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Larken Rose is Coming to Las Vegas – Saturday, August 2nd

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

(This was originally published at: EYEAM4ANARCHY)

“Government Is Not Your Friend” 

Learn why government is not merely inefficient and corrupt, but can never and will never be conducive to civilized society.

Larken Rose will be coming to Las Vegas Saturday, August 2nd, to do a talk about the government and its true effects on society. The talk will start at 5:00 p.m. (but feel free to be early) lasting until 7:00pm and will be held at “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf” (4550 S. Maryland Parkway) right across from the main entrance of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (see below for map). Food Not Bombs Las Vegas, a grassroots mutual aid group that reduces waste and supports the local community by preparing food that would otherwise be thrown out and sharing it with hungry people, will be sponsoring the event and Nevada Cop Block will be hosting it.

Larken Rose is a well known Anarchist writer and political activist. He’s also pretty well known for having challenged the legitimacy of income taxes and for subsequently being sent to prison. In addition, he has been published on the Cop Block site, including a post and video entitled “When Should You Shoot a Cop?” That video was the subject of a lot of controversy as a result of it’s provocative name and subject, which consists of asking at what point people are justified in physically opposing the actions of an oppressive government. It should be a very informative and entertaining evening.

Larken plans his talks to be at a level that is good even for the 99.9% of the population who haven’t really thought much about the basis of statism before. So if you’re in the area, find a way to bring along a statist or two! It will be casual, fun and comfortable (it’s happening at a coffee shop, after all).

Plus, it will be free. HOWEVER, while he doesn’t like charging people to attend the talks and presentations he gives, he also doesn’t like being destitute, and it does cost him money to get from one place to another around the country, which is one reason he doesn’t plan on any more speaking tours after this trip (and that is another reason you shouldn’t miss this one). So, if you plan on attending–or maybe even if you don’t–and want to chip in a few bucks so the thing isn’t a loss for him, he would very much appreciate that. It’s also a good way to encourage other speakers and personalities to add a Las Vegas stop to their schedules.

If you are so inclined you can send contributions in one of two ways (or even both, if that’s what you want to do):

via PayPal to:

via Bitcoin to:

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5 Things The Bundy Ranch Teaches Us

Friday, April 11th, 2014

This article was originally published at

Surprisingly enough, I was going to ignore the story of Cliven Bundy’s ranch, which is presently under siege by federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management. A number of people thought this was right up my ally, to come at from a use of force angle, since so many people are speculating it will be the next Waco or Ruby Ridge.

On Facebook there’s all this buzz about “Oath Keepersshowing up. Protesters are being assaulted. Some are even speculating that this incident will be what finally sparks the revolution! People are talking about state’s rights, and the 10th Amendment, and powers of Sheriffs, and all these things that really would have seemed just fascinating to me when I was still in my limited government/sovereign citizen stage.

What’s happening at the Bundy Ranch?

The back story, in case you’re unfamiliar, is as follows. Cliven Bundy has been battling the Federal Government for about 20 years. Bundy has a ranch in the area where he raises cattle as a business. Prior to 1993, Bundy had a permit to graze on “public” land, but the permit was revoked or allowed to expire for some reason. The BLM designated 186,909 acres of the Gold Butte area, where the ranch is, as “critical” for the survival of some fucking turtle in 1998, which it now plans to exterminate for some reason. Bundy continued to graze his cattle on the public land without permission, refusing to pay fees that the federal government demanded. Now there is some dispute over the amount owed, where the Bundy’s say the number is somewhere around $300k, and the BLM says it’s closer to $1 million.

He says he has rights to that land, because he got there first essentially. Tell that to the Native Americans.

So. there are just a few things I want to address about this story.

5. There is no such thing as public property

Protesters Outside the Cliven Bundy Ranch

Honestly, to me, Bundy complaining that he can’t graze for free on land that he doesn’t own sounds more like Occupy Wall Street behavior than libertarian behavior. He might as well be complaining about farm subsidies. He has a for profit cattle ranch on private property, and his property can’t sustain his cattle, so he is going onto land that he does not own.

Bundy does not contest the legitimacy of the federal government’s existence. He looks right to the constitution for a solution to his problem, and fails to find one. If a government has a right to exist, it has a right to own property, and do with it as it sees fit. I don’t believe a government has a right to exist, but most of the people involved in this apparently do.

How many times are we going to have to go over the tragedy of the commons before people understand that there is no such thing? What people mistake for commons, or public property, is property owned by organized crime rings known as governments. Like any other business, they might let you use the property, they might charge a fee for the property, or they might tell you to get lost.

Anybody who ever thought a government was doing a “public good” by seizing land is a fool. When the BLM came in and said they were protecting turtles, it might as well have been Exxon coming in to drill for oil. There’s no such thing as public property.

4.The US Constitution did not, does not, and will not matter

While Obamacare is “the law of the land,” why anybody would still look to this document is beyond my comprehension. There are hundreds of armed men surrounding a man’s home, and people are talking about a centuries old piece of war propaganda that was discarded by George Washington when he signed the law authorizing the First Bank of the United States. the same document the second president of the United States, John Adams, discarded when he signed the Alien & Sedition acts. I could go through every administration in the history of the republic and tell you about egregious violations of the constitution that it committed, but that would make this a very long document.

No government was ever limited by a constitution, least of all the United States. Hell, the United States isn’t even limited by its own borders. So if a military presence shows up at your front door, and you look to ancient documents to chase them away, I’m sorry but it’s really getting to a point where I have trouble feeling sorry for you. You might as well be praying for all the good it is going to do anybody.

3. Every tax and traffic ticket ever written was backed up by the same threat of force

All you folks out there who say government isn’t violent, take a close look. If I had a dime for every time somebody told me, “They don’t force you, they just take you to court,” I’d be rich by now. When a government makes a decision, guns follow. The paperwork, fake attempts to negotiate, court proceedings, these exist only for the purpose of convincing the dissenter to surrender, or making the inevitable violence that follows his failure to do so look legitimate.

If you failed to pay your property taxes, and expressed a willingness to resist your local government, you would be facing the same type of situation the Bundys are right now. If you failed to pay traffic tickets and attempted to drive, police would kill you to stop you from doing so. In my book, these everyday occurrences are a far greater tragedy than some cattle rancher whose business was going so good he had to expand.

2. The amount of force is not the issue

People are making a very big deal out of the number of federal agents and police on the scene, and the type of weapons they are carrying. As I pointed out in the Albuquerque shooting of the homeless man, it doesn’t matter if a hundred federal agents show up with bazookas or the local deputy shows up with a stun gun, the problem is the initiation of force, not the weapons used to carry it out.

Anybody who accepts that the federal government has a right to force people to do things, but objects to the weaponry they use in the process, is making the same argument as gun control advocates. Anybody who has a right to use force, has the right to use as much force as they believe is necessary to accomplish the goal of said force.

The problem here is only that the federal government has no right to exist. It had no right to steal, through taxation and inflation, the money that it used to take the land. As a result they have no right to the land, and therefore no right to use force to defend it. If the federal government had not taken the land, it is entirely possible that some other person might have owned it, and that person would have every right to use as much force as he saw fit to remove Bundy’s cattle from it.

1. Since the aforementioned issues are not understood, nothing good will come of this

Remove from your minds any notion that the Oath Keepers will restore the republic today, tomorrow, or the day after. No militia will come to the rescue of Cliven Bundy. The Sheriff will not assert some magical authority to expel a more heavily armed group of criminals from the territory. Bundy will not wait out federal authorities. Courts will not see the error of their ways and leave Mr. Bundy alone.

In the end, Cliven Bundy will be subjugated or murdered, just like everyone else who has dared to defy a tyrant. The same thing will happen to everyone who attempts a similar course of action until one of two things happen;

A. The extinction of the human race; or

B. A large enough segment of the population understands that government agents do not have the right to initiate force, stops talking about magical government documents, and realizes that the government’s lack of right to initiatory force, equals our right, and responsibility to defense.

Christopher Cantwell is an activist, writer, and satirist originally from New York.

From an anarcho-capitalist perspective, he covers news and current events, addresses philosophical questions, and even cracks a joke or two at, and is a regular contributor to and

Garret Ean to Join Police Accountability Tour

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Garret Ean will soon join the nine-city, four-month Police Accountability Tour that aims to get folks on the ground better-connected, to share and facilitate the exchange of ideas and practices related to police accountability, and to ultimately erode the plague of police statism.

Garret is stepping-in for Jacob Crawford, who co-founded the tour with me a few months back based on discussions we had during the spring and while at PorcFest in June.

Jacob, a longtime Bay-area copwatcher who started and who a decade ago made These Streets Are Watching, the first know your rights video using on the street (not dramatized) footage, needs to focus his attention on some police accountability efforts specific to the Bay.

Copblocking in Austin post-Peaceful Streets summit, August, 2013

Jacob (front, with camera), myself to his right, and many others patrolled the streets of Austin after the excellent summit organized by those active with Peaceful Streets Project. The summit was a major reason Austin was made the first stop on the Police Accountability Tour.

All is good between Jacob and me. I learned in his presence, and appreciate his pre-tour efforts and involvement in Austin, NYC, Cape Town, South Africa, and Oakland stops of the tour. There’s mutual respect and we’ll continue to converse and collaborate.

[note: stay tuned for thoughts about the tour from Jacob and myself]

Aware of Jacob’s pending departure, I thought about options and found myself contemplating three scenarios:

  1. to discontinue the tour – I believe the tour thus far has been effective. Good connections and content were created. Deliverables for sponsors (5sec ads at the beginning of videos created) were satisfied. Going this route would allow me to pursue other endeavors that are believed to create value, such as the creation of primer resources and of high-caliber videos, a revamp of the website, cultivation and strengthening of networks, etc. However, lots of value – the things specific to the tour model – would be missed.
  2. to continue the tour solo – Most of the logistics and infrastructure of this tour are already done. When solo I visited with folks in two dozen towns with The Cop Block Tour, so I have some grasp on what to expect when traveling in this capacity with these aims. The only real con is the opportunity cost – if on the road I can’t at the same time pursue another endeavor, such as those mentioned with option#1, with as much attention.
  3. to continue the tour with a second person – A second person would bring enormous value, not just just in terms of the extra capacity – networking, video output, etc. – but due to the fact that an informed, creative perspective would be involved in the process. The cons would be more costs when compared to option#2 (due to food and tranpo, though those costs had been expected when the tour was planned), and a learning curve, both for the new person – getting used to the tour lifestyle, in which most of each day is spent involved with tour-related things, and for that person and myself – from the connectivity of devices and workflow to just getting along well.

Garret Ean will be a solid addition to the Police Accountability Tour during the Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans stops

I concluded that the third option would be preferred (if you’re going to do something strive to do it better), provided that second person be someone solid, with videography and related multimedia skills, and the ability to spend a month on the road.

I thought about folks I’ve encountered at various stages in my journey who might fit that bill. Unsurprising, Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman, who I was on the road with during Liberty On Tour in 2011 and 2010 and Motorhome Diaries in 2009, would be an excellent addition, but he’s now busy with the Laconia, NH-based Suns of Liberty Mint (who I’m glad to say is sponsor of the Police Accountability Tour).

The next person I thought of who fit the criteria was Garret Ean. I’ve known Garret for years and have respected and appreciated his efforts. His work ethic, creativity, use of humor, and intellectual rigor are quality.

I reached out to Garret and inquired of his interest to join the tour and I’m happy to say that he’s now slated to join the tour in late October in Detroit, and travel from there to Chicago, Atlanta, and in late November in New Orleans!

[Thanks to others involved with the Keenevention who will step-up in Garret's absence to cover areas he was slated to address]


A champion of transparency, Garret has uploaded hundreds (thousands?) of hours of raw content from his efforts with Robin Hood of Keene to

I asked Garret to put-together a short bio so folks who hadn’t yet had the chance to connect with him could learn a bit more about him.

Garret has had an interest in police accountability since the time he was contemplating entering law enforcement through college. After concluding that the monopolistic protection services offered by the state could and often do harm more people than it claims to help, he opted out of trying to fix the broken system from within and instead found the videocamera to be the most effective tool for attaining justice. Video evidence captured by a third party helped Garret successfully defend himself against two disorderly conduct charges levied against him following the Manchester NH police’s Chalking 8 incident.

After moving to Keene from his native Concord, Garret and other friends picked up the torch on Robin Hooding parking meter activism, where a coordinated effort is made to keep occupied parking meters in compliance to prevent the issuance of expired meter citations. Robin Hooding has attracted global attention and raised legal questions about the people’s right to interact with and film government employees in response to a pending lawsuit filed against many Robin Hooders by the Keene city government. Garret has been involved with Keene Cop Block and is presently developing Keene Peaceful Streets with a wider focus on community crime prevention. You can find the varied content Garret shares with the world, from weekly videos to articles and graphics, at his website, as well as his numerous YouTube channels FreeConcordTV, Fr33manTVraw, and AquaKeene.

Garret is active with Keene Cop Block and is now founding Peaceful Streets Keene

Garret is active with Keene Cop Block and is now founding Peaceful Streets Keene




In June, 2013 Garret helped me improve my Tahoe by adding “Ideas are bulletproof” on the driver side (the passenger side says “No masters no slaves”). The Tahoe will be our wheels in and between Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans

Stay tuned for more about and with Garret – he’ll join the tour on the ground in late October in Detroit!

If you’re within a couple hours of Detroit join Garret and myself, area Copblockers, folks active with the Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition, and many others on Monday, Oct. 28th, 7:00-9:00pm at a meetup hosted at the Threat Management Center 6440 Wight St, Detroit, MI 48207

[Learn more about the Threat Management Center - Dale Brown of Detroit-based Threat Management Center is On-Point]



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The Peaceful Streets Project Police Accountability Summit

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

This post was written by Antonio Buehler, co-founder of the the Peaceful Streets Project.

The Peaceful Streets Project will be holding their 2nd Annual Police Accountability Summit on Saturday, August 17th at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, Texas. The summit will be a celebration of the people who have been coming together to fight police abuse throughout the country, a place where victims of police abuse can come together to gain strength through community, and an educational experience that will leave participants with an arsenal of peaceful direct action tactics to use against criminal cops, as well as a greater appreciation for the struggle we are engaged in.

Last year’s summit was a great success and put into motion a chain of events that exposed the criminal nature of the Austin Police Department and other police departments throughout the country, forced police to alter their tactics, and emboldened activists throughout the country to stand up to criminal cops. Over the past year the Peaceful Streets Project has led over a dozen Know Your Rights training sessions, provided a platform for scores of victims of police abuse to tell their stories, organized over 100 cop watches, and grown from a local effort in Austin into a national movement with over a dozen chapters from Manchester (NH) to Honolulu (HI).

This year’s summit is going to be even better than last year’s! The 2nd Annual Peaceful Streets Project Police Accountability Summit will be an entertaining, educational and empowering experience for the community, and will serve as a celebration of our wildly successful year in the struggle against police abuse. We will be bringing in activists, speakers and entertainers from all over the country for this powerful event.

Headlining the event is keynote speaker Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party and long-time police accountability activist. In an attempt to aid African-American victims of police brutality and racial prejudice, Seale and the Black Panther Party pioneered the practice of cop watch by following police officers in their community, often times carrying rifles. As part of his speech, Seale will talk about how the camera is now a more powerful weapon against police abuse than the rifle was then.

The second keynote speech will come from Radley Balko, writer for the Huffington Post and author of Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Force. Other speakers include Carlos Miller of, Pete Eyre of and Antonio Buehler and John Bush, co-founders of the Peaceful Streets Project. Entertainers include B. Dolan who will perform Film the Police and Tatiana Moroz who will perform a song written for the Peaceful Streets Project.

Other activities will include a panel on family pets killed by law enforcement, a debate over whether we should try to reform the police or abolish them, Know Your Rights training, tactics for filming police and a movie screening. Food and refreshments will be provided, and there will be free childcare on site for families who attend.

Learn more about the summit at:
Help support us by donating at:

Antonio Buehler

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North Missouri Cop Block

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Thomas Woody is a victim of several constitutional rights violations at the hands of local police in Brookfield MO. He is starting a chapter of Cop Block in North Missouri. If you are in the area, please check out his Facebook page.


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Truth Seekers

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Submitted by Truth Seekers

Hello, I’m an admin from the Facebook page “Truth Seekers.” We’re a new page with around 100 likes and we post all about everything from protests, government lies and even global issues! Another major thing that we will be doing on our page is search for the truth behind major events.

Please consider stopping by our page and maybe even consider liking us so that we can expand. We’re having some issues getting out of the starter likes stage.

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day! :)



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Turkish Doctor Shares His Brutal Experience Volunteering to Treat Severely Wounded Protestors

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

A young Turkish Doctor shares his brutal experience while he was diligently volunteering to provide first aid and treat the severely wounded and exposed protestors.

His speech in the video translated from Turkish:

“Yesterday evening I was at Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center. As you know, it was converted to an infirmary. We were present to treat the wounded. I would like to stress that, we don’t operate under any faction. We don’t operate under any political party. We’re only trying to honor our oaths. We’re only trying to honor this white coat.

I would like to tell you what we’ve been through. So you have an idea. The police, riot police, even though they knew that the center was now providing medical care; surrounded the building, broke the doors and windows. Repeatedly threw in gas grenades. And when we couldn’t breathe anymore, they kicked and clubbed everyone who went out. One by one.

I got my fair share as well. After several kicks, I was clubbed on my head. But we are not afraid. Keep it in mind that, even wars have rules. Hospitals and infirmaries may never be attacked. Turkish police have crossed this line as well.”

I was clubbed yesterday! I’m not afraid. I will go one more time this evening. We’ll be clubbed one more time. And we will go one more time. That’s what I say!” (See more here).

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War Zone Scenario at Taskim Square

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Protesters and police continue to clash. Anti-government demonstrations have been ongoing for about 2 weeks in Turkey now. In Taksim square last night, between June 11 and June 12, 2013, police engaged in brutal persecution of Turkish protesters. See video here.

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Open Carry advocates Take on Wayne County MI Sheriff’s Department

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


Submitted by Daniel Edinger

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department was assisting a church and a law firm in Detroit in disarming law abiding citizens. Law abiding? Yes. Criminals don’t turn in their guns at buybacks. They still need them as tools of the trade. Our group of about 40 protesters spent about 4 hours attempting to counter-buyback. Private gun sales are legal in Michigan.

One member of our group was harassed and handcuffed. He was issued a citation for disorderly conduct, but has yet to receive any mail regarding the charge meaning that the charge was likely not filed. It was nothing more than an attempt at intimidation. As you will see, I am not easily intimidated and neither are my brothers in arms. Please check out our group. We have a few videos on Youtube of our activities. (See here.) If you Google “Detroit gun buy back” quite a few articles from this event will turn up.

Probably 75 percent of the sheriffs on site were respectful, but a handful of them were obnoxious and in-our-faces about everything. They kept threatening to arrest us for impeding traffic on the sidewalk despite there being very few pedestrians and despite the fact that they drove a cruiser up on the sidewalk at one point and blocked it for about 30 minutes.

They collected around 200 guns and we collected around 40. We also encouraged people to take their guns home and learn how to use them – they live in Detroit after-all. When you live in Detroit (or anywhere else for that matter), you can’t rely on the police to help you, you have to rely on yourself.

The most important thing when dealing with ignorant police is to arm yourself with knowledge.

Feel free to subscribe to my channel for my ongoing adventures, mostly open-carry related.

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Cop Blockers Shut Down Checkpoint in Suffolk County NY

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Chris Cantwell & Tim Morgan of Suffolk County Cop Block warned motorists about a 4th Amendment Violation Station at the heavily trafficked Rt 97 off ramp towards Rt 27 (at Nichols & Sunrise).

In about an hour, police gave up their efforts and left the scene. Well over 100 motorists were saved from tickets, or worse.

Chris Cantwell is an activist, public speaker, and comedian originally from New York. He can be reached via twitter @voteforcantwell


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