnesses in a nearby office stating the actress and her boyfriend were having sex in a car on the street.


Chicago Bans Smoking And Vaping In Almost 600 Parks — Because That’s Going To Fix The Problems Of The City

Chicagoans won’t be able to light a cigarette, or use a vaporizer at the city’s 580 parks under a ban approved Wednesday by the Chicago Park District.


Cop Won’t Be Charged After Killing Police K-9, Left In Hot Patrol Car Overnight

Kela K-9

A North Carolina sheriff’s deputy won’t be charged after leaving his K-9 partner overnight in a patrol car, where the dog died.


Watch Warrantless Police Raid On Bar: ‘If You’re Clean, You Get To Go Out The Front Door’

Cahoots raid 2

Police raided a Louisville bar Tuesday night, and a video posted on YouTube shows police searching patrons and employees before allowing them to leave.


Teen May Get 2 Years For Pic Of Fake Oral Sex With Jesus (PHOTO)

jesus statue blurred

Will this boy get punished for coming to Jesus? A Pennsylvania teen may face up to two years behind bars for allegedly taking a photo of himself simulating oral sex with a statue of Jesus, Kron 4 reports.


Tested After 14 Years, Rape Kit Incriminates Ex-Cop Who Now Works At Kids Home

Bridges Randle indicted for rape (WMC)

A former Memphis police officer has been charged with raping a crime victim 14 years after the assault occurred.


Detective, Intimidated For Testifying Against Police, Resigns

balt cop

Baltimore City Detective Joe Crystal has chosen to leave the police force after being intimidated by fellow officers and ignored by the police commissioner.


Cop Won’t Be Charged In Videotaped Beating Of Girlfriend

DArren Cachola

A Honolulu police officer with a history of domestic violence won’t be charged in a videotaped apparent assault on his girlfriend.


Man Who Called 911 In Ohio Walmart Shooting Changes His Story After Viewing Video That Contradicts Him

Ronald Ritchie

Some questions have emerged about the witness account that led to the fatal shooting of a man carrying a toy gun inside a Walmart store in Ohio.



Ignorance Of The Law: Vice Principal Illegally Arrested For Bringing Permitted Gun To School

Kent Williams

A California school administrator who was arrested last month after bringing a gun to school has sued the city of Bakersfield and its police department.


Pentagon Official Doesn’t Know Why Local Police Need The Bayonets Feds Gave Them


The Defense Department official who oversees the program that has sent billions of dollars’ worth of military-style equipment to local police over the past several years couldn’t come up with a reason that cops on the streets need bayonets during a Senate hearing on Tuesday.


Marine Says Ferguson Police Dressed Like ‘They Were Fighting The Battle Of The Century’


In the days following the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, law enforcement used weapons usually seen in wartime, like smoke bombs, rubber bullets and stun grenades, against protesters.


Outrage and Calls for Change Follow Ferguson Officials Into Council Meeting

The first Ferguson City Council meeting since the police killing of Michael Brown one month ago erupted on Tuesday into an outpouring of grievances — accusations of racism, police harassment and government incompetence — as hundreds of residents made angry appeals for change.


Two innocent men spend 30 years in prison for murder they didn’t commit

Henry McCollum photographed from his cell on North Carolina's death row.  (Source:  Travis Long / Raleigh News & Observer / McClatchy-Tribune)

Following three decades in prison, two brothers — one being North Carolina’s longest-serving death row inmate — have been exonerated of a murder conviction using DNA evidence.


Authorities seize Philadelphia couple’s home following son’s first drug offense

Christos Sourovelis comforts his wife, Markela, after their family is made homeless by Philadelphia authorities.  (Source: AP)

A couple and their two daughters were booted from their home without warning following their son’s first-time arrest over $40 worth of drugs.   The homeowners were never accused of wrongdoing or charged with a crime.



Cops Beat & Kidnap 12-yo Girl in Front of her Home, Claiming She was a Prostitute

When her mother and father came outside after hearing her cries for help she was desperately holding a tree with one arm while plainclothes officers were beating her in the head, neck and throat.



Man Tries to Inform Cops that his Son is Autistic, So he is Assaulted, Tased, and Arrested

All charges have been dropped against Roy Sherman, the man who was tased, arrested and charged with assaulting a deputy, all for trying to inform officers his son was autistic during a routine traffic stop in Marion County.



Cop Watched as Woman’s Kids Taken at Gunpoint, Ignored Her Cries for Help, Drove Off
cop job

A Dallas police officer is on administrative leave and could actually be fired for ignoring the pleas of a mother whose children were kidnapped at gunpoint.



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