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Outside Agitators in Ferguson

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Jacob, a longtime Copwatcher and founder of, has been on the ground in in Ferguson, MO, a town of about 21,000, since August 14th. He’s been collecting pictures, videos, and streaming to

If you have the means to support his efforts to capture and disseminate the truth of the situation contribute to his GoFundMe campaign.

From Jacob:

How many officers imposing Martial Law in Ferguson live inside the city limits? You guessed it, dam near zip.


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Police Gas Residents of Ferguson For Over an Hour

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Jacob, a longtime Copwatcher and founder of, has been on the ground in in Ferguson, MO, a town of about 21,000, since August 14th. He’s been collecting pictures, videos, and streaming to

If you have the means to support his efforts to capture and disseminate the truth of the situation contribute to his GoFundMe campaign.



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Police Brute Force/Taser

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Chris Willette shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: 9/12/2005
Police Employees Involved: Star 109 Lynwood, IL police and another backup officer
Police Employee CLontact Information: 708-758-4744 Lynwood IL police

On 9-12-2005 at approximately 1:30 am on my way home from work, I was pulled over by a Lynwood, IL police officer for alleged speeding. The officer approached my car and asked for license and insurance. I stated that I didn’t have my license with me but gave him other info to run my name. He ran my name and came back to the car.

He first told me, “I’m not going to give you a ticket.” I heard what he said wrong, oddly enough, I thought he said he was GOING to give me a ticket. I asked him to see the radar. The officer then stated to me, “Well, since you are going to be a jack off and ask to see the radar, I’m going to give you a ticket, and you can follow me to the station since you don’t have your license.”

I stated to him that I heard what he said wrong, but he didn’t seem to care. A second officer had then pulled up as backup. Where they pulled me over was literally about 100 ft from my own driveway. The alleged speeding occurred on US route 30, which is Lynwood, but the subdivision I live in is NOT lynwood, it is directly off rt 30. But my subdivision was the first turn to turn in at when he pulled me over, and I live about a half a block off the US rt 30.

This is where it got interesting: The cop that pulled me over pulled a u-turn to drive back to the station. I, being that I was almost right in front of my house, turned in my driveway to turn around to follow him back to the station. His backup officer was still behind me, and I made the assumption he was going to follow me.

When I pulled in the driveway to turn around, I noticed the second officer wasn’t behind me. I exited the vehicle and peered into the street to see if he was there. He promptly flew up fast and told me to get back in the damn car. Right after that, the first officer flew back around, exited his vehicle, and told me to get OUT of the car. I panicked and grabbed my cell phone to call in the house to get someone outside because I felt threatened at that point. One officer told me to get out of the damn car then or else they were going to break my window out, taser me, and get me out. I said LOUDLY, “Fine, I’m getting out, please don’t taser me, I have a bad shoulder.” I opened the door and put my hands out first so they could see them.

The second I tried to exit the vehicle, one officer grabbed me by the shirt, ripped it, and tried to throw me. The second officer promptly pulled his taser out and laid into me. The first prong hit me on the side of the hip, and didn’t really stun me, but the second prong hit me in the back of the ass underneath, and it sent a jolt through my body – really bad. I was already on the ground by the time the second prong hit me, and I WAS NOT fighting them or physically resisting when I tried to get out of the car.

After the second prong hit me, one of the officers, even though I was laying face down in a prone position, stood above me and jammed his knee into the side of my head. He continued to press his knee on my skull for about 10 seconds, and he then cuffed me from behind. By that time, both my mother and stepfather had exited the house and were in total shock.


Unfortunately for the police, my across the street neighbor was outside the WHOLE time and saw EVERYTHING! He oddly enough used to be a police officer in Markham, IL years before that. The officer who cuffed me and kneed me in the head was trying to make the illusion of me fighting him for his own dash cam. When they placed me in the vehicle, the camera was replaying itself while the officer took me to the station. I saw some, but not all, of it. They obviously charged me with resisting arrest. They booked me and gave me an IBond and let me out about 3:00 am.

When I went home, we took pictures of all the markings I had. I had bruises on both sides of the head, on my knee, my hands, extreme cuff marks, etc. When I went to bed afterwards, I started to have weird sensations in the bottom of my legs toward my ankles, presumably from the taser shot. Oddly enough, not long after that at some point hair in a patch on both lower left and right legs fell out, and to this day has not grown back. I did honestly feel a little shell shocked after the second taser hit me; I think it may have hit a nerve.

Soon after, I filed a complaint with the chief of police in Lynwood. My stepfather and I went to see him one night, and he honestly was the biggest jerk. He asked for my account of the story, which I gave, and he proceeded to not buy into it. He stated that there was no footage from the police dashcam even though I saw a brief version in the car with my own eyes! He even went as far to pull up my driving record and he commented to me that since I had one outstanding seat belt violation in Indiana, he “was going to have my license suspended.” I laughed in his face and told my stepfather, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Before my court date, the chief of police wrote me a letter that was about 6 pages long. His account of his officers was contradictory twice in the letter. I for the life of me cannot find the letter, but I could always request a copy and the incident report as well if need be.

It was funny how the police wouldn’t show up to their own court date on October 26th. I never filed suit but should have. I to this day am still unclear if I have any recourse being that it was eight years and eleven months ago. I have all other copies of the citations and pictures if anyone wants to expound on this further.

Chris Willette

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Ferguson: State Of Emergency! Demonstrators Shot and Gassed!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Jacob, a longtime Copwatcher and founder of, has been on the ground in in Ferguson, MO, a town of about 21,000, since August 14th. He’s been collecting pictures, videos, and streaming to

If you have the means to support his efforts to capture and disseminate the truth of the situation contribute to his GoFundMe campaign.

From Jacob Crawford:

A State Of Emergency was imposed on the residents of Ferguson on August 16th 2014. This curfew set of a mutual aide package of different law enforcement agencies, a mandatory curfew and the power to arrest anyone seen in public space from 12am to 5:30am.

Police promised they wouldn’t use armored vehicles of gas to enforce the curfew but as 12am passed both Armored Vehicles and Gas became publicly visible and utilized.



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Bay Area Rapper Vindicated by Gas Station Surveillance Footage

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Rico Rossi pulled into the gas station to get some gas. Suddenly road pirate vehicles surrounded his vehicle. Doors opened and police employees rushed at Rossi, shouting commands, with guns drawn.

Rossi was ordered to the ground. Still unsure of what provoked this undesired police “service,” Rossi got down on both knees and raised both hands into the air. It was at that moment that Glenn Walkup, an employee of the Martinez Police Outfit, squeezed the trigger of his Taser, aimed squarely at Rossi.

“My body was completely immobilized. It was the most painful experience of my life” Rossi later said.

Walkup’s colleagues then nonchalantly put Rossi into handcuffs.

After being brought to the local cop shop, Rossi was threatened with time in a cage for allegedly “resisting.”

That happened in October of 2011.

Now Walkup, the triggerman, is no longer employed at the Martinez Police Outfit, and Rossi was awarded a settlement for his treatment.

What helped bring that conclusion? The fact that the exchange was captured on video.

Thanks to the gas station’s surveillance video, it is objectively clear to all involved that Rossi had not acted in the wrong – he was not a threat to Walkup or anyone present, and thus the coercive actions taken toward him were without merit.

The reason for the draconian police response? They had been fed misinformation by the woman upset at Rossi.

Said Rossi in an email sent to Cop Block:

In October of 2011 I was shot in the back, while on my knees by a bay area police officer, who was conspiring with my ex-wife to set me up. The incident was caught on gas station surveillance video and I filed a civil lawsuit against the officer, the department and the city. The officer is no longer working as a cop, and I was awarded a large settlement as a result of the lawsuit. I also went on to write a song about my situation and produce a music video that is based on true events.

Rossi, a rapper based in the Cali Bay Area, created this video to document the incident:

As Rossi makes clear in the video description:

Children should never be used as a tool in a separation. Ultimately the person who suffers the most is the child. The family law and justice systems are completely flawed, and easily manipulated by and catered to women, often times denying fathers of their parental rights. Although I can’t change the system, I can at least use my voice to raise awareness about this problem. If it happened to me, it could happen to you.


Film The Police

Rico Rossi on Youtube

Rico Rossi on Facebook

Rico Rossi on Twitter

Martinez Police Outfit website or call: 925-372-3440

Martinez man files claim after police Taser incident by Vic Lee on November 07, 2012

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LVMPD Beat a Man for “Not Moving Fast Enough”

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
LVMPDbeating1 300x204 LVMPD Beat a Man for Not Moving Fast Enough

Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

The video below was submitted via the “Submit Your Story” page. It involves an incident that happened shortly after a stabbing at the Vanguard Lounge, a bar/nightclub located on what is known as Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas. While members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are clearing people out of the area where the stabbing occurred, Officer Glowinski apparently wasn’t happy with the pace at which a man, named Dominic Generino (possibly spelled differently), was moving and decided to arrest him.

What happened next is that all of the other Metro police in the immediate vicinity dove on and began beating Generino. In particular, one of them, identified as Officer Kolkoski, begins jabbing his nightstick into Generino’s body (the descriptions indicate he is hitting him in the legs, but it’s not real clear exactly where he’s being hit on the video because of the number of cops involved) with such enthusiasm that he looses his balance. The fact Kolkoski knocked himself down and appears to almost injure himself by hitting his head against a nearby table doesn’t seem to diminish that enthusiasm very much, as he subsequently has to be pushed away by another (as of yet unidentified) officer, in order to prevent him from resuming his attack with the nightstick.

LVMPDbeating3 300x204 LVMPD Beat a Man for Not Moving Fast Enough

The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.

As is mentioned in the description that was included with the submission, the video raises several questions about the “official story,” which was filed by Ofc. Glowinski as part of the police report (excerpts from which are included in the submission description). The first and most obvious is whether Generino should have been arrested in the first place. The claim that he “pushed back into” Glowinski is a complete fabrication that is in no way supported by the video.

Also, the idea that he should have been moving faster or refused to do so is dubious from the start because there is a rather visible and large crowd in front of Generino, which would prevent him from doing so, even if he wanted to. While you can see what appears to be some verbal exchange between Ofc. Glowinski and Generino, arguing with cops isn’t an arrestable offense and even Glowinski admits in that police report that he “complied” with his orders to leave the area. So, at best (from Glowinski’s standpoint) Generino was not complying fast enough to satisfy him and at worst that was simply an excuse to justify beating and arresting an innocent person because a member of the LVMPD had a personal issue with that person.

LVMPDbeating2 300x203 LVMPD Beat a Man for Not Moving Fast Enough

Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick

Secondly, in the video Ofc. Kolkoski has his nightstick out and is swinging it immediately. Prior to that, there is no visible sign of Generino jerking or pulling away, as claimed. The idea that he could determine that such a tactic was necessary with a half dozen other cops (none of whom are using nightsticks or any other weapon) already on him that quickly is another incredibly dubious aspect to this incident. Further, the fact another officer has to stop assisting in the arrest to restrain Kolkoski and prevent him from continuing his assault on Generino (about 0:30) casts doubt (to put it mildly) on that idea. That’s even more so the case, since after he is prevented from continuing his attack, he simply stands back and watches as the other cops arrest Generino. Also, in spite of what is stated in the report, the entire video only lasts 1:30 and the portion with the arrest takes less than one minute. So, the claim that they had to struggle for several minutes after he was on the ground is, at the very best, an exaggeration by Golkowski.

LVMPDbeating4 300x202 LVMPD Beat a Man for Not Moving Fast Enough

Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.

Of course, you can watch the video and judge for yourself (that’s one of the reasons Cop Block encourages people to record their encounters with people wearing badges) whether this was justified or yet another case of the LVMPD’s unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics that have become so common place in the Las Vegas area, especially downtown. One thing you can be sure about is that, regardless of what you or anybody else outside of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department thinks (including the department’s Use of Force Board that is supposed to prevent this type of thing, but that the sheriff is under no obligation to actually listen to, so it doesn’t), this incident will be “investigated” by other people working for Metro and then declared justified. The history of Las Vegas area police departments pretty much guarantees that. The fact that the cops working for those departments know that pretty much guarantees that these types of incidents will not only continue, but will become more numerous, unless people in Las Vegas put enough pressure on them that they have no choice but to reign their enforcers in.

The original video, which has been embedded below is available on the youtube channel of Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, who currently does monthly (every last Thursday) free “Know Your Rights” seminars within the Las Vegas area. He also was himself featured recently in a post on Cop Block and after an incident in which he personally was arrested for refusing to leave the side of a client that had requested him as an attorney while being detained by members of the LVMPD.

The text in quotes below was included in the original submission and is included as it was received, without any editing.

Date of Incident:
Location of Incident: The Vanguard Lounge – Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Known Department Employees Involved: Officer Kevin Kolkoski (P#10002), Officer Robert Glowinski, Officer Jacob Werner (P#13017)

“This poor man wasn’t moving fast enough as police tried to clear out a crime scene for investigation. So, LVMPD grabbed him and LVMPD Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) began immediately to beat him with a night stick.

In LVMPD Officer Glowinski’s own words:

“I again instructed [him] to walk towards the rear of the lounge. [He] complied, but began walking slowly.”…”Despite most people complying, [he] would not. As we reached the DJ Booth I instructed [him] one more time to move more quickly”

(Watch the video carefully to see if Officer Glowinski tells the truth in his next statement)

Officer Glowinski continues:

“[He] stopped, and leaned back and threw his back into me. I took hold of [his] right arm in an attempt to take control of him. [He] pulled away. I grabbed his right arm and Officer Werner (P#13017) grabbed his left arm. In an attempt to place [him] under arrest we instructed [him] to go to the ground. [He] refused by pulling and jerking. Additional officers attempted to assist in taking control of [him] but it was unsuccessful. [He] only began to comply after Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) used a baton to deliver focus strikes to [his] legs. After [he] went to the ground it still took me and several officers several minutes to place [him] in custody.”

If you compare the video to the official sworn statement, you will see that Officer Glowinski does not tell the truth. The victim did not “lean back and [throw] his back into [Glowinski]“, the victim did not resist (no pulling and jerking and the victims legs are completely limp after he lays on the ground), and Officer Kolkoski immediately began to beat the victim with a baton (victim had no time to comply). It did not take “several minutes to place him in custody (The entire encounter lasted a little over a minute).

The one positive part of this encounter was the officer that physically stopped Officer Kolkoski from continuing the beating.”

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Announcing Tricities CopBlock

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Tricities Copblock is a decentralized group run by like minded individuals from Tricities areas of East Tennessee.

We are committed to bringing police accountability, education and transparency to Carter County, Greene County, Hancock County, Hawkins County, Johnson County, Sullivan County, Unicoi County, and Washington County Tennessee.

We are here to be your eyes and ears, to help uphold your constitutional rights by exercising those very rights daily and by education those who are not aware that they are protected by the constitution. We want to help give Tennesseeans back there dignity and to remove the false truth that police have more rights then you. Shiny badges do not grant extra rights, and they also do not give officers the legal ability to intimidate, harass or assault citizens.

When one of our founders was 11 years old, he was violently attacked by his foster father. and in his time of need he reached out to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department for protection. When the officers arrived he was outside bleeding and in pain. He screamed out to the officers for help. Instead of helping they used physical force against him, hitting him and slamming him against the ground.

After their assault they took him to juvenile where he was charged with resisting arrest and unruly behavior. Even after his experience he does not hate cops, he just not longer trusts them to uphold their oath and to protect those who need protection. This is our motivation to educate the public about there rights and to help bring accountability to police.

Connect with Tricities CopBlock

Help Tricities CopBlock Get Gear

Help us purchase much needed equipment to pursue our cause of police accountability and public education. We do this by documenting police encounters and by teaching the public about the legal rights under federal and state laws.


Other Tennessee-Based Groups

  • Cop Block East Tennessee – Facebook
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  • Clarksville MSA Cop Block – Facebook /
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  • Tennessee Peace Officer Accountability – Facebook
  • Tricities CopBlock – Facebook /


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Another Case of (Las Vegas) Nevada Police Just Doing their Job (via Submission)

Saturday, August 9th, 2014
LVMPDArrestAtBusStop 150x150 Another Case of (Las Vegas) Nevada Police Just Doing their Job (via Submission)

Excessive Force?

This was received via the “Submit Your Story” page a while back. It concerns the arrest of a woman at the downtown Las Vegas Greyhound bus station, who had been accused of not paying a taxi bill. All of the following text, pictures, and video were originally posted at the “Art Entertainment” blog and have been reposted in their entirety without any modifications or edits. The singular exception to that was the edition of the year (2013) to the first paragraph for clarity. Obviously, you can read the account and watch the video yourself to decide whether you consider this to be a case of police brutality. It’s certainly not anywhere near one of the worst examples of Metro’s heavy handed antics caught on tape in Downtown Las Vegas.


Two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers arrived at the Las Vegas Greyhound station on August 18th (2013) because a taxi driver claimed that a girl that was waiting in there for the bus did not pay him the fees for his ride service to the station.  People sitting in the waiting area suddenly started to witness the struggle between the two robust officers and the defenseless African American girl who posed no threat to them.

LVMPDArrestAtBusStop Another Case of (Las Vegas) Nevada Police Just Doing their Job (via Submission)
Police excessive use of force

According to a witness, one of the officers asked her if she had paid the fee to the taxi driver.  The girl responded that she did but did not get a receipt. They did not believe and tried to take the girl to the police station but she refused.  The officers tried to use persuasion at first but then one of them lost his patience and used force.  Both males were trying to forcefully handcuff the girl who was not in a position to resist bud did not want to be treated that way. One of the officers would not let his body weight off the girl.  Another witness said the police physical force was unreasonable and unnecessary. Injuries could have resulted from the police restraint efforts. There is nothing more egregious than the thought that someone who has been vested and trusted with the duty of protecting us from the hands of aggressors, becomes the aggressor himself, under the color of a badge. No human being should suffer as this girl did, in a civilized nation of laws and government. The foundation of this country’s creation is the United States Constitution, which specifically gives every person, regardless of race, creed, color, or ethnic origin, the right to be free from certain governmental behavior. Under the Eighth Amendment, even if a person is a convicted incarcerated prisoner, he/she has the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. There are thousands of reports each year of assault and ill treatment against officers who use excessive force and violate the human rights of their victims (AIUSA Rights 1999:1). A significant problem in this area is that police abusive behavior may be considered necessary and appropriate police procedure (Geller, 1996:7).

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Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

Saturday, August 9th, 2014


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010.



Ten Questions for Bill Scott, Author of The Permit
by Bill Buppert

I read Bill’s book, The Permit, and was aghast at the more intimate and grim details on his son’s murder by cops in Las Vegas in 2010 depicted in the novel. This site is no stranger to reports of predation and rampant misbehavior and mayhem wrought by American police today. My twitter posts three-five new incidents of cop brutality daily. The police state in the US may be the most far-reaching residual of the American War on Terror which has become a self-fulfilling Orwellian prophecy with the use of the campaign as a means to institutionalize maximum government to keep the tax cattle safe no matter the expense in liberty and freedom.

Bill has been kind enough to grant this interview with me.

Bill Scott is now a full-time author, writing techno-thriller novels. The latest is “The Permit,” which is based on the murder of his eldest son, Erik. He co-authored two other novels, “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III,” and a sequel, “Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III,” plus one nonfiction book, “Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story.”

Bill can be reached via the Contact section of my website,, or e-mail at:

While Bill and I may not agree on everything, we do agree that the US police state is a clear and present danger to any human being living within the borders of the US. -BB

Bill Buppert: Tell the readers some of your background.

Bill Scott: My wife and I have been married 44 years, and we were blessed with two incredible sons, Erik and Kevin.

In 2007, I retired as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, concluding a 22-year career as a writer/reporter for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. I’m a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), and flight-tested aircraft for 12 years, both as an Air Force officer and civilian FTE. My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering. While on USAF active duty, I flew classified nuclear debris-sampling/collection missions, served as an R&D engineer with the National Security Agency, and was a flight test instrumentation engineer, prior to being selected for USAF TPS. As a civil pilot with a commercial certificate and instrument and multi-engine ratings, flight test engineer, AvWeek reporter, and USAF aircrew member, I logged about 2,000 hours of flight time in 80 different types of aircraft.

Bill Buppert: Many condolences on the loss of your son; I read Erik’s story when it first happened in 2010 and then read your cathartic novel, The Permit, which fleshed out more details in a fictional narrative of the murder of your son by Las Vegas Metro cops and the subsequent cover-up. Were you surprised at the cover-up, stonewalling and general nastiness of the police after they murdered your son?

Bill Scott: Yes, very surprised. Before Erik was shot to death, I was one of those naïve American military veterans, who thought all but a few rogue police officers also were honest public servants dedicated to protecting and serving. I quickly learned that cowardice, corruption and cover-up were the standard for about a third of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department—including the sheriff, Doug Gillespie, and his chief cover-up “spook,” Captain Patrick Neville. I arrived in Vegas two days after Erik was murdered, convinced that a sloppy, transparent cover-up was well underway. When I asked, “Why would they cover up an officer-involved shooting, which appears to be a massive screw-up, not an intentional murder?” my lawyer, several of Erik’s friends, and long-time Vegas residents looked at me as if I’d parachuted in from Mars. They unanimously replied, “Because they always cover up their murders! There’s nothing special about Erik!”

Bill Buppert: Most Americans are living in what I consider an illusion in thinking the police protect and serve anyone but the rulers and bureaucracy of the various levels of government. This especially appears to be the case with the consistently egregious behavior of the LVM. Do you consider the LVM to be a viciously compromised and self-serving entity?

Bill Scott: Most definitely. Las Vegas Metro PD is an integral arm of the Clark County/Las Vegas Cartel of Corruption, which comprises billionaires, powerful politicians, immoral, appalling cops, a complicit district attorney’s office, compromised judges, the coroner’s office (which now encompasses Public Administrator functions), and an absolutely venal, obstructionist police union. This cartel is controlled by a Cleveland branch of the Mafia or Mob, which has its dirty paws in several of the big resort-hotels and casinos.

In short, this Cartel uses LVMPD cops as its enforcers of evil, ranging from stealing the wealth of elderly citizens to beating and executing those who can’t pay gambling debts, and forcing runaway kids into child sex rings. Paying off low-IQ cops is more sophisticated than hiring a bunch of knee-breaking “Guidos,” as the Mob does back East. Instead, the Las Vegas Cartel developed a quasi-legal “coroner inquest” system that guaranteed any murder committed by a police officer was found “Justified.” Since the late 1970s, about 200 coroner inquest hearings were held in Clark County, NV, billed as a quasi-judicial “fact-finding” exercise. Of course, not a single cop was ever found at fault. Every killing by a LV Metro cop was ruled “Justified.” Incredible.

Bill Buppert: Were you surprised at the cruel and nasty attitude and behavior of the LVM when you were attempting to get justice for Erik in the legal system?

Bill Scott: By the time we filed our lawsuits, I knew LVMPD would stop at nothing to protect their killer-cops and Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s reelection campaign. Good, honest cops said that my phones and e-mails were being monitored, thanks to the Vegas federal-state-local “Joint Fusion Center,” which routinely uses high-tech snooping technology, under the guise of counterterrorism. Metro detectives illegally broke into, and stole several guns from, Erik’s condo, twisted the facts of his medical records (Erik had 40% of his L5 vertebra broken off, a casualty of Army airborne training. He suffered severe back pain, after a fender-bender car accident that realigned his spine in late 2009.), tried to intimidate Erik’s ex-wife, harassed Erik’s then-girlfriend (three traffic tickets within three weeks of Erik’s murder), and cherry-picked witnesses for the coroner’s inquest hearing. Further, LVM cops illegally acquired court-sealed records from another state, which were clearly stamped by a judge, stating that the claims in a detective’s report “did not occur.”

Metro detectives even pursued laughable measures to gin up a patently false narrative about Erik carrying a “second gun,” when, in fact, he only had a single pistol on his person (a legal, concealed-carry weapon), when he was shot to death. His .45-caliber Kimber Ultra Carry semiautomatic was removed from the body, after Erik’s corpse had been loaded into an AMR ambulance. That firearm was then placed on the concrete, near the entrance-exit of Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas, supposedly as “proof” that Erik had pulled it, still in its holster.

Ooops! The ambulance EMTs’ report documented a firearm and extra magazine found on Erik’s body. That little hiccup prompted a panicked effort to break into Erik’s condo and steal a “second gun” to comport with 1) a gun found on Erik’s body, and 2) a pistol, in its holster, being on the ground, after the shooting. In fact, the only item on the ground, after Erik was shot seven times, was his BlackBerry, which he had in his right hand. At least two of Erik’s pistols, and, possibly, two rifles were stolen from the condo. Then, brilliant Metro detectives fired a hole in the handle of a small (stolen) Ruger LCP, trying to imply the small gun was in my son’s jeans front pocket, which contained Erik’s 1.75-inches-thick wallet!

A detailed analysis conducted by Mike McDaniel, a former professional police and ex-SWAT officer, trainer and crime scene investigator, completely destroys Metro’s ludicrous “two-gun” narrative. That superb analysis is available (with photos of Erik’s firearms) on Mike’s blog: The Erik Scott Case: Update 19

Bill Buppert: Is a Coroner’s Inquest designed to protect the misbehavior and brutality of the police and its allies?

Bill Scott: In Las Vegas, NV, that’s absolutely true. The old Vegas inquest was a one-sided, bizarre perversion of due process, which made a mockery of American jurisprudence. We allowed Erik’s September 2010 inquest hearing to be televised and streamed over the Internet. Once Las Vegas citizens and thousands throughout America and many foreign countries witnessed, first-hand, this moronic kangaroo court in action, the outrage and blow-back that erupted forced a radical revision of the Clark County coroner’s inquest process. However, the Cartel of Corruption, through its proxy, an uber-arrogant Las Vegas Police Protective Association (police union), managed to put the new, revised inquest system on indefinite hold. Now, a corrupt district attorney, Steve Wolfson, reviews all officer-involved shootings and single-handedly rules whether they were justified or criminal. Over the past three years, Wolfson has found every single shooting “Justified.” Surprise! New system, same outcomes. The Cartel maintains iron-fisted control of the Southern Nevada “justice” system, ensuring Metro’s killer-cops always go free and never are held accountable for crimes that would imprison a “civilian” for life.

Bill Buppert: There are an estimated 19,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA; do you suspect the behavior and actions of the LVM are a microcosm of modern American policing?

Bill Scott: I do, given that cops across the nation routinely commit and get away with egregious murders and acts of raw brutality. The federal Patriot Act literally gave cops a license to kill, and many don’t hesitate to shoot. As a result, law enforcement now attracts an extraordinary number of bullies and brain-damaged, angry men and women. Many of these are totally devoid of courage and conscience, and are convinced they truly are above the law. They feel they can do anything they please, and can get away with it. Backed by obscene unions, today’s cops take great umbrage with anybody daring to question their judgment, tactics, use of force, and absurd accounts of an incident.

Bill Buppert: I suggest an evil trifecta of police misbehavior in police unions, officer safety mandates and qualified immunity to be core causes of the tragedy that is the US police state today bolstered by creeping militarization and Federalization. What do you think?

Bill Scott: I agree. As described in Chapter Ten of The Permit, law enforcement officers and agents of all stripes constitute the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat facing Americans today. Over the last few decades, cops and federal agents have killed more citizens than our nation lost at Pearl Harbor, on D-Day 1944, and on 9/11/2001…combined. An American citizen is now eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. And a police officer is 130 times more likely to be involved in an act of misconduct than to be killed in the line of duty.

Police unions leverage the power of money to elect, then control, politicians. With polished, proven rhetoric, unions have tricked well-meaning, yet hopelessly naïve, politicos into passing “Qualified Immunity” laws that virtually guarantee a killer-cop will never be held accountable for murdering an innocent “civilian”—as cops now refer to lowly taxpaying citizens. Juries rarely find a cop guilty of murder or wrongdoing, because the average jurist still believes the falsehood that cops are honest and would never lie. As any experienced courtroom lawyer will confirm, though, cops do lie, even under oath.

Add to that the totally unjustified, runaway militarization of local and state police departments—aided and abetted by federal dollars and military equipment—and we now have precisely what the nation’s founders tried to prevent: A standing domestic army that exists for the sole purpose of controlling the very people who pay the jackbooted thugs’ salaries. In the 21st Century, America truly has become a police state.

Bill Buppert: Absent a police power, how would a state deny individual freedom and liberty?

Bill Scott: By gutting the Second Amendment and disarming American citizens, removing the only sure, last-ditch means to resist a tyrannical government. Disarmament, in itself, would inspire a power-hungry tyrant to create his own police force. No politician would allow unarmed, vulnerable masses to live as they pleased.

erik b scott slain by lvmpd employees zerogov copblock Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of ZeroGov.comBill Buppert: Any updates in the case with Erik?

Bill Scott: I’m still pursuing legal measures, and continuing to wage asymmetric war against the Cartel of Corruption that controls Las Vegas. I don’t talk about strategies, operations and tactics, but several battles have been relatively successful. I’m aided by a small number of motivated, well-connected allies, who are quietly working behind the scenes. I’m not privy to their campaign strategies, but am assured that the Vegas Cartel and its killer-cop drones are literally living on borrowed days. I couldn’t halt these warriors’ strikes-for-justice, if I wanted to.

Bill Buppert: I hope The Permit has been well received. I would urge my readers to buy the book and, if possible, review it on Amazon. Has it caused the reaction you expected? Do you still receive threats from the LVM?

Bill Scott: Many thanks for the endorsement, Bill. National sales of the novel continue to build steadily, thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, particularly on Amazon. In Las Vegas, reactions from Cartel entities are basically what we expected: Ignore the book and pretend it doesn’t exist, or, when pressed, demean and dismiss it as irrelevant. Fortunately, criticism and patronizing dismissal by the police union director, Chris Collins, and his team of online intimidator trolls backfired and has significantly increased sales of “The Permit.” Anything union cops hate and trash-talk, smart people embrace.

Metro’s threats aren’t as overt and transparent as they were a few years ago. However, the Las Vegas Joint Fusion Center’s geek-goons still may be monitoring my phone calls and e-mail messages, according to inside sources.

Before Erik was murdered, LV Metro had two public affairs officers; it now employs nine, supposedly because the “Scott Family” caused the department so much grief. The Permit also has contributed significantly to Metro’s miserable, tanking public image. I’m assured that, as a result of Erik’s senseless murder and courageous activism by “Erik’s Warriors,” LV Metro has quietly changed its policies, procedures and training dramatically. Of course, Sheriff Gillespie and his scared-stiff “Tower” staff also were motivated by the threat of a Department of Justice consent decree being imposed on the department.

I’ve been accused of being anti-cop and hating police officers. Absolutely not true. I’m deeply indebted to many good-hearted, professional police officers, who helped me expose the sordid inner workings of Las Vegas Metro, in particular, and Sin City, in general. Law enforcement professionals across the nation have patiently explained how a good police force operates. They invariably express stunned disbelief, outrage and embarrassment, when they hear how LV Metro’s badged thugs executed my son, then covered up the killers’ crimes.

These pros (and I) are quite distressed by the militarization of U.S. cops, and a few have helped me develop a presentation I call “Restore Honor.” I firmly believe that, unless good cops stand up and collectively demand that their own departments return to a “protect-and-serve” mentality and culture, our nation will explode in rebellion. As The Permit warns, armed, infuriated citizens will literally hunt down any cop sporting a badge. The level of simmering, subsurface fury I sense throughout the country, primarily directed at arrogant, above-the-law cops, is unprecedented…and scary.

I adamantly emphasize that I do not advocate violence against police officers. But “good” cops have been too silent, too willing to look the other way, for too long. I predict that, in the name of self-protection, honorable, professional cops will soon launch an aggressive crusade to Rid the Ranks of Rogues—eliminating corrupt outlaws from their own departments. Such a campaign might take the form of destroying a corrupt officer’s credit rating; pressuring a bank to foreclose on a killer-cop’s home; filing criminal charges for malfeasance, or taking more-direct action. The operation will spread rapidly, and it won’t be pretty. But, when Neanderthal killer-cops are systematically expunged from local, state and federal law enforcement, citizens will be quick to rally behind those high-integrity officers, who Restore Honor to what once was an honorable profession.

Godspeed to them.

Thanks for reading. Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of is a post from Nevada Cop Block

Parents of Teen Slain by Oklahoma “Authorities” Still Seeking Justice

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket was experiencing what his parents liken an “episode.” His parents called 911, hoping the presence of police would help to deescalate the situation. Yet shortly after those with badges arrived, Mah-hi-vist was shot seven times, including once to the back of his head, by two Custer County Sheriff employees – Dillon Mach* and a still-unnamed second shooter.

*Dillon Mach had previously worked for Clinton police outfit and was about to be fired but did a lateral transfer to Custer County Sheriff before that happened. I wonder if he’s a ‘Brady Cop‘?

Present were also two Oklahoma Highway Patrol employees who work out of Troop H.

That incident happened in December, 2013. As described in the letter below, written by Mah-hi-vist’s parents Melissa and Wilbur, despite attempts to gain accountability through the injustice system in the months that have passed, it’s been nonexistent.

The shooters work out of the Custer County Sheriff’s Outfit – everyone there, including head honcho Bruce Peoples, have circled the wagons and done their best to protect their image, rather than be concerned about the fact that a couple of their own killed a teenager. That same criminal outfit recently took possession of a MRAP


As the Goodblankets and many others have unnecessarily experienced, and as Rob Hustle makes clear in his video Call the Cops, realize that self-proclaimed “authorities,” who extort from you under the guise of providing the service of protection, are often the most dangerous element to introduce into any situation. That’s why it’s good to see tools like Peacekeeper now exist, so that we can form our own trusted networks to rely upon in times of need.

Become aware of the situation that the Goodblankets were thrust into and do what you can to assist. And also, realize the systematic pattern of unaccountability that is inherent, when “justice” is said to be provided by a monopoly based on coercion. Withdraw your consent and act accordingly.


Custer County Sheriffs Outfit

Oklahoma State Patrol Outfit – Troop G



From Melissa Goodblanket:

To Whom It May Concern:

Attention Justice and Civil Rights: Interested Parties

Around 8pm on December 21st, 2013, our 18 year old son Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket was unjustly slain, in our western Oklahoma home. Young Mah-hi-vist was shot 7 times with one of those shots being to the back of his head then he was bound and handcuffed. His body was left in the home unattended for 30 minutes before the EMT on scene was sent into the home for vital signs. Mah-hi-vist had been experiencing an ODD episode earlier that evening when we called 911 for fear that he may hurt himself.

When the county deputies arrived they never offered any words nor did they question either of us about the circumstances. Mah-hi-vist had kicked out the glass window of his room (4×6 foot glass window) when deputies arrived they entered the home through the bedroom window. They exited through the same window seconds later, regrouped and re-entered the home a second time through the same window. Two deputies with weapons pulled followed by two Highway Patrol with their weapons pulled. The end result of their arrival to be of assistance was the death of our son.

In April the local District Attorney and his team ruled the shooting death as justified. This type of atrocity should never happen but seems to be on the rise across this country. We are seeking assistance in the truth surfacing in this case and further seek accountability of the officers involved in the killing of our son. We have to date rallied at the local court house, the State Capitol and we have organized and marched with well over 200 other individuals, through the streets of Clinton Oklahoma.

Clinton Oklahoma is located in the far western section of Oklahoma and is the home of the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho people. The area is tainted with stories of prejudice, racism and acts of police brutality towards people of color. The name of the county is Custer, named after a mass murderer of Native women and children. In the county law enforcement building, hangs an oil painting of General George Armstrong Custer. This is the attitude and energy that blankets the Native community here.

At the time the deputies showed up at our home, our son had calmed down and asked them to retrieve his dad and me from outside the home to come in and lay down with him. They refused his request. His girlfriend was with him inside the home when they shot and killed our son. There were no negotiations offered, there was no integrity, no compassion, no honor or respect for life shown to any of our family members and certainly not to our son.

If you can offer any assistance to us in the matter of Justice for Mah-hi-vist , Please feel free to contact us by mail or through email at Please note subject of email as Justice for Mah-hi-vist so we may be able to sort the email and answer your inquiry. We have filed a tort claim and now have 180 days to file lawsuit on any and all involved in the death of our son.

Hope and Trust

Wilbur and Melissa Goodblanket
10354 N 2200 Rd
Clinton, Oklahoma 73601


Mah-hi-vist’s parents, Melissa and Wilbur Goodblanket, continue to strive for justice.

Parents of Teen Slain by Oklahoma “Authorities” Still Seeking Justice is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights