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Civil Rights Violated by Pierce County and Bonney Lake Employees

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Silis Verdant used the form at to disclose the way he was treated by Piece County Sheriff employee Bray and an unknown Bonney Lake Police employee, who acted not to protect his rights, but to violate them.

Date of Incident: 09/27/2014
Individual Responsible: Deputy D. Bray #12019 Outfit: Pierce County Sheriff Phone: (253) 798-4944
Individual Responsible: unknown Outfit: Bonney Lake PD Phone: (253) 863-2218

My rights were violated by Deputy BRAY # 12019, Pierce County Sheriff. I was assaulted, my property was illegally seized and illegally searched, AND he revoked my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

09/27/14 – I come home to see Police and Firefighters in front of my home. I get out of my car and start filming with my phone. As I walk by the officers (yes I pointed my camera at them) to film a smoking car, I get yelled at to get back. I started walking back, and started asking for names and badge numbers. Bray did give me his.

As I started walking towards Deputy Bray’s side to catch the Bonney Lake officers info Bray snatched my camera out of my hand and grabbed me by my collar.

I told him that he was assaulting me. He seized my camera, placed me in handcuffs, arrested me, and wrote a citation for obstruction of law enforcement 9A.76.020 .. WHAT!?!? They engaged me, not the other way around.

Then, after he gave me my ticket, he let me know that if I practiced my freedom of speech (of course, not in those words – dash cam, if turned on and not destroyed, will show Bray telling me not to make a word) he would put me into the back of his vehicle and have me jailed. Great intimidation tactics.

If I had something else to film the scene with, I would have spoken out as I know he would have arrested me for exercising my rights yet again. He already did once. NO PART OF THIS IS LEGAL!!! Amendment rights I, IV, V were all violated while a Bonney Lake officer failed to intervene – police misconduct. But of course, they’re all above the law..

I bet there’s no video on my phone when I finally get it returned. Our police need more accountability!!! I don’t care if they have to file a report every time someone says ouch, most of the civilians should not be put into these situations of dealing with unlawful police. I am no artisan of the law, I simply know the basics. And if I know enough to point out that police are doing wrong, so should themselves, the cities, the counties, and the states.


Editors Note: Silis – you’re encouraged to reach out to known Washington-based police accountability groups, as those involved may be able to help you get your property back, and to focus attention on the aggressors.


Known Washington-Based Police Accountability Groups

  • Lewis County Cop Block – Facebook /
  • Peaceful Streets Lewis County – Facebook /
  • Seattle Cop Block – Facebook / Twitter / YouTube /
  • Spokane Cop Block – Facebook / Twitter / YouTube /
  • Tacoma Cop Block – Facebook / Youtube /
  • Yakima Cop Block – Facebook /

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Call the Cops – Rob Hustle ft Liv

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Rob Hustle shared this post via’s submit page.

Police Employees Involved: Corrupt Cops from Around the World

I’m a hip hop artist, and I wanted to share my latest track, Call the Cops.

Increasing militarization of police in our country is becoming a threat to life and liberty. Laws are supposed to help and protect people. But when those laws – and the people that enforce them – become the danger, then someone must raise their voice. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchers? Me, you and other artists who care.

I’m a fan of the site, and I hope that you will help spread the message.

Proceeds from this song will be donated to Baby Bou Bou, whose face was blown up by a police stun grenade.

Rob Hustle

Call the Cops – Rob Hustle ft Liv is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Why Are Cops Picking on The Weak?

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Cole Kruper shared this article, which he originally published at, via’s submit page.

Stories of Police picking on the weak seem to be quite common in today’s modern world of protecting and serving the shit out of you. Just this week on NewsinGeneral, I’ve posted two articles that deal with Police beating elderly men, the first one in New York, who is 84 years of age, and the second victim in Oklahoma, who is deaf and 64 years of age. In both those cases, they had something in common, age being the first part. Yes, they are 20 years apart in age, but they are both elderly. Second of all, the man in New York didn’t understand what Police were saying to him, because he didn’t speak English. The 64 year old in Oklahoma was deaf, and couldn’t hear what the officers were saying to him. In both these cases, the cops managed to find someone who was disadvantaged in terms of not being able to understand officers, one being deaf and the other didn’t know English. It’s still no reason for a beating, but now someone has to ask the question: What is possessing these officers to commit such crimes? They are by no means protecting and serving anyone. The officer’s lives weren’t in danger, unless these elderly individuals possess extraordinary strength, which I doubt, or if the cops were extraordinarily weak, which I also doubt.

In another, older story which I also covered on NewsinGeneral, cops in Texas shot a mentally ill man because he was standing still. They later tried to fabricate a story to justify their actions, but those attempts failed since one of the neighbors on the street had a security camera that had captured the entire incident.

So, what would make a Police officer do such a thing? These people are supposed to be the ones we call to protect us. But, when was the last time you felt safe around one of these people? Who do you call when the Police are the criminals?

One reason cops may be doing this is simple: They are power hungry individuals. The weak are easier to control than someone who is young. Chances are, the young person would have a better chance of fighting back (although they’d probably get put in jail for that too, even if the officer was out of line) than an elderly individual. These people obviously want control, and must believe that controlling the elderly is the best way to go. Assuming this is the case, these people should not be cops, or be employed anywhere within law enforcement.

Poor policies and corrupt police departments could also cause this problem, and this reason not only applies to Police beating the elderly and weak, but to every unjustified use of force. Yes, Police departments have policies in place for incidents involving Police brutality, but when the Police department tries to defend officers who they know are complete scum, and try to bypass such policies, calling incidents “mistakes”, and so on, the policies have failed. Corrupt Police departments are a huge part of the problem. They don’t bother reprimanding their officers, instead they defend them, and a year or two later, sometimes even less, they are back out on the streets as a Police officer ready to continue terrorizing innocent people. These people are badged thugs, and corrupt police departments defending scum Police officers is a huge problem. Most of the time, these people get away with things that would put the rest of us in jail for a very long time. If a cop gets a sentence, it’s usually for a short period of time, compared to a life sentence. So, taking that into account, I’d say both the Police departments and the justice system play a huge role in this.

What do we see levels of government above the Police doing about the Police problem? Nothing, and if it is something, it’s usually giving them even more money, or military equipment to terrorize you with. There is no accountability, and that’s why Police get away with beating people up for no reason. These people can get away with murder. Why, because it’s your story (if you’re even still living that is) against a badge. You don’t have a chance of wining unless you have a video of the incident. But the problem is, many people don’t think of recording their Police encounter until it’s over, that’s when they realize they needed a recording. Some may not know how to, or even have the phone to do it. Yes, most of us have smartphones capable of doing it, but what about the elderly? A lot of them don’t have smartphones, or care to ever have a smartphone. What are they supposed to do when a badged thug comes along, ready to pound their face in?

Chances are, these badged thugs know that many elderly individuals may not have a smartphone, and if they do, they may not know how to efficiently use it. The cops may be taking advantage of that fact. Now, I know what I said here may not apply to all elderly individuals, some may have this technology and know how to use it well, but a lot don’t, and the Police know that. The Police know that a lot of elderly individuals don’t have this technology, and it’s terrifying to think Police may be taking advantage of that fact.

I’d like to see the look on a badged thug’s face if they saw some elderly man or woman with a camera, ready to record.

For those who do record their Police encounters, Police will try another tactic to intimidate you. Suppose you had a camera, and were recording your Police encounter. The badged thug will attempt to intimidate you, by saying he’s going to charge you with something, claiming it’s violating his privacy and so on. In a public place, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, so the cop is lying to you on that one. There is nothing wrong with recording the cop, so don’t get intimidated and shut your camera off for that reason alone. Because chances are, your going to need that camera when you turn it off. The cop may also attempt to smash your camera.

So, let’s go over this before I continue. Power hungry Police officers, corrupt Police departments, failed polices, a lack of Police accountability, and Police taking advantage of the elderly not having a smartphone in their pockets ready to record Police may explain why so many of these unjustified beatings are taking place.

But what else could explain Police officers, those sworn to protect and serve, committing such heinous acts? I’ve got one idea, and I’m not the first to say it either. Those officers out there doing things like beating up the elderly have to be mentally ill. There has to be something wrong with them mentally that would make them run around beating up the elderly. Aren’t we supposed to respect the elderly? It’s unacceptable to run around, beating up the elderly. If the average Joe did that, they would be charged, publicly shamed on mainstream media and so on. A cop does it, and either no one hears about it, or in some cases (depending on who got beaten) the cop is a hero. In no case of unjustified Police beating is a cop a hero. They are scum if there was no reason to use force. It’s just appalling to hear about cops running around, terrorizing the elderly. What the fuck is wrong with these people? They have to be mentally ill, brainwashed into thinking they are doing their jobs or something. But whatever the problem is, it’s just so hard to comprehend, because the average every day person isn’t power hungry with a desire to beat up the weak.

Many people out there don’t even realize this stuff takes place. Chances are, those that are reading this do understand what’s going on in the world when it comes to Police, but for those that pay attention to mainstream media, they are left in the dark. Why? The mainstream media is too busy distracting people with stupid stories about celebrities and other nonsense. And they all do it. None of them seem to care about what the Police are doing, except for the alternative media, which is thankfully gaining ground rapidly.

The Police are supposed to be protecting and serving. But someone please tell me how beating up the elderly is protecting and serving anyone. No one wins. No one was ever in danger. The only one in danger was the person getting beaten. These cops are out of control! Mentally ill. What I’ve said throughout this article doesn’t apply to all Police officers; there are still amazing cops out there, in my opinion, doing their jobs and so on. Most of today’s cops are living in this fantasy world in which they believe they are above the people, and above the law. They seem to believe they have extra rights because they have a badge and a gun. But in truth, they don’t have extra rights. At the end of the day, we’re all human. Why don’t these cops see that? Treat everybody like they are human. I’d bet these cops would go ballistic if they were treated in the manner that they treat the public.

More and more people everyday are waking up to this startling reality where the government isn’t here to help you. The police seem to have no idea what protecting and serving means. For years, people have relied on Police to protect them. But, now where do people go? The Police aren’t there to help us anymore, they just terrorize us, even kill us and get away with it. The stories that come out on a daily basis are sad to read. Everyday, there is some Police brutality story, generally ignored by the mainstream media. The mainstream media is an absolute joke. There’s a reason I’m part of the the alternative media, and I’m proud to be part of it. The alternative media is what the mainstream media should be. Real reporting, telling the facts as they are.

The state of our Police is terrifying. Like I said, there are still good cops out there, they make the news as well, even in the mainstream media. But, think about this. The mainstream media chooses to ignore so many of these Police brutality cases, but they jump on good cop stories, doing their jobs as they were intended. Shouldn’t that be a sign something is wrong? Generally, newsworthy things aren’t someone doing their job as they were supposed to. But when stories of cops doing their jobs as intended, without being a thug, make the news, that ought to say there is a problem with the Police. If all cops did their jobs as intended, people doing their jobs wouldn’t make the news. So, even in an indirect way, the mainstream media is making note of the Police problem.

Protecting and serving, for the most part, are words of the past.

Cole Kruper

Why Are Cops Picking on The Weak? is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Sheriff’s Dept. Hopeful Wishes A ‘Holocaust And Gas Chambers’ On’s Writers And Readers

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

This article was originally posted at by Tim Cushing.

Today’s cautionary tale of How Not to Use the Internet comes to us courtesy of a man who someday hopes to carry a badge and gun. His target? For those not familiar with Cop Block, it’s a site that tracks police misconduct. Much of what’s collected is anecdotal evidence, submitted by readers, but there’s also coverage of other, media-covered incidents as well as book reviews, organized events and educational material.

But what Cop Block does that some other police misconduct-oriented sites don’t is make an active effort to film police. More controversially, site members have also been known to take to the roadside to warn drivers of speed traps and seatbelt checkpoints. Not surprisingly, law enforcement members who interact with Cop Block members are usually less than cordial.

A post to the Cop Block Facebook page by a former soldier who’s currently pursuing a degree in order to join the Washoe (NV) Sheriff’s Dept. managed to exceed anything these members have seen before. In fact, much of what is included in this person’s (Darren Redding) post is simply abusive, with a couple of comments tracing the edges of the “threat” category.

Here’s Redding’s post in its entirety (screenshots captured for posterity herehereherehereand here).

Your page is pathetic and offensive. The pictures you post and the comments you make seem like you’re trying to incriminate and deface ALL police officers, when 99% of them are great at what they do, it’s the 1% you should be posting about, not the vast majority you pathetic, ignorant, liberal pussy.

You’re just like all the liberals striving for gun control because the actions of a few, insane individuals are fucking it up for the other 99% of gun owners who are responsible with their weapons.

Or let me put it into perspective for a drug using, liberal, hippy pussy like yourself: 99% of people who smoke pot do it responsibly and safely, but 1% of the people who use participate in violent crime, or crash their cars when theyre high and kill others or themselves, but I don’t see you posting about how ALL pot smokers should be punished.

If you were a law abiding citizen you wouldn’t have any problem with 5-0, but something tells me you were probably being a jackass towards a police officer and you got what was coming to you, and that inspired you to make a page giving a bad name to all law enforcement.

You might as well bad mouth the military and veterans like myself because of those marine scout snipers that pissed on some dead Taliban a few years back. According to your logic that means ALL active duty and veterans are heinous heathens right?

You’re a fucking bitch and I hope some cop beats your ass next time you’re “protesting” or filming them or whatever. In fact I’m about to start the training academy for the washoe county sheriffs dept in reno, Nevada and I can’t wait to deal with punk ass bitches like you. I would beat your fucking liberal ass just for the sheer joy of it.

Suck my fucking dick you waste of breathable air, you should have been aborted. But I guess your mother was a dumb ass waste of life like you. You’re the reason that there’s no hope for the human race, I can’t believe people like you exist, if I had my way, there would be another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of fucking cunt scabs like you.

I hope you die

What’s amazing about Redding’s post is the sheer amount of violent imagery deployed. Not content to merely “beat” members’ “liberal asses,” Redding escalates it into Godwin Territory by wishing a “holocaust with camps and gas chambers” on Cop Block’s 90,000+ fans and members.

Redding complains about the attitude of those at Cop Block, specifically mentioning how it supposedly paints all cops as bad cops. Whatever point he was trying to make about the good cop/bad cop ratio is completely destroyed by his next several dozen words. The attitude on display here would put Redding (should he actually make the cut as an officer) clearly on the “bad” side. You can’t defend good cops by wishing degradation, pain and death on those you disagree with

Hopefully, Redding’s own self-destructive behavior will keep him from acquiring the power he needs to torment “liberals,” “pussies” and other people who are severely in need of “getting what’s coming to them.”

Tempering all of this is the fact that this is a Facebook post, a venue where stupid things are “said” all the time. A quick rundown of the comments on Cop Block’s Facebook page shows there are plenty of people with the same mindset as Redding’s, only coming at it from the opposite direction. Sure, these commenters aren’t aspiring to go into law enforcement, but it doesn’t make their comments any less terrible.

At this point, Redding is still in school (presumably pursuing a criminal law degree) according to this comment at the Bad Cop No Donut subreddit. (This bare bones LinkedIn account seems to verify that.) If he’s looking for a job in law enforcement, he’s greatly sabotaged that chance. Contacting the Sheriff’s Dept. seems to be a waste of time since he’s a few years away from applying. Should “the internet” decide whether Redding is allowed to chase his dream? Perhaps not, but Redding’s own words seem perfectly capable of undermining that. The greater problem is, if this is Redding’s mindset, that his attempt to join the law enforcement ranks is still a few years off (his LinkedIn page estimates a 2016 graduation date). By that time, any outrage will have long since died down and his scrubbing efforts will have become nearly invisible. And maybe, just maybe, Redding will join a force that won’t tolerate his violent urges towards law enforcement critics. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

But the underlying message here is clear: if you are perceived as painting all cops as bad cops, you’ll very easily draw the attention of the worst cops, even those who are still in the aspirational phase.

[UPDATE: 1/26/14] According to, the message sent to Cop Block’s Facebook page was supposedly a result of a friend hacking Darren Redding’s Facebook account. Here is the article, you decide what the truth is:

On Sunday, administrators of the Facebook page “Cop Block” reported receiving a direct message from an individual identified as one Darren Redding, a person claiming to be a recruit with the Washoe County, Nev., Sheriff’s Department. In the message, “Redding” told the administrators of “Cop Block” he would “beat your f*****g liberal a*s just for the sheer joy of it.” The message also called for “another holocaust with camps and gas chambers full of f*****g c**t scabs like you.” But Bob Harmon of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department told in an exclusive telephone interview Monday that investigators believe the message is the result of a hacked Facebook page.

“This is the dark side of social media,” Harmon said.

The story has already gone viral on the Internet, with some pages reporting that a “future cop” wants protesters exterminated in gas chambers.

But according to Harmon, there is no “Darren Redding” connected with the department — even as a recruit. Moreover, Harmon added, the message “does not reflect the character of the men and women we recruit.”

The department also sent the message to “Rob,” one of the page administrators of Cop Block.

“We appreciate your taking the time to contact us with your concerns. Mr. Redding is not a Deputy Recruit with our agency. We have been investigating this post to the fullest extent and our investigators believe that Mr. Redding’s Facebook page had been hacked,” the department said in a message page administrators made available to

Harmon confirmed that a Darren Redding lives in the area and said investigators spoke with him.

“Unfortunately,” Harmon added, “what’s going viral is a complete untruth.”

Redding, whose page is currently unavailable, reached out to Cop Block page administrators, asking them to take the message down, citing death threats and hate messages from page followers.

“What my friend said was un called (sic) for, but now the harassment I am receiving because of his actions is affecting my life,” Redding reportedly told Cop Block. “So again, I respectfully ask you to remove the post you made about me. And on behalf of what was said by someone you thought was me, I apologize. But I need this post removed as soon as possible.”

In another message, Redding said he was uncertain who had written the message because he had “several people at my house last night.”

“I understand that the content of the post was un called (sic) for and very abusive, but now [I] am being harassed because of it. [Y]our followers have sent me death threats of their own, and have called the local law enforcement authorities on me. [I] was almost arrested today on suspicion of being a terrorist. [Y]our followers have been harassing my family members and my friends.”

Redding acknowledged the message was abusive and repeatedly asked for the post to be removed.

Page administrators have not said if they would remove the post in light of the threats against Redding, but Rob told Examiner he should “take responsibility for his actions and his page.”

“If it was one of his drunk friends he should out them,” Rob said. “Obviously this has brought a lot of negative attention to his name.”

Cop Block, Rob said, is a page dedicated to police accountability.

“We highlight the double standard that some grant to those with badges by pointing to and supporting those harmed,” he said, adding that the page does not “hate cops.”

“We believe that no one – not even those with badges – has extra rights,” Rob added. “The failure to realize and act on that is to our detriment. By focusing the disinfecting light of transparency on public officials we safeguard not just our rights but those of future generations.”

Sheriff’s Dept. Hopeful Wishes A ‘Holocaust And Gas Chambers’ On’s Writers And Readers is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

The Solution to Our Out of Control Police?

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Cole Kruper shared this post, originally published at, via’s submit page.

Protecting and serving: words of the past, it seems. Today, the Police are more about terrorizing, bullying and killing for no reason. The Police of Canada and the United States are out of control. The same applies for much of the world. Yes, I understand there are still good cops out there, and I admit that quite often. There are still good cops out there, doing their job; protecting and serving every day. But it seems as if the bad cops out number the good cops these days. The biggest problem is, no one’s doing anything about it, as in our wonderful government.

Over the past few months, I’ve reported on many police related stories – stories such as Police shooting a mentally ill man because he was standing still, police terrorizing a family over an orange cone on the road, the militarization of America’s Police, tasing a man for 42 seconds straight, and many other stories. In the case of the mentally ill man, the Police tried to justify their actions by falsely reporting what had happened, and the officer would have gotten away with senselessly shooting the man if it weren’t for a neighbor’s security camera. It’s a story that’s really struck a note with me. I haven’t forgotten it, and it’s a prime example of how the Police are out of control. Although the officer in that particular case was exposed as lying scum, how many times has it gone unnoticed? How many have been injured or killed for no reason at the hands of Police?

If you don’t think we have a problem with Police in both of these great nations, there is something seriously wrong with you. Do the research. The Police have seemingly abandoned the ideal of protecting and serving for beating the shit out of you, killing, lying and so on. Maybe the new motto ought to be “protecting and serving the shit out of you.”

Solving the Police misconduct problem is simple. Many of these people are power hungry individuals who get off on having too much power, which leads into them abusing the powers they get when they become a Police officer. Simply weed out these people in the recruiting process. Don’t just tell us you do it, actually do it. And if Police forces are already doing it, step it up a bit – it’s obviously not working very well. Oh, and if they get past all of that, when they do something completely out of line, don’t let them come back to the job.

Secondly, there needs to be real accountability. In a lot of these lawsuits against Police, guess who ends up paying the price for them? The good old tax payers. I guarantee there would be a lot less Police misconduct if Police officers had to face real consequences and had to pay large fines.

Someone needs to Police the Police. Chances are, you may think having another government organization watch over them is a wonderful idea. WRONG! Having government watch over government has obvious issues. The people need to keep an eye on the Police, and let their superiors know about misconduct. Got video of Police misconduct? Post it. Share it with the world. Do whatever possible to get the word out about your experience with Police misconduct. Video evidence is key to exposing Police misconduct. Let local government know, because we still have some power in government, but we have to utilize it! Yes, I know this already occurs, but it needs to happen on a much larger scale. Most of us don’t have the time to do it, but we need to make the time to do it. The Police work for the people in the end, so maybe it’s time the people kept a closer eye on them, instead of brushing off stories of Police misconduct.

Third of all, STOP GIVING THEM MORE POWER! The militarization of Police has to stop. Giving an out of control system more power has so much potential to be a disaster. Yes, in rare cases it could help, but most of this military equipment doesn’t belong in the hands of Police, who are already known to abuse their powers. If it was made for a war, it doesn’t belong on any street in Canada or the United States. Do either countries look like war zones? No, so there shouldn’t be military equipment on the streets. Even the “wonderful” Obama said “weapons of war have no place on our streets.” Now, Obama should step up to the plate, and end the government program that allows the military to give equipment to Police departments in the US. Obama ought to stick to his word, although he seems to have a tough time doing that.

Here’s a statistic that should get you thinking: 4489 soldiers have been killed in the Iraq war. The number of Americans killed by Police in the last decade is over 5000. Those should be some startling numbers for you. Oh, and the terrorists that the government is always telling us are so dangerous have killed 238 Americans since the 9/11 attacks. So, let’s get this straight. You are more likely to be killed by Police, than terrorists. The number killed in the Iraq war is lower than the number killed by Police in the last decade. Sound like something might be wrong yet?

The way I see things, we have a huge problem. The Police are out of control, they do what they want, and get away with too much. A badge and a gun seems to give them way too much power. Things must change! Some may disagree with me, criticize me for my views, but what I discussed above is the way I see things. My solutions may not completely solve the problem, but I believe they could create a huge dent in the problem. It would be a huge step in the right direction. What ever happened to “protecting and serving?”

And to all the good cops out there, thank you. We need more like you.

Find more posts like this on

Cole Kruper

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Cop Caught Testalying By Supreme Court

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Dirty Cop Dave Early Outed By US Supreme Court – Caught Testalying Under Oath

Withrow v. Williams 507 U.S. 680 (No.91-1030)

Sergeant David Early of the Romulus, Michigan police department testified that Robert Allen Williams, Jr. was not under arrest when Williams volunteered information that lead to his conviction for a double murder.

Williams appealed his conviction, costing him years in prison while the appeals made their way through the courts and costing the city and state governments hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and support Early’s abuse of authority or cover-up the officer’s abuse of Williams’ constitutional rights.

The US Supreme court noted in the very first paragraph of its ruling for the Williams, “One officer, Sergeant David Early, later testified that Williams was not under arrest at this time, although a contemporaneous police report indicates that the officers arrested Williams at his residence.”

At issue was whether or not the police officer violated the rights of the defendant. The court ruled that the officer had and Williams’ conviction was overturned.

Clearly, as the US Supreme Court noted about the “contemporaneous police report,” Sergeant Early was lying under oath.

Police Misconduct occurs when an officer violates someone’s constitutional rights. This misconduct can subject the officer and the police department to both civil and criminal penalties: It is a crime for one or more persons acting under color of law willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive another person of any right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242). “Color of law” simply means that the person doing the act is using power given to him or her by a governmental agency (local, State, or Federal). A law enforcement officer acts “under color of law” even if he or she is exceeding his or her rightful power. The types of law enforcement misconduct covered by these laws include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrests, or the intentional fabrication of evidence resulting in a loss of liberty to another.

Disgraced officer Early took a self-described “early retirement” from the police department and moved as far away as he could from the state of Michigan, relocating in Thailand, from where extradition is often difficult if not impossible. The two-year statute of limitations for perjury ran out while Early was building a website about how comfortable his life was in Thailand, ( while living off the taxpayer dollars.



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Pelham, NH Bully Cop Off The Street

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Concerned Dad‘ shared this post, originally from, as well as the video, which he described as “horrifying.”

‘Pelham Officer Fired for Misconduct’

A town police officer accused of numerous violations of department policy has been fired, the town announced on Wednesday.

Officer Eugene Stahl was terminated as of Tuesday.

Stahl, a Pelham officer for 12 years, was the focus of a public disciplinary hearing before selectmen last month, where he was accused of:

Loudly berating a female drunken-driving suspect in a profanity-laced interrogation.

Drawing his gun on two apparently unarmed teens during a traffic stop.

Being heard by a Pelham police dispatcher on the radio speaking in a profane manner toward his superior officer, Lt. Brian McCarthy, and broadcasting his desire to punch one female civilian he encountered on duty “right in the face.”

Crashing his cruiser while driving with unnecessary and “life-threatening” speed – at 50 mph above the listed 30 mph limit, according to the state police accident reconstruction team’s report – en route to become the third officer to respond to a Pelham homeowner’s complaint.

Read more, here.


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Local Police Culture of “Disarmament” Costing Bellingham Taxpayers

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Agent Smith shared this post via’s submit page.

An unnamed employee of the Bellingham, WA Police Department approached a gun owner legally displaying a holstered sidearm, and forced him out of a public park at gunpoint. As a result of these actions, local taxpayers’ are required to provide monetary restitution to the victim, while the officer in question remains anonymous and employed.

Further evidence of the inability of the Bellingham Police Department to comprehend or respect the 2nd Amendment, is provided in this related video.

If this type of attitude continues without immediate retraining, the resulting cost of settlements related to such unlawful conduct will undoubtedly increase, as will the chance Bellingham Police Officers may ultimately kill a resident due to their own ignorance of the law, and a baseless fear of legally-armed, open-carrying citizens.

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Rage vs. Rage In Zimmerman Trial Verdict

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

This article compliments of Station.6.Underground.

Let me tell you why I am furious over the Zimmerman verdict. Not because of the verdict, but because of the ignorant response. We have a much bigger fight to fight my friends, and we are being undermined by this sideshow designed to divide us, the real people.

It seems clear enough that the media, the powers-that-be and the willfully ignorant all have one thing in common. They want a race war. Keeping America divided along racial and political lines prevents us from coming together and directing our rage toward the real culprits behind the true injustices in our society.

Zimmerman is not a racist, this trial should have never had anything to do with race whatsoever. Zimmerman is not white, he is a Latino with black heritage, black foster siblings, dated a black woman in high school, had a black business partner, voted for Obama, and even went to jail sticking up for a black homeless man being beat up by police. Yet somehow the focus of this trial has swirled around race, rather then the facts of the case.

Whatever you choose to believe about the case, whether he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin, whether you believe he was actually attacked, whether you believe the prosecution failed to make their case or not, this all boils down to one relatively minor incident in the overall scheme of things in this country. This is not to belittle the suffering of Travon’s family and friends, or even the hardships of those in the Zimmerman camp, but really, at the end of the day, this is one of thousands upon thousands of incidents that happen in this country every day. There is nothing particularly outstanding about this case, which is why the race-card has been pulled, to make it out to be much more than it ever really was.

Nevertheless, there is outrage over the incident and the acquittal, as misplaced as it really is. The country has never been more divided. But I ask you, where is the rage when it comes to the real issues? The issues that set precedent for us all? Where is the outrage against clear, unequivocal miscarriages of justices and government abuse of we the people? We the people, of all color and political ideals.

Where is the outrage over the fact that Federal authorities stormed a whole town, and ripped American citizens out of their own homes at gunpoint, house to house, like the Gestapo, without a warrant? Personally, I think this is certainly more deserving of rioting in the streets.

Families Ripped From Homes By Police In Watertown (VIDEO)

And where is the outrage over the fact that police and the Feds opened fire with machine guns on an unarmed man hiding in a boat? A man they didn’t even know whether or not was the actual Boston bombing suspect or not, and certainly had never proven he was actually guilty of anything. To this day, the only evidence we have seen against the Tsarnev brothers is a picture of them walking with a backpack on, just like thousands of other people there that day. But even if there was clear evidence against him, it was imperative that he be taken alive for questioning, in the interest of public safety, to make sure there was not a larger plot and to smoke out other potential conspirators. And whether or not he is actually guilty of anything, the police still have no right to murder an unarmed man, no matter what he has done or is accused of. So where is the outrage over that?

Bombing Suspect Was Not Armed

Not to mention all of the other irregularities and subterfuge surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing.

What happened out there in Boston, that is the real battleground for our rights, as a nation, and no one is rioting, no one is protesting, everyone is just following the government version of the story without question like good little sheeple and condoning the attempted murder of an unarmed suspect. That unarmed suspect could have just as easily been Trayvon Martin after all.

We all went along with the 9/11 story too, at first. And as the years have rolled by, more and more of us have woken up to the fact that we were lied to. Maybe we don’t know exactly what happened that day, but we know damn well we were lied to. And in the end, all we wound up with was a big fat tax debt for endless war, the liberty crushing Patriot Act, and Federal agents molesting children in airports.

Oh, and speaking of molesting children…

FBI Caught Pants Down Distributing Kiddi Porn

Cop Who Molested Daughters Gets No Prison

Oh, and speaking of terrorism…

Is the FBI a Terrorist Organization?

But we don’t even have to look at big massive (and very real) conspiracies like this to be outraged. Where is the outrage over the rights of the few, the patriots, the people like you and I of every race, creed, religion and background?

Where was the outrage when this man faced decades in prison for exercising freedom of speech and freedom of the press to reveal police brutality against a child in a school? Where were the protests in the streets across the country when this man was convicted, setting a precedent that takes away the free speech of all of us, black, white, and across the board?

Freedom of Press Now a Felony In America

Where was the outrage when virtually the entire northeast, and anywhere within a hundred miles of a US border were delcared a Constitution-Free zone?

America’s Own Iron Curtain: DHS Suspends Constitution at Borders

Where was the outrage when we learned that 34,000 people had been wrongfully convicted after being set up by just one single corrupt lab technician?

Crime Lab Scandal Could Put 34k Felons Back On the Streets

And of course the drug scandals with cops are incessant. In my home county alone there have been two high profile cases recently.

Cocaine Cop Gets 3/1 Years

Cop’s Arrest Jeopardizes Drug Cases

I know, I know, these cases are serious enough to cause riots in the streets of every major city because of what they say about how our government treats us, but Trayvon is dead. At least those people who were ripped out of their homes in Watertown are still alive. And the little kids who were killed in those kiddi porn snuff films distributed by the FBI, well, the FBI didn’t actually kill them, I guess.

Okay, fair enough. But what about when the FBI is complicit in plans to assassinate American protesters?

FBI Hides Identity of Conspirators in Plot to Assassinate Protest Leaders

Or when the cops plan to mass murder eachother?

3 Cops Caught Talking About Killing Fellow Officers Fired Without Charges

Or when cops shoot a man sleeping in his own bed?

Tracy Ingle – 18 Years In Prison

Or what about when cops get medals for shooting up the wrong family during Christmas?

SWAT Get Medals After Shooting At Innocent Family in Botched Raid (VIDEO)

Or what about when cops do actually kill people, in their cars, in their own homes, in front of loved ones without proper cause?

Cop Made Chief After Negligent Homicide Conviction

After two tours in Iraq, Marine murdered at home by SWAT in front of family

In this Florida case, a man was shot dead in front of his girlfriend after he opened the door with a gun in hand, defending his home against unannounced intruders. Police freely admit that they did not identify themselves as they tried to pound in the door to the residence.

Cops Deny Negligence After Killing Innocent Man in His Home

And in this case, police shot a man dead after an unannounced entry on a no-knock warrant for a person they admit they knew full well that she no longer resided at that location.

Man Shot Dead By Home Invaders With Badges (VIDEO)

And in this case, a tourist was tortured to death in a Florida jail.

Police Torture Tourist to Death, No One Charged

Then again, sometimes there are fates worse than death.

Man Held In Solitary For Two Years Without Trial

And sometimes rape does not require penetration. In this case, a schoolteacher was brutalized and stripped naked by jail guards after she called 911 for help after being the victim of a violent assault at her home.

Woman Brutally Stripped Naked by Male Deputies

Oh wait, I get it. A lot of these cases show white people being brutalized by the system. That doesn’t count, in some books. And even though Zimmerman was neither white, nor racist, we are gonna spin it that way.

Don’t believe the hype people. We are not eachother’s enemy.

I am a white dude that grew up listening to rap and hip-hop, in a deliberate effort to break down lines of racial hatred. I still love my ol’ school jams, oxtail, and friends with soul.

Do the cops racially profile? Yeah, probably, to some extent. There is a moron in any bunch. But I will tell you this much. I have been that 17-year old troublemaker out there on the block that got profiled for my urban apparel. It’s not the color of your skin, it’s the uniform you wear.

Zimmerman himself told 911 he wasn’t sure if the “suspect” was black or not. He wasn’t profiling his skin, he was suspicious of his movements, that he was out of place. Zimmerman was “profiling” mode of dress and walk, body language, not melanin.

As I said, I am a white dude. But when I dress and step like I am a “f*ck the system” sort of dude, it should come as no surprise that people take notice there is a thug mofo in their midst. You don’t want to be profiled? Dress like a herb and don’t step like a G.

In other words, don’t drive around with a “funk da police” bumper sticker and then act like you were singled out for no reason.

We have enough troubles with very real harassment by police, with very real violations of liberty, without making it a race issue.

In short, where is your rage, your anger, your protests, your riots, over the very real issues that keep us all down? It’s not black vs. white. It’s liberty vs. fascism.

I could share hundreds, thousands of instances of corruption and injustice. Why are we not protesting, rioting, revolting? Why are we so divided over one case of violence that is so ambiguous?

Don’t believe the hate.

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-Captain Six

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Irvine, KY Cop Karl Rifenbark Threatened My Life

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

This post was shared via’s ‘submit‘ tab by Jonathan Bernard.

On the day of my interaction with Mr. Rifenbark, a woman and a man came into my home. They forced their way in and assaulted me and my wife while my children watched in horror. The man and the woman were clearly on some sort of hard drug, like bath salts. Their eyes were dead and they had a blank look to them. They were also slobbering at the mouth.

One of them managed to knock my little girl into a table, causing her to hit her head. When they finally did stop and exit my home through the front door, I jumped at the chance to slam and lock the door shut at which point the man and the woman pounced on the door, beating, thrashing, and kicking it to the point where it was going to break. I threw all of my weight against it holding it until cops could get there.

I instructed my wife to call the cops while I held the door shut. I then instructed my wife on what she should tell the police. I told her to tell them that there are two people trying to kill us, and that they should hurry. First 15 minutes went by, then 30, and then an hour went by – meanwhile, the man and woman were still trying their best to find a way into my home.

I instructed my wife to call state police instead, in the hopes they would be more responsible and actually come. Another 30 minutes went by, then a state trooper and an Irvine local cop, Karl Rifenbark pulled in at the same time. The man and woman had already run off. Mr. Rifenbark came to my door, and I was glad to see him. I thought, “Thank god for help,” and up until that point I had believed Mr. Rifenbark was a good guy. Little did I know that I would soon learn differently.

Rifenbark proceeded to ask me just a couple of questions about who it was and what they had done, so I told him. He said to wait here a minute and he headed out to the man and woman’s house. 30 minutes or so went by, then he came back; his eyes were now red as fire and glossy, and he said, “They said you broke into their house and assaulted them.” My heart sank a little and I said they were lying.  I explained that I weigh 120 pounds, and that the man who assaulted me weighs at the least 260 pounds. Why on earth would I kick in his door and assault him? Does that make any sense?

He then asked whether I had somewhere I could go. I pointed out that this was my home. He stated that I would need to find  somewhere else to stay for a while. My mind was blown, and I turned to my wife and kids and said to get our things and go.

We piled everything in the trunk and loaded up the kids in the car. We closed the doors and we were ready to go. I heard 3 knocks on my window; it was officer Karl Rifenbark. He asked that I step out for a moment and I complied. I exited the vehicle, closed the door behind me, and what happened next was shocking. He proceeded to say, “Did you call me a pussy?” I replied, “What do you mean? I never said anything of the kind, why would I do that when I called for your help?”

He then stated, “Someone said you called me a pussy. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll take off my belt and my badge and whoop your ass all over this yard.” Again my heart sank. There stood an officer of the law making threats on my life for a reason unknown while my daughters and wife stood by in the car not knowing that this officer was about to assault me.

Suddenly I had a moment of clarity. I thought, “if I respond wrong, he is going to beat me half to death in front of my children, same as the meth addict tried to do only an hour before he went over there and came back with red eyes… oh my god, this officer took the same drugs and as a result also became violent.” After having this thought, I just came out and said, “I swear on my life and cross my heart, man, I never called you no pussy or nothing of the sort.”

Mr Rifenbark then said, “Well, I don’t give a damn about your heart if I beat your ass and then take your ass to jail, understand?” I shook my head “yes,” at a complete loss. He then instructed me to get back in my vehicle and leave my own home, “or else,” he said. The unknown state trooper was standing there the whole time, laughing and smiling about what was said to me. A threat was made on my life and the trooper did nothing but enjoy it.

At the time, I had no license at all, but that didn’t matter to them; they instructed me to drive anyway and so I did. I drove so fast it scared me, as I was afraid that those two goons would catch back up to me and assault me in front of my wife and children after all. So, in the end we ended up going to Richmond to stay with someone for a while. On the way down there, a Richmond ‘Madison County’ cop pulled me over and said I was speeding 6 miles an hour over the speed limit. He went to his car, came back and said, “Okay, there is a warrant out for your arrest in Irvine, KY, but something does not look right about this warrant.” He continued, “I know this warrant is wrong and invalid, but the law says I have to arrest you anyway.” So, he did. I was released the next morning and told sorry. Sorry? Really? After some investigating and putting two and two together, I figured out that Mr Rifenbark somehow issued some sort of fake warrant for my arrest for which I did spend a night in jail. My little girls cried hard that night when I had to get into that cop car after all of that. After watching that man and woman assault their mommy and daddy, after watching the mean cop mistreat daddy, now here is another cop taking daddy away.

As a result, I don’t sleep anymore, I don’t eat well, and I have little or no trust of authorities or people. I don’t like public places anymore and I don’t like to drive. I feel like if I ever needed help again, I could never call the police out of fear that they too might bring harm to me or my family. So, when one needs help where does one turn?

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