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Neptune City (NJ) Police Ongoing Harrassment and Intimidation of Nurse and Small Children

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

The content below, shared via by Migdalia Carlson, details the continued intimidation and harassment she’s been subjected to by Robert Miller and Nicholas Morgan of the Neptune City (NJ) Police Outfit.

Date of Incident: May 2014 through October, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Robert Miller ( , Nicholas Morgan (
Outfit: Neptune City Police Department
Phone: 732-775-1615

During a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light in May 2014, another officer who failed to identify himself or his purpose during the stop began to question me “Who watches your kids at night when you work”. At this point I had made no statement regarding my job as a nurse, to the fact that I work the overnight shift, or that I am a single parent with two children. I had only recently moved to Neptune City NJ 2 months prior to this initial incident.

Feeling uncomfortable with being questioned about my child care arrangements by a stranger, I later went down to the police station that same day to file a complaint against the officer (Officer Miller). While discussing the incident with the first officer at the station, Miller came through the lobby doors and stood intimidatingly while I was speaking to the officer. No report was ever taken and I was denied a written record of my complaint.

In the weeks that followed, Officer Miller made a point to idle his patrol car on my blocks corner and made numerous stops directly adjacent to my living room window facing the road.

During a stop one night in August, Officer Miller and another officer were outside my apartment on the corner with flashlights presumably looking for something related to this traffic stop. I looked out my door for a moment and Miller and the unknown officer saw me looking out my door. The unknown officer came briskly to my door, shining his light into my front room and began to interrogate me as to how long I had lived here, where did I move from, what my name was, and where I was originally from. I refused to answer and closed my door.

Not more than 2-3 weeks after this incident, Officer Miller began to pull me over in my vehicle while on my breaks from work and while dropping off or picking up my 5 and 6 year old children from school. Over the course of 10 days in September, 2014 I received 20 frivolous tickets from Officer Miller–ONLY EVER OFFICER MILLER. One day in particular he pulled me over while dropping my kids off and again picking them up and wrote me the same tickets for things such as “failure to wear a seat belt”, improper signaling” twice in one day. During one of the last encounters, Miller let me know: “anytime I see you driving, I’m GOING to pull you over” and “you’re doing this to yourself”.

As a result, I have begun to only use my bicycle to transport my kids to and from school. This leads to the picture attached.


45 feet away from the school exit that I pick my kids up from, I had placed my son on my handlebars. An obvious, young and later verified NEW police officer stopped me and addressed my son stating “get down son” and then proceeding to reach out and physically remove my 5 year old son from my handlebars. I protested and stated he is not to speak to my child and is NEVER to touch my child. He then began to question me asking me for my ID to which I stated I had none on me and was not legally required to. He asked me my name and I refused to give him any information. I asked him if I was being detained and initially he answered “yes you’re being detained, I need your name for a citation”. I again refused my information and asked again “So I’m being detained or am I free to go”. He answered “no you’re not being detained”. To which I took my children and walked away.

On 10-6-2014 I received the above ticket in the mail requiring a court appearance for having my son on my handlebars. My license number and address were all listed. We later verified that Miller and this young officer, Morgan had spoken and Miller (clearly having a personal vendetta) let Morgan know who I was and all my information was pulled from their system and this ticket was mailed to me after the fact.

The citation was not written at the location where this occurred and was in fact written after I had already left the scene. Shortly after reeving the ticket via mail, I again went down the Neptune City Police department to file a complaint against Morgan, Miller, and to question this particular ticket. After much insisting, I was able to have a Sgt take a written complaint against Morgan and Miller. I put this Sgt on notice that I would be contacting my county IAB, representative, senators office, and state police office because I now have more reason to fear for my overall safety and from retaliation from Miller.

I will keep you posted on the outcome of my ongoing drama with Neptune City, NJ Police.

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San Fran Undercovers Stare Down Woman For ???

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Princess M. Jacob-Fambro shared the video below via, which details a couple standoffish, unprofessional individuals who wear badges emblazoned with “San Francisco Police.” It’s hard to imagine anyone in that community would choose to pay for such a “service.”

Date of Interaction: August 19, 2014
Individuals Involved: Fergus, Bangas
Outfit: San Francisco Police Department
Phone: 415-553-0123

My Daughter and I was standing at the bus stop, when a undercover car pulled over and four officers jumped out and walked directly up to us and harassed us FOR NO REASON.

I was afraid for my daughter and myself.

I believe that if I hadn’t kept REPEATING that I was Running For President 2016,  me and my daughter would have became the next MIKE BROWN. I’ve seen police murder innocent people for no reason all my life….PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO so that we can End Police Brutality!!!

Editors Note: It’s unclear, why Fergus, Bangas, and their two colleagues felt it worth their time to surround and surveil Jacob-Fambro and her daughter – perhaps because she’s gives her affiliation for her presidential run as being with The Revolutionary Party? Regardless, the real issue is why such actions by self-described “public officials” is considered appropriate.


This dismal service from San Francisco police employees seems to be the norm:


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False Reporting and Interfering with an Arvada, CO Police Officer

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

The content below was shared by Charlie via After giving a text recount of his experiences with Mr. Valdez, employed at Valdez Police Department, Charlie seeks your input on how he could best proceed.

Date of Incident: August 27th
Individual Response: Officer Valdez
Outfit: Arvada (CO) Police Department
Phone: (720) 898-6900

After being given a ticket for a Noise Violation on May 4th, I took my case to trial because I was absolutely not guilty. I represented myself in a court of law, and proved to the judge that I was not the host of the party in question, nor was I responsible for the volume of noise. I won my case and was acquitted of the initial charge.

Lets back up. On the night of May 4th I was at a small party when the police arrived for a noise complaint. The party was the size of a large BarBQue, but the noise was understandably loud. Being confident with the law I chose to answer the door for the homeowner and speak with the police.

Editors Note: Those active with Copwatch of East Atlanta recommend that you never answer the front door of another person’s property if/when police employees arrive.

Upon opening the door Officer Valdez demanded entrance into the property. Calmly, I asked the officer if he had a warrant or any probable cause for me to allow him entrance into the property. He explained that he was there for a noise complaint, and I asked him if that was a sufficient reason to demand entrance into a private residence? At this point he said that everyone who was in the back yard needs to come back into the home. To which I said “We have already brought the guests back into the property” Then he demanded that I turn down the music, to which I replied “The music has been turned down.”

My short responses, which yielded nothing for the Officer, provoked and challenged the Officers authority. To which he explained to his partner, “Look at this Youtube sensation, thinking he knows more than the police. Give me your ID.”

I immediately gave the officer my ID and he issued me a citation. The problem for the Officer was that this was not my home, nor was I responsible for the noise violation. Given no other option than court, I represented myself successfully and was acquitted. I must also add, throughout the entire trial Officer Valdez lied under oath on numerous occasions in an attempt to find me guilty of my charges.

Unfortunately, because I won my case against the officer, this created even greater animosity. Officer Valdez then held me after court to issue me two new citations for False Reporting and Interfering with a Police officer.

It is my opinion that this is an absolute display of police harassment and intimidation. I am interested in opinions on how to proceed? The officer will certainly make the claim that I presented myself as the homeowner and because it has been proven that I am not the homeowner, that I misled the police aka. False Reported. He will also make the claim that because I demanded a warrant/probable cause to enter into the property, while it wasn’t my home, also demonstrates that I interfered with a police officer.

For these reasons the officer may have a case. Does anyone know of any precedent where someone was allowed to represent the rights of others? Does anyone have any opinions for what I should do? I am particularly interested in legal precedent.

I have not filed a complaint against the officer yet because I believe that the complaint will impact my ability to plea for a deferred judgment on the charges, but I absolutely plan on doing so if I have to go to trial/after I have been sentenced. Additionally, I am entertaining the idea of contacting the ASPCA for the harassment factor from this police officer.

It appears completely unreasonable to have two additional charges given to me out of spite for winning my first charge.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Known Colorado-Based Police Accountability Groups



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Westminster Man Vocally Questions Police Actions

Friday, September 19th, 2014

The content below was shared by Eric Brandt via While some viewers may take issue with Brandt’s language and chosen tactics – talking to police employees a bit like Jimmy Justice – as he noted, “The purpose of my protest is to make public the things this department and city would like to obscure from scrutiny.” As we all know, bullies like to operate in the dark, absent the disinfecting light of transparency.

Date of Interaction: 2014AUG29
Outfit: Westminster Police Department
Phone: 303-658-2400


Despite a public decree that abuse of homeless persons will not be tolerated, Westminster, CO police continue to get their jollies by mistreating people who are not committing any crimes. Following reports by area homeless persons that officers are harassing them by blowing horns at them to wake them up at night and then speeding off without a word, Eric Brandt deliberately sleeps on the sidewalk at the busy 72ND and LOWELL intersection with his giant “FUCK COPS” middle finger sign facing up the main drag. Hook, Line and Sinker – corrupt Westminster, CO cops, THWAITS and JURISCHK, ; THWAITS stops 4 times this night, blares his bull-horn and speeds off.

During the 4th harassment Brandt notices JURISCHK in another patrol cruiser holding a camera towards Brandt. Brandt gets up and starts recording. The video here is the way to handle corrupt and stupid cops abusing citizens or fun. Brandt did receive a bogus J-Walking ticket (801(1) – Model Traffic Code – Obstructing Traffic Against Crosswalk Signal) which he expects will be dismissed soon and has filed a motion to compel criminal prosecution on the offending cops for violating various laws and will be suing for civil rights abuses. Notice how differently Brandt deals with the third officer – ROSE who simply complies with the rules and behaves appropriately. Crazed lunatic, calculated citizen investigator (or both)? You decide.


Following almost three years of police abuse by Westminster, Colorado, which includes beatings, a 27-second illegal tasering, evidence tampering, multiple illegal arrests, and warrantless search and seizures of Brandt’s person and home, Eric Brandt asked for an internal investigation. Commander Dean Villano replied that he had no intention of filling in the blanks, so Brandt filled in the blanks for them.

He took sidewalk chalk to a big blank piece of sidewalk in February, 2014 and drew a gigantic upside-down crying pig with a police badge and a puddle of tears with the text “MAKE A PIG WAIL AND YOU’LL GO TO JAIL” – And he did: NINE Westminster, CO police officers cuffed Brandt and booked him into jail on ridiculous charges. Despite Judge Basso refusing to sign the warrantless arrest affidavit and demanding Brandt’s immediate release from jail, Westminster continues 7 months later to try and pursue charges including $17.50 in restitution for 5 gallons of diesel fuel for the fire truck to come clean off the chalk.

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved-Images_P3y3LmqBrandt has been arrested for 6 of over 50 sidewalk chalk events and has been arrested 10 times for a gigantic Styrofoam middle finger complete with functioning flip which reads “FUCK COPS”. Brandt travels everywhere with this sign which he has vowed to make bigger every time he is arrested for it. Brandt is represented by David Lane on numerous civil matters to include being drug out of a recent August 11, 2014 City Council Meeting where Mayor Herb Atchison forbade Brandt from delivering a polite, attorney-reviewed speech simply because it might contain information relating to Brandt’s pending law suits.

Brandt has had over 60 police contacts and over 20 arrests in 13 months. Currently, he faces over 20 years in jail for protesting activities in 10 Westminster, CO cases; 1 Adams County, CO case; and 2 Denver, CO cases.

I am Eric Brandt. I spent 8 years in the submarine force with 6 years at sea to defend The Constitution of all enemies, foreign and domestic. I was never absolved of my oath.



Editors Note: Brandt’s actions on video did not cause a victim and thus the ransom note levied at him is without merit – clearly done in an effort to chill his activities.

Brandt noted his motivation to aid the homeless who have been harassed by police employees. Perhaps it could be useful for him to do interviews with them, to give them a voice. Also, instead of just stating that police drove by and honked at the homeless, capturing and sharing those actions could go a long way too.

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Tek Luciano – Mr Policia

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Tek Luciano shared this post via’s submit page.

I am a Montreal/NYC based Hip-Hop artist signed to Brainkave Music Group LLC. This is the video for my first single “Mr Policia” which tackles the concept of police brutality and harassment. Provided in the video description are links to statistics related to police brutality in both the US and Canada. There are also links to organizations that aid victims of such police brutality.

My label intends on donating a portion of the iTunes sales of this song to organizations such as Cop Block.

Tek Luciano
Brainkave Music Group LLC

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Do The Right Thing…

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Gary Canterbury shared this post via’s submit page.

I was in a 25 MPH school zone driving my “slammed out” tuner sport compact ALL the cops know (it’s a small town). A woman in a mini-van came tearing around me doing no less than 45 MPH. I saw the nose of a police cruiser pop out from behind a local business where it was running a speed trap, lights on.

He was obviously going after the crazed bitch in the van. I slapped on my left turn signal and quickly moved into the left lane (4-lane highway) to allow him to exit and go after her. He jumped out, pulled in behind me, and hits the sirens. I pulled over. I WAS doing 25 MPH as indicated by the flashing school zone signs. He let the crazed woman continue down the road and pulled me over because of the car I was driving. He said it was because I made a “violent lane change.” I said, “I signaled, the lane was clear, and I pulled over TO LET YOU OUT TO CHASE THE CRAZY WOMAN.”

He said I was driving a “…type of car that’s often involved in illegal street racing.” He made me sit there for 10 minutes while people drove by waving (they know me) and laughing (my pals), before finally coming back up and handing me my license and papers back.

I then did a series of videos in Dothan, AL to show how the vehicle you drive can influence the behavior of the police. The local Fox affiliate came out and interviewed me after the videos grabbed some attention, as they showed officers ignoring speeders and aggressive drivers in favor of following me (doing the speed limit, using signals, obeying traffic laws); so much so that the Chief of Police held a press conference to announce an “…expanded enforcement detail” on the roads I had focused upon.

The following month, I was pulled over and/or followed for extended periods of time in 9 instances. In one of them, as I was sitting at a light waiting for it to change, a Titan truck pulled up next to me and started revving its engine. It then started “power braking,” smoke billowing off the tires as a Dothan Police cruiser rolled in behind me. The light turned green, the truck tore off at high speed…and the cop followed me into a Home Depot parking lot, sat there until I came out, and followed me for another 10 minutes until I left the city limits.

The following month, I was pulled over 13 times in Enterprise, AL, in what was obviously harassment. I was the President of the largest “street performance” car club in the area, “Shattered Concepts,” and was ‘flying’ our club banner on my rear window in perfect placement and size according to Alabama laws, so I’m easy to spot (along with the bright red car, the matching red-tinted windows). We would meet in a public parking lot every Friday and Saturday with approximately 30 vehicles (or more). The Enterprise, AL police would usually stop in and stand around talking with our members, as would many civilians. Because it’s a ‘smallish’ town, many of our members knew the officers who would stop. We were a regular attraction and had some very unique vehicles. If you were out cruising on a Friday or Saturday, our “car show” was a place to stop. One night, an unidentified Sergeant stopped and chewed out his officers for standing around. The pull-overs happened the rest of the month. I was never issued a citation, but was detained while they “ran my information” time and time again.

Eight members of our group were charged with “drag racing” one evening while leaving our gathering. They were all military members transiting the parking lot going back to base. They were two across, four deep in heavy traffic (30 MPH) and there were several video cameras running which clearly showed the traffic, the speedometers and the police “lighting them up.”

They were not permitted to admit video evidence, or any evidence, during their subsequent hearing in Enterprise Traffic Court. The judge told them “I don’t need to see that.” $350 fine each.

This harassment continued until I witnessed a fleeing armed robbery suspect who had successfully eluded police, turned my vehicle around and followed them while my lovely wife phoned 911 and we guided the police to the residence the vehicle finally stopped at. I went from “zero” to “hero” in .01 seconds.

Gary Canterbury

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LAPD Harassment

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Ricky Pinzon shared the following via’s submit page:

I was leaving work when I came into contact with Officer Bridges of the Los Angeles Police Department. The LEO saw that I had a container in my hand and assumed that it was an open alcoholic beverage. The beverage was concealed inside of a paper bag, and was not opened.

LEO Bridges said, “Come here,” and I chose to attempt to avoid contact with LEO Bridges; I attempted to walk away. LEO Bridges grabbed me and used unnecessary force, grabbing my jacket and demanding my ID. At the time of LEO Bridges’ assault, I informed him that I did not want him touching me. He then demanded that I show my ID to him to “prove’” that I am of legal drinking age. Being that California does not have an “ID yourself” law, I was not required to comply with this request. I demanded that he cite or show some kind of law that provides I must provide ID for carrying an unopened can of beer.

At this point, LEO Bridges detained me, unlawfully. Other LAPD LEOs arrived on the scene, including Sgt. Skinnor. I had a prior incident with Sgt. Skinnor, in August, because I was filming her and she didn’t like that. I reminded her that we’d met before and she acknowledged that she’d had contact with me in the past. At this point, the sergeant should have used her discretion and allowed me to leave the scene; instead, she threatened to use whatever force was needed to finish conducting their investigation.

Instead of respecting my constitutional rights, this officer allowed my rights to be violated. They took my ID and ran it through their database in hopes of find a warrant, etc. After determining that I was not a wanted criminal, my ID was handed back and I left. I was very hostile towards these officers, and the abusive and intimidating tactics used by these LEOs helped contribute to my irate behavior.

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Feeding the Homeless in Raleigh is Apparently Illegal

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Michael Torbert shared the following article via’s submit page.Police-CopBlock

This morning, we showed up at Moore Square at 9:00 a.m., just like we have done virtually every Saturday and Sunday for the last six years. We provide, without cost or obligation, hot coffee and a breakfast sandwich to anyone who wants one. We keep this promise to our community in cooperation with five different large suburban churches that help us with manpower and funding.

Today officers from Raleigh Police Department prevented us from doing our work, for the first time ever. An officer said, quite bluntly, that if we attempted to distribute food, we would be arrested.

Our partner church brought 100 sausage biscuits and large amounts of coffee. We asked the officers for permission to disperse the biscuits to the over 70 people who had lined up, waiting to eat. They said no. I had to face those who were waiting and tell them that I could not feed them, or I would be arrested.

In the past, we have had a good working relationship with the Raleigh Police Department. We knew that we could not use the park itself, as doing so required a permit, but that it was fine if we wanted to set up on the sidewalk, as long as we did not block the sidewalk and cleaned up after ourselves. We have operated, unmolested, under this assumption for the last six years.

By the way, each permit to use the park costs $800. Yes, eight hundred dollars. That would cost us $1,600 every weekend, and the officer we spoke to said the City likely wouldn’t approve it anyway.

Now, however, we are hearing that we can’t distribute food at the park, period. No representative from the Raleigh Police Department was willing to tell us which ordinance we were breaking, or why, after six years and countless friendly and cooperative encounters with the Department, they are now preventing us from feeding hungry people.

When I asked the officer why, he said that he was not going to debate me. “I am just telling you what is. Now you pass out that food, you will go to jail.”

What We Will Do

Simple: we will feed people. I am, after all (however imperfectly), a follower of Jesus, who said himself that when we ignore hungry people, we ignore him. The only question that remains is where we will do it.

We knew that with the upcoming revitalization of Moore Square, we would have to find alternative arrangements. We have been working to that end, but as the revitalization is currently unfunded, and has no start date, we felt we had some time.

Regardless, we will find a venue in the downtown core to feed people. We are committed to this and to our people, and it will happen. If you have a private building or parking lot in the downtown core you are willing to let us use, please contact me by email at

What We Won’t Do

We appreciate all the ways you have written in to suggest that we could subvert the system, but to do that only admits to the City of Raleigh that its argument is legitimate. We maintain we have done nothing wrong.

We feed people and have been doing so, and much more, for six years. On the weekends people have no where else to go other than the park because Wake County and/or the City of Raleigh offers no soup kitchens or other options on the weekends. None. There is no “official” place you can get a meal if you are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. You are left to your wits, and for the last six years, you could get a cup of hot coffee and a hot breakfast sandwich from us – because you could not get one from any tax funded location.

We have not hidden. Our work of bringing biscuits to the park has been mentioned in multiple full-page articles in the local paper over the years. We have had countless routine conversations with the police while doing this alleged illegal activity. We do not hide. And while, according to the City of Raleigh, it might be illegal to feed hungry people, it is most assuredly the right thing to do.

What You Can Do

Several things. While it was Raleigh Police Department that threw us out of the park and threatened to arrest us, we realize they are acting under orders. Ultimately, they serve the interests of the Mayor and the City Council. In the words of the officer in charge today, “You need to take it up with the City Council.”

And if history has taught us anything, it is, as Frederick Douglas said, that “power concedes nothing without demand.”

1. Below are the email addresses and phone numbers of the Mayor and of the City Council members. We encourage you to email them and ask A) why organizations, such as Love Wins Ministries, are being prevented from feeding people in the park, when the City of Raleigh has no means of or plans to feed them and B) encourage them to allow said feeding to continue.

Keeping in mind that we win over no one with anger or rudeness. Anger does not cast out fear – only love can do that.

* Out of town folks, call any and all of the City Council members.

* Raleigh residents, call the City Council member representing your district. You can find your district by entering your address here.

City Council At Large
Mary-Ann Baldwin – Email – 919-996-3050
City Council At Large/Mayor Pro Tem
Russ Stephenson – Email – 919-996-3050
District A
Randall Stagner – Email – 919-996-3050

District B
John Odom – Email – 919-996-3050
District C
Eugene Weeks – Email – 919-996-3050
District D
Thomas Crowder – Email – 919-996-3050
District E
Bonner Gaylord – Email – 919-996-3050
Nancy McFarlane – Email – 919-996-3050

2. Post the link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other social media outlets you have access to. Again, we have done nothing wrong, and have no desire to hide.

3. If you have contacts with people of influence (media, celebrities, etc.), please pass this story along to them or give them my email address –

4. Stay up do date. The most current information will be on our Facebook page, which you can like to receive those updates automatically.

5. Pray for our friends who are hungry, and now have nowhere to eat. And pray for us, so that we do not lose our tempers and along with it, our soul. And pray for the officers and people in power, who are working against our goals.

Pray for all of us, in fact, because we all need it, and our liberation is bound up in each other.

As we know more, we will post it here. Thank you for everything.

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Arrested While in Lawful Possession of Firearm

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Submitted by the Owner of “Your Second Chance Bail Bonds”

I am the owner of “Your Second Chance Bail Bonds.” I was involved in a recent case in Baltimore City, MD (Case# 813014033, formerly case# 6B02202178). This stemmed from an incident wherein officers from the Northern District, Robert Messner and Joseph Debronzo confiscated my carry concealed weapon permit and handgun on accusations that I was not a bail agent. I provided them my permit which noted on the back that I was in fact a bail agent. They detained me because they did not believe me. I also offered to provide my business’s federal identification number among other things, but they choose to arrest me regardless.

The officers also pointed out that the firearm I had in my possession was not registered to me. In Maryland, I do not believe it is illegal to possess a firearm that is not registered to the carrier, as long as the firearm is legally in the possession of the carrier. The firearm that I had in my possession was actually my girlfriend’s. We lived together at the time at my current address. We had the same exact firearms, and the only way to tell the difference between the two is by the serial number. We kept them in lock boxes at the time.

Ultimately, I was not found guilty. I believe the way these officers dealt with the situation was very unjust. I believe I was stereotyped because they made various comments about my age – specifically pointing out how young I was, as if I wasn’t capable of running such a business. It was extremely irresponsible of them to arrest me on very little evidence of what they believed was illegal. They did not attempt to investigate at all or to give me a fair chance of proving I was a bail agent.

In addition, they lied in their reports regarding this incident. When they wrote the paperwork explaining their interaction with me, they set forth various false and negative things about my character. As a result, the commissioner gave me a bail higher than the amount recommended by the state’s attorney. If these are the types of officers the police departments are producing, I am in fear of my life being in their hands. I am in fear that my child will face the same prejudiced actions that I was faced with for simply abiding by the law. I don’t understand how police can arrest someone with a concealed permit to carry just because they don’t happen to believe the carrier’s representations that they are carrying lawfully.

The Maryland State Police doesn’t hand out ccw’s without a strenuous background check provided by the FBI. On March 18th, 2013, I called the internal affairs to get an update about the hold on my property. Upon doing so, I talked to Sgt.Chung of the Internal Affairs and he told me that officer Joseph Debronzo was still holding my property, because my permit was still  under review. After a month of getting the run around Sgt. Chung has yet to resolve the matter.

It is extraordinarily unfair that a citizen may have charges pressed against them if they lie to an officer but it’s alright for an officer to lie to citizens and falsely arrest them without any type of consequences. It’s also unfair that they are holding my girlfriend’s firearm. She has also called the Baltimore city police department and got the same run around. The officers actually give bad attitudes as if we are wrong. The least that can happen is that they rightfully return her property. It’s amazing how easy and fast it is for an officer to violate your rights and take your property, but you have to wait months at a time to get your things back, let alone justice.

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Entrapment at its best??

Friday, January 18th, 2013

By: Eric Pierson

Recently I drove from work to my home to find multiple officers sitting half a block from my home in different directions at approximately 2:45 am. I had broke no laws to warrant being pulled over. I tried to record the conversation with the officer that talked to me, but the audio wasn’t clear. At first, he said he pulled me over because he recognized me. All the windows on my vehicle are tinted, no possible way the officer could make me out in the dark. After I questioned that he said he recognized my white stalking cap from when he drove by my work and I was outside smoking. I explained to him that the stalking cap was in the truck all night and I was wearing a black ball cap all night.

Then he tried to tell me that he had a report from last week that I drove a black truck to work. This was the first time I had ever even drove the truck. Though I have no way of proving this, my work is an after hours club on the weekend and opens Wednesdays for 18 & up college parties. It is regularly harassed by the local police and they have openly said they want it shut down. I am the manager of this establishment and an obvious target.

They asked me many times to come out of the club for an alcohol test that I have never failed. This time being pulled over I demanded a legit reason for being pulled over and got none. I was told they were parked there waiting for me to come home though. I said the whole situation was ridiculous and they refused to do any alcohol tests. Instead, they charged me with DUI, on the bases that I had bloodshot eyes. Since then, all that accomplished was an increase in police traffic on a non-busy street around my start and end times. Their only other reason was that the officer said I smelled like alcohol. I showed him where a patron of the after hours club spilled his drink down the outside of my leg and agreed that I could smell of alcohol, but my breathe certainly does not.

Any thoughts or help on a way to beat this and get the harassment to stop?

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Eric, sadly when the police target you there is no other way to protect yourself than to record it, IMO, because if it comes down to your word against theirs, you’ll lost every time. I’d suggest keeping a camera in your car, getting some sort of live streaming app on your smart phone and submitting those video/audio recordings to This way those who feel the same way as you do about your harassment can par take in call floods, as well as sharing your content, to help you win in the court of public opinion. Or, even if they don’t back off, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you didn’t let their actions go unnoticed. 

Which is my second suggestion, not only for you but those who submit post in the future, be sure to get as much information about the officer as possible. Using the above story as an example, the reader has no idea what department this was, which officer or any information at all. Be as detailed as possible. If some of this information was there I’d consider calling the department to inquire about your treatment, but I can’t do what I don’t know.

What suggestions do you have for Eric? 

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If you’d like a Power Post – as seen above – contact us.

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