Despite Demanding Compliance, Road Pirates Claims Are Not Acknowledged

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Wake Up shared the video below, which documents his interaction with some folks wearing badges who claim the right to ransom him (despite no victim). Then, as Wake Up does not comply with their unjust actions, the strangers wearing badges then claim the legal right to kidnap and cage him. Who are the criminals?

Date of Incident: second week of August 2014


Are you in transportation, or are you traveling? Business or pleasure?

One pays and the other does not.

I am not in transportation.

Editors Note: For related content out Randy Stroud, who’s active with similar issues, and who has documented his activities via video:



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Aggressive Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Employees [Video]

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

This content was shared by an individual threatened for no cause by strangers wearing badges.

Date of Incident: 4-3-2014
Outfit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Phone: (626) 332-1184

The day I recorded the video me and a few friends were hanging in front of a family members house when, as they do too often where I live, sheriff employees pulled up and immediately start giving unlawful demands – to walk to their car to be illegally searched for no other reason than us being together.

Editors Note: The behavior of the Los Angeles Sheriff employees – firearm unholstered, not answering questions, making demands, etc. –  sure doesn’t seem to be aligned with their stated mission, to “Partner with the people we serve to secure and promote safety in our communities”

I have been following cop block for a while before this incident and purchased a camera to help protect my rights. As you can see in this video, this is how we live and how we are treated.

Editors Note: If you live in LA and want to help support the videographer, reach out to him via his Youtube channel

As a result of me recording the police five days later gained a search warrant for my house under false pretenses in direct reprisal and arrested me on bogus charges. I have been fighting my case for 7 months and I believe that I am being railroaded because there are aspects of my case that are sealed and kept secret from me.

Known Police Accountability Groups in California:




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Help stop censorship: Public comment needed by November 10 regarding revised proposed censorship regulations (“Obscene Materials”)

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

The proposed censorship regulations that we collectively and vehemently opposed a few months ago have been revised (as of October 20).  The deadline for public comments is November 10—short notice.

Please submit your comments regarding the revisions asap!  (A sample letter is included below.)  The revisions can be viewed here.

The CDCr specifies:  Please submit comments to Timothy M. Lockwood, Chief, Regulation and Policy Management Branch, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, P.O. Box 942883, Sacramento, CA, 94283-0001; by fax to (916) 324-6075; or by e-mail at before the close of the public comment period. Comments must be received or postmarked no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 10, 2014.  (We additionally recommend that those responding by e-mail cc

The revisions made since these proposed regulations first came out on March 25, 2014, appear to be non-substantive.  Our comments supposedly will only be “heard” to the extent that they address the revisions, rather than the originally proposed text.

To the extent that the revisions incorporate language from the newly approved STG regulations that went into effect on October 17, 2014, they need to be robustly resisted.  The revisions specify, at 3006(c) and 3006(c)(19), that “[w]ritten materials or photographs that indicate an association with validated STG members or associates, as described in subsections 3378.2(b)(5)-(6)” are deemed contraband. Well, 3378.2(b)(5)-(6), as adopted and enacted on October 17, 2014 (along with all of the new STG regulations), describes—in vague terms open to subjective interpretation by prison staff— materials that may innocently be present in a person’s cell, such as:

“[a]ny material or documents evidencing STG activity such as the membership or enemy lists, roll call lists, constitutions, organizational structures, codes, training material, etc., of specific STGs or addresses, names, identities of validated STG affiliates. …”

“[i]ndividual or group photographs with STG connotations such as those which include insignia, certified symbols, or other validated STG affiliates. …”

In other words, under the revised regulations, any of the following may be considered contraband: an address for, or photo of, a loved one whom happens to be deemed an STG affiliate; a photo or item that includes cultural iconography deemed “certified” by the CDCr (e.g., a jaguar, a pyramid, an image of MLK); a copy of the San Francisco Bayview, as discussed below.

Moreover, the CDCr’s October 20 revisions of 3134(d)-(e) do NOT reflect the community’s concerns regarding the originally proposed text—as recently expressed via hundreds of public comments—regarding the inclusion of publications (e.g., newspapers and the publications of rights organizations) in the list of items that may be considered “STG materials.”  Nor do the revisions reflect the community’s concerns over the prospective permanent banning of publications.  The text of 3134(d)–(e), as originally proposed, is more or less unchanged, except to the extent that the term “STG recruitment materials” has been swapped out for the phrase “STG written materials or photographs, as described in 3378.2(b)(5)-(6).”

Some publications, like the Bayview, may and often do contain the self-disclosed names of, and/or addresses for, persons who are validated. Thus, they are subject to censorship under 3378.2(b)(5)-(6).

Sample letter:


Dear Mr. Lockwood et al.,

I recently reviewed the Revisions to Text as Originally Proposed (Obscene Materials) issued October 20.  To my dismay, the Department has failed to meaningfully take into consideration concerns previously expressed by hundreds of community members regarding the originally proposed text.  This, despite the Department’s promise that it would go back to the drawing board, and its claim that the public had misunderstood its intent.

If the public misunderstood the Department’s intent, the minimally revised language around so-called obscene materials does not clarify what the Department’s intent is.  E.g., the text of 3134(d)–(e), as originally proposed, is not changed except to the extent that the term “STG recruitment materials” has been swapped out for the phrase “STG written materials or photographs, as described in 3378.2(b)(5)-(6).”

Moreover, “STG written materials or photographs, as described in 3378.2(b)(5)-(6)” comprises a category of materials that’s highly subjective to individual interpretation and whim on the part of staff.  It apparently includes a host of innocent items that may be found in a person’s cell, including but not limited to:

—An address for, or photo of, a loved one or friend who happens to be deemed an STG affiliate

—An item that includes cultural iconography (e.g., a jaguar, a pyramid, an image of Martin Luther King)

—A copy of the San Francisco Bayview newspaper

The Department needs to go back to the drawing board again to ensure that (1) no person in custody will be penalized for possessing materials that in and of themselves have nothing to do with prohibited conduct or any rules violation; (2) no publication will be banned—permanently or temporarily— merely because a person in custody has chosen to publish his name and/or location in an editorial or news article, for example, or is seeking a penpal.



Stockton police are bankrupt, but paying officers to report Facebook posts

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The content was submitted anonymously by someone who recognizes the value in transparency.

Individual: Chief Eric Jones
Outfit: Stockton Police Department
Phone: (209)937-8218

Stockton Police claim that due to bankruptcy in Stockton Ca. they lack the funds needed to respond to an array of complaints, and that certain crimes must be reported by victims, via a police reporting kiosk in the departments lobby.

Some of these crimes include 459 residential burglaries, 10851 Auto thefts, and 211 armed robberies.

We find it a JOKE that they claim the funds and man power are not available to them to respond to serious crimes such as these, yet they are paying at least one, if not a whole team, of officers to monitor a Facebook page dedicated to keeping their unprofessional actions in the limelight.

The Facebook page is the Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page.


Admins of this page have recently had a bombardment of Facebook notifications come in, and have had the page forcefully “unpublished” for “violating community standards”. The only time the page gets these notifications is when photos of Chief Eric Jones, or councilman Elbert Holman are posted with captions or dialogue beneath that either point out lies, or failures among the department or city leaders.

Stockton police officers make and average of $60,000 dollars a year. How much of that tax money is being used to keep these truths and opinions from the same people forced to pay for their “service”?

Please call Chief Eric Jones and ask him to justify these actions. Ask Chief Jones why his department cannot afford to protect and serve the citizens, but they can afford to monitor a Facebook page dedicated to exposing corruption within their department. Don’t allow tax payer to pay one more dime for censorship.

Call: Chief Eric Jones at Office of the Chief of Police (209) 937-8218

Please also call: Public Information Officer, Joseph Silva (209) 937-8209

RELATED >> Stockton Cop BlockFacebook


Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.

Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.

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Libertopia 2014 in Beautiful San Diego

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Libertopia is a fantastic annual event where freedom-minded individuals congregate in San Diego and have a great time, but don’t take it from me, here’s what Jeffrey Tucker, Libertopia 2014’s Master of Ceremonies has to say about it:

It’s getting to be reg­is­tra­tion time for Cal­i­for­nia’s pri­ma­ry point of gath­er­ing for lib­er­ty-mind­ed peo­ple. It’s called Libertopia. It is held in San Diego. This year it runs November 13–16. You can register here. I’ve been tapped once again to be the MC of the event, which means giving a number of talks, introducing speakers, leading nightly events, and otherwise keeping things on track and making sure that everything stays smart, creative, fun, and inspiring.

Libertopia is only one of what is probably a dozen of these large-scale gatherings around the country. What makes it unique? Well, there is the fact that San Diego is absolutely beautiful and the hotel where the event is held is just the right venue for the event. Also, most of the other events take place in the spring and summer whereas the weather in Southern California makes November a great time.

But these are not the unique selling points. For that I would list two critical features: the broadness of the intellectual culture that you will find here, and also its practical focus. These are points of unity amid the incredible diversity of attendees: intellectuals, business people, activists, entrepreneurs, professionals of all sorts, think tankers, eccentric experts on everything, and lots of very cool California people who do who knows what. It’s a happy and inclusive community.

AudOn the broad­ness point, you will hear talks here and en­gage in dis­cus­sions that touch eve­ry as­pect of life, from ec­o­nom­ics to di­et and ex­er­cise to re­li­gion and spir­it­u­al­i­ty to science and technology. The range is really incredible, and, what’s more, everyone feels very comfortable as including them all as part of the general topic of human liberty.

For my part, I had some of the most stimulating conversations I’ve ever had at Libertopia. Whether we were discussing history, religion, war and peace, romance and relationships, or technology, you get the sense that nothing is ever off the table. It’s the ultimate non-stuffy event in this sense. Everyone is learning from each other. It’s very likely that you will consider ideas and possibilities that you never encountered before.

When I first attended the event, I hadn’t really observed this before, having previously seen libertarianism as having an exclusively political focus. While it’s true that this is primary and main driving force — and most people who attend consider themselves to be anarchists or minarchists — the theme of human liberty is actually a large one that touches on every aspect of life. If the command-and-control school of politics wrecks society by destroying the human spirit, the lesson surely applies in other aspects of life too.

ExhibitorMost of the lib­er­tar­i­ans who gath­er here long a­go dis­cov­ered this point that it took me man­y years to re­al­ize. Lib­er­ty has to mat­ter in our lives or it does­n’t re­al­ly mat­ter at all. In the end, there is not much any of us can do to accomplish genuine political change. But there are so many things we can do more successfully to live freer lives, and, by so doing, we make a gigantic contribution to freeing our world. It’s not a matter of dropping politics but rather finding the most effective ways forward to bring about change to the world.

As I type those words, I feel the presence of Leonard Read, founder of FEE, who makes this point a major theme of his life’s work. I’m now recalling that before he was founder of FEE, he was head of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. He drank deeply of that Southern Californian libertarian spirit. That’s the spirit that survives and thrives here.

Another famous person whose views on the world were cultivated in this Southern California air was none other than Ayn Rand, who was the pioneer in discerning how the ideal of freedom pertained to our lives regardless of the political mess around us. Her passion was to show the world how to be free even in times when the political culture is hostile and dangerous.

PosterWhat e­merged from this Read-Rand sen­si­bil­i­ty was a de­ter­mi­na­tion to make some­thing won­der­ful out of life as a mat­ter of prin­ci­ple while ref­us­ing to let the powers that be take a­way the es­sence of what makes us hu­man. Cultivating that sensibility is the primary contribution of Libertopia. It pervades every aspect of the gathering. It’s what makes it thoughtful, warm, friendly, intellectually stimulating, and ultimately productive for our lives.

Please consider joining me and many hundreds of others for a fun and groovy three days at Libertopia. It will lift your spirits, feed your mind, and inform your path life. Liberty really is about life. It is about your life. Come discover how and why at Libertopia.

Hope to see you there!

Libertopia 2014 in Beautiful San Diego is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Robbed When Cops Are Nearby – Police Fail to Pursue Criminals

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Cecilia shared, via, a recount of the less-than ideal “service” she received from those who steal her money under the auspices of protecting and serving.

Date of Incident: 9/29/14
Individuals Involved: #4542 and #3920
Outfit: San Jose Police Department
Phone: (408) 295-2656

7:50 am on Monday, 9/29/14, while on my way to work, my car broke down. Two people came up behind me and offered “help”, then asked me to get them some gas in exchange. They helped me push my car to the side of the road at an ARCO gas station and offered to drive me to work. At that point I was so anxious to get to work, I could not judge if they’re actually “good Samaritans”; I hopped in their car and loaded my belongings in there. They then stopped by a 76 gas station since I only had credit cards on me. I got off the car, tried to pay at the pump, those two “good Samaritans” drove off with all my belongings.

I screamed, two cops getting coffee at the Starbucks right next to the gas station asked me what happened. I told them to please catch those robbers, but they did not get them. I kept on shouting out the license plate number, yet they did not record it down. An hour later, they asked me if I still remember the license plate number. I was extremely frustrated when they asked me, because I was shouting it out many times and no one recorded it down. They ask me after an hour after my trauma, and expect me to remember a license plate. Fortunately, they were able to get the surveillance recording from the gas station. Around noon time, they brought in six pictures for me to identify. I was able to identify the robber, the police also have identified these people.

However, it has been almost a week since the incident happened. I have been calling the San Jose Police Department everyday to follow up with the case. But every time I call them, they either transfer me to a number which only accepts voicemails, or they tell me that a police report takes up to 2 weeks to complete. I have also contacted local news stations, including, KTVU, ABC, KRON4, KTSF, and NBC. KTVU, KTSF, and NBC all have been contacting the police and the only thing they got back was “not able to locate the criminals”. The TV stations have also been asking for the surveillance recording, but the police refused to release it.

How was it possible that the police could chase a speeding car on a freeway, but not a criminal’s car on a small road? How could it be possible that they have identified the suspects, but still have no news regarding their location after an entire week? I understand that in an area as East San Jose, robberies like this happens extremely often. Police could care less if no one died. This case is not important to them at all, but it is to me.

I am a musician, student, and an intern teacher. I do not get money through work and I teach a limited amount of music students. I receive full scholarship to get my master’s degree in education at Santa Clara Univeristy while work full time with no pay at a high school to complete my credential. The robbers took all my belongings, which includes a guitar (an Epiphone by Gibson, which I bought with all my savings three years ago), an iPad which I borrowed from Santa Clara University (a $550 fine if iPad got stolen), one and only high quality bag I own ($100 worth), a camera which I have used for five years, music books from Italy, school books and assignments for grad school, my students’ assignments, and several USB’s which includes all my personal information.

The suspects know everything about me, they can break into where I live any day and perhaps kill me. I cannot sleep or eat while the criminals live on their lives.

Perhaps it’s expensive for the government to catch a small garbage criminal, but at the least get my belongings back because now I have nothing and those items are useless to the robbers. Where is the justice?

Editors Note: Indeed, though police employees steal year money under the guise of protecting you, they have time and again, been said to have no duty to protect you. Certainly, for revenue generation purposes, more resources and attention are allocated to targeting those who engage in victimless actions. And certainly, if the vehicle stolen would have not been Cecelia’s, but emblazoned with “San Jose Police” you can bet it would have been made a higher priority. Such is the JUST-us mindset inherent in the injustice system.


Robbed When Cops Are Nearby – Police Fail to Pursue Criminals is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

How can they sleep at night? My experience with CHP Employees Holsome, Cervantez and Licon

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

The content below was shared via by a person who experienced what manifests when individuals claim a “legal” right to initiate force. She was traveling and did not cause harm to any other, yet she was stopped, harassed, kidnapped, and caged. Good that she is speaking out as it helps make the pattern of unaccountability clear for others who have not been subjected to such “service” themselves.

Individuals Responsible: officer Holsome #1220f?//A. Cervantez @1111/ Sergeant S. Licon #13348
Outfit: California Highway Patrol
Phone: 851-637-8000

I worked in LA as an EMT, it was my birthday I was coming home from work. I stopped by my friends house after work. I decided to have a beer. (I was in nursing school, and working full time, I never really had time to enjoy myself.) After that I ate and drank a couple big glasses of water. I waited three hours before I drove.

I was driving home from my friends later that night. When a cop started to follow me. The chp car followed me so closely than finally put on the lights. I had a sick feeling in my stomach at that moment I knew something bad was going to happen.

Holsome approached my car. He asked for my license and insurance, I showed him everything. He than shined the flashlight in my eyes, and said what wrong with your eyes. (I was almost in tears) I said “I don’t know sir”. He than asked me to step out of the car” . I did.

We did the field sobriety test and than he looked at my eyes again and said “What the hell is wrong with your eyes?” I was scared and embarrassed, standing outside in my full ems uniform on the side of the road.

He told his partner to come look at my eyes, and “how weird they are” they were making fun of me and humiliating me.

He than had me try to blow on the breathalyzer where he continued to say things like “blow harder” I felt harassed at his tone of voice, he also said “wrap your lips around it tighter”. Being a young female alone with the cops on the side of the road at night/hearing stories I was afraid they would rape me or assault me from the behavior they already presented to me.

Well, the breathalyzer was broken. And that time they pushed me on the car, and a male patted me down, then called me a Mexican. (I am not Mexican, I am only part Indian).

They handcuffed me and took me to the detention center. There was another girl already arrested in the car. When we got to the detention center he told me to wait in the car. Holsome was digging around the car saying “where the F#@$ is my license, what the F#$%.” He continued to use profanity. I was forced to give my blood.

I remember the cop saying “If you’re telling the truth your life wont get ruined”. (a week later I got kicked out of school and lost my job)

At the detention center, I was stuck in the holding cell till 3pm the next day. The toilets were over flooding and it was cold, so all the girls there huddled together, cops would walk by and laugh and point at us. We were treated worse than animals.

When it was time to take our pictures they had another inmate pull down my pants, and pull up my shirt to take a picture of my tattoo.

The cop said I seemed to be on drugs, and severely intoxicated. I was not. I do not do drugs and I was not drunk.

Two months later my BAC came back almost twice the legal limit. There is no way… We received the report also from the cop.

My bac came back over .1 . A cop that was not even there wrote the report.

The cop lied repeatedly on the report (even intermingled a different persons last name on the report). They also lied about having another officer come out. There were only two people there the whole time. But the person that wrote the report (was not there) and now they have no videos of the stop…so I have no way to prove they lied.

I feel helpless and confused….its my word against the cops and they do not have the dash cam. They’re lying and there is no way to prove them wrong. I do not know what to do and how to overcome this.

Because of a lying, abusive cop, I lost everything in my life I worked so hard for.

In conclusion: I was assaulted, harassed, pushed, violated, subjected to malfunctioning equipment, had my life put in danger, by the cops lying that a third cop was there (no liability). Also, I was subject to profanity.

At the detention center I was forced to give my blood, not given my rights or options, could have been exposed to diseases or major illness from the over flooding toilet, and and also could have been seriously injured because the female that drew my blood did not show me her certification, and I have no idea if she was actually trained to draw blood.

A message to everyone: This is what happens when you give people with hardly any education power.  Its time that people stand up and realize they are not our friends, they are not going to save us, and they do not have the public’s interest in mind. They are brainwashed drones of the state.

I worked along side them as an EMT, and I saw than what they really do. They come to their wives, and they act like there the worlds saviors, when in reality there modern day terrorist of the states.

Everyone stand up reach out and speak up. Know your rights, do not talk to them, do not say anything to them, it is your right to choose to remain silent.



Click to find folks who know that badges don’t grant extra rights


How can they sleep at night? My experience with CHP Employees Holsome, Cervantez and Licon is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

San Fran Undercovers Stare Down Woman For ???

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Princess M. Jacob-Fambro shared the video below via, which details a couple standoffish, unprofessional individuals who wear badges emblazoned with “San Francisco Police.” It’s hard to imagine anyone in that community would choose to pay for such a “service.”

Date of Interaction: August 19, 2014
Individuals Involved: Fergus, Bangas
Outfit: San Francisco Police Department
Phone: 415-553-0123

My Daughter and I was standing at the bus stop, when a undercover car pulled over and four officers jumped out and walked directly up to us and harassed us FOR NO REASON.

I was afraid for my daughter and myself.

I believe that if I hadn’t kept REPEATING that I was Running For President 2016,  me and my daughter would have became the next MIKE BROWN. I’ve seen police murder innocent people for no reason all my life….PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO so that we can End Police Brutality!!!

Editors Note: It’s unclear, why Fergus, Bangas, and their two colleagues felt it worth their time to surround and surveil Jacob-Fambro and her daughter – perhaps because she’s gives her affiliation for her presidential run as being with The Revolutionary Party? Regardless, the real issue is why such actions by self-described “public officials” is considered appropriate.


This dismal service from San Francisco police employees seems to be the norm:


San Fran Undercovers Stare Down Woman For ??? is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Humboldt State University Employs Violent Cop, Uses Student Money to Cover His Lawsuits

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The content below was shared anonymous via by a student who noted the irony of a university police employee who purports to stand for safety, yet twice has been involved in cases were settlements are given to victims of his brutality. He notes, “it ridiculous and outrageous that he is still employed by the University, everyone on campus is unsafe as long as he continues to work here.”

How many others have been wronged by this badge-wearing thug through all the years?

Incentives matter. The fact that students, and not the individual responsible, have been forced to pay settlements, does nothing to deter him from tyrannizing another. At least, by getting more attention on him, and his outfit that has stood by him, it will make those in the area more aware of this predator.

Dates of Interaction: 2009, 2012
Individual Responsible: Delmar Tompkins
Outfit: Humboldt State University Police Department
Phone: 707-826-5555

From a write-up by Thadeus Greenson:

The California State University system has settled a civil lawsuit brought by a Fieldbrook man who alleged he was the victim of a “brutal” assault by Humboldt State University police in January 2012, agreeing to pay the man $135,000.

CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp said the payment will come out of HSU coffers, noting that the settlement does not include any admission of wrongdoing.

Casey Arndt, 33, filed the federal lawsuit last year alleging that Humboldt State University Police officer Delmar Tompkins and other officers assaulted him — causing injuries to his face, back, legs, arms, feet and hands —on Jan. 7, 2012. Arndt alleged that he was driving near the HSU campus when Tompkins began following him in his patrol car. In the suit, Arndt claims he pulled over to make a phone call, at which point Tompkins pulled up behind him, activated his overhead lights, exited his patrol car and pulled his firearm, keeping it trained on Arndt’s head.

The complaint alleged that Arndt exited the vehicle and was being handcuffed by another officer when Tompkins “ran up and maliciously” kneed him in the left eye. Arndt further alleged that he was then beaten by numerous officers and Tasered twice before losing consciousness…

The settlement represents the second time in five years that allegations against Tompkins have resulted in a payout.
In 2009 while Tompkins was with the Oakland Police Department, Jimmy Williams, 50, alleged that he used pepper spray and a baton on him “without any just provocation or cause” while arresting him in a Taco Bell parking lot on suspicion of resisting arrest. Williams, who was never charged in the case, sued the city of Oakland for $500,000 in damages. Attorneys representing the city argued Williams was noncompliant and combative but ultimately settled the case out of court, paying Williams $43,000 from the city’s general fund.

Humboldt State University Employs Violent Cop, Uses Student Money to Cover His Lawsuits is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Kern County Employee John Swearengin Kills Two People w/ Cruiser, Retains Job

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

The information below was shared by Jimmy Allen using the form at It documents a person who killed two others who was not held accountable because he donned a badge.

Individual Responsible: John Swearengin
Outfit: Kern County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (661) 861-3110

In late 2011 John Swearengin, traveling at almost twice the posted speed limit, hit and killed two pedestrians when in Kern County, California. The California Highway Patrol did an investigation, and concluded:

Based on the investigation, it is the determination of the California Highway Patrol, Party 1 (Swearengin) violated California Penal Code Section 192(c) (1), vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Swearengin was determined to be the primary cause of this collision. He showed “gross negligence” at the time of the collision, based on the following:

  • —Party 1 (Swearengin) drove Vehicle 1 (Ford) 84.9 mph on a roadway posted with a 45-mph speed limit.
  • The collision occurred during hours of darkness.
  • The placement of signs in the area clearly indicated the posted 45 mph speed limit.
  • The placement of signs in the area clearly warning of possible pedestrian traffic.
  • Party 1 (Swearengin) has worked as a Kern County deputy sheriff for five years and had patrolled Oildale (the area of the collision) for four years. He stated he was familiar with the area, and familiar with seeing pedestrians in the area.
  • As a sworn Kern County Deputy Sheriff, Party 1 (Swearengin) understood the provisions of California Vehicle Code Section 21055 (Exemption of Authorized Emergency Vehicles) which states in essence the driver of an emergency vehicle is exempt from the rules of the road if he sounds a siren as reasonable necessary and the vehicle displays a lighted red lamp visible to the front as a warning to other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Party 1 (Swearengin), while en route to an emergency call, chose not to activate his forward red lamp or his siren to warn other drivers and pedestrians as he drove well above the posted speed limit through a populated residential/business area.

Yet did those facts even make a difference?

Not in legaland. You see, Swearingen wears a badge with “Kern County Sheriff’s Department” insignia.

His trial – which started in July of 2014 – over two and a half years after the incident, ended recently with him pleading down to community service. He still retains his job at the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.

Our condolences go out to the families of Daniel Hiler and Crystal Jolley.

left: John Swearingen, Kern County Sheriff employee,

left: John Swearingen, Kern County Sheriff employee

Editors Note:

The same situation – a person not held responsible for killing other motorists because he wore a badge – unfolded recently in Erie, PA. That’s not surprising, since the legaland system, like police employees, subsist on theft and seek to protect their own. That double standard will continue so long as the perception of legitimacy is granted to those actors and institutions. Have you pulled the curtain back?

Think For Yourself



Kern County Employee John Swearengin Kills Two People w/ Cruiser, Retains Job is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights