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Martinsburg WV Police Shoot Wayne A. Jones 23 Times for Walking Next to Sidewalk

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

By THE FULL COURT PRESS & Virginia Cop Block:

    • Wayne had no warrants for his arrest and had committed no crimes.
    • Wayne had no drugs or alcohol in his system.
    • Judge states in her Order for Summary Judgement “NO KNIFE WAS EVER PRODUCED”
    • Approximately 50 conflicting material statements by LEO in State Police File, Depositions and videos.
    • Case illegitimately thrown out because a RESPONSE to a discovery request was deemed to have been filed ‘one’ day late.
    • Dashcam videos admittedly “altered” by West Virginia State Police prior to releasing them to family.
    • Officer allegedly stabbed stated, in fact, “He was not stabbed” on the video and Medical file refutes any treatment for cuts/stabbing.
    • Officer states they shot him because “he was just fuck’in laying there and wouldn’t do nothin”.
    • Bullet fragments/pieces found on front of Wayne’s shirt – furthering the reality that he was lying face down when (5) Cops shot him 23 times.

    Wayne A. Jones was walking down the street beside the sidewalk at 11:30pm on March 3, 2013. An Officer Lehman lurked behind him in his patrol unit watching Wayne as he was walking. As Wayne made a wide turn around a parked car, he immediately turned in towards the curb and continued walking. The video depicts Wayne stopping at an intersection and then crossing the street and ultimately stopping when the Officer pulled his vehicle over and exited.

    Help the Estate of Wayne A. Jones hold these Cops Responsible!

    A consensual encounter ensued where Wayne attempted to articulate where he was going and why he was not walking on the sidewalk. Lehman immediately wanted to turn the encounter into a warrantless search and seizure by making several requests and asking Wayne “Where are you going?” and “Do you have any weapons on you?” We know now that Wayne had a pair of scissors in his back pocket because of the Medical Examiner Report. Wayne responded “What is a weapon?”

    At this point, one could only surmise that he wanted to know, from the officer, if a pair of scissors was considered a weapon; Regardless, we will never find out because immediately what started out as consensual was escalated to detainment and ultimately a murder. Wayne refused to be detained and asked the Officer “What did I do to you?” and “What do you want?” Over and over – He asked the question. Lehman never said Wayne was under arrest, he never accused him of a crime yet he continued to demand Wayne to put his hands on the vehicle. Wayne Jones refused and was subsequently tazed twice as backup officers arrived on the scene.

    A chase ensued and Wayne ran onto the public library steps where the Officers chased him. Again Wayne exclaimed “What did I do to you?” What did I do to you?” With no answer, Wayne was punched in the side of the head, put into an illegal choke hold and thrown on the ground where a total of (5) officers placed Wayne on his stomach – beat him over and over, tazed him another two times while calling him a motherfucker and kicking him. Instead of cuffing Wayne, they continued to beat him and – someone yelled that he saw a knife[sic]; yet in the Police reports, some officers said that they didn’t see a knife and others couldnt agree on what size the knife was. Furthermore – miraculously, multiple knives turned up on the scene after the fact and to date no knife has been physically produced.

    At a point after the officers stated that they saw a knife – each officer, in unison, slowly backed away from Wayne, who lay motionless on his stomach after being horrifically brutalized. As an Officer Neely backed away, he instantaneously fired his weapon into the head of Wayne Jones and the other (4) officers followed suit. Totaling twenty-three shots, every bullet went into Wayne Jones body from the (5) officers. The Police Report clearly stated that Wayne was 5’9 and weighed 130lbs yet (5) officers who probably weighed 900-1000lbs could not subdue one 130lb individual without filling him full of holes equivalent to Swiss Cheese.

    Stand Against Police State Tyrrany!
    In the reports – each officer made a scripted statement that included “knife”, “fear”, and “noncompliance” summarizing that they felt in fear of their lives; however – the video tells a much different story. In fact, in Officer Staub’s video at around 23:30 he specifically stated that “He wouldn’t fucking do nothing so we all shot him” Additionally, Staub was the officer that was purportedly stabbed by the “phantom-throwdown” knife that multiplied into two knives underneath Wayne’s body after he was killed. Four different officers made materially false statements about the existence, location and the fact that they altered the crime scene and moved the knives[sic] which were never found to have any fingerprints, dna or other forensic evidence that would conclude that Wayne, in fact, possessed a knife or stabbed an officer. No knife was ever produced.

    Several observations after watching all of the videos, make one wonder if they are even authentic, nevermind that the West Virginia State Police has already gone on the record and stated, after it was obvious that much of the audio had been doctored, deleted or otherwise maligned – that they had, in fact, made alterations to the video/audio which was released nearly (6) months after the murder. None of the timestamps on any of the dashcams are synched and most notably, non of the cruisers are ever facing a position which would shed any light on the actual incident despite it was 11:30pm and proper training and protocol is to position the vehicle’s headlights on the incident for maximum lighting.

    The Martinsburg District Attorney had a Special Grand Jury convened to hear the evidence against these (5) officers and just like Michael Brown, the Special Grand Jury refused to indict. The family of Wayne Jones, immediately retained counsel and sued the City of Martinsburg and its police officers who were involved in this crime. Please help us fight for your Rights and mine!

    Ironically – as a result of some legal incompetence; the attorney representing the Estate of Wayne Jones , at the very least, constructively threw them under the bus by failing to file documents, integral to the case, in a timely fashion(“1” day late). In and of itself, these types of situations are not fatal and the Federal Courts won’t throw out such a high profile and emotionally charged case based on a minor technicality, but in this case – the US District Court Judge Gina H Groh made the decision to grant a summary judgment to the City and the police officers and dismiss the Estate’s lawsuit with prejudice, in effect, thoroughly abusing her discretion and failing to allow the lawsuit to move forward.

    It appeared that it was over for the family – their brother Wayne was dead, their rights had been disenfranchised in the Federal Court System, and it appeared like there would be no day in court where a full and fair hearing would be had on the merits of this case of Excessive Force by death and Wrongful Death.

    After the Judge ruled against the Estate, attorney Sherman Lambert, withdrew himself from the case and for nearly three weeks, the Estate searched for the right legal counsel to represent them. With little to no success, the Estate created a package to send out to prospective attorneys. For nearly another week, they made calls and pitched Wayne Jones and the wide ramifications that this case has on our country, blacks, elderly, and the homeless. In the wake of the Ferguson outcry by Citizens, Wayne Jones, though murdered on March 13, 2013, his blood is still crying out for Justice. Please support Wayne’s Cause!

    After speaking to Bobby Jones(Estate Administrator), its crystal clear that neither of these men are primarily after money – and the Jones family desires that these (5) men be held accountable for the death of their brother and the City of Martinsburg to apologize, and immediately start retraining its Police Department so that this never “ever” happens again.

    As an activist, investigative journalist and a reasonable man, please agree and partner with me and the Estate of Wayne Jones. Refuse to allow Wayne A. Jones’ horrendous last ten minutes of his life and his senseless death become nothing more than a Constitutional Anomaly and a legal afterthought.

    As a nation, we can not run from this oppression. We must stand up to these policies and resist this oppression – peacefully and in the spirit of due process and Constitutional redress. In the wake of Michael Brown, obviously, a POLICE STATE pattern is prevalent and free citizens are being disallowed to choose to ‘walk away’ from encounters and are being forcefully detained to the point of death, if they refuse to succumb to unconstitutional demands on their freedom and liberty to travel and be free from warrantless searches and seizures.

    As citizens, we have inalienable rights to travel and walk freely, unfettered or harassed. Ill trained and unqualified officers must be the focus of these political stands. Cities must be responsible and held accountable for their officers, which in this case, at minimum rise to the level of a public nuisance in a community based policing program. Face it – at best, Wayne was guilty of an administrative violation, if at all. He had a good reason for not walking on the sidewalk – Officer Lehman refused to allow him to articulate it.

    As it stands today – The Estate of Wayne Jones has retained legal counsel last week for the purpose of its Appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. This case will be argued in mid January and the Fourth Circuit will rule – some time afterward. We are confident that that Wayne’s case will be reversed based on clear rules in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and controlling case precedent.

    Presently, the Estate is asking for help with the costs to litigate this case and bring justice to Wayne Jones and his family. Costs for experts, filing, depositions and travel are substantial, therefore a Crowdfunding campaign has been created to move this honorable cause forward. Help Prepare for this Legal Battle!

    All donations go directly into the Fiduciary Account for the Legal Fund of the Estate of Wayne Jones managed by The Virginia Law Group, Rocco Deleonardis, 11480 Sunset Hills Blvd. Reston Virginia 20190-5265 (703)338-2434 –


    By: Rand Cadmus
    Please consider sharing this article with your media contacts as this case continues
    the pressure must continue as well.
    This article originally published on: The Full Court Press

    The Daily Mail UK also wrote about this.

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Excessive Force Claimed by Monmouth County Jail Captive

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Not too long ago a manilla envelope arrived from William D. Casrell, a man caged at Monmouth County (NJ) Correctional Institution, who alleges that his captors assaulted him and broke his tooth. He’s hoping to connect with a lawyer from the area, hence this post.

Date of Incident: 2014.02.18
Individuals Responsible: Young, Beckenstein, Usted
Outfit: Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Monmouth County Correctional Institution
Phone: (732) 431-7860

Casrell’s letter began:

I am a victim of excessive force… I have DVD footage of the excessive force, all I need is a pro bono lawyer to help me gain relief.

On a photographed page titled “Copy of my statements of what happened to me”, Casrell told of an incident that unfolded on February 18th, when he was being relocated from I-2 to H-2 inside Monmouth County jail:

Officer Usted hit the panic button on his radio for help out of nowhere. I was then asked to put my hand behind my back, I complied… I was thrown up against the police panel on the pod all the officers bum rushed me, so I ducked down and grabed the leg of the table in front of me. Then I grabbed the table top, while the C.O.’s jumped all over me, then I was placed in handcuffs, as I got escorted off the tier Officer Young and Beckenstein tried to walk me into a plexiglass window, so I step up on the window ledge to keep from getting hit. That is when Officer Young slammed my face into the plexiglass window and broke my tooth for no reason.


The “Use of Force Report #” was 14-05 and the “Injury #” was 14-082, according to a report filed by a Monmouth County employee assigned.

Due to the closed-off structure of jails, correctional employees tend to operate with even less transparency than police employees on the street, creating environments rife for abuse. If you’re in the greater Freehold area and have the time and ability to reach out and possibly assist Casrell, he can be reached at:

Willaim D. Casrell
Monmouth County Correctional Institution
1 Water Works Rd.
Freehold, NJ 07728



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Deputy Steven Lyles “Feared for his life”

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

By Tim @wkshacopblock

On June 2, 2014 a call was made to the Waukesha County dispatch center about a man with who had been “missing” approximately 2 hours. The family member we’ll call Jane  stated the man drinks a lot and was drinking that day. She stated he may be at his favorite bar or out at his 10 acre property in a rural area near Milwaukee. Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department showed up and shot the unarmed, sleeping or passed out man, in the arm. The Waukesha Police Department was called upon to clear this Deputy at all costs. They obliged.

Earlier that day, a man we’ll call Jon Doe had fallen at home. He went to the hospital and after approximately 3 hours of waiting he walked out apparently out of frustration over the long wait. He returned home and had been drinking according to Jane. At some point that afternoon he left the house in his vehicle for an unknown destination. She stated she was concerned, and after significant prodding by dispatch, stated in the past Jon had said “If he wants to drink himself to death, let him.” Time to ramp things up.

After speaking with several people who knew the area police found Jon about 50′ off the road in his parked vehicle at his tree farm. It was around 8:30pm and was still light out. Deputy Steven Lyles showed up with two other enforcers, one armed with an assault rifle. Bringing the assault rifle to the “welfare check” indicates  the mentality of the cops on scene.

I listened to the interview of Doe conducted by Detective Benitez of Waukesha PD. Doe was a credible blue collar guy who clearly wanted to get away from the nagging about him drinking and have some piece and quiet in the woods. He had a small bottle of vodka in the car with him and some masonry tools on the floor of his vehicle for his job. He had no guns and stated he was napping at the time of the shooting. He stated he heard nobody and didn’t hear the apparent 1 command by Lyles. All the car windows were closed at the time.

But the police have a different way of explaining what happened. Waukesha PD was chosen as the “investigators” of this shooting. Here’s their version:

Deputy Pawlak was on scene with Lyles toting the assault rifle which is likely 1 of the 120 plus a grenade launcher Waukesha County obtained through the military’s 1033 program. He stated immediately after Lyles first ordered the man out of the car he heard a “pop.” He stated he wasn’t sure if it was Lyles or the sleeping man who fired the shot. He stated he could only see Jon’s head from the right rear of Jon’s vehicle. Deputy Robakowski also did not know who fired the shot and also stated the shot was fired immediately after the command to get out of the car was given. Immediately after shooting Jon, Lyles is quoted as saying “What do you got, what do you got!”

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle, arguably the most dangerous cop in the county based on his de facto “Beat and Delete” dash cam policies, wraps up the package nicely for the DA to rubber stamp the shooting as “justified.” Angle refers to the time the man was sleeping as “conspicuously ignoring commands.” He also says Lyles claims Jon was “tracking his movements in the rear view and side mirrors of the car.” For good measure the term “1000 yard stare” was tossed in as icing on the cake. Of course the other 2 cops on scene saw non of this because it didn’t happen. Angle goes on and on about how since the cop thought he saw a gun he was okay to shoot. But there was no gun. So…since there was a masonry trowl on the passenger floor the vehicle, Angle goes on about it’s deadly possibilities as if it was the “weapon” Lyles claims to have seen.

I’m not going to go into how destructive this incident has likely been for the shooting victim or the caller (or us taxpayers.) Incidentally the caller refused to speak to cops for an interview and is on record telling them to stop calling her for a statement. The idea that simply on his word, a man who goes and checks on another man’s welfare and shoots him gets a pass is absurd. The guy shot an innocent person on his own land doing absolutely nothing illegal.

I don’t believe Deputy Steven Lyles deserves to be in jail. I don’t think a criminal prosecution would serve anyone. I do believe this is the wrong job for Lyles. I understand that he’s been trained, through his 9 years “on the force,” to view every single person and thing as a threat to his life. I’m sure that has something of a brainwashing effect and he was likely putting his own desire to “get home safe” above the reality that this was just a guy taking a nap. That shouldn’t be the standard. This could have easily have become a case of contagious fire set off by a skiddish cop who has proven he has no business in this line of work.

Here’s Local Fox 6 initial coverage of the incident.

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Interview with Erik Scott’s Father Inspires Death Threats

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Note: This is a cross post from the Nevada Cop Block site, originally posted by Kelly W. Patterson.

Erik Scott's father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.

Erik Scott’s father, Bill, discussing threats received after an interview.


Recently, William Scott, whose son Erik was murdered by William Mosher and other members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at a Las Vegas area Costco, was interviewed for an internet radio show entitled “Truth is Stranger than Fiction with Pete Wichert” (embedded below).

After the interview, which was broadcast August 20 (2014), Pete reported receiving “a number of sinister phone calls,” which included death threats against Bill Scott, as well as Pete himself and his other guests, including Joe Biggs, who gained some notoriety earlier this week after a cop in Ferguson, MO. threatened, on camera, to murder him while pointing an AR-15 at him.

Below is a repost of Bill Scott’s own account of this incident taken from his “Erik Scott Memorial Blog.” As you can see by reading his comments, Bill doesn’t personally believe the threats are linked to his son’s murderers or any of their enablers within the LVMPD. Pete Wichert, however, does believe it’s connected. Since it’s rather common, when speaking to victims of Las Vegas area police, especially those employed by Metro, to hear accounts of threats and other forms of intimidation being directed at them and/or their families, it’s not at all outside of the realm of possibilities that Pete is right.

Death Threats

“After doing an interview on “The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction With Pete Wichert” Internet radio show on Wed., 20 Aug.,

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

Erik Scott, Murdered by the LVMPD in 2010.

the host received a number of sinister phone calls throughout the night.

The voice-altered caller threatened the lives of Pete Wichert, two of his other guests, and yours truly. The caller said, “William B. Scott will be lucky to be alive long enough…to get on ‘Infowars,’ because he spoke about his son’s murder.”

Pete’s theory: My account of Erik’s murder-by-cop might have “upset” the Cleveland Mob or a venal, die-hard police union. Pete said the caller repeatedly warned that “Scott had better keep his mouth shut.” Evidently, the worst vitriol was focused on an Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, and ol’ man Scott.

Joe’s on-camera interview, earlier this week, showed a St. Ann, MO, cop, Lt. Jay Albers, pointing an AR-15 rifle at Joe and yelling, “I’ll f****** kill you!” The video was carried by Fox News and other TV networks, and resulted in Lt. Albers being “suspended indefinitely,” according to a statement released by the St. Ann Police Department.

Evidently, the caller demanded that I stop recounting the story of my son’s murder at the hands of William “Curley Joe” Mosher. It’s annoying police officers, who blindly, desperately hang onto the ridiculous, false narrative spun by Las Vegas Metro PD’s chief cover-up architect, Captain Patrick Neville.

William Mosher - One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

William Mosher – One of the LVMPD Cops that Murdered Erik Scott at a Las Vegas Costco

Upon advice of a retired sheriff and a couple of police officer friends, I reported the death threats to appropriate authorities. Personally, I think the caller’s a sick, warped nutcase holed up in his mom’s basement. Rest assured, though, all threatened parties are taking protective precautions.

Finally, please note these latest, shocking statistics about killer-cops throughout America:
At least 700 people have been killed by U.S. police, since January 1, 2014.

At least 1449 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

At least 1087 were killed May 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014.

Source: Police reports via corporate news reports.”

Recent Interviews by William Scott and Related News

Link to a NewsmaxTV “Midpoint” interview today:

"The Permit," a fictionalized account of Eric Scott's at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

“The Permit,” a fictionalized account of Eric Scott’s at the hands of the LVMPD by his father, Bill.

We discussed Erik’s execution, the fact that rogue/outlaw killer-cops now constitute a dangerous domestic terrorist threat, why The Permit:” was written, and how law enforcement’s lies and cover-ups have undermined Americans’ trust, sparking riots in Ferguson, MO.


The following appeared in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel on July 19, 2014.


William B. Scott

On July 10, 2010, Erik B. Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate with an MBA from Duke University, was shot to death by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (“Metro”) officers in front of a Las Vegas, NV, Costco big-box store. While many readers will recall that egregious, senseless murder, few know what followed: A jaw-dropping cover-up more typical of the old Soviet Union than America. Read more…

Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of


Coroners Inquest2 300x183 Bill Scott, Father of Erik Who Was Killed by LVMPD Employees, Interviewed by Bill Buppert of

The text below was posted to on August 04 by Bill Buppert. It is cross-posted here (by way of per the obvious relevance of the matters it addresses, including the fact that the shooting of Erik Scott took place in Las Vegas four years and one month ago, on July 10, 2010. Read More…


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Reno Police Shot and Killed Active Duty Soldier with PTSD

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
Kenneth Stafford, who was killed by Reno police in June of 2013

Kenneth Stafford, who was killed by Reno police in June of 2013

This post was received via submission (included in its entirety below the video) from Terry A. Colgrove, who is the mother of Kenneth J. Stafford, a soldier from the Reno area that was killed by the police in Sparks, NV (a suburb of Reno), while suffering a PTSD-related episode on July 11th, 2013. His wife had called 911 to report that he was suicidal and, as has increasingly become the case when people call the police for help with medical or mental health issues, police responded by killing him.

Note: Currently, there is a FaceBook page, entitled “Justice for Kenneth Jewel Stafford,” where you can connect with his family and find out more about the case. In addition, there is a GoFundMe account that has been set up to collect donations for his family.

With the never-ending middle east wars and the amount of soldiers returning from them with mental health issues, such as PTSD, cases of veterans being killed by police have been on the rise and increasingly in the spotlight. Here in Las Vegas, inadequate care by the VA and the inability of the police to deal with PTSD sufferers was one of the main factors that led to the murder of Stanley Gibson, a veteran from the first Persian Gulf War, by Jesus Arevalo, who was an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department until they “fired” him one week before announcing that he would be collecting $30,000/yr. for the rest of his life, because murdering Stanley had caused him to be stressed out.

While researching the submission, I found an article from shortly after Kenneth Stafford was shot. The video from that article is embedded below. The article is a little vague on details, but includes this statement from the police:

“According to Washoe County Officials, while officers were attempting to negotiate with Stafford, officers opened fire. Authorities have not said what prompted police to shoot him, that’s still under investigation.”

PTSD is becoming an epidemic among veterans.

PTSD is becoming an epidemic among veterans.

To say the least, that leaves a lot of questions about why “officers opened fire,” especially when the police have a tendency to claim the people they shot were making some sort of threatening gesture or movement immediately after they kill someone. Other questions brought up in the video include why Stafford’s wife (who states that she begged them not to hurt him during the 911 call), mother, and a very close family friend were prevented from talking to him.

Another article, from June of 2014, references the final report from the DA (which they “forgot” to notify the family of) and provides an explanation that is a little (but not much) less questionable. In the report, the DA declared Kenneth Stafford’s shooting justified, in part based on the commonly used “Argument from Authority” (I.E. you’re not a cop, so you don’t know) and partly because all five cops shot at Kenneth:

According to reports, Kenneth Stafford, an active military member on leave, left the home he was visiting in Sparks with a shotgun. 11 minutes after police made contact with the 27 year old Army soldier, officers say negotiations weren’t successful.

In the final report Washoe County District Attorney, Richard Gammick determined the shooting to be justified under all applicable laws.

Stafford’s wife, Aimee doesn’t accept that decision, “I don’t see anything about that situation that was justifiable, um he was shot 15, 14 or 15 times. There’s no need for that ad the places he was shot, there’s no need for that.”

The autopsy report reveals 14 bullets hit Stafford, in his forehead, neck, chest, abdomen, ankle, knee and thigh.

Gammick says, “The officers have to make a call. Unless you’ve warn the badge, unless you’ve been out there and confronted people with weapons, you don’t understand that those decisions are made in split seconds, it’s not something you can 20/20 hindsight and spend the next four months analyzing.”

Prior to officers opening fire, reports indicate that police requested a less lethal device, “Officers requested a 40mm launcher, which would have had a mid-range potential solution,” says Sparks Police Chief Brian Allen.

That device was never used and officers say Stafford escalated his behavior “to the point of quickly turning towards the officers in the backyard in a manner such as to point the shotgun at them.”

Calling the cops can get someone killed

Calling the cops can get someone killed

Sparks Police Chief Brian Allen says the audio and video captured that day illustrates that all five shooting officers reacted simultaneously firing 22 shots, 14 of them hitting Stafford.

“The fact that all the officers on scene perceived the same thing at the same moment really they all took independent and justifiable actions against Mr. Stafford. The fact that there are 22 rounds, if you take the number of officers involved it’s a relatively low number of rounds per officer,” says Sparks Police Chief Brian Allen.

Another thing revealed within that article is that the cops who shot Kenneth Stafford that day were given awards for doing so, something that had been a fairly trendy practice with cases of questionable shootings for a while. That has kinda tailed off lately though, after it became a point of criticism, for what should be obvious reasons.

Note: This is the statement received from Kenneth Stafford’s mother with the only editing being some obvious spelling and punctuation mistakes and the insertion of paragraph breaks where appropriate. Any legal or factual claims made within the block quotes are solely attributable to Ms. Calgrove and have not been verified by anyone involved with or


Kenneth J. Stafford and his family

My son, SPC Kenneth J. Stafford, was being treated for PTSD at his duty station Joint Base Lewis McChord in Fort Lewis, Washington. He came home with his family on leave around the 4th of July, which was the 1 year anniversary of his brother in law’s murder that the police still haven’t solved. They are trying to say it was gang related, because of the area he lived in and the people he hung around.

My son and his family were pulled over a couple of times in the first week they where home and harassed by the Reno police, because they were in the area and the cops knew who they were. Then with the Travon Martin case and the fireworks my son kept getting angrier and angrier. I have never seen him so angry in his life. I didn’t know what PTSD was until he came home and I looked it up. Only because I asked his wife what was going on and she told me about it, but she said she didn’t know what it was either. Here she is living with him and seeing the changes in him and she didn’t know what it was.

He was in contact with his doctor for the first week he was here and things weren’t as bad as the last few days of his life. Then, his phone broke and he couldn’t call his doctor anymore. Prior to that, he was calling him four or five times a day. I told his wife she needed to call his Sergeant or doctor and let them know how bad he was getting and needed help, but she said she didn’t have the numbers. I told her to get on line and look them up on their phone bill. Then she said she didn’t want him mad at her. I told her do you want him mad at you or dead. She never called them.

Kenneth Stafford's Birthday was Aug. 17th

Kenneth Stafford’s Birthday was Aug. 17th

On the morning that he was killed July 11, 2013 he had been up for about 72 hours and was getting paranoid. He asked me for a gun. I told him I didn’t own one and asked him why he needed one. He said he wanted it for protection. I asked him protection from what and he just said, “do you have one or not?” I called the VA hospital to try to get help they told me because he wasn’t in their system we needed to bring him in or call the police and let them know what was going on and then they could bring him in. The VA convinced me the cops were trained and wouldn’t hurt him.

I called his wife and told her what they said she said he was calm and eating lunch and watching a movie with his girls. However, 15 minutes later she called me and said he had a gun and that she had called 911. He didn’t threaten her with it was just showing it to her and she freaked out screaming and then he got mad and started walking down the street. The cops found him 3 blocks away in a backyard by himself.

I drove down to where they were and asked the cops to let me talk to him, but they wouldn’t let me. Instead, they lied to me and said there Sparks  Policewas a military negotiator with him. They asked me his name and race. I said, “he is mixed” and Deena a friend of Kenny’s wife, Aimee, yelled “he’s black, they consider him black.” I didn’t understand why they would ask his race. A few minutes, later a cop ran up to me saying Kenny wanted a cigarette. Before the cop got halfway back with the cigarette, about 10 cops opened fired and shot and killed him.

The Washoe County Sheriff Office is the department handling the investigation. It has currently been over 10 months and we still haven’t got any answers. I don’t know if we ever will, but his wife is still calling three times a week. We are not going away. The army did a investigation, but they haven’t told us anything either. The cops keep telling us its an open investigation,but I don’t think they will ever close it because they knew they where in the wrong killing my son. I feel cops shouldn’t be investigating cops. We need that changed. We need a civilian investigation board. The VA needs to be able to help whether or not they are in their system. Wen people call for help they need help right away.

All we want is answers to why the cops feel they needed to kill him why then couldn’t of disarmed him tasered him or something else. The cops need to be retrained and held accountable for their actions. Something needs be be done and they need to be stopped they aren’t any better than a criminal.

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Police Brute Force/Taser

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Chris Willette shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: 9/12/2005
Police Employees Involved: Star 109 Lynwood, IL police and another backup officer
Police Employee CLontact Information: 708-758-4744 Lynwood IL police

On 9-12-2005 at approximately 1:30 am on my way home from work, I was pulled over by a Lynwood, IL police officer for alleged speeding. The officer approached my car and asked for license and insurance. I stated that I didn’t have my license with me but gave him other info to run my name. He ran my name and came back to the car.

He first told me, “I’m not going to give you a ticket.” I heard what he said wrong, oddly enough, I thought he said he was GOING to give me a ticket. I asked him to see the radar. The officer then stated to me, “Well, since you are going to be a jack off and ask to see the radar, I’m going to give you a ticket, and you can follow me to the station since you don’t have your license.”

I stated to him that I heard what he said wrong, but he didn’t seem to care. A second officer had then pulled up as backup. Where they pulled me over was literally about 100 ft from my own driveway. The alleged speeding occurred on US route 30, which is Lynwood, but the subdivision I live in is NOT lynwood, it is directly off rt 30. But my subdivision was the first turn to turn in at when he pulled me over, and I live about a half a block off the US rt 30.

This is where it got interesting: The cop that pulled me over pulled a u-turn to drive back to the station. I, being that I was almost right in front of my house, turned in my driveway to turn around to follow him back to the station. His backup officer was still behind me, and I made the assumption he was going to follow me.

When I pulled in the driveway to turn around, I noticed the second officer wasn’t behind me. I exited the vehicle and peered into the street to see if he was there. He promptly flew up fast and told me to get back in the damn car. Right after that, the first officer flew back around, exited his vehicle, and told me to get OUT of the car. I panicked and grabbed my cell phone to call in the house to get someone outside because I felt threatened at that point. One officer told me to get out of the damn car then or else they were going to break my window out, taser me, and get me out. I said LOUDLY, “Fine, I’m getting out, please don’t taser me, I have a bad shoulder.” I opened the door and put my hands out first so they could see them.

The second I tried to exit the vehicle, one officer grabbed me by the shirt, ripped it, and tried to throw me. The second officer promptly pulled his taser out and laid into me. The first prong hit me on the side of the hip, and didn’t really stun me, but the second prong hit me in the back of the ass underneath, and it sent a jolt through my body – really bad. I was already on the ground by the time the second prong hit me, and I WAS NOT fighting them or physically resisting when I tried to get out of the car.

After the second prong hit me, one of the officers, even though I was laying face down in a prone position, stood above me and jammed his knee into the side of my head. He continued to press his knee on my skull for about 10 seconds, and he then cuffed me from behind. By that time, both my mother and stepfather had exited the house and were in total shock.


Unfortunately for the police, my across the street neighbor was outside the WHOLE time and saw EVERYTHING! He oddly enough used to be a police officer in Markham, IL years before that. The officer who cuffed me and kneed me in the head was trying to make the illusion of me fighting him for his own dash cam. When they placed me in the vehicle, the camera was replaying itself while the officer took me to the station. I saw some, but not all, of it. They obviously charged me with resisting arrest. They booked me and gave me an IBond and let me out about 3:00 am.

When I went home, we took pictures of all the markings I had. I had bruises on both sides of the head, on my knee, my hands, extreme cuff marks, etc. When I went to bed afterwards, I started to have weird sensations in the bottom of my legs toward my ankles, presumably from the taser shot. Oddly enough, not long after that at some point hair in a patch on both lower left and right legs fell out, and to this day has not grown back. I did honestly feel a little shell shocked after the second taser hit me; I think it may have hit a nerve.

Soon after, I filed a complaint with the chief of police in Lynwood. My stepfather and I went to see him one night, and he honestly was the biggest jerk. He asked for my account of the story, which I gave, and he proceeded to not buy into it. He stated that there was no footage from the police dashcam even though I saw a brief version in the car with my own eyes! He even went as far to pull up my driving record and he commented to me that since I had one outstanding seat belt violation in Indiana, he “was going to have my license suspended.” I laughed in his face and told my stepfather, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Before my court date, the chief of police wrote me a letter that was about 6 pages long. His account of his officers was contradictory twice in the letter. I for the life of me cannot find the letter, but I could always request a copy and the incident report as well if need be.

It was funny how the police wouldn’t show up to their own court date on October 26th. I never filed suit but should have. I to this day am still unclear if I have any recourse being that it was eight years and eleven months ago. I have all other copies of the citations and pictures if anyone wants to expound on this further.

Chris Willette

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Power Being Abused

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: 29 July 2014
Police Employees Involved: Mt. Clemens and Clinton Twp.

While at the hospital with my girlfriend, I witnessed a man being ripped out of a police car while already cuffed. When the officers, and McClaren hospital security, who are “private security,” started roughing up the man, I pulled out my phone. The police tasered him while he was kneeling, not fighting and of no threat.

The security guard pushed me while grabbing my phone, then put his fist in my chest after I demanded my phone back. I was then told if I touch him they will “take me down,” meaning I was not allowed to defend myself. A cop detained me, and when I asked why, his response was, “I don’t know, we are going to find out.”

He ran my ID after cuffing me and putting me in his car with no reason for suspicion. He then returned my things and let me go.
I found out later that he was taken to the hospital after being in a motorcycle accident. The force was excessive and the taser was never needed. It happened at McClaren hospital in Mt Clemens, Michigan.

Richard Carman




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Man Tased While Trying to Tell Deputies That Son Is Autistic

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: 5-18-14
Police Employees Involved: Marion County Sheriff’s Department
Police Employee Contact Information: (352) 732-8181

On May 18, 2014, I received a call from my 22 year old autistic son. I immediately got in my truck and went to where my son was being ticketed. When I drove up on the right hand side of the road, adjacent to my son’s car, I did not leave my vehicle and I kept it running. The officer turned around and asked, “Can I help you?” I said, “I’m his father.”  The officer yelled at me to please leave the premises. I stated, “I’m his father, and just wanted to tell you he is autistic.” He turned around and said, “Leave or you’ll be arrested.”

He started walking towards me and said, “You’re under arrest. I asked, “For what?” I kept saying over and over that all I wanted to do was tell the officer he’s autistic. Then he repeated, “You’re under arrest.” I was sure I hadn’t broken any laws.  This was when I said, “No, I’m not under arrest, I haven’t done anything.”

I was still sitting in my truck with the door closed when another officer drove up. The other officer opened my passenger door and proceeded to climb in and push me out. As I came out, I was standing in front of the officer, and he grabbed me and tried to throw me on the ground. When I didn’t fall down, he tazed me (and I have heart trouble). I went down on my knees, and both officers jumped on me and slammed me into the pavement. They handcuffed me laying on the ground and put the tazer to my lower spine and tazed me four times. I was put in the police car and taken to jail, from where I later posted bond.


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Pepper-Sprayed and Beaten

Friday, July 4th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: 2007
Police Employees Involved: Arlington, TX PD

It was 2007 and I had just graduated from college. I was 25 and things were looking up for me. Despite having received two DWI’s between 2001-2002, I hadn’t been in trouble for quite some time and I never drove after drinking anymore. My husband and I decided to go to the local Movie Tavern for drinks and a movie. I drank three martinis in about an hour and a half…more than I should have, but hey, I wasn’t driving! I left the theater to step outside for a cigarette. While I was standing outside, a man in plain clothes walked up to me and asked me what I was doing. He was huge – 6’4″ at least, 300+ lbs. I told him I was having a cigarette. He proceeded to grab me and handcuff me. He picked me up and threw me into the back of his Ford Explorer, next to a toddler car seat. I began screaming hysterically, imagining all of the horrendous things he was about to do to me.

I am an upper-middle class white woman; 5’4″ and 120 lbs. I was wearing platform sandals, a dress, and jewelry. In other words, I was dressed to “go out.” I was thrashing about in the back seat, screaming incoherently while the man sat up front, silently driving around the parking lot. I had absolutely NO idea what was going on. I looked around his vehicle and saw toys, a baby shoe, and notebooks. I was in someone’s personal vehicle. He drove me around for around forty minutes. He rifled through my purse, and refused to respond to my endless questions. By the time the car door opened in front of the theater (the same place he picked me up from), I was beyond hysterical. I was sobbing, screaming, blubbering, and hyperventilating. I was so confused as to what was happening, I barely knew where I was. I looked up and saw about six Arlington police officers standing beside his car. I started screaming more, trying to tell them he kidnapped me. I was so worked up, all that came out was an incoherent mess of sobs and words. The police responded to my terror and confusion by throwing me onto the ground as hard as they could. Four officers grabbed me by the legs and arms, and my dress rode up to above my waist. I started screaming even more, and kicking/twisting my body, all actions that infuriated the police. They delivered several swift kicks into my side, and jerked me to my feet before I received a long blast of pepper spray directly into my eyes. I was wearing contacts and they stuck to my eyeballs, burning. I have never felt such tremendous pain in my life. I had been arrested before, all on alcohol-related offenses, and I had been beaten/manhandled by the police before, but never had I been pepper-sprayed. I shrieked in pain as they hog-tied me and threw me into the back of the police car without so much as even asking me for my side of the story.

I was taken to jail and booked on Resisting Arrest and Public Intoxication charges. I wasn’t allowed to wash my eyes and face off for over four hours. My contacts remained in my eyes for the ten hours I was in jail. My grandfather was a well-known criminal district court judge for Tarrant County, and had hired excellent attorneys for me in the past. At the time of this incident however, he was suffering from dementia. I hired a terrible attorney who didn’t even fight the charges. The man who had initially handcuffed me turned out to be a security guard for the parking lot, and evidently the police were planning on letting me go until I reacted hysterically when I exited his vehicle in handcuffs (what woman wouldn’t?). When people learn I have been arrested nine times, they are shocked. During my college days and days of legal trouble, I drove a BMW, dressed in designer clothing and was your stereotypical sorority girl. None of that mattered to the police however. After every arrest, I was released with black eyes, bruises all over my body, and giant lumps and bumps on my head and face. After one particularly violent arrest for Public Intoxication, I was hospitalized with a suspected brain bleed. I went to a private university in Fort Worth and there were police everywhere. The number of police in this city is so outrageous that I used to make a game of counting how many I would see in one day. It wasn’t unusual to reach the 40′s and 50′s.

Downtown was a popular spot to go clubbing and barhopping. The police would stand on the street corners and watch for anyone acting even slightly intoxicated. I never did anything to draw attention to myself, other than walking down the street and possibly stumbling on my high heels. I would end up sitting in a paddy wagon for hours until they collected enough college kids to haul off to jail for the night. I will admit that I deserved the DWI I got on my 21st birthday. My friends took off and left me to drive. I shouldn’t have. The other times I was arrested were for absolutely ridiculous reasons and I was treated like a punching bag. To date, I have the two DWIs and Resisting Arrest charges on my record. I was able to complete a year of drug court to avoid a felony conviction for “doctor shopping.” I have settled down and haven’t been arrested in over seven years. I don’t drink or use drugs. I have three small children who still see the police as the good guys. When they ask me if I have ever been to jail, I lie.

Through my experiences I learned that our country is actually a police state. This notion of having freedom is a farse. We have the most incarcerated people in the world, and police brutality is shoved under the rug. While minorities are disproportionately affected by our criminal justice system, no one is immune. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, brown or yellow, we are all the same when we are in handcuffs.

Laura M.

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Veteran Beaten This Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

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Date of Interaction: May 22, 2014
Police Employee Involved: Officer Cromwell
Police Employee Contact Information: 1001 W. Center St., Manteca, CA 95337 (209) 456-8100

On May 22nd, my papa, a U.S. veteran and grandfather of six, was outside of an express car wash with a friend when Officer Cromwell came to do a routine stop (harass) and the encounter turned violent. Officer Cromwell unlawfully tried to make an arrest and my grandpa complied while the cop tried to say he was resisting. It turned into a fight; Cromwell called for backup. Backup showed up AFTER Cromwell had handcuffed my grandpa. They began to beat him with his hands behind his back. Not only were they punching his face, but they kicked him in his ribs repeatedly; they also managed to give him a few blows to his head with a baton. After the three minute long beating was over, Cromwell uncuffed my grandpa and said, “Don’t worry, he’s not going to do anything now.” The worst part is that the backup who showed up was ten units of Manteca gang unit, dressed in regular clothes, with no badges.

After the ambulance took my grandpa to the hospital, they took care of him for two nights, then released him. He was never charged with ANYTHING, and he was never booked. On top of all of this, it leaves so many questions. Why is it that they never tazed or pepper sprayed him?  Why does my grandpa have handprint-shaped bruises on his neck, and bruises, cuts, and welts all over his back and the back of his head? He even has road rash on the side of his face! Those police who handled this were cowards just looking for someone to pick on that night.

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