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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Hey folks! DEO here! Greater Cleveland Cop Block.

I just want to say thank you to our supporters. As you may or may not know, Pete Eyre was recently in Cleveland to spend some time with me to get to know what  I am working with around here. There is video up of our adventures in Parma, and soon there will be some of our time in Cleveland.

We had our second annual Cleveland meet up which Doug Brown of Cleveland scene magazine was invited to attend. If you do not know, what he wrote isn’t exactly flattering. To be fair to Scene magazine, there is an accompanying podcast that says a lot more about the situation than the article represents – although it’s easy to misconstrue the article if you do not have the podcast to back it up. I will post links to everything here, as transparency is our motto. Fuck with that, it’s our peril. The first thing I saw was the pictures. and man can that boy take pictures! He has the most beautiful camera! I am certainly jealous of it!!

Pictures of Cop Block in downtown Cleveland

Now I hadn’t seen the article yet, but I had noticed the line, “The obnoxious antics of the activists of Cop Block.” I thought, “Obnoxious antics? That don’t sound too good!” Then, I saw the high quality pictures and was kind of blown away. The cake looks beautiful, doesn’t it? But then I read the article!

I was shocked to say the least. I thought this man was out there to further the cause, not to do a hatchet job on us!

View article

Freedom trolls? What does that mean? Then I thought about it a minute and a good friend of mine said, “FREEDOM TROLLS UNITE!” I thought, “HELL YEAH! WHERE MY FREEDOM TROLLS AT!?” It wasn’t until later in the day that I found and listened to the podcast where Doug Brown goes into the fact that SOME of us may be obnoxious, but it’s worse if we are not allowed to be out there at all, which I have to give credit for!


After hearing that, I thought maybe it’s not so bad. Pete certainly cheered me up by posting his video of us in Parma! Thanks for that buddy! Then, the capper! I awoke to see this journalistic tongue lashing from one magazine to another!


THANK YOU, REASON MAGAZINE! After reading this, I became a very content Greater Cleveland Cop Block madman admin! I can’t help but smile as I watch Greater Cleveland Cop Block grow by the hour as the steady stream of likes for our page, and views of our videos, ding in my head.

DING! 515 likes! DING! 516! DING! 517! 518! 519! 520! DING, DING, DING!

So, I’d like to thank Scene and Reason for the press! I’d like to thank personally and publicly Johnny Gold Attorney at law for the camera. Greater Cleveland Cop Block videos are about to get really good, really soon! And, as always, Cop Block, without whom I’d still cowering from bully police men.
Note: In response to Scene’s article, I’d like to point out that some of the facts are a little mixed up.

#1: Jacob went limp in response to a cop who was growing visibly frustrated with being filmed by 9 cameras at once! The cop grabbed at Jacob’s camera and he went limp. The cop then tried to grab for Aaron and he told him not to touch him. Jacob did not go limp as a response to being blinded by a light.

#2: I was not filming initially when the woman was hit or whatever. I saw nothing except a woman on the ground injured. I was directing traffic so the Cleveland idiots did not hit her, because they didn’t care there was someone in the street, all they knew is they wanted to make a left!

#3: The hose and buggy man knew EXACTLY why we were there and offered us free rides because of what we do, not because he thought we were out there to help the cops catch bad guys! He knew we were there to watch the cops. He said to me, “I appreciate you guys being down here. No one wants to come downtown to be beat by the cops!” Or words to that effect. I am looking for video of the horse and buggy guy to see if that exchange is on video. I wasn’t filming that at the time so I personally don’t have it on video but others were filming.

#4: I was not just arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. I had a pocket knife on me and this story is well documented here on Cop Block. I was arrested for making people aware of a checkpoint. It was my first Cop Block and I was alone! If I had a camera worth a shit on at the time, the outcome would have been VERY different. They wanted me out of their way and Officer Ogrady of the Parma Police Department used my pocket knife as an excuse to get me out of the way. My attitude stems from the fact that, that is NOT going to fucking happen again! I WILL NOT BE CAUGHT WITHOUT A CAMERA EVER AGAIN!

I will be putting together video of that night that will show some of these things for what they are!

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Ford Capitalizes on Police State

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

When a product used by the few to oppress the many is openly marketed it speaks to the level of control the few believe they have in the conversation. In this case – vehicles made by Ford only for use by police employees.

Currently a parasitic group of people claim the right to steal from another group of people who did nothing wrong, under the guise of “justice.” That same band of thieves also claims the ability to assign special rights to their friends, who associate under a fictitious entity called a corporation.

That perverse relationship – between those who rely on what Albert J. Nock called the political means and those who curry favor – are the rotten ingredients in the supply of what, only in an Orwellian world, can be deemed “protection.”

How do you feel when traveling and you see in your rearview mirror a road pirate? Thankful? Or apprehensive?

How do you refer to someone who shakes you down, despite the fact that your actions harmed no one else? Is that person an “authority”? What have they done to earn your authority? Might it be more accurate to use plain language – (i.e. a thief, or an aggressor) to describe such a person?

Consider the question posed in a Storm Clouds Gathering video: How would folks in Times Square react were Napolean Bonaparte to show up today and order them around? Clearly, no one is obligated to obey Bonaparte, just as none of us are obligated to obey any self-proclaimed ruler today. Fancy titles are just that – pomp.

It’s the ideas – the divisiveness and fear that these individuals and the statist quo draws its sustenance – that must be uprooted. If not, the paradigm that has Lenco Bearcats and MRAPs in small towns “just in case,” will become even more entrenched, and will set the stage for more institutionalized inequality.


I’ve heard people vilify IBM for involvement with another criminal outfit in the 1940s. But I’ve not heard those same people decry Ford, for pandering to the police state apparatus by creating and marketing the Police Interceptor, though admittedly some do lambast companies like Navistar, BAE, International, General Dyanmics, and Oshkosh Corp., who together, made over 27,000 MRAPs.

Do you work at one of those places? Do you know someone who does? If “just doing my job” isn’t acceptable for someone wearing a police employee costume, it seems to me that’s just as true for anyone else.

The solution is simple. Withdraw your consent from that which you find distasteful. Stop calling 911, stop pledging allegiance, stop acting as a cog in the machine and allow its own friction to take course. Become more self-sustainable. Acquire goods and services needed and wanted via consensual interactions. Trust in yourself.

We’re getting there, one mind at a time. As Henry David Thoreau put-forth in 1849:

I heartily accept the motto, ‘That government is best which governs least’; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe- ‘That government is best which governs not at all’; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.


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#myPD #myCity: Let’s Show the World What We’re Dealing With!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Got a police problem in your city? Use the hashag #myPD and hashtag your city and let everyone know what your seeing.

The blowback in NYPD’s attempts yesterday to garner public support through their twitter hashtag #myNYPD showed the world what people really think of NYPD. PR campaigns only work for so long, and it’s clear that people are fed up.

We in Oakland appreciated the organic relationship of Copwatch and Outreach that came from something as simple as a hashtag. For nearly 24 hours hours now #myNYPD has shown documented incidents of police abuse, personal experiences, and people’s general feelings about NYPD. Imagine the possibilities of what could happen if we all worked together!

Some of us in Oakland felt like showing some solidarity and pushing the hashtag #myOPD. For those that don’t know we have a serious problem with the police out here.

Patrick Gonzales11

Someone on twitter made a suggestion today that we push the hashtag #myPD and Hashtag individual cities so that more communities could participate in this conversation. We think its a great idea!
So if you have something to say about your police, let the world know with the hashtag #myPD and your city!

So what’s next? From a personal perspective I think this is a moment in time where we need to push back harder then we ever have. Whether it’s starting a Copwatch or Copblock group, or outting the police for what they really are, cops feel too comfortable doing what they do and it needs to change. The time to act is now.

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Jason Pomales Arrested for Attending House Party, Wife Arrested for Recording Arrest

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Amanda Bly shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: April 5, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Lisa Azure #5196; Newbank #5715; Leedy #5507
Police Employee Outfit: Marion County

Jason Pomales was arrested for attending a house party. Police wrote a false report stating Jason Pomales told party goers not to listen to the officers, and failed to comply when officers asked him to move away. Officers also reported that his wife, Stacey Pomales refused to comply when officers asked her to move away from the vehicle; as you can see in the video, that is not true. The report states Stacey Pomales “leaned against Newbanks patrol vehicle;” you can see from the video that is also a fabrication. The report states that Mrs. Pomales had to be asked several times to back away and did not comply. The video also shows Mrs. Pomales following everything the officers ask her to do, even calling Officer Azure ma’am.


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Bureau of Indian Affairs Officer Unjustly Shoots Iraqi Vet in His Own Homeland

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Frances Blackburn shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: December 23, 2013
Police Employee Involved: Jose Valdez
Police Employee Contact Information: Wind River Agency, Ft. Washakie, WY 82514 (307) 332-3112

On December 23, 2013, my 27 year old son Owen Brown, who was unarmed, was shot by a bureau of Indian Affairs Officer, Jose Valdez at approximately 1:00 AM. Prior to my son’s encounter with said officer, Jose Valdez had come to my home on numerous occasions. Owen did not know Officer Valdez prior to this incident. To my knowledge, Owen did not have an active warrant. Upon talking to FBI Agent Donati, he advised me that Owen did not have an active warrant. I asked him to please let Officer Valdez know as he is stalking our home. This conversation took place a week prior to my son being shot. Officer Valdez intimidated my family by telling myself, my children, and my sister, that Owen was wanted on a federal warrant and his exact words were, “He is a fugitive, and the marshals will come and get him, they will come and kick in your door and the doors of your relatives. They don’t care. It’s best if he turn himself into us, rather than the marshals.” He continued to park on C’Hair Lane, where we live and where the shooting occurred, for weeks prior to this incident. He stopped different cars that entered the premises for no reason, citing a tail light being out or the license plate light being out, yet never citing the drivers of the vehicles for said violations. He stopped my son in law three times in one day, asking him where his .45 weapon was. He also stopped my unlicensed 16 year old daughter that same day, being December 15, 2013. He did not issue her a citation for driving without a license or having expired tags.

On December 23, 2013, while monitoring my police scanner, I heard Officer Valdez do three vehicle registration checks in a row within a matter of minutes on C’Hair Lane. He realized that the vehicle he called in was Owen’s and continued to follow it into my residence on C’Hair Lane, without probable cause. It appears this officer was fixated on capturing my son. My nephew, Joseph Blackburn, 18 years of age, was driving and was sober. Where was the probable cause to run registration checks and stop the vehicle? After the shooting, in which Owen was wrong in resisting arrest and jumping in the vehicle, this action did not warrant him being shot. This officer has a reputation in the community of a retaliatory nature. He said to one young man, “If I see you driving again, you better hope your mom comes to save you,” and saying to the housing security officers, “If you work against us, we’ll work against you.” This particular incident shows Owen taking a swing at the officer and jumping in the car. Owen remembers, as do his three brothers who were witnesses, not moving the vehicle until after he was shot. He remembers putting the car in gear with his left arm. One can only surmise that this officer was not willing to let anyone get over on him, and began shooting at Owen. The FBI worked hard at finding the truth in what the officer said, not giving the same amount of effort to questioning Owen’s aunt who witnessed the incident and was questioned two days later.

It took the ambulance two hours to get a wounded man the eight miles to the hospital. I, his mother, a security officer with a police scanner, heard of the shooting at 1:00 am. I got to my home at 1:17 am and was met by two unfriendly non Indian Officers, BIA Officer Parnell and Riverton (border town city officer), and Police Officer Gilbert Peck, who cussed profusely at myself and family members. I got to the hospital at 1:30 am and my son was brought to the hospital at around 3:30 am. He laid in his blood with his wounds for two hours. Was my son’s life less valuable because it was an officer involved shooting?

Since the shooting, the family has been racially profiled by the city police department of Riverton, Wyoming. An email was intercepted in which myself, Owen’s mother, a supervisory security officer, and a child abuse investigator was called a gang leader.

I believe that the incident that happened related to my son being shot and the aftermath are racially motivated as well as motivated by other law enforcement personnel whose values and morals I question. Prior to the shooting, one FBI Agent told my son that Owen needs to be put away because he has PTSD and will get someone hurt. Is this the motivation that sent this corrupt officer after my son?

Where was the supervision for this overly aggressive officer, whom the community disliked for many legitimate reasons? Did they not see the harassment that he exhibited towards this family? Why, when there are at least 200 on the warrant list, did Officer Valdez seek out my child? Who will listen and ask these questions for me? With the press here in a racially biased community, it portrays my son as a monster. Yet, what about this Officer, who in a short amount of time became an officer that no one liked or trusted in this community? Why are the officers of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who are non Indian, including the FBI, allowed to treat natives in this community, on our own homeland, unfairly and unjustly. Who will ask these questions for me? Where can I get answers? A few days after the shooting up until the present, when standing outside our home, the wi-fi settings read “NSA Surveillance Drone;” FBI Surveillance; and FBI Watchdog. What are they looking for in this home where two year old and eight year old children live, along with sixteen year old and twenty-four year old females, and myself, a well respected mother, all reside. Those setting appear only at our home. When driving away from the house, the settings disappear. Both the BIA and the Riverton Police Department also sought to make me lose my jobs, as they submitted documentation that was furnished to me. What was the reasoning behind that? I did nothing wrong.

I am seeking help in finding answers or if nothing else, media attention in bringing to light the wrong that was done to this young Iraqi vet and his family. Since then, with the help of a federally paid public defender (as is usually the case with Native people in Wyoming) who doesn’t care about the innocence of those he is supposed to defend, my son reluctantly accepted a plea bargain. This could have all been avoided if not for this over aggressive officer who does not deserve to carry a badge. Thank you for your time.

Frances Blackburn

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Tasers Are No Magic Bullet – Top 10 Reasons to Say NO to Berkeley Police with Tasers

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Berkeley Copwatch shared this post via’s submit page.

After each mishap or tragedy that occurs these days in Berkeley, we are told that it could have been averted “if only” the police had been issued tasers. The mayor of Berkeley made this claim after six Berkeley police killed a mentally ill transgender woman in her own home last year. BPD officers made the same claim again when a mentally ill man stabbed himself several times. This week, Chris Stines of the Berkeley Police Association (BPA) went to great pains to spread the notion that if a Berkeley police officer had had a taser this past week, he wouldn’t have been assaulted. It is regrettable that the BPA uses these incidents as nothing more than a way to win political points. The issue of how to protect officers as well as the human rights of the citizenry is far more complex than simply giving cops more hardware on their belts.

Of course, these kinds of statements can never be proven. No one can know whether a taser would have prevented the confrontation in which the officer was involved in a fistfight with a suspect who was believed to be mentally ill. The BPA continues to apply steady political pressure to our local politicians and insists that somehow, real safety resides in our ability to meet suspects with electric shocks. At Berkeley Copwatch, we disagree. We believe that it is the duty of the officers to place the well being of the community at the forefront of their efforts. We believe that mentally ill people have a right to treatment and should not be subjected to torture because of a condition which they do not control. It is time for the City of Berkeley to return to the humane approaches for which it was once famous and reject the militarization of care which has overtaken our approach to community health and safety.

Top Ten Reasons to say NO to Tasers

1. Tasers are a “sometimes lethal” weapon. There have been at least 547 deaths related to the use of tasers by law enforcement since 2001, according to the human rights agency Amnesty International. It is also reported that 90% of those who died were unarmed. TASER International, the main manufacturer of tasers, has begin issuing on its website a new warning to law enforcement, stating that its conducted electrical weapon “can cause death or serious injury.” Tasers used on most people harbor few long-term effects, but they are deadly for a small minority. Their use should be considered potentially lethal and limited to only those situations in which lethal force would have been justified.

2. Police already have an alternative. They can use their pepper spray. In 1997, the Berkeley Police made a campaign to obtain pepper spray. This they claimed was the best alternative to deadly force. If this was true, then why are we now being asked to finance yet another round of the latest torture technology? Why can’t we invest in longer term, more humane approaches to community safety? According to Chris Stines, police only needed to use their pepper spray three times last year. If so, then is it worth spending a few hundred thousand dollars to equip a department for three incidents a year?

3. Cops can’t tell if there are underlying medical conditions. Studies by the American Medical Association confirm that tasers CAN cause heart attacks. Taser International also warns that tasers should not be used on people who are pregnant, on drugs, have asthma or who have heart problems. How can officers know if there is an underlying medical condition? They can’t. That is the problem. They are playing a lethal game of chance each time they use them.

4. Not a substitute for critical analysis of police strategies and training. While we are glad that Berkeley officer Jeff Shannon is recovering from his encounter last week, we do not see how a taser would have saved him. For some unknown reason, the officer went to this call alone. It is rare that a traffic stop in Berkeley attracts less than 2-4 officers. Why did officer Shannon answer this call alone? His attacker surprised him and having a taser would not have changed that. According to press reports, the attacker was attempting to ignite a liquid. A taser blast on a flammable liquid could ignite (and has in the past) causing an even greater risk to the officer, the suspect and the public.

5. The city increases its liability exposure. TASER International knows that this is a lethal weapon. They are covering themselves legally by issuing warnings about the lethal capacity of these weapons. In one month alone in 2013, five law enforcement agencies in North Texas announced they had discontinued using Tasers or were reviewing their policy regarding the weapons. The city of San Francisco declined to adopt tasers and opted to seek a truly non-lethal alternative. Across the country, agencies are reviewing their policies or seeking alternatives as a way of reducing their exposure to lawsuits.

6. Mentally ill people are 2-4 times more likely to be tasered. A study by the New York Civil Liberties Union found that 30% of the people tasered in New York were identified as being mentally ill. How does the Berkeley Police department treat the mentally ill? With a desperate lack of emergency mental health services, police are often called upon to deal with emergency situations. At this point, our police chief sanctions the inhumane practice of hooding of mentally ill individuals and allows officers to engage in this practice without even have a policy on the use of such hoods. We fear that this lack of regard for the human rights of the mentally ill would extend to the way officers are empowered to use tasers.

7. People of color are more likely to be tasered. African Americans are only 13.6% of the total population, yet represent 45% of the 2009-2014 taser-related deaths in America. In Albany, New York, 28% of the population is African American, yet they are 68% of those Tasered. Racial profiling exists. Sadly, Berkeley Police don’t even keep data on the race/ethnicity of people they stop so we can’t even track the degree to which policies are implemented in racist ways.

8. We have a crisis of accountability for police. “Well, if a Berkeley officer acts out of line, why not just file a complaint?” you might ask. At this time, police accountability in this city (and state) is almost non-existent. Due to a California Supreme Court decision in the mid 1990’s called Copley Press vs. The City of San Diego, civilian review was severely limited, and in the city of Berkeley, it was decimated. These days, it is a minor miracle when an officer actually has a complaint sustained against him or her. If we put tasers into the hands of police, we will be powerless to even know whether or not they are being misused by police, let alone to actually punish an officer who deliberately misuses a taser.

9. The Berkeley Police Association has conducted a misleading, high profile campaign. The BPA touts a “survey” claiming to show that 83 percent of Berkeley residents support investigating the use of tasers to restrain violent individuals. It is useful to note that the survey was given to a select group of people from the BPA over email. The very biased questions yielded the desired results, but did nothing to help us build a community wide approach to emergency mental health services.

10. If someone dies from taser exposure, the DA won’t necessarily investigate because they only investigate firearms deaths. The employees in the District Attorney’s office explained this strange policy to us when we asked why the death of Kayla Moore was not being investigated. We know that there will be no justice for those who are wrongly tased and die as a result. It is sad, but it is the truth of the matter.

From our perspective, tasers only make sense if they are identified as lethal force and their use is limited to those situations in which lethal force would be justified. The problem is that far too often, tasers are used to overcome resistance to officer commands. It is common to read about officers who used tasers on people in cars, people who didn’t act quickly enough, or on people who asked “why?” one too many times. They have been used on children as young as eight and old people into their 80’s. They are known to be lethal.

We must raise the standard of what we consider to be real community safety and work to ensure that the safety of everyone in our community is of importance.

Berkeley Copwatch


Contact Berkeley City Councilors and tell them you don’t want cops with tasers!

Linda Maio
(510) 981-7110

Darryl Moore
(510) 981-7120

Max Anderson
(510) 981-7130

Jesse Arreguin
(510) 981-7140 P

Laurie Capitelli
(510) 981-7150 P

Susan Wengraf
(510) 981-7160

Kriss Worthington
(510) 981-7170

Gordon Wozniak
(510) 981-7180

Tom Bates
(510) 981-7100


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Cleveland Scene

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Date of Interaction: March 28, 2014

DEO writes: Cleveland Cop Block meet up with Pete Eyre, March 28, 2014. I think you’ll see Cleveland Scene got this part wrong. Part 2, The Hit and Run is coming soon. I would have included it, but this is half an hour already! 


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Injustice In Brunswick, GA

Monday, April 21st, 2014

This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: April 5, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Officer Browning, Anthony S.Badge #145
Police Employee Contact Information: 912-554-7600

Phillip has been a part of our family for the last 12 years. While we are not blood related, he is like my son. Phillip Woodberry is a visually impaired, hearing impaired African American man who was recently arrested in Brunswick, GA. Phillip had moved down to GA with his wife Mayeline and son last year from NY.The couple began to have frequent “domestic disputes.” On Friday, April 4, 2014, the couple had an argument after an incident where their son and the wife’s cousin’s child had gotten out of their apartment. Phillip had brought them back and reprimanded them, causing the argument. Later that night Phillip had a few drinks with a friend (also one of the witnesses to the incident) and became drunk. His wife and her cousin locked themselves and their children in the master bedroom of the apartment. Phillip stayed in their living room.

The following morning April 5, 2014, Phillip had plans to leave and return to NY and stay with his family for a while. According to Phillip, he demanded to see his son before he left and was refused through the bedroom door. He returned to the living room where he was preparing to leave for NY. His friend had returned that morning to help Phillip sober up before his flight. Sometime after Phillip had made his demands, the wife had called the police claiming that Phillip pulled a knife on her and was threatening violence against her, only ever referring to him as her boyfriend and giving them her maiden name when asked.

Two Caucasian male police officers arrived on the scene a while later. According to the police report and Phillip’s friend who was not listed as a witness on the report, the officers asked if they could come in and Phillip complied. They asked him where his wife was and he told them in the bedroom. Phillip then went to the living room and Officer Browning went to the bedroom. He questioned the wife and her cousin who again claimed that Phillip had pulled a knife on his wife and made threatening gestures toward her. They told the officer that his wife was visually impaired, which she was but not as badly as they claimed. The wife told the officer that her son and unborn child were his and had witnessed it. According to the report and the unmentioned witness, Officer Browning went back into the living room and told Phillip to put his hands behind his back. Phillip said he wasn’t going to because he didn’t do anything. The officers threatened to tase him if he didn’t comply. Officer Browning claimed in the report that Philip looked down and saw the red dot on his chest, However, Phillip is visually impaired and was intoxicated at this time so he couldn’t have seen the dot. Still, Phillip complied for fear of being tased. The officer told him he was being arrested for F-aggravated assault under the family violence act. The Officer’s did not read him his miranda rights according to the witness not mentioned in the report. Officer browning went back into the bedroom to take a statement from the wife and her cousin who was listed as a witness in the report. The report ends with stating that a third officer arrived on the scene to take Phillip away. What it doesn’t mention is that the officers did ask Phillip’s friend several questions and then told him to leave.

Phillip was taken to Glenn County Detention Center where he’s been for the last three weeks. He has has yet to see a public defender and was denied bail by a judge who said he didn’t know what to do with Phillip. He was moved to a different location in the detention center and we are not aware which section he is in.

Phillip is a good man who would never hurt anyone. He has a clean record prior to this incident. All we want is justice for Phillip. We’re trying to bring awareness to this situation by reaching out to people both on social media (#freephillipwoodberry) and in the media.

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Police Accountability Report: Episode 131 –

Monday, April 21st, 2014

This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions.

Story #1
MOTHER: Son brutally attacked by police officer

A mother is speaking out in what she says is a vicious case of police brutality.

It’s a case involving South Bend police officer Aaron Knepper, the victim Tom Stevens, and his mother Suzanne.

Stevens’ mom Suzanne says her son was brutally attacked by Officer Knepper, and she feared her son was going to die right there in her driveway.

“I tried to get that policeman to stop beating my son,” said Suzanne.

According to those claiming to be the authorities, late on a Tuesday evening towards the end of March, South Bend Police Officer Aaron Knepper tried to pull over 55-year-old Tom Stevens for a traffic stop.

Stevens did not pull over, continued to drive to his home and then got out of the vehicle.

That’s when Stevens’ mom Suzanne who lives with her son says he was brutally attacked by the officer.

“He got about halfway up the drive way and these guys tazed him and they ripped his shirt off.”

Suzanne says she watched the beating, fearful for her son’s life.

“He kept hitting my son, punching [him] in the jaw and chest, my son’s dentures fell out on the driveway.”

The 76-year-old mother of Stevens says she grabbed Knepper’s arm to stop him from hitting her son, and that’s when the officer grabbed her.

“Look what that policeman did to my arm,” Suzanne said, showing her bruises. “Can you imagine grabbing an old lady like this?”

Both Suzanne and Tom Stevens were arrested by police for resisting arrest and battery to an officer.

“This one police officer, I was told his name is Aaron Knepper, knocked my son down and kept beating him and beating him,” Suzanne added.

Suzanne was booked in the St. Joseph County Jail, but Tom’s injuries were so severe, he had to be hospitalized.

Stevens stated, “I guess he’s alive, thank God, because I need him. I’m not well. I have blood clots in my lungs.”

Suzanne said she will never again be able to trust a police officer.

“You’re supposed to help and protect people, not destroy their lives.”

Story #2
Wichita Cops Take Aim at Black Men

In other news, Wichita police think they’re still in the Wild West, shooting people, particularly black people, nine times more often than Detroit officers do, and twelve times more often than in Chicago, the family of a police shooting victim claims in court.

Wichita police Officer Randy Williamson shot to death 24-year-old Troy Lanning II on April 1, 2012, his mother and daughter claim in Wichita Federal Court.

Lanning’s mother, Dawn Herington, claims Williamson shot her son to death merely because he was in a white car, and the officer had heard a report of a drive-by shooting coming from a white car.

The white car fled from a police stop and Lanning fled from the car with a black bag in his hand.

Herington claims her son was complying with Williamson’s order to stop and turn around, raising his hands into the air, when William shot at him five or six times, then shot him three more times in the back as he lay on the ground.

The black bag contained only a few personal items; her son was unarmed, Herington says.

Herington claims Williamson “has been the active shooter in at least three shootings,” and “has been involved in other excessive force cases.”

…Williamson’s daughter was born 7 months after her father was shot to death.

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I hope you’ll take a moment to consider just who it is that you are entrusting with the protection of those you love.

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Off Duty Cop Shoots Fleeing Unarmed Suspect

Friday, April 18th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: 4/15/14
Police Employees Involved: Unnamed Morgan County Deputy
Police Employee Contact Information: 256-351-4800

Earlier this week, an off duty Morgan County Deputy shot an unarmed fleeing suspect at a WalMart in Huntsville, Alabama. The suspect was allegedly wanted on a warrant for a probation violation. Upon seeing the suspect run, the deputy squared up and fired a shot, striking the suspect in the leg. This was confirmed by witnesses. The off duty deputy, whose name is not being released, claims his firearm accidentally discharged during the pursuit. Will this officer be held accountable for going against policy and firing on a fleeing unarmed suspect and putting citizens in way more danger than the suspect? Why are all LEO’s so anxious to fire their weapon and strike another? The following is the news report from

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – UPDATE: Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin says the man shot by one of her off-duty deputies at a Huntsville Wal-Mart Tuesday is David Horton.

The deputy’s name has not been released.

Sheriff Franklin says Horton was wanted for a no bond felony probation violation issued October 23, 2013, according to court records obtained by WHNT News 19. The warrant stems from a third degree assault charge.

Horton has been released from Huntsville Hospital and transported and booked into the Morgan County Jail, according to Sheriff Franklin.


A man was shot by an off-duty Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy at the Wal-Mart on South Parkway Tuesday afternoon.

According to Huntsville Police Lieutenant Larry Childress, the off-duty deputy thought he recognized a suspect with active warrants against him in Morgan County while shopping at the Wal-Mart.

The deputy confronted the suspect inside the Wal-Mart, causing him to run from the building, away from the deputy. A shot was fired and the suspect was hit in the lower left leg, according to police.

When Huntsville Police arrived on the scene, the deputy told police his weapon accidentally discharged, hitting the man in the leg.

A witness on the scene told WHNT and Huntsville Police Investigators that the deputy stopped outside the store, squared up on the fleeing man and fired a shot.

The suspect was transported to the hospital.

Shoppers at the Wal-Mart were scared and shaken, but no one else was injured. Huntsville police are investigating the claims of the deputy and if the shot was accidentally discharged or not.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said her command staff is en route to the scene and the investigation into the reported shooting is just beginning.

Sheriff Franklin says the Huntsville Police and The Alabama Bureau of Investigations is handling the case at the moment.

WHNT News 19 made several attempts to obtain the video surveillance from the Wal-Mart, but those requests have so far been denied because of the ongoing investigation.

Off Duty Cop Shoots Fleeing Unarmed Suspect is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights