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Beavercreek “Protesters” Mindlessly Support Cop who Killed John Crawford III

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

The post below was shared anonymously via It details the interaction of a videographer and those who blindly support the Beaverceek police employee who killed John Crawford III  inside the nearby Wal-Mart.

Rather than engage in intelligent discourse, those present parroted the unthinking claim, “He was just doing his job.” One man, decked out in USSA regalia, levied personal attacks – referring to the camerperson as an “asshole” and “chickenshit” as another lady hypocritically held a thin blue line sign while rocking a shirt with a peace symbol.

The indoctrination runs deep.

As Justin King wrote at in the post Ohio “Open Carry” Laws Could Spell Murder Charges for Cops who Shot Innocent Man, open carry of a firearm in Ohio is not even said by the claimed rulers to be illicit – a fact that a couple Copblockers communicated in 2010.

There can be no immunity in this case for the officers because even if he was carrying a gun, which he was not, they didn’t have legal grounds to question him. They were not operating within the law. Police only have immunity when adhering to the law. This was murder.


These are types of people that scare me! People that support murderers!

John Crawford was shopping in Wal-Mart, when he was gunned down by an overzealous Beavercreek police officer with a high powered assault rifle! The same type people like this, don’t want you to have!!!! This officer gave no regard to what was behind his target which was only a few feet away. I’m sure there is a hole in a few Wal-Mart walls when the bullet went through Mr Crawford!john-crawford-iii-beaver-creek-ohio-copblock

So far in this “uh hmmm!! Investigation”, it looks like Mr. Crawford was murdered for shopping in Wal-Mart. We will know for sure once the case is over. But the blatant disregard for ANYONE’s safety by the Beavercreek police and these idiots support of said murderer, is what scares me! They are fine with someone being murdered if the shooter dons a badge!

Remind me NEVER to go to Beavercreek Ohio!!! And not for fear of criminals, unless they are wearing a badge!!! The script is flipped in the crick!

As Virgil Vaduva stated in his post Beavercreek Walmart Eyewitnesses Contradict Police Statements and 911 Caller at on August 18, 2014:

It appears that the store was a calm, safe and peaceful place until the Beavercreek Police Officers responded and started firing their weapons inside the store, without any thought as to where their bullets would end up, or whether or not other peaceful and innocent bystanders could be harmed or even killed by their actions…

We could continue to dissect the facts of the situation, but one thing has become very clear after the shooting of John Crawford III: the Beavercreek Police Department is comprised of dangerous and unaccountable individuals who continue to display a disregard for law, lack the necessary training to interact with law-abiding citizens in a proper manner and are too quick to pull the trigger on their service weapons, seeking to justify the shooting.


Virgil Vaduva’s questions about the shooting death of John Crawford III by Beavercreek police employee demand answers.

The day prior, on August 17th, Vaduva posted to the Ten Unanswered Questions About the Beavercreek Walmart Shooting (questions listed below, see article link for full coverage):

  1. Why call the police to start with?
  2. What does the security footage show?
  3. When did the second victim have a heart attack?
  4. What is the exact timeline of the shooting?
  5. Which officer pulled the trigger?
  6. Where is the police report?
  7. Why is there a private law firm involved?
  8. How much time did the victim have to drop the air rifle?
  9. What evidence is there for shoplifting accusations?
  10. Who is behind the various Facebook groups in support of the Police actions?

Beavercreek Police Outfit

Beavercreek Wal-Mart

Know Ohio-Based Police Accountability Groups

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Laredo Cops Kill Man Allegedly Wielding BB Gun, Then Fist Bump

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

This post was shared anonymously via It details the shooting death of someone who obstetrician was homeless. Just like schoolyard bullies who tend to target the most vulnerable, as the documentation at makes clear, the same pattern can be seen for those who claim to “protect and serve.”

Fortunately, in this situation, video of the interaction exists, though, as was seen in Fullerton, that was still not enough for the killers of Kelly Thomas to be held accountable in legaland.

I bet the aggressors in both those situations would have not been as prone to use lethal force were the person they interacted with a family member whom they love – that’s the type of mentality that is needed for someone to really provide protection. Police employees today default to the initiation of force as their entire institution is based on control and double standards.


On the evening of August 30, 2014, Laredo police were called to the scene of an old truck stop. Reports indicate that there was a homeless man with a weapon. Police responded in droves, fired a large volley of shots at the man, killing him instantly.

Police claim the man was wielding a handgun but some conflicting reports and witness say that either the man was holding a BB guy or that he was unarmed. LPD has not confirmed any of the the reports.

shooting-siteThe surveillance video shows the man dropping and rolling to the ground as he is shot. Some witness say that he was already down when he was shot. It is difficult to tell because the man’s body rolls to ground from outside of the video frame.

The man is killed instantly but LPD officers handcuff him anyway. At 1:25, two officers one of which allegedly fired the fatal shot, can be seen giving each other a fist bump and apparently feeling really proud of themselves.

Larado Police Outfit


It’s telling that the Larado police outfit’s website gives prominent real estate to “Commend an officer” but no where is listed a way to share concerns about a police employees’ conduct – not that an investigation by their friends would be likely to facilitate justice anyway… 


Those involved in the shooting death of this person in Larado should be made public so that they can be personally held accountable. And to prevent these types of of incidents from happening again, the police apparatus should be recognized for what it is, which will lead any thinking person to not grant it, or its actors, deference.

Known Texas-Based Police Accountability Groups (from

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Two Carpentersville Police Employees Kill Man, Censorship Ensues

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

An anonymous tip put this story on our radar. Clearly, those involved are working to keep it quiet – such is the norm for bullies.


Sunday, August 17th.


Joshua Paul, front, pictured here with his fiance, Jeff Bolek, is being remembered for his outgoing demeanor and caring personality. Paul died Aug. 18 after being involving in a traffic stop with still-unnamed Carpentersville police employees. Photo courtesy of Jeff Bolek

Joshua Paul was driving in Carpentersville, IL a town of about 30,000 on the northwest outskirts of Chicagoland.

He never made it to his destination.

What exactly went down, or what is even claimed to have gone down, hasn’t yet been made public.

All that is known is that:

  • Paul had been stopped while traveling and is now dead
  • two still-unnamed employees of the Carpentersville Police Outfit were involved
  • both of those Carpentersville Police employees are still being paid to continue their “services” to those in the community
  • everyone close to the situation is remaining tight-lipped – a far cry from the “highest quality service to our community” put-forth as the mission of the police outfit.

According to Jake Griffin at the

  • Dave Bayless, the “spokesperson” for the corporation of Carpentersville said that Paul, “was ‘arrested at the scene of the traffic stop and transported to Sherman Hospital.’ He would not say why Paul was taken to the hospital or why he had been stopped.”
  • Monique Bond, the “spokesperson” for the Illinois State Police Outfit only confirmed that an investigation was ongoing but offered no additional information
  • Rob Russell, the coroner for Kane County, “said Saturday that an autopsy on Paul’s body had been performed; ‘however, the doctor’s report has not come in yet.’”

One commenter stated that Paul’s neck was broken:

jordan-birchfield-joshua-paul-carpentersville-police-copblockDo YOU have any more information? Make it known. Shine the disinfecting light of transparency on this incident.

Carpentersville Police Outfit

Two Carpentersville Police Employees Kill Man, Censorship Ensues is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

The Solution to the Police State

Monday, September 1st, 2014

The post below was shared by Jeremy via


The problem with police brutality and overreaction is appalling and ever growing.

What if I told you that there was a place where martial law was declared, a whole city was shut down, and the police detained anyone on the street and broke into countless peoples houses on the premise of protecting them? Thinking it must be China or Russia or Nazi Germany? No this tale happened here. In Boston after the marathon bombing.

Our rights as Americans are slowly being taken away under the guise of public safety. Did shutting down the city save anyone? No, but it set an extremely dangerous precedent for police trampling on the rights of the American people.

These brutal incidents are exactly the reason why the United States of America were formed in the first place. The revolutionary war was the American people standing up and saying we will no longer tolerate the oppression of the those appointed to protect us. It starts at the bottom with the individual police force and will rapidly grow from there.

How do we make a difference? Here are five things that we the people can do to cause change.

1. Require that all officers of the law wear cameras at all times they are performing their duties. This alone in forces that adopt them have had a enormous impact in the number of incidents of police brutality. And as they are public servants, the public has a right to know what they are doing.

2. Immediately stop all transfers of military equipment to police forces and confiscate or destroy all equipment previously transferred. Why? Because they are the police, not the military. The job of the military is to protect us from foreign threats and they are equipped to do so. The job of the police is to enforce the law not protect the nation. Why exactly do they need tanks and machine guns to enforce the law?

3. Immediately enact strict physical fitness standards. Did you know that over 80% of cops are overweight? Did you ever think that if the officer involved in the Ferguson shooting was not overweight he may have been capable of arresting the young man without resorting to killing him? Too many police have only the resort of deadly force to use against a suspect because they are incapable of holding their own due to their obesity.

4. In any incident where police brutality is suspected, make it a requirement that an independent authority review the incident and recommend charges. A company who defrauds consumers doesnt get to investigate itself to find if it did anything wrong, so why do the police get to?

5. Prosecute. My mind goes back to a particular incident where a officer shot a man laying on the ground handcuffed in cold blood and was videotaped doing it, and received a year in jail. If you or I did that we would either be jailed for life or given the death penalty for murder.

This is just the beginning. Will this fix everything? No, but it will serve to stop the march of the United States to a police state.

If we do not act now, we will wake up one day to find that we have no rights left, and the only way to right the ship at that point will be armed revolution.

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Military Hardware Not Welcomed in Lewis County, Washington

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

The content below was shared via by those active with Peaceful Streets Lewis County.

Though the video encourages area residents to vote for a specific person, please do not consider it being posted here as an endorsement (either voting for the person mentioned or voting in general, as that merely grants legitimacy to the bad idea that says some are rulers and others ruled). That said, the content is shared as it shows that not all eager to becoming involved in the existing police apparatus are as keen on the militarization of police outfits.

Anyone prospective or current police employees are encouraged to check out the content at and


This video was compiled by a local sheriff’s candidate in opposition of the rampant militarization of police departments. While it focuses on local issues, the content is applicable nationwide.

Peaceful Streets Lewis County

Peaceful Streets Lewis County is part of a grass roots organization seeking to bring greater awareness to police accountability and educating the public.

Centralia Police Outfit

Lewis County Sheriff’s Outfit

This Tuesday, September 2nd, at 7:30 PM Brian Green and some involved with Peaceful Streets Lewis County will be meeting at Jeremy’s Restaurant, 576 West Main St. in Chehalis, to discuss civil rights, asset forfeiture, dealing with the court system, your constitutional rights, and more.



To see just one of the more visible facets of police militarization, consider the distribution of MRAPs to local police outfits, which includes one in Lewis County, WA.

MRAP Distribution within USSA by CopBlock

Military Hardware Not Welcomed in Lewis County, Washington is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Crowdfunding Campaign for New Anti-Police State App

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

The post below was authored by Orion Martin and shared via


Hello CopBlockers,

There is a new crowdfunding campaign that recently went live for the app Sidekik – an app which will give people a powerful tool in their dealings with the police state.

When the app is activated it will perform two actions:

  • First, it will activate the audio and video recording devices on the user’s smartphone and begin streaming the data as it is being recorded to a secure server and,
  • Second, it will initiate a video call which will connect the user in a matter seconds to an attorney who will interact with the officer on behalf of the user.

View the campaign:

Legal representation through Sidekik is included in the Sidekik subscription. The user does not need to pay anything for the attorney to represent them aside from the subscription, which my partners and I estimate will be $60 for a year. The yearly subscription will include 12 uses of Sidekik. Some people have assumed the app user needs to pay some huge amount to be represented, and this is not the case.

If enough people start using Sidekik then police departments across the country will be faced with a Maywood, CA situation. In early June of 2010 the City of Maywood received a notice that their insurance was being cancelled, primarily due to the number of complaints filed against the police department. When the city tried getting coverage from other insurers, no insurance company would cover them. Maywood councilman Felipe Aguirre said, “Nobody will insure us, not as long as we have the police department.”

Since cities require insurance to legally operate, and no one would provide coverage given the number claims against the police, the entire 60 member department was disbanded on June 30th, 2010. Sidekik will streamline the formation of lawsuits against police departments by ensuring that evidence of rights violations is preserved and by providing a steady flow of attorneys willing to file lawsuits based on that evidence. In short, when the use of Sidekik becomes widespread, police departments will have two choices: change the way they do business or go out of business.

Thanks for your support.


Orion Martin

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Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

And a press release authored by Miranda Bowersox, another Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee doing damage control, framed the incident as a fight, of which the video captured only the end.

an internal investigation into this incident and has requested an independent investigation through the District Attorney’s Office. Deputy Burnett has been reassigned from patrol duties

In layman’s terms, that means Burnett is still on the job, and still being paid – he’s just, until the public attention on this situation dies down – being kept off the street.

And, since neither the corporate news coverage and certainly not the press release mentioned it – all those cited – Burnett, Honea, and Bowersox, subsist on money stolen from their neighbors. They claim the right to extort to then protect. How can anyone ever buy into their claim that they stand for transparency and accountability?

The person who was kicked in the head was supposedly questioned by Burnett per an outstanding warrant. Many may default to then think that person was in the wrong – but we are unaware of why that supposed warrant was said to exist. What if it were due to a non-crime? What if you partook in an action that caused no victim, that some self-proclaimed rulers decreed was illicit, and who then hunted you down, and kicked you in the head. Would you be in the wrong at all?

Clearly, without the video captured by bystander Shawn Montana, the action Sam Burnett chose to take – to kick a sitting man in the head – would likely not have received as much attention, thus setting the stage for something even more egregious.

If you have or witness a police interaction – film!

Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

The Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employees seem more keen on making their paramilitary efforts – with a helicopter and Lenco Bearcat – seem normal to those they steal from (under the guise of protection).


Check out the double-speak employed by whatever Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit employee who shared the picture below to their Twitter account – I’m sure those girls desired the assistance of being caged for their non-crime.


Oh – and by the way – the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit is recruiting more to join it’s gang – just look at all the toys you could play with!




Thanks to Tim, who – recognizing the value in making more folks aware of Burnett’s unjust actions, shared this incident to Cop Block’s Twitter account.

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Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Personnel Claim The Impossible

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Who killed Victor White III?

Which employee of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit will be the first to speak out?


According to statements made by Louisiana State Police immediately after the incident, on March 2nd, 2014, 22 year old Victor White, III, of New Iberia, Louisiana, was stopped by police. Police suspected White was involved in a fight at a local convenience store. A deputy searched White, found narcotics on his person and arrested him. White’s hands were cuffed behind his back. He was placed in the back of a patrol car, then transported to the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Upon arriving at the station, White refused to exit the vehicle. As the arresting deputy called for assistance, White retrieved a handgun that he was hiding in his pants, then shot himself in the back. White was pronounced dead at a local hospital later that day.

In the five months that followed, the family was kept in the dark. No new information was released. Then, late last week, the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office released the first page of the autopsy report. The autopsy, performed the same day White died, describes no back wounds at all. Instead, his cause of death is described as a gunshot wound to his right chest that passed through his left lung and heart, exited through his left armpit, and lacerated his upper arm. Although the autopsy still reports the official cause of death as suicide, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Yes, you read that correctly. The official police story, now corrected for accuracy by the autopsy is… White was stopped and thoroughly searched. Police found drugs, but no weapons. Then White, while seated in the back of a patrol car, with hands cuffed behind his back, miraculously produced a gun missed by deputies during their search. White then shot himself in the chest.

The claims made by the Iberia Parish personnel are ludicrous.

Fortunately, those closest to Victor – his parents Victor Sr. and his mother Vanessa, and the rest of his family – aren’t buying the story spun by those responsible. They started a GoFundMe campaign fundraiser, noting,

We are asking for your financial support as well as your prayers to help us bring to light the truth in this situation… We need to be able to produce an independent autopsy report… We vehemently disagree with its conclusion that my son shot himself in the right side of his chest while his hands were cuffed backward. This what they are asking us to believe is nearly if not completely impossible.

I’ve already put the unjust death of Victor White III on the radar of those active with the Louisiana-based groups listed at, in the hope that someone invovled with one of those outlets will have the ability to dig into this situation.

How You Can Help

  • Visit the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit (300 Iberia Street, New Iberia, LA 70560) with a camera and ask questions. If you have a smartphone, stream the interaction so the footage is kept safely offsite. For related information see Ideally, bring more than one friend as there is safety in numbers. If you’re new to such tactics refer to
  • Submit FOIA requests to gain all available information. For related information see Where lies exist there are bound to be discrepancies. Already, those involved have changed their reports, what else is outlying? Is there any dash cam footage (perhaps showing the sheriff’s employees involved)? Is there any surveillance footage from the facility (perhaps showing the shooting)? Of course, those privy to the information may choose to censor, well-aware that transparency will oust their misdeeds.
  • Focus attention on those involved. Learn the names of those involved and make others aware. Share them via a post to and, if you live in the area, knock on the doors of their neighbors and inform them of the situation. Ask them if they want to associate with someone who may have unjustly killed another.
  • Give support to the White family. Those around Victor White III are looking for answers, and they deserve them. If you are in a position to help them achieve that goal – whether through your own investigatory skills, a donation to their GoFundMe campaign through which they hope to get an independent autopsy, or anything else, make it happen.
  • If employed at the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit – speak the truth. If you were involved, directly or indirectly, or if you’ve heard some information that’s not been made public, change the situation. If Victor was your son or your nephew would you remain silent? Do what’s right. Obey your conscience, not the thin blue line.
  • Any other tactic that doesn’t involve the initiation of force. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Follow the course of action you think best.

New Iberia Sheriff’s Outfit

My son didn’t shoot himself. I never believed it. I won’t believe it.
- Victor White Sr.


Chavis Carter

This story is reminiscent of a situation that happened in two years ago in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in which another gentleman – Chavis Carter – was claimed to have shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a road pirate vehicle. Carter, like White, was said to have committed suicide with a handgun that had been overlooked by his captors.



August 29, 2014
The video below Victor White III handcuffed from behind allegedly shoots himself in chest according to coroner was uploaded on August 28, 2014 to the NC-based Black Talk Radio, which seeks to:

1) To continue the vision of Malcolm X in using media to eliminate racism and educate people. 2) To promote media that matters to the masses 3) To teach others about the value of media and how to create it.

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Cop Block Surpasses 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook – What’s Next!?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Cop Block just surpassed one million “Likes” on Facebook – that’s great, but it is bittersweet. Even better would be for the need for the decentralized project to be nonexistent. How do we get there? One mind at a time.


Cop Block Surpasses 1,000,000 Likes on Facebook – What’s Next!? is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Interview with Erik Scott’s Father Inspires Death Threats

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Note: This is a cross post from the Nevada Cop Block site, originally posted by Kelly W. Patterson.

Erik Scott's father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.

Erik Scott’s father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.


Recently, William Scott, whose son Erik was murdered by William Mosher and other members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at a Las Vegas area Costco, was interviewed for an internet radio show entitled “Truth is Stranger than Fiction with Pete Wichert” (embedded below).

After the interview, which was broadcast August 20 (2014), Pete reported receiving “a number of sinister phone calls,” which included death threats against Bill Scott, as well as Pete himself and his other guests, including Joe Biggs, who gained some notoriety earlier this week after a cop in Ferguson, MO. threatened, on camera, to murder him while pointing an AR-15 at him.

Below is a repost of Bill Scott’s own account of this incident taken from his “Erik Scott Memorial Blog.” As you can see by reading his comments, Bill doesn’t personally believe the threats are linked to his son’s murderers or any of their enablers within the LVMPD. Pete Wichert, however, does believe it’s connected. Since it’s rather common, when speaking to victims of Las Vegas area police, especially those employed by Metro, to hear accounts of threats and other forms of intimidation being directed at them and/or their families, it’s not at all outside of the realm of possibilities that Pete is right.

Death Threats

“After doing an interview on “The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction With Pete Wichert” Internet radio show on Wed., 20 Aug.,

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

the host received a number of sinister phone calls throughout the night.

The voice-altered caller threatened the lives of Pete Wichert, two of his other guests, and yours truly. The caller said, “William B. Scott will be lucky to be alive long enough…to get on ‘Infowars,’ because he spoke about his son’s murder.”

Pete’s theory: My account of Erik’s murder-by-cop might have “upset” the Cleveland Mob or a venal, die-hard police union. Pete said the caller repeatedly warned that “Scott had better keep his mouth shut.” Evidently, the worst vitriol was focused on an Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, and ol’ man Scott.

Joe’s on-camera interview, earlier this week, showed a St. Ann, MO, cop, Lt. Jay Albers, pointing an AR-15 rifle at Joe and yelling, “I’ll f****** kill you!” The video was carried by Fox News and other TV networks, and resulted in Lt. Albers being “suspended indefinitely,” according to a statement released by the St. Ann Police Department.

Evidently, the caller demanded that I stop recounting the story of my son’s murder at the hands of William “Curley Joe” Mosher. It’s annoying police officers, who blindly, desperately hang onto the ridiculous, false narrative spun by Las Vegas Metro PD’s chief cover-up architect, Captain Patrick Neville.

William Mosher - One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

William Mosher – One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

Upon advice of a retired sheriff and a couple of police officer friends, I reported the death threats to appropriate authorities. Personally, I think the caller’s a sick, warped nutcase holed up in his mom’s basement. Rest assured, though, all threatened parties are taking protective precautions.

Finally, please note these latest, shocking statistics about killer-cops throughout America:
At least 700 people have been killed by U.S. police, since January 1, 2014.

At least 1449 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.

Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.”

Recent Interviews by William Scott and Related News

Link to a NewsmaxTV “Midpoint” interview today:

"The Permit," a fictionalized account of Eric Scott's at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

“The Permit,” a fictionalized account of Eric Scott’s at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

We discussed Erik’s execution, the fact that rogue/outlaw killer-cops now constitute a dangerous domestic terrorist threat, why The Permit:” was written, and how law enforcement’s lies and cover-ups have undermined Americans’ trust, sparking riots in Ferguson, MO.


The following appeared in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel on July 19, 2014.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America. Read more…

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010. Read More…


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