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Video Captures Racial Profiling by NYPD Employee

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

This content was shared by a person who stated that it’s “Clear evidence of racial profiling and aggression. Even tells a passerby he’ll arrest them for obstruction. Obstruction of what crime?”

This is not my video. It was posted by a Youtuber Adam Saleh that I follow. I watch most of the Cop Block videos and this one is one of the worst cop videos I’ve ever seen.

Basically the Youtubers walk with normal clothing by a cop while fighting and the NYPD officer does nothing, Then they walk by in traditional garb from their respective cultures and the cop flips out. Even goes as far as asking them why they are dressed that way.

Editors Note: In the interest of transparency, and because it is individuals who act and who alone are responsible for their actions, it would have been good were the police employee’s face not blurred out and for his name and badge to be ascertained and shared.



Film the police. Create an objective record.

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Boone County WV Sheriff’s Deputies Dent and Graley Abuse, Threaten

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

The content below was shared by Andy Kyser via about some unwanted “service” provided by John Dent and Andrew Graley, employees of the Boone County (WV) Sheriff’s Outfit. To Mr. Kyser, or anyone else visited by self-proclaimed “authorities” – if at all possible, film the interaction for transparency and to deter rights-violations.

Date of Incident: May 14,2014
Individuals Responsible: John Dent and Andrew Graley
Outfit: Boone County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (304) 369-7340

Two Boone County, West Virginia deputy sheriffs entered my property without a written court order or warrant with Child Protective Services of Boone County and wanted to take pictures and search the house for no reason.

The officers did not even know why they where here. I wouldn’t let them take pictures of one particular room so officer John Dent then open hand slapped me and knocked me to the floor. As I was trying to gather myself off of the floor he started tasering me in the chest.

My son came into the room to see what was going on and they started tasering him in the back as he was turning to leave the room. They then arrested us both and said they did not know what we where charged with yet they just had to arrest us because they fired the tasers.

They charged me with malicious wounding and obstructing and I never even touched the police officer.They charged my son with assault on police officer and obstructing and he did not even touch no one.

Boone County WV Sheriff’s Deputies Dent and Graley Abuse, Threaten is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Humboldt State University Employs Violent Cop, Uses Student Money to Cover His Lawsuits

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The content below was shared anonymous via by a student who noted the irony of a university police employee who purports to stand for safety, yet twice has been involved in cases were settlements are given to victims of his brutality. He notes, “it ridiculous and outrageous that he is still employed by the University, everyone on campus is unsafe as long as he continues to work here.”

How many others have been wronged by this badge-wearing thug through all the years?

Incentives matter. The fact that students, and not the individual responsible, have been forced to pay settlements, does nothing to deter him from tyrannizing another. At least, by getting more attention on him, and his outfit that has stood by him, it will make those in the area more aware of this predator.

Dates of Interaction: 2009, 2012
Individual Responsible: Delmar Tompkins
Outfit: Humboldt State University Police Department
Phone: 707-826-5555

From a write-up by Thadeus Greenson:

The California State University system has settled a civil lawsuit brought by a Fieldbrook man who alleged he was the victim of a “brutal” assault by Humboldt State University police in January 2012, agreeing to pay the man $135,000.

CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp said the payment will come out of HSU coffers, noting that the settlement does not include any admission of wrongdoing.

Casey Arndt, 33, filed the federal lawsuit last year alleging that Humboldt State University Police officer Delmar Tompkins and other officers assaulted him — causing injuries to his face, back, legs, arms, feet and hands —on Jan. 7, 2012. Arndt alleged that he was driving near the HSU campus when Tompkins began following him in his patrol car. In the suit, Arndt claims he pulled over to make a phone call, at which point Tompkins pulled up behind him, activated his overhead lights, exited his patrol car and pulled his firearm, keeping it trained on Arndt’s head.

The complaint alleged that Arndt exited the vehicle and was being handcuffed by another officer when Tompkins “ran up and maliciously” kneed him in the left eye. Arndt further alleged that he was then beaten by numerous officers and Tasered twice before losing consciousness…

The settlement represents the second time in five years that allegations against Tompkins have resulted in a payout.
In 2009 while Tompkins was with the Oakland Police Department, Jimmy Williams, 50, alleged that he used pepper spray and a baton on him “without any just provocation or cause” while arresting him in a Taco Bell parking lot on suspicion of resisting arrest. Williams, who was never charged in the case, sued the city of Oakland for $500,000 in damages. Attorneys representing the city argued Williams was noncompliant and combative but ultimately settled the case out of court, paying Williams $43,000 from the city’s general fund.

Humboldt State University Employs Violent Cop, Uses Student Money to Cover His Lawsuits is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Danger: Police Impunity Behind the Wheel

Monday, September 29th, 2014

The level of impunity granted to police employees by those within the injustice system pertains not only to physical brutality, tasing, or shooting, but to injuries or deaths caused by their actions, or inactions, behind the wheel.

Of course, that should come as no surprise to anyone who understands how the system is rigged.

At its core, every police outfit, district attorneys office, and courtroom, and everyone within those outfits who subsist via the political means, operate according to the bad idea that they have the legal right to do things wrong for you to do.

The perception of authority is everything – without it, the people who pretend to “protect and serve” (yet conversely say that they have no duty to protect) are seen for what they are – individuals, who, like yourself, are responsible for their actions. Clearly, the involvement of a coercive monopoly is not conducive to justice.



  • Darren Ilardi / New York Police Outfit: 646-610-5000 / Queens County DA: (718) 286-6000
  • John Swearingen / Kern County Sheriff’s Outfit (661) 391-7500 / Kern County DA: (661) 868-2340
  • Frederick Schimp / Pennsylvania State Police Outfit (717) 783-5599 / Erie County DA: (814) 451-6349
  • Joseph Quiles / Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Outfit: 414.226.7000 / Milwaukee County DA: (414) 278-4646
  • Andrew Francis Wood / Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Outfit: (323) 267-4800 / Los Angeles County DA: (213) 974-3512



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Danger: Police Impunity Behind the Wheel is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

The $11.8B Militarization of Nevada’s Police Departments

Monday, September 29th, 2014
Ferguson Militarized Police

Nobody really saw much of a difference.

Note: This post was originally published at the Nevada Cop Block site.

After the heavy-handed and overzealous response to protesters by Ferguson police put the militarization of police in a national spotlight, it is becoming increasingly apparent just how much of a dotted line the boundary between the police and military has become over the past few years.

As Las Vegas’ CBS affiliate reports, Nevada police departments have been doing their share of feeding at the trough of leftovers generated by Washington’s perpetual wars over the past 20+ years:

“RENO, Nev. (AP) – Law enforcement agencies in Nevada have accumulated $11.8 million worth of military gear from the Pentagon through a surplus program under increasing scrutiny since the police response to protests over the killing of an unarmed Missouri teenager.

Picture Taken BEFORE the National Guard Troops Arrived in Ferguson

BEFORE the National Guard Troops Arrived in Ferguson

Defense Department records show over the past 17 years Nevada officers have received about 300 semi-automatic rifles, a half dozen mine-resistant and armored vehicles, three helicopters and a pair of grenade launchers.

Tod Story, head of the American Civil Liberties Union in Nevada , says the militarization of local police sends the wrong signal to communities where officers are supposed to protect residents, “not assault them.”

Washoe County sheriff’s spokesman Bob Harmon says the Huey helicopter worth nearly $1 million they obtained in 1997 has helped save many lives during rescue and firefighting missions.”

The $11.8B Militarization of Nevada’s Police Departments is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

“Rehab” – A Song Against Police Brutality [Music Video]

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

The content below was created and shared by Gregory Crimson via to help share ideas through the medium of music. It is also included on the page

Hi, My name is Gregory, and I really admire what you guys are doing. Your page has had a very strong effect on me and I felt that I had to contribute in some way. I wrote a song and made a music video called “Rehab”.

The song is about these “bad” cops abusing helpless people. I understand that due to the nature of their work, the police have a tough job. I also believe that it is their responsibility and in their own interest that they themselves make an effort to rid their ranks of these savage individuals who give them a bad name.

Lets try to rid society of these violent elements with a badge. Jimi Hendrix once said:

Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

I hope that my music can in some way, help somebody out there. Thank you so much and keep up your great work.

Best regards. Gregory

Buy this song on ITUNES NOW!

Connect with Gregory Crimson:


“Rehab” – A Song Against Police Brutality [Music Video] is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Granville, WV Police Employees Grind Face of Terminally Ill Man On Pavement, Threaten Videographer

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

This incident has been shared by many people via and most-recently, by Joshua Harwood, who write the excellent write-up below, which was originally posted to

Date of Incident: September 6, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Unknown
Outfit: Granville Police Department
Phone: (304) 599-5080

What this video shows is a man named Jeff Bane in Granville, West Virginia being “detained” for over 9 minutes with his head and neck being kneeled upon by an officer of the law. What I find almost as amazingly depressing as this video, are the comments to the video on YouTube.

They immediately side with the police, saying “We don’t know what he might have done before filming started”

To which I say, who cares? He has been subdued by 3 officers for 9 minutes and who knows how long before the video picks up on it. Get him cuffed, put him in the cruiser, and go get him arraigned and put in a cell. That’s your job. That’s it. Even if he “resisted” arrest, you don’t get to punish him for that. A judge and jury has that job.

But here’s the thing… According to his nephew Josh, Jeff Bane was trying to get his children away from the road and someone called the police on him. The ever intrepid and tenacious The Dominion Post (Who I’d argue sided with the police so hard that the article itself is probably plagiarized from the police report) Jeff “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics”. From this point the police then decided to “restrain” him.


Here’s a fact about Jeff though: He’s terminally ill. As in, he is dying. The disease is called Huntington’s Disease. It is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle movement and cognition. The list of symptoms on Wikipedia reads as follows:

“jerky, random, and uncontrollable movements called chorea.[2] Chorea may be initially exhibited as general restlessness, small unintentionally initiated or uncompleted motions, lack of coordination, or slowed saccadic eye movements.”

Hmmm. That almost matches the description of someone who “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics”, doesn’t it? But surely the police officers took the time to ascertain the nature of Jeff’s behavior, right? Surely, these men who wield so much authority over our daily lives took that fact to bear and did their due diligence, right? So how did Jeff end up in this situation? Because they fucking didn’t.

If they did, they would know what you and I now know: That Jeff’s movement’s were sporadic and jerky because he couldn’t control them. That “resisting” you see him doing in the video? He had no control over it. And the officers wouldn’t listen to him trying to explain. But what they DID do was kneel on a grown man’s neck and head with all of their body weight for nearly 10 minutes, in front of his children. His children had to watch him plead for someone, anyone, to help him. If you don’t find all that heartbreaking, you may have been Vice President somewhere between 2000-2008.

This is what Jeff Bane looked like when the police were finished grinding his face into the pavement (note his hospital gown):


We only know this because a wonderful person named Sara Bostonia had more compassion and care for her fellow man than any of these officers combined. She stopped and is the person who recorded the footage. Upon seeing this, the officers began feeling guilty and ceased their actions. JUST KIDDING! An officer makes it a point to cross the road and intimidate her for yelling at them to stop what they are doing.

For the woman there’s a borderline 1st Amendment violation.. For Jeff, there’s a possible 4th, 8th and 14th Amendment violation. And the entire account was caught on video.

Yet all these so called Patriots® and Freedom Lovers© are saying shit like “Well if he hadn’t done something wrong he wouldn’t be in this situation!”

Well you don’t KNOW that! It could have gone either way, he did something or didn’t, but behavior like this MUST be checked and called out whenever it occurs. Lest it be you or I in the same situation as this man without a single pretext for this kind of detainment.

And I’ll add this: the growing militarization of our domestic police force makes it even more imperative to quash this reaction where ever it rears it’s head. It is our duty -not just as US citizens, but of the human race- to stand up and let it be known that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Contact the Granville Police department and ask if this behavior is acceptable.
Ask WBOY and WDTV why they appear to be ignoring this.

Ask questions and get mad. I’m mad as hell.

– Joshua Harwood


The police involved have since claimed that they believed Jeffrey to be intoxicated – even if that were true, it does not justify their brutality.

Will those responsible be held accountable?

A Justice for Jeffrey Bane Facebook page has been created:

Here’s video of Jeffrey walking with his kids just prior to being manhandled by Granville’s “finest.” Clearly his behavior didn’t warrant the “service” he was given.

Granville, WV Police Employees Grind Face of Terminally Ill Man On Pavement, Threaten Videographer is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Tim Reynolds, Independence, Mo. Police Employee, Puts Teen in ICU

Friday, September 19th, 2014

This incident was shared via by multiple people concerned about the treatment of a teenager by an aggressive police employee.

Date of Interaction: 09/14/2014
Outfit: Independence, MO Police Department
Individual Responsible: Tim Reynolds
Phone: (816) 325-7300

Bryce Masters, a 17-year-old was in critical condition after Tim Reynolds, employed at the Independence, MO police employee used excessive force against him on Sunday, September 14th.

Masters was stopped due to a non-crime – the tags on the vehicle he was driving. When Reynolds ordered Masters to roll down his window, Masters stated, “I can’t roll down my window, it’s broke”- something a witness, Curtis Martes, collaborated as having heard.

After Masters opened the door of his car, Reynolds tased him and pulled him roughly pulled him from the vehicle. Masters head slammed off the pavement, and Reynolds kneeled on him.


Bryce Masters

David Lohr wrote at the HuffingtonPost that:

“You could tell the kid was going into convulsions,” witness Michelle Baker told “[The cop] turned him over and his head was dangling … and he had blood coming out.”

Masters was transported to CenterPoint hospital, where he reportedly remains listed in critical condition Monday, with swelling in his brain.

This situation involving Bryce Masters has a similarity with another well-known instance of police employee abuse – that of the killing of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police employees Jay Cicinelli, Kenton Hampton, Manny Ramos, Joe Wolfe, James Blatney, and a sixth colleague – as his father, like Kelly’s, is a police employee. The institutionalized violence of the police apparatus is now so great that even the previously protected class are seeing their own loved owns fall victim.

Now, employees of a bigger gang – the FBI – are investigating. Just another public relations move to quell justified discontent at the “service” provided by Tim Reynolds and his colleagues running damage control at the Independence Police outfit? We’ll see…

Tim Reynolds, Independence, Mo. Police Employee, Puts Teen in ICU is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Interview with Erik Scott’s Father Inspires Death Threats

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Note: This is a cross post from the Nevada Cop Block site, originally posted by Kelly W. Patterson.

Erik Scott's father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.

Erik Scott’s father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.


Recently, William Scott, whose son Erik was murdered by William Mosher and other members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at a Las Vegas area Costco, was interviewed for an internet radio show entitled “Truth is Stranger than Fiction with Pete Wichert” (embedded below).

After the interview, which was broadcast August 20 (2014), Pete reported receiving “a number of sinister phone calls,” which included death threats against Bill Scott, as well as Pete himself and his other guests, including Joe Biggs, who gained some notoriety earlier this week after a cop in Ferguson, MO. threatened, on camera, to murder him while pointing an AR-15 at him.

Below is a repost of Bill Scott’s own account of this incident taken from his “Erik Scott Memorial Blog.” As you can see by reading his comments, Bill doesn’t personally believe the threats are linked to his son’s murderers or any of their enablers within the LVMPD. Pete Wichert, however, does believe it’s connected. Since it’s rather common, when speaking to victims of Las Vegas area police, especially those employed by Metro, to hear accounts of threats and other forms of intimidation being directed at them and/or their families, it’s not at all outside of the realm of possibilities that Pete is right.

Death Threats

“After doing an interview on “The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction With Pete Wichert” Internet radio show on Wed., 20 Aug.,

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

the host received a number of sinister phone calls throughout the night.

The voice-altered caller threatened the lives of Pete Wichert, two of his other guests, and yours truly. The caller said, “William B. Scott will be lucky to be alive long enough…to get on ‘Infowars,’ because he spoke about his son’s murder.”

Pete’s theory: My account of Erik’s murder-by-cop might have “upset” the Cleveland Mob or a venal, die-hard police union. Pete said the caller repeatedly warned that “Scott had better keep his mouth shut.” Evidently, the worst vitriol was focused on an Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, and ol’ man Scott.

Joe’s on-camera interview, earlier this week, showed a St. Ann, MO, cop, Lt. Jay Albers, pointing an AR-15 rifle at Joe and yelling, “I’ll f****** kill you!” The video was carried by Fox News and other TV networks, and resulted in Lt. Albers being “suspended indefinitely,” according to a statement released by the St. Ann Police Department.

Evidently, the caller demanded that I stop recounting the story of my son’s murder at the hands of William “Curley Joe” Mosher. It’s annoying police officers, who blindly, desperately hang onto the ridiculous, false narrative spun by Las Vegas Metro PD’s chief cover-up architect, Captain Patrick Neville.

William Mosher - One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

William Mosher – One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

Upon advice of a retired sheriff and a couple of police officer friends, I reported the death threats to appropriate authorities. Personally, I think the caller’s a sick, warped nutcase holed up in his mom’s basement. Rest assured, though, all threatened parties are taking protective precautions.

Finally, please note these latest, shocking statistics about killer-cops throughout America:
At least 700 people have been killed by U.S. police, since January 1, 2014.

At least 1449 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.

Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.”

Recent Interviews by William Scott and Related News

Link to a NewsmaxTV “Midpoint” interview today:

"The Permit," a fictionalized account of Eric Scott's at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

“The Permit,” a fictionalized account of Eric Scott’s at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

We discussed Erik’s execution, the fact that rogue/outlaw killer-cops now constitute a dangerous domestic terrorist threat, why The Permit:” was written, and how law enforcement’s lies and cover-ups have undermined Americans’ trust, sparking riots in Ferguson, MO.


The following appeared in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel on July 19, 2014.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America. Read more…

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010. Read More…


Interview with Erik Scott’s Father Inspires Death Threats is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Las Vegas Police Beat a Man for “Not Moving Fast Enough”

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn't walk fast enough.

Members of the LVMPD beat a man in downtown Las Vegas because he supposedly didn’t walk fast enough.

Note: This post was originally published on the Nevada Cop Block site at

The video below was submitted via the “Submit Your Story” page. (For stories involving police departments located in Nevada, you can submit them to the “Submit” page for It involves an incident that happened shortly after a stabbing at the Vanguard Lounge, a bar/nightclub located on what is known as Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas. While members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are clearing people out of the area where the stabbing occurred, Officer Glowinski apparently wasn’t happy with the pace at which a man, named Dominic Generino (possibly spelled differently), was moving and decided to arrest him.

What happened next is that all of the other Metro police in the immediate vicinity dove on and began beating Generino. In particular, one of them, identified as Officer Kolkoski, begins jabbing his nightstick into Generino’s body (the descriptions indicate he is hitting him in the legs, but it’s not real clear exactly where he’s being hit on the video because of the number of cops involved) with such enthusiasm that he looses his balance. The fact Kolkoski knocked himself down and appears to almost injure himself by hitting his head against a nearby table doesn’t seem to diminish that enthusiasm very much, as he subsequently has to be pushed away by another (as of yet unidentified) officer, in order to prevent him from resuming his attack with the nightstick.

The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.

The opening seconds of the video showing the crowd in front of Generino, as well as the lack of resistance described in the police report.

As is mentioned in the description that was included with the submission, the video raises several questions about the “official story,” which was filed by Ofc. Glowinski as part of the police report (excerpts from which are included in the submission description). The first and most obvious is whether Generino should have been arrested in the first place. The claim that he “pushed back into” Glowinski is a complete fabrication that is in no way supported by the video. Also, the idea that he should have been moving faster or refused to do so is dubious from the start because there is a rather visible and large crowd in front of Generino, which would prevent him from doing so, even if he wanted to. While you can see what appears to be some verbal exchange between Ofc. Glowinski and Generino, arguing with cops isn’t an arrestable offense and even Glowinski admits in that police report that he “complied” with his orders to leave the area. So, at best (from Glowinski’s standpoint) Generino was not complying fast enough to satisfy him and at worst that was simply an excuse to justify beating and arresting an innocent person because a member of the LVMPD had a personal issue with that person.

Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick

Officer Kolkoski knocks himself down in the process of beating Domonic Generino with his nightstick

Secondly, in the video Ofc. Kolkoski has his nightstick out and is swinging it immediately. Prior to that, there is no visible sign of Generino jerking or pulling away, as claimed. The idea that he could determine that such a tactic was necessary with a half dozen other cops (none of whom are using nightsticks or any other weapon) already on him that quickly is another incredibly dubious aspect to this incident. Further, the fact another officer has to stop assisting in the arrest to restrain Kolkoski and prevent him from continuing his assault on Generino (about 0:30) casts doubt (to put it mildly) on that idea. That’s even more so the case, since after he is prevented from continuing his attack, he simply stands back and watches as the other cops arrest Generino. Also, in spite of what is stated in the report, the entire video only lasts 1:30 and the portion with the arrest takes less than one minute. So, the claim that they had to struggle for several minutes after he was on the ground is, at the very best, an exaggeration by Golkowski.

Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.

Another officer prevents Ofc. Kolkoski from resuming his assault on Generino.

Of course, you can watch the video and judge for yourself (that’s one of the reasons Cop Block encourages people to record their encounters with people wearing badges) whether this was justified or yet another case of the LVMPD’s unnecessarily heavy-handed tactics that have become so common place in the Las Vegas area, especially downtown. One thing you can be sure about is that, regardless of what you or anybody else outside of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department thinks (including the department’s Use of Force Board that is supposed to prevent this type of thing, but that the sheriff is under no obligation to actually listen to, so it doesn’t), this incident will be “investigated” by other people working for Metro and then declared justified. The history of Las Vegas area police departments pretty much guarantees that. The fact that the cops working for those departments know that pretty much guarantees that these types of incidents will not only continue, but will become more numerous, unless people in Las Vegas put enough pressure on them that they have no choice but to reign their enforcers in.

The original video, which has been embedded below is available on the youtube channel of Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, who currently does monthly (every last Thursday) free “Know Your Rights” seminars within the Las Vegas area. He also was himself featured recently in a post on Cop Block and after an incident in which he personally was arrested for refusing to leave the side of a client that had requested him as an attorney while being detained by members of the LVMPD.

The text in quotes below was included in the original submission and is included as it was received, without any editing.

Date of Incident:
Location of Incident: The Vanguard Lounge – Downtown Las Vegas
Department Involved: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Known Department Employees Involved: Officer Kevin Kolkoski (P#10002), Officer Robert Glowinski, Officer Jacob Werner (P#13017)

“This poor man wasn’t moving fast enough as police tried to clear out a crime scene for investigation. So, LVMPD grabbed him and LVMPD Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) began immediately to beat him with a night stick.


In LVMPD Officer Glowinski’s own words:


“I again instructed [him] to walk towards the rear of the lounge. [He] complied, but began walking slowly.”…”Despite most people complying, [he] would not. As we reached the DJ Booth I instructed [him] one more time to move more quickly”


(Watch the video carefully to see if Officer Glowinski tells the truth in his next statement)


Officer Glowinski continues:


“[He] stopped, and leaned back and threw his back into me. I took hold of [his] right arm in an attempt to take control of him. [He] pulled away. I grabbed his right arm and Officer Werner (P#13017) grabbed his left arm. In an attempt to place [him] under arrest we instructed [him] to go to the ground. [He] refused by pulling and jerking. Additional officers attempted to assist in taking control of [him] but it was unsuccessful. [He] only began to comply after Officer Kolkoski (P#10002) used a baton to deliver focus strikes to [his] legs. After [he] went to the ground it still took me and several officers several minutes to place [him] in custody.”


If you compare the video to the official sworn statement, you will see that Officer Glowinski does not tell the truth. The victim did not “lean back and [throw] his back into [Glowinski]“, the victim did not resist (no pulling and jerking and the victims legs are completely limp after he lays on the ground), and Officer Kolkoski immediately began to beat the victim with a baton (victim had no time to comply). It did not take “several minutes to place him in custody (The entire encounter lasted a little over a minute).


The one positive part of this encounter was the officer that physically stopped Officer Kolkoski from continuing the beating.”

Las Vegas Police Beat a Man for “Not Moving Fast Enough” is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights