Despite Demanding Compliance, Road Pirates Claims Are Not Acknowledged

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Wake Up shared the video below, which documents his interaction with some folks wearing badges who claim the right to ransom him (despite no victim). Then, as Wake Up does not comply with their unjust actions, the strangers wearing badges then claim the legal right to kidnap and cage him. Who are the criminals?

Date of Incident: second week of August 2014


Are you in transportation, or are you traveling? Business or pleasure?

One pays and the other does not.

I am not in transportation.

Editors Note: For related content out Randy Stroud, who’s active with similar issues, and who has documented his activities via video:



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Aggressive Los Angeles County Sheriff Department Employees [Video]

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

This content was shared by an individual threatened for no cause by strangers wearing badges.

Date of Incident: 4-3-2014
Outfit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Phone: (626) 332-1184

The day I recorded the video me and a few friends were hanging in front of a family members house when, as they do too often where I live, sheriff employees pulled up and immediately start giving unlawful demands – to walk to their car to be illegally searched for no other reason than us being together.

Editors Note: The behavior of the Los Angeles Sheriff employees – firearm unholstered, not answering questions, making demands, etc. –  sure doesn’t seem to be aligned with their stated mission, to “Partner with the people we serve to secure and promote safety in our communities”

I have been following cop block for a while before this incident and purchased a camera to help protect my rights. As you can see in this video, this is how we live and how we are treated.

Editors Note: If you live in LA and want to help support the videographer, reach out to him via his Youtube channel

As a result of me recording the police five days later gained a search warrant for my house under false pretenses in direct reprisal and arrested me on bogus charges. I have been fighting my case for 7 months and I believe that I am being railroaded because there are aspects of my case that are sealed and kept secret from me.

Known Police Accountability Groups in California:




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Justice for Austin Public Poll

Thursday, October 30th, 2014
Justice for Austin!

Justice for Austin!

This post was received via the Cop Block Submission Page:

Background Info:

Date of Incident: 09-28-13
Police Employee(s) Involved: Scott Sudaisar & Alex Monarch
Employer: Oregon State Police Department
4th Floor
255 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-378-3720
Fax: 503-378-8282

Public Opinion Poll:

An officer with the OSP had been allegedly been assigned to a case that involved an individual who he knows in his personal life. The individual he allegedly knows has expressed to several people related to the victim in this case that said officer is “my very good friend”. The officer has shown him “reports” “a video from a Walt-Mart surveillance camera in Hood River” “along with a mountain of evidence”.

When the family of the victim, Austin Herd specifically asked this OSP officer face to face if this was true he very awkwardly denied knowing this individual. Stumbling on his words and making lame excuses for past encounters with this individual then exiting the room.

Before you follow these links…

Police: Man Fighting with Girlfriend in Moving Van Killed in Crash

and read this media… 2014/07/25/12567872/

report know this:

The 3rd passenger in the van told a completely different story immediately after, implicating the “girlfriend” as the instigator of the argument and the aggressor in the fight. Witch is consistent with the history Austin’s family, friends, and neighbors of the off and on couple witnessed many times in the past. This history was given to OSP officers along with several names and phone numbers to verify.

Austin’s family also gave the contact information for the friends house that was stopped at by the couple on their trip from Galveston Texas to Portland Oregon, at witch Austin was never seen. As far as Austin’s family knows none of these people have been contacted. Jesse Walters has also since vanished, and has never made attempt to contact the family of the man he allegedly saw murdered right in front of him. The “girlfriend” has stopped communicating with the family and hasn’t been seen since March of this year. Austin’s family would like to speak with Mr. Walters, if anyone knows his whereabouts please email us at To Jesse, if you see this please come forward and set the record straight.

OSP is calling this case an “accident” but 13 months later it remains open. Just 3 days after Austin’s death the Multnomah county medical examiners office submitted the information for the death certificate calling his death an accident. The investigation was still ongoing. Just 5 days after his death, he was cremated without even one family member seeing his body, in what the medical examiner herself called an unusual case.

Multiple other mistakes have been made by OSP and the medical examiner’s office that Austin’s family is very aware of and will not be silent about.

Our questions to the public right now are:

  1. Should this OSP officer who denies these allegations be allowed on this case?
  2. Has the integrity of the OSP investigation of Mr. Herds death been compromised?
  3. Have Austin’s rights been violated?
  4. Should an outside investigation by the Department of Justice or another organization for police misconduct be in order?

This is the opinion and recollection of events of Mr. Herd’s family, friends and supporters. For more information or questions please contact JUSTICE FOR AUSTIN!! At


NY State Trooper Brian Beardsley drives drunk, kills man, does no time

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

The content below was shared by someone appalled at the impunity granted to a person who killed another.

Date of Incident: 2011
Individual Responsible: Brian Beardsley Outfit: Canajoharie Police Department Phone: (518) 673-3111
Individual Responsible: James Curry Outfit: Hamilton County Prosecutor Phone: (518) 648-5113

New york state trooper Brian Beardsley admits to drinking and running a man over on his way home. He then fled the scene of the accident and left the man to die.

In May of 2011 Beardsley was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident – a Class D felony. If found guilty, he could have been caged for up to seven years.

Yet, four months later, in September of 2011, James Curry threw out the charge and Beardsley faced no repercussions for taking the life of another.

Beardsley is now an officer again at Canajoharie Police Department in New York. Why can this man still have the nerve to write us tickets? Fuck him.


Killer cop Brian Beardsley is now employed at the Canajoharie Police Outfit (518) 673-3111



Editors Note: Impunity afforded to police employees is not surprising, after all, their entire apparatus is based on double standards. If situations such as those involving Beardsley do not sit well with you, quit granting legitimacy to those who claim to provide safety at the barrel of a gun.

Copblock library

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Greater Cleveland Cop Block Rewards Others Active [Video]

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

The content below was shared by Deo, who’s involved with Greater Cleveland Cop Block.


Outfit: Cleveland Police

I put out a call to the Greater Cleveland Cop Block area to get me some local content!!

The following video was submitted by Jim Conley, and he in turn, received a Cop Block coffee mug and a Cop Block care kit!

Thanks for playing Jim! Next time lets be a little more current! lol Can’t complain. It’s local content, taken by someone other than ME!!! lol Its Cleveland! I have to actually take the opportunity to commend Cleveland PD a little. They have actually embraced the fact that we are allowed to record, so don’t be afraid to record them Cleveland!!!

The last checkpoint I blocked in Cleveland, the officers were civil, and gave me a paper explaining Cleveland PDs stance on recording. It said they were informed we had the right to record and it gave a guide line for recording that I can agree with. It is a 30 feet safe zone. For the photographers and the cops safety. They also remind you in the letter, that interfering is a crime. I take that as a warning to observe the thirty foot distance, and avoid being accused of interfering. So get your cameras out Cleveland!!!!

Other cities in the greater Cleveland area such as Parma, are not so easy to embrace the rights of its citizens. They fight me at every turn, rather than just accept, this is the way its gonna be so long as I’m around!!!

Keep vigilant Cleveland! And Jim, Make sure you have your cop block care kit with you when you go out to film! Parma, Maple Hts, and all the Greater Cleveland Cop Block cities!!! Keep filming the police!!! Keep em honest OHIO!!!!!!!!

Remember Badge Don’t grant Extra Rights!!!




Looking for a camera or dashcam? Want an external battery so your streaming cell phone doesn’t die when on the street? Click here for ideas.

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Denver Police Assault Handcuffed Man

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

The information below was shared by a self-described “Disgusted Citizen in Colorado.”

Date of Incident: October 16, 2014
Outfit: Denver Police Department
Phone: (720) 913-2000

On the morning of Oct. 16, I observed one unmarked and several marked Denver Police Dept. vehicles converge on a man walking on the sidewalk along Yosemite St. on the City of Aurora side of the street. He was heading north between Colfax Ave. and 14th Ave. Multiple officers from the Denver Police Department tackled the man and quickly cuffed him. He was face down in the grass — two of the cops who had their back to the building were rolling him over on his side (towards them) — while a third cop kneels down and begins punching the handcuffed man hard in the ribs quickly and repeatedly — and he was NOT resisting! This is why people don’t respect the police!

Related Content from Denver at Cop Block >>

I posted this on Denver PD’s Facebook page and suggested that they shouldn’t forget to check the dash cams, investigate themselves, and then clear themselves of any wrongdoing.

The mission statement of the Denver Police Department is:

To operate a police agency with a focus on preventing crime in a respectful manner, demonstrating that everyone matters.

How do these actions match with that statement? Why can’t they just arrest the man and take him to jail? Why do they feel it’s necessary or even acceptable to assault a handcuffed person? What the f*ck!

Editors Note: It’s not too surprising that police employees would not hesitate to initiate force as described. They are trained not to deescalate, but to escalate. They subsist not by satisfying customers, but by demanding funding from area residents. They are not held responsible for their actions like yourself, but claim legal immunity and are protected by their friends in legaland. It is time we move past the illusion that protection can ever come from those who work for a coercive monopoly. As the “Disgusted Citizen in Colorado” did – we need to look out for each other. Even better and more powerful than text is objective documentation like pictures, audio, or video.


Film The Police always. Click here to learn more.

Protect Yourself and Others – Film The Police. Click here to learn more.

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(Ferguson) Canfield Watchmen Distribute Copwatch Gear For Halloween

Monday, October 27th, 2014

As you know, WeCopwatch and The Canfield Watchmen have been conducting Know Your Rights trainings and equipping local residents video cameras. This Halloween The Canfield Watchmen are handing out Copwatch shirts to newly trained to Copwatchers to help promote a safe environment for trick or treaters on Halloween.


We sell the Copwatch Gear on WeCopwatch to be able to donate these shirts to the people we train.
If you believe in the project and want to donate for camera purchases, you can donate to Copwatching in Ferguson Fund.


Or if you want to support the Shirt distribution, check out our store

Despite zero threat, Chicago Police to start swabbing transit passangers’ bags for explosives

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Alexandra Naples shared the content below about actions done on behalf of security theater that could negatively impact millions of rail riders in and around Chicagoland.

Individuals Responsible: Chicago Police employees who employ the tech
Outfit: Chicago Police Department
Phone: 312-746-6000

Chicago Police employees will soon be swabbing random passangers’ bags for explosives, yet the police have been cited in stating that there is no credible information that would cause them to implementing these procedures. As a Chicago transit user, I feel this is a clear and concise violation of peoples’ privacy. I also feel it has the potential to create menace enough to keep people who are experiencing homelessness off the train by being a present and intimidating danger.

As Tracy Swartz noted in Chicago police to check CTA passengers for explosives, this latest iteration of the expanding police state in Chicago is being funded by stolen coin provided by a DC-based gang in the form of a grant. But be clear, not all responsibility lies with those actors, as implementation of the program is due to those in Chicago who wear “Chicago police” costumes, who are responsible for stopping random people and employing the device.

As if to underscore the hubris of those involved in the deployment of this gadget, Nancy Lipman, the “commander” of the Chicago police outfit’s transportation, said, “It’s going to take 20 or 30 seconds of a commuters’ time, while we know the commuters’ time is precious but we think their safety is priceless.”

Shouldn’t each individual commuter have the option of deciding what risks they are comfortable taking?

If some self-proclaimed rulers wearing badges believes it is justified to prevent your entry into your  own residence for 30-minutes while they sweep your house under the guise of safety, should that too be allowed? If some purported “authorities” say it’s their “duty” to strip you and your family members down to ensure you are not carrying anything they deem “illicit” should that too be permitted?

At what point will you cease to obey tyrants? When will you stop funding them and granting them, and their bad ideas, legitimacy? You own yourself. Think for yourself.

As one commenter to Mauricio Pena‘s write-up, CTA to Randomly Screen Riders for Explosives, noted:


Police Accountability Groups in Chicagoland




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George Gothner exhibits extreme cowardice and over use of force [Video]

Monday, October 27th, 2014

This incident was shared by an individual concerned about the actions of a person who purports to “protect and serve.” As you watch the video ask yourself – would it be justified for you to act as does the aggressor?

Date of Incident: 2014.01.05
Individual Responsible: George Gothner
Outfit: Superior (WI) Police Department
Phone: 715-395-7234

An altercation at grocery store ends in cop George Gothner hammering a woman much smaller than him for no apparent reason other than resisting an unlawful arrest. The woman now faces a disorderly conduct charge. Meanwhile, Gothner was not charged with anything and was put on paid leave…

Gothner is now back behind a desk due to the lengthy court process and the woman whom he assaulted is due back in court Oct. 31, 2014 to see what the judgment will be.

Editors Note: It’s not surprising to see Gothner escalate the situation, after all, he and all police employees are trained not to deescalate, but to employ violence to gain compliance. On another note, it’s great to see that not just one, but two others present took out their smartphones to film, and capture an objective record of what unfolded.

Known Police Accountability Groups in Wisconsin



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Cuyahoga Falls Police: Civil Forfeiture of almost 800k

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The content below comes to us from the folks involved with Cuyahoga Falls Police Exposed.

Date of Incident: 10.9.14
Outfit: Cuyahoga Falls Police Dept.
Phone: (330) 928- 2181

This week the Cuyahoga Falls Police hit an all time low!

On Thursday they posted on their Facebook page about an arrest they made of a local barber. After the arrest was made, a search warrant was conducted at the home of the person who was arrested. During that search warrant officers discovered a large deal of cash in the residents safe.

Related coverage from

Now to the good part. Cuyahoga Falls Police officers and local media outlets are calling this find the largest drug bust in the city’s history. The only problem is no drugs were found. At least no mention of drugs have been made by anyone involved in the investigation.

Many of you know the man who has been seriously violated by the Cuyahoga Falls Police. He is a hard working business owner who works 7 days a week. He doesn’t drive fancy cars or live in a huge house. He runs a barber shop which is an all cash business.

Lets do the math. If this man makes $70,000.00 a year and he only spends $30,000.00 each year, that leaves him with $40,000.00. He has been a very successful barber for over 20 years. That explains the large sum of money in his home. Just because he keeps his money in a safe instead of a bank doesn’t make him a drug dealer.


Cuyahoa police, who subsist on money stolen from area inhabitants under the guise of protection,  stole another $700,000+ from a local entrepreneur.

This is nothing but an absolute abuse of power by the City of Cuyahoga Falls. They are already discussing how the city will receive 2/3 of the money they recovered and what they will purchase with it. This is not their money! This man has been stripped of everything he has worked his entire life for. All so they can buy new cruisers or a military vehicle to control and brainwash the public.

This is a total abuse of power and it must be stopped. It’s scary that officers can take our cars and money at any time just because they have a badge. A police state has never been more real!

Connect with >> Cuyahoga Falls Police Exposed

Elsewhere in Ohio? Connect with the group nearby:



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Like Cop Block? Like silver? Check out the Cop Block Quarter, from Suns of Liberty Mint.

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