The information below was shared via by someone who wished to remain anonymous.

Date of Incident: 09/14/2014
Individual Responsible: William Grimmich
Outfit: Sebastian Police Department
Phone: (772) 589-5233

I saw this story online, and it’s a good story of police arresting one of their own.

Sebastian Police (Florida) Sgt. William Grimmich arrested and charged with Trafficking Oxycodone $100,000 bond, Felony Tamper or Destroy Evidence $50,000 bond. He is still in jail to this date. Below is a link to the arrest affadavit, and the news story.


According to a post at by Jason Davis:

Sebastian Police Chief Michelle Morris stated that, “routine accounting and auditing procedures earlier this year revealed discrepancies in submission of controlled substances placed into the evidence room.”

The Chief requested an investigation following this discovery by an outside agency.



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Date of Incident: 09/14/14
Individuals Involved:
Outfit: Corpus Cristi Police Department
Phone: (361) 886-2600

Police were called to capture a suspect for killing three people and injuring a child. Once the suspect – 63-year-old Sammeul Toomey – was handcuffed, officers kicked and kneed him in the face. Then, Corpus Cristi employees Michael Smotherman and Daniel Jimenez rammed Toomey’s head into the grill of a cop car with full intentions to take the law into their own hands.

The suspect is now dead. According to police he hung himself in his cell, at the Nueces County jail, once arrested. Many are questioning that scenario and now employees of another outfit – the Federal Bureau of Investigation – are looking into the matter.

Floyd Simpson, the top-dog at the Corpus Cristi Police Outfit, said:

The actions taken by the officers are not those of the standards set by the citizens of Corpus Cristi.

If is going to admit that in public, he knows they acted in the wrong – but will they be held accountable? Clearly Simpson, and his colleagues at the Corpus Cristi Outfit, is enduring much push-back from people who, after seeing the unnecessary roughness, are asking questions – such as, “Isn’t a person supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?”

One thing this incident makes clear is how integral is objective footage during police interactions. If you are confronted, or witness someone else stopped, film the police. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

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The inaction described below by Robert was shared via He details his experience traveling and, despite causing no victim or damage to property, being demanded by self-proclaimed “authorities” to show his papers. Is that evidence of a free society?

Date of Interaction: August 16 2014
Outfit: Conyers, GA Police Department
Phone: (770) 483-6600

On the sixteenth of August I was arrested at a roadblock in Conyers, Georgia.

I stopped at the roadblock, the leo asked me for my license. I responded “have I committed a crime?” The officer asked me again for my license, I said “what law did I break, am I suspected of committing a crime?” The LT. asked if I was refusing to show my license and I said “Is that a crime?” He didn’t respond and arrested me instead.

My motorcycle was impounded and It cost me a total of $222.00 to get out of jail and get my bike back. They said they were acting within the constitution.

They had no reasonable suspicion to stop me. This case is closed out but I have a court date set for the 10th of October 2014. Do you know of any pro bono constitutional lawyers that would pick this up?

Known Georgia-Based Police Accountability Groups

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The information below was shared by Rocco Iannacchino via about a less-than-savory interaction he had with NYPD’s “finest” in 2011. It’s unclear, despite the objective video, whom Rocco supposedly wronged, and why he was taken away by folks wearing badges. Clearly others present – those filming and chanting “let him go!” – didn’t think his actions necessitated police action.

Date of Interaction: 08-08-2011
Individuals Responsible: Unknown
Outfit: New York Police Department, 13th Precinct
Phone: (212) 477-7411

NYPD ‘AIDED REPORT’ Doesn’t Match Up To Video Evidence

I recently filed a Freedom Of Information Request with the NYPD for specific files that pertained to my false arrest at Union Square Park on August 8, 2011.

In the NYPD ‘Aided Report’ that I received it was apparent to me that many inconsistencies and untruths were reported in the file. The NYPD’s description of the incident I was involved in was completely fabricated. The video that was taken of the events that transpired on August 8, 2011 supports my claims that the NYPD Report is completely false. The NYPD Report States: “AIDED FEARED THAT EVERYONE AROUND HIM WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM AND ACTED IRRATIONAL /PARANOID; WAVING HIS ARMS AND YELLING IN FRONT OF PARK AT LOCATION.”

Video evidence of the Union Square – Police interaction tells a different story. There was no such “fear” displayed by me that “everyone was trying to kill me.” On the contrary, I was speaking calmly and rationally in a controlled manner in front of a very friendly and encouraging diverse group of New Yorkers.

The video doesn’t show anything the police have written in the report. I never “waved my arms,” or “yelled” in front of the crowd. Furthermore, the report states: “was irrational/paranoid, thought everyone was trying to kill him.” If I believed “everyone was trying to kill me,” why was I talking normally to the crowd and the police if “everyone was trying to kill me’?

This NYPD Report is a product of pure fiction. The video tape of the events that transpired on August 8, 2011 firmly proves this.

I was falsely arrested, or as the NYPD puts it, “Aided,” for speaking out against a secret government that had been harassing me. If, as the NYPD Report states, I was “irrational/paranoid,” how then did I manage to attract hundreds of people to what I was saying? If I was ‘dangerous’ this crowd would of moved on. The crowd would of soon picked up I was ‘mentally unbalanced’ and would have ignored me. However, this did not happen. The crowd grew larger and larger. I was falsely arrested and medically drugged for what I was saying. This is UnConstitutional.

In essence, this is a case of the police and the hospital creating a ‘mental illness’ by proxy. Psychiatric confinement of sane people is a particularly pernicious form of repression.

Video just surfaced a few months ago. I have a Federal Lawsuit pending with The Southern District Court of New York. The Commission to Combat Police Corruption forwarded my complaint to NYPD Internal Affairs. I’ve also submitted a FOIA Request for the Identities of the “police.” FDNY who handles ambulance dispatch has been notified by me that I demand to know the names of the ‘Emt’s’ that accompanied me to Bellevue. All the best!


Glen Cove NY Police Ignore Property Rights, Employ Thuggery [Video] shared by Rocco and posted on September 07, 2014

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The content below was shared via by Panzy, the mom of 15-year-old Dakota Bright, who was killed by a Chicago police employee.

Date of Incident: 11/08/12
Individual Responsible: Unknown
Outfit: Chicago Police Department, 3rd District
Phone: 312-747-5530

This is my son, Dakota Bright. He was killed November 8th, 2012 at the age of 15 by a Chicago police officer who claimed to be in fear for his life. Dakota was shot in the back of his head and then he was handcuffed and left laying in a backyard for 4- to 5-hours.

As Korvell Curry wrote at

CPD officials released the reason for Dakota staying on the scene for so long was to “find” the very gun that Dakota allegedly pointed at an officer.
The officer’s name was never released.
As Dakota’s life was taken away before his time, his family cannot get any type of cooperation from any city officials or of course CPD officials.
The result of this fatal crime carried out on this teenager leaves a very big hole in Dakota’s family that can never be filled.
Panzy Bright, Dakota’s mother, has been protesting and speaking out on her son’s murder by the true killers and gangsters of the Chicago Police Department.

The ambulance was flagged off so he was denied medical attention that may have saved his life. There was no gun on him at all.

If that was not enough they taunted my family – they treated us like we are the criminals yet this officer gets to live his life as if nothing happened.

I constantly see pictures of the young men killed, it makes me sad but it also makes me made because my 15-year-old child’s life was taken by one of these monsters and yet he gets no justice.

Panzy Edwards and Dakota Bright, prior to him being Killed by a Chicago Police Employee

Panzy and Dakota Bright, prior to him being Killed by a Chicago Police Employee

From Jennifer Delgado’s write-up Marchers protest police shooting that killed teen at

About 3:30 p.m that day, he was returning to his grandmother’s place when Grand Crossing District officers approached him, police and family said.

Officials said they ordered Dakota to drop the gun in his hand, but he started to run. Dakota then turned and pointed the weapon at them, authorities said, prompting officers to fire in his direction. A weapon was found at the scene, authorities said.

Police sources said Dakota was a gang member who had been arrested for robbery and aggravated battery to a police officer, though his family denies that he was involved in a gang. His family also said Dakota never had a gun and someone planted a weapon at the scene.

“My cousin was a normal, regular teenager,” said Lenard Clark, 29. “He didn’t deserve what he got.”

Many in the neighborhood said police in the area operate in a state of fear. They also wondered why officers shot Dakota in the head.

Editors Note: A petition at, started by Panzy, already has over 1,100 signatures. Clearly though, people signing a document is not enough to change the perverse incentives inherent in the policing institution, that itself is based on double standards. Real change will occur only when those responsible are held accountable for their actions. That starts with each of us, not buying into claims of authority put-forth by strangers who themselves subsist on theft.

In her quest for justice, Panzy was encouraged to reach out to known police accountability groups in her area, in the hope that some involved could add capacity, ideas, and traction.

Known Illinois-Based Police Accountability Groups



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The information below was shared via by Allison Griggs, who seeks to inform others in her community about the subpar actions of someone who – at least according to the website of his employer – protect the citizens of Marshall County.

Date of Interaction: 05/01/2014
Individual Responsible: Robert Vester
Outfit: Marshall County Sheriff’s Department
Phone: (309) 246-2115

This deputy sheriff, Robert Vester, from Marshall County, Lacon, IL, is posing here in this picture, pretending to be a disabled person. This is one of the only pictures you can see on his Facebook page.

Robert, not only was pulling multiple cars over at the Summercamp Festival, but he was doing illegal searches and confiscating phones, etc. After he arrested multiple people for no reason, we started investigating him because of the way he treated people (along with his co workers). Compete abuse of power. He is messing with people’s lives and costing then gobs of money.

Nowhere is it ok to imitate a handicapped person, let alone someone in his position to be doing it. He is supposed to be helping the community, not hurting people and making fun of the helpless!

Please, please, post this picture and bring awareness to this horrible situation!

Editors Note: Prior to posting this I checked the Marshall County Sheriff’s website, to confirm that Robert Vester was in fact employed there. Upon finding that the site lacked the employees’ names (save for the head-honcho Robert E. Russell). Thus, I decided to call to confirm. On Saturday, September 20th, I called the Marshall County Sheriff’s Outfit (309.246.2115)and asked the gentleman who answered the phone whether a man by the name of “Robert Vester” was employed there. I was greeted first by silence then was asked my identity. I stated that who I was not important to the information sought, which should be public. I again asked if Robert Vester worked there and was again asked my identity. I then asked the gentleman I was speaking with if he was Robert Vester and was told “No.” I then asked if he had a colleague named Robert Vester and after a silence, was hung-up on. I called back, and someone else answered. I asked that person if a Robert Vester was employed there and was told “Yes.” Why the difficulty



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Tucson Anti-Police March 9/13 [Video]

The information below was shared via by Dylan of Tuscan AZ Cop Block about a Police Accountability Rally held in town on September 13th.

Video credit to Raymond with Photography Is Not a Crime

Once cornered by police, one of the protestors hears on the police scanner that Tucson Police were about to move in on the group. At that point we ALL avoid arrest together by escaping down a dark ally, as citizens on 4th street block the police entry to the ally. Great team work!

More content from the night can be viewed – so long as you’re on Facebook – via Tucson Police Suck:

Thanks everyone the teamwork displayed was beautiful!

– Dylan

Tucson Cop Block



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This incident was shared anonymously by an individual via – it details the gross violation of rights by a number of individuals wearing Louisville police badges.

Date of Incident: 9/10/14
Individuals Responsible: At least four, unidentified LMPD employees
Outfit: Louisville Metro Police Department
Phone: 502-574-7111

Police entered a bar in Louisville Kentucky and proceeded to search every patron and employee of the bar. This is an obvious violation of these citizens 4th amendment rights.

We reached out to the videographer for more details and learned:

The doors were locked after all the patrons were forced inside the bar (I’m unsure whether the police locked the doors or if they had an employee lock the door, I was in the other room). The police made sure no one could enter and exit during their search. They were not locked prior to the cops entering the establishment.
There were at least 4 cops in the room with us. One flashing the flashlight at us by the bar and directly next to him was another. The man searching people was the 3rd cop and there was a 4th on the opposite wall standing. There were likely more cops in the front room though we couldn’t see in there. Eventually more cops showed up too as people were being escorted out the back door.
Nobody from Alcohol Beverage Control was seen nor was there any indication anyone from ABC was there.

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John Brady shared the information below via about Christian Horn, an aggressive “public servant” employed at the Manchester, NH Police Outfit. It seems, were his colleagues to uphold their mission, they’d choose to oust such a person from their ranks…

Date of Interaction: August, 2014
Individual Responsible: Christian Horn
Outfit: Manchester, NH Police Department
Phone: (603) 668-8711


Christian Horn

In August of 2014 Manchester, NH Police Officer Christian Horn was arrested in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and charged with two Class A Felony charges of assault.

Since then arrest Manchester, NH police have placed Horn on “modified” desk duty until the resolution of the felony level assault charges currently pending in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The article about Horn being charged with two felony counts of assault was in The Union Leader newspaper on September 12,2014 written by reporter Mark Hayward who truly believes in police accountability.

Read: Manchester police officer charged with felony assault on Cape Cod by Mark Hayward


After reading the article I called the Manchester Police and asked to speak with the officer in charge about the incident who told me “Officer Horn is a good police officer”, that he does not believe one word of the incident or the alleged victims, then he hung up on me.

Another Manchster, NH cop charged for beating on someone… [See incident involving Chris Micklovich]. What is it going to take for these bullies with badges and guns to stop injuring and falsely caging citizens they were supposedly sworn to serve and protect?

I do not believe they were sworn to beat the hell out of someone just because they have a badge, instead of modified paid duty he should be suspended without pay until the charges are concluded. Or at least, let the suspect beat on the officer and not be charged.

This is not the first time officer Horn has assaulted someone – he broke a mans jaw in 2013 while on duty and did not even get suspended and the person was not fighting or resisting.

Way to go Chief Mara you created another golem (monster) with a badge and gun. Again Chief Mara I demand, as do many other residents demand, you immediately resign as chief and become a parking control officer.

Manchester, NH Police Employee Christian Horn Charged With Two Felony Counts of Assault is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Matthew Murphy shared the content below via to make clear the repeated violence exhibited by Redstone Township Police employee Norman Howard, toward his partner.

Incident Date: 09/01/2014
Individual Responsible: Norman Howard
Outfit: Redstone Township Police Department
Phone: (724) 246-0758 (given online, but goes to fax number…)

Redstone Township police officer arrested after domestic dispute in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Charges dismissed last time Officer Norman Howard did this to another girlfriend. This is the second time this Officer has done this to one of his girlfriends. The first time he nearly killed her. However, the charges of course were dismissed and not picked up by the Commonwealth.

If this was anyone else the Commonwealth would have pursued the charges the first time, and this Officer wouldn’t have been able to do this again.

From the write-up Redstone Township police officer arrested after domestic dispute in Fayette County by Ashlie Hardway:

State police said they were called about 4:15 a.m. to a home on Wards Road, where they found 25-year-old Amanda Orris with a broken front tooth and a bite mark on her shoulder…

This is the second time Howard was charged with a physical fight involving a girlfriend. In 2010, state police charged him with simple assault and harassment, but charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

Editors Note: A call was made to the number given for the Redstone Township Police Department to inquire if Howard is still employed, but it went to a fax machine. If anyone has a better number or any updates, please leave them as a comment.

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