Saddleback College Latest To Receive MRAP Per Post-9/11 Security Theater

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Jason M. Salamat shared this content via, which details the ridiculousness of the ‘war on terror’ – in this case, the acquisition of a Mine Resistant Ambus Protected (MRAP) vehicle by police employees at tranquil Saddleback Community College.


This is at a community college in my area. There are less than 10 full-time officers at this location, and only one case of a forced sex offense in 2012. Why do they need an IED/Mine resistant armor vehicle? In-case of terrorist threats or hostage situations? Yeah, right. More like to scare the potheads before they go to class. Ridiculous. Our tax dollars at work.

Editors note: With less than 10 full-timers, the office of the Saddleback Police Outfit is open only a half-day on Friday, and is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Clearly the crime rate must be so astronomical in the area that the need for the MRAP is paramount.

From the write-up Why Does Saddleback College Have an MRAP Armored Vehicle? by :

Campus police chief Christopher Wilkinson prepared a 2012 annual security report for the college. Crime statistics for 2011-2012 show more forced sex offenses (one) than combined totals for murder, manslaughter, robbery, hate crimes, terrorist acts, and bombs (zero-point-zero).

In fact, the Saddleback Police Outfit now has the distinction of being the only college with less than ten police employees with a MRAP – I bet that distinction is not plastered on literature trying to attract new students…

saddleback-college-police-copblockAccording to their website:

Saddleback College Police Officers are responsible for patrolling campus grounds, taking crime and incident reports, conducting investigations, enforcing all applicable laws, traffic regulations and providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests.

Perhaps the Saddleback police employees  need to re-read their mission – in doing so, they may come to see what is clear to any rationale person – a MRAP is a ridiculous and unwarranted.

Saddleback Police Outfit

The MRAP at Saddleback Community College joins the 40+ others now in California, as of June 13, 2014

MRAP Distribution within USSA by CopBlock

Saddleback College Latest To Receive MRAP Per Post-9/11 Security Theater is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Butte County DA Mike Ramsey Calls Kick to Head of Seated Suspect, “Textbook”

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Two weeks ago in the post Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies we shared that:

Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

Since that incident, which happened on August 26th, Burnett has been on a paid vacation, compliments of those who claims to “serve and protect” while the incident was “investigated” by his friends.


Mike Ramsey

Yesterday, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey yesterday said that he found nothing wrong with Burnett’s actions – and referred to the kick to the head of the seated man as “textbook.”

It’s not surprising that Burnett was not held accountable by his friends in the District Attorney’s office. Like the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, those institutions exist solely due to perceived legitimacy. To admit fault would mean the omnipotence claimed by those involved is not always true. Better then, to circle the wagons…

But despite Ramsey’s asinine determination, this incident – the kicking of a seated suspect deemed “textbook” – will undoubtedly cause many hundreds or thousands to be just a bit more inclined not to fund these criminals, and certainly, not to think or refer to them as “authorities,” which in the end, does far more to erode their legitimacy than any inside-their-injustice-system ruling ever could.

The person who submitted this update anonymously wrote:

I can’t believe this is a local incident. We’ll I guess I can believe it. But this is beyond ridiculous. The man was sitting down when he was assalted. Ether there was an altercation before is beyond the point because at that time he was sitting down not being aggressive. When are people going to stand up?!

Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

Butte County District Attorney


Butte County DA Mike Ramsey Calls Kick to Head of Seated Suspect, “Textbook” is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Police State Monday: Cops Shoot Bystander Charge Suspect With Her Murder, Police Checkpoints To See If You’re Holding Your Cellphone, And Much More

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses.

Today Angel discussed:



Cops Kill Innocent Bystander, But Charge Suspect They Were Trying To Shoot With Her Murder

Fernanda Godinez was accidentally killed by Orlando police

A Florida man is facing charges of First Degree Murder after police in Orlando tried to shoot him but killed an innocent bystander instead.



Police Ramp Up Efforts To Catch You Texting And Driving — Setting Up Checkpoints For Holding Cell Phones


Armed with federal money, police from more than two dozen departments around the state are poised to launch a no-texting-while-driving campaign that includes state-wide checkpoints for holding a cell phone.


Police Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Napster Exec While Texting And Driving — Because It’s Apparently OK For Police To Do That

Milton Olin

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Andrew Wood will not be charged for fatally running over former Napster COO Milton Olin Jr. in his patrol car while the officer was typing a message into his computer.


Judge Orders Courtroom Deputy To Taze Defendant For Talking

Delvon King

A Maryland judge ordered a sheriff’s deputy to shock a defendant who would not stop citing “sovereign citizen” doctrine during a court hearing.


Video Shows Police Shot Man ‘On Sight’ As He Leaned On TOY GUN In Walmart

John Crawford

Surveillance video shows an Ohio man talking on a cell phone, leaning on a toy gun, and facing away from officers moments before police shot and killed him in a Walmart store, according to an attorney for the man’s family.


The Angel Clark Show talked with Lyn Ulbricht, mother of the alleged founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht. Ross is accused of being Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), and is currently sitting in a cage, awaiting trial. Hear what his mother had to say about the Government’s charges here:


Police lock down California campus because of man carrying an umbrella 

Bill Craig holds his hands in the air when a SWAT team inspects his umbrella.  (Source: Bill Craig / Facebook)

A SWAT team was deployed and a university campus was locked down when someone suspected that a man carrying his umbrella was actually carrying a firearm.


Florida couples can be arrested if caught living together before marriage

(Source: Shutterstock)

Hundreds of Floridians are being fined and imprisoned for the crime of living with a romantic partner without government permission, thanks to an old-time cohabitation law that is still in effect and arbitrarily enforced.


California Supreme Court rules that silence can be evidence of guilt

American justice

The Supreme Court of California has ruled that a suspect’s silence can be used as evidence of guilt during trial.


Police summoned to investigate fictional story about killing a dinosaur, student arrested

Police were called on Alex Stone, 16, when he completed a creative writing assignment.  NBC 12)

Police were summoned to a high school after a boy wrote a story about using a gun to kill a dinosaur. The boy was searched, suspended from school, and subsequently handcuffed and arrested when he did not handle the interrogation calmly.


WATCH: Police Beat Man In Walmart As Horrified Shoppers Beg Officers To Stop


Police authorities in Greenville, South Carolina are reviewing video of an arrest at a Walmart store Saturday afternoon where an officer can be seen repeatedly punching a suspect in the head as horrified shoppers begged him to stop.


Authorities claim handcuffed man shot himself in the chest, ruled ‘suicide’

Victor White III (Source: William Widmier / Courtesy of Vanessa White)

Authorities claim that a man committed suicide via gunshot while handcuffed and unattended in the back of a police cruiser. However, an autopsy report states that the man — who had his handcuffed behind his back, and was already searched for weapons — was shot in the chest.


Chicago police jailed two innocent men for 17 months with no evidence

(Source: Associated Press photo)

Two men were held in jail for nearly a year and a half with no evidence against them, prompting a judge to criticize the “pathetic” police investigation.


Colorado man is ‘swatted’ while playing online video games

Jordan Mathewson puts his headphones down and raises his hands as a SWAT team enters his home. (Source: YouTube)

A Colorado gaming enthusiast was interrupted by a SWAT team pointing rifles at him while he competed with his friends online.


SWAT team breaks down door, shoots man as he watched TV with friend

SWAT members congregate outside the home on Dogwood Drive, in Easton, Conn. where Gonzalo Guizan was shot and killed by police during a raid on May 18th, 2008. (Source: Christian Abraham)

Police violently broke in on a couple of men watching television, exploded concussion grenades, and shot one man roughly a second after entry. The fatal, under-investigated raid yielded no arrests and led to the shooter being named “Officer of the Year.” All because someone was suspected of getting high without government permission.


Police barge into innocent woman’s home to make arrest over grass length


Police officers barged into a woman’s home because they wanted to arrest the owner because of the length of the front lawn.  A tenant answered the door and recorded the rude, obscenity-spewing cops making demands and entering her home, despite the fact that she wasn’t even the person listed on the warrant.


Cop Who Threatened To ‘F*cking Kill’ Reporter During Ferguson Protests Officially Resigns

ferguson cop threatens person filming him [freethoughtproject]

A police officer has resigned after pointing a rifle at protesters during racially charged demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and another has been fired for inappropriate social media posts stemming from the two weeks of civil unrest, officials said on Friday.


Masked Cop Accused Of Beating Woman With A Baseball Bat


A 30-year veteran of the Walnut Creek, California police force is accused of attacking a woman with a baseball bat while wearing a mask to conceal his identity.


Man Will File Civil Rights Suit Against Cops Who Tased Him For Not Identifying Himself

Chris Lollie pursuing complaint after being Tased by Minnesota cops [WCCO-TV]

A 28-year-old man who filmed his arrest and Tasing at the hand of two police officers in St. Paul, Minnesota earlier this year will file a federal civil rights lawsuit as the incident continues to gain attention.


Cop Accused Of Killing Woman He Met Online, Then Burning Her Body

Tahreem Zeus Rana 2

An Atlanta police officer is accused of killing a woman he met through an online hookup website and then set her body on fire.


WATCH: Bounty Hunter Attacks Woman With Taser As Her Family Arrives Home From Church

woman bounty hunter taser

The Ann Arbor News reports that police are investigating an incident in which a bounty hunter used a Taser on the wife of a man he was taking into custody.


Police Sued For $40 Million Over Actions In Ferguson Protests

Police officers keep watch while demonstrators (not pictured) protest the death of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri August 12, 2014.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

A group of people caught up in unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after a white officer killed a black teenager, sued local officials on Thursday, alleging civil rights violations through arrests and police assaults with rubber bullets and tear gas.


Police Altered Video Showing What Happened Before Cops Shot Man 23 Times

Wayne Jones

Police in a West Virginia city altered video evidence in the death of a mentally ill black man who was shot and killed last year during a confrontation with officers, a lawyer for the victim’s family said on Thursday.


Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over 19-Year-Old Son Who Died On Rikers Island In Solitary Confinement


A 19-year-old man suffered a slow, agonizing and lonely death while he was locked up in solitary confinement at Rikers Island, court papers charge.


Ferguson Shooting Audio Recording Verified As Real

A local resident stands with his arm up over a makeshift memorial at the site where unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri August 27, 2014 (Reuters / Adrees Latif)

A new audio recording that allegedly captures a series of gunshots at the time of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, has been confirmed to be real by the developers behind the software used to capture it.


Moving In Military-Style Formation May Make Police More Aggressive

Ferguson police protests

Much has been written in recent weeks about the militarization of America’s police, who are increasingly using armored vehicles and powerful, high-tech weaponry. Pundits and scholars have pondered whether possession of this weaponry influences the mindset of policemen, perhaps driving them to use more aggressive tactics.


Feds Declare War on Raw Milk Cheese: Regulation Spoils Acclaimed Wisconsin Cheese

No matter which way you slice it, the federal government is turning Wisconsin cheesemakers’ moods extra stinky.


Cops to Draw Blood at Labor Day Weekend ‘No Refusal’ DUI Checkpoints

Tennessee has a new Labor Day tradition. According to WKRN-TV, the Tennessee Highway Patrol will continue its “no refusal” blood-extraction DUI checkpoints this Labor Day weekend, starting on midnight on August 29 and continuing until midnight on September 1. Under “no refusal” enforcement, suspected drunk drivers will be forced to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test, even if they refuse.


Ferguson Aftermath: California City Tells Cops To Get Rid Of Armored Vehicle

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP).(AFP PHOTO / Aul Loeb)

The city council of Davis, California has decided to drop the local police department’s Pentagon-supplied armored vehicle following worries from the community that it could be used against demonstrations, as was the case in Ferguson, Missouri this month.


‘Cops’ Filming Goes Bad: Crew Member Gunned Down By Police

Eric Thayer / Getty Images / AFP

An employee working for the television show “Cops” was shot and killed by police in Omaha, Nebraska, as they responded to an armed robbery at a local restaurant. The suspected burglar was also killed.


Winner Of Russian Roulette Game Charged In Loser’s Death

["Suicide, a man put a gun to his head, black and white" on Shutterstock]

The winner of a game of Russian roulette was arrested on Monday on charges related to the death of the loser.


Police Chief Defends Cop In Video Threatening To ‘Put A Round In Your Ass’ During Traffic Stop

Boynton Beach cop

Police in Florida are defending officers who pulled a gun on a driver and threw him to the ground in a videotaped traffic stop.


WATCH: Police Draw Guns On Mother And Young Children They Mistook For “Gun-Waving Males”

screengrab of barbour

A Texas mother said that police mistook her and her four young children for a group of black males waving a gun out the car window.


Cop Kills Man In Drunken Car Accident

[Screen capture of Eric Wayne from The Healing Effect movie trailer on YouTube]

A Massachusetts police officer involved in a fatal car accident on Saturday was already facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence.


Police Shot Unarmed Suicidal Teen 16 Times As Family Says They Begged Them Not To

Joseph Jennings' aunt, Brandy Smith (KCTV)

Family members of a teen who was shot at least 16 times by police in Ottawa, Kansas said this week that the 18-year-old was unarmed and suicidal when he was gunned down.


Guy Gets Almost 3 Years In Prison For Pirating ‘Fast And Furious’

fast & furious 6

A man who recorded the movie Fast and Furious 6 in a Walsall cinema, whose illegal copy was downloaded from torrent sites over 700,000 times, has been jailed for 33 months.


WATCH: Man Says Cops Beat Him For Not Rolling Down Window All The Way

Policeman getting out from car on Shutterstock

A Florida man said this week that he is still trying to recover after police beat him during an argument that started when he refused to roll down his car window all the way.


Teen No Longer Facing Life In Prison For Pot Brownies — But He Could Still Get 20 YEARS

Jacob Lavoro

A Texas man is no longer facing a life term in prison for pot brownies after prosecutors decided the case wasn’t worth the effort. He is instead facing 20 years for two separate felony charges.


Cop Indicted After Being Caught On Video Repeatedly Tasering Helpless Man

[Taser image via Flickr user hradcanska, Creative Commons licensed]

A South Dakota police officer is facing an indictment for repeatedly Tasering an unresponsive man who was already handcuffed, an incident that bystanders caught on video.


Cops Fired Taser 13 Times ‘As A Cattle Prod’ To Make Tired Man Walk Before He Died

Gregory Towns died after being Tased by Georgia police (WSB)

A Georgia man died after police shocked him with a Taser as many as 13 times because he said he was too tired to walk due to a foot chase, his attorney said this week.


Cops Brutalize Fellow Officer For Getting Stolen Guns Off Street

'Guns and Ammunition' [Shutterstock]

A Philadelphia police officer has accused fellow officers of brutality after he tried to turn in a friend’s guns “in a proactive attempt to stop violence.”


Off-Duty Cop Cleared In Fatal Shooting Of Teen “He Suspected Of Drug Use”

Jonathen Santellana

A grand jury declined to indict a Houston-area police officer who shot and killed a teenager while working off-duty as a security guard.


New Video Shows Cops Spraying Rubber Bullets At Ferguson Crowd For No Apparent Reason

Video shows police response in Michael Brown's apartment complex
<div class=

” />

Police in Ferguson, Missouri were filmed isolating Black residents in the neighborhood where 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and fired rubber bullets at them.


Walking While Black: TV Producer Slams Cops For False Arrest

Producer Charles Belk falsely arrested by LAPD [KTLA-TV]

A television and film producer’s first-person account of his mistaken arrest by Beverly Hills police has attracted widespread attention.


Activists Carry Coffin Of Mentally Ill Woman Killed By Police
Family of Michelle Cusseaux wants independent investigation into police shooting

Activists protesting the fatal shooting of a mentally ill woman by a Phoenix police sergeant last week carried her coffin to City Hall on Friday, demanding an independent investigation into her killing.


Cops Caught Using Police Database To Spy On Potential Mates On Online Dating Sites

["Laptop computer with crime scene tape across it" on Shutterstock]

Two veteran police officers in Fairfield, California are being investigated for using confidential law enforcement databases to obtain private information about women they met on online personal websites.


Cop Caught On Video Using Taser On Kneeling Teenager Who Was Surrendering

Police with Taser [Flickr creative commons]

An Albany police officer, who shot and killed an undocumented immigrant four years ago, has been suspended and is facing dismissal after video captured him tasering a kneeling teen who was surrendering at the time of the incident.


Cop Accused Of Threatening To Arrest Women During On-Duty Sex Assaults

Daniel Holtzclaw

An Oklahoma City police officer named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed earlier this year has been accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty.


Cop Writes Op-Ed — Tells People If They Don’t Want To Get Killed Don’t Tell Him You Pay His Salary


Sunil Dutta, a professor of homeland security at Colorado Tech University, has been an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years. He wrote this Op-Ed on the Washington Post on August 19th. 

cop 4

The highlight for me is this paragraph.

cop 3


Also check out:

K-9 Dead After Officers Leave Dog in Hot Car For 6 Hours With Windows Up

A police officer in Mills, Wyoming was recently accused of leaving his K-9 dog in a police car for over 6 hours on a hot day with the windows rolled up. The dog was found dead after spending an entire hot day in the car without any water or ventilation. According to an affidavit obtained by KCWY13 news, it was 86 degrees on the day when the dog was left in the vehicle.


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Who is Angel Clark?

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Angel writes for numerous sites including and her own personal website or on

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See you in the chat ROOM!


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My Family Was Held Hostage In Our Home by El Cajon SWAT

Monday, September 1st, 2014

The below was received anonymously via

The authors point, “that every family has problems and the police often make things worse by making a big scene” is something that many people learn the hard way. Perhaps through a needless assault, kidnapping and caging, or the death of a loved one by someone who may later claim to be “just doing my job.”

It is hoped that this post, and others at and similar outlets, will help make clear that despite the lip-service paid to “protecting and serving,” police employees, per the nature of their institution, are primarily motivated to gain compliance, and thus will escalate up to and including, the use of deadly force. Fortunately, because the author of the post knew and chose to exercise his rights, that’s not how this situation ended.


On August 20, 2013 the El Cajon Police Department S.W.A.T team surrounded my home and barricaded my neighborhood from residents coming in or leaving.

The backstory is simply that me and my wife got into a heated argument the night before, she left, was gone all night and I called her sister around midnight (who lives in Rhode Island) because I was growing worried. Her sister hadn’t heard from her and didn’t know her whereabouts. I assured her sister I would keep her informed.

The next morning my wife arrived and we agreed to sit and discuss things calmly. I texted her sister and told her that she got home and was safe. Her sister demanded to speak with her but I informed her that we needed to speak to each other first but I would tell her to call her. Her sister demanded again, this time saying she was going to notify the local police department in five minutes if she didn’t hear from her sister. We thought that was odd and hasty but went on carrying on our conversation and as we were speaking the door bell rang…

I told my wife that it was the police (we saw them on our security cameras) and that we didn’t have to answer our door because police like to escalate situations and that was the last thing we needed…my son (toddler age) opened the blinds out of curiosity and the police officer noticed him and began to bang on my security door like a crime was in progress….then other officers arrived and began to bang on windows too.

At this point I was getting quite annoyed that they were persisting……next thing my phone rings…..I answer it and it’s the police officer outside…..he explained that they were called to a welfare check and needed us to step outside to see if everyone is ok and safe. I told him that they need to go away and our family matters were being resolved by us in a calm manner and no one is being harmed at all. My wife even spoke to him telling him we were all fine.

By this time, the neighborhood was closed off and the department had dispatched more officers, including SWAT. I told the officer via cell phone that we knew our 4th amendment right and didn’t have to comply with their orders. Me and my family were beginning to get agitated and my son was crying because he was tired at this point. It started around 9 AM and was now around noon, which is his nap time.

During the ordeal I spoke with an officer, dispatch officer and a lieutenant and they refused to leave citing they had to make sure everyone is safe. At this point they were treating the situation as a hostage situation and I sternly explained to them that they were being voice recorded, video recorded and I would not hesitate to file a lawsuit if they continued to harass my family.

I informed them that I was no stranger to the criminal justice system (although not a felon and have only had a minor DUI conviction which was expunged) and in fact I had a bachelors degree in that field myself. The officer tried being friendly with me as he noticed my USMC flag in the front of my home and stated he was a former Marine also. I didn’t take the bait as I knew what he was attempting and frankly I didn’t give a damn and didn’t know him anyway.

Four hours or so into the ordeal, I looked to my wife and said “maybe you should go out there and show them you’re safe so they will leave us the hell alone” I sat with her and schooled her a bit on her 4th and 5th amendment (she was not too familiar with them at all) and urged her to only give identification information and to use her right to remain silent to her advantage and to save us from further harassment.

She went outside (I didn’t want to go outside because they knew I had a gun (registered in my name) and would’ve tased me and kicked my ass at the first opportunity. So I felt it was a safer bet to have her confront them.

The were in my back yard, my neighbors back yard and had snipers and police set up all over our small neighborhood block and according to her made her climb a ladder to get to them outside of the yard. They did exactly what I informed her they would do which was interrogate her and ask her questions like “do you guys have drugs, sell drugs, does he have guns, did he hurt you?” etc…they weren’t satisfied and wanted me to send my son outside to and I told them he was sleeping and I wasn’t going to wake him up just to appease them in their little game.

At this point I was pissed off and getting irate with these ass clowns! They urged me to at least show him through the window and they would leave…..I woke him up and showed them my sleepy eyed son (who was awake now thanks to them) and they finally left.

The moral of this story is that every family has problems and the police often make things worse by making a big scene.

My next door neighbors were pissed off and the rest of the neighborhood was annoyed but mostly supportive. The next door neighbors asked me “why didn’t you just do what they said” to which I replied “because we have rights!”

BTW….this was our first year in our new home so you could probably understand how mortified and embarrassed we were at the event that took place. If I could do it again. I would probably do the same thing. I don’t interact with police officers and have lost so much respect for them because of this.

El Cajon Police Outfit

Known Southern California-Based Police Accountability Groups

  • California Cop Block – Facebook
  • California Cop Watch – Twitter
  • Committee Against Police Brutality San Diego – Facebook /
  • Cop Block Los Angeles – Facebook /
  • Cop Block Imperial Valley – Facebook
  • Cop Block El Segundo – Facebook
  • Orange County Cop Block – Facebook / Twitter /
  • San Diego Cop Block – Facebook
  • Santa Ana Cop Watch – Facebook /
  • United Against Police Terror – San Diego – website / Facebook /


My Family Was Held Hostage In Our Home by El Cajon SWAT is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Checkpoint Copblocked in Napa, California

Monday, September 1st, 2014

This video and text were shared by Napa Cop Block via

On August 23, 2014 my friend and I went through a checkpoint in Napa, California. They have these checkpoints listed as DUI / Driver license checkpoints, which, as Copblockers, we all know is not legal. We went through it and proceeded to inform the officers that we do not have to present any form of ID.

It was amazing how uninformed these officers were when it came to this issue. A highway patrol officer even had the audacity to say he could pretty much make us do whatever he wanted with or without reasonable suspicion.

It is sad that those who are paid to uphold the law do not know the law. There were many other problems with this checkpoint but I feel this video speaks for itself.

Get informed and hold police accountable. Contrary to popular belief, and the belief of the officer in this video, they can’t do whatever they want.



Checkpoint Copblocked in Napa, California is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

What Good is Government: Dan Petry’s Battle with Corrupt Cops

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

The content below was shared by Dan Petry via the page

In 1980 as a newly married Security Guard I was an eyewitness to a Police crime and victim of that crime as well, while working at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in S.L.O., Ca. In this 10-minute documentary/webcam podcast interview I go into details about that crime, which links to an hour long interview.

Petry now hosts C.O.P.$. which goes live on SMC-TV and TAP-TV in Lompoc and Santa Maria.


Episode #6, and the associated description, is below. You can contact him at

After trying for two years to get the media, local or National to cover the tragic, allegedly suspicious death of their son Mr. Anthony Charles Chatman in a holding cell in Missouri, Mr. Charles Chatman (Father) and Kathy Schmidt (Mother) contacted me and asked to appear on my show: C.O.P.$. They traveled to Santa Maria, Ca. all the way from St. Louis, Mo. to finally get some media attention to simply find out the truth of what really happened to their son. In episode 6 you will here their horror story, in their own words, on dealing with what they feel is an alleged cover up of the truth and reports that do not add up.

What Good is Government: Dan Petry’s Battle with Corrupt Cops is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Crowdfunding Campaign for New Anti-Police State App

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

The post below was authored by Orion Martin and shared via


Hello CopBlockers,

There is a new crowdfunding campaign that recently went live for the app Sidekik – an app which will give people a powerful tool in their dealings with the police state.

When the app is activated it will perform two actions:

  • First, it will activate the audio and video recording devices on the user’s smartphone and begin streaming the data as it is being recorded to a secure server and,
  • Second, it will initiate a video call which will connect the user in a matter seconds to an attorney who will interact with the officer on behalf of the user.

View the campaign:

Legal representation through Sidekik is included in the Sidekik subscription. The user does not need to pay anything for the attorney to represent them aside from the subscription, which my partners and I estimate will be $60 for a year. The yearly subscription will include 12 uses of Sidekik. Some people have assumed the app user needs to pay some huge amount to be represented, and this is not the case.

If enough people start using Sidekik then police departments across the country will be faced with a Maywood, CA situation. In early June of 2010 the City of Maywood received a notice that their insurance was being cancelled, primarily due to the number of complaints filed against the police department. When the city tried getting coverage from other insurers, no insurance company would cover them. Maywood councilman Felipe Aguirre said, “Nobody will insure us, not as long as we have the police department.”

Since cities require insurance to legally operate, and no one would provide coverage given the number claims against the police, the entire 60 member department was disbanded on June 30th, 2010. Sidekik will streamline the formation of lawsuits against police departments by ensuring that evidence of rights violations is preserved and by providing a steady flow of attorneys willing to file lawsuits based on that evidence. In short, when the use of Sidekik becomes widespread, police departments will have two choices: change the way they do business or go out of business.

Thanks for your support.


Orion Martin

Crowdfunding Campaign for New Anti-Police State App is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

And a press release authored by Miranda Bowersox, another Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee doing damage control, framed the incident as a fight, of which the video captured only the end.

an internal investigation into this incident and has requested an independent investigation through the District Attorney’s Office. Deputy Burnett has been reassigned from patrol duties

In layman’s terms, that means Burnett is still on the job, and still being paid – he’s just, until the public attention on this situation dies down – being kept off the street.

And, since neither the corporate news coverage and certainly not the press release mentioned it – all those cited – Burnett, Honea, and Bowersox, subsist on money stolen from their neighbors. They claim the right to extort to then protect. How can anyone ever buy into their claim that they stand for transparency and accountability?

The person who was kicked in the head was supposedly questioned by Burnett per an outstanding warrant. Many may default to then think that person was in the wrong – but we are unaware of why that supposed warrant was said to exist. What if it were due to a non-crime? What if you partook in an action that caused no victim, that some self-proclaimed rulers decreed was illicit, and who then hunted you down, and kicked you in the head. Would you be in the wrong at all?

Clearly, without the video captured by bystander Shawn Montana, the action Sam Burnett chose to take – to kick a sitting man in the head – would likely not have received as much attention, thus setting the stage for something even more egregious.

If you have or witness a police interaction – film!

Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

The Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employees seem more keen on making their paramilitary efforts – with a helicopter and Lenco Bearcat – seem normal to those they steal from (under the guise of protection).


Check out the double-speak employed by whatever Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee who shared the picture below to their Twitter account – I’m sure those girls desired the assistance of being caged for their non-crime.


Oh – and by the way – the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit is recruiting more to join it’s gang – just look at all the toys you could play with!




Thanks to Tim, who – recognizing the value in making more folks aware of Burnett’s unjust actions, shared this incident to Cop Block’s Twitter account.

Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Sept. 6th Event: Anniversary of Suspension of Historic 2013 Hunger Strike

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

WHEN: Saturday, September 6, 2014
12:00pm – 5:00pm

WHERE: Mosswood Park, 3612 Webster St. (W. MacArthur between Webster and Broadway), Oakland CA  *carpooling available from SoCal, NorCal, and Santa Cruz

RSVP here

Join us in commemorating the suspension of the largest hunger strike in U.S. history – begun on July 8, 2013 by over 30,000 people.  At great cost to their health, dozens of incarcerated people in CA fasted nonviolently for 60 days, ending on September 5, 2013.

⇒Picnic, open mic, and ways to get involved

⇒Food at 1:00pm

⇒FREE Event…Donation Requested

*Carpooling from:
Southern CA…(714) 290-9077

Northern CA…(707)442-7465 /

Santa Cruz…(408) 499-7912 /

The 2013 hunger strike, the third since 2011, aimed to win five demands and end CA’s arbitrary and inhumane policy of isolating individuals in solitary confinement indefinitely – based on mere association without regard to actual conduct.

Join us as we honor these courageous people and push forward to bring an end to the torture of long-term solitary confinement.

Share the Event on Facebook!  Anniversary of Suspension of Historic 2013 Hunger Strike

Questions? or 510-863-0477

Sponsored by Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition



Bay Area Rapper Vindicated by Gas Station Surveillance Footage

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Rico Rossi pulled into the gas station to get some gas. Suddenly road pirate vehicles surrounded his vehicle. Doors opened and police employees rushed at Rossi, shouting commands, with guns drawn.

Rossi was ordered to the ground. Still unsure of what provoked this undesired police “service,” Rossi got down on both knees and raised both hands into the air. It was at that moment that Glenn Walkup, an employee of the Martinez Police Outfit, squeezed the trigger of his Taser, aimed squarely at Rossi.

“My body was completely immobilized. It was the most painful experience of my life” Rossi later said.

Walkup’s colleagues then nonchalantly put Rossi into handcuffs.

After being brought to the local cop shop, Rossi was threatened with time in a cage for allegedly “resisting.”

That happened in October of 2011.

Now Walkup, the triggerman, is no longer employed at the Martinez Police Outfit, and Rossi was awarded a settlement for his treatment.

What helped bring that conclusion? The fact that the exchange was captured on video.

Thanks to the gas station’s surveillance video, it is objectively clear to all involved that Rossi had not acted in the wrong – he was not a threat to Walkup or anyone present, and thus the coercive actions taken toward him were without merit.

The reason for the draconian police response? They had been fed misinformation by the woman upset at Rossi.

Said Rossi in an email sent to Cop Block:

In October of 2011 I was shot in the back, while on my knees by a bay area police officer, who was conspiring with my ex-wife to set me up. The incident was caught on gas station surveillance video and I filed a civil lawsuit against the officer, the department and the city. The officer is no longer working as a cop, and I was awarded a large settlement as a result of the lawsuit. I also went on to write a song about my situation and produce a music video that is based on true events.

Rossi, a rapper based in the Cali Bay Area, created this video to document the incident:

As Rossi makes clear in the video description:

Children should never be used as a tool in a separation. Ultimately the person who suffers the most is the child. The family law and justice systems are completely flawed, and easily manipulated by and catered to women, often times denying fathers of their parental rights. Although I can’t change the system, I can at least use my voice to raise awareness about this problem. If it happened to me, it could happen to you.


Film The Police

Rico Rossi on Youtube

Rico Rossi on Facebook

Rico Rossi on Twitter

Martinez Police Outfit website or call: 925-372-3440

Martinez man files claim after police Taser incident by Vic Lee on November 07, 2012

Bay Area Rapper Vindicated by Gas Station Surveillance Footage is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights