200 lb Men Only Grab 100 lb Girls Like That Because They Like It

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

This post was shared via CopBlock.org’s submit page by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous.

Date of Interaction: March 13, 2o14
Police Employees Involved: Kevin Corbett, Jose Aljandro
Police Employee Information: Loveland Ohio Police Department

Apparently cops don’t give tickets for possession on the spot anymore. My warrant was issued a week after being caught, and five minutes later the local cop was ripping me out of my house in my socks with no coat and no explanation. I’ve been bullied by this entitled, power hungry cop before in normal routine traffic stops – traffic stops including sitting in my friends/co-workers driveway.

I am a mother, a business owner – not a crack head or junkie. I happen to smoke medicinal marijuana. The police force is making as much money as they can with task forces before it goes legal.

The officer explains to me that I can’t possibly be working because my normal work-from-home attire is not something he considers appropriate.

Okay, possession is possession. I will take my punishment. What I won’t take is a 200 lb man giving me bruises and making me look like a battered woman. This man has no business ever being in a position of power. He is no different than any other abusive man I’ve come in contact with – entitled and controlling! It oozes out of him and it’s disgusting.

Please get this man off the street! I have respect for the police department. I even have family in the biz. No, I was not resisting! How could I? Two 200 lb men vs. one 100 lb girl. I’m scared to death of retaliation. He drives past my house ten times a day, and follows me into parking lots. I’m a single mom of three. He knows that.

Please find every girl this guy has raped, and get him off the street!

Waukesha SWAT Sgt. Accused of Murder Threats

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Photo Waukesha WI Police Sgt. Gregg Satula (Credit Waukesha PD)

By Tim @wkshacopblock – MilwaukeeCitizenPress

In the latest incident to come to light in what would generously be called an incompetent police department, Waukesha PD’s SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula is accused of showing up at the home of his wife’s lover, armed and holding his holstered gun, threatening to kill the man and his own wife. The PD’s cover-up machine apparently took effect within minutes of a 911 hang up call and continues to this day.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the incident:

Gregg Satula showed up off duty at Todd Kraine’s (name changed) house to confront him about an affair with his (now ex) wife Waukesha PD officer Jessica Satula-Trucksa. Satula pulled his green Prius down the street from Todd’s house and Todd called 911.  He was startled by Satula approaching his house and hung up the 911 call. Satula then approached Todd’s front door while holding a holstered silver .38 special with approximately a 2″ barrel and a laser sight while yelling and demanding entry into the home. Todd grabbed his own 9mm for protection. Satula was yelling and stated something along the lines of, “I’m on the Tactical Team and I can put a bullet in your and my wife’s head.”

The 911 hang up call was plotted by cell tower to Todd’s address and WPD officer Michelle Enderle was dispatched. She saw (her current direct supervisor) Satula standing at the door and was told it was taken care of and not to include his name on the report. Enderle falsely entered info into the WI State CAD system stating she made no contact. Satula filed for divorce the next day.

Months later, Todd contacted Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to file a complaint about the incident by phone and requested documentation. Dennis Angle refused to document this incident as noted below.

Here’s the email exchange from 8 months after the incident after Todd tried to file a verbal complaint.

-   -   -

4/15/13 Todd wrote to Deputy Chief Dennis Angle:

Dear Mr. Angle: I spoke with you about a month ago with my concerns over Sgt. Satula and officer Trucksa. I would like to get a copy of that report for my court case. Is this something I can procure via email or pick up in person at the station? Please advise.

4/16/13 Dennis Angle responds:

Mr. Kraines, I did not leave a report based on our conversation.

4/16/13 Todd writes:

Mr. Angle, I thought I stated that I wanted those incidents documented? Perhaps there was a misunderstanding?

4/16/13 Deputy Chief Angle writes:

There was no misunderstanding when I spoke to you. We spoke about the computer aided dispatch call (CAD) that documented your call to the police department. That document is attached to this e-mail. However I did not, nor plan to, draft any report documenting our conversation.

-   -   -

Now let’s just look at the individuals involved. I’ve personally had experience with Satula while I was trying to file a complaint against Officer Katrina Frey who illegally detained me for filming which was unsubstantiated. He is also apparently was a member of what I refer to as the “Beat and Delete” club which is a group of Waukesha cops involved in the deliberate destruction of a critical dash cam video showing excessive force. The group was admonished by Judge Stilling for deleting Officer Ryan Lafavor et al’s dash cam video of Mark Schroeder being beaten. She stated it was deleted in “Bad Faith.”  Obviously Satula’s in deep and under the assumption anything will fly.

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle is personally named in the above described “Beat and Delete” Federal Lawsuit pertaining to La Favor‘s beating. Angle once described to me how sometimes officers have to make up their best guess as to what happen then write it as fact on the report. As seen in the emails, he’s shameless and deliberate about his aversion to even document Todd’s complaint. Perhaps he’ll do a better job if he wins the lawsuit he and “eyes wide shut” Police Chief Russel Jack have filed against Waukesha. They claim they should both be paid more than their current rate of $14,000 per month.

Or perhaps Angle will get his act together now that Waukesha PD squads are equipped ALPR systems which, along with several area departments, boasts a database of over 7 million “stored plate reads” saving the GPS location, time of day, and photo of car/driver etcetera for at least 1 year. It’s likely also shared with the Milwaukee Federal “Fusion Center.”  The cited database covers around 250,000 drivers while only 6 million people live in WI. ALPR has been outlawed in NH and similar laws are working their way through other states’ legislatures.

Then there’s Officer Michelle Enderle. Her CAD (computer aided dispatch) entry was made about 2 minutes after arriving on scene at the 911 hang up call and her entry stated the party had left. She likely wanted to get out of the situation ASAP then lie on this state database which could probably land her in a jail cell. Enderle was also present for a not yet released conversation between her, Officer Darin Wittnebel, and Officer Jeremy Bousman in which Bousman is heard laughing, almost hysterically, about dumping evidence in the Kevin J. Noe case (marijuana plants) on Owens Drive which is a small road behind the PD in Waukesha. She’s also facing some other very serious allegations from another incident which I’ll go into detail about this summer.

Prior to publishing this story, I requested comment from Waukesha PD’s Public Information Officer Captain Ron Oremus regarding the allegations (as well as Satula and Angle.)

Here is his response: Your email has given us information that is contradictory to the information we received a year and a half ago about the situation involving Sergeant Satula and Todd Kraines. We will be investigating this new information.

I’m sure they’ll just ask Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to come up with a lie to support the existing lies.

But Waukesha Police Department’s  SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula placed a little American flag on top of his mountain of damning evidence.

On 8/13/12 (the day after the incident and the day he filed for divorce from Jessica Trucksa) Sgt. Satula sent this to Todd from his personal email which is gregg.satula@redacted.com:

I guess in some strange way I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and explain your side. I don’t have any reason to believe you lied to me. You don’t have to fear me any more. I’m never going to stop by or call you again. I’m not going to check if she’s there. If for some reason you have a question for me, I’ll answer.Take whatever you want from this mess. I hope you don’t believe her lies anymore. And if you ever go after a married woman, pray that they have the self control that I do.

Apparently Gregg Satula feels that going to a man’s house with a gun (and invoking his official capacity as a SWAT Sergeant) and threatening a man’s life is self control. I tend to disagree.

Town of Brookfield WI Police Department sits just to the East of Waukesha and shares a jurisdictional border. TOB is 99.999% white and houses the upper middle class (along with hundreds of 1 million plus dollar homes) in suburban Milwaukee. TOB includes a 1/2  mile section of Moreland Boulevard  just west of the eastbound I-94 on ramp to the Brew City. It’s a great place for all cops near and far to tax “out of town-ers.” I refer to where my friend was stopped as “The Gauntlet, where black people come to learn about racial profiling.”

In February around quarter to 5, a personal friend of mine we’ll call J got off the bus on his way to work a 12 hour shift as an assistant manager at a local restaurant. It was still broad daylight and he was walking the half block from the bus stop when he was stopped by Field Training officer Steven G. Thompson and his apparent trainee (hired in Feb. of 14) Antonio Dominguez. Thompson demanded ID which was given under duress by my friend (and fellow cop-watcher) while he adamantly asserted that his rights were being violated. Thompson proceeded to unconstitutionally pat J down for weapons (drugs.) Nothing was located but of course Thompson had to make it look good on paper.

He fabricated an incident report which included the “you’re violating my rights” quote but stated he was given consent for both searches. He also reported that the area has a lot of vehicle break ins. The corner in question is overrun with cops from Town of Brookfield, Waukesha PD, and the Wisconsin State Patrol Milwaukee Outpost which is located 200 yards from the field interrogation. I asked police chief Chris Perket to provide some area crime stats to back  up the high crime area claim 5 days ago. He didn’t.

Thompson decided to toss one more lie on the official (probably sworn) incident report. He claimed J has prior convictions for burglary and trespass. This is false. You’d think he’d at least lie about stuff that couldn’t be dis-proven but perhaps his lies have gotten him through the past decade with such little resistance he no longer considers them.

Town of Brookfield Police Chief Chris Perket declined multiple requests for comment on these allegations.

Check out Waukesha CopBlock  on Twitter…



Mental Cages Precipitate Those Physical

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

 Let him who would move the world, first move himself.
- Socrates

If someone was kidnapped from your community and went missing for years you’d be concerned.

Say you lived in Manchester, NH, Murfreesboro, TN, Berkeley, CA, or Columbia, MO – what if the entire population of your town was snatched-up? That’s what happened in the early 1940s based on the orders of one person, the blind allegiance thousands of others granted based on that person’s title, and the unquestioning acceptance by millions more due to years of programming.

Though claims of a “fervered time of world war” were given as justification, no person has carte blanche ability to violate the rights of even one individual, much less the 110,000 caged in America’s concentration camps.


For more on Gila River check out “Years of Infamy” by Michi Nishiura Weglyn, who was held captive at the facility.

What happened at Gila River, in countless other iterations, and what may occur in the future can happen only after the mind has been made complacent, force-fed Statist Quo drivel, that a certain group of people have the right to control others. Fortunately, bad ideas can be replaced by those recognized to be better, and more aligned with ones consciousness.

It is paramount for each of us to not accept the dogma of another as our own but to decide for ourselves what makes sense. Don’t buy into the divisive propaganda and ‘us vs. them’ paradigm upon which your would-be masters depend. Trust yourself. [related: http://copblock.org/library]




A Parley in Parma

Friday, April 11th, 2014


Phone 440.887.7300
Website http://cityofparmapolice.com


Email greaterclevelandcopblock@gmail.com
On Facebook http://facebook.com/greaterclevelandcopblock
On YouTube http://youtube.com/clevelandcopblock


Parma agrees to pay 16-year-old boy $40,000 to settle police brutality lawsuit by Brian Byrne March 04, 2014

How Would You Handle the Armed Men in Nevada?

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Most of the regular readers to this site are probably aware to Cliven Bundy and the situation his family is currently facing in Nevada. For those unaware read this submission to CopBlock.org posted earlier today or this piece written by Christoper Cantwell titled, “5 Things the Bundy Ranch Teaches Us.” If that doesn’t work, use Google to get caught up on the this insane situation.

My blog post today is NOT a background story to help you understand the standoff. My post here won’t be a call on action (though I believe as many people who can, should get to the Bundy’s Ranch) or a solution to the problem, I believe even if I had those, it’s not my place. How this interaction between government agents and the Bundy’s ends, is up to them.

What I want to do, is ask you a simple question. As the world watches another perfect government storm unfold, with all the similarities of Ruby Ridge and Waco, have you ever thought about what you would do of (but more like, when) the government pushes you to your breaking point? In the words of William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart), “Will you stand up and fight? Or will you run?”

Now I can already predict the responses from my friends, the CB trolls and most any statists. Yet, I urge you to really think about this. Sadly we live in a world where government agents regularly (whether as a mailman, censuses worker or full on swat team) come to your door (most the time under the pretense of helping you) and end up either taking everything you have and if you don’t give it to them, they’ll back you into a corner. Afterwards, they’ll blame you for fighting your way out and justify the overwhelming slaughter that will follow. Regardless of the outcome you should seriously consider your options if the man decides to take certain actions toward you. Don’t leave yourself with only two options, fight or run, when men with American flag patches and AR-15′s show up at your door. Being caught off guard and without a plan of action is a recipe for certain slaughter.

I wish the Bundy family the best. I hope the men in costumes who go out there to enforce these BS laws quit their jobs or prepare to risk their life for a paycheck. I’m sure the Bundy’s have more to fight for than just (worthless paper) money.

Consider joining the “Support Cliven Bundy” Facebook page.

Self-Sufficiency Is Dangerous to A System that Relies On Dependency – Randy Stroud

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

In November of 2012 I met Randy Stroud at the Music City Liberty Fest. Later, I became more familiar with his own efforts – much of which focuses on doing damage control when subjects to the arbitrariness inherent in legaland and on the freedom of travel, which I too recognize as paramount.

When I knew I was to roll through Nashville as part of a 7-week jaunt, I hit Randy up and we were able to connect at the Cop Block meetup, which piggybacked on the already-scheduled Liberty on The Rocks meetup at Mafiaoza’s, where the video footage was captured.

I’m happy to share his perspective as his journey – first realizing that something is amiss and then being attracted to specific idea transmitters – is not uncommon. What Randy next did, and what is undoubtedly becoming more common, is, to reference a statement he made in the video, to ‘wash his hands’ of the coercive monopoly and move forward.



  • ‪[Video] Freeman Wins in Court- No License Plate- Randy Stroud‬ http://youtube.com/watch?v=JfUYVn6RBiI
  • [Video] Traveling without a License- 4th of July 2013‬ http://youtu.be/K994k2zyx38
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  • [Page] Cop Block Library http://CopBlock.org/Library


CopBlock.org is a resource for the education of individual rights through the dissemination of different viewpoints and tactics that seek to curtail the all-too-common rights-violations and unaccountability that today exists.

We do not “hate cops.” We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights. The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.

Those of us who write for and are responsible for CopBlock.org affirm that violence is not condoned except in the defense of self or others – while we recognize the rights of other individuals to use the CopBlock name, we do not recognize those that do not affirm and live by that statement.

Self-Sufficiency Is Dangerous to A System that Relies On Dependency – Randy Stroud is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

An Exchange in West Memphis

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

When traveling from Little Rock to Nashville I spent three days parked at a truck stop in West Memphis and worked from a 24-hour McDonald’s to get content cranked out. While there I twice saw road pirate activity. The video above documents the first and definitely, the more fruitful conversation from the two interactions (see raw footage via Bambuser from this interaction and from the second interaction).






An Exchange in West Memphis is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

4:49 with 4409

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

When in the Phoenix area as part of a recent jaunt, I sat down with my good bud Jason Shelton aka 4409, to hear his thoughts on the situation we are today confronted with and why he is optimistic.

“The limitation of tyrants is the endurance of those they oppose.” – Frederick Douglass





4:49 with 4409 is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Noncompliance: the Path to Liberty

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

The text below was authored by Liz Reitzig and posted to NurishingLiberty.org on April 1, 2014. It is reposted here as it doesn’t just outline wrongs committed by some police employees, but suggests that noncompliance and self-reliance can help create a better reality.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. – Marianne Williamson


Liz Reitzig

Noncompliance: the Path to Liberty
by Liz Reitzig Blogger & Peaceful Activist at Nourishing Liberty

Over the past several years, Americans have seen an increase in enforcement action against individuals engaging in normal, peaceful human behaviors. Many of these enforcement actions have blatantly targeted small farmers and others in the local food distribution chain.

In a normal culture, no one would even think twice about whether they had the right to grow, eat and share their own food with their family and community.  They would simply do it.  And yet, here we are in the 21st century so acclimated to readily accessible food, that we have become dissociated from the actual process–and empowerment–of producing our own food.  When we hear about government regulators controlling what farmers can grow, eat and distribute, it doesn’t really impact us as an immediate, personal loss of the most basic freedom: the freedom to grow and eat our own food as we choose.

I am an outspoken activist on food freedom issues, and a proponent of peaceful non-compliance against the laws that criminalize farmers being farmers. Because I have taken this position, people often ask me if I am afraid of enforcers taking action against me over my blatant disregard for the regulations that give them power and control over peaceable people.

My answer is always as quick as it is clear:

Of course I’m scared.

But I am even more terrified of what will happen if I, and others, do not take a stand and take action now. When I express indignation at the brutalities I see, often by those professing to protect us, people frequently respond that we have nothing to worry about, that tyranny could not possibly happen here. In America. In the 21st century.

And to those skeptics I ask, “Why not?”

We cannot understand liberty, or oppression, without looking at history. History teaches us unequivocally that non-discerning obedience to authority results in frightful numbers of deaths and the certain demise of personal liberty.

History teaches us what happens when a population obeys absurd and inane dictates of the government out of ignorance, apathy…or fear.

A few examples include, but are sadly not limited to:

And many, many others, culminating in 262 million deaths by democide (the killing of citizens by their own government) in this past century alone.

These deaths occurred, and continue to occur today, because people put faith in a system that fails us.

Sadly, this country was founded on genocide and slavery. Our “economy” was dependent on destroying people’s lives by killing some and “owning” others. Once slavery officially ended, it was replaced with a cultural acceptance of lynching, unwarranted prison sentences and segregation that only ended with the deaths and injuries of thousands who simply said “no.” No, they would not obey government dictates criminalizing them for natural, voluntary human behavior.

After the violent end of legalized segregation, the assumed theory was that the justice system served everyone equally. That theory has repeatedly proven false with incarceration levels here higher than any other country and more blacks imprisoned now than during the time of the Jim Crow laws.

There are frequent and increasing incidents of government brutality happening today. Kelly Thomas, Luis Rodriguez, Justina Pelletier to name only a few. The stories are endless, the facts, wrenching.

People can justify all sorts of cruelties—for many, legality equates to morality. But, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so aptly points out in his letters, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

To those who think that our soldiers, police and regulators are heroes who protect the safety and the lives of your family, look around you and ask the hard questions. When people are not free to voluntarily exchange food, when people can legally be held indefinitely without charge, when nearly everything you write, and say and do is monitored and recorded, exactly what freedoms are actually being protected?

By supporting a system that continuously criminalizes peaceful human behavior you are supporting a system that will, inevitably, result in despotism.

Active, peaceful non-compliance at least gives liberty and life a chance. With strong examples of non-compliance from farmers, along with our daily choices in who we support, for many of us, our story can have a different, happier conclusion than the examples above.

Often the individual farmers targeted for violent “enforcement,” are those who peacefully, proudly, and righteously stand up to their oppressors by simply, gently saying “No.” “No, we will not stop farming. No, we will not stop feeding our communities. We will stand for our natural right to farm, and we will continue to nourish our families and our communities.”

This courage in the face of oppression compassionately invites oppressors–often called “agents”–to explore the possibility that they have choices as well. These public servants can refuse to cooperate with a system that has grown to the proportions of tyranny illustrated throughout history; it is their choice to participate in something as egregious and demeaning as the examples above, or not.

As difficult as it may be to acknowledge, the unfortunate truth is that we are in a place today where we all need to calmly ask the members of our militarized police whether they will continue to enforce unjust, discriminatory orders that violate basic human rights. Captain Von Trapp, immortalized by the movie, The Sound of Music, was a real person with a place of prestige in his military, society and culture. He left everything he knew, everything he had because he could not tolerate the horrors happening in Nazi-occupied Austria. He saw the dangers of compliance.

Sometimes, to nourish liberty, we have to ask in our hearts, “is this right?” And listen to the answer. If our current beliefs support unjust actions by our own government we have to change our beliefs. When our beliefs change, our actions change, when our actions change, we change the beliefs of those around us and we change the world.  There is courage in the daily actions we take to transform a cultural norm. It takes courage to leave what you have known before because it has become so perverse you do not recognize it. It is in these simple, and not-so-simple acts of non-compliance, of listening to the heart to tell you what is right, that many individual voices become a chorus large enough to change the world.

Whatever the threats might be for non-compliance in a vastly unjust system, the dangers of compliance are far greater. Obedience to oppression serves no one. Yes, I AM scared that one day I might face a courtroom, perhaps even jail for my continued and increasing actions in support of food freedom. But I am even more terrified of the world my children will inherit if I, and others, do not take a stand now.

To my brothers and sisters in non-compliance, THANK YOU! Thank you for serving the world, each in your way. Thank you for the risks you take and the sacrifices you make. To those who know in your heart what is right but are timid or afraid, I feel you. I know you. I am you. And you do have the courage. You can take the steps. You can choose non-compliance wherever you are and whatever you do. Changing belief in the system is the first step, but action is equally important. Our actions help inform and encourage the resolve of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to stand for what is right as well.  If we do not, they cannot.

I often get the feeling of inadequacy—who am I to offer my non-compliance? Am I able to create effective change? What difference could my actions possibly make in this sea of violence? Perhaps some of you feel the same way. But the real question is: Who am I NOT to do this? And who are you NOT to? Yes, I am asking you to do something difficult. Change is never easy, especially when it entails some degree of risk. But we can do difficult tasks. And we can endure risks when we know what we are doing is right, when we see and accept that the risk of not doing anything is greater. Most importantly, we can endure risks when we gather with others doing the same. Each one of us, standing for justice now, takes another piece of that risk away from those who have stood before us, and from those that will stand with us in the future.  Each one of us who is willing to speak truth to power, to openly defend basic principles of freedom and self-determination, opens the door for one or two, or ten or a hundred others to say, “This is not right. It must stop.”

As we let our own light shine, we give others the power to do the same.

This is our challenge, and our great privilege.  It is time that we lift our vision and expectations beyond basic survival and uncertain hope of personal wealth and security, to a sure knowledge of well-being and belonging in our communities.  It is time that we let our government know that we know how to do this, and more to the point, it is time that we know it for ourselves.

It is time we stop acting as if we are dependent on government for our safety and security.

And we should not have to question whether our safety and security is threatened by our own government.  Go grow your garden!  Talk to your neighbors and help them grow theirs.  Do whatever you see needs doing that will make your family and your community stronger and more secure.  Organize community exchanges: for food, services and goods.

Through the power of each of our individual choices, it is our splendid opportunity to live and act together in peace and to teach and remind ourselves to Nourish Liberty every day.

Noncompliance: the Path to Liberty is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Papers Please! Drivers License Checkpoint in Rutherford County

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

On Friday, March 21, 2014 a group of individuals wearing Tennessee Highway Patrol costumes stopped and demanded identification from travelers not suspected of any crime. That should cause any thinking person to ponder – just who are the criminals in this situation?

In addition to a Jeep driver who spoke the truth, present with cameras, signs and a mindset not welcoming to such draconian checkpoints were Murfreesboro inhabitants Adam G. House and Axl David, accompanied by Pete Eyre.


(615) 741-3181 District 3, Troop B


Papers Please! Drivers License Checkpoint in Rutherford County is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights