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Jackson, MS Injustice System Makes Clear Its Own Are Above the Law

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Jason Baronich shared the information below about a corrupt sheriff who was later protected by friends in the injustice system.

Date of Incident: 2010 through 2014
Individual Responsible: Mike Byrd
Outfit: Jackson County (MS) Sheriff’s Department
Phone: (228) 769-3024

Mike Byrd, sheriff of Jackson County, MS was indicted on 29 felonies:

  • 10 Fraud
  • 10 Embezzlement
  • 2 Hindering prosecution in 2nd degree
  • 2 Witness tampering
  • 1 Perjury
  • 2 Subornation of perjury
  • 2 Intimidating an officer in the discharge of his duties
  • 2 Extortion

Read the 15-page indictment >

Extortion, embezzlement, witness tampering, kicked a man in the nuts while handcuffed on the car captured on dash cam destroying computer so it cant be evidence, doing a fundraiser for a choir that didn’t exist and pocketing the money, conducting surveillance on those who threatened his illegal operation, and numerous other charges.

Byrd, accompanied by lawyer Joe Sam Owen, went to court and got six months house arrest – tell me that’s fair.


Mississippi Based Police Accountability Groups


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Winchester, NH Police Do Not Serve Community

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Micah Purinton shared the information below.

Date of Interaction: Oct 15
Outfit: Winchester Police Department (NH)
Phone: 603-239-4814

A Winchester, NH police employee told me that I owed $600. They told me if I didn’t pay it they would be back with bracelets. I do not feel it is my responsibility to pay anything until told to do so by a judge or the courts prove it is my responsibility.

The officer showed up while I was not home and told my wife if I did not have the money by 3pm that Friday he was coming back with bracelets and that the warrant was all but signed by the justice of the peace. So, I came home and spoke with my wife and explained the law and printed it out. She took the law print out and went down to the police department and when she asked why they think they can show up without a warrant and threaten to arrest me in front of my children.

Long story short, I waited all day for Winchester’s finest to show but they never did. I left for work on Sunday and my wife called me and said she noticed the police have been going by a lot more then normal. I told her to take a walk and see if they approach her again so she went to Rite Aide with my daughter and her friend. On the way back her friend notices the same officer, who pulled up to them. He stops her and claims that in her hand is a beer when it’s clearly a Pepsi. Then he questions my wife – asking what’s in the bag in her hand. My wife pulled out the aero chamber she just picked up from the Rite Aide for my son and shows him what it is. He then asks if she had anything in her purse and she handed him the purse and says, “Would you like to look?”

The police in Winchester – aside from a few lone men – are very corrupt and are bullying me and my family very bad to the point now we want to move from New Hampshire. After being in the army for nine years I moved here to build a safe home for my family thinking it would be a nice change coming from Massachusetts.

It was a quiet and country setting which we liked, but now it has come to the point where we don’t even want to leave the house anymore because as soon as we are seen we are followed watched and threatened and questioned.

They picked up my nine-year-old daughter for walking down the street and they questioned her about what me and her mother do for a living, who lives at my home, and asking who drives this car and that car… This is out of control they had no right to talk to her or approach her.

They bullied another man so bad he hung himself. It is out of control – they state they don’t need a reason to pull you over anymore or to arrest you. Please guys you need to approach this matter before another person gets pushed too far. The people of Winchester are scared of their own public safety. Guys, let’s raise up and fight back!


film the police

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Neptune City (NJ) Police Ongoing Harrassment and Intimidation of Nurse and Small Children

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

The content below, shared via by Migdalia Carlson, details the continued intimidation and harassment she’s been subjected to by Robert Miller and Nicholas Morgan of the Neptune City (NJ) Police Outfit.

Date of Incident: May 2014 through October, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Robert Miller ( , Nicholas Morgan (
Outfit: Neptune City Police Department
Phone: 732-775-1615

During a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light in May 2014, another officer who failed to identify himself or his purpose during the stop began to question me “Who watches your kids at night when you work”. At this point I had made no statement regarding my job as a nurse, to the fact that I work the overnight shift, or that I am a single parent with two children. I had only recently moved to Neptune City NJ 2 months prior to this initial incident.

Feeling uncomfortable with being questioned about my child care arrangements by a stranger, I later went down to the police station that same day to file a complaint against the officer (Officer Miller). While discussing the incident with the first officer at the station, Miller came through the lobby doors and stood intimidatingly while I was speaking to the officer. No report was ever taken and I was denied a written record of my complaint.

In the weeks that followed, Officer Miller made a point to idle his patrol car on my blocks corner and made numerous stops directly adjacent to my living room window facing the road.

During a stop one night in August, Officer Miller and another officer were outside my apartment on the corner with flashlights presumably looking for something related to this traffic stop. I looked out my door for a moment and Miller and the unknown officer saw me looking out my door. The unknown officer came briskly to my door, shining his light into my front room and began to interrogate me as to how long I had lived here, where did I move from, what my name was, and where I was originally from. I refused to answer and closed my door.

Not more than 2-3 weeks after this incident, Officer Miller began to pull me over in my vehicle while on my breaks from work and while dropping off or picking up my 5 and 6 year old children from school. Over the course of 10 days in September, 2014 I received 20 frivolous tickets from Officer Miller–ONLY EVER OFFICER MILLER. One day in particular he pulled me over while dropping my kids off and again picking them up and wrote me the same tickets for things such as “failure to wear a seat belt”, improper signaling” twice in one day. During one of the last encounters, Miller let me know: “anytime I see you driving, I’m GOING to pull you over” and “you’re doing this to yourself”.

As a result, I have begun to only use my bicycle to transport my kids to and from school. This leads to the picture attached.


45 feet away from the school exit that I pick my kids up from, I had placed my son on my handlebars. An obvious, young and later verified NEW police officer stopped me and addressed my son stating “get down son” and then proceeding to reach out and physically remove my 5 year old son from my handlebars. I protested and stated he is not to speak to my child and is NEVER to touch my child. He then began to question me asking me for my ID to which I stated I had none on me and was not legally required to. He asked me my name and I refused to give him any information. I asked him if I was being detained and initially he answered “yes you’re being detained, I need your name for a citation”. I again refused my information and asked again “So I’m being detained or am I free to go”. He answered “no you’re not being detained”. To which I took my children and walked away.

On 10-6-2014 I received the above ticket in the mail requiring a court appearance for having my son on my handlebars. My license number and address were all listed. We later verified that Miller and this young officer, Morgan had spoken and Miller (clearly having a personal vendetta) let Morgan know who I was and all my information was pulled from their system and this ticket was mailed to me after the fact.

The citation was not written at the location where this occurred and was in fact written after I had already left the scene. Shortly after reeving the ticket via mail, I again went down the Neptune City Police department to file a complaint against Morgan, Miller, and to question this particular ticket. After much insisting, I was able to have a Sgt take a written complaint against Morgan and Miller. I put this Sgt on notice that I would be contacting my county IAB, representative, senators office, and state police office because I now have more reason to fear for my overall safety and from retaliation from Miller.

I will keep you posted on the outcome of my ongoing drama with Neptune City, NJ Police.

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Dear America (Don’t Shoot) – Joyner Lucas [Music Video]

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The content below was shared by someone who supports the message of the video “Dear America” by Joyner Lucas and Dead Silence Records. This content is also now included on the page

Recorded: September 2014
Outfits Shown: Ferguson Police and others across America

This is a self directed and created video with accompanying song created by Massachusetts artist — Joyner Lucas. He created this to depict the ongoing police brutality which is sometimes synonymous with a racist mentality in America. The track and the video are both very powerful.

Warning: contains graphic content.

Joyner spent 15 hours putting this visual together and there was no shortage of footage to weave into this powerful visual for his song. Unfortunately available footage could go on for years. Regardless, it is no easier to watch for its regularity. Welcome friends, to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Aren’t you proud?

Be on the lookout for the upcoming project “Along Came Joyner” coming soon.

Follow Joyner Lucas:


Click graphic to find other content created by musicians to erode the police state at


Dear America (Don’t Shoot) – Joyner Lucas [Music Video] is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Attempted ID Check by Thornton Police Employee Shut Down [Video]

Monday, October 6th, 2014

The content below, shared by Eli via, documents how a couple of people who knew their rights effectively stood up for them, and filmed, when questioned by an employee of the Thornton (IL) Police Outfit.


Date of Interaction: 09-19-14
Outfit: Thornton (IL) Police Department
Phone: 708-877-4440

I was working at a bank owned home which is private property. I was approached by a police officer from the rear of the property. He demanded to know what business I had at this particular property. I responded by saying I was working. He then asked for ID and I then responded by saying I do not believe I have committed any crimes or violated any laws to be under investigation. The police officer then asked me if I was refusing to provide an ID. I responded by saying that I felt like i was being harassed for my personal information and I was fearful because the police officer is armed with deadly weapons.

My co-worker then starts the video recording and walks up to me handing me the video camera to continue recording as he provides a work order to prove that we do in fact have permission to be on that particular property.

Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.

Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.

Even after seeing this proof the police officer continues harassing me and my coworker for ID’s. The police officer then attempts to use manipulation to convince me to understand his street gang tactics.

After I remain firm the office continues to beat his logic into me until my co-worker shuts him down! A win for me and co-worker!

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Ohio County, WV Sheriff Pat Butler Shows Corruption of Thin Blue Line [Video]

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Larry Kiddey, who’s involved with Belmont County (OH) Cop Block, shared the information below via about his interaction with Pat Butler, the head-honcho of the Ohio County (WV) Sheriff’s outift. Perhaps Butler should review some of the content and ideas at

Date of Interaction: 09-29-2014
Individual Involved: Sheriff Pat Butler
Outfit: Ohio County Sheriff’s Office
Address: 51 16th Street, Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: (304) 234-3680

I went to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office on September 29, 2014 to file a formal complaint against 2 deputies. Deputy J. West and Cpl. Haglock both employed by the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office. The nature of the complaint stems from a video I shot of a traffic stop on September 25, 2014. Deputy West and Cpl Haglock violated my civil rights under the 1st Amendment by interfering with my video recording of a traffic stop and for their using intimidation tactics to try and get my identification when there was no legal duty under WV statute to provide ID.

I met with Sheriff Pat Butler to submit the complaint. He asked me the nature of the complaint. I was under no obligation at that time to answer any of his question. i told him that everything he needed to know was in the complaint and the video of the incident that I was submitting as evidence and that I was not answering any questions.

View for yourself how unprofessional this Sheriff acted and how negligent he was in not executing his duties as an elected official by refusing my complaint.


Belmont County Cop Block

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False Reporting and Interfering with an Arvada, CO Police Officer

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

The content below was shared by Charlie via After giving a text recount of his experiences with Mr. Valdez, employed at Valdez Police Department, Charlie seeks your input on how he could best proceed.

Date of Incident: August 27th
Individual Response: Officer Valdez
Outfit: Arvada (CO) Police Department
Phone: (720) 898-6900

After being given a ticket for a Noise Violation on May 4th, I took my case to trial because I was absolutely not guilty. I represented myself in a court of law, and proved to the judge that I was not the host of the party in question, nor was I responsible for the volume of noise. I won my case and was acquitted of the initial charge.

Lets back up. On the night of May 4th I was at a small party when the police arrived for a noise complaint. The party was the size of a large BarBQue, but the noise was understandably loud. Being confident with the law I chose to answer the door for the homeowner and speak with the police.

Editors Note: Those active with Copwatch of East Atlanta recommend that you never answer the front door of another person’s property if/when police employees arrive.

Upon opening the door Officer Valdez demanded entrance into the property. Calmly, I asked the officer if he had a warrant or any probable cause for me to allow him entrance into the property. He explained that he was there for a noise complaint, and I asked him if that was a sufficient reason to demand entrance into a private residence? At this point he said that everyone who was in the back yard needs to come back into the home. To which I said “We have already brought the guests back into the property” Then he demanded that I turn down the music, to which I replied “The music has been turned down.”

My short responses, which yielded nothing for the Officer, provoked and challenged the Officers authority. To which he explained to his partner, “Look at this Youtube sensation, thinking he knows more than the police. Give me your ID.”

I immediately gave the officer my ID and he issued me a citation. The problem for the Officer was that this was not my home, nor was I responsible for the noise violation. Given no other option than court, I represented myself successfully and was acquitted. I must also add, throughout the entire trial Officer Valdez lied under oath on numerous occasions in an attempt to find me guilty of my charges.

Unfortunately, because I won my case against the officer, this created even greater animosity. Officer Valdez then held me after court to issue me two new citations for False Reporting and Interfering with a Police officer.

It is my opinion that this is an absolute display of police harassment and intimidation. I am interested in opinions on how to proceed? The officer will certainly make the claim that I presented myself as the homeowner and because it has been proven that I am not the homeowner, that I misled the police aka. False Reported. He will also make the claim that because I demanded a warrant/probable cause to enter into the property, while it wasn’t my home, also demonstrates that I interfered with a police officer.

For these reasons the officer may have a case. Does anyone know of any precedent where someone was allowed to represent the rights of others? Does anyone have any opinions for what I should do? I am particularly interested in legal precedent.

I have not filed a complaint against the officer yet because I believe that the complaint will impact my ability to plea for a deferred judgment on the charges, but I absolutely plan on doing so if I have to go to trial/after I have been sentenced. Additionally, I am entertaining the idea of contacting the ASPCA for the harassment factor from this police officer.

It appears completely unreasonable to have two additional charges given to me out of spite for winning my first charge.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Known Colorado-Based Police Accountability Groups



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Man With BB Gun Shot 60+ Times by Laredo Police, Witnesses Question Police Narrative

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Ismael Valdez shared the information below via with the statement: “PLEASE HELP US EXPOSE THE MURDERERS IN LAREDO POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!” Though the incident he addresses – the shooting of Jose Walter Garza – was touched on recently here at, his post is much more thorough than was the original as it includes video interviews of witnesses. This information deserves to be shared to help focus accountability on the killers who wore Laredo police badges.

Date of Interaction: 08/30/2014
Individuals Responsible: Half of Laredo Police Department
Phone: 956-795-2800

On August 30, 2014 at around 1:45AM Laredo Police employees murdered 30-year-old Jose Walter Garza.

Jose Walter Garza was a local schizophrenic, homeless man. He had at least 30 previous arrests by Laredo Police. Earlier that day/night, Laredo Police Officers had confiscated a pellet gun from Jose Walter but did not arrest him. At 1:45 AM, somebody called 911 and reported a man armed with a gun at “Gateway Truck Stop”

Over two dozen cruisers arrived, and at least 6 police officers, 5 of them armed with AR-15s, fired between 60-80 rounds at Jose Walter Garza sending truck stop clients running and diving for cover.

According to LPD and local media:

  • LPD attempted to negotiate for over 5 minutes.
  • Jose Walter pointed the weapon at police officers.

According to the truck stop’s Chief Financial Officer ‘Victor Trevino’ and Gate Guard ‘Julio Cesar Gonzales’ :

The gate guard, Julio, encountered a Wal-Mart bag outside the truck stop with what appeared to be a gun. Julio inspected the gun and found out it was a pellet gun. Jose Walter came back outside after buying some cigarettes, and Julio told him he had to put away the gun or leave. Jose Walter borrowed a lighter from Julio and complied with his demands. Jose Walter sat down outside the truck stop and kept drinking his bottle of wine while listening to headphones. Eventually, as Julio is patrolling the truck stop he runs into Jose Walter again. Jose Walter requests to borrow a phone charger from him, but Julio said he got preoccupied assisting truckers that he forgot to return with the charger. Julio states he did not call the police on Jose Walter because he was not being disruptive or bothering anyone. He says he was in the guard shack when he saw police officers arrive through the camera. He says he went outside to investigate and noticed the cops were already pointing their weapons at Jose Walter. Jose Walter was facing away from the cops (possibly passed out drunk) and had ear phones on. Julio then went around and informed 2 police officers the gun was fake. Both police officers told him to stop interfering or they would arrest him. Julio said he was planning on running in and taking the gun away from Jose Walter since he knew it was fake but he was scared of getting shot. He says the police didn’t negotiate and before he got to warn anymore officers the gun was fake, they riddled Jose Walter with bullets. Julio says Jose Walter NEVER pointed the gun at officers. Julio states the officers kept firing after Jose Walter’s body hit the ground. 2 officers can be seen fist bumping in the video and 1 of them took a picture. According to Julio, more officers were high fiving and fist bumping each other outside camera angle. Julio saw Jose Walter’s face blown off and says he has gone through mental trauma.

Julio Cesar Gonzales/Gate Guard Interview – Spanish (English subtitles available)

Laredo Police employees held a press conference and denied Hector Cubillos (the man who interviewed the guard and CFO) and us entrance. Half a dozen to a dozen of protesters, including myself, have assembled at crowded intersections and outside the police department.

Victor Trevino, the CFO, backs up the gate guard’s story and claims his customers report the same story.

Editors Note: If you know more about this incident please speak up. Comment on this story, reach out to the creator of the Youtube videos, who clearly is working for transparency, or reach out to known police accountability groups. If you wear a Laredo police badge and know what happened wasn’t right – align your actions with your thoughts. That – not remaining silent – is heroic.

Known Texas-Based Police Accountability Groups

Man With BB Gun Shot 60+ Times by Laredo Police, Witnesses Question Police Narrative is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Police Intimidation

Monday, August 18th, 2014

This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: January 12, 2005
Police Employees Involved: Hialeah Police Department
Police Employee Contact Information: Hialeah Police Department 305-887-1208

I want to share my story of police injustice. On January 12, 2005 Hialeah, FL PD was called to the apartment complex I was living in at the time because my neighbor was choking. The officer was overheard making jokes about the choking victim, so I asked him to not do that. He started screaming at me, so I simply asked for his name and badge number.

He instantly arrested me and said out loud, so everyone would think I threatened him, “What did you say, you’re going to kick my ass?” “I didn’t say that,” I told everyone. Then he whispered in my ear, “If you put a fucking complaint against me, they’re going to find your body in a canal.” No one heard this, just me.

This all happened on my son’s 1st birthday, as my son and my wife watched from the second floor. My wife was visibly very upset, and the female officer that was with him screamed at her, “Shut up and go inside, or I’m going to arrest you too and call child services so they can take your child away.” The fire rescue and neighbors were all around, and everyone just stood and watched.

I was charged with obstruction of a police officer, all because I asked him for his name and badge number. Charges were dropped in court because the officer didn’t show up, but I never said anything because I was afraid I would be targeted. This was almost 10 years ago.


Police Intimidation is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Edmonton Police are Above Traffic Laws, and Intimidate Motorists

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Cole Kruper shared this post via’s submit page. He originally published the post at

EDMONTON, AB –The Police are supposed to make the places where they operate safer. They’re supposed to protect and serve. But, the problem is, in today’s world of out of control Police, they do just the opposite. There is no protecting and serving anymore. When they aren’t shooting people for no reason, or beating them up, they resort to other tactics. Intimidation is a huge problem, as is the manner in which they drive. They pull over the tax-payer’s for various different reasons, yet the way the Police drive probably puts the other drivers on the road in more danger than the person getting pulled over was.

Just yesterday, I witnessed a Police officer driving dangerously. The road pirate seemed to be interested in a car up the road, and it appeared that the cop was going to pull over that particular car. The police vehicle was in the far left lane of 137 Avenue near 156th Street, headed East. The cop then quickly accelerated, and proceeded to cut off traffic in an attempt to get into the far right lane. There was no indication that the cop was going to dart across the road – no sirens, no lights. Even after the cop got into the far right lane and was following the car he would later pull over, there were still no lights. At this point, it was becoming apparent that the cop was trying to intimidate the driver, making sure the driver did something wrong so the cop could pull the car over.

In this case, the cop definitely put the drivers on that particular road in danger, by failing to give anyone any notice. The cop also put drivers on the road in danger by intimidating another driver. That person may not have had their full attention on the road with a cop behind driving erratically, following close, in attempt to intimidate the driver.

This story goes a little further. If the cop had decided to pull the driver over, it very well could have been done right where it all started. They happened to pass right by a large parking lot, where the cop could have had the driver pull into, out of traffic and so on. Instead, the cop decided to follow the driver for several blocks before pulling the driver over. For what reason? To intimidate the driver most likely, and to ensure there were very few witnesses. The cop decided to pull the driver over on a quiet residential road. What’s the matter, officer? Don’t like witnesses?

In this particular incident, the cop involved put the drivers on the road in danger, along with any passengers in those vehicles. The cop also intimidated the driver. What the hell is wrong with Police these days? Instead of simply pulling over drivers, they have to pull risky moves on the road, endangering those driving along, and then they have to pull out intimidation tactics? How would you react if you saw a Police vehicle speeding towards you, cutting across three lanes of traffic? Would you be a little nervous? Probably. First off, the cop is a dangerous driver, so you should be concerned. Second of all, the cop is attempting to intimidate you. You know it’s only a matter of time before you get pulled over. The big question here is, why did the cop pick a quiet road to pull this driver over? Why did the cop wait numerous blocks to pull the driver over. My guess would be, whoever the cop was, he didn’t want any witnesses, and wanted to intimidate the driver.

This just shows how the Police think they are better than everyone else. If the average, everyday citizen drove like the cop in this case, or like many other cops, they’d probably get pulled over, fined, or put in a cage (jail.) But when a cop does it, no one does anything? It’s somehow acceptable to see cops driving in a manner that puts everyone on the road in danger? There are no fines, nothing. The cop is simply allowed to drive in a dangerous manner because they saw someone they wanted to terrorize? Police departments sound more and more like a gang everyday across North America.

How many times have the Police in this city intimidated drivers on the road? Who knows, but I doubt this is the first time.

Apparently I’m not the only one that isn’t happy with the Police driving dangerously. Just today, I read in the Edmonton Journal that a cop decided to drive on a red light in an extremely busy intersection, without any sirens or emergency lights on. Why? Most likely because it says Police on the side of the car the cop was driving. This incident occurred around 10 PM, which means it was dark at the time. At least in my incident, the cop pulled off his dangerous stunt in the afternoon when people had a chance to see him. At night, all drivers get to see is headlights.

The Police, whether it be here in Edmonton or elsewhere, are putting drivers in more danger than those the cops are busy pulling over. Pulling people over is one thing, but at least attempt to do it safely.

The sad part is, when Police bother to use their sirens and emergency lights, it seems all too often they throw them on just to get through an intersection, because they are better than us and don’t need to wait at a set of lights.

Maybe having a dash cam mounted in your own personal vehicle isn’t such a bad idea; it could bring some accountability to those cops out there that think they are above the rules of the road. Maybe the next time they pull someone over for not driving safely, they ought to write themselves a ticket as well.

Cole Kruper

Edmonton Police are Above Traffic Laws, and Intimidate Motorists is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights