Reckless Driving

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Date of Interaction: 01/24/2013
Hamilton County, Ohio Police Department

This is an incident that occurred last year that I forgot until I was going through my email of a letter I sent to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, but never got a response.

Around 10:35 PM, I was traveling I-75 S a few miles north of I-74. In front of me was a PT Cruiser, a silver car, and a red Mustang in front; we had been in a row for about 5 miles. Once we passed construction, a police officer who had a vehicle pulled over finished and got onto the freeway behind me, just before the I-74 Exit. All five of us took the exit; the lane splits and turns into an exit only for Colerain Ave, so the silver car, the Mustang, and I got over in the left lane, leaving the officer and the PT Cruiser in the lane. Well, the PT cruiser put on his signal to take the exit and began getting over, and at that time the officer floored it and went around the PT through the right shoulder almost hitting the wall while the PT Cruiser swerved back over to avoid being sideswiped by the officer. Then the officer swerved over two lanes to the left and hit the brakes behind another car that came from the other side (I 75-N); the officer hit the brakes and got back over so he was behind the silver car. Being blocked in, he proceeded to pass the car in the right shoulder, almost hitting two orange barrels (construction zone) and causing people to swerve and slam brakes. He got back over and almost sideswiped the Mustang trying to get back in the left lane, causing the Mustang to almost hit the wall to the left, so the Mustang hit the gas to get away and then got over in the right lane. I thought the officer was drunk or something. Then, the cop got behind the Mustang and pulled him over right at the Montana Ave exit. I called 911 at 10:42 PM to report this reckless behavior and the officer inappropriately pulling someone over. After hearing my story, the lady at 911 said, “I don’t know what you want me to do about it.” I told her that I wanted to report reckless driving and purposely trying to cause an accident in order to pull someone over for no apparent reason…and she hung up on me.

Mental Cages Precipitate Those Physical

 Let him who would move the world, first move himself.
- Socrates

If someone was kidnapped from your community and went missing for years you’d be concerned.

Say you lived in Manchester, NH, Murfreesboro, TN, Berkeley, CA, or Columbia, MO – what if the entire population of your town was snatched-up? That’s what happened in the early 1940s based on the orders of one person, the blind allegiance thousands of others granted based on that person’s title, and the unquestioning acceptance by millions more due to years of programming.

Though claims of a “fervered time of world war” were given as justification, no person has carte blanche ability to violate the rights of even one individual, much less the 110,000 caged in America’s concentration camps.


For more on Gila River check out “Years of Infamy” by Michi Nishiura Weglyn, who was held captive at the facility.

What happened at Gila River, in countless other iterations, and what may occur in the future can happen only after the mind has been made complacent, force-fed Statist Quo drivel, that a certain group of people have the right to control others. Fortunately, bad ideas can be replaced by those recognized to be better, and more aligned with ones consciousness.

It is paramount for each of us to not accept the dogma of another as our own but to decide for ourselves what makes sense. Don’t buy into the divisive propaganda and ‘us vs. them’ paradigm upon which your would-be masters depend. Trust yourself. [related:]




Cops Shoot Victim, Kill Good Samaritan, Arrest Suspect

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As it turns out, police are not the indiscriminate murderers some of us make them out to be. They are actually very careful to treat their own kind with a certain level of dignity and respect. As was the case in West Hollywood earlier this week, when the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department gunned down John Winkler, a 30 year old production assistant for the Comedy Central show Tosh.0.

Of course, it wasn’t John Winkler they treated with respect. It was the knife wielding attacker, who they had far more in common with.

On April 7th, Winkler went to his neighbors Santa Monica Boulevard apartment after hearing screams. His neighbors were being held hostage by a man with a knife, and Winkler was attempting to help, according to Winkler’s friend Devin Richardson.

CBS Photo from Scene of John Winkler's Shooting

Simultaneously, deputies were responding to a call about an assailant with a knife inside one of the units. Upon their arrival, they were told by a witness that there were two men in the apartment and that the assailant was a thin white man wearing a black shirt. As the deputies approached the door of the apartment, they announced themselves, and shortly after, two men came bursting through the door. One, bleeding profusely from the neck, and behind him, a thin white male in a black shirt.

Deputies opened fire, striking both the bleeding victim, and said thin white male, who turned out to be Winkler – not the attacker. It seems the officers had thought they had done a fine job, standing over the young producers corpse, before they heard “sounds of a fight coming from inside the apartment.” Investigating those sounds, they entered the apartment to find Alexander McDonald choking a third victim. This seemed like a fine time to holster their weapons, and take McDonald into custody, and charge him with the murder they had just committed.


Christopher Cantwell is an activist, writer, and satirist originally from New York.

From an anarcho-capitalist perspective, he covers news and current events, addresses philosophical questions, and even cracks a joke or two at, and is a regular contributor to and

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Date of Interaction: 2002
Police Employees Involved: Unknown officers, 122nd Precinct, Staten Island, NY
Police Employee Contact Information: (718) 667-2211 - 2320 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10306

Here’s the story of what happened to me and ruined my life. I wrote a story about my anxiety and panic disorder and shared it with people, and this is just a portion of it with edits to make the brutality part more of the aspect than the anxiety aspect. I thought you’d like a good read. Okay, here we go…

I was thirteen years old, doing what any normal thirteen year old would do. I was just hanging around and keeping company with friends. We would always meet up at a shopping plaza near my house since it was sort of like the “middle area” in location to where we all lived. One of these days though, the plaza was crowded by a gang from a neighboring town and they were causing trouble. They were harassing store owners and messing with drivers. I’m assuming some of the store clerks called 911, and you’ll find out why later. Anyway, I took it upon myself to get them out of the area. They knew me from school and respected me, out of fear, mostly because I’m a big, mean dude, even for a thirteen year old (you don’t see many thirteen year old kids with a full beard, so I kind of give credit to my intimidating look too).

Anyway, they all left. I got them out of there simply by talking with them. I told them how they were disrespecting people I know in my town and wanted them to calm down or leave. So, an hour passed and the whole mess cleared. A bunch of my friends and I decided to walk down the block to another friend’s house across the street from the shopping plaza we always hung out at. My one friend, Rob, is disabled. He has some sort of condition with his hip and cannot walk properly. He was in a little pain at the moment and needed a rest, so we sat on a patch of grass down the block from my friend’s house, still only just across the street from the shopping plaza. I was the only one that stayed behind and waited for him, and told my friends we will meet up with them in a bit once Rob rested and felt okay to go. He was sitting on this giant rock and we were just talking.

Suddenly, three grown men came down the grassy hill from the opposite side and started walking toward me and Rob. They were dressed in regular clothing, and looked like typical New York assholes, so I stood in front of Rob in case these guys were looking for trouble. These three men came up to us and started asking me questions about what I was doing there and why, and as they were asking I was not responding and instead asking them the question, “Who are you? What do you care?” They said they were cops, but I didn’t believe it. Fake cops are also a big thing here, and these guys didn’t even appear from a police car or anything. They didn’t have a badge to show either. They ignored me and just repeatedly told me to take my hands out of my pockets, which they weren’t even in. They were on my side. I told them to get out of here because they were starting to piss me off, and one of the guys in front of me slapped my wrist while the other two circled me like thugs about to jump me. Next thing I knew, I spent fifteen minutes in sight of the public against a busy road getting beaten down by three grown men. I didn’t even fight back at first. I let them do their thing until they were done, but they kept kicking me, punching me, and they even grabbed me by my hair and started beating my face into a pile of rocks. I was gushing blood everywhere. I still didn’t fight back. Then one cop told another to go get my friend Rob. I told them to leave him alone because he is disabled, but the one cop started approaching him with handcuffs out, so I got pissed and started fighting back. I clinched and kneed one guy in the face and sliced his forehead open, then broke another’s nose and threw the third officer on top of them. I’m a big, powerful dude, and not to mention trained to fight, so I took control of the three of them the best I could and told them that they could handcuff me and do what they want if they leave him alone. So after fifteen minutes of this mess, they finally got me in cuffs and walked me to a black car.

Now, at this point, I thought I was being kidnapped. I still did not believe these were cops. They sure as hell did not act like cops. I got thrown in the car and they repeatedly made threats and insulted while I was in the backseat. We had a little war on words and I gave them some speech about the way they’re living their lives. Eventually, we got to the police precinct. I was placed in jail while handcuffed to a chair. Can you imagine my anxiety? I was just a thirteen year old kid helping his friend. Honestly, I thought they were going to kill me, but like I said, after a little drive we arrived at a police precinct. My father picked me up after the cops charged me with resisting arrest, public intoxication, loitering, and a bunch of other stuff, none of which was true.

I went home, and since that day, even to today, I carry that memory in my mind because it stole my pride and self-respect. I felt worthless, and the people who respected me and believed in me most saw and heard about it. I was their protector, someone to look after them. I cared a lot about my friends, and I never wanted them to see me like that. Those cops stripped me of all I was and mentally I just never recovered. I tried, but I just wasn’t me anymore. Eventually, I turned fourteen and was afraid to leave my house. I still did, but I was just afraid. The anxiety grew and got worse and worse. I ended up afraid to walk down the block, and I only went out in my backyard, so instead of the shopping plaza we would all gather at, my friends would come in my yard. We did this for like three months. Eventually my body couldn’t take all the anxiety and I collapsed in panic. I didn’t want to fight it anymore. I ended up dropping out of school illegally. I was only six months into the ninth grade. Needless to say, I eventually became severely agoraphobic, having up to sixteen panic attacks a day.

I never left my house again. For four straight years, I never touched my front door… I never smelled the air of the outside. I rarely saw the sun for weeks at a time because I’d like being awake at night when the world was calm and quiet. I never touched a human being for four years, never continued my education in high school, I became afraid of everything, even shaving, showering, or moving in a certain way. I was so afraid. I was mentally scarred and no one helped me.

Now, before my collapse and agoraphobic behavior, I had many court appearances in front of a judge. There were a lot because the arresting officer that night of the beating never made an appearance in court, so the judge threw the case out. My family and I tried to find a lawyer to sue the NYPD, but all the lawyers wanted interviews, and when we discussed the circumstances of the story, all the lawyers would decline to work for us. It’s so hard to find someone who would stand against the police.

Eventually, we gave up, and then that’s when my aforementioned issues started. I lost my life as a teenager. I never went to school. I stayed locked in my bedroom with a computer for the next several years, alone. My parents didn’t take the mental issues seriously and generally thought I was just lazy, and they’d get mad at me, especially my father, so they basically let me rot. It usually comes with the territory that older generations don’t understand what a mental disorder is. They assume you can just get over it, but in many cases it is in fact a medical condition that only stems from something impacting your life or genetics. I may have never gone to jail, but those police still locked me up emotionally in my own home. For what? Why? What reasoning did they have to escalate this situation on a child? Is it because I did their job for them while they showed up over an hour later?

I eventually found a girl online who was very sweet to me and tried getting me out of my house. We ended up together for close to six years, but my panic and anxiety issues eventually pushed her away. I’ve worked several jobs since at homeless shelters and for UPS, but I’d eventually quit or get laid off due to anxiety or physical problems that I developed from four years of horrible living treatment, such as my stomach hernia which can not be repaired, my horrible arthritis, and my dizzy spells.

I still fight everyday, but right now I’m broken, unemployed, and hurting. I’m broke, twenty-seven years old, and still living with my parents who I take care of in the house since my father is a heart attack survivor and my mother has Multiple Sclerosis. I do all the heavy lifting of things around the house, or help my mother with opening a bottle or jar, but I’m in pain myself so often I can barely do much more, so I’m really not as big of a help as I want to be or wish to be. I also cannot get SSI because they keep denying me. I am doing better with anxiety and can control it, and rarely ever panic, but it’s like I am trapped in my home again against my will, and this all stems from that one night.

That’s my story.

Why the CIA Wants You to Be a Pacifist

Psychological Operations (PSYOP) or (as it has been known since 2010) Military Information Support Operations (MISO) are CIA operations geared towards conveying selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals – both inside and outside the United States.

“White propaganda” accurately identifies its source. “Grey propaganda” does not specifically identify its source. Rather than identifying the source, one might see: “It was reported yesterday that …” or “reliable sources report that…”or “eye-witnesses said they saw….” It attempts to appear authoritative and to avoid appearing as partisan propaganda. “Black propaganda” is propaganda information that purposefully misidentifies its source, usually the opponent, who is falsely credited for the information.

In the 1990s, it came to light that soldiers from the 4th Psychological Operations Group had been interning at the American news networks Cable News Network (CNN) and National Public Radio (NPR). The program was an attempt to provide its PSYOP personnel with the expertise developed by the private sector under its “Training with Industry” program. The program caused concern about the influence these soldiers might have on American news and the programs were reported to be “terminated.” But one day before Rolling Stone reported that Lt. Gen. Caldwell commanded the execution of an illegal PSYOP campaign against U.S. senators, Information Week published an article revealing that the military sought a contractor to deploy false identities on social media sites like Facebook to disseminate DoD propaganda to civilians.

Bloomberg’s NYPD got caught working with the Central Intelligence Agency to create a “Demographics Unit” of plainclothes officers that explicitly monitors the city’s 800,000-strong Muslim community by spying on mosques, bookstores, and student organizations. The department has gone so far as to monitor some kids in its own youth soccer league because their team was sponsored by the Arab American Association of New York.

The New York Times reported:

“WASHINGTON — The Central Intelligence Agency has opened an internal inquiry into whether its close cooperation with the New York Police Department in the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks has broken any laws prohibiting the agency from collecting intelligence in the United States. During his first Congressional testimony as the C.I.A. director, David H. Petraeus said Tuesday that the agency’s inspector general had begun to investigate its work with the Police Department ‘to make sure we are doing the right thing.’

Marie E. Harf, a spokeswoman for the agency, said that its cooperation with American police forces in the past decade ‘should not be a surprise to anyone,’ and that its work with the department in New York ‘is exactly what the American people deserve.’”

Later, at the massive protests against the 2004 Republican National Convention (RNC) in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg gave special buttons to nonviolent activists who had proclaimed that they would be peaceful. Bloomberg got political points for being hip and lenient, even as his administration cracked down on dissent during the week of protests. Pacifists got an added perk: anyone wearing the button would be given discounts at dozens of Broadway shows, hotels, museums, and restaurants. As Mayor Bloomberg put it, ‘It’s no fun to protest on an empty stomach.’ Law-abiding protesters were given buttons of the Statue of Liberty holding a sign that reads, “peaceful political activists.”

And the anti-RNC protests in New York were little more than that: fun. A huge amount of energy was expended weeks in advance (by the NYPD) in attempts to alienate and exclude militant activists. Plainclothes officers distributed thousands of leaflets the weekend before the convention making the idiotic claim that anyone advocating confrontational tactics was likely a police agent. That week, the Poor People’s March was repeatedly attacked by police making targeted arrests of activists wearing masks or refusing to be searched. March participants had agreed to be nonviolent; the police were every bit as violent as they chose to be.

Speaking with the Huffington Post, Bloomberg’s former deputy press secretary, Jordan Barowitz, doesn’t rule out the possibility of Bloomberg mounting a presidential campaign in 2016. Considering that Bloomberg falls right in line with the Obama administration on gun bans and that he was caught using taxpayer-funded resources to operate “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” it’s safe to say that he would no doubt expand training for gun confiscations during martial law or a government-declared emergency.

These domestic tactics are eerily identical to the US military’s tactics two years after invading Iraq. The Pentagon was paying to insert articles in Iraqi newspapers urging unity (against the insurgents) and nonviolence. The articles were written as though the authors were Iraqi in an attempt to rein in the militant resistance and manipulate Iraqis into diplomatic forms of opposition that would be easier to co-opt and control.

In 2009, the Associated Press investigated the DoD’s budgets. Therein $547 million went into public affairs, which reaches American audiences. And about $489 million more goes into Psychological Operations, which targets foreign audiences. But on December 12, 2009, the Pentagon’s inspector general released an audit finding that the public affairs office may have crossed the line into propaganda. The audit found the Department of Defense “may appear to merge inappropriately” its Psychological Operations with operations that try to influence domestic audiences.

“PSYOPS has proven its effectiveness time and time again, both in military campaigns and in nonviolent struggles, as a potent weapon to weaken, divide, neutralize and disintegrate an opponent’s pillars of support. In general, the whole population can become the target for propaganda. To be most effective, however, the target audience should be broken down into segments in order to tailor the message for each group. Experience and research strongly indicates that effective propaganda is that which is tailored to more limited target audiences.

How the message is to be communicated involves the selection of the vehicle to carry it. The vehicle could be a leaflet, a radio broadcast, an email, a movie, a speech, a printed book or article, or signs and posters. Rumors can also be effective transmitters of messages. Not to be overlooked is the use of ‘key communicators’ such as religious leaders, opposition political leaders, teachers, barbers and hairdressers, traditional and spiritual leaders, journalists, union spokesmen, business groups, and others who are respected in their own communities.”
-Robert L. Helvey, 30-year retiree of the Defense Intelligence Agency

In 2012, the United States Army Military Police School’s Civil Disturbance Operations document instructed soldiers to deny access to “armories, arsenals, hardware, and sporting good stores, pawnshops, and gunsmith establishments or other places where weapons or ammunition are stored” during a “civil disturbance.” “To conserve manpower, consideration may be given to evacuating sensitive items, such as weapons from stores and storing them in a central facility,” the document added.

They fear revolution.

An Open Letter to Oath Keepers

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Let me see if I’ve got this right. At some point in your life, you decided to join the military, or law enforcement. At the time, you had an idea in your head that this was a noble goal, that you would be helping your fellow man. After all, you took an oath to do just that, right? Well, not exactly; you took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, but, at least in your own mind, the two concepts were synonymous.

Oath Keepers

It’s easy enough to believe that. The worst abuses that we see, appear to be violations of that oath. Checkpoints, gun control, PRISM, certain interpretations of the tax code, summary execution on the streets, presidential warmaking, this list could go on for a while. So you, unlike your colleagues, are going to take that oath seriously. You are not going to blindly obey orders. You are the defenders of the republic. You will protect the citizenry from these evildoers that are your colleagues, and keep your oath.

Now, even as an anarchist who doesn’t have all that much use for constitutions, I have to admit, this sounds pretty good. I mean, I don’t think government should (or does) exist at all, but I would have a hard time arguing that we wouldn’t all be better off without the unconstitutional authorities being exercised.  So, to this extent, kudos to you.

On the other hand, your oath to defend the constitution, combined with your career choice of initiatory force, sort of puts us at odds for a number of reasons that I’ll outline here, with a sincere request that you analyze them honestly. We both know that what’s happening now is completely unacceptable, and whatever public statements you or your organization may make, we both know that this may well come down to force of arms. This means that good men, perhaps even you or I, will die, and none of us want that sacrifice to be in vain.

It is extraordinarily important then, for us to determine what we want to come out of that conflict. If we are to risk death and imprisonment for “freedom”, then we had best have a pretty clear definition of what exactly “freedom” is. We are not the first people to say that we would kill and die for freedom after all. The Nazis, Mao Tse Tung, North Korea, the USSR, Pol Pot, and a long list of power hungry authoritarians and dictators have all said exactly this. What a terrible tragedy it would be if you and I went down in history as part of that list…

If you’re not already familiar with me and my work, I subscribe to a theory known as anarcho-capitalism. Don’t panic, it’s really not quite as scary as it sounds. I abide by a concept known as the non-aggression principle, which means initiatory force and fraud are forbidden by my moral code and may be responded to with defensive force; all else is permissible. I believe in free markets, just like you. I believe in the market so much that I think it could do a superior job of providing for transportation, dispute resolutions, defense, and other responsibilities that you would likely leave in the hands of the State. (When I say State with a capital S, I am referring to the institution of government as a whole, not the political subdivisions of the United States Federal Government). You likely have all sorts of questions about this, how the market would do X, Y, and Z, and these are common inquiries, which are beyond the scope of this document. I’ve written quite extensively on the subject and will continue to do so on a daily basis. I invite you to subscribe via email so you can keep up with my work.

What I would like to talk about today is the US Constitution and your oath to defend it. My fear is that despite your best intentions, dedication to purpose, and outstanding capabilities, your mission is predetermined to result in tyranny and oppression. I know that sounds a little crazy, since this is exactly what you seek to prevent, but hear me out.

The way the constitution was originally pitched to society sounded, and still does sound, like a pretty good idea to folks like us who value freedom. It would (in theory) forbid the government, or at least, the federal government, from doing pretty much all of the things it does today. It would keep us safe from foreign invasion, maintain order, and assure a certain degree of fairness in dispute resolutions, all while avoiding unnecessary wars, and being minimally invasive in our day to day lives.

It is beyond dispute that this has not been the case. That which the constitution promised would keep small and minimally invasive, has actually become the largest and most powerful government in the history of mankind. It monitors nearly all electronic communications both here and abroad. It wages, as we speak, literally more wars than I can personally keep track of. It has weapons that could eradicate all life on this planet. It interferes in all aspects of not only our lives, but the lives of people all over the planet. It places in the hands of a single man (POTUS) the power to initiate wars of aggression. It takes upwards of half the income of many people. It prints limitless amounts of money. The list goes on and you are all too well aware of the problems we face today.

Your response to this would likely be that it is not the constitution that has failed, but the people. Your point has merit, but what would your solution to this be? A government is either elected by popular vote, or it is an unelected government. If you propose to uphold the constitution, you will necessarily have to allow the officials of that institution to be elected. If most of the people want a massive overreaching government, then democracy assures us that this is what they will have, constitutions or none. After all, if we are to force a government into compliance with a constitution, regardless of the will of its constituency, then we can expect to have a revolution on our hands in rather short order, that may more closely resemble that of the French than that of our own ancestors.

This would necessarily turn us to education and propaganda. That we would have to first enlighten the members of our society, so that they might choose their rulers more wisely than they have done in the past. Even ignoring the lack of historical precedent for this ever having worked, we have quite the task on our hands if this is our goal. My goals too, require a certain amount of education, and so in this we may work together. If people understand the virtues and benefits of freedom, then they are terribly unlikely to part from it willingly.

But what of the curriculum? I imagine if you fancy yourself as an Oath Keeper, that you would claim to have a good working knowledge of the constitution and its history. I also have this knowledge, and while I believe it to be very valuable, I think it will be quite difficult to educate the masses on it. Especially while we compete with the public school system, established academia, and a plethora of leftist fringe elements for the minds of the young. Today, few have even read the plain text of the constitution, much less the federalist and anti-federalist papers, they surely haven’t read the transcripts of the Virginia ratification convention, and scouring through the many letters and memoirs of the founding fathers has proven to be a time consuming and difficult task even for you and I, who have an innate desire to learn these things. Surely, getting an apathetic society quite satisfied with the tranquility of servitude to pay close attention to all of this information would be nigh impossible.

Then of course there’s economics, which you and I may find to be a fascinating course of study, but really does not appeal to many outside of our circles. Additionally, those who do study economics have been inundated with Marxist and Keynesian propaganda for a century. Like history, it too is so engrained in the public school system and established academia, that it would easily take another century or more to reverse it. That kind of timeline means we, and all of our children, die with the boot of the State on our necks.

It would then seem to me that the educational effort must be simpler, more widely appealing, and be of a nature that did not require acceptance by the majority. This is one of the many reasons I have settled on the non aggression principle as my focus. Rather than teaching tens of millions of voters about hundreds of pages of history and economics which they may still reject, I appeal to their natural aversion to violence and compassion for their neighbors with a simple message they learned in kindergarten, put simply, “Don’t Hit.”

As stated earlier, the non aggression principle forbids the initiation of force and fraud. It accomplishes this by permitting the use of defensive force. Most of us already tend to abide by this in our regular lives, insomuch as that we understand it is generally unacceptable to steal or to assault people, and that the only legitimate use of violence is to defend against such predations. The only variation the non aggression principle makes from present day society’s moral code is that it does not make exception for government agents. This is to say, for example, that police officers have no right to force people to do things like pull their cars over on the highway, and that tax collectors have no right to take money from people who do not want their “services”. This also necessarily implies that if they continue to do such things, that the people they do them to have a right to use violence to defend themselves, and this is where I fear for the well being of you fine folks.

If one of us sets out on a path to convince a small minority that the nature of government is violence and that violence is only legitimate in the form of defense, while the other sets out on a path to convince a majority that their particular set of centuries old documents are more correct than someone else’s, it doesn’t require a degree in advanced political science to figure out who will reach their goal first. While you may have the best intentions in your pursuit of liberty through force of the State, at least so far as it pertains to those of you actively employed thereby, your showing up for work is evidence that you initiate force against your fellow man.

Even ignoring the fact that you are paid through taxation which threatens my life for non payment, I highly doubt that a single law enforcement agent out there, whether he considers himself an Oath Keeper or not, is simply ignoring unjust laws in the course of his duties. He simply would not be able to keep his job if he did. How many gun owners, pot smokers, and unlicensed drivers have you threatened with your gun, before kidnapping and caging them? How much money have you extorted from innocent motorists? How many lives have you ruined for the simple act of driving home from a bar? I imagine quite a few, and if you are sincere in your desire to fight for liberty, I would submit that these paths are mutually exclusive. You cannot fight for freedom while your paycheck relies on your willingness to oppress.

To those of you who are in the military, how much horrific carnage do you believe you can be party to while claiming to be an advocate of liberty? If you have already deployed to a foreign land to murder and threaten strangers whom you’d otherwise never have met, then you certainly were not a friend of liberty during that time. If you have not so deployed, then either you are engaged in activities which lend support to those marauders, or you will be deploying some time in the future. In either case, you are actively engaged in the fight against liberty, and cannot pursue that path while continuing to call yourself a friend to the same.

I fear this puts us at odds, so much so that we could find ourselves in mortal combat. But it sincerely is not my goal to threaten you or create tension, because I really do believe that you have the most noble of intentions. I’m begging and pleading with you to drop the charade is all. There simply is not any record of a good government in the history of mankind. They have only engaged in varying levels of evil, which over time have an unignorable tendency to result in mass murder.

The government you are claiming you want to fix, started off as the smallest, most limited government in the history of the world. It became the most dangerous thing the world has ever seen, and you are still party to it. Even if you accomplished your goal of limiting it once again, the result could only be an even more unimaginable evil later on down the road. There is a very real reason that this government is now so powerful, and it actually starts with the same constitution you claim to support.

Our study of economics teaches us that a free market, or even the illusion thereof creates staggering amounts of wealth. When the United States was originally formed, it created exactly that sort of environment. This is how the industrial revolution was able to come about, and how America became the economic powerhouse that it is today, or at least, that it was until recently. The government sat quietly in the background while all of this happened, and allowed all that wealth to be created without intervention. It wasn’t until after the wealth was created, that the government stepped in and began taxing and taking control of everything, because if it had taken said control earlier on, it would never have had access to all those resources. I mean, if you tax a man at 50% when he makes $10k/year he will revolt, wait until he makes $100k/year and he doesn’t mind as much. Once the resources became available, the government used them to grow itself, like all governments do.

Following this economic reality, imagine what would happen if you managed to reduce this government back down to constitutional size. The threat would still be there, just as it was in 1789. The cycle would repeat. A freer market would get to work creating wealth, creating resources, we would all be feeling really good about that, and then the State would again step in to seize upon the opportunity to expand. Look at what a monster this thing is today, it owes in excess of $17 trillion, and has its fingers in everything. Imagine it had the resources to pay off that debt and borrow double that much, with all the advantages of modern and future technology at its disposal. It boggles the mind what power could be obtained under those conditions. Humanity might never recover. They could have robotic armies and police forces, completely bypassing the human factor you all hope to exploit today. There would be no limit to the evils it could commit, do you really wish to be party to this?

I certainly don’t, and luckily I believe there’s not a snowball’s chance of this happening. Governments do not shrink. They expand until they collapse, they murder a bunch of people and then they simply struggle to maintain control over whatever little resources are left over. That’s the cycle of government, and if we hope to alter that pattern one bit, then the way we do that, is abolition.

Christopher Cantwell is an activist, writer, and satirist originally from New York.

From an anarcho-capitalist perspective, he covers news and current events, addresses philosophical questions, and even cracks a joke or two at, and is a regular contributor to and

5 Things The Bundy Ranch Teaches Us

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Surprisingly enough, I was going to ignore the story of Cliven Bundy’s ranch, which is presently under siege by federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management. A number of people thought this was right up my ally, to come at from a use of force angle, since so many people are speculating it will be the next Waco or Ruby Ridge.

On Facebook there’s all this buzz about “Oath Keepersshowing up. Protesters are being assaulted. Some are even speculating that this incident will be what finally sparks the revolution! People are talking about state’s rights, and the 10th Amendment, and powers of Sheriffs, and all these things that really would have seemed just fascinating to me when I was still in my limited government/sovereign citizen stage.

What’s happening at the Bundy Ranch?

The back story, in case you’re unfamiliar, is as follows. Cliven Bundy has been battling the Federal Government for about 20 years. Bundy has a ranch in the area where he raises cattle as a business. Prior to 1993, Bundy had a permit to graze on “public” land, but the permit was revoked or allowed to expire for some reason. The BLM designated 186,909 acres of the Gold Butte area, where the ranch is, as “critical” for the survival of some fucking turtle in 1998, which it now plans to exterminate for some reason. Bundy continued to graze his cattle on the public land without permission, refusing to pay fees that the federal government demanded. Now there is some dispute over the amount owed, where the Bundy’s say the number is somewhere around $300k, and the BLM says it’s closer to $1 million.

He says he has rights to that land, because he got there first essentially. Tell that to the Native Americans.

So. there are just a few things I want to address about this story.

5. There is no such thing as public property

Protesters Outside the Cliven Bundy Ranch

Honestly, to me, Bundy complaining that he can’t graze for free on land that he doesn’t own sounds more like Occupy Wall Street behavior than libertarian behavior. He might as well be complaining about farm subsidies. He has a for profit cattle ranch on private property, and his property can’t sustain his cattle, so he is going onto land that he does not own.

Bundy does not contest the legitimacy of the federal government’s existence. He looks right to the constitution for a solution to his problem, and fails to find one. If a government has a right to exist, it has a right to own property, and do with it as it sees fit. I don’t believe a government has a right to exist, but most of the people involved in this apparently do.

How many times are we going to have to go over the tragedy of the commons before people understand that there is no such thing? What people mistake for commons, or public property, is property owned by organized crime rings known as governments. Like any other business, they might let you use the property, they might charge a fee for the property, or they might tell you to get lost.

Anybody who ever thought a government was doing a “public good” by seizing land is a fool. When the BLM came in and said they were protecting turtles, it might as well have been Exxon coming in to drill for oil. There’s no such thing as public property.

4.The US Constitution did not, does not, and will not matter

While Obamacare is “the law of the land,” why anybody would still look to this document is beyond my comprehension. There are hundreds of armed men surrounding a man’s home, and people are talking about a centuries old piece of war propaganda that was discarded by George Washington when he signed the law authorizing the First Bank of the United States. the same document the second president of the United States, John Adams, discarded when he signed the Alien & Sedition acts. I could go through every administration in the history of the republic and tell you about egregious violations of the constitution that it committed, but that would make this a very long document.

No government was ever limited by a constitution, least of all the United States. Hell, the United States isn’t even limited by its own borders. So if a military presence shows up at your front door, and you look to ancient documents to chase them away, I’m sorry but it’s really getting to a point where I have trouble feeling sorry for you. You might as well be praying for all the good it is going to do anybody.

3. Every tax and traffic ticket ever written was backed up by the same threat of force

All you folks out there who say government isn’t violent, take a close look. If I had a dime for every time somebody told me, “They don’t force you, they just take you to court,” I’d be rich by now. When a government makes a decision, guns follow. The paperwork, fake attempts to negotiate, court proceedings, these exist only for the purpose of convincing the dissenter to surrender, or making the inevitable violence that follows his failure to do so look legitimate.

If you failed to pay your property taxes, and expressed a willingness to resist your local government, you would be facing the same type of situation the Bundys are right now. If you failed to pay traffic tickets and attempted to drive, police would kill you to stop you from doing so. In my book, these everyday occurrences are a far greater tragedy than some cattle rancher whose business was going so good he had to expand.

2. The amount of force is not the issue

People are making a very big deal out of the number of federal agents and police on the scene, and the type of weapons they are carrying. As I pointed out in the Albuquerque shooting of the homeless man, it doesn’t matter if a hundred federal agents show up with bazookas or the local deputy shows up with a stun gun, the problem is the initiation of force, not the weapons used to carry it out.

Anybody who accepts that the federal government has a right to force people to do things, but objects to the weaponry they use in the process, is making the same argument as gun control advocates. Anybody who has a right to use force, has the right to use as much force as they believe is necessary to accomplish the goal of said force.

The problem here is only that the federal government has no right to exist. It had no right to steal, through taxation and inflation, the money that it used to take the land. As a result they have no right to the land, and therefore no right to use force to defend it. If the federal government had not taken the land, it is entirely possible that some other person might have owned it, and that person would have every right to use as much force as he saw fit to remove Bundy’s cattle from it.

1. Since the aforementioned issues are not understood, nothing good will come of this

Remove from your minds any notion that the Oath Keepers will restore the republic today, tomorrow, or the day after. No militia will come to the rescue of Cliven Bundy. The Sheriff will not assert some magical authority to expel a more heavily armed group of criminals from the territory. Bundy will not wait out federal authorities. Courts will not see the error of their ways and leave Mr. Bundy alone.

In the end, Cliven Bundy will be subjugated or murdered, just like everyone else who has dared to defy a tyrant. The same thing will happen to everyone who attempts a similar course of action until one of two things happen;

A. The extinction of the human race; or

B. A large enough segment of the population understands that government agents do not have the right to initiate force, stops talking about magical government documents, and realizes that the government’s lack of right to initiatory force, equals our right, and responsibility to defense.

Christopher Cantwell is an activist, writer, and satirist originally from New York.

From an anarcho-capitalist perspective, he covers news and current events, addresses philosophical questions, and even cracks a joke or two at, and is a regular contributor to and

A Parley in Parma


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Parma agrees to pay 16-year-old boy $40,000 to settle police brutality lawsuit by Brian Byrne March 04, 2014

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Date of Interaction: December 2012
Police Employee Involved: Matthew Emmert

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – When officers cleaned out Kalamazoo County sheriff’s sergeant Matthew E. Emmert’s locker upon his retirement in early December, 2012, they found an unregistered machine gun in the back.

With the proper tax stamps and approvals, it is perfectly legal to own a fully functioning machine gun.  Mr. Emmert, however did not possess the necessary tax stamps for the STEN submachine gun, which he allegedly acquired in exchange for a shotgun from another deputy in the late 1990s.

But instead of spending ten years in federal prison like us mere mortals, Mr. Emmert cut a deal with prosecutors and is only paying a $250 fine.  To put in perspective just how lenient that punishment is, consider that the amount of money the federal government charges to simply transfer a machine gun is $200.

Mr. Emmert’s retirement comes after allegations that he recorded another deputy pumping breast milk in the office.  The county wound up paying $200,000 to the deputy in the video.

British Sten Gun in Action

How Would You Handle the Armed Men in Nevada?

Most of the regular readers to this site are probably aware to Cliven Bundy and the situation his family is currently facing in Nevada. For those unaware read this submission to posted earlier today or this piece written by Christoper Cantwell titled, “5 Things the Bundy Ranch Teaches Us.” If that doesn’t work, use Google to get caught up on the this insane situation.

My blog post today is NOT a background story to help you understand the standoff. My post here won’t be a call on action (though I believe as many people who can, should get to the Bundy’s Ranch) or a solution to the problem, I believe even if I had those, it’s not my place. How this interaction between government agents and the Bundy’s ends, is up to them.

What I want to do, is ask you a simple question. As the world watches another perfect government storm unfold, with all the similarities of Ruby Ridge and Waco, have you ever thought about what you would do of (but more like, when) the government pushes you to your breaking point? In the words of William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart), “Will you stand up and fight? Or will you run?”

Now I can already predict the responses from my friends, the CB trolls and most any statists. Yet, I urge you to really think about this. Sadly we live in a world where government agents regularly (whether as a mailman, censuses worker or full on swat team) come to your door (most the time under the pretense of helping you) and end up either taking everything you have and if you don’t give it to them, they’ll back you into a corner. Afterwards, they’ll blame you for fighting your way out and justify the overwhelming slaughter that will follow. Regardless of the outcome you should seriously consider your options if the man decides to take certain actions toward you. Don’t leave yourself with only two options, fight or run, when men with American flag patches and AR-15′s show up at your door. Being caught off guard and without a plan of action is a recipe for certain slaughter.

I wish the Bundy family the best. I hope the men in costumes who go out there to enforce these BS laws quit their jobs or prepare to risk their life for a paycheck. I’m sure the Bundy’s have more to fight for than just (worthless paper) money.

Consider joining the “Support Cliven Bundy” Facebook page.