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Cop Block’s Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non-Partisan Liberty For All Radio

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
PeteNevadaCopBlockShirt 300x168 Cop Blocks Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non Partisan Liberty For All Radio

Pete Eyre Wearing a Really Cool Shirt

Last month on August 7th (2014), Pete Eyre did an interview on “Non-Partisan Liberty For All,” a Las Vegas based internet radio show that broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio. Among other things, Pete discussed with hosts Dave Bourne and Janel Florez (of MO/KS Cop Block and Women of Cop Block) his personal history and how he got involved in Anarchism and specifically Voluntaryism.

Also, Pete touched on some of the various projects he’s been involved in over the years, including Bureau Crash, the Motorhome Diaries with Ademo Freeman and Jason Talley (which is how I first met Pete back in 2009), Liberty On Tour (once again with Ademo), the Free State Project in New Hampshire, and of course Cop Block.

Pete is on for the first two of the three hours and talks fairly in-depth about his personal philosophies of government and how and why the government’s monopoly on law enforcement services and the judicial system results in a lack of accountability for the employees of that system, especially those that are given fancy costumes and a badge, then allowed to threaten others with weapons. There’s also some discussion of the approaches Pete takes to bring attention to and counteract the abuses spawned that corrupt system.

Motor Home Diaries Group Photo 300x225 Cop Blocks Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non Partisan Liberty For All Radio

Blast From the Past – A Group Photo from the Motor Home Diaries’ Las Vegas Visit in 2009.

As I often do, I also called in during the last hour of the show to discuss some of my own experiences with Pete and how helpful of a friend he has been over the years, even before I was involved officially with Cop Block. Also, I added some details about an incident Pete had mentioned earlier, in which Ademo was illegally arrested by the LVMPD during their visit to Las Vegas after doing a promo on Food Not Bombs Las Vegas for the  Motorhome Diaries for not showing his ID, which isn’t actually legally required (you are required to identify yourself if detained, but not to provide an ID card unless you are driving).

That was actually one of the earliest and most successful “call-floods,” which originally started after Joshua Lilly called and informed me that he had arrived to visit with them and instead saw Ademo being arrested and culminated in Ademo being released without charges after so many people called from around the country that the phones at the Regional Injustice Center were overloaded and knocked off line.

If you didn’t hear this interview when it was originally broadcast or last week when Dave replayed it, you can listen to the archived version which is embedded below:

Check Out Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Non Partisan Liberty For all on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks for reading. Cop Block’s Pete Eyre Interviewed on Non-Partisan Liberty For All Radio is a post from Nevada Cop Block

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

Saturday, August 9th, 2014


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010.



Ten Questions for Bill Scott, Author of The Permit
by Bill Buppert

I read Bill’s book, The Permit, and was aghast at the more intimate and grim details on his son’s murder by cops in Las Vegas in 2010 depicted in the novel. This site is no stranger to reports of predation and rampant misbehavior and mayhem wrought by American police today. My twitter posts three-five new incidents of cop brutality daily. The police state in the US may be the most far-reaching residual of the American War on Terror which has become a self-fulfilling Orwellian prophecy with the use of the campaign as a means to institutionalize maximum government to keep the tax cattle safe no matter the expense in liberty and freedom.

Bill has been kind enough to grant this interview with me.

Bill Scott is now a full-time author, writing techno-thriller novels. The latest is “The Permit,” which is based on the murder of his eldest son, Erik. He co-authored two other novels, “Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III,” and a sequel, “Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III,” plus one nonfiction book, “Inside the Stealth Bomber: The B-2 Story.”

Bill can be reached via the Contact section of my website,, or e-mail at:

While Bill and I may not agree on everything, we do agree that the US police state is a clear and present danger to any human being living within the borders of the US. -BB

Bill Buppert: Tell the readers some of your background.

Bill Scott: My wife and I have been married 44 years, and we were blessed with two incredible sons, Erik and Kevin.

In 2007, I retired as the Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, concluding a 22-year career as a writer/reporter for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine. I’m a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), and flight-tested aircraft for 12 years, both as an Air Force officer and civilian FTE. My undergraduate degree is in electrical engineering. While on USAF active duty, I flew classified nuclear debris-sampling/collection missions, served as an R&D engineer with the National Security Agency, and was a flight test instrumentation engineer, prior to being selected for USAF TPS. As a civil pilot with a commercial certificate and instrument and multi-engine ratings, flight test engineer, AvWeek reporter, and USAF aircrew member, I logged about 2,000 hours of flight time in 80 different types of aircraft.

Bill Buppert: Many condolences on the loss of your son; I read Erik’s story when it first happened in 2010 and then read your cathartic novel, The Permit, which fleshed out more details in a fictional narrative of the murder of your son by Las Vegas Metro cops and the subsequent cover-up. Were you surprised at the cover-up, stonewalling and general nastiness of the police after they murdered your son?

Bill Scott: Yes, very surprised. Before Erik was shot to death, I was one of those naïve American military veterans, who thought all but a few rogue police officers also were honest public servants dedicated to protecting and serving. I quickly learned that cowardice, corruption and cover-up were the standard for about a third of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department—including the sheriff, Doug Gillespie, and his chief cover-up “spook,” Captain Patrick Neville. I arrived in Vegas two days after Erik was murdered, convinced that a sloppy, transparent cover-up was well underway. When I asked, “Why would they cover up an officer-involved shooting, which appears to be a massive screw-up, not an intentional murder?” my lawyer, several of Erik’s friends, and long-time Vegas residents looked at me as if I’d parachuted in from Mars. They unanimously replied, “Because they always cover up their murders! There’s nothing special about Erik!”

Bill Buppert: Most Americans are living in what I consider an illusion in thinking the police protect and serve anyone but the rulers and bureaucracy of the various levels of government. This especially appears to be the case with the consistently egregious behavior of the LVM. Do you consider the LVM to be a viciously compromised and self-serving entity?

Bill Scott: Most definitely. Las Vegas Metro PD is an integral arm of the Clark County/Las Vegas Cartel of Corruption, which comprises billionaires, powerful politicians, immoral, appalling cops, a complicit district attorney’s office, compromised judges, the coroner’s office (which now encompasses Public Administrator functions), and an absolutely venal, obstructionist police union. This cartel is controlled by a Cleveland branch of the Mafia or Mob, which has its dirty paws in several of the big resort-hotels and casinos.

In short, this Cartel uses LVMPD cops as its enforcers of evil, ranging from stealing the wealth of elderly citizens to beating and executing those who can’t pay gambling debts, and forcing runaway kids into child sex rings. Paying off low-IQ cops is more sophisticated than hiring a bunch of knee-breaking “Guidos,” as the Mob does back East. Instead, the Las Vegas Cartel developed a quasi-legal “coroner inquest” system that guaranteed any murder committed by a police officer was found “Justified.” Since the late 1970s, about 200 coroner inquest hearings were held in Clark County, NV, billed as a quasi-judicial “fact-finding” exercise. Of course, not a single cop was ever found at fault. Every killing by a LV Metro cop was ruled “Justified.” Incredible.

Bill Buppert: Were you surprised at the cruel and nasty attitude and behavior of the LVM when you were attempting to get justice for Erik in the legal system?

Bill Scott: By the time we filed our lawsuits, I knew LVMPD would stop at nothing to protect their killer-cops and Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s reelection campaign. Good, honest cops said that my phones and e-mails were being monitored, thanks to the Vegas federal-state-local “Joint Fusion Center,” which routinely uses high-tech snooping technology, under the guise of counterterrorism. Metro detectives illegally broke into, and stole several guns from, Erik’s condo, twisted the facts of his medical records (Erik had 40% of his L5 vertebra broken off, a casualty of Army airborne training. He suffered severe back pain, after a fender-bender car accident that realigned his spine in late 2009.), tried to intimidate Erik’s ex-wife, harassed Erik’s then-girlfriend (three traffic tickets within three weeks of Erik’s murder), and cherry-picked witnesses for the coroner’s inquest hearing. Further, LVM cops illegally acquired court-sealed records from another state, which were clearly stamped by a judge, stating that the claims in a detective’s report “did not occur.”

Metro detectives even pursued laughable measures to gin up a patently false narrative about Erik carrying a “second gun,” when, in fact, he only had a single pistol on his person (a legal, concealed-carry weapon), when he was shot to death. His .45-caliber Kimber Ultra Carry semiautomatic was removed from the body, after Erik’s corpse had been loaded into an AMR ambulance. That firearm was then placed on the concrete, near the entrance-exit of Costco-Summerlin in Las Vegas, supposedly as “proof” that Erik had pulled it, still in its holster.

Ooops! The ambulance EMTs’ report documented a firearm and extra magazine found on Erik’s body. That little hiccup prompted a panicked effort to break into Erik’s condo and steal a “second gun” to comport with 1) a gun found on Erik’s body, and 2) a pistol, in its holster, being on the ground, after the shooting. In fact, the only item on the ground, after Erik was shot seven times, was his BlackBerry, which he had in his right hand. At least two of Erik’s pistols, and, possibly, two rifles were stolen from the condo. Then, brilliant Metro detectives fired a hole in the handle of a small (stolen) Ruger LCP, trying to imply the small gun was in my son’s jeans front pocket, which contained Erik’s 1.75-inches-thick wallet!

A detailed analysis conducted by Mike McDaniel, a former professional police and ex-SWAT officer, trainer and crime scene investigator, completely destroys Metro’s ludicrous “two-gun” narrative. That superb analysis is available (with photos of Erik’s firearms) on Mike’s blog: The Erik Scott Case: Update 19

Bill Buppert: Is a Coroner’s Inquest designed to protect the misbehavior and brutality of the police and its allies?

Bill Scott: In Las Vegas, NV, that’s absolutely true. The old Vegas inquest was a one-sided, bizarre perversion of due process, which made a mockery of American jurisprudence. We allowed Erik’s September 2010 inquest hearing to be televised and streamed over the Internet. Once Las Vegas citizens and thousands throughout America and many foreign countries witnessed, first-hand, this moronic kangaroo court in action, the outrage and blow-back that erupted forced a radical revision of the Clark County coroner’s inquest process. However, the Cartel of Corruption, through its proxy, an uber-arrogant Las Vegas Police Protective Association (police union), managed to put the new, revised inquest system on indefinite hold. Now, a corrupt district attorney, Steve Wolfson, reviews all officer-involved shootings and single-handedly rules whether they were justified or criminal. Over the past three years, Wolfson has found every single shooting “Justified.” Surprise! New system, same outcomes. The Cartel maintains iron-fisted control of the Southern Nevada “justice” system, ensuring Metro’s killer-cops always go free and never are held accountable for crimes that would imprison a “civilian” for life.

Bill Buppert: There are an estimated 19,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA; do you suspect the behavior and actions of the LVM are a microcosm of modern American policing?

Bill Scott: I do, given that cops across the nation routinely commit and get away with egregious murders and acts of raw brutality. The federal Patriot Act literally gave cops a license to kill, and many don’t hesitate to shoot. As a result, law enforcement now attracts an extraordinary number of bullies and brain-damaged, angry men and women. Many of these are totally devoid of courage and conscience, and are convinced they truly are above the law. They feel they can do anything they please, and can get away with it. Backed by obscene unions, today’s cops take great umbrage with anybody daring to question their judgment, tactics, use of force, and absurd accounts of an incident.

Bill Buppert: I suggest an evil trifecta of police misbehavior in police unions, officer safety mandates and qualified immunity to be core causes of the tragedy that is the US police state today bolstered by creeping militarization and Federalization. What do you think?

Bill Scott: I agree. As described in Chapter Ten of The Permit, law enforcement officers and agents of all stripes constitute the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat facing Americans today. Over the last few decades, cops and federal agents have killed more citizens than our nation lost at Pearl Harbor, on D-Day 1944, and on 9/11/2001…combined. An American citizen is now eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist. And a police officer is 130 times more likely to be involved in an act of misconduct than to be killed in the line of duty.

Police unions leverage the power of money to elect, then control, politicians. With polished, proven rhetoric, unions have tricked well-meaning, yet hopelessly naïve, politicos into passing “Qualified Immunity” laws that virtually guarantee a killer-cop will never be held accountable for murdering an innocent “civilian”—as cops now refer to lowly taxpaying citizens. Juries rarely find a cop guilty of murder or wrongdoing, because the average jurist still believes the falsehood that cops are honest and would never lie. As any experienced courtroom lawyer will confirm, though, cops do lie, even under oath.

Add to that the totally unjustified, runaway militarization of local and state police departments—aided and abetted by federal dollars and military equipment—and we now have precisely what the nation’s founders tried to prevent: A standing domestic army that exists for the sole purpose of controlling the very people who pay the jackbooted thugs’ salaries. In the 21st Century, America truly has become a police state.

Bill Buppert: Absent a police power, how would a state deny individual freedom and liberty?

Bill Scott: By gutting the Second Amendment and disarming American citizens, removing the only sure, last-ditch means to resist a tyrannical government. Disarmament, in itself, would inspire a power-hungry tyrant to create his own police force. No politician would allow unarmed, vulnerable masses to live as they pleased.

erik b scott slain by lvmpd employees zerogov copblock Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of ZeroGov.comBill Buppert: Any updates in the case with Erik?

Bill Scott: I’m still pursuing legal measures, and continuing to wage asymmetric war against the Cartel of Corruption that controls Las Vegas. I don’t talk about strategies, operations and tactics, but several battles have been relatively successful. I’m aided by a small number of motivated, well-connected allies, who are quietly working behind the scenes. I’m not privy to their campaign strategies, but am assured that the Vegas Cartel and its killer-cop drones are literally living on borrowed days. I couldn’t halt these warriors’ strikes-for-justice, if I wanted to.

Bill Buppert: I hope The Permit has been well received. I would urge my readers to buy the book and, if possible, review it on Amazon. Has it caused the reaction you expected? Do you still receive threats from the LVM?

Bill Scott: Many thanks for the endorsement, Bill. National sales of the novel continue to build steadily, thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews, particularly on Amazon. In Las Vegas, reactions from Cartel entities are basically what we expected: Ignore the book and pretend it doesn’t exist, or, when pressed, demean and dismiss it as irrelevant. Fortunately, criticism and patronizing dismissal by the police union director, Chris Collins, and his team of online intimidator trolls backfired and has significantly increased sales of “The Permit.” Anything union cops hate and trash-talk, smart people embrace.

Metro’s threats aren’t as overt and transparent as they were a few years ago. However, the Las Vegas Joint Fusion Center’s geek-goons still may be monitoring my phone calls and e-mail messages, according to inside sources.

Before Erik was murdered, LV Metro had two public affairs officers; it now employs nine, supposedly because the “Scott Family” caused the department so much grief. The Permit also has contributed significantly to Metro’s miserable, tanking public image. I’m assured that, as a result of Erik’s senseless murder and courageous activism by “Erik’s Warriors,” LV Metro has quietly changed its policies, procedures and training dramatically. Of course, Sheriff Gillespie and his scared-stiff “Tower” staff also were motivated by the threat of a Department of Justice consent decree being imposed on the department.

I’ve been accused of being anti-cop and hating police officers. Absolutely not true. I’m deeply indebted to many good-hearted, professional police officers, who helped me expose the sordid inner workings of Las Vegas Metro, in particular, and Sin City, in general. Law enforcement professionals across the nation have patiently explained how a good police force operates. They invariably express stunned disbelief, outrage and embarrassment, when they hear how LV Metro’s badged thugs executed my son, then covered up the killers’ crimes.

These pros (and I) are quite distressed by the militarization of U.S. cops, and a few have helped me develop a presentation I call “Restore Honor.” I firmly believe that, unless good cops stand up and collectively demand that their own departments return to a “protect-and-serve” mentality and culture, our nation will explode in rebellion. As The Permit warns, armed, infuriated citizens will literally hunt down any cop sporting a badge. The level of simmering, subsurface fury I sense throughout the country, primarily directed at arrogant, above-the-law cops, is unprecedented…and scary.

I adamantly emphasize that I do not advocate violence against police officers. But “good” cops have been too silent, too willing to look the other way, for too long. I predict that, in the name of self-protection, honorable, professional cops will soon launch an aggressive crusade to Rid the Ranks of Rogues—eliminating corrupt outlaws from their own departments. Such a campaign might take the form of destroying a corrupt officer’s credit rating; pressuring a bank to foreclose on a killer-cop’s home; filing criminal charges for malfeasance, or taking more-direct action. The operation will spread rapidly, and it won’t be pretty. But, when Neanderthal killer-cops are systematically expunged from local, state and federal law enforcement, citizens will be quick to rally behind those high-integrity officers, who Restore Honor to what once was an honorable profession.

Godspeed to them.

Thanks for reading. Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of is a post from Nevada Cop Block

Thanks to Suns of Liberty Mint, our IT Sponsor this month!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Much love goes to our friends active at Suns of Liberty Mint, who agreed to cover’s server & Cloudflare costs for the month of June and July!

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Ademo Freeman, currently the Director of Operations of Suns of Liberty Mint, and founder of, had this to say about this working relationship:

Suns of Liberty Mint is proud to be the IT Sponsor of the month for because is a much needed resource for people with policing issues today. Suns of Liberty Mint hopes that by alleviating some of the fixed costs at this will allow additional donations to be use for more grassroot, on the ground, outreach and education.

It’s also a great opportunity for readers/supporters to learn about sound money, barter and precious metals. Just in case something other than Federal Reserve Notes are required for exchanges in the future.

Props too for helping make the server transition go to our bud Alex W., those at Liberty Web Alliance, and others behind the scenes!


It’s situations such as these – when we collaborate to achieve a shared, positive goal – in this case, to ensure that ideas can be shared to demystify the police state and empower and connect folks who know that badges don’t grant extra rights, really underscores the statement: You are the network.

Traffic to, Jan. 2010 - May. 2014

Traffic to, Jan. 2010 – May. 2014

We are together making a difference, no doubt about it. Let’s keep it going!


Thanks to Suns of Liberty Mint, our IT Sponsor this month! is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

It’s Telling When Neighbors Feel Compelled to Watch Self-Proclaimed “Protectors”

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Filmed in Manchester, in the ‘shire on Monday, May 19th, 2014 by Amanda Billyrock & Pete Eyre.


Give some love to Amanda Billyrock via Bitcoin: 13QwxHta3JDAX2gsMCm8sdcrmojFhv8B1S
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LINKS MENTIONED – for ideas – get involved – learn about and use Bitcoin – connect with those in your area – know and assert your rights – tactics, your rights & streaming apps – to share your police interaction or other relevant content – if you want to help people it cannot be done through coercion – stay safe & effective when capturing the truth of police exchanges on video



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MORE ABOUT THE ‘SHIRE – vote with your feet to be better-positioned to help achieve liberty in our lifetime – annual event this year happening June 23-29th where 1,500+ will gather for a week to live free ( will be at vendor site site #1) – connect with like-minded folks via a forum

It’s Telling When Neighbors Feel Compelled to Watch Self-Proclaimed “Protectors” is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Pivothead Video Sunglasses Winner to be Announced Soon

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Over sixty submissions from two dozen people were received for the Accountability Through Transparency Video Contest!  Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

In the near future – after Terry Bressi of Checkpoint USA, Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, Jason Bassler of Police the Police – A Community Project, and myself, active with, have time to review, discuss and arrive at the entry thought best – the winner will be announced, and awarded a pair of slick 1080p Pivothead sunglasses.

At that time a playlist of all the video entries will be made live, as was done last year for the Checkpoint Contest video submissions.

I’ve been rocking a pair of the Pivothead shades for a bit and think they’re badass – definitely the best pair of sunglass videocameras I’ve owned.

My own motivation for this contest is ultimately to live in a world where a “legitimate” use of violence isn’t accepted. Ideas – and actions – have consequences. As one engages in the act of filming police interactions they shed the fear that allows the bad idea of protection at the barrel of a gun to find purchase.


Pivothead Video Sunglasses Winner to be Announced Soon is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T-Shirt

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

In this video, which was originally posted at Cop, you can see Pete Eyre, co-founder of Cop Block and all around good guy, sporting one of the new Nevada Cop Block T-Shirts that he ordered for himself and Ademo Freeman shortly after they became available. Also, because he’s awesome, he says a lot of really good stuff about NVCopBlock and gives a good run down of some of the resources available for people who are thinking of starting their own local group, as well as how to find out if there is already an active group in your area, via the “groups” page, which lists links and contact info for every Cop Block group and allied (Cop Watch, Peaceful Streets Project, etc.) outfit by location.

NVCBTshirt3 150x150 Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T Shirt

Nevada Cop Block T-shirt

As always, I am very grateful for all the selfless support that you can always count on from Pete. I’m also very thankful for the genuine friendship and kindness that he, once again, consistently can be counted on for. Plus, he of course makes the Nevada Cop Block shirt look good. You can look good in one too, if you order one today in the NVCopBlock store. In fact, there’s even a 10% off sale on everything at Nevada Cop Block, including the Official Cop Block Press Passes, going on right now (until May 22nd, 2014), when you use coupon code “1kLikes” during checkout.

Did the LVMPD Retaliate Against Nevada Cop Block Members?

kelly patterson nevada copblock neck brace copblock 229x300 Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T Shirt

Groups Page

connect with others in your community copblock groups Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T Shirt

Join Us

Nevada Cop Block Shop

Nevada Cop Block
website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / (read: A big welcome to Nevada Cop Block!!)

NVCopBlockLogoBig 300x268 Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T Shirt

Thanks for reading. Pete Eyre Rocking a NVCopBlock T-Shirt is a post from Nevada Cop Block

Kelly W. Patterson of NVCopBlock On Non Partisan Liberty For All

Saturday, May 17th, 2014
NVCopBlockWarningEdit 208x300 Kelly W. Patterson of NVCopBlock On Non Partisan Liberty For All

Beware of Local Gang Members in the Las Vegas Area

Recently, I did an interview for an internet radio show on Block Talk Radio. The show is entitled “Non Partisan Liberty for All” and is hosted by Dave Bourne. While it can be heard everywhere (except most of China and sometimes parts of San Francisco) via the internets, it is based locally here in Las Vegas.

The main reason I came on was to discuss the article I had just posted about the suspicious events surrounding the hit and run incident I was involved in back in March and the chances that it was an intentional act committed in retaliation for my opposition to and exposure of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department”s corruption and other crimes, including the murder of Stanley Gibson by Jesus Arevalo and complete lack of accountability for abuses committed against other local residents. In the process, we discussed my own history and how I originally got involved in activism.

Among other things, I spoke about how I evolved from someone who believed in the basic philosophy of Anarchism, but didn’t think of it as a viable, real world possibility into someone that believes in and advocates for an Anarchist society. I also discussed my personal history with the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe and Charles (RadGeek) Johnson, my initial meetings with Cop Block founders Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman and how the harassment of homeless people  and peaceful activists that I witnessed while working with Food Not Bombs Las Vegas helped to shape my anti-police brutality based activism and ultimately the founding of Nevada Cop Block.

ScottCrowFlyer2 200x300 Kelly W. Patterson of NVCopBlock On Non Partisan Liberty For All

Scott Crow Will be in Las Vegas Again Monday, May 19th from 6-8pm at Reclaimed Art Suppliez

Another reason I came on was to announce Scott Crow‘s upcoming talk on Monday, May 19th, from 6 to 8 PM at Reclaimed Art Suppliez, which is located in Downtown Las Vegas, within the Arts district. Scott Crow, author of “Black Flags and Windmills” and one of the founders of the Common Ground Collective, is an excellent speaker and Anarchist organizer. His talk, entitled “What Me Worry? The Rise of the Surveillance State & What We Can Do About It” promises to be excellent and very relevant to Las Vegas activists.

Although Dave has only been doing this show for about a month (as of mid-May 2014), it’s a good show and he’s a great host. I’m looking forward to doing future appearances with the show and very much encourage Cop Block fans and others interested in liberty and freedom to tune in. In fact, you never know when other awesome Cop Block contributors, such as MO/KC Cop Block‘s (and Women of Cop Block, too) Janel Florez might put in an appearance or when Deo from Greater Cleveland Cop Block might call in to talk about awesome videos the  crew out there in Ohio have made.

And before you go, don’t forget to head over to the NVCopBlock shop to get your Official Cop Block Press Pass and/or a Nevada Cop Block T-Shirt. In fact, in honor of the Cop Block Press Passes Facebook Page going over 1,000 “likes” a couple days ago, anything in the Nevada Cop Block shop is 10% off until May 22nd (2014) if you use coupon code “1kLikes” in the cart.

Listen to’s Own Kelly W. Patterson on “Non Partisan Liberty For All”

Listen To Politics Internet Radio Stations with Non Partisan Liberty For all on BlogTalkRadio

Thanks for reading. Kelly W. Patterson of NVCopBlock On Non Partisan Liberty For All is a post from Nevada Cop Block

On Air & Taking Calls – Pete Eyre & Marc Stevens on The No State Project

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Today, Saturday, May 17th, 2014 from 5-7pm EST Pete Eyre, one of the many folks involved with the decentralized Cop Block, will join Marc Stevens on The No State Project, which airs live at LRN.FM.

Over at the text associated with this iteration of his weekly show states:

On this week’s May 17th edition of the No STATE Project we’ll be talking with our fellow pursuer of effective social justice; Pete Eyre of at the top of the second hour! We’ll be exploring his line of thinking when he talks about how “ideas have consequences” and other Cop Block projects. The first hour we’ll be welcoming Brian on to expose corruption in Maine courts and an upcoming rally. Call in at (218) 632-9399 if you’d like to discuss Cop Block Ops or share an adventure in legal-land.

The No State Project is dedicated to bringing about a truly voluntary society. It’s hosted by the author of “Adventures In Legal Land”, Marc Stevens live on LRN.FM on Saturdays from 4-7p Eastern. You can also listen again on Sundays 3-6a Eastern.




On May 18th, 2014 Calvin shared to the post, “NSP – May 17, 2014 – Guests: Brian and Pete Eyre“, which is cross-posted in its entirety below:


Guests: Brian [Integrity4] and Pete Eyre [].

Show Notes:

  • Thoughts on Armed Services Day (as if every day wasn’t a day the government provides their services armed).
  • The trickle-down psychopathy of Hancock and Washington County District Attorney Carletta Bassono and her subordinates.
  • New Hampshire’s unprecedented sanction against a prosecutorMary Kellett, who was found guilty of misconduct.
  • The provable collusion between prosecutors and judges based on the many free-passes that are given to the prosecutor on their burden to prove jurisdiction using empirical evidence.
  • May 31 State Accountability rally at the Hancock County Courthouse at 11am Saturday in Maine, any media-reps that can report from the rally live would be greatly appreciated!
  • Assistant District Attorney Paul Cavanaugh blame-shifts to the police for not providing evidence when questioned and caught on his damning lack of evidence.
  • Brian discovered Marc and his work by coming across his complaints against attorneys he’s filed in the past.
  • Paul Cavanaugh doesn’t “believe a cycle of misconduct exists,” despite the overwhelming evidence.
  • The court and prosecution should maintain open and clear communication with pro se defendants.
  • Gatekeepers within the formal complaint process that rubber-stamp denials without addressing the issues within the complaints.
  • District attorneys and prosecutors enjoy full immunity from civil suits resulting from their government duties. -Imbler v. Pachtman
  • One of the last lines of defense is to prevent overtly corrupt political candidates from hiding their wrongdoing and assuming office.
  • There is no STATE or CITIZEN.
  • Seeking the insurance policy information from risk management to file a claim with the city’s insurers.
  • A police officer was allowed to be charged with conspiracy to target a victim, but the prosecutor gets off the hook.
  • Prosecutor Matthew Foster refused to communicate with his victim the defendant before forcing them to court.
  • Getting a public statement from the psychopath judge Bruce Maloney who believes that if he issues a warrant in Maine that is applies to someone in Russia.
  • The district attorney detective was hired using VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) funds/federal grant.
  • Federal funding: 9 pigs fighting to feed off 8 1 tit. <-lets not forget about our fractional reserve floating currency. ;)
  • The latest happenings with the Free Ademo campaign and Ademo’s reindictment of wiretapping charges.
  • Exposing the grandest double-standards held by statists and agents of the government that lead to the dystopian situation where ideas have consequences.
  • Being singled out and targeted by the man for non-complaint behavior.
  • 9 year old girl arrested, detained, and traumatized after running through the sprinklers in own yard.
  • Stepping into a bike-lane is now an arrestable offense in AZ now as 4409 got cuffed based on this escalated enforcement of legal opinion and other contempt-of-cop adventures.
  • Finding and utilizing alternatives to monopolized STATE products and services that are often found in emerging technologies (e.g.: Bitcoin, 3-D printing, HD streaming video, barter networks, decentralized & secure communications, ect).
  • Finding ways to persuade current, and would-be, police officers to provide their services to the community consensually instead of joining the morally deficient STATE.
  • Breaking behavioral patterns of fear and dependency to realize self-determination and autonomy.
  • When to talk to cops and/or government agents.
  • Oath Made to Uphold the Law, No Matter Who’s Breaking It says Mike Flanders, Border Patrol.
  • A little M.O.D. Ode to Harry a cappella.
  • has some of “the best trolls ever,” consisting of some pretty ardent statist cops.
  • All traffic tickets are criminal, but the courts treat them as civil to enjoy the benefit of the lower burden-of-proof.
  • You are not best prepared for court unless you’ve done some court role-playing with the kind folk at the NSP skype chat.
  • “They” know damn well that the criminals are not you and I who question authority, but its those who believe in violent, arbitrary authority that are the real criminals.
  • You don’t have to take a burden-of-proof upon yourself by claiming UCC protections to prove that “they” are acting arbitrarily, illegitimately, and under threat, duress, and coercion.
  • Stick to only with what the prosecution has accused you of, bringing your own argument or position will create an unnecessary burden-of-proof upon yourself.
  • There are two common points of failure when asking straightforward, simple questions of evidence to prove the prosecution does not have a ripe case: 1) people like to add their 2¢ or theories into the effective questioning, and/or 2) people will eventually give the prosecutor a free-pass on their burden to produce actual evidence to prove the constitution and its subsequent laws apply.
  • There are no contracts with government because it is all pay-or-get-shot, comply-or-be-caged; at every level government is forcing you to comply which is not contractual in nature.
  • The FBI’s assessment that those who’s economic activity is “outside the system” shall be branded “domestic terrorists.”
  • Paying for government functions voluntarily with free-market based solutions, instead of the the coercive “one size fits all” system of extortion known as taxation.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom from MI: wants to send the motion to dismiss to the cop who issued a traffic ticket, but not the prosecutor[?] <> the cop reissues a more serious “construction zone” speeding ticket after the original ticket of a lesser offense was withdrawn from court <> the benefits of interacting with the courts pro se <> the small amount of court activism that would bring the court system to a halt <> suspects that a “welfare mom” is calling the cops on him because he wouldn’t help her with a car battery jump in record setting cold weather <> armed police confrontation just past midnight for an undocumented and unsubstantiated “noise” complaint <> the police peacefully left the house after Tom and his girlfriend retreated inside, ignoring them by watching a movie <> the [NOT ADVISED] refusal to “voluntarily identify” oneself in court and claiming protections under the UCC <> preserving your right to say you don’t completely understand what you’re signing <> filing a “motion to vacate the appearance date” <> using an unsigned plea of guilty to put the court in the position to determine the validity of the claim
  • Joe from KY: complements on the books, radio show, and speeches <> George Mercier’s “Invisible Contracts” that expose the hidden nature of modern living and its alleged contractual nature <> “government have no duty to protect you,” as stated in the DeShaney v. Winnebago ruling <> and the three legitimate functions of a government; “every once in a while you need a monopoly of violence“[?].

On Air & Taking Calls – Pete Eyre & Marc Stevens on The No State Project is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Ideas Have Consequences

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

This video was captured on April 29, 2014 in Manchester, in the ‘shire. Anthony Battistelli made clear that he believes an action is just for himself but unjust for another. I don’t believe there are or should be two classes of people. The way we change that is through ideas.

Ideas that say it’s ok for some to steal from their neighbors under the guise of “protection” – are not consistent. That contradiction exists only when a double-standard is allowed for, hence the importance of speaking out at every iteration.


Ideas Have Consequences is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Thank You

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Hey folks! DEO here! Greater Cleveland Cop Block.

I just want to say thank you to our supporters. As you may or may not know, Pete Eyre was recently in Cleveland to spend some time with me to get to know what  I am working with around here. There is video up of our adventures in Parma, and soon there will be some of our time in Cleveland.

We had our second annual Cleveland meet up which Doug Brown of Cleveland scene magazine was invited to attend. If you do not know, what he wrote isn’t exactly flattering. To be fair to Scene magazine, there is an accompanying podcast that says a lot more about the situation than the article represents – although it’s easy to misconstrue the article if you do not have the podcast to back it up. I will post links to everything here, as transparency is our motto. Fuck with that, it’s our peril. The first thing I saw was the pictures. and man can that boy take pictures! He has the most beautiful camera! I am certainly jealous of it!!

Pictures of Cop Block in downtown Cleveland

Now I hadn’t seen the article yet, but I had noticed the line, “The obnoxious antics of the activists of Cop Block.” I thought, “Obnoxious antics? That don’t sound too good!” Then, I saw the high quality pictures and was kind of blown away. The cake looks beautiful, doesn’t it? But then I read the article!

I was shocked to say the least. I thought this man was out there to further the cause, not to do a hatchet job on us!

View article

Freedom trolls? What does that mean? Then I thought about it a minute and a good friend of mine said, “FREEDOM TROLLS UNITE!” I thought, “HELL YEAH! WHERE MY FREEDOM TROLLS AT!?” It wasn’t until later in the day that I found and listened to the podcast where Doug Brown goes into the fact that SOME of us may be obnoxious, but it’s worse if we are not allowed to be out there at all, which I have to give credit for!


After hearing that, I thought maybe it’s not so bad. Pete certainly cheered me up by posting his video of us in Parma! Thanks for that buddy! Then, the capper! I awoke to see this journalistic tongue lashing from one magazine to another!


THANK YOU, REASON MAGAZINE! After reading this, I became a very content Greater Cleveland Cop Block madman admin! I can’t help but smile as I watch Greater Cleveland Cop Block grow by the hour as the steady stream of likes for our page, and views of our videos, ding in my head.

DING! 515 likes! DING! 516! DING! 517! 518! 519! 520! DING, DING, DING!

So, I’d like to thank Scene and Reason for the press! I’d like to thank personally and publicly Johnny Gold Attorney at law for the camera. Greater Cleveland Cop Block videos are about to get really good, really soon! And, as always, Cop Block, without whom I’d still cowering from bully police men.
Note: In response to Scene’s article, I’d like to point out that some of the facts are a little mixed up.

#1: Jacob went limp in response to a cop who was growing visibly frustrated with being filmed by 9 cameras at once! The cop grabbed at Jacob’s camera and he went limp. The cop then tried to grab for Aaron and he told him not to touch him. Jacob did not go limp as a response to being blinded by a light.

#2: I was not filming initially when the woman was hit or whatever. I saw nothing except a woman on the ground injured. I was directing traffic so the Cleveland idiots did not hit her, because they didn’t care there was someone in the street, all they knew is they wanted to make a left!

#3: The hose and buggy man knew EXACTLY why we were there and offered us free rides because of what we do, not because he thought we were out there to help the cops catch bad guys! He knew we were there to watch the cops. He said to me, “I appreciate you guys being down here. No one wants to come downtown to be beat by the cops!” Or words to that effect. I am looking for video of the horse and buggy guy to see if that exchange is on video. I wasn’t filming that at the time so I personally don’t have it on video but others were filming.

#4: I was not just arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. I had a pocket knife on me and this story is well documented here on Cop Block. I was arrested for making people aware of a checkpoint. It was my first Cop Block and I was alone! If I had a camera worth a shit on at the time, the outcome would have been VERY different. They wanted me out of their way and Officer Ogrady of the Parma Police Department used my pocket knife as an excuse to get me out of the way. My attitude stems from the fact that, that is NOT going to fucking happen again! I WILL NOT BE CAUGHT WITHOUT A CAMERA EVER AGAIN!

I will be putting together video of that night that will show some of these things for what they are!