Recent Instances of Police Preventing Sexual Assault

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Oh did that say “Preventing”? Editorial mistake. “Committing” is the word we’re looking for here. That should be, “Recent Instances of Police Committing Sexual Assault.” Obviously.

Late last year, San Antonio police officer Jackie Neal was charged with felony sexual assault for handcuffing, groping, then raping a 19-year-old while on duty. He stopped the woman and claimed her car had been reported stolen. He then forced her to the back of his squad car and raped her. (More here).

In another instance late last year, Kim Nguyen, a student at Loyola Marymount University, filed a lawsuit against LAPD, alleging she was sexually assaulted by police officers. Ms. Nguyen was standing on the sidewalk with friends on March 17, after a night of drinking, when accosted by LAPD officers David Shin and Jin Oh. The officers singled Ms. Nguyen out, handcuffed her, placed her in the back of squad car. She testified in deposition that the officers sexually assaulted her.

She ultimately was tossed out of, or fell out of the moving squad car. Ms. Nguyen woke up after a six-day, medically-induced coma. She underwent several jaw surgeries and lost all her teeth. More herehere and here.

The San Jose Mercury News reported in March that Patrolman Geoffrey Graves raped a woman who was staying in a hotel because she had been arguing with her husband. Graves was booked on suspicion of one count of forcible rape. However, he spent no time in custody, as he posted the $100,000 bail. He is currently on paid administrative leave (paid vacation for a rapist who turned himself in). More here and here.

In another instance last month, a Detroit police officer Deon Nunlee was charged with sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a domestic violence call. Upon the reported rape, Nunlee was placed on administrative leave. After results from the rape kit returned, Nunlee was suspended without pay. More here.

In late March, San Diego Police may have fallen short of the legal definition of sexual assault, but nevertheless harassed naked women in a vile and perverted manner. Three officers with bulletproof vests and guns charged a strip club in San Diego, allegedly to ensure strippers were complying with licensing requirements. The officers held dancers  against their will for some 3 hours, and photographed them – purportedly in an attempt to check permits. More here and here. Feel safer now?

This is not much of a surprise, considering the data suggesting cops are three times more likely to commit sexual assault than everyone else. While some may be optimist that a couple of these rapists were actually charged with a crime, it would be naive to be too hopeful.

Waukesha SWAT Sgt. Accused of Murder Threats

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Photo Waukesha WI Police Sgt. Gregg Satula (Credit Waukesha PD)

By Tim @wkshacopblock – MilwaukeeCitizenPress

In the latest incident to come to light in what would generously be called an incompetent police department, Waukesha PD’s SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula is accused of showing up at the home of his wife’s lover, armed and holding his holstered gun, threatening to kill the man and his own wife. The PD’s cover-up machine apparently took effect within minutes of a 911 hang up call and continues to this day.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the incident:

Gregg Satula showed up off duty at Todd Kraine’s (name changed) house to confront him about an affair with his (now ex) wife Waukesha PD officer Jessica Satula-Trucksa. Satula pulled his green Prius down the street from Todd’s house and Todd called 911.  He was startled by Satula approaching his house and hung up the 911 call. Satula then approached Todd’s front door while holding a holstered silver .38 special with approximately a 2″ barrel and a laser sight while yelling and demanding entry into the home. Todd grabbed his own 9mm for protection. Satula was yelling and stated something along the lines of, “I’m on the Tactical Team and I can put a bullet in your and my wife’s head.”

The 911 hang up call was plotted by cell tower to Todd’s address and WPD officer Michelle Enderle was dispatched. She saw (her current direct supervisor) Satula standing at the door and was told it was taken care of and not to include his name on the report. Enderle falsely entered info into the WI State CAD system stating she made no contact. Satula filed for divorce the next day.

Months later, Todd contacted Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to file a complaint about the incident by phone and requested documentation. Dennis Angle refused to document this incident as noted below.

Here’s the email exchange from 8 months after the incident after Todd tried to file a verbal complaint.

-   -   -

4/15/13 Todd wrote to Deputy Chief Dennis Angle:

Dear Mr. Angle: I spoke with you about a month ago with my concerns over Sgt. Satula and officer Trucksa. I would like to get a copy of that report for my court case. Is this something I can procure via email or pick up in person at the station? Please advise.

4/16/13 Dennis Angle responds:

Mr. Kraines, I did not leave a report based on our conversation.

4/16/13 Todd writes:

Mr. Angle, I thought I stated that I wanted those incidents documented? Perhaps there was a misunderstanding?

4/16/13 Deputy Chief Angle writes:

There was no misunderstanding when I spoke to you. We spoke about the computer aided dispatch call (CAD) that documented your call to the police department. That document is attached to this e-mail. However I did not, nor plan to, draft any report documenting our conversation.

-   -   -

Now let’s just look at the individuals involved. I’ve personally had experience with Satula while I was trying to file a complaint against Officer Katrina Frey who illegally detained me for filming which was unsubstantiated. He is also apparently was a member of what I refer to as the “Beat and Delete” club which is a group of Waukesha cops involved in the deliberate destruction of a critical dash cam video showing excessive force. The group was admonished by Judge Stilling for deleting Officer Ryan Lafavor et al’s dash cam video of Mark Schroeder being beaten. She stated it was deleted in “Bad Faith.”  Obviously Satula’s in deep and under the assumption anything will fly.

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle is personally named in the above described “Beat and Delete” Federal Lawsuit pertaining to La Favor‘s beating. Angle once described to me how sometimes officers have to make up their best guess as to what happen then write it as fact on the report. As seen in the emails, he’s shameless and deliberate about his aversion to even document Todd’s complaint. Perhaps he’ll do a better job if he wins the lawsuit he and “eyes wide shut” Police Chief Russel Jack have filed against Waukesha. They claim they should both be paid more than their current rate of $14,000 per month.

Or perhaps Angle will get his act together now that Waukesha PD squads are equipped ALPR systems which, along with several area departments, boasts a database of over 7 million “stored plate reads” saving the GPS location, time of day, and photo of car/driver etcetera for at least 1 year. It’s likely also shared with the Milwaukee Federal “Fusion Center.”  The cited database covers around 250,000 drivers while only 6 million people live in WI. ALPR has been outlawed in NH and similar laws are working their way through other states’ legislatures.

Then there’s Officer Michelle Enderle. Her CAD (computer aided dispatch) entry was made about 2 minutes after arriving on scene at the 911 hang up call and her entry stated the party had left. She likely wanted to get out of the situation ASAP then lie on this state database which could probably land her in a jail cell. Enderle was also present for a not yet released conversation between her, Officer Darin Wittnebel, and Officer Jeremy Bousman in which Bousman is heard laughing, almost hysterically, about dumping evidence in the Kevin J. Noe case (marijuana plants) on Owens Drive which is a small road behind the PD in Waukesha. She’s also facing some other very serious allegations from another incident which I’ll go into detail about this summer.

Prior to publishing this story, I requested comment from Waukesha PD’s Public Information Officer Captain Ron Oremus regarding the allegations (as well as Satula and Angle.)

Here is his response: Your email has given us information that is contradictory to the information we received a year and a half ago about the situation involving Sergeant Satula and Todd Kraines. We will be investigating this new information.

I’m sure they’ll just ask Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to come up with a lie to support the existing lies.

But Waukesha Police Department’s  SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula placed a little American flag on top of his mountain of damning evidence.

On 8/13/12 (the day after the incident and the day he filed for divorce from Jessica Trucksa) Sgt. Satula sent this to Todd from his personal email which is

I guess in some strange way I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and explain your side. I don’t have any reason to believe you lied to me. You don’t have to fear me any more. I’m never going to stop by or call you again. I’m not going to check if she’s there. If for some reason you have a question for me, I’ll answer.Take whatever you want from this mess. I hope you don’t believe her lies anymore. And if you ever go after a married woman, pray that they have the self control that I do.

Apparently Gregg Satula feels that going to a man’s house with a gun (and invoking his official capacity as a SWAT Sergeant) and threatening a man’s life is self control. I tend to disagree.

Town of Brookfield WI Police Department sits just to the East of Waukesha and shares a jurisdictional border. TOB is 99.999% white and houses the upper middle class (along with hundreds of 1 million plus dollar homes) in suburban Milwaukee. TOB includes a 1/2  mile section of Moreland Boulevard  just west of the eastbound I-94 on ramp to the Brew City. It’s a great place for all cops near and far to tax “out of town-ers.” I refer to where my friend was stopped as “The Gauntlet, where black people come to learn about racial profiling.”

In February around quarter to 5, a personal friend of mine we’ll call J got off the bus on his way to work a 12 hour shift as an assistant manager at a local restaurant. It was still broad daylight and he was walking the half block from the bus stop when he was stopped by Field Training officer Steven G. Thompson and his apparent trainee (hired in Feb. of 14) Antonio Dominguez. Thompson demanded ID which was given under duress by my friend (and fellow cop-watcher) while he adamantly asserted that his rights were being violated. Thompson proceeded to unconstitutionally pat J down for weapons (drugs.) Nothing was located but of course Thompson had to make it look good on paper.

He fabricated an incident report which included the “you’re violating my rights” quote but stated he was given consent for both searches. He also reported that the area has a lot of vehicle break ins. The corner in question is overrun with cops from Town of Brookfield, Waukesha PD, and the Wisconsin State Patrol Milwaukee Outpost which is located 200 yards from the field interrogation. I asked police chief Chris Perket to provide some area crime stats to back  up the high crime area claim 5 days ago. He didn’t.

Thompson decided to toss one more lie on the official (probably sworn) incident report. He claimed J has prior convictions for burglary and trespass. This is false. You’d think he’d at least lie about stuff that couldn’t be dis-proven but perhaps his lies have gotten him through the past decade with such little resistance he no longer considers them.

Town of Brookfield Police Chief Chris Perket declined multiple requests for comment on these allegations.

Check out Waukesha CopBlock  on Twitter…



A Bum Wrap

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

This article, a handwritten letter to the Union Leader by Eric Cable who is currently incarcerated, was typed up and shared via’s submit page by a friend of his.

Date of Interaction: 7/14/2012
Police Employees Involved: Sgt. Dirth, Officer Allie, Rockingham County Prosecutors
Police Employee Contact Information: 603) 293-2037,

My name is Eric Cable and this was written prior to my sentencing hearing in which I was sentenced to five to twelve years, which I consider excessive given the circumstances. I hope that after reading this you will understand why I feel this way.

I know you are a very good and decent and not to mention unbiased reporter for the Union Leader. I am also well aware that you’ve closely followed my case. I’m writing to you to shed light and to expose a few things that were failed to be addressed through this trial. Some you may be aware of, some you may not. First, just a little about me, so you know me as a man of good honest character and not the monster the prosecuting D.A. made me out to be. I am a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business and also a minor in philosophy. I have worked two jobs and sometimes three for nearly ten years. Over the last five years I’ve joined the Freemasons, the orders of Bektash Shrine and Scottish Rite masons. To be a brother of these prestigious organizations, you have to be an honest and honorable man of good report. You go through an interview and background check process first. Over the last five years, I have donated countless hours to my local community to raise money for the Shrine hospital for children, and the Scottish Rite charity funds for dyslexic children.

What happened on July 14th, 2012 was a horrible, inexcusable, tragic accident. Brendan Yerry was my best friend. I will forever live that day and feel the burden of losing him right before my eyes. I will live the nightmare of panicking and searching and diving for his life, and coming up empty. You can’t explain that kind of experience to anyone and hope they understand. Unless you’ve lived it, you never will. Now, on to the facts and why I’m writing to you.

My charge was originally a DWI class A felony. The day of the accident, I gave a brief statement of what happened. I was still in shock and didn’t want to give a full description as I was more concerned about the ongoing search for Brendan. I was soon arrested and taken away. You already know why, and how, as you’ve followed my case since day one. I want you to remember a sentencing hearing about my unconstitutional blood draw. Sergeant Dirth, of Marine Patrol, told me in his own words, “You have no right to refuse.” He said this many times and backed up his statement with a felony blood draw form. I didn’t know that this is and was a clear violation of constitutional law. We challenged it and won. That is not what I’d like to call to your attention, though. Sgt. Dirth, under oath, repeatedly lied, claiming that he never said, “You have no right to refuse.” This was a lie, and the judge saw through this. Pointing this out may seem like nothing major. It is just me showing you an example of the many dishonest (under oath, even) character flaws, and lack of ethics and morals. That lie is nothing compared to the ones he told to Brendan’s grieving family and to Jackie Proulx in the fall of 2012, in the month of October. Keep in mind that I’ve showed you, and you witnessed that hearing where he lied, under oath.

One night in late October 2012, I realized I hadn’t heard from Jackie all that much lately. I texted her to see how she was holding up and if she was okay. She and I were great friends and were there for one another throughout our grieving. Brendan being my best friend, I did everything I could to help her in any way that I could. I raised $700 dollars for her to help pay rent, helped organize my friends to move her out of her apartment, took her to Red Sox games, a weekend to Berlin, had movie nights and even slept on her couch many nights so she wouldn’t have to be alone. This all changed that night in October 2012. After I texted her to see how she was doing, I got a very upset, distrustful response. She told me Sgt. Dirth was over the Yerry’s house and so was she. Apparently he wanted to update them all on his investigation. What she said was appalling. She told me that he told them all that the three of us (Nate, Andy, and I) were not cooperating, that he is disturbed by the “lack of information” we’ve provided, he felt we were hiding something, and that he doesn’t know what happened to Brendan (I have copies of the texts to prove it). Let me point something out that will bring relevance to the timeliness of Sgt. Dirth’s meeting. My felony DWI had been dropped that month. It was dropped to possibly investigate a negligent homicide charge. Double Jeopardy was in play, so prosecuting my DWI wouldn’t allow for Negligent Homicide. Now up until this point, Jackie and I were still close.

As far as I knew, the Yerry’s, although grieving and hurt, had no distrust for me, nor should they. I spoke with them twice offering my sympathy and condolences on the phone, offered to answer any questions, attended Brendan’s funeral, and wrote them a letter along with a check for $1000.00 dollars that we raised for the Brendan Walker Yerry Foundation. I did everything I could to help everyone and to ease the grieving the best way I could. Well, with the DWI being null processed, that opened the door for Sgt. Dirth. He knows all too well in a case like this, the best move for his career to get this charge accepted, is to have a grieving, angry, family that doesn’t trust the person who is being charged. That was clearly the purpose of that visit, and as you already know by witnessing him lie firsthand, this was another lie. I told you I gave a statement. It was brief but to the point. In the next 48 hours after the accident, Nate and Andy gave theirs. Their statements were full of descriptions of that day, including detailed descriptions of the accident as well as the effort to save Brendan’s life. Both of their statements were identical, and although they never saw mine or spoke with me after about any of it, all matched perfectly with my statement. Why? Because it was the truth. Officer Dirth claims I didn’t want to give him a detailed description of that day or a report.

When I went to the impound to retrieve my belongings off the boat, he asked me to answer questions. My step father was with me. He witnessed Sgt. Dirth ask me where everyone was sitting on the boat. Sgt. Dirth then said he could not speak with me if I had an attorney. I said I would like to answer, but I had an attorney. Sgt. Dirth then stopped the conversation and asked no more questions. Having an attorney “is” a constitutional right. I never heard from Sgt. Dirth again. I guess he didn’t need that statement anymore? This was in the third week of July. We are now in late October. Sgt. Dirth is making these claims and statements to the Yerry family. I checked with Nate and Andy immediately. I was very upset and wanted to know what Sgt. Dirth was talking about. Both Andy and Nathan say they have never met Sgt. Dirth. They told me they gave statements to other law enforcement officers in July and that was the last communication they had with any law enforcement. My question is, how can we be uncooperative if we weren’t asked in any way to cooperate? Officer Dirth not only had full statements from Andy and Nathan, he had my statement from that night, and my willingness to answer his questions (which he admitted) with my attorney present. Officer Dirth never contacted myself or any of the other people involved in 3 ½ months. He had the truth and our full cooperation. What he did that night was an unethical, immoral lie, and everything going forward from then in regards to the truth was based on his disregard to the feelings of Brendan’s family and loved ones. If he cared for them at all, he would have given them our statements and not deceived them about what he knew, our statements, or his failure to reach out to me after the last time we spoke in July.

Is this who we put our trust in? Someone who will lie to a grieving family about their loved ones to help bring a more serious charge against a person who loses his best friend, just to further his own career? The fact that this man lied to Brendan’s family with no remorse or care for their pain makes me sick to my stomach and always will. Who knows what else he has lied about or to whom. These are the types of officers who are put on the Laurie list and for good reason.

In early October 2012, Sgt. Dirth pulled another sneaky move. DMV law requires BAC tests in DWI cases to be submitted within 30 days. Sgt. Dirth failed to turn in my “unconstitutionally” collected BAC level to the DMV in time. He filed it after the 30 days. The state rejected it. Sgt. Dirth, angered by this, went against ethics once again and contacted the attorney’s office at the DMV. He asked the prosecuting attorney (whose name I have on record, and Dirth’s contact with him I have on file) asking if he could re-file and try to get my license suspended. This attorney told him to do so. Dirth then re-filed his motion to get my license suspended. I received a letter from the DMV that my license was suspended. This took me by surprise since I had received a notice a few weeks earlier that Dirth’s motion was denied. I contacted my attorney who investigated and found another one of Dirth’s unethical, dishonest law practices. We filed for a hearing for this matter. I never stepped into the courtroom when the judge ruled against Sgt. Dirth’s sneaky unethical tactic. Again, another reason why officers like this belong on the Laurie list. One more point I want to mention before I switch to Sgt. Dirth’s methods of upholding the law: In his investigation, and discovery I received after it concluded, his final comments were, “Eric remained polite and cooperative through all of our interactions.” That isn’t quite what he told the Yerry family, now is it? After his investigation is over he finalizes his discovery with my “polite cooperativeness,” how can that change? I’d say it was for the purposes of pushing an indictment by whatever means necessary.

Now let’s fast forward a year and a half to my trial, the week of December 19th.I believe I remember you sitting there during the prosecutor’s closing argument. The prosecutor compared a child running out into the street and being hit by a car to the accident I was involved in and claimed I was criminally liable. In fact, I did not hit anything. I was asked to drive, asked to turn, and given the O.K. to turn by Brendan. I failed to recognize the circumstances before it was too late. My friend, who was intoxicated as well, lost his balance mid turn when we went over some boat waves in the water. In Jerome’s analogy, the child never had a chance to move their position prior to any turn, or waves, because the child is not in this car. The child didn’t ask the driver to drive, turn, or give the O.K. after being checked upon for his readiness. The driver didn’t hit a natural obstacle (waves) in the road that caused the child to fall into the driver’s vehicle. In fact, that child would have never even had a chance. The child’s balance or his own decision making was not impaired by alcohol the way my friend’s may have been at the time of the accident. There are many other mistakes or human factors in my case than in Mr. Blanchard’s analogy. Is this who the public puts their trust in, who we pay to uphold the law? It would seem this analogy shows extreme negligence. Now, why would Jerome be so eager to prosecute my case and so inclined to pass up his fictional one? Well, let’s now rewind to October 2012.

After the aforementioned DMV hearing in October 2012, my then attorney Eric Wilson had a brief conversation with a Rockingham County attorney named Michael Zaino. The conversation was in regards to the status of the investigation and if he had a feeling of an indictment or any further charges. Mr. Zaino told Mr. Wilson that my case was “kicked around” and many D.A.’s and prosecutors saw this for what it was. A terrible, tragic accident among two best friends, not criminal negligence. My attorney relayed this conversation to me and I kept praying that I would face the DWI charge, and not be held criminally responsible in the eyes of the court. In my heart and soul, I’ll always feel guilt and pain over what happened. I know it was an accident and it’s something I’ll always have to live with no matter what.

Months passed. I heard nothing. I was told that nobody really wanted to prosecute my case, and that it was a very delicate case. Then, in spring 2013, I received an indictment – two of them, actually. Now, how did this happen after all I’ve been hearing and what I’ve been told? Are you familiar with the names Jim Reams and Tom Reid? I know you are, as I’ve read every article of yours regarding their untrustworthy, deceitful, dishonorable abuse of power and betrayal of public trust. Jim Reams was the lead D.A. on my case, along with Tom Reid. What does that have to do with anything? Well, Tom Reid resides in the area of Northwood Lake. Mr. Reid’s backyard is where the accident took place. There is conflict of interest, by law, here. Mr. Reid’s agenda to prosecute this accident because of its whereabouts and not necessarily for the facts is and should be exposed. Mr. Reams is under administrative suspension, pending the investigation into his abuse of power and corruptness. His sidekick Tom Reid, who last I knew was also under investigation by the F.B.I., has resigned. Both of these men are criminals. Both of them were heavily involved in my prosecution. Reams was seeing to it that the accident in Reid’s backyard was prosecuted. Crooked, deceitful, dishonest, power abusing D.A.s were at the reins of my case. Now, with these two power D.A.’s at the time, the bosses on my case, do you see why Mr. Blanchard wanted to prosecute my case and wouldn’t prosecute his so called “accident” story? Mr. Reid and Reams wanted to do so, and they wanted this swept under the rug. Mr. Blanchard was just the guy they needed, the guy who would play their game. If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. There’s even more to this story.

When I was first indicted in the spring of 2013, guess who was originally assigned as the prosecutor? Michael Zaino. Mr. Zaino was very approachable and willing to work with me and my legal team on the case. Before we even began to go over discovery and build a defense, Mr. Zaino offered me a plea bargain of one year in Rockingham County Dept. of Corrections. This was an extremely fair offer. He explained that he was going by case log from the Erica Blizzard case. In her case, she was at a much higher BAC level, was going faster than I was or could, and crashed head on into an island. The results were her best friend being ejected from the boat and dying from her injuries. She took her case to trial. She was found guilty of Class B Negligence. She received 6 months in county, and 6 months on house arrest. Mr. Zaino’s offer was very generous, but everyone knows you don’t accept initial offers without first conducting a defense investigation as well. To plead to a one year sentence when a woman whose crime was more extreme than mine, who took it to trial and lost, received less time, was unlikely. My attorney declined and expressed needing time to go over our defense and would like to pursue further negotiations with Mr. Zaino. Mr. Zaino understood completely. Mr. Zaino was also aware of some things that have been going on in this case. My attorney, on my request, relayed that no matter what plea, or outcome we agreed to, it was of the utmost importance to me that the Yerry family is and would be made aware of my full cooperation, and how hard all this is for me, despite what they had been told. Mr. Zaino wholeheartedly agreed with us that he would make sure they were informed. Getting them the truth was all that I cared about and was willing to work with the state as long as everything, including the truth of what happened to Brendan and how it happened was finally told to his grieving family.

Up to this point, they had been fed lies. My friend and his family deserve better. It is my duty to give that to them. Mr. Zaino understood my compassion and wasn’t afraid to do the right thing by law, and by Brendan and his family. Not long after this conversation, the corrupt dynamic duo of Reams and Reid got involved. They can’t have this getting out, now can they? Shortly after our negotiations with Mr. Zaino, he was “mysteriously re-assigned” to another part of the building or case. I really never got a straight answer. It seems all too convenient doesn’t it? Sweep this under the rug before it gets out of hand. Reams and Reid then assigned Jerome Blanchard to the case. He had their agendas in full view and was unwilling to negotiate further or to relay any of my feelings about what truly happened. He was either blind to it, or just didn’t know. With all the corruptness that surrounds my case, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Mr. Jerome Blanchard was quite eager to take on Reid and Ream’s case against me to further his career.

Now let’s look to the future of my sentencing hearing and let me tell you what you’re probably going to hear, and why I’ve chosen to send you this letter after my hearing and not before. The reason I’m sending it after is to not affect my hearing at all. For better or worse, it is intended to expose this sort of corruption and help prevent it in the future.

My sentencing hearing is scheduled for February 13th, 2014. I think you’ll probably cover this story. I’ve been told Mr. Blanchard is going to seek a 5-10 year sentence for me, and my attorney is going to seek one similar to Erica Blizzard’s but with a little more jail time, as well as probation and community service. A sentence of 5-10 is excessive especially compared to the Blizzard case and from the state’s original offer. I declined this offer because I am a man with a heart. This trial meant everything to me in regards to the truth. I made it clear to my attorney that the truth of Brendan’s last few moments on earth, our cooperation and helpfulness, and the Yerry’s right to know the truth was my main focus. The trial was heartbreaking and very sad. It all could have been avoided had the authorities that we all put our trust in been honest from the start. There would have been no trial. I would have taken the year plea or less. The Yerry’s would have gotten closure. There would be no distrust. I took this to trial to do the only thing I knew would be right by all parties involved; Tell the truth, take responsibility and give my friend and his family the proper closure they all so greatly deserved. This was the only way. Should I be punished for doing the right thing? By giving the truth the only way it was ever going to be given? Should I be punished for exercising my constitutional right to a trial by jury? Why is the one year sentence offer no longer considered after trial? I did what any noble man in my position would do for his friend and family when they were failed by the authorities.

Speaking of authorities, there is one other officer I’d like to call to your attention: Officer Seth Allie of N.H. Marine Patrol. I’d like to bring him to your attention because of my sentencing hearing. After you are done reading this, you may consider him as another Laurie List candidate.

During my trial, Officer Allie testified that he had given my sobriety test wrong – just one part of it, the stand on one foot test. He had to correct himself mid-test while I was performing it. This caused me to have to do it twice. The second time was not successful for me. Now that is fine. The point I’m making is Mr. Allie’s memory skills. This is a procedure he trained in, that he gives regularly, one that he should know like the back of his hand. Yet, he still “forgot” how to administer the test. A temporary memory lapse, okay, we’re all human. Let’s move forward. Officer Allie then forgot to read me my Miranda rights, another one of those things that should easily be remembered. Now that’s two examples of memory lapse. Officer Allie is no doubt a decent guy and was a total gentleman during our interactions. I question his memory, and if you spent any time with him at all you’d understand why. After he arrested me, we went to the station, and then the hospital before returning to the station. Officer Allie warned me about Sgt. Dirth’s unethical behavior which came to me as a surprise. However, Dirth, being Allie’s boss did most of the booking and Allie had little to no part in the rest of the evening, nor did he speak with Dirth about the event outside of the sobriety testing. Allie followed Dirth around the booking area like a puppy dog until Dirth relieved him.

Over the next 48 hours or so, Officer Allie started to piece/put together his reports of the incident. He claims and put in his official report which I have in discovery that I told him what happened on the boat. He claims and reported I said I was turning the boat, Brendan fell out, and I didn’t know, one of the other men on the boat had to tell me. This would paint a picture of Brendan falling over the side of the boat, not the front. This would also suggest some sort of foul play. No surprise there, huh? I never had this conversation with Officer Allie. I would not have said this because this is not what happened. It does not match my statements to office Juneau earlier that night, nor does it match either man’s statements that were given the next day. Officer Allie clearly “misremembered” again. But this time it’s a lot bigger deal. If you do not know/remember what I said, or if it never happened, don’t give or make an official report based on what you thought you might have heard or what you may have remembered. Officers are put on the Laurie List, and justifiably so, for this sort of falsifying evidence – but it doesn’t end here for Officer Allie.

In October of 2012, I attended a snow machine rally in the Raymond area. Officer Allie also apparently did. It was brought to my attention that Officer Allie has given an official report and may testify at my sentencing hearing on what he “claims” to have witnessed that day while he was off duty. According to Allie, he was standing in a concession line, and witnessed me being extremely intoxicated and being helped to my feet by a friend of mine. He then claims to have witnessed me fall to the ground and start laughing. He said my friends were embarrassed and telling me to get up. He claims that based on his years of experience, I was clearly intoxicated. This is his official statement to the court and he may testify to that in a bid to get my sentence as harsh as they can. If this was true, and I was this man, then I would agree with what Allie saw and his statement, and his presumed testimony. However, it is not. This happened over a year and a half ago. We have already been over how fuzzy officer Allie’s memory can be with things that he memorizes, or is supposed to, and in things that happened in just 48 hours. How well do you think he remembers something that happened a year and a half ago? Let’s find out.

On the day of this event, I worked all morning. As soon as I got out of work, I drove to a friend’s house. They were all waiting to get up there as they were meeting some friends that were already there. I followed them up to Raymond. It took quite some time to get parked and walk the long distance to get to where everyone else was. I didn’t arrive until between the times of 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. When we finally got to where everyone else was standing, I noticed that my friend Jesse was highly intoxicated. I had no alcoholic beverages at all to this point. Jesse offered me a beverage from his cooler. I asked if anyone was not drinking to make sure that I had a sober ride home if I decided to have any. My friend Tanya said she would drive my car back home, so I accepted Jesse’s offer. Not long after, Jesse was having a hard time standing up. I convinced him that he needed to slow down his drinking and get some food into his system and something other than alcohol to drink. I helped him around to get food as he stumbled. Not all that flattering, but something any friend would do for another. Allie claims he saw this and it was me. I have over half a dozen witnesses to the exact opposite. I left the snow machine rally roughly two hours after arriving. It would be impossible for me or anyone to get intoxicated to that level in such a short period of time without being noticed by the people surrounding them, as well as the security there.

Officer Allie’s legal statement of what he “misremembers” stands as a means to get me punished with a strict sentencing. Tanya, from what I understand, was asked by my attorney to give a statement to the truth of that day and was asked to speak as well. She SHOULDN’T HAVE HAD TO. She shouldn’t have had to be involved. It is clear Allie doesn’t remember, saw someone he thought was me, or is just manipulating the facts intentionally to incriminate me. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. My point is that officers should not make official reports, or testimony on things they don’t remember, manipulate, or just piece together. If you don’t know something or remember, don’t claim to. It’s a clear attempt to incriminate me. Why else would this even be brought up? Falsifying reports or testimony in court is a criminal offense. In this case, making something up should be seen as one if not both of the above. If Officer Allie has done this, as many times in my case, how many others has he done this in, and how many more will he be willing to do the same thing to in the future? These are people’s lives he is affecting. What if I got a five year sentence instead of a three year sentence because of his false recollection and testimony? What if this was what happened to others? Or if it will happen to others in the future? This needs to stop. A step closer to cleaning this up and stopping this man from doing this again is to consider the Laurie List action and expose this sort of deceit and abuse of power. If Officer Allie had seen someone as drunk as he claims, why did he not notify any of the on duty police officers there, as this was a family event?

Everything I have written to you about is backed by evidence and is on file in my attorney’s office. I have text correspondence about Dirth’s visits to the Yerry’s, evidence about Zaino being “reassigned,” everything I have written about. If there are any questions you may have, I am more than willing to answer them. I don’t have my files in hand to send to you, but I can get anything you may be interested in.

As you can see, there was plenty of “behind the scenes” action going on in my case. Very heartbreaking and unbelievable deceit and abuse of power. No family deserves to be treated the way the Yerry’s were. They lost a son and a brother. I lost a best friend. I was honest since day one and we all thought the authorities would be as well. We were wrong. As I said before, the reason I am sending this after my hearing is because I am not looking for a pardon. I am however open to relief if any is warranted. If not, that is fine too. I’m here to take responsibility for my actions. But I do not feel that an excessive sentence for doing the right thing and telling the truth because the authorities we trust refused to is justifiable. I should not have had to do this. They should have been honest since day one like me.

I wrote this because there are two sides to every story. My side the state would like to forget. Rockingham County is under scrutiny already. Reams and Reid are at the forefront. They had everything to do with my case as well. Corruptness, deceit, betraying the public trust, and abuse of power starts from the top. It’s quite clear it trickles down, or at least did in my case. This letter is for all the citizens and families of our wonderful state of New Hampshire – citizens and families that don’t expect to be lied to, especially when they lose their loved ones. When the personal agendas of the people we put our trust in means more to them than upholding the law and protecting the peace, we have a serious problem.

I have mailed this to a dear friend of mine who I trust and love. I have asked him to type and email it to you on my behalf. You can feel free to correspond with him and he can relay any questions you might have. I’m not sure where my sentencing will land me at this time. I’ll be sentenced to either NH State Prison or Rockingham County. Either way, I’m open to questions or discussion. I am also planning on sending this letter to other sources as well. They include WMUR, MADD,, NHCLU, and Governor Hassan. There are two sides to every story. I put my trust in your moral and journalistic integrity.

So mote it be-
Eric Cable

Knowing the Difference Between Allowed and Not Permitted

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Submitted by guest writer, Keith Killian

What happens when the law makers become the law breakers? What happens when the protectors become the attackers? Who is to be held responsible? Who is to be trusted? These are questions plaguing the minds of millions of Americans, who are scared, disappointed, and angry at the rising brutality of American police. Too many incidents of uncalled for police aggression and unjustifiable police brutality have cropped up in different parts of America. This cop violence phenomenon simply cannot be ignored anymore. Let us take a quick look at some incidents of police brutality and the common trends emerging from those.

Racial Brutality

A charge often placed against American police is their racial discrimination and inhuman treatment of minorities. The 1999 murder of the young, Black, West African Ahmed Amadou Diallo by the elite Street Crime Unit cannot be forgotten and only shows the deep rooted suspicion and hatred of some White American policemen against Black people. Ahmed did not have any criminal record and had 41 shots fired at him by the police in his own home in New York. What was the police’s justification? Ahmed apparently gestured with his hands in a way which made the police think that he was reaching for a gun.

In 2006, a 23 year old Black man, Sean Bell, was shot on his wedding day by NYPD officers. His crime? Officers say the victim and his friends who were celebrating Bell’s Bachelor party were going to use a gun when the police intervened. 50 bullets were shot at this young man. The city was outraged, and violent protests resulted. The above are not incidents in isolation. Racial prejudice is too obviously prevalent in American police and this dangerous trend must be curbed to prevent many more from being victimized.

Brutality against Women

17 March, 2013 saw the most terrifying set of events unfold for 27 year old Kim Nguyen. She and her male friends were stopped by an officer outside a restaurant in Los Angeles at around 2 am while waiting for a cab as they had been drinking. The police apparently thought they were intoxicated. However, while her male friends were left behind she was charged with public intoxication and put behind the car. While she was handcuffed, an officer began to sexually assault her by touching her chest and pulling her ears to face him. Then he started grabbing her left thigh and trying to open her legs. That is when she fell out of the vehicle to avoid being sexually assaulted by the cop. She was injured very badly, spent two weeks in the hospital, had bruises all over her body, lost all her teeth and had to have her jaw wired shut.

On October 30, in Detroit, a woman called 911 to seek help from police after being assaulted by her boyfriend. The cops come in, and one of them take her to the upstairs bedroom and sexually assault her. These are just the small fraction of cases that come in the spotlight. There are hundreds and thousands of other cases of police brutality against women convicts of which there is scant record or coverage. Innocent or guilty, women have become a soft target for police violence and assault and the boundaries between permitted and absolutely not allowed and humiliating are being blurred regularly by the police department. Steps to protect dignity of women during all types of police encounters is the need of the moment.

Suppressing Anyone Who Tries to Question the Establishment through Brutal Means

So you are underage while entering a casino. You are stopped by a police officer. You follow their instructions but have an argument with them or say something to them, even while complying with their instructions. What follows is five policemen beating you up brutally, kicking you, hitting, you, handcuffing you, then releasing a German Shepherd on you to attack you in the presence of the officers. You would be lucky to be alive – and so was 20 year old David Castellani, who suffered multiple, deadly, injuries in the attack. This is not fiction, but the facts of an incident that took place and was captured on camera on 15 June 2013 in Atlantic City. While the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against the inhuman officers, the police chief of Atlantic City stood by his officers’ actions.

Last year also saw uncalled for police brutality on 75 students of City University of New York who were demonstrating against former CIA chief, David Petraeus, who was being given a teaching position at the school.

Video footage of the incident has emerged that shows New York police being irrationally violent with the young students, slamming them against cars and pavements and punching them in the kidneys. What were the police trying to do? Can anything justify their barbaric behavior?

Dealing With “The Epidemic of Police Brutality”

Wrongful deaths, sexual assault, gun violence, physical threats and dreadful injuries, fire-rubber bullets at peaceful protesters; indeed we are facing the epidemic of police brutality. Demonstrators across the US took part in the October 22 protests to stop police brutality, repression, and criminalization of a generation. This day has been observed as the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality since 1996. Despite many public efforts to stop this catastrophe, no concrete results have been obtained, and little has been done by state agencies. To counter police violence and convict and punish offending cops will require consistent and binding state policies, proper training among law enforcement officers regarding what the uniform permits them and what it does not and how their power is not to be misused.
Keeping an official record of such police misdoings and regularly suspending or punishing such policemen who have been involved in such incidents of police violence is absolutely necessary. The State, the people and the law enforcement agencies all need to work hand in hand to deter this uncalled, excessive violence. Violence is not legitimate, not justified simply because it is being committed by a law enforcement individual.

Author Bio:
Keith Killian is one of the principal attorneys at Killian Davis Richter & Mayle, PC, based in New Mexico. The firm exclusively focuses on personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation and many more. Keith takes enough time to understand and analyze each and every aspect of his clients’ case. And eventually, his team works together to achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the firm website here.

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Police Beat Up 15-Year-Old

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Ryan DeSantis shared this post via’s submit page.

Well, I was walking through a haunted house when someone pushed me; thinking it was part of the haunted house, I kept walking and almost immediately it happened again, but this time I knew it was not friendly. It was a big jacked security guard and he said, “Come on faggot, do something,” so I did. I unleashed on the security guard, breaking his nose and turning it into a water fall. After the commotion someone grabbed my arm; I looked and it was a cop (this cop was older, NOT a member of Cheektowaga Police). The cop walked us outside and separated us while he found the owner. When the owner came out, the security guard told them I was destroying the haunted house props and that was why he attacked me. While the owner was checking out the damage that didn’t exist, the Cheektowaga cops showed up because it was their district/area or whatever. The second the cop got out of his car and he threw me against the car, hit me in the stomach, and told me he was sick of, “fucking punks like you.” At this time, the owner had come back out saying I was not destroying anything, I was defending myself and he had been having issues with his security staff picking fights since the haunted house opened.

Well, the Cheektowaga cop didn’t like that; he threw me in the back of the car and off we went to the station. Being that I was fifteen, I had to wait for my parents to come get me while being held in a back room with the arresting officer. I was still had cuffed but around a metal pole attached to the wall like you’d find in a handicap bathroom stall. After sitting there swapping trash talk for about 45 minutes, the cop asked me if I was ready to settle down and said he would uncuff me; though there was a little trash talk, I made no threats nor in any way acted violent. The cop undid one cuff and barely had the second off when he yelled, “RESISTING ARREST!” and threw me to the ground as six, maybe more, other officers ran in and dog-piled me, punching me, elbowing me, and kicking me all in the process swelling one of my eyes shut.

Finally after about two hours in that back room, they released me to my parents with a court date a few days later. My parents had been waiting for almost those whole 2 hours during which the police were very rude to them. When we went to Buffalo later that week for my court date, there was no court date for me and no record of my arrest; they had me talk to some case worker or something who told me it’s unfortunate, but these things happen all the time. Apparently Buffalo/Cheektowaga, NY police beat up 15-year-old kids regularly and it’s just “unfortunate” and there’s “nothing much” they can do about it.

Ryan DeSantis

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This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

The content below was originally posted to on February 26, 2014 by Phillip Smith


A drug court probation officer parties down with one of his clients, a Georgia cop goes to prison for ripping off a drug dealer, and so does a Philadelphia cop. Keep an eye on Philly. The stench is really rising there.

In Philadelphia, a former Philadelphia narcotics officer pleaded guilty Monday to attempted robbery and firearms charges for stealing $15,000 from a Southwest Philly drug dealer after planting cocaine in his car. Jeffrey Walker, a 24-year veteran of the department, also agreed to testify against his former colleagues in a widening federal probe of corruption in the dope squad, and his lawyer said his crimes paled in comparison with those of other implicated officers.

In Atlanta, a former Clayton County police officer was sentenced last Friday to 10 years in federal prison for conspiring with a drug dealer to do a fake traffic stop on a car so they could steal the cocaine inside. Dwayne Penn copped to one count of conspiracy to distribute over five kilograms of cocaine.

In Springfield, Illinois, the former head probation officer for the Adams County drug court was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail and 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to turning his home into a “drug house.” John Grotts was arrested in April 2012 after a search of his home turned up meth and a female drug court probationer, who was also arrested.

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Troy Police Default to Near-Lethal Force Against the Unarmed

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Troy, New York is home to a legally insulated street gang that has drawn increasing attention for their history of violence against the civilians. In early 2014, these issues were brought to a head when surveillance footage captured in the Kokopellis night club showed multiple police officers using baton strikes to the head against individuals who do not appear to be offering any physical resistance. With no allegations of the use of weapons or other rejectviolence_troynyhazards by the parties being assaulted by the police, officers in this case use what can potentially result in death or serious brain damage in an unwarranted show of force. Incidents involving the use of violence by police against non-aggressive individuals have been documented by the Troy Community Alliance Against Police Brutality, in an article wherein the author concludes, “…Troy Police use deadly force as standard practice against unarmed people of color, in situations where the threat level is inappropriate to justify such tactics.” Before an investigation into the Kokopellis incident could even be organized, the sitting mayor and police chief were quick to provide institutional support to the dangerous individuals wielding badges and weapons on behalf of the city.

Fortunately, there are those in the community who are standing up and speaking out. A playlist organized on the BreathingPlanet youtube channel features footage from panels, public forums, and other discussions being fostered in response to the visible violence exposed in recent months. For those outside of the community looking to pressure Troy Police into taking responsibility for their official actions a petition has collected 774 signatures to date on, and public contact information for the department is listed below:
Troy Police Department – Main Station
55 State Street
Troy NY 12180
Non-emergency phone: (518) 270-4411

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Electra TX and your rights: A lesson from the prosecutor

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

DEO wrote the following, via’s submit page.

Just in case there are still people out there that think that the police, the judges, and the attorneys are there to help you, WATCH THIS VIDEO!

The video is embedded in the article linked to below, and the man who made it did an EXCELLENT job of getting the entire system on video, as they all colluded to extort funds and possibly freedom from this man! They violated his rights at every turn – from the cops that illegally assaulted him, to the prosecutor who lied flat out about the DVD he gave to our hero, to the judge who didn’t kick the prosecutor out of her office when he came in alone asking for her to have the man arrested.

I find the judge in this case to be the worst offender of the three. She should have been all over that; not only did she not do anything about that, but as far as we know at the end of the video, she was actively fighting this man’s argument! She had refused all his motions when he objected that the charges simply be dismissed.

To those of you who still think this is a good system, THINK AGAIN! This could be you one day – or worse, you could end up dead like Kelly Thomas, or Oscar Grant, or any of the other 5,000 citizens killed by police officers!


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Police Chief Suspends Constitution in Waukesha

Friday, February 14th, 2014

By Tim – MilwaukeeCitizenPress & Waukesha CopBlock (twitter)

In the latest move by Waukesha PD to further separate Citizens from their basic human and constitutionally enumerated rights, Chief Russel Jack has declared that Waukesha cops may stop and detain community members simply for filming them. Despite numerous rulings from State, Federal, and even the US Supreme Court (by inaction,) Jack has declared that,  at least in this city, The Courts’ determinations are irrelevant.

June 26 I was hitting it hard. By 2:30 I had footage from 4 or 5 incidents and was getting ready to call it a night when I saw 5 or 6 police cars at South and Clinton.  As I was pulling in to a public parking lot a large group of cops headed my way. I had been filming quite a few police scenes the weeks prior and although I’d been harassed and intimidated a few times, I’d not been detained for filming Waukesha cops.

One of the five officers to detain me, Officer Katrina Frey, asked if I had permission to park in the (public) lot declaring it private. She told me I needed to produce ID which I did.  The cop with the glasses, later identified as Jeremy Bousman, was rather aggressive looking and had his hand on his gun. The video above shows what happened next.

Officer Frey wrote on CAD, the police database;

Timothy was observed copious amounts of times by multiple officers driving around in parts of the city throughout the evening and morning hours. He drives a moped and is out solely looking for police contacts so he can film them and insight problems. Wears camera around his neck. He stated he is “doing a story.”

I filed a complaint two months ago which was assigned to Sgt. Gregg Satula. He tried tirelessly to convince me to come in.  He went so far as to suggest that he needed to meet with me in person, preferably in a room at the PD,  because he couldn’t determine if I was really me.  I can’t imagine many people secretly file citizen complaints  on behalf of others.

We set up a time to speak by phone and he called (he looked up my number in the government database.) I asked him if he believed it was “me” and he stated he recognized the voice. He was determined to get me into the PD for a quasi interrogation. He stated to perform the investigation he’d need a written complaint in addition to my 1st written complaint. I guess they want two written complaints per complaint.  I told him he’d have to go off my brief and precise document submitted as there was nothing more to say.  I told him I felt it would be difficult for him to impartially investigate this complaint due to the “Blue Wall” and the fact that I felt his loyalties lie with his co-worker. “My loyalties lie with the organization” Satula said.  Indeed sir.

Police Chief Russel Jack responded today with the following;

After a deliberative examination of the facts in this incident and a thorough review of all reports, no misconduct on the part of the officer has been found. We find the officer’s action to be appropriate and reasonable; well within the bounds of the law.

Based upon these findings, your complaint is officially unsubstantiated.

The Courts tend to disagree with Chief Jack. From HuffPost…

It’s the second federal appeals court to strike down a conviction for recording police. In August 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit ruled that a man wrongly arrested for recording cops could sue the arresting officers for violating his First Amendment rights.

That decision also found a broad First Amendment right to record on-duty government officials in public: “Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest in protecting and promoting ‘the free discussion of governmental affairs.’” And in fact, in that it strips police who make such arrests of their immunity from lawsuits, it’s an even stronger opinion. Of course, the police themselves rarely pay damages in such suits — taxpayers do.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to grant certiorari in the case doesn’t necessarily mean the justices endorse the lower court’s ruling. But it does mean that at least six of the current justices weren’t so opposed to the ruling that they felt the case needed to be heard.


Waukesha Police Chief and Deputy Police Chief Sue Waukesha Taxpayers

But despite being on the wrong side of the law on many issues Chief Russel Jack wants more money. He claims in a lawsuit filed with Deputy Police Chief Dennis Angle against Waukesha Citizens that he’s entitled to more money.

These two members of “Waukesha’s Finest” are suing us for nearly $45,000. In addition to other claims, these financially struggling public servants want annual raises of almost $6,000(Jack) and $2,500(Angle.)

Let’s take a look at the numbers (According to Sue Conway of City of Waukesha HR)

Chief Russel Jack 2013 (rounded)

Base Salary                            $121,000

Pension                                     $19,000

Paid Hours 96 * $58/hour        $6500

Vacation 192 * $58/hour          $11,000  (1 month and 1 week per year)

Personal Days 16 * $58/hour  $900

Holiday 72 * $58/hour               $4200

The taxpayers also pay Jack $2600/year for not buying health insurance.

Total                                                     $165,000 per year

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle 2013 (rounded)

Base Salary                                    $107,000

Sick Days 96 * $52/hour            $5,000

Vacation  168 * $52/hour           $8700

Personal Days 16 * $52/hour   $800

Holiday Pay  72 * $52/hour       $3700

Pension                                       $19,000

Health Ins.                                 $23,000

Dental Ins.                                  $1,100

Total                                                  $168,300 per year

To put this all in perspective, the median household income in WI is $51,000. These two men alone are drawing 1 million tax dollars every three years.

Perhaps Chief Jack could start looking for a new job which will pay him what he feels he’s worth.  He’s already facing a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit and can’t even keep his own cops breaking simple traffic laws. I think Waukesha Taxpayers have given him enough.  Hit the road Jack.


Check out Waukesha CopBlock Twitter Feed

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This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

This week, we have a trio of jail guards gone bad, as well as another cop with a pain pill problem and sticky fingers. That’s a bad combination. Let’s get to it:

In Miami, a Miami-Dade jail officer was arrested last Friday on charges he smuggled drugs and cell phones into the Miami-Dade County Jail. Officer Lavar Lewis, 27, also known as “The Love Doctor,” went down after a 19-month investigation into persistent smuggling at the jail. At least three other jail guards are under investigation in the ongoing probe. Lewis, a day shift officer since his hire in November 2008, has been suspended since September 2013. He was charged with unlawful compensation and conspiracy to introduce contraband into a jail and was being held Friday night at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade.


In Honolulu, a Halawa prison guard was arrested Monday on charges he was smuggling methamphetamine into the prison. James Sanders III was indicted by a federal grand jury after an FBI investigation. The indictment accuses him of distributing at least five grams on one occasion and at least 50 grams on another. He is charged with two counts each of distributing methamphetamine, conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine, and bribery. He’s out on bond already, but forbidden from working in any prison.

In Baltimore, a jail guard was sentenced last Wednesday to 3 ½ years in prison for her role in a vast drug-smuggling operation at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Adrena Rice is one of nine jail guards who have pleaded guilty in the conspiracy. She admitted to smuggling contraband including marijuana and prescription pills into the lock-up. She had copped to one count of racketeering conspiracy.

In Price, Utah, a former Carbon County sheriff’s deputy was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail for stealing drugs out of the evidence room. Christopher Howard Basso, 38, must also undergo substance abuse treatment and limit himself to one doctor and one pharmacy. Basso was put on leave in January 2013 after failing two drug tests, but suspicious colleagues noticed he was continuing to enter the sheriff’s office without permission and set up a surveillance camera that caught him breaking into the evidence room. In a plea bargain, the 13-year veteran copped to possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, and trespassing.


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