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“The Root” Cites Tasered While Black’s Anti-Electrocution Advocacy

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Today, The Root, a publication of the Washington Post, published an article opposing "police pre-trial electrocutariam" and citing AfroSpear-member L.N. Rock's Tasered While Black blog, saying:
Another blog, Tasered While Black, keeps a running log of black Americans killed or abused in what it calls "police pre-trial electrocution." The Root
The entire article is excellent.

Mayor’s Dogs Killed in Drug Raid

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

A Prince George’s County, Maryland SWAT team raided the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo last night, shooting and killing his two black labs in the process.

"My government blew through my doors and killed my dogs," Calvo said. "They thought we were drug dealers, and we were treated as such. I don’t think they really ever considered that we weren’t."

Calvo described a chaotic scene, in which he — wearing only underwear and socks — and his mother-in-law were handcuffed and interrogated for hours. They were surrounded by the dogs’ carcasses and pools of the dogs’ blood, Calvo said.

Spokesmen for the Sheriff’s Office and Prince George’s police expressed regret yesterday that the mayor’s dogs were killed. But they defended the way the raid was carried out, saying it was proper for a case involving such a large amount of drugs.

Well no, it isn’t, unless there’s reason to believe that the mayor, his wife, and his mother-in-law are violent people capable of killing cops who might have served the warrant in a less confrontational manner. The possibility of the mayor or his wife disposing of the drugs doesn’t seem likely, either, unless the family owns an industrial-strength toilet: The raid commenced after police began tracking a package filled with 30 pounds marijuana originating in Arizona that was eventually delivered to the mayor’s wife.

Local police are angry that they weren’t notified first:

"You can’t tell me the chief of police of a municipality wouldn’t have been able to knock on the door of the mayor of that municipality, gain his confidence and enter the residence," Murphy said. "It would not have been a necessity to shoot and kill this man’s dogs."

It’s worth emphasizing that these were labs. Not the most intimidating dog in the world. Of course, offing the dog is almost standard procedure in these things, now.

On the other hand, maybe once a few public officials feel the brunt end of the militarized drug war, we’ll get some real discussion about whether it’s all really necessary.

Botched Raid on Innocent Family Earns Cops Merit Badges

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Last December, I posted about a botched SWAT raid on an innocent Minnesota family.  Acting on bad information from an informant, the police threw flash grenades though the family’s windows, then exchanged gunfire with Vang Khang, who mistook the police for criminal intruders.  Seven months later, no one in the police department has been held accountable for the mistakes leading up to the raid.

However, this week Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and Mayor R.T. Rybak did give the raiding officers medals and commendations for their bravery in nearly killing Vang Khang, his wife, and their six children.

Said Chief Dolan while handing out the hardware:

"The easy decision would have been to retreat under covering fire. The team did not take the easy way out," Dolan told the crowd. "This is a perfect example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not because of the professionalism with which it was handled."

This is really beyond outrage.  The city of Minneapolis is commending and rewarding its police officers for firing their weapons at innocent people.  A family of eight was terrorized, assaulted, and nearly killed, and it’s the "perfect example" of a situation that could have gone wrong?

It’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened, either.  In November 2006, a Baltimore County, Maryland police officer was given an award for shooting Cheryl Lynn Noel, a mother of two gunned down in her nightgown when she grabbed a gun after mistaking the raiding police officers for criminal intruders.  The officer then shot Noel a second time from point blank range.  That award came shortly after the Noel family filed a civil suit against Baltimore County.

MORE: Listen to the 911 call from Khang’s wife here. Note how long it takes for the police to finally identify themselves.

Two More Deaths from the “Non-Lethal” Taser

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

One in North Carolina of a man arrested for shoplifting. Another in Louisiana of a man arrested for drug possession.

“A Day of Blogging for Justice – Blogging Against Extra-Judicial Electrocution (Tasers)”

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
Today, Wednesday July 30th 2008, black bloggers and other interested bloggers from across America are holding "A Day of Blogging for Justice - Blogging Against Extra-Judicial Electrocution (Tasers)"

Many Americans have seen the
outrageous police tasing and attempted murder video Imagine! Tasing a suicidal man and causing him to fall OFF AN OVERPASS AND ONTO THE HIGHWAY, in clear violation of tasing instructions!

Notice that the news footage shown does not show the actual fall and does not show the man on the ground, but only being taken away in an ambulance, after a 15 foot fall onto the expressway.) He was suicidal before but, with the help of his local police, he is now in critical condition.

The blog
Tasered While Black has been tracking the issue of black folks being tased for some time now. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now is tracking the Death by Taser of a black man in Louisiana. We are blogging today against police and other security entities across America, Canada and around the world involved in Extra-Judicial Electrocution by Tasers. African American political Pundit has called it a campaign against "on the spot pre-trial electrocution" of members of the public (many who are of African descent).

U.N. says: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture Tasers a form of torture, says UN The Daily TelegraphU.N. Calls Tasers Torture : NPR

Today we want to give you and other members of the general public, awareness on the issue of taser abuse by police. It's important that the general public understand the 'use of force continuum' used by law enforcement officials, and how it is abused by many in the law enforcement community. (See the
use-of-force-continuum provided by Villager at Electronic Village) Although there is a Justice Department Review of TASER-related Deaths the on-the-spot pre-trial electrocutions continue.

Here are just a few of the many links to some of the worst cases involving black Americans receiving pre-trial electrocutions. This includes the
outrageous police tasing of black man on bridge.

Top 13 Cases of Blacks receiving pre-trial electrocution via taser

Case #1
It's the case of the black man getting tased to death in Georgia (while in police custody) with almost a dozen police holding him down as he is tased.

Here is an actual video (below) of a black man who received "Extra-Judicial Electrocution" (tasered to death) in Georgia.

Acceptable Use of Torture in the USA [Gwinnett County, Georgia] The use of electric shock as a method of torture was first documented in Nazi, Germany, but today it is still used as an acceptable use of force. Why? WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU DARE!

Case #2
Pregnant Black Women Tasered In Ohio Hat Tip: Villager at Electronic Village for breaking this story to the afrospear.November 29, 2007 TROTWOOD, Ohio --

The FBI is investigating after a Trotwood police officer used a Taser on a pregnant woman. Trotwood Public Safety Director Michael Etter said the incident happened on Nov. 18. He said the woman arrived at the police department asking to give up custody of her 1-year-old son. Etter said an officer spoke with the woman as she held onto the child outside the police department. "(He) attempted to obtain information on both the mother and the child, at which time the mother refused to give any information and became very agitated," Etter said. Surveillance video from the police department shows the woman trying to leave with the child. The officer then grabs her coat in an effort to get her to stop. Etter said the officer was doing what he thought was in the best interest of the boy.The video shows the woman struggling with the officer, who then takes the child from her and gives the boy to another officer. The first officer then forces the woman down on her stomach, and he then uses a Taser on her neck. Etter said the officer did not know the woman was pregnant."She did not disclose, even after she was arrested, that she was pregnant," Etter said. He said the woman was wearing a large winter coat and had her child on her lap when she was talking to the officer. Etter said the department is cooperating with the FBI investigation, and there is also an ongoing internal investigation to see if the use of force was warranted for the situation.Etter said the officer involved is still on duty. Trotwood's policy on use of force states that officers should "greatly evaluate each situation with discretion when anticipating the deployment of the Taser on young children, elderly persons and pregnant females."The woman involved in the case declined to make a statement, saying only that she feels "unjustly served," the television station reported. Officers said the 1-year-old boy was put into the custody of a family member after the incident.

Case # 3 - 17-year-old Darryl Wayne Turner - Killed While at Work Over Argument with Supervisor at grocery Store.
Release the surveillance videotape - Stop The Coverup! Why did the 17-year-old Black Kid Bagging Groceries have to die?

The Charlotte Observer

Here's what we know about how 17-year-old Darryl Wayne Turner died: He had cardiac arrest after a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer shot him with a Taser gun.
Yet what we don't know about that shooting is just as important. Police and prosecutors should say how many times Mr. Turner was shot and make public a surveillance videotape that captured much of the confrontation. That's the only way to settle questions about what happened.

Prosecutors announced last week that Police Officer Jerry Dawson acted appropriately when he shocked Mr. Turner during a March confrontation at a north Charlotte grocery store. Officials said Mr. Turner was shocked more than once after he advanced on the officer.

Yet police and prosecutors have refused to reveal how many times the officer shot Mr. Turner and refused to air a videotape that showed what happened leading up to the shooting.
That secrecy doesn't make sense. If the investigation cleared the officer, those key details would only reinforce that finding.

For one thing, knowing how many times Mr. Turner was shot gives the public a way to evaluate the officer's response in light of some disturbing facts.

A June study by the U.S. Department of Justice reviewed Taser deaths and found that many of them are associated with repeated shocks. It cautioned law enforcement agencies against repeated shockings, saying the medical risks are unknown.

Mr. Turner's autopsy showed the teen's heart was pumping so fast and chaotically from the Taser shot and the confrontation that it stopped pumping blood properly.
In addition, sharing the surveillance video with the public would resolve conflicting accounts of what it shows. A lawyer representing Mr. Turner's family has viewed videotape. He disputes the police account that Mr. Turner walked or advanced aggressively toward the officer before he was shot.

Case # 4 -
21 year old Barron Scooter Collins,

Tased to death nine times over the course of 30 minutes,0,2201847.story First cousin to Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six, killed after being tased nine times over the course of 30 minutes.
He was in restraints- in police custody when he died. And the certificate labels the death a homicide.A News Broadcaster reports, "The two other Winnfield Officers who were involved in the incident: Alan Marsdin and Cargyle Junior Branch-- Both are still on the force. Neither one has been disciplined."What's up with the
News Channel 5. Check out the report they make on the death of of a black man. They start of the report saying, "It's been five and a half months since the death of 21 year old Barron Scooter Collins, a convicted drug dealer. News Channel 5 has learned Collins birth name is Barron Pikes. And he was first cousin to Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six. Scooter died after being in police custody and being tased. The incident prompted over 100 blacks in Winnfield to protest downtown.

Tasered While Black says: Why was it so important to say:
"The 21 year old Barron Scooter Collins, a convicted drug dealer. "

OK, so News Channel 5 says it has learned Collins birth name is Barron Pikes. And he was first cousin to Mychal Bell, of the Jena Six. Scooter died after being in police custody and being tased. The incident prompted over 100 blacks in Winnfield to protest downtown. The Winn Parish Coroner, Dr. Randolph Williams, actually concluded his report 3 weeks ago and for the past 3 weeks News Channel 5 has been trying to get a copy of the report. Dr. Williams has refused to release anything to the media. But
Radio Talk Show Host Tony Brown has provided News Channel 5 a copy of the death certificate. Tony Brown has been in close contact with Scooters relatives. The Pikes gave Brown the death certificate—and permission for him to give it to us.

Tasered While Black: big hat tip to
Tony brown for standing in the gap with this family.
That document explains Scooter died after being tased nine times over the course of 30 minutes. He went into cardiac arrest. The certificate also confirms Collins was in restraints- in police custody when he died. And the certificate labels the death a homicide.

This is Scott Nugent, son of former Winnfield Chief of Police Gleason Nugent. Scott Nugent is the officer who tased Scooter after a foot chase. Nugent says Scooter was resisting arrest. But relatives of Scooter told NC5 that Nugent and Scooter went to high school together in Winnfield and had a bumpy personal history that they never liked each other. By the way, Nugent's record with Winnfield PD also has a major bump. In 2007 Nugent arrested a man for DWI--while the man was in Nugent's custody he somehow managed to steal Nugent's police cruiser—he crashed the car and died in the wreck.

Because the coroner was taking such a long time with his investigation, the Winnfield city council held an emergency meeting back in May. Nugent had been on paid suspension since the incident. But under an officer's bill of rights, there's only so much time that can pass until the officer is either allowed back to work or fired. The deadline was fast approaching so the city council voted 3 to 2 to terminate Nugent.

Nugent can appeal his termination to the local civil services board to try to get his job back. But job aside, Nugent could be facing criminal charges for the death. State Police Investigators are reviewing the incident and will present a report to the Winn Parish District Attorney. After that the case could go before a grand jury and then possibly a trial. Meanwhile Scooter's family is consulting with a lawyer about a lawsuit. Scooter had a 4 year old son named Kadarien.

Case # 5 - Black Man Tasered, Dies After Asking For Help From Police
Man dies after being Tasered by police - Fayetteville,NC,USA

A man died early this morning after being Tasered by Fayetteville Police Department officers.
The dead man's name has not been released. The State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to investigate. Fayetteville police also are conducting an internal investigation.
According to the Fayetteville police, a black male flagged down an officer at 5525 Murchison Road about 12:51 a.m. and said that he had overdosed on crack cocaine. When the officer tried to help, the subject fled.About 10 minutes later, officers responded to 5555 Murchison Road in reference to a business alarm. According to police, it was the same man. He became combative and officers tried to Taser him, but did not strike him with both darts.
FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- The State Bureau of Investigations in looking into the death of a man after being tasered by a Fayetteville Police officer.

Otis Anderson's family members say he was released from prison Sunday.
The incident between police and Anderson happened around midnight Wednesday at a convenience store on Murchison Road. More

Case # 6 - Black Man pepper-sprayed, punched then Tased from behind by Seattle Police even after he complied with their orders and he was down on his knees. SEATTLE - The King County Sheriff's Office is investigating a scuffle that erupted when Seattle police tried to make an arrest on New Year's Eve.Police officers ended up using a Taser on the man who, at that time, was on his hands and knees.

A KOMO 4 News photographer captured exclusive video of the arrest as officers were struggling with Marcel Richardson. Nearly a dozen police officers and at least one firefighter chased and tackled the man. (
Watch the raw video of the arrest) Police say Richardson, 23, had a simple choice -- comply or get arrested, and he chose the latter. But Richardson's aunt claims the police took it one step too far when they didn't have to, with her nephew already on the ground.The scuffle broke out in the packed streets near the Space Needle when a computer glitch suddenly stopped the planned fireworks, sending the excited crowds on the ground over the edge.The footage shows Richardson being pepper-sprayed, punched then Tased from behind while he was down on his knees."He was beat in the back of the head with a baton, he was kicked, he was punched in the face (and) for what?" said Michelle King, his aunt.King, who works for Seattle's Municipal Court, says she knows the justice system and is sure the officers went too far."To me, the police department is nothing but a licensed gang and I stand by my son. And no matter what happens after today, I'm going to stand by my son and my nephew until the end," she said.Case

# 7 - Pregnant Black Woman Tased Here is a older report but still relevant. Why are men still being allowed to abuse black woman like this and get away with it.
Black Pregnant Woman 'Tasered' by police is convicted

She was rushing her son to school. She was eight months pregnant.
Police used Taser on pregnant driver

She was rushing her son to school. She was eight months pregnant. And she was about to get a speeding ticket she didn't think she deserved.
So when a Seattle police officer presented the ticket to Malaika Brooks, she refused to sign it. In the ensuing confrontation, she suffered burns from a police Taser, an electric stun device that delivers 50,000 volts.

"Probably the worst thing that ever happened to me," Brooks said, in describing that morning during her criminal trial last week on charges of refusing to obey an officer and resisting arrest.

She was found guilty of the first charge because she never signed the ticket, but the Seattle Municipal Court jury could not decide whether she resisted arrest, the reason the Taser was applied.
To her attorneys and critics of police use of Tasers, Brooks' case is an example of police overreaction.

"It's pretty extraordinary that they should have used a Taser in this case," said Lisa Daugaard, a public defender familiar with the case. Law enforcement officers have said they see Tasers as a tool that can benefit the public by reducing injuries to police and the citizens they arrest. Seattle police officials declined to comment on this case, citing concerns that Brooks might file a civil lawsuit. But King County sheriff's Sgt. Donald Davis, who works on the county's Taser policy, said the use of force is a balancing act for law enforcement.

"It just doesn't look good to the public," he said. Brooks' run-in with police Nov. 23 came six months before Seattle adopted a new policy on Taser use that guides officers on how to deal with pregnant women, the very young, the very old and the infirm. When used on such subjects, the policy states, "the need to stop the behavior should clearly justify the potential for additional risks." "Obviously, (law enforcement agencies) don't want to use a Taser on young children, pregnant woman or elderly people," Davis said. "But if in your policy you deliberately exclude a segment of the population, then you have potentially closed off a tool that could have ended a confrontation." Brooks was stopped in the 8300 block of Beacon Avenue South, just outside the African American Academy, while dropping her son off for school. In a two-day trial that ended Friday, the officer involved, Officer Juan Ornelas, testified he clocked Brooks' Dodge Intrepid doing 32 mph in a 20-mph school zone. He motioned her over and tried to write her a ticket, but she wouldn't sign it, even when he explained that signing it didn't mean she was admitting guilt. Brooks, in her testimony, said she believed she could accept a ticket without signing for it, which she had done once before. "I said, 'Well, I'll take the ticket, but I won't sign it,' " Brooks testified.
Officer Donald Jones joined Ornelas in trying to persuade Brooks to sign the ticket. They then called on their supervisor, Sgt. Steve Daman.

More about this story below:
Pregnant Woman tazered after being pulled over for speeding in ...If Andrew Meyer Was Bad Then a Pregnant Black Woman is Worse
Death by Taser - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
half a bubble off plumb: Taser it before it grows

Case # 8 - Sunday, December 9, 2007

59 Year old black Veteran dies of spinal cord fracture after being "Tasered While Black." Another Black American Veteran Dead at the hands of Law EnforcementWill one of your family members be next?
Samuel Baker
Hat Tip:

What really happened? We the people may never know. Where were the Chief of Police and other elected officials during the meeting on October 9, 2007? They had promised to be there to provide answers. Is it because our Republic is quickly becoming a Police State?
A state, Wherein the news media refuse to report the truth, and where investigative reporting has become a thing of the past—in the so-called land of the free, and the home of too many graves?

News Media Whiteout machines, and Law Enforcement reports are all similar. This death of a 59-year-old American Veterans is no different from hundreds of others by the hands of Law Enforcement for whatever reasons.
More HEREResults are expected to be finalized Friday, investigators said. The results will now be turned over to the district attorney's office, which will determine whether charges are filed against anyone involved in the incident. More HERE
According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Baker, who passed away during an altercation with a Quitman Police officer, died from a spinal cord fracture and dislocation he suffered when he fell to the ground after being tased. Additionally, the GBI said that Baker's enlarged heart, due to hypertension, played a role in his death.
Hundreds of Quitman Residents March for Samuel Baker

Case # 9 -
Tasered While Black, and Sleeping in North Braddock, Pittsburgh
Tasered at his own home: The Shawn Hicks Story By Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -

When Shawn Hicks returned to his North Braddock home on Stokes Avenue after a Saturday night out on the town with friends, he didn't bother turning on the lights. Instead of heading to his bedroom, Mr. Hicks, a 29-year-old business major at Point Park University, plopped himself face down and fully dressed on his cream-colored leather sofa in his living room. He also neglected to deactivate his home security system, which has a silent alarm. Surrounded by the darkness and familiar comforts of his home, Mr. Hicks was asleep within five minutes. He didn't know it at the time, but he was not destined to have sweet dreams that night. "I felt a lot of voltage going through my body," Mr. Hicks said recalling the events of that late July weekend. "That's what woke me up." Jumping to his feet, Mr. Hicks was aware of an intense sensation between the shoulder blades of his 150-pound body. It didn't stop there. His whole body felt as if it were on fire. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light, his heart skipped yet another beat. Two North Braddock police officers, Gerard Kraly and Lukas Laeuricia, were standing in his living room. To this day, Mr. Hicks still doesn't know which is Kraly and which Laeuricia. The shorter of the two officers did most of the talking. His mustached partner was a burly over-6-footer in his late 30s or early 40s. He held the Taser, the prongs of which were sticking in Mr. Hicks' back. The polite family newspaper version of what Mr. Hicks said in response to being electrified translates roughly as "What's going on here?" The shorter cop, whom Mr. Hicks remembers as blond, asked him to calm down. The officer said that North Braddock police received a call from the security company monitoring Mr. Hicks' home. They believed a break-in was in progress More HERE. There is still more. The FBI reviewing Tasering of sleeping man. Hat Tip blogger Another Opinionated Youth who reports, Back in September, a man living in North Braddock, Pittsburgh, was tasered in his own home, while sleeping on the couch. The story is summed up below: Shawn Hicks had come back from a night out and plopped down on his own couch in his own home. Unfortunately, he failed to deactivate the silent alarm on his home security system. According to Hicks, two police officers responded to the alarm, entered his home, and woke him with a taser between the shoulder blades. When Hicks tried to explain that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that the officers were in his own home, they tasered him again. They next checked his wallet and ID, which confirmed his name and address. Then they tasered him again. The police then removed the taser pellets from Hicks' bloody back, refused to get him medical treatment, and arrested him for "being belligerent." They threw him in a holding cell until 5 am the next morning, when they released him without filing any charges. More HERE

Case # 10 - Retired Black Police Lt. Son Tasered While Black

Tasered while Black - NYPD StyleH/T Police Brutality Blog for reporting on the 17-year old Alex Lombard, III still has burn marks from the stun gun. He was stun-gunned four (4) times in one incident. His father, a retired police Lieutenant from the same New York City Police force, said, "I was just hurt by what happened, to think that members of the service, of the police department I worked on, could do this to my son." More HERE

Case # 11 -
Woman Dies After Being Handcuffed, Tasered By Police
Here is another one. This happened back in May of 2007 in Oklahoma.
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ A mentally ill homeless woman died after she was arrested outside a shelter and stunned with a Taser while she was on the ground in handcuffs, authorities and witnesses said. An autopsy was performed on Milisha Thompson, 35, but her cause of death has not been determined pending toxicology tests, police Sgt. Paco Balderrama said Tuesday. One witness, Edwin Davis, said onlookers began yelling, ``You killed her! You killed her!'' as Thompson slipped out of consciousness during Saturday's confrontation outside the City Rescue Mission. But Balderrama said Thompson repeatedly kicked and attacked officers, even after being stunned with the Taser. After she lost consciousness, officers began CPR and she was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
More HERERelated coverage below:
Woman Dies After Police Shoot Her With Taser
Woman Dies After Being Handcuffed, Stunned With Taser By Police 5/31/2007 Police Release Video, Answer Questions In Taser Death

Case # 12 -
Wichita Police Taser deaf man who could not hear verbal commands
Wichita NAACP Holding Wichita Police Department Accountable
WPD Officer uses a Taser gun on a deaf man who could not hear verbal commands On November 20th, a man by the name of Donnell Williams, 39, was at home alone . Mr. Williams is hearing impaired, has a glass eye, and walks with a slight limp. He was taking a shower when 4 officers responding to a call of 'shots fired' knocked on his door. Mr. Williams did not (and could not) hear them and he continued to shower.When he exited the shower, he walked into his living room, dressed only in a towel to find 4 Wichita Police Officers, one of which was carrying a bullet proof shield. Mr. Williams saw the officers gesturing to him, but could not hear what they were saying so he motioned towards his hearing aid which was sitting on his dining room table.When Mr. Williams turned to get his hearing aid from the table, he was shot with a taser gun by one of the officers. (remember; he was wearing only a towel, and motioning towards his hearing aid which was sitting on the table) more HERE and HERE - Hearing Impaired Man Tased by Police more HERE


Case # 13 - Don't forget the tasing of black folks is international.
"Taser Profiling" or being "Tasered While Black" is not limited to the U.S. - Enter Digby (Nova Scotia) .

Part II Coming Soon...The SOLUTIONS


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I’m no fan of Critical Mass protests, either. But damn.

Gothamist is reporting that the bicyclist was arrested and held for 26 hours for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. After the video surfaced on YouTube, the officer is apparently on desk duty pending an investigation. Score another one for copious videotaping of the police.

Afternoon Links

Monday, July 28th, 2008
  • Locksmiths vs. the Intertubes.
  • Are frequent flier miles still worth the effort?
  • Alternet recounts 20 years of torture by Chicago police officers, and the dozens of men who may still in prison due to false forced confessions.
  • Drug raid leads to puppycide. No drugs found.
  • Is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation profiting from smoking bans?
  • Meghan McCain: Islamofascist sympathizer?

  • Police use “Pre-Trial Electrocution” to knock suicidal black man off of a bridge.

    Saturday, July 26th, 2008
    Police use "Pre-Trial Electrocution" to knock suicidal black man off of a bridge. The police extra-judicial death penalty attempt (hopefully) failed.

    Black Man Tased on Bridge.
    Check out the Video of the black man and would-be suicidal jumper, brought down by pre trial police elerctrocution because he (the victim) was suicidal.

    It was another case of police attempted murder of yet another black man. Police estimate the pre-trial victim of police electrocution fell about 15 feet onto a concrete embankment beside I-70, landing on his right side after the 1½-hour standoff. Family members on the scene were distraught. They blamed the police department for preventing them to speak with McDuffy while he was on the bridge. His daughter felt he would have gotten off the bridge safely if she had the chance to speak to him. More HERE

    Phillip McDuffy, 45, suffered two broken arms, a fractured skull and possibly a broken jaw in the fall, Columbia police Capt. Zim Schwartze said yesterday.

    Don't be sucidal in America black man, before you jump off the bridge police may use "Pre-Trial Electrocution" to kill yah!

    Police responded to reports of 45-year-old Phillip McDuffy attempting to jump off the pedestrian walk overpass near Providence Road.
    Police responded to reports of 45-year-old Phillip McDuffy attempting to jump off the pedestrian walk overpass near Providence Road.
    The pedestrian overpass is more than 15 feet above the highway.
    The pedestrian overpass is more than 15 feet above the highway.
    McDuffy sat on the top of the overpass located over the westbound lanes of I-70.
    McDuffy sat on the top of the overpass located over the westbound lanes of I-70.

    Get this folks as reported by - Columbia Police say a Taser "played a role" in how a man fell from a bridge while he threatened to jump.

    Tasered While Black: WTF, played a role?

    Get this, also reports, "The department says the suicidal man, 45-year-old Phillip Lee McDuffy of Columbia, was threatening to jump from the Providence Road pedestrian overpass. After an hour and a half of negotiations, McDuffy moved towards the south side of the bridge away from I-70. Officers deployed a Taser when he was in a spot on the bridge that would prevent injury if he fell.

    Captain Zim Schwartze says that deployment did not work.

    Tasered While Black: Here comes the cover up! McDuffy moved quickly over the highway when the Taser was deployed a second time. By that time, he had moved away from a secure area and fell onto the concrete. He was taken to the hospital. McDuffy suffered two broken arms, an orbital fracture (eye socket) and a possible jaw fracture."

    Tasered While Black: needs to rewind the tape and start reporting the facts. The Cover up has begun. The Columbia Police Department released an extensive news release explaining its position on what happened and why officers decided to deploy the Taser. A downloadable version is available by clicking on the link. Source: Columbia Police Department Statement (pdf)

    Saturday Links/Open Thread

    Saturday, July 26th, 2008
  • NPR tracks down the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind. The guy is now–I can’t believe this–17-years-old.
  • And they wonder why people steal music.
  • Unfortunate logo.
  • The Onion summed up the war debate rather nicely back in March 2003.
  • Police in Ozark, Missouri tase a teen lying on the ground with a broken back, “up to 19 times.”
  • That’s a lot of damn sporks.

  • Memphis Blue

    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

    I believe this is the third case like of a police official using his position to bully a critical blog in just the last year or so:

    Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis have filed a lawsuit to learn who operates a blog harshly critical of Godwin and his department.

    The lawsuit asks AOL to produce all information related to the identity of an e-mail address linked to MPD Enforcer 2.0, a blog popular with police officers that has been extremely critical of police leadership at 201 Poplar.


    The bloggers, who operate under the name of Dirk Diggler — the name of the porn star in “Boogie Nights” — say their site provides an important service to officers and citizens.

    “This is another attempt at disrupting an outlet for officers to gather and complain about the administration,” they said on the site.

    “Further, this allows us unrestricted communication with the citizens of Memphis. The citizens should be made aware of the scandals that rock the administration and shudder the rocky foundation in which they operate today.”

    The bloggers also said city attorneys earlier this year wrote a threatening letter on city letterhead to a company that produced T-shirts for the bloggers.

    So police officials respond to a blog that accuses them of abusing their power by….abusing their power to go after the blog.

    Some fine police work there, Lou.