Daughter of Cop Has Revelation

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This post was received anonymously via CopBlock.org/Submit. Hopefully after submitting the content, the author didn’t just write-off her father but spoke with him about the double-standard he exhibited – perhaps even pointing out to him the content at CopBlock.org/WelcomeLEOs. If he loves and respects his daughter, he’ll give the perspective she shares some thought, and if he’s true to himself and his stated goals, he’ll then choose to modify his own actions.


My father is a police officer of 25+ years. I have always had the utmost respect for him and his job. That changed today.

As I was speaking with him earlier about his day he told me that he only stopped one car. That one car was a retired police officer, speeding (45mph) through a school zone. My response was laughter and a quick “I hope you gave him a ticket! 20mph over?!”

The answer he gave made my stomach drop.

“Hell no I didn’t!”

I asked “Why? He was speeding wasn’t he?”

To which he replied “Cops don’t give cops tickets.”

I said “Are you serious? That seems pretty hypocritical. I would have gotten a ticket.”

My father then says “You’re not part of the brotherhood. It’s a thin blue line.”

I always thought my father was fair, that he was fighting the good fight. I am deeply disgusted to have finally learned, even my father is a pig.

If not all cops are bad, why don’t the good ones make a stand?


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Two Carpentersville Police Employees Kill Man, Censorship Ensues

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

An anonymous tip put this story on our radar. Clearly, those involved are working to keep it quiet – such is the norm for bullies.


Sunday, August 17th.


Joshua Paul, front, pictured here with his fiance, Jeff Bolek, is being remembered for his outgoing demeanor and caring personality. Paul died Aug. 18 after being involving in a traffic stop with still-unnamed Carpentersville police employees. Photo courtesy of Jeff Bolek

Joshua Paul was driving in Carpentersville, IL a town of about 30,000 on the northwest outskirts of Chicagoland.

He never made it to his destination.

What exactly went down, or what is even claimed to have gone down, hasn’t yet been made public.

All that is known is that:

  • Paul had been stopped while traveling and is now dead
  • two still-unnamed employees of the Carpentersville Police Outfit were involved
  • both of those Carpentersville Police employees are still being paid to continue their “services” to those in the community
  • everyone close to the situation is remaining tight-lipped – a far cry from the “highest quality service to our community” put-forth as the mission of the police outfit.

According to Jake Griffin at the DailyHerald.com:

  • Dave Bayless, the “spokesperson” for the corporation of Carpentersville said that Paul, “was ‘arrested at the scene of the traffic stop and transported to Sherman Hospital.’ He would not say why Paul was taken to the hospital or why he had been stopped.”
  • Monique Bond, the “spokesperson” for the Illinois State Police Outfit only confirmed that an investigation was ongoing but offered no additional information
  • Rob Russell, the coroner for Kane County, “said Saturday that an autopsy on Paul’s body had been performed; ‘however, the doctor’s report has not come in yet.’”

One commenter stated that Paul’s neck was broken:

jordan-birchfield-joshua-paul-carpentersville-police-copblockDo YOU have any more information? Make it known. Shine the disinfecting light of transparency on this incident.

Carpentersville Police Outfit

Two Carpentersville Police Employees Kill Man, Censorship Ensues is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

The Solution to the Police State

Monday, September 1st, 2014

The post below was shared by Jeremy via CopBlock.org/Submit


The problem with police brutality and overreaction is appalling and ever growing.

What if I told you that there was a place where martial law was declared, a whole city was shut down, and the police detained anyone on the street and broke into countless peoples houses on the premise of protecting them? Thinking it must be China or Russia or Nazi Germany? No this tale happened here. In Boston after the marathon bombing.

Our rights as Americans are slowly being taken away under the guise of public safety. Did shutting down the city save anyone? No, but it set an extremely dangerous precedent for police trampling on the rights of the American people.

These brutal incidents are exactly the reason why the United States of America were formed in the first place. The revolutionary war was the American people standing up and saying we will no longer tolerate the oppression of the those appointed to protect us. It starts at the bottom with the individual police force and will rapidly grow from there.

How do we make a difference? Here are five things that we the people can do to cause change.

1. Require that all officers of the law wear cameras at all times they are performing their duties. This alone in forces that adopt them have had a enormous impact in the number of incidents of police brutality. And as they are public servants, the public has a right to know what they are doing.

2. Immediately stop all transfers of military equipment to police forces and confiscate or destroy all equipment previously transferred. Why? Because they are the police, not the military. The job of the military is to protect us from foreign threats and they are equipped to do so. The job of the police is to enforce the law not protect the nation. Why exactly do they need tanks and machine guns to enforce the law?

3. Immediately enact strict physical fitness standards. Did you know that over 80% of cops are overweight? Did you ever think that if the officer involved in the Ferguson shooting was not overweight he may have been capable of arresting the young man without resorting to killing him? Too many police have only the resort of deadly force to use against a suspect because they are incapable of holding their own due to their obesity.

4. In any incident where police brutality is suspected, make it a requirement that an independent authority review the incident and recommend charges. A company who defrauds consumers doesnt get to investigate itself to find if it did anything wrong, so why do the police get to?

5. Prosecute. My mind goes back to a particular incident where a officer shot a man laying on the ground handcuffed in cold blood and was videotaped doing it, and received a year in jail. If you or I did that we would either be jailed for life or given the death penalty for murder.

This is just the beginning. Will this fix everything? No, but it will serve to stop the march of the United States to a police state.

If we do not act now, we will wake up one day to find that we have no rights left, and the only way to right the ship at that point will be armed revolution.

The Solution to the Police State is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

My Family Was Held Hostage In Our Home by El Cajon SWAT

Monday, September 1st, 2014

The below was received anonymously via CopBlock.org/Submit.

The authors point, “that every family has problems and the police often make things worse by making a big scene” is something that many people learn the hard way. Perhaps through a needless assault, kidnapping and caging, or the death of a loved one by someone who may later claim to be “just doing my job.”

It is hoped that this post, and others at CopBlock.org and similar outlets, will help make clear that despite the lip-service paid to “protecting and serving,” police employees, per the nature of their institution, are primarily motivated to gain compliance, and thus will escalate up to and including, the use of deadly force. Fortunately, because the author of the post knew and chose to exercise his rights, that’s not how this situation ended.


On August 20, 2013 the El Cajon Police Department S.W.A.T team surrounded my home and barricaded my neighborhood from residents coming in or leaving.

The backstory is simply that me and my wife got into a heated argument the night before, she left, was gone all night and I called her sister around midnight (who lives in Rhode Island) because I was growing worried. Her sister hadn’t heard from her and didn’t know her whereabouts. I assured her sister I would keep her informed.

The next morning my wife arrived and we agreed to sit and discuss things calmly. I texted her sister and told her that she got home and was safe. Her sister demanded to speak with her but I informed her that we needed to speak to each other first but I would tell her to call her. Her sister demanded again, this time saying she was going to notify the local police department in five minutes if she didn’t hear from her sister. We thought that was odd and hasty but went on carrying on our conversation and as we were speaking the door bell rang…

I told my wife that it was the police (we saw them on our security cameras) and that we didn’t have to answer our door because police like to escalate situations and that was the last thing we needed…my son (toddler age) opened the blinds out of curiosity and the police officer noticed him and began to bang on my security door like a crime was in progress….then other officers arrived and began to bang on windows too.

At this point I was getting quite annoyed that they were persisting……next thing my phone rings…..I answer it and it’s the police officer outside…..he explained that they were called to a welfare check and needed us to step outside to see if everyone is ok and safe. I told him that they need to go away and our family matters were being resolved by us in a calm manner and no one is being harmed at all. My wife even spoke to him telling him we were all fine.

By this time, the neighborhood was closed off and the department had dispatched more officers, including SWAT. I told the officer via cell phone that we knew our 4th amendment right and didn’t have to comply with their orders. Me and my family were beginning to get agitated and my son was crying because he was tired at this point. It started around 9 AM and was now around noon, which is his nap time.

During the ordeal I spoke with an officer, dispatch officer and a lieutenant and they refused to leave citing they had to make sure everyone is safe. At this point they were treating the situation as a hostage situation and I sternly explained to them that they were being voice recorded, video recorded and I would not hesitate to file a lawsuit if they continued to harass my family.

I informed them that I was no stranger to the criminal justice system (although not a felon and have only had a minor DUI conviction which was expunged) and in fact I had a bachelors degree in that field myself. The officer tried being friendly with me as he noticed my USMC flag in the front of my home and stated he was a former Marine also. I didn’t take the bait as I knew what he was attempting and frankly I didn’t give a damn and didn’t know him anyway.

Four hours or so into the ordeal, I looked to my wife and said “maybe you should go out there and show them you’re safe so they will leave us the hell alone” I sat with her and schooled her a bit on her 4th and 5th amendment (she was not too familiar with them at all) and urged her to only give identification information and to use her right to remain silent to her advantage and to save us from further harassment.

She went outside (I didn’t want to go outside because they knew I had a gun (registered in my name) and would’ve tased me and kicked my ass at the first opportunity. So I felt it was a safer bet to have her confront them.

The were in my back yard, my neighbors back yard and had snipers and police set up all over our small neighborhood block and according to her made her climb a ladder to get to them outside of the yard. They did exactly what I informed her they would do which was interrogate her and ask her questions like “do you guys have drugs, sell drugs, does he have guns, did he hurt you?” etc…they weren’t satisfied and wanted me to send my son outside to and I told them he was sleeping and I wasn’t going to wake him up just to appease them in their little game.

At this point I was pissed off and getting irate with these ass clowns! They urged me to at least show him through the window and they would leave…..I woke him up and showed them my sleepy eyed son (who was awake now thanks to them) and they finally left.

The moral of this story is that every family has problems and the police often make things worse by making a big scene.

My next door neighbors were pissed off and the rest of the neighborhood was annoyed but mostly supportive. The next door neighbors asked me “why didn’t you just do what they said” to which I replied “because we have rights!”

BTW….this was our first year in our new home so you could probably understand how mortified and embarrassed we were at the event that took place. If I could do it again. I would probably do the same thing. I don’t interact with police officers and have lost so much respect for them because of this.

El Cajon Police Outfit

Known Southern California-Based Police Accountability Groups

  • California Cop Block – Facebook
  • California Cop Watch – Twitter
  • Committee Against Police Brutality San Diego – Facebook / capbsandiego@gmail.com
  • Cop Block Los Angeles – Facebook / copblockla@gmail.com
  • Cop Block Imperial Valley – Facebook
  • Cop Block El Segundo – Facebook
  • Orange County Cop Block – Facebook / Twitter / occopblock@gmail.com
  • San Diego Cop Block – Facebook
  • Santa Ana Cop Watch – Facebook / cwsantaana@google.com
  • United Against Police Terror – San Diego – website / Facebook / uaptsd@gmail.com


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The Question Only You Can Answer (An Excerpt from “Unintended Consequences”)

Monday, September 1st, 2014

An excerpt from the book “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross, which poses a thought-provoking question that only you can answer.




From the forward from John Ross:

unintended-consequences-john-ross-copblockA friend in law enforcement told me that because of this book’s content, I should not let it be published under my own name. Violent events happen in this story, and our country’s current situation is such that these events could indeed come to pass. My friend’s fear was that this book might precipitate such violence. He told me to expect to have drugs planted in my car during routine traffic stops, or have other similar miseries befall me and my family.

He advised that if I did have this work published, I should use a pseudonym, employ an intermediary for all publisher contact, and in general prevent myself from being linked to the finished work, to avoid reprisals.

I didn’t do that, not only because of free speech considerations, but because I disagree with my friend’s hypothesis. I believe that if the instigators glimpse what may lie ahead, they will alter their behavior before wholesale violence becomes unavoidable. It is my hope that this book will reduce the likelihood of armed conflict in this country…

From pages 337-338:

“And so, Hobbes said that our lives are ‘nasty, brutish, and short’, and he used that as justification for the dictatorial powers of the monarch. Only by granting the State total power will we ever overcome our natural condition, which is to be perpetually at war with one another.” The Political Science course the professor was teaching was listed in the course catalog with a dry-sounding title that no one remembered. Throughout the Amherst campus it was referred to as ‘Right and Wrong’. Henry Bowman liked the class, mainly because the professor who taught it had a very sharp mind.

“Hobbes is just talking about our old friend, the…” and with this, the lecturer gestured with his arm t o show the class he wanted someone to finish the sentence for him.

“Benevolent dictatorship,” a Senior in the second row said quickly.

“Exactly, Mr. Hagner. Hobbes’ Leviathian is just one more scholarly justification for forfeiting your rights and allowing yourself to be subjected by the State. Learned, reasoned, articulate, and wrong. Thomas Hobbes has merely – Mr. Bowman,” the professor said suddenly, “you are shaking your head. That usually means you disagree with something that’s been said. What is it?”

“Professor Arkes, I don’t disagree with the basic principle, but it’s not enough just to say, ‘Totalitarian regimes are wrong, so don’t let the State enslave you’. That’s like saying, ‘Don’t get sick’. The important question is, when do you know it’s going to become enslavement? When is the proper time to resist with force?”

“Please elaborate, Mr. Bowman.” Henry took a deep breath.

“The end result, which we want to avoid, is the concentration camp. The gulag. The gas chamber. The Spanish Inquisition. All of those things. I you are in a death camp, no one would fault you for resisting. But when you’re being herded towards the gas champer, naked and seventy pounds below your healthy weight, it’s too late. You have no chance. On the other hand, no one would support you if you started an armed rebellion because  the government posts speed limits on open roads and arrests people for speeding. So when was it not too late, but also not too early?”

“Tell us, Mr. Bowman.”

“Professor Arkes, I teach a Personal Protection class off campus, where most of the students who sign up are women. I’m seeing some strong parallels here, so please indulge me in an analogy.”

“Go ahead.”

“A woman’s confronted by a big, strong, stranger. She doesn’t know what he’s planning, and she’s cautious. Getting away from him’s not possible. They’re in a room and he’s standing in front of the only way out, or she’s in a wheelchair – whatever. Leaving the area’s not an option.

“So now he starts to do things she doesn’t like. He asks her for money. She can try to talk him out of it, just like we argue for lower taxes, and maybe it will work. If it doesn’t and she gets outvoted, she’ll probably choose to give it to him instead of getting into a fight to the death over ten dollars. You would probably choose to pay your taxes rather than have police arrive to throw you in jail.

“Maybe this big man demands some other things, other minor assaults on this woman’s dignity. When should she claw at his eyes or shove her ballpoint pen in his throat? When he tries to force her to kiss him? Tries to force her to let him touch her? Tries to force her to have sex with him?” Henry took a deep breath and shrugged.

“Those are questions that each woman has to answer for herself. There is one situation, though, where I tell the women to fight to the death. That’s when the man pulls out a pair of handcuffs and says, ‘Come on, I promise I won’t hurt you, this is just so you won’t flail around and hurt either of us by accident. Come on, I just want to talk, get in the van and let me handcuff you to this eyebolt here, and I promise I won’t touch you. I’m not asking you to put on a gag or anything, and since you can still scream for help, you know you’ll be safe. Come on, I got a full bar in here, and color TV, and air conditioning, great stereo, come on, just put on the cuffs.’

“I tell women that if that every happens, maybe the man is telling the truth, and maybe after talking to her for a while he’ll let her go and she will have had a good time drinking champagne and listening to music. But if she gets in the van and puts her wrists in the handcuffs, she has just given up her future ability to fight, and now it is too late.” Henry realized he had been making eye contact with all the other people in the lecture hall, just as he did when he taught a course. Now he looked directly at the professor.

“How do you spot the precise point where a society is standing at the back of the van and the State has the handcuffs out?”


Ideas Have Consequences

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Checkpoint Copblocked in Napa, California

Monday, September 1st, 2014

This video and text were shared by Napa Cop Block via CopBlock.org/Submit

On August 23, 2014 my friend and I went through a checkpoint in Napa, California. They have these checkpoints listed as DUI / Driver license checkpoints, which, as Copblockers, we all know is not legal. We went through it and proceeded to inform the officers that we do not have to present any form of ID.

It was amazing how uninformed these officers were when it came to this issue. A highway patrol officer even had the audacity to say he could pretty much make us do whatever he wanted with or without reasonable suspicion.

It is sad that those who are paid to uphold the law do not know the law. There were many other problems with this checkpoint but I feel this video speaks for itself.

Get informed and hold police accountable. Contrary to popular belief, and the belief of the officer in this video, they can’t do whatever they want.




Checkpoint Copblocked in Napa, California is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Military Hardware Not Welcomed in Lewis County, Washington

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The content below was shared via CopBlock.org/Submit by those active with Peaceful Streets Lewis County.

Though the video encourages area residents to vote for a specific person, please do not consider it being posted here as an endorsement (either voting for the person mentioned or voting in general, as that merely grants legitimacy to the bad idea that says some are rulers and others ruled). That said, the content is shared as it shows that not all eager to becoming involved in the existing police apparatus are as keen on the militarization of police outfits.

Anyone prospective or current police employees are encouraged to check out the content at CopBlock.org/WelcomeLEOs and CopBlock.org/Library.


This video was compiled by a local sheriff’s candidate in opposition of the rampant militarization of police departments. While it focuses on local issues, the content is applicable nationwide.

Peaceful Streets Lewis County

Peaceful Streets Lewis County is part of a grass roots organization seeking to bring greater awareness to police accountability and educating the public.

Centralia Police Outfit

Lewis County Sheriff’s Outfit

This Tuesday, September 2nd, at 7:30 PM Brian Green and some involved with Peaceful Streets Lewis County will be meeting at Jeremy’s Restaurant, 576 West Main St. in Chehalis, to discuss civil rights, asset forfeiture, dealing with the court system, your constitutional rights, and more.



To see just one of the more visible facets of police militarization, consider the distribution of MRAPs to local police outfits, which includes one in Lewis County, WA.

MRAP Distribution within USSA by CopBlock

Military Hardware Not Welcomed in Lewis County, Washington is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

OKC Police Employee Daniel Holtzclaw Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape, Burglary, etc.

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

As a police employee, Daniel Holtzclaw has for years subsisted on extorting those in his community. While many, per decades of indoctrination, overlook that specific transgression (though that is definitely changing as more people become aware of that systemic double standard), it is his other rights-violating actions that as of late, have drawn the ire of many. Specifically, that he engaged in rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, incident exposure, burglary, and stalking while he donned a badge.

Holtzclaw – called “the Claw” by his friends, a nickname he was given when he played college football – is now being held with a 5-million-FRN bail.

From KOCO.com:

Holtzclaw is charged with four counts of sexual battery, four counts of indecent exposure, burglary, stalking, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, and two counts of rape. Fifty-five witnesses are listed in the court documents…

According to a probable cause affidavit included in the charging documents, Holtzclaw stopped a woman walking in the area of Northeast 14th and Jordan on April 24. He located a crack pipe in her property. Instead of arresting her he allegedly took her home, forced her to perform oral sex and then raped her, making the statement, “This is better than the county,” referring to the jail.

Anthony Douglas, president of the Oklahoma NAACP told KOCO they plan to ask the U.S. attorney general to review the case and elevate the charges to hate crimes because the alleged victims are African-American.

In a classic attempt to circle the wagons, friends and family of “the Claw” started a Facebook page and GoFundMe campaign. As ostracism is important, feel free to drop by there and share your thoughts.

The former has as it’s banner image a quote from the head of the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police John George, who notes that their outfit “stands firmly by its officers until a full investigation is completed.” Such is the norm in the thin blue line culture (as was made clear when a MD-based police union became the largest donor to Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police employee who killed Michael Brown).


The latter has thus far raised about 7,000-FRNs. To maximize transparency and reputation, below are the known donors:

Clint & Helena Koehn, Barbara Ysais-Holtzclaw, Terri Bennett, Alanna Marie, Tina Hall, James Rairden, Desiree Kesterson, Laura Hollaway, Glenn Boothe, Steve and Hailey, Jarred Benton, Jamie and Jalynne, Mark Miller, Ben Lane, Mark Kampa, Lane Singer, Jason Welle, David and Stephanie, Lowell Bynum, Kurt and Jitty Holtzclaw, Chris Hutchison, Gina Davis, Traci Moore, Leo Singer, Nicole Bynum, Tara McBride, and Amber Regier.

Oklahoma City Police Outfit

Were “the Claw’s” exploits unknown to his colleagues? Are we to believe the he wronged so many people, and no one who worked with him was aware, or had any inkling that he acted as such?

I bet if the women “the Claw” was targeting happened to be the wife or daughter of one of his colleagues, they’d have already spoken up.

It’s not too late – if you are an Oklahoma City police employee and have more information that will help the truth become known, speak up. You’re welcome to anonymously share such information via CopBlock.org/Submit – doing so will help assuage your conscience. You may also find value in the resources at CopBlock.org/WelcomeLEOs.

Will Holtzclaw be held accountable through the injustice system? Will his victims be made whole, even if he’s caged (at the expense of others in the community)? Unfortunately, these types his actions, these gross violations of rights, won’t stop until we each cease buying into the bad idea that a stranger has authority because they claim it.

OKC Police Employee Daniel Holtzclaw Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape, Burglary, etc. is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

What Good is Government: Dan Petry’s Battle with Corrupt Cops

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

The content below was shared by Dan Petry via the page CopBlock.org/Submit.

In 1980 as a newly married Security Guard I was an eyewitness to a Police crime and victim of that crime as well, while working at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in S.L.O., Ca. In this 10-minute documentary/webcam podcast interview I go into details about that crime, which links to an hour long interview.

Petry now hosts C.O.P.$. which goes live on SMC-TV and TAP-TV in Lompoc and Santa Maria.


Episode #6, and the associated description, is below. You can contact him at dlpetry23cabrillo@hotmail.com

After trying for two years to get the media, local or National to cover the tragic, allegedly suspicious death of their son Mr. Anthony Charles Chatman in a holding cell in Missouri, Mr. Charles Chatman (Father) and Kathy Schmidt (Mother) contacted me and asked to appear on my show: C.O.P.$. They traveled to Santa Maria, Ca. all the way from St. Louis, Mo. to finally get some media attention to simply find out the truth of what really happened to their son. In episode 6 you will here their horror story, in their own words, on dealing with what they feel is an alleged cover up of the truth and reports that do not add up.

What Good is Government: Dan Petry’s Battle with Corrupt Cops is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told ActionNewsNow.com “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

And a press release authored by Miranda Bowersox, another Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee doing damage control, framed the incident as a fight, of which the video captured only the end.

an internal investigation into this incident and has requested an independent investigation through the District Attorney’s Office. Deputy Burnett has been reassigned from patrol duties

In layman’s terms, that means Burnett is still on the job, and still being paid – he’s just, until the public attention on this situation dies down – being kept off the street.

And, since neither the corporate news coverage and certainly not the press release mentioned it – all those cited – Burnett, Honea, and Bowersox, subsist on money stolen from their neighbors. They claim the right to extort to then protect. How can anyone ever buy into their claim that they stand for transparency and accountability?

The person who was kicked in the head was supposedly questioned by Burnett per an outstanding warrant. Many may default to then think that person was in the wrong – but we are unaware of why that supposed warrant was said to exist. What if it were due to a non-crime? What if you partook in an action that caused no victim, that some self-proclaimed rulers decreed was illicit, and who then hunted you down, and kicked you in the head. Would you be in the wrong at all?

Clearly, without the video captured by bystander Shawn Montana, the action Sam Burnett chose to take – to kick a sitting man in the head – would likely not have received as much attention, thus setting the stage for something even more egregious.

If you have or witness a police interaction – film!


Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

The Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employees seem more keen on making their paramilitary efforts – with a helicopter and Lenco Bearcat – seem normal to those they steal from (under the guise of protection).


Check out the double-speak employed by whatever Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee who shared the picture below to their Twitter account – I’m sure those girls desired the assistance of being caged for their non-crime.


Oh – and by the way – the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit is recruiting more to join it’s gang – just look at all the toys you could play with!




Thanks to Tim, who – recognizing the value in making more folks aware of Burnett’s unjust actions, shared this incident to Cop Block’s Twitter account.

Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights