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Rochester, NY Police Department’s ‘Blue Wall’ and ‘Code of Silence’ in Full Effect after Off Duty RPD Cop Gets into Fight with On Duty RPD Cop!

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

By Davy V.

In what perhaps may be the most ‘WTF?’ story involving the Rochester, NY Police department so far this year, an off duty RPD officer got into a fight with an on duty RPD officer outside ONE Nightclub located at 1 Ryan Alley in Rochester’s East End district.

Here’s what allegedly occurred:

Saturday morning I received a call from an extremely reliable source who went on to tell me that early Saturday morning, some time around 1 to 2 am, an off duty Rochester Police officer got into a physical fight with a fellow, on duty RPD officer outside ONE Nightclub.

The off duty RPD officer punched the off duty officer several times, then took out his gun and began waving it in the air while yelling at other officers that they couldn’t touch him because he was RPD and nothing would happen to him.

The off duty officer then walked down East Ave. still waving the gun, yelling, and punching vehicles, including RPD cruisers.

Then, a white SUV, described by one person as possibly a U.S. Customs vehicle, pulled up and an individual attempted to calm down the off duty RPD officer.

Then, it’s not clear if the off duty RPD officer got into the white SUV, but witnesses said he left the scene.

But wait.

That’s not all.

A bouncer named Chris, who works at ONE Nightclub video recorded the entire incident.

So where’s the video, you may ask?

Great question!

Yesterday I spoke with someone who works at ONE Nightclub.

And I basically got the answer.The individual, whose name I am not mentioning for his safety, told me that Chris is best friends with Rochester, NY Police officer Aaron Wilcox, who also works as a bouncer at the nightclub.

I was told that there is no way that Chris would release the video, since he’s best friends with Wilcox, and other RPD officers.

Despite my posting a cash reward for the video, it is clear that it is very likely this video will never see the light of day.

Then, someone posted this comment on my ‘Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed’ Facebook page:

“Cops were called then they drove off when the off duty officer told them to get the fuck out of here and videos were sent in but nothing was done, I was there that night”

And now it’s quite obvious what is going on.

Not only is this Chris protecting his RPD cop buddies, but even more disturbing, the Rochester, NY Police department is in all out ‘Blue Wall’ and ‘Code of Silence’ mode when it comes to this disturbing incident!

Can you imagine what would happen if an average citizen got into a fight, punched a police officer in the face, then took out his gun and waved it around saying fuck the police?

That’s basically what this off duty RPD cop did.

And his fellow Rochester, NY Police officers DID NOTHING!

Blue Wall.

Code of Silence.


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“Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed!” by clicking the link below


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Police kill mans best friend, again – Regina, Canada

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Late March 2013 Regina Police Service members shot and killed Ben, a pitbull, that was chained up in the owners backyard.

The story the Police are telling is much different than the accound of events given by the dog owners, and the dog owners intend to pursue legal action against the Regina Police Service.

Local TV Newscast:

Regina Police Service Contact phone # 1 (306) 777-6500

Troy Hagan – Chief of Police

Mayor Michael Fougere – Twitter - Phone: 306.777.7000

Online Request Form

City of Regina Facebook Page


Submitted by Kris Eyvindson


Dog Murders

Commerce City Police Kill Dog

Police Allegedly Shoot and Kill Dog after entering wrong home

Police kill pittbull “Bubba” in backyard of Las Vegas home

Cumberland County Sherriff’s deputy shoots, kills 17 pound dog

St. Paul Cops Shoot dog in wrong-door raid, force handcuffed kids to sit near the corpse

Justice for Cisco; Austin Police Officer fatally shot dog while responding to wrong house


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Dan Riley Parallels Our Time to that of Founding Fathers

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Dan Riley

Dan Riley

Dan Riley is currently caged at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution because he supported Ed and Elaine Brown, a New Hampshire couple who asked to see the law that noted that they need pay federal taxes (see video at the bottom of the post, Riley is specifically mentioned at 2:56).

Riley’s body is caged but he continues to reach-out to share his thoughts. And while his words on the letters below aren’t explicitly related to Copblocking, the ideas behind them is – the fact that you are no ones slave. If you do conclude that you own yourself, then that implies that you have a right to defend yourself. That topic is timely, and it’s one that Riley expounds on.

Excerpts from Riley’s first letter:

Sometime in the 1990s a man killed a bunch of children at a school in Scotland; within weeks the United Kingdom had proscribed all private ownership of firearms. . . The same exact scenario is being played out here, now, in America. . . The second amendment means nothing. It is only words on paper. What means something, are men and women willing to take a stand and not backdown. . . The key to our victory is unity encompassed with courage . . . our policy is to emancipate ourselves, but more importantly, to emancipate our posterity

I wish I was there with you on the front lines. Unfortunately I am currently stuck behind enemy lines. I am with you in spirit though. . . we are fighting for our liberty, our families, our country, our land and our posterity. While they fight to enslave. Our cause is superior, thus we are superior.

Just last weekend retired Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow publicly voiced his concern over the Department of Homeland Security’s acquisitions of 2,000,000 rounds of ammunition and 3,000 armored vehicles.

The death and destruction caused by common street criminals pales in comparison to that of government agents (police, military). Like police employees today, many of those folks in the latter camp were just “doing their job.” If you’re presently a law enforcement employee do yourself (and future generations) a favor and check out Cop Block’s Welcome LEOs page.

Clearly, just because an action is said to be “lawful” doesn’t make it right. Conversely, just because an action is said to be “illegal” doesn’t make it wrong. As the old adage notes, when freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free.

Daniel John Riley Letter 2013-01-22 by CopBlock

The next two letters were sent to others who are involved with the Facebook group Freedom for the 3 Brown Supporters

Dan Riley Letter Feb 28, 2013 by briley

Dan Riley Letter March 11, 2013 (Revise and Extend Previous Letter) by briley

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Wesley Swilling Killed, Lack of Transparency Abounds

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

For all related info please see:

Wesley Swilling Killed, Lack of Transparency Abounds is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Warren Williamson Tells Seattle Police & Gov Agents: Start Doing Your Job

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

from-cop-to-killer-gary-krueger-seattle-police-department-copblockIn April of 2012 KIRO TV ran a special entitled, “From Cop to Killer” about the actions of Gary Krueger, a Seattle police employee who has been tied to at least four murders.

Prior to those killings Krueger beat Warren Williamson in the basement of the Seattle Police Department. Williamson filed a complaint but soon learned that Krueger’s colleagues put first the protection of their colleague.

Williamson sent to Cop Block a DVD with the KIRO special on Krueger and the document embedded below. On the coversheet of the DVD he wrote:

If you are a friend or relative I am sharing this with you as information and it’s just another reason why I feel lucky to be alive. If you area  member of the government and it is your tax payer funded job to protect us against criminal cops then I am asking you to start doing your job. The Seattle Police Department, like all Police Departments, works hard to keep any bad publicity covered up and sometimes they don’t protect us from killer cops and people die. This is an example of that.

Warren Williamson’s overview on Gary Krueger Seattle Police Department by CopBlock

Seattle Police Department
(206) 684-2489

If you’re in the Seattle area, connect with Seattle Cop Block to ensure criminals like Krueger are held accountable.

Warren Williamson Tells Seattle Police & Gov Agents: Start Doing Your Job is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Told 1st and 4th Amendment Rights “Don’t Matter” Jeff Gray Follows-up & Nets Apology

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

From Jeff Gray:

Back in May of 2011, I had an incident with two Florida Highway Patrol Troopers from FHP Troop G while taking photos and video of their Command Center Bus at a gas station.

Trooper Michael badge #2154 incorrectly claimed that it was illegal to film both him personally and the Command Center Bus. He also claimed that he had the authority to “snatch” my camera without a warrant or due process!

I sent an email along with a link of the video to Lieutenant Bill Leeper who was the commander of Troop G at the time. Here are the email exchanges between Lt.Leeper and myself.

Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 8:33 AM
To: Leeper, William
Subject: Video FHP Trooper say’s 1st and 4th amendments “don’t matter”!

This happened at the Shell Station on Normandy Blvd at 295.I wanted some video and pictures of your mobile command unit when I was immediately confronted by 2 Troopers.I was told that I could not film (1st amendment violation) and that if I continued to film my camera would be “SNATCHED” (4th amendment violation).When I mentioned that this is a first amendment issue I was told that it does not matter!

Please compare the difference with how your troopers behaved and how this Green Cove Springs Police Officer behaved.

This could have been a good PR opportunity for your Troopers instead of an embarrassment.Please get the word out to your Troopers that PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME

As you can see Lt. Leeper was prompt in his response and to my concerns and his claim that his Troopers would be better educated on citizens rights to record LEO’s was satisfactory.

Fast forward to March of 2012 and I have had yet another incident with an FHP Trooper from Troop G. SGT.Thompson approached me in an aggressive manner while I was gathering content for my Click It Or Ticket videos. Sgt.Thompson demanded my ID,refused to answer if I was being detained,incorrectly claimed that it is illegal to film her without her permission,and she actually assaulted me by shoving my camera. On Monday March 25th I sent an email to Troop G’s Public Affairs Officer SGT.Dylan Bryan and have yet (Thursday March 28th) to receive a response. Here is the email I sent to SGT.Bryan,

SGT.Ryan, I am writing you in regards to an incident that occurred on Friday March 15th involving SGT.Thompson while I was gathering content for a story I’m working on about LEO’s not wearing seatbelts. 1st I would like to address the seat belt issue.I have recorded numerous Troopers not obeying the seat belt law that they enforce. Knowing that 547 LEO’s have been killed in traffic accidents while on duty (from 2002-2011) and many more have been injured, I find it troubling that so many Troopers are not wearing their seat belts. In the video (that I’m sure you’re aware of) in an effort to keep the video short I only showed 4 Troopers not wearing seatbelts but I have documented many more. Isn’t it not only FHP policy but also law that Troopers are required to wear seat belts? Also I find it necessary to point out the double standard that FHP has issued thousands of seat belt tickets while so many Troopers aren’t wearing them their selves.

Second I would like to address the incident with Trooper Thompson. I was astonished that SGT.Thompson was not knowledgeable about the right of citizens to record public officials,in a public space,while performing their public duties. Not only did SGT.Thompson incorrectly believe it to be illegal to record her without her permission,but she actually placed her hand over my camera and shoved it away from her causing me to stumble backwards. By definition of the law wouldn’t that be SIMPLE ASSAULT?Many people have encouraged me to press charges and file an official complaint against SGT.Thompson. However,at this point I am not interested in such action if I can be assured an effort will be taken to better educate troopers about citizens rights to record public officials. Below I have links to two videos involving incidents with Troopers from Troop G.

Jeff Gray


From: Leeper, William
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 2:38 PM
Subject: RE: Video FHP Trooper say’s 1st and 4th amendments “don’t matter”!


I apologize for what happened. I didn’t see anything in the video that shows you doing anything wrong. The bus is something we utilize as a mobile command center during hurricane details and anywhere else we need it. I will pass this along to our training coordinator to use as we try to educate the officers and you are right it could have been a good PR opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Take care,


Lieutenant Bill Leeper

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is committed to Service, Integrity, Courtesy, Professionalism, Innovation and Excellence in all we do. Please let us know how we are doing via our online customer service survey at


Lieutenant Leeper,

Thank you for the quick reply! I hope I didn’t get any one into any trouble.

I will be out and about getting more film. I am the guy with the yellow camera. I do not interfere, I just observe and document.

It would be an honor if you use that video as a training piece.

Thanks again, God bless and stay safe.




More from Jeff Gray:


Told 1st and 4th Amendment Rights “Don’t Matter” Jeff Gray Follows-up & Nets Apology is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Why I Document, Why I Record, and Why I Stand Up For My Rights

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Joseph G. shared the following story about his experience with the Swatara Township Police, specifically Jason Umberger, via’s ‘submit‘ tab.

Let’s go to the start of this mess: Thursday June 8, 2006. The day before, my older brother stopped by to visit me from Allentown. We had fun, messed around a bit, and woke up the next day. We decided to get some good soup before he left, so we went to Pho Vietnam. We ate some excellent soup, bought some pocky on my urging, and started to head back home. We didn’t get very far. Traffic was jammed up tight after a bit, and then we noted emergency vehicles rushing past. We got farther ahead in traffic, and saw a wreck right in front of us.

Well, my brother had his camera that day. I had my little Creative Zen Micro, which had a microphone for taking notes and such. We swung into a parking lot and started taking some photos and I started talking to people to find out what they knew. I was recording the whole bit.

I noticed an official talking to my brother, so I walked over to see what was going on. The official wanted his license, and he asked what he needed it for. After the officer learned that my brother was not with the press, he got angry and kept demanding his ID. My brother asked if he was being detained; the answer was no, so he walked away. The yellow barrier tape was then put up. My brother joined the general crowd and continued taking photos. The news reporters were there recording video and taking pictures as well.

As I was talking to three employees who worked near the accident site, I noticed two cops (one in uniform) standing very close to my brother with very angry looks. I also saw my brother was flexing one of his hands by his side, trying to keep calm.

I walked over still holding the Zen, which was still recording. My brother was being told he couldn’t take photos and needed to leave. My brother questioned the officers about the reporters and was told they understand the respect needed in the situation.

The officers in question started to demand ID and threatened to falsify charges to bring against us, such as physical interference when we were never even on the road, and were even past the sidewalk. They also cursed at us a few times.

Suddenly, Capt. Jason Umberger of Swatera Township saw my MP3 player. “Are you recording this?!” he asked me in a cross tone.

“Yes…”, I said.

“That’s a federal offense!” he said. He then said, “Give me that!” and proceeded to YANK my left arm to hold it in place and try to take the device from me.

I pulled away from him and said, “Sir, unless you are arresting me, or charging or detaining me, please don’t touch me.”

He said, “Okay, that’s it,” took my left arm, yanked it back, and pinned it at my side. At that point, I quickly hit the button to stop and save the recording, fearful the police would cancel or delete it. They saw that as trying to delete the recording and tampering with evidence. Detective Timothy Shatto took my other arm and cuffed me. I was not told I was being arrested until I was cuffed. After I was cuffed, we were asked to move down to the next parking lot, which I did without objecting. I was told by another officer while cuffed on the sidewalk that I was “just another punk-ass teenager, and now [I was] going to learn a lesson in civics in the real world.” I was frisked, put into an unmarked car, and driven off. While driving, I moved my hands at one point because the cuffs were digging into my skin. Suddenly, Detective Timothy Shatto pulled over, threw open my door, and proceeded to frisk me again, asking if I had dumped anything inside the car.

At the station, I was told I would not be allowed to see my parents, and wouldn’t see them the rest of the day. I was told I would stay overnight in a holding cell. One officer remarked that if I’d never been inside Dauphin County Prison, I was going to soon. When told I didn’t know my Social Security Number off-hand, an officer said I was “yanking his chain.”

All through this, I remained respectful towards the officers. I did not curse, yell, or give them any reason to be upset with me. I was charged with “intercepting oral communications,” resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence.

In PA, it is legal to record in situations when there is no expectation of privacy… such as the side of a road. I also made no attempt to be covert about my recording.

Back then, my family could not handle the stress. I ended up pleading down to disorderly conduct, paid a fine, and the audio was deleted. However, the photos were not.

Umberger has since been promoted to Chief of the force.

Swatera Police
599 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111
United States

For police matters that are non-emergency, dial 717.558.6900

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Coverage of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block & Checkpoint Contest via OKC News9

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Dustin McCaskill, founder of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block

Thousands of individuals in and around Oklahoma City are now aware of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block and the Checkpoint Contest is co-sponsoring with and LRN.FM thanks to coverage by KWTV.

Checkpoint Contest: (deadline April 8th, 2013)

Much love to Dustin McCaskill who’s been instrumental in growing Southern Oklahoma CB from zero people in November 2012 to 2,400 people today. This story is indicative of the impact had on the ground when people connect.


Anti-Police Checkpoint Group Offers Prize For Evidence Of Corruption
by Dana Hertneky on March 28th, 2013 at – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Police checkpoints are often controversial, but now they may be getting even more so after an anti-checkpoint group has offered a prize for video or other proof that the police are violating citizens’ rights.

The site is looking for content that “demystifies” police checkpoints and they’re offering an HD video camera to the winner.

“My advice is always [to] pretend you’re being recorded. Somebody is always watching in this day and age,” said Fraternal Order of Police president John George.

George says police realize they may end up on camera at some point, but antagonizing an officer into losing his cool so you could win a prize may be dangerous.

“You don’t want to bait the officer into something and you don’t want to do things with your movements or your actions that make officers think you’re doing something illegal,” said George.

Even defense attorney David Slane advises against it. He says participants could be the winners of a night in jail.

“When they may be well-intentioned on sort of checking the police and not letting them get out of hand, they may be giving people bad advice and they may be [themselves] arrested for obstructing an officer in the performance of their job,” said Slane.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department does conduct checkpoints. The OKCPD does not.  News 9 is told it’s because it is too manpower intensive.


Find other groups by clicking this banner

Since the story ran McCaskill noted that two other media outlets have contacted him about the activities Southern Oklahoma Cop Block. Excellent!

It’s excellent to hear that George is so matter-of-fact that police employees act as if they’re being recorded. The more such a mindset permeates those wearing badges the less-likely they are to be hostile when they realize that is in fact happening. And more-importantly, hopefully that mitigates the chance the police employee to act aggressively toward those with whom they’re interacting.

Yet why did George feel the need to warn potential-videographers that they not act in such a way as to antagonize a police employee. No where in the video contest is such a tactic advocated. In fact, taking a calm, cool and collected approach has long been pointed-to as ideal when in such situations.

Similarly Slane couched his comments on fear – the threat of a cage. For what?! For filming a public employee in the course of their “duties”?

True, police employees often operate very arbitrarily, knowing that they can cage someone with little fear of reprisal themselves, but if we, who work to watch the self-proclaimed watchmen are cowered into not working to make transparent their actions, where will that lead? Most-likely to a scenario where the double-standards now claimed grow.

That is why it is crucial to document (and disseminate when needed), and why I’m so glad McCaskill and those active with the growing Southern Oklahoma Cop Block and other groups are out there getting folks to think and act to change things for the better.

Coverage of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block & Checkpoint Contest via OKC News9 is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts, the Hopscotch Cop: Should be an Example to All Police officers!

Friday, March 29th, 2013

By Davy V.

Since April of 2012, when he announced his billboard campaign, Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard has been desperately trying to win the community’s trust, and respect.

First, it was the billboards.

Strategically placed in areas of the city where there is a high concentration of Americans and Latinos, the billboards feature paid minority actors “photo-shopped” standing next to actual minority Rochester, NY Police officers, with the slogans “We’ve Got Your Back” and “On the Same Team.”

When that didn’t work, Chief Sheppard tried several other attempts.

He came up with several cop and kids outings, such as “Fish with a Cop”, where Rochester Police officers took a few inner city kids fishing on the banks of the dirty Genesee river, and “Skate with a Cop”, where officers went bmx bike riding and skateboarding with a few kids in an indoor skatepark.

When that didn’t work, Chief Sheppard turned what he called “twitter town hall”, where every Tuesday in January, for one hour, the Chief would be available questions, and concerns from citizens, of course Chief Sheppard made sure to selectively pick and choose which questions, or concerns he would respond to.

When that didn’t work, Chief Sheppard announced the Rochester, NY Police department Facebook page, which has turned out to be another dud.

It was that last move by Chief Sheppard which prompted me to create my own Facebook page, “Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed.”

The page, which I officially launched on March 2, 2013, exposes the misconduct, corruption, and questionable activity by Rochester, NY Police officers, which the RPD, and the City of Rochester don’t want taxpayers to see.

The response to the page has been overwhelming, with just over 1.5 million views in less than a month.

Even though the page is essentially about exposing dirty cops, I have no problem featuring the few Rochester Police officers who seem to really care about the community they have sworn to “serve and protect.”

Rochester, NY Police officers like Kaela Pitts.

After I posted the photo to the right, which shows officer Pitts playing hopscotch with youth on a city sidewalk, the response has been amazing.

As of the writing of this post, the photo has been viewed more than 40, 864 times, has received 2,359 ‘likes’, and over 260 comments.

Comments such as “That’s how it use to be back in the day’s, when the police in the was a part of the community. Not looking at us like we are criminals!”, or “Can we clone her about….. 5000 times. Plz.”

I think Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts, represents for the community, what we want and need.

Caring, good police officers.

Officers who use their authority to make a positive difference in the lives of youth.

Not profile or abuse them.

I know for me, seeing this photo reminded me of a much happier time in my life.

A time where I was taught to respect police officers.

A time where I was taught that police officers were your friend, and that they were they to help you.

Like that time in second grade when “officer Friendly” from the Rochester, NY Police department visited our classroom at Jonathan Child #21 School.

A time when I would sit on my porch and Rochester, NY police officer Ron Fontaine, a great man, and an even greater police officer, would stop his cruiser in front of my house on Child Street, just to say hi to me.

So you see Chief Sheppard, with all your desperate, failed attempts to win the community’s trust and respect, through billboards, outings, twitter and even Facebook, the answer is simple.

You need to get rid of the dirty, corrupt, rogue, racist cops on your force, and hire more officers like RPD officer Kaela Pitts!


Visit my facebook page: 

“Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed!” by clicking the link below


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Rochester, NY Police officer Kaela Pitts, the Hopscotch Cop: Should be an Example to All Police officers! is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

NYPD Racial Brutality

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam:

Have you always believed the NYPD was here to serve and protect the citizens of NY? Well, take a look at my story…

On August 12, 2009 I was celebrating a surprise but planned out birthday party with friends and business colleagues at a Night Club called Suzie Wongs, located on W27st between 10th & 11th avenues, in NYC.

Not only was it the celebration of my 30th birthday, but also the fact that we had finally accomplished and obtained a business contract deal with Hershey’s Chocolate, to develop a fashion apparel brand with the Fortune 500 Company.

Just before we wrapped up our festivities at Suzie Wongs, we decided to cut a cake at a 2nd location called Perfections – a Gentlemen’s Club located in Queens.

I escorted two of my female friends to catch a cab and shortly thereafter I saw that my friend Turan Sutherland was in the process of being arrested, which was confusing to me because I had just seen him before exiting the club.

Just before 4:00AM, I was brutally, and racially attacked by multiple NYPD officers, all because I respectfully repeated a question, having been concerned about the safety of my friend.

Howard Collins: “Excuse me officer, it’s my birthday and that’s my cousin. Can you let me know why he is being arrested?”

Officer Eric Florio: “Back The Fuck Up!”

I backed up a couple of steps as the Officer stated, and then repeated my question…

Howard Collins: “Excuse me officer, it’s my birthday that’s my cousin can you let me know why he is being arrested?”

Officer Eric Florio: “Back The Fuck Up!”

I backed up a couple more steps away from the Officer as requested, and asked the following;

Howard Collins: Can you at least let me know what precinct you’re going to take him to?

Immediately thereafter, Officer Florio walked towards me, pulled out his metal and extended his baton striking me in my legs while I was still backing up, until I backed into a construction pillar. Officer Florio continued to beat me with his baton, striking my left knee while I held on to the construction pillar for support. At that moment, a second officer, McGee (his partner), then started beating me in my right Knee.

All this time I was NEVER read my rights and I was NEVER told that I was being placed under arrest. My friend Dujaun Bond stood five feet away and watched the entire beating take place. At this time I knew I was going to be placed under arrest, so then I looked at the second officer to try to remember his badge number. When he saw me trying to do so, he pulled out a spray bottle, said, “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT NIGGER?” and maced me directly in my right eye.

I turned away with one eye open so I could be aware of the beating, then Officer Florio maced me directly in my Left eye and continued beating me. At this point I clutched onto the pillars tighter because, I was terrified for my life.

As my eyes would open and close, in and out from receiving beating after beating all over my body, I thought not to let my body fall to the ground. Then I started thinking about Rodney King, and in the blink of an eye, Abner Louima, and in a final blink of an eye, I flashed to a black tunnel of a list of different police brutality victims – all while being beaten by metal batons on my knees, my legs, my arms and the right side of my face.

Seconds later, a 6’5” and 280 – 300 pound detective came rushing out of an unmarked car and punched me directly in the right side of my face, dazing me. Then, he placed me in a full nelson, putting his arms under mine – to the back of my neck. He pulled me off and picked me up, slamming me to the ground, face down, and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

After I was in handcuffs, officers began kicking my legs, my groin, my stomach, my chest, my back – and then I passed out from being kicked in the face.

I woke up still handcuffed, behind bars with Turan Sutherland. My mouth was foaming and I was gasping for air from the mace in my mouth. I was choking on a chipped tooth with the taste of my blood in my mouth, and behind my contacts there was a serious problem. I started falling in and out of a panic; I was not able to see or breath, and I couldn’t use my hands.

Before I could no longer respond, Turan was trying to make me stay focused, trying to get me to breathe, and trying to get someone call the ambulance – but the 10th precinct Officers told Turan to back the fuck up off me and let that nigger die there.

After officers saw that I was not responding, they called an ambulance to take me to the emergency room, where I awoke with my arms and ankles cuffed to the bed. I awoke to a nurse telling me about the injuries I had sustained and that I had an open wound in my left knee. The mace was never washed out of my eyes. The nurse was not sure if there were any particles in the cut, so she would not give the injury any stitches. She put the discharge papers in my hand and left. When the nurse left, Officer McGee came close to my face and said, “LOOK AT ME NIGGER, YOU DON’T LOOK TOO TOUGH NOW. SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING!”

I began to yell and cry for help to the nurses and the doctors around. I explained that the officer was threatening me, and that I was scared of what they were going to do to me, to which the nurse replied, “Sorry sir, but it’s out of our control and there’s nothing we can do about it.” I closed my eyes and started to pray, a,d I don’t know if I fell asleep or passed out in a panic, but I don’t remember much before returning back behind bars in the 10th precinct.

Back behind bars with Turan, I finally learned what he got arrested for and what happened to me after asking the officer the questions. He told me he was scared and thought I was going to die, and that he was sorry that this started because of him. He was urinating in public, having forgotten that there was a warrant out for his arrest.

After explaining and filling in the blanks on how police unjustifiably beat me up after handcuffing me without reading me my rights, Officer Florio showed up to the cell bars. Before releasing Turan, Officer Florio decided to threaten me by saying “If you think about suing me, you’ll lose because you’re some street smuck, and I would win because I’m an officer.” He went on to taunt me about how a similar incident took place before in his career; he gloated about how he won, and how he would do so again.

After what Turan explained to me about what took place, I found it funny but painful. I passed him my Hershey’s Business card and told him if I was a street smuck, I don’t think Hershey’s Chocolate, a Fortune 500 Company, would want to do business with me. I told him he could keep his measly paying job, and I never said another word to Officer Florio ever again.

I was processed through booking two hours after Turan Sutherland was released. Again, I was never told what I was arrested for, nor had I ever been read my rights throughout the whole process – until finally a legal aid attorney told me what I was being charged with.


I was released without bail but had to report back to court. After receiving my belongings from the 10th precinct, I went to my friend’s home, then to the hospital afterwards because I had very real complaints of internal body pains, and was experiencing blood in my urine and stool. That very morning I had even coughed up blood.

On several court dates, neither of the officers involved in my birthday beating showed up to court. The case was ultimately sealed and dismissed on March 23, 2010.

Later, I followed up on a lawsuit with a lawyer named Joel Schmelkin of Breadbar, Garfield & Schmelkin. The lawsuit which was filed in this attorneys office stated the following:

On Wednesday, August 12th 2009, at approximately 3:40AM on West 27th Street between 10th & 11th avenue’s, in the county of New York, City and State of New York I was FALSELY ARRESTED, FALSELY IMPRISONED, BATTERED, RACIALLY INSULTED WITH VILE LANGUAGE; I HAD MACE SPRAYED UPON ME, AS WELL AS MY CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATED BY THE CITY OF NEW YORK, AND THEIR AGENTS, SERVANTS, AND EMPLOYEES, AND OTHER VARIOUS POLICE OFFICERS OF THE 10TH PRECINCT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO P.O. ERIC FLORIO, (SHIELD #00653). I was suing for $5,000,000 (Five-million) Dollars.

On 10-22-2009 I learned I had the following injuries in my MRI of the Lumbosacral Spine: POSTEROCENTRAL DISC HERNIATION AT THE L5-S1 & L4-L5 LEVEL (My spine was shifted toward the left side). MY CERVICAL SPINE IS IN REVERSE OF THE NORMAL CURVATURE OF THE CERVICAL SPINE, AND I HAVE A TORN MANISCUS IN MY KNEE.

Ever since August 12, 2009, the day of my 30th Birthday, my world has been upside down. As if the incident wasn’t bad enough, later on that year Aleah Holland RN left me with our 1 year old son.

All this was happening while I had to care for my very ill mother Graciela Alexander who is suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, and Breast Cancer which has now Metastasized to the brain.

On January 10, 2013, two days after my son’s 5th birthday, I was awarded full custody of Howard Collins IV from his mother Aleah Holland RN who had abandoned him in late 2009, just before his 2nd Birthday.

Since August 2009, I’ve been undergoing physical therapy and battling constant pains. We finally started trial on February 25th of this year – so I’ve been dealing with this ordeal going on 4 years now.

February 25, 2013 – TRIAL DATE / How does this explain and justify what NYPD did? Please read my truthful recollection of what occurred in court:

On February 25th 2013, Officer Eric Florio testified that I was intoxicated in public, that I hit him and that he was scared of me. Really?! Officer Florio never charged me with PUBLIC INTOXICATION or ASSAULT AND BATTERY. I need someone to please tell me how this makes any sense.

Officer Florio charged me for RESISTING ARREST while he and his partner Officer McGee were beating and macing me in the face as I held on to a construction pillar for support. Simultaneously,  an unmarked police car pulled up, a detective hopped out and punched me in my face, assisting both officers. No one ever took the information of this mystery officer, after they kicked me repeatedly. They were using excessive force – mind you, I was already handcuffed!

When I was rushed to Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan for passing out in the 10th precinct, I was treated and awakened by Nurse Suzanne Echemendia. She told me that I had puncture wounds on my knee and lower leg, contusions to my lower extremity in multiple sites, and she also said that they would not give me any stitches because she didn’t know if there were any particles in the wound. They didn’t clean my eyes out from the mace either, but I remember how the officers cleansed their eyes after macing one another by accident (while purposely macing me at the same time).

Handcuffed to the bed by my ankles and wrists, I was racially insulted again by Officer McGee when he said, “LOOK AT ME NOW NIGGER, YOU DON’T LOOK TOO TOUGH. SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING!”

As trained professional officers of the state of New York, Officer Florio and Officer McGee both testified to the importance of affidavits and how they must be accurate – but both officers failed to adhere to their own policy when they processed me through the system under their false allegations that I assaulted Officer Florio.

Officer Florio testified on February 25, 2013 that it is very important that officers’ paperwork is very accurate. Yet, at the hands of Officer Florio, I was liable of getting lost in the system as he lied and testified that he did not write the police statement, stating that he only signed it. (So, it’s okay not to read your arrest affidavits to see if they’re accurate or not?)

While Officer McGee was on trial, he plead the 5th on his actions at the scene, and at Saint Vincent’s Hospital on my birthday.

While in court, evidence was presented against me in the form of photographs that were taken from my Facebook account. One photo was of my son and I saluting on a horse with my ill Mother getting back to life. It was made to seem as though I must have been feeling 100% fine physically because of this. That was certainly not the case. What this picture does show is that I am a proud and loving father. My son is infatuated with horses; he tries to use me as his human horse. So, one day I took him and my mother to see the horses; my son wanted a picture on the horse with his dad, and that’s exactly what I gave him.

In addition to this, a second photo of me getting a massage was presented. The caption read: “Feeling like $$$$$$ (money).” What is the crime in that?
How does that picture justify nearly being killed on my birthday by NYPD?

All I did was share my temporary feelings of satisfaction with my friends and family, via a social network. Temporary satisfaction, because although the massage provided much needed relief for my back pains, the feeling would wear off.

The court knows that my doctors records show and prove that I am still suffering with hernias in my upper and lower back due to the beating I received from NYPD, back in August 2009.

To discredit my character, the State and NYPD got Aleah Holland RN – the mother who abandoned our 5 year old son (when he was 2 years old) and is also suing Judge Esther Morgenstern, The Children’s Law Center, and The Administration for Children Services for $999 Trillion Dollars – to try and make false allegations about me… but this is the same woman who lost on January 10th, 2013, when they awarded me full custody. She is vindictive, bitter, and will say anything to tarnish my reputation.

On February 8th, 2013, I had to take my mother to her cancer appointment and her doctor told me that she had less then a year to live. I then received a call from my lawyer, Joel Schmelkin, who told me I had to rush into court – but I was unable to because I was caring for my mother. The court was not moved by my situation and had not one care whatsoever; they forced a $25,000 judgment against me based on allegations from Aleah Holland RN (who has not been a registered nurse since 2008). She testified to discriminate against my character, and the State and NYPD provided photos from Facebook’s Social Network of an automobile accident that took place in 2006 – 3 to 4 years prior to the date in question – August 12, 2009.

The judge did not care to look at my facts and proof, and showed no emotion on the actions of NYPD. There is nothing that justified what police did to me on August 12th, 2009, and Bios testify to the fact that Officer’s Florio and McGee were not accurate with their police work, lied about the charges and my conditions, and that in public, I was severely beaten and racially attacked.

I need justice because I still have to go to therapy and undergo surgery for my knee.

Please Help Me Get Justice.

Yours Sincerely,

Howard Collins


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