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Rumford Police Unaccountable

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

imgres 150x150 Rumford Police UnaccountableBy: Rolly Perry, guest blog

The Rumford Police are at it yet again. I was up at The Bridge (Boulder) past (High Bridge) on Friday February 24th at about 10:30am getting ready to climb the rock there. As I was getting ready a Rumford, Maine cruiser drove by. He goes “you alright?” I said I was and he told me to move my truck. It’s parked in the spot where I climb and maybe a foot or two on the road. I again explained why I was there and why I need my truck in this location. I also mentioned that I climb there all the time. To no avail.

He gets belligerent and starts to give me HUGE attitude! I’m actually kind of shocked and can’t believe this is actually happening. So I get in and move it off the road. He backs up off the road, gets out and sputters something. As I walk over to the spot where the truck was, I ask him how far do I need to move it [the truck]?

“Come over here I’m talking to you.” He said.

I keep walking to the spot to show him with my feet the distance I think I would need to move it. I said, “How far do I need to move it over to, here?”

Then he said “I’m done arguing with you!”

“Ok” I replied.

“The next time I see the truck parked there I’m gonna tow it.”

I said “ok.”. Then he drives off. I went to the town manager to complain. He said I should talk to chief. I said I did not want to talk him and was told a formal complaint can be issued in writing. He simply has no idea how to have any public relations or he made the situation worse by getting attitude with me. Much much worse. Pathetic… Really sad job performance. Escalate an almost completely benign situation into one that showed how poor of an officer he was.

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Mass Incarceration in the Margins: Women, Trans & the Prison Industrial Complex: audio now up

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
Mass Incarceration in the Margins: Women, Trans & the Prison Industrial Complex
Tanisha Douglas, Sonni Farrow, Reina Gossett, Victoria Law, Tina Reynolds & Laura Whitehorn
March 8th, 2012 7:30 PM

If you missed it, you can still hear the discussion:

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Seabrook NH Police target Albert Abramson for Speaking Out

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

by Max Abramson

Here is the latest public release for info relating to my upcoming trial. Jury selection will be the morning of Monday, March 12th. There is also video for this at:

WMUR coverage:

When a candidate for any office is confronted by the threat of 48 years in prison, a decent respect for the voting public obligates some kind of explanation.  While I can’t discuss the details of the bloody fight that occurred in my home on December 19th, 2010, I feel that I must inform readers, in some detail, about what is already published in Rockingham County Attorney’s Office own documentation.

At least three witnesses notified the police that one woman was wielding a knife, stating that she intended to kill someone.  Several partygoers admitted that people had been repeatedly told to leave, some refusing to do so.  At least one witness noted that the leader of an area gang tried to grab my gun during the fight, and has at least two previous convictions for attempted murder.  At least four partygoers had previous convictions for assault, battery, and other violent crimes.  Police photographs and statements show blood on the floor and damage to property, “indicative of a physical fight.” Eight indictments appear to accuse me of firing a round into the ground outside, “in an attempt to break up the fight,” which is not, as most read the law, a criminal act.

Witnesses admitted that I did not set up the party, nor was I the one who invited people.  I have many years of experience in safe handling of firearms, and did not act recklessly at any time.  Many others have asserted that the charges brought against me by the Seabrook PD were motivated by my open questioning of their bloated budget–three times the size of similar towns–lack of response to calls for service, and acts of dishonesty by certain officers (including falsifying reports and stealing from the gun range fund and Toy Bank Fund).  The truth is that the Seabrook police did not file charges against those involved in the fight, and they made a number of statements to the press and public that they knew to be untrue.  RCAO has a history of prosecuting people they know to be innocent, even suborning perjured testimony.  The truth is that I did the best I could with the crisis in front of me, and that some members of the SPD were reckless and out of control in their response to the call.  Jury selection is Monday, March 12th, and the trial will occur at Rockingham County Courthouse in Brentwood for those wanting to see the truth.  Video will be uploaded to

- Max Abramson

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Turns Out, They Had Nothing To Hide

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Good reporting by Lucy Steigerwald on an outrageous 13-man SWAT raid, with flashbangs, on a home suspected of illegally growing medical marijuana. It’s of course legal to grow the stuff in Colorado if you have a patient card and stay under the state limit. The residents appear to have received the full brunt force of the SWAT team because they dared to exercise their constitutional rights.

Further details from KRDO reveal that when the police came to the home previously (at around 10 p.m. on Christmas 2011), Ball and Glandorf showed their medical marijuana cards, but refused to let officers in because they didn’t have a warrant. This, says Colorado Springs police spokesperson Barbara Miller, is kind of dubious:

“If you have nothing to hide, most people would open the door and say, ‘Yes, please come in and and let’s dispel any information you have because it’s false.”

Can we please send every cop who utters the “if you have nothing to hide . . . ” line to Fourth Amendment reeducation camp?

Miller, however, told Reason that she understood that the reaction to a so-called “knock and talk” on Christmas was understandable, and she might have done the same thing. And also that she “really appreciate[s] everybody’s constitution rights” and “everybody should use them.” However . . .

Whenever a police spokesperson talks about respecting constitutional rights, you can expect a however isn’t far behind.

 . . . Miller said officers smelled a very strong presence of marijuana in the home, and continued their investigation. Miller said police found out that someone living in the house had a prior felony weapons charge, and also noted that the electric bill was very high for the property.”That’s really important when you’re talking narcotics because that’s a tell-tale sign that they’re doing a grow there.”

Tell-tale. And in this case, false.

And after that, no arrests were made or charges were filed, because the patients were not growing more than Colorado state law permitted after all. Supposedly a handgun was found,  but Glandorf denies this.

Two dogs were apparently injured by the flashbangs. The police deny this. Because, as we all know, flashbangs are perfectly safe. I mean, except when they aren’t.

Morning Links

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
  • Three very good posts from Jacob Sullum illustrating the absurdity of hate crimes laws: one, two, and three.
  • Coming to California: A new law inspired by a dead person.
  • The U.S. Secretary of Transportation enjoys driving around to find drivers talking on their cell phones, then honking his horn at them.
  • Federal court bars Mississippi from putting children in solitary confinement.
  • U.K. police raid the wrong house after stolen iPhone pings to the wrong address: “Nottingham Police refused to reimburse Kerr for the repairs to his door — because officers ‘reasonably believed’ an offender was in the house.”
  • The state of Utah has stopped the family of Matthew Stewart from raising funds for his defense. They say the family must first get a permit.
  • Two years after he was stopped and illegally searched, Raleigh man just wants an apology. He hasn’t received one.

Can I Get a Complaint Form?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

No. No, you can’t.

Favorite part: “It’s a free country.”


Heroism bar set remarkably low for police officers

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

A video allegedly depicting a very kind and wonderful cop has been circulating around the internet for a while now. I ignored it at first, but it keeps popping up – along with peoples’ maudlin and obsequious commentary about how touching and heart-warming this officer’s last act of kindness is, and how this surely is a stellar example of how police officers ought to be.

You may ask, what was this last act of kindness? Did the officer lay down his life for another? Did he save a child from drowning? Or perhaps he protected an individual from some kind of vile crime against the person, such as murder or rape?

No, no – none of that. Something far more glorious and admirable – he bought a kid $1 worth of cookies at McDonald’s. Daveon Tinsley purportedly asked Officer Jeremy Henwood for 10 cents to buy a cookie, and Officer Henwood in response bought the him 3 cookies. Subsequently, Henwood was gunned down and killed, allegedly in an unprovoked attack (more here).

The media frequently demonstrates their extreme bias when it comes to police; this is nothing new. When innocent people are murdered or beaten  by police for no reason, the media is quick to point out the victim was a criminal, was drinking, or was engaged in some other mild offense, as if to justify police actions. Funny how it works though – when police die in unfortunate circumstances, the media has no interest in digging up dirt on the dead officer, but instead rushes to point out any inane, worthless factoid that will “humanize” the officer. Yet, one cannot blame the media, when people demonstrate that this kind of nonsense is exactly what they prefer.

While it is lamentable when anyone dies in an unprovoked attack, a logical assessment of this situation leads one to the inevitable conclusion that many people in America are idiots. The first clause of the previous sentence is bolded because no matter how clear I make it, any time I show anything less than uncontrollable anguish at the news of an officer’s death, I am accused of the utmost depravity, and of cheering on their deaths. Nevertheless – buying someone a cookie would not be news in any other context for other people who die in tragic circumstances, but somehow, when a police officer dies, a non-negligible number of Americans start incoherently babbling about how fucking great it was that some man bought a kid some cookies. Americans get so excited about this that it actually is reported as news.

This is to say nothing of the fact that people like Henwood are basically gang members in nice uniforms. They spend their lives prowling the streets, extorting people of their hard-earned money based on stupid crimes like jaywalking, speeding, rolling stop signs, drinking on the beach, or smoking marijuana. This is a fact, because most people in jail/prison are not there for violent crimes or property crimes. They are there for drugs or other offenses which involved no victim. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude police spend most of their time on drug and victimless offenses, rather than on offenses involving personal or property crime.

Accordingly, police officers dedicate their lives to essentially terrorizing people. At the worst, they kill children in drug raids, chase down and beat innocent people,  kill harmless pets or abuse wildlife. At the very least, they drive around and make everyone they pass feel anxious. They have a dress code, and adhere to the Blue Code of Silence, which is a loyalty oath they make to each other. Really, the gang member analogy could not be more apt.

No one posts videos such as, “Crip member’s last act of kindness,” or “M13 leader shows last act of kindness by buying boy a sammich,” but for some reason, people wet themselves over Henwood’s last act of kindness – completely ignoring the fact he spent most of his days being an asshole to people.

This is surely reminiscent of the hysterical behavior exhibited by the mourning citizens of North Korea when Kim Jong Il passed, although on a milder level. Here, we have the same kind of bizarre hero-worship of a man who in all likelihood had the moral integrity of a local thug. Inexplicably, people’s reactions are of greatly exaggerated sorrow, followed by diarrhea-like outpours of lament. Are you one of the Americans who thought North Koreans were insane for putting on such histrionic displays of sadness when Kim Jong Il died? Better check the mirror; you might be an only-slightly-less-insane, only-slightly-less-ignorant version of them.

Heroism bar set remarkably low for police officers is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

A Cheshire County Crime House

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I believe that all people have the same rights. No matter what you look like, where you were born or what job you have. People are equal, no one is better than another, period.

Some believe that certain people (like the sick and elderly or the privileged) have more rights than another person. Or that’s what they mean when they say, “Legalize medical marijuana (or insert anything justifies legalization (theft) opposed to criminalization (force)).”

Then there are some who will do whatever they’re told because “they’re just doing their jobs.”

It’s the last of those that really scare me and the type of people currently employed at the Cheshire County Sheriff’s office, particularly Caleb Dodson. For months these men have spit in the face of the constitution they swore to uphold by repeatedly restricting the “Freedom” of the press. That silly piece of paper they raised their hand to grants a “freedom of the press” and though that also grants people with one profession more rights than others, these officers refuse to uphold their own agreement.

Now I can’t really blame Caleb and his thuggish friends for pissing on their oath. The constitution is meaningless. What I do blame Caleb and the house of organized crime he works for is their actions. They all know they’re public officials and Caleb knows he’s a “law enforcer” that is subject to being filmed. Therefore, if they know we’re (anyone, at anytime) allowed to film (and more so when they show up, cause their violent bastards) then why do they continue to enforce filming bans and bogus trespassing orders. Especially when these bans and orders are not law, but merely judges’ orders.

How many camera bans will you allow before you say something? We let the guns go, will we let the cameras go too? The more the government can do without you know, the worse it will be. Don’t believe me, just wait.

Special thanks to Carlos Miller for his footage and coverage today, I’ll post his blog post later (when up) but for now you can see his video of the event here.  A Cheshire County Crime House


A Cheshire County Crime House is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Morning Links

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Show Your Patriotism

Monday, February 27th, 2012

In London, England, the Metropolitan Police department has apologized and paid an undisclosed compensation to a teenager stopped from photographing the annual Armed Forces Day Parade in 2010. Several officers confronted Jules Mattson, then 15, and told him it was illegal to shoot the parade. When he protested, one of them told him that taking photographs of the patriotic parade was “silly,” “gay” and “stupid.”