District Attorney Continues Vendetta Against Ademo

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

In the video above I outline, and update the viewers on, the current status of my case relating to wiretapping charges out of Manchester, NH. By watching the video and/or reading the back story here, you can get up to speed with how this story has progressed. In short, I was put on trial, convicted, caged, released (time served) and later won an appeal – thanks to Brandon Ross – in my first go around with Michael Valentine and other “Hillsborough County Employees.”

When the New Hampshire Supreme court overturned  the Superior Courts conviction, they did so citing “plain error.” Meaning the District Attorney’s office – or Michael Valentine – have the option to push the case to trial… again. As I stated in the video, I’m not sure why Michael – or any DA – would want to try this case again but that seems to be the case.

The idea of going back to a cage bothers me and knowing that logic, justice and reason are lost in a courtroom, I know that jail is exactly where I’d end up if I went about this my way again. Sure, I could show people – once again – that speaking the truth and seeking logical justice can be done in a courtroom, but I’m tired of that, and it ends with me losing my (already limited) freedoms. Not to mention, I’ve already been to jail for these insane charges. The idea of going back to jail for the same ‘crime/charges’ literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Which is why I’m pleased to state that Brandon Ross has agreed to represent me Pro-Bono on the state charges. Brandon was the sole person responsible for the victory at the Supreme Court level and has invested a lot of time and energy on my case. He’s done so without asking for anything and I’m grateful for his dedication to my case.

Brandon has already filed a motion to dismiss my case and is gearing up for whatever the state can throw his way. In fact, we have a hearing on April 29th at 1:00 pm in Manchester, NH to argue the motions filed. I’m hoping this case can end quickly and suggest the following to those looking to help me achieve that.

  • Share this story with your friends, via FB, twitter and whatever else you can.
  • Consider making a donation to Brandon: He hasn’t asked for any compensation (not even gas money) and has done a great job. I’m going to donate and you can too via PP (brandon[at]bdross.com) or with Bitcoins ( 12ycWabnfNcRqcsoEBnL1t9nhgKy2dwn2i ). Donations are private and will be used in whatever matters Brandon decides.
  • Join me in court: I have upcoming court dates on April 29th (1:00 pm), June 24th (TBA) and July 14th (TBA). As mentioned in the video, this is Brandon’s activism/case, and I ask that folks respect his wishes in the courtroom. Unless they try to cage me, then I hope you respect mine and stop them.

Other than that, if you feel so inclined, you may call Michael Valentine and ask that he stops harassing me. Yet, I don’t believe he will.

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Bad cops are our best recruiters, says Copwatch filmmaker

Monday, February 10th, 2014

This video was first posted to YouTube.com/RidleyReport on February 07th, 2014. The raw video from which the audio was taken is visible below.

Sponsor: http://NHLiberty.org – Bad cops are our best recruiters, says Copwatch filmmaker. Jacob Crawford is the guy making this statement.

This vid is (or is supposed to be) part of the Porcfest 2013 illustrated speeches playlist. Click here to watch in sequence:

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On June 19, 2013 at 2hr session was held at the 10th annual http://porcfest.com called “Eroding the Police State”, which included on a panel individuals active with Cop Block, Cop Watch, and Peaceful Streets. The goal? A reality where the need for these projects is non-existent.


Props to http://youtube.com/redpillrecording for capturing/sharing this video – if you liked it, feel free to visit their channel and subscribe and/or donate

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“Ask Me Anything” with Ademo via the “Protect and Serve” Subreddit

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Due to my job at Suns of Liberty Mint, I’ve been more active on Reddit. This past week, a subreddit called “Protect and Serve” was put on my radar. After scanning the page, I decided to message the moderators of the page and ask if they’d like to host an “Ask Me Anything (AMA) with CopBlock.org Founder, Ademo Freeman.”

Honestly, I didn’t expect my invitation to be accepted, as I’ve tried in the past to get on LEO run podcasts with no success, but to my surprise the moderators agreed.

Therefore, on January 19, 2014 at 3 pm (Central), I’ll be participating in a AMA discussion on the Subreddit “Protect and Serve.” This subreddit is full of current and former LEO’s. I ask that you respect the forum we’ve chosen, which is a live AMA – I’ll answer questions for 2 hours, maybe more – and though you’re free to do what you want,  I’d really like to address the LEO’s without trolling, name calling, or unproductive comments. Therefore, out of context comments or questions will be deleted by admins and/or ignored by myself. This goes for everone, obviously.

So join me – I’m Ademo_Freeman on Reddit – on Sunday January 19, 2014 at 3 pm (central) time while I field questions from LEO’s about CopBlock, policing today and any other questions they might have. Again, please don’t troll or derail this AMA; I’ve tried for a long time to interact with LEO’s in a meaningful venue and I’d like to maintain a positive open dialog.

I look forward to this and thank the moderators who are helping to make this possible.

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AUDIO Copblocker Pete Eyre Guest on Tom Woods Show

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Yesterday, January 6th, 2014, I had the pleasure to join Tom Woods on his radio show – the aptly named Tom Woods Show. The segment is about 30-minutes long, with our conversation staring around the 5-minutes mark.

But be sure to listen to the first five-minutes – especially if you’re a “thinking person,” to learn about Liberty Classroom, as that content will almost assuredly differ in perspective and logic than that communicated to you in government schools.

Click this link to listen:


We covered some ground – background and aims of CopBlock.org, the use of a camera as a tool for accountability, the importance for us advocates of non-aggression to connect and look out for each other, and, to strike the root – to not buy into the fiction that a coercive monopoly can ever provide justice or protection.

Tom is a great guy – on-point and an excellent communicator. I’m glad he’s out there doing his thing, and I feel fortunate to have been a guest on his show.


Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and creator of Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Woods has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, C-SPAN, and Bloomberg Television, among other outlets, and has been a guest on hundreds of radio programs, including National Public Radio, the Dennis Miller Show, the Michael Reagan Show, the Dennis Prager Show, and the Michael Medved Show. He is a regular fill-in host on The Peter Schiff Show.

Woods is the author of eleven books, most recently Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse and Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. His other books include the New York Times bestsellers Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse (read Ron Paul’s foreword) and The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, as well as Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama (with Kevin R.C. Gutzman), Sacred Then and Sacred Now: The Return of the Old Latin Mass, 33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, and The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy. His critically acclaimed 2004 book The Church Confronts Modernity was recently released in paperback by Columbia University Press. A collection of Woods’ essays, called W obronie zdrowego rozsadku, was released exclusively in Polish in 2007. Woods’ books have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Czech, Portuguese, Croatian, Slovak, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.


Oh and by the way – the mention by Tom at the end of the segment about having first crossed-paths through Motorhome Diaries – that was a project Ademo Freeman, Jason Talley and I were involved with, through which we interviewed liberty advocates of all strips over 21,000-miles in seven months. When traveled in a RV called MARV (the Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle) and when we rolled through Auburn, AL we stopped by the Mises Institute, where Tom shared some thoughts about the Fed.

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NH Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on Ademo’s 2012 Wiretapping Convictions

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Today in Concord, NH Brandon Ross will argue that Ademo Freeman’s 2012 wiretapping convictions should never have happened. When the outcome of that proceeding is known it will be shared here.

– the oral arguments were given by Brandon Ross, Ademo’s lawyer, in the morning of Wed., Nov. 13th.

After the hearing, Ross communicated to Ademo via email, “I can say your case is in the best possible situation it could be put it.”

It was reported by some media outlets that Ross did not take issue with the fact that Ademo was tried, and convicted, at the felony-level. I followed-up with Ross via email, and he responded:

He was charged with felonies. We presented two issues on appeal: (1) whether being a party to the call meant that he MUST have been charged with the misdemeanor instead of the felony; and (2) whether in its felony charge, the state tried to charge him with a less culpable mental state that would have covered the misdemeanor only.

I did not concede that Ademo was correctly charged with the felony. Rather, I told the court that I did not want to argue Issue #1 above. The reason was because that state actually had an extremely good argument based upon the wording of the law and what actually happened during Ademo’s defense. It doesn’t mean that Ademo was actually correctly charged. Just that the issue was not worth pursuing.

That strategy was motivated in part to deny the state the ability to sound like it “won” on any issue. I didn’t want the state’s attorney speaking for 5 minutes and have the judge’s agree. They’ll just be more likely to agree with everything else she says. That was the issue that state’s attorney was expecting to argue–because that’s what we first complained of.

Instead, I wanted to focus on a winning argument. On Issue #2, the state already conceded that it committed an error at trial, that the jury was not instructed correctly: that if Adam had a good-faith belief that his conduct was lawful, that would’ve been a defense to the felony charges. THAT did happen at trial. Kinda. Sorta. Though Adam didn’t use the magic words, a jury could’ve determined that he thought he wasn’t breaking the law.  So, the decision the court will grapple with is not whether the law is on Ademo’s side, but whether the case actually deserves to go back to the trial court because there was a “miscarriage of justice”.

Ross said he expects to hear back in early 2014, possibly as early as January

Related coverage:

For complete background see: CopBlock.org/FreeAdemo

Last year after a jury bought into the misinformation peddled by prosecutor Michael Valentine, Ademo was sentenced to one-four years in prison and sat three months in Valley Street Jail, with the remainder hanging over his head for five years with vague “good behavior” stipulations, which, if violated, means strangers with guns will force him into a cage at state prison in Concord for two one-to-three-year stints. [Read Ademo's latest post to CopBlock.org to hear in his words, what he's been up to since his time in Valley Street: CopBlocking On My Terms….]

Valentine claimed Ademo was guilty of felony wiretapping, which is impossible as a charge at that level requires that neither party involved in the conversation be aware of the recording. Obviously Ademo, who placed the calls and recorded the calls, knew they were being recorded. Thus, what Ross today will argue to those at the NH Supreme Court is that at most, Ademo should have been found guilty at the misdemeanor level.


Yet to those familiar with the situation, even that supposedly level of guilt is without merit. Ademo didn’t harm anyone. In fact, he acted heroically – calling out an aggressor, even if he is part of the protected class.


Ademo Freeman faced 21-years in prison because he stood-up for a 17-year-old student who was assaulted by school liaison officer Darren Murphy at West High School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Murphy was back on the job the next day while the student that had been slammed on the table was suspended and his friend who recorded the incident was ordered to delete the footage.

Ademo, concerned about the lack of accountability, posted the video online then made calls to the Manchester Police Department and West High School seeking comment. His phone conversations were included on a video update and from that, he was was charged with three felony counts of wiretapping, each of which carries a 7-year maximum penalty [NH 570-A-2].

Brandon Ross, a Concord, NH-based lawyer has stepped-up to help Ademo pro bono. In a 10-page motion, Ross pointed-out that Ademo was incorrectly charged – since he was a party to the conversation it was not a felony. And in fact, since public officials have no expectation of privacy, Ademo should never have been charged. Though the motion submitted by Ross was denied, he’s moving-forward with an appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

In no uncertain terms, Ademo was targeted because he sought to make transparent the wrongs committed by public officials. Instead of “serving and protecting” they are systematically working to censor those highlighting their misdeeds.

For complete background see: CopBlock.org/FreeAdemo



Motion to Extend Time, For Judgement Notwithstanding the Verdict, For a New Trial, and to Stay Sentence Pen… by CopBlock

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Garret Ean to Join Police Accountability Tour

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Garret Ean will soon join the nine-city, four-month Police Accountability Tour that aims to get folks on the ground better-connected, to share and facilitate the exchange of ideas and practices related to police accountability, and to ultimately erode the plague of police statism.

Garret is stepping-in for Jacob Crawford, who co-founded the tour with me a few months back based on discussions we had during the spring and while at PorcFest in June.

Jacob, a longtime Bay-area copwatcher who started WeCopwtach.org and who a decade ago made These Streets Are Watching, the first know your rights video using on the street (not dramatized) footage, needs to focus his attention on some police accountability efforts specific to the Bay.

Copblocking in Austin post-Peaceful Streets summit, August, 2013

Jacob (front, with camera), myself to his right, and many others patrolled the streets of Austin after the excellent summit organized by those active with Peaceful Streets Project. The summit was a major reason Austin was made the first stop on the Police Accountability Tour.

All is good between Jacob and me. I learned in his presence, and appreciate his pre-tour efforts and involvement in Austin, NYC, Cape Town, South Africa, and Oakland stops of the tour. There’s mutual respect and we’ll continue to converse and collaborate.

[note: stay tuned for thoughts about the tour from Jacob and myself]

Aware of Jacob’s pending departure, I thought about options and found myself contemplating three scenarios:

  1. to discontinue the tour – I believe the tour thus far has been effective. Good connections and content were created. Deliverables for sponsors (5sec ads at the beginning of videos created) were satisfied. Going this route would allow me to pursue other endeavors that are believed to create value, such as the creation of primer resources and of high-caliber videos, a revamp of the website, cultivation and strengthening of networks, etc. However, lots of value – the things specific to the tour model – would be missed.
  2. to continue the tour solo – Most of the logistics and infrastructure of this tour are already done. When solo I visited with folks in two dozen towns with The Cop Block Tour, so I have some grasp on what to expect when traveling in this capacity with these aims. The only real con is the opportunity cost – if on the road I can’t at the same time pursue another endeavor, such as those mentioned with option#1, with as much attention.
  3. to continue the tour with a second person – A second person would bring enormous value, not just just in terms of the extra capacity – networking, video output, etc. – but due to the fact that an informed, creative perspective would be involved in the process. The cons would be more costs when compared to option#2 (due to food and tranpo, though those costs had been expected when the tour was planned), and a learning curve, both for the new person – getting used to the tour lifestyle, in which most of each day is spent involved with tour-related things, and for that person and myself – from the connectivity of devices and workflow to just getting along well.

Garret Ean will be a solid addition to the Police Accountability Tour during the Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans stops

I concluded that the third option would be preferred (if you’re going to do something strive to do it better), provided that second person be someone solid, with videography and related multimedia skills, and the ability to spend a month on the road.

I thought about folks I’ve encountered at various stages in my journey who might fit that bill. Unsurprising, Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman, who I was on the road with during Liberty On Tour in 2011 and 2010 and Motorhome Diaries in 2009, would be an excellent addition, but he’s now busy with the Laconia, NH-based Suns of Liberty Mint (who I’m glad to say is sponsor of the Police Accountability Tour).

The next person I thought of who fit the criteria was Garret Ean. I’ve known Garret for years and have respected and appreciated his efforts. His work ethic, creativity, use of humor, and intellectual rigor are quality.

I reached out to Garret and inquired of his interest to join the tour and I’m happy to say that he’s now slated to join the tour in late October in Detroit, and travel from there to Chicago, Atlanta, and in late November in New Orleans!

[Thanks to others involved with the Keenevention who will step-up in Garret's absence to cover areas he was slated to address]


A champion of transparency, Garret has uploaded hundreds (thousands?) of hours of raw content from his efforts with Robin Hood of Keene to YouTube.com/Fr33ManTVRaw

I asked Garret to put-together a short bio so folks who hadn’t yet had the chance to connect with him could learn a bit more about him.

Garret has had an interest in police accountability since the time he was contemplating entering law enforcement through college. After concluding that the monopolistic protection services offered by the state could and often do harm more people than it claims to help, he opted out of trying to fix the broken system from within and instead found the videocamera to be the most effective tool for attaining justice. Video evidence captured by a third party helped Garret successfully defend himself against two disorderly conduct charges levied against him following the Manchester NH police’s Chalking 8 incident.

After moving to Keene from his native Concord, Garret and other friends picked up the torch on Robin Hooding parking meter activism, where a coordinated effort is made to keep occupied parking meters in compliance to prevent the issuance of expired meter citations. Robin Hooding has attracted global attention and raised legal questions about the people’s right to interact with and film government employees in response to a pending lawsuit filed against many Robin Hooders by the Keene city government. Garret has been involved with Keene Cop Block and is presently developing Keene Peaceful Streets with a wider focus on community crime prevention. You can find the varied content Garret shares with the world, from weekly videos to articles and graphics, at his website FreeConcord.org, as well as his numerous YouTube channels FreeConcordTV, Fr33manTVraw, and AquaKeene.

Garret is active with Keene Cop Block and is now founding Peaceful Streets Keene

Garret is active with Keene Cop Block and is now founding Peaceful Streets Keene




In June, 2013 Garret helped me improve my Tahoe by adding “Ideas are bulletproof” on the driver side (the passenger side says “No masters no slaves”). The Tahoe will be our wheels in and between Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans

Stay tuned for more about and with Garret – he’ll join the tour on the ground in late October in Detroit!

If you’re within a couple hours of Detroit join Garret and myself, area Copblockers, folks active with the Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition, and many others on Monday, Oct. 28th, 7:00-9:00pm at a meetup hosted at the Threat Management Center 6440 Wight St, Detroit, MI 48207

[Learn more about the Threat Management Center - Dale Brown of Detroit-based Threat Management Center is On-Point]



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Copblocker Georgia Sand Shares Thoughts on Police with “For the People” Radio Show

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Longtime Copblocker Georgia Sand joined the Aug. 13th episode of For the People… law in plain language, an internet radio show hosted by Philadelphia-based lawyer Debra D. Rainer. The topic discussed: Protect and Serve or Profile and Abuse

This video includes audio clips from that show, with related pictures and video. It was created in an effort to help share ideas – to bring to the conversation of police accountability some on-point commentary.

Listen to the entire 90-min episode: http://forthepeople.podomatic.com/entry/2013-08-11T06_33_17-07_00
In addition to Rainer and Sand, also included in that conversation were Kelvyn Anderson, Ronita Jones, BLAQ ‘The Broke Poet’ & Rich Ortiz aka “ Ritchie Rich”

Connect with Georgia Sand:

Connect with Debra D. Rainer



Copblocker Georgia Sand Shares Thoughts on Police with “For the People” Radio Show is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

A Growing Movement

Friday, September 13th, 2013

This video is presents excerpts from the 20-minute “A Growing Movement” presentation by Jacob Crawford & Pete Eyre on Aug. 17th, 2013 at the 2nd Annual Police Accountability Summit hosted by the Peaceful Streets Project. Crawford and Eyre were at the summit as part of their first stop of the four-month, nine-city Police Accountability Tour.



The video below was captured by http://zgraphix.org and originally uploaded to blip.tv and shared at austin.indybay.org.

The video was mirrored at youtube.com/wecopwatch to help get the content in front of more eyes and to enable direct hyperlinks to specific topics.



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Cop Block Founder Sues Greenfield Police Following 2010 Arrest for Filming

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman shared the following article on his Facebook page. Here’s what he wrote:

Here’s a write up about my pending lawsuit with the Greenfield (MA) Police Department. Some of these facts are not correct – as usual (best example is in the title, says the charges were dismissed but later states – correctly – that Pete and I were found not guilty at trial) – but I don’t really want to spend any more time on this issue. All the information about Pete Eyre’s and my case is documented in detail at http://copblock.org/greenfield

By Jonathan Adams at www.OpenMediaBoston.org 

BOSTON/South Boston – Founder of police-accountability group Cop Block Adam Mueller is suing the Town of Greenfield, Mass. and Greenfield police officers following his arrest for filming officers in 2010.

The lawsuit filed July 1 at US District Court in Boston, comes after felony charges of illegal wiretapping against him were dismissed at Greenfield District Court in July 2011.

It alleges that the Town is responsible for having not provided training to officers about the public’s constitutional rights to film law enforcement, and that as a result of the failure, “it was highly likely that the Greenfield police officers would unconstitutionally arrest people for openly recording police conduct or conduct of other governmental officials.”

The complaint says that Mueller, together with his friend, Peter Eyre went to the Franklin County House of Corrections on July 1, 2010 to enquire about bail for a friend of theirs.

The pair spoke with correctional officers at the jail, while openly filming their interaction with a camera, who ordered them to stop recording inside the lobby or to leave the premises.

Outside the front entrance to the facility, they were again asked to stop filming, but the pair refused to do so.
Greenfield Police Department was contacted to remove Mueller and Eyre from the premises, and they were arrested by Defendant Officer Todd Dodge for, “wiretapping, trespass, and resisting arrest.”

According to the complaint, “When Plaintiff-Mueller and Mr. Eyre questioned why they would not be permitted outside the House of Corrections to film ‘the people who work for them’ (meaning the correctional officers and Defendant Dodge), Defendants Dodge and Other Greenfield Police Officers placed Plaintiff-Mueller and Mr. Eyre under arrest for trespassing.” (Explanation in original)

The men were kept overnight in a cold cell without their pants or blankets, were denied from making a call to reach legal counsel, did not have an opportunity to be released on bail, and that Mueller’s mobile home was illegally searched and then towed.

They were arraigned the following day and released without bail, though the Greenfield Police Department kept their cell phones and camera as evidence.

Mueller was tried before a jury at Greenfield District Court and found not guilty of all charges on July 18 and 19, 2011.

“The individual Defendants’ actions were taken with reckless disregard for Plaintiff-Mueller’s constitutional rights. Plaintiff-Mueller acted lawfully in openly filming and recording police conduct and governmental official conduct,” the complaint says.

Mueller suffered from symptoms of “emotional distress” after being charged, even though “he knew he had not violated the law, but he worried that a felony conviction would result in a substantial jail term.”

Defendants allegedly “arrested Plaintiff to intimidate him and to serve as a lesson to Plaintiff and others that attempting to openly record police officers in Greenfield could result in arrest,” and that they, “caused criminal charges to be brought against Plaintiff without probable cause and with malice.”

Around May 2011, Mueller also was issued a citation by unidentified police officers, while handing out leaflets to the public.

The leaflets he distributed, “described to members of the public of his impending trial and the actions of the community’s police department,” and it is alleged that, “The issuance of the citation for jay walking was in retaliation for Plaintiff-Mueller’s exercise of free speech …”

The complaint alleges a number of violations including against freedom of speech, the state’s Civil Rights Act, freedom from malicious prosecution, due process, and freedom from retaliation.

Video of the interaction with officers at the Franklin facility was placed online at some point after his arrest.
Mueller, with an address in New Hampshire, was convicted in an unrelated Manchester case on August 13, 2012 for illegally recording phone conversations with a police officer and school staffs without their consent, and posting video of those conversations online.

He was given a suspended sentence on two charges, and on a third charge the sentence was suspended except for 90 days.

The phone calls and film were made by Mueller following the alleged use of excessive force caught on camera during the arrest of a high school student at a Manchester school in 2011.

New Hampshire Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal on his conviction on October 26, 2012.

Mueller is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, and the payment of legal fees and costs in his suit against Greenfield.

The defendants had yet to file an answer to the complaint by the filing of this report.

The case will be heard by US District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton.

This article was produced for Open Media Boston’s Open Court Project.

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Natural Law Enforcement Badges are Here!

Friday, July 19th, 2013

“Maybe if everyone had a badge people wouldn’t assume those with them can do whatever they want??” – so posited Ademo Freeman in an update to Facebook.com/CopBlock to announce the existence of the “Natural Law Enforcer” badges, which read “Shiny Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights”

A few months back our bud Davi Barker of Shiny Badges inquired our interest in collaborating to get-created these beautiful, individually-numbered, conversation-provoking badges. We jumped at the opportunity.

shiny-badge-copblockFirst unveiled in late June at PorcFest where they promptly sold-out, we’ve since re-upped, so you can now secure your own badge via CopBlock.org/Store 

For 20FRNs you can get the next-available lowest-numbered badge, or, for 5FRNs more, you can choose the number that has special meaning for you:
Buy Now
Buy Now

If you want to pay in Bitcoin, head over to ShinyBadges.com.

shinybadge-copblock-back-claspOur inventory, now up to badge #200, will soon increase to #419. Badge #420 will be set-aside and used as a fundraiser for Rich Paul – we’ll let you know when that happens.

*note, some folks have expressed concern that donning one of these badges may place the wearer at risk of being kidnapped/caged for “impersonating an officer.” Unless the wearer claims to be a police employee that is very unlikely, and if it were to happen (and it was made known) I’m sure a lot of folks would come to their aid. I know I would.

Think about this though – today police employees are said by their friends in legaland to have the “right” to dress-up as non-police employees and to communicate to others that they’re in fact not police employees (and to operate on your stolen money while doing so), but if the inverse is done it’s said to be criminal. Doesn’t that make for two classes of people? That’s not the type of community in which I want to live.

Ultimately it’s my hope that these badges cause people to think – to realize that no person has any more or less rights than any other person. In fact, all the conversations I’ve had with others who comment about my badge have been positive – in the least eliciting laughs, agreement and many times personal stories of double-standards seen or experienced. That’s why I feel so strongly about the positive impact that can and is being had when we connect, and each recognize and act according to the fact that badges don’t grant extra rights and that when their is no victim, there is no crime (even if man-made legislation is not obeyed).

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