In an earlier article, I described a woman who lost her life because of her gambling addiction. She had moved to the United States in June 1998. Her family believed that she had been struggling to adjust to life in America. All accepted the explanation without comment. This widespread behavior leads to poor statistical information being presented locally.

Gambling addiction can be a silent killer, striking innocent people when they least expect it. Gambling addiction can lead to a life of misery and self-destructive behavior. If they have the right resources, compulsive gamblers can overcome their addiction.

Governments will not be forced to address this problem if they cannot get accurate statistics. They will continue to increase taxes on gambling establishments. The government didn’t realize or refused to admit that taxes would be levied on the state’s businesses if they grew in prosperity. This is because the revenue from gambling establishments and state lottos would be equal or greater than the revenues generated by the tax.

The government prefers to find the quickest way out than it takes to develop a plan. This addiction is political suicide.

Ironically, a governor will tell his people that we will boost our economy and decrease unemployment over the next four years. People have lost faith in their politicians because of the many broken promises. Gamblers who have suffered from adverse effects know the truth. They need to speak out to help others.

I would love to see one politician admit that their state has a problem with gambling. It is easy to catch how this could cause them to lose the next election. There is no quick fix. Another reason why political leaders are reluctant to speak up is that influential people manage the gambling establishments.

There are rumors that the governor is visiting one of the local casino chiefs on the weekend. A week later, the request for expansion of the casinos was approved. It is essential to question the motives. What is the state getting from this expansion? Are political people only willing to pay the piper? This rumor is true or false. Is it important? Do I care? Is anyone caring? People tend, but they aren’t willing to take action. After a governor of Connecticut is jailed, mayors from multiple towns are jailed, and political candidates commit minor infractions, this type of thinking becomes apparent. All this is due to pure greed.

Only then can people change their minds. When this happens, gambling addiction statistics data recording will improve, and governments can face reality. This will bring about change and help people heal.
Las Vegas Review-Journal is Nevada’s largest daily newspaper and published an editorial firmly rejecting attempts to ban Internet gambling on Saturday.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (Republican from Virginia) and 112 cosponsors reintroduced Thursday a bill in Congress that would ban the $12 billion industry.

Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl indicated that he would continue to push for an Internet gambling ban in the Senate.

This legislation would amend the 1961 U.S. Wire Act, prohibiting interstate betting via telephone lines. It would also include Internet technology.

Rep. James Leach (R.Iowa) introduced a similar bill to ban credit cards and electronic funds transfers for Internet gambling.

Congress supports both bills with substantial support. There are indications that one of them will be made law before the year ends.

Internet users can now gamble on any casino game and various entertainment options, such as horse racing and politics.

Even though Nevada’s casino industry is neutral regarding Goodlatte’s past efforts, there are indications that it would oppose any future ban.

Frank Fahrenkopf, CEO of the American Gaming Association, stated that “there is no doubt that several board members believe the technology is available to regulate Internet gaming effectively.” He spoke to the Stephens Media Group’s Washington bureau.

Jack Abramoff (lobbyist) opposed Goodlatte’s bill due to the negative impact on one of his clients, who was trying to establish an online business that sold state lottery tickets. Abramoff has come under intense media scrutiny in recent weeks.

Abramoff teamed up with Tom DeLay’s top aide and treated him to luxury trips in an attempt to kill Goodlatte’s legislation.

The libertarian Review-Journal noted in its editorial that many legislators have conservative constituents who oppose legalized gambling spreading even further. Their instinct is to ban it completely.

The newspaper stated that the last thing Americans require today is a regulatory presence on the Internet or federal surveillance of individual financial transactions.

“Any ban on Internet gaming has misguided intentions and even worse consequences.”

As children grow up, games are an integral part of their lives. The Internet and other technological advances have made it possible to enjoy outdoor games and a growing number of indoor options online. Many game enthusiasts, especially children, enjoy playing online games. These games have been a huge source of entertainment and leisure for many people. These games are available on many websites.

There are many games that entertain and everyone can choose the one that interests them. These games include 3D, casino games, and other types. Parents should set reasonable guidelines for their children and make clear agreements about the use of these games. This will improve internet safety. You should closely monitor your child’s online activities to ensure safety.

  • Reduce stress

Relaxing and feeling good is possible by playing your favorite video game. These games offer many entertainment options, which can help reduce mental stress and frustrations. They also provide humorous and creative fun.

  • Intelligence boosting

Online games can stimulate children’s thinking and increase their intellectual ability. Many of these games allow you to perform mathematical calculations, which can help improve your math and computation skills. These games are also known as logic. They also stimulate creativity in children. Sometimes they have to pick and customize animals. This sparks the child’s imagination. It has been proven that children who play video games regularly have better coordination of their eyes and hands than those who don’t.

  • Enhance your online social skills

You may need to have your children interact with other players. Parents can have a great conversation with their children about conducting themselves online and what information they should share online. They can also learn how to use online social skills that they can apply in real life. The children can also learn about other cultures thanks to the variety of people who play online. This is a great way to help them socially grow and develop.