Peacekeepers or Aggressors? How Smartphones Unmask the Police
by Amanda B. Johnson

A man named Daniel Pantaleo murdered a man named Eric Garner in New York City on July 18th this year. Garner was standing peacefully on the sidewalk, and Pantaleo and a gang of his friends surrounded Garner. Pantaleo grabbed him from behind, choked him, and with the gang’s help, dropped the 400 pound father to the ground.

Garner gasped repeatedly, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” Pantaleo pressed the victim’s head into the concrete until Garner stopped gasping and died on the sidewalk. The gang then put Garner’s body into an emergency vehicle and drove away.

What may surprise those from a different place or a different time is that Pantaleo and his gang of friends call themselves “law enforcement” or “police officers.”

But dead men can’t speak, so how does anyone know the details of the murder? In years past, witnesses to such crimes were swiftly silenced by police who agreed to protect one another by giving false testimony – a widespread practice of the Thin Blue Line.

Today we all know what happened to Eric Garner, however, because witness Ramsey Orta decided to film the scene with his smartphone.


Is this kind of incident uncommon? No. There now exists so much witness-gathered footage of assault by police employees that a new music video has been released which features them. The rap video cycles two and three-second clips of police assault, and there are so many that none have to be repeated.

Ramsey Orta and others have begun to realize that they hold a power in their pockets that creates accountability where otherwise there would be none. Cameras on smartphones are becoming as powerful as the police employees’ guns, tasers and clubs – and perhaps more so. As Judge Andrew Napalitano has said, “The camera is the new gun.”

Individuals across North America and around the globe have taken notice. Many collaborate under the banners of decentralized organizations like CopBlock, CopWatch and Peaceful Streets. A quick glance at this map shows the organic growth of police accountability groups.

Are they anti-police? It would appear not, as the largest organization among them, CopBlock, recently gave a rave review of a private, for-profit security firm called the Threat Management Center (TMC). This police alternative, which has served Detroit residents since 2000, deploys trained agents to de-escalate potentially violent situations for its clients, and provides free protection services for low-income clients, as well. Its 14-year track record is quite unlike that of the average police department: it has never once killed or assaulted any of its clients, for starters.

As CopBlock co-founder Pete Eyre said of TMC’s success in preventing – not causing – violence:

“Wouldn’t you expect greater transparency and bang-for-your-buck if you yourself hired your security firm and had the option to fire them? That’s what society could look like without a police system sheltered from competition.”

CopWatch and Peaceful Streets profess similar sentiments, with respective taglines of “Policing the Police” and “Protect and Serve Each Other”. It would seem that their members are not anti-police, but pro-choice. And what choice? The choice of who – if anyone – “serves and protects” you.

Though every situation is different, CopBlock literature advises that the following steps often help you avoid victimization if you have to deal with police employees:

copblock-banner-320x90-apps1) Record your interaction. Capture an objective record of the exchange to deter any violations of rights. Use apps that will store your footage online as you record it, which is helpful, as police are known to steal phones and destroy evidence.

2) If approached, ask “Am I free to go?” If so, walk away. You may have to ask multiple times.

3) Don’t answer questions. Many believe it’s best to remain silent because anything you say may be cited as justification to extort or imprison you. If you do respond, answer questions with questions and refrain from making definitive statements.

4) Never consent to searches. Police employees cannot, per their own rules, search you or your property without your consent, a warrant or evidence of a crime. Loudly and repeatedly state, “I do not consent to any searches,” so bystanders can hear.

5) Be polite but firm. Police employees act as if they have a legitimate right to initiate force – they don’t. As difficult as it may be, stand firm, work to de-escalate and move on.

6) Disseminate the content you captured. The injustice system sides with its own. Share your story with others to leverage the court of public opinion.

If you have been assaulted or harassed by police employees, share your story at CopBlock’s submission page.

Everyone is better off if we leverage the Internet and technology to assert that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

Even the voice of one can be enough to reach thousands.

Peacekeepers or Aggressors? How Smartphones Unmask the Police is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Glen Eichenlaub shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: 11 May 2014
Police Employees Involved: Unknown; APD
Police Employee Contact Information: 907-786-8900;

Early morning on May 11th, three officers entered the Eagle River Campground. I politely asked the first officer who approach me if I could help him. He immediately asked me for ID and when I refused he told me to, “Turn around, put [my] hands behind [my] back, widen [my] stance.” I was then cuffed. I asked the officer what this was all about. He told me that he was there for suspicion of trespassing. I told the officer that I was there legally and we paid all the fees for the spot. At this time, the aggressive officer told me that he would just see about that and I would be placed in the back of his car until he could verify with the host that we were allowed to be there. Everything up to this point was aggressive, but acceptable.

After about ten minutes in the police car, the officer opened the door and told me that he had verified that we were allowed to be there. However, instead of leaving or searching for the real trespassers the cops decided to terrorize us. We had a child who was sleeping in the tent and because the other person I was with told the cops she had been drinking, they decided to threaten to charge her with child endangerment. At this time, they told her that if she didn’t call and wake someone up to come to the camp, that they were going to take her child away from her. Let it be noted that I was not slurring my words, tripping, smelling like alcohol or anything. I was perfectly capable of taking care of the child and they had no reason to believe I wasn’t. Let it also be noted that during this incident the officers took us about 100 feet away from the tent leaving the child all by himself. I believe the harassment stemmed from me refusing to give them information, answer questions, or provide a breathalyzer. These officers harassed us for over an hour. As seen in the video, the officers told us that we were no longer being detained and we were free to go on multiple occasions, however they would not allow us to leave the area or stop harassing us. The officers then proceeded to shine their flashlights on me, making it difficult for me to see. I asked the officers to leave several times. They had verified that we were allowed to be there, they verified that we were renting the spot, and they told us we were no longer being detained and are free to go.

The officers remained on our rented spot, trespassing, after I told them to leave several times. I even decided to be the more mature person there and wanted to pack everything up and leave since “we were free to go,” however they wouldn’t allow me to leave. These officers showed complete disregard for the child’s safety by forcing us to leave the four year old child all by himself. The actions of these officers that night were despicable and negatively discredit the APD.

In the past I have supported the APD along with the AFD, but I now have complete disrespect for the APD. It was mainly one bald headed officer who was the aggressor and seemed to lead the charge, however two other officers stood by while it happened. There is no excuse. This greatly upset the mother (on mother’s day) that these cops were threatening to take away her child and also forcing us to leave the child all by himself. The cop (as seen in the video) stated that I couldn’t go near the tent (even after no longer being detained and free to go) because there could be a loaded gun in there. It seems a little absurd for these cops to pretend that they care for this child’s safety yet had no problem leaving him in the tent all by himself with no one around AND while they think there could be a loaded gun in there with him.

I contacted the records department to see if I could get the dash video/audio and I have not yet heard back from them. I am sure by now they have deleted everything to cover their tracks. These officers need to be punished to restore any respect for the APD. At minimum, after they told us we were no longer detained and we were free to leave, they were trespassing on our spot not to mention harassing us, putting the child in danger and they also wouldn’t allow me to leave which made me feel like I was being illegally detained, even though they told me I was no longer detained and free to go.

Glen Eichenlaub

Anchorage, Alaska Police Terrorizing Citizens; No Longer Detained, Yet Not Free to Leave is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Fisher Oakes shared this post via’s submit page.

I made this video in an attempt to analyze the news story released about Cop to shed light on general tactics employed by the mainstream media to program society to think certain ways about specific issues. I hope many people can see this and educate themselves on these tactics so that they can analyze other mainstream news segments in the future!

Fisher Oakes

Analysis of Fox News Report on is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Alvin Decker shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: May 16, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Officer Bartilinskii, Officer Salinski
Police Employee Contact Information: (732) 951-3337

On May 24th, 2014 I was arrested in Woodbridge, NJ on outstanding warrants by the Woodbridge Police Department. I was taken to the Middlesex County jail in North Brunswick, New Jersey to await trial or for bail to be posted. I arrived at the county jail around 2100 hrs. I was searched, photographed, and changed into county clothing. I was then able to make a phone call to my father to inform him of my arrest and arrange for him to come post my bond.

After I finished the initial intake process, I was directed to walk down the hallway to the infirmary to complete the medical portion of the intake process. I walked into the infirmary dressed in an orange jumpsuit and carrying my blanket, sheet, and a change of clothes. When I walked into the infirmary I was directed by the Corrections Officers to go into a room to my left and wait for them to call me. I did as they told me; I walked into the room and found a single chair sitting in the room. I placed my blanket, sheet, and change of county clothing on the chair and began to pace back and forth in the 10′x5′ room. After about thirty minutes of waiting in the room which did not have a bathroom, I could no longer hold my bladder. I walked to the door and slightly opened it to inform the Corrections Officers that I had the urinate as I had not had a chance to use the bathroom in over five hours.

I opened the door and informed them that I had not had a chance to use the restroom in hours and that my bladder was now hurting from holding my urine in. They told me, “Shut the fuck up, I don’t give a shit how long it’s been since you used the bathroom, you can wait.” I respectfully informed them that I could not hold it, which was the truth; I had lost control when I sneezed and urinated a tiny bit in my pants. They told me, “I don’t give a fuck, piss yourself for all I care. Go back in that room and don’t open the door again until we tell you to.” I listened to them. I closed the door and walked to the middle of the room and began to pace.

One of the officers, CO Bartilinski, then came into the room screaming at me, calling me names, and told me to, “Sit the fuck down.” I was not disrespectful with them at all and I really had to go to the bathroom. I did not appreciate being treated like some sub-human scumbag. I told him that I wasn’t disobeying any orders, I was told to go into this room and wait and that is what I was doing. He said to me, “Get your dick-loving ass in that chair and sit.” I am a human, and in jail or not, I will not be disrespected in such a way. I told him, “Calm down, I’m not disrespecting you, there is no reason for you to talk to me like that. I’ve done everything you guys asked me to do. I can’t sit, I have to piss really bad. I have already pissed in my pants a tiny bit. I have a right to use the restroom.” He told me, “You are in my fucking house, you will do what I fucking say, you have no rights, you piece of shit.”

I opened my mouth and told him what I thought. I said, “I do have a right to use the bathroom and I have the right to not be treated like a piece of shit for no reason. All I did was ask to use the bathroom because I have to piss so bad that it is coming out. You are just a bully hiding behind a badge. You grew up getting picked on and your girlfriend, or boyfriend, is probably cheating on you so you think it’s okay to come here and treat men however you want, all because you have a badge on? You think that badge makes you better than me?”

I wasn’t displaying any hostile behaviors, I was not raising my voice, in fact, I backed away from him. He then walked toward me and grabbed me by the throat and proceeded to choke me; I could hardly breath and was starting to lose blood circulation to my head. When he grabbed my by throat, he said, “This is my house, I run this place, you will do whatever I fucking tell you to do or I will beat the piss out of you and choke you out.” I then said, “You are a punk. You are a disrespectful, insecure punk hiding behind that badge. What you are doing is illegal, you have no right to grab me by the throat and talk to me the way you are talking to me. If we were on the street and you attacked me like this, I would defend myself. You know you are a bitch, that’s why you attack inmates who you know won’t fight back. When I get out of here, I am contacting a lawyer and you will lose your fucking job and have a big lawsuit on your hands.”

He continued to choke me and said, “Yeah, I’m a punk? You’re the one in orange, you are my bitch and you will do whatever I fucking tell you to do. I will beat your ass so bad and guess what, I won’t get in any trouble. Hit me, I dare you.”

The entire time I had my hands in the air with my palms open and facing him and the other COs. I told him, “I am not going to touch you, not at all. Go ahead and beat my ass, I hope you do. I will sue you for everything you have. You are like the eighth grade bully who attacks third graders after school; you are such a bitch that you will only attack those who you know will not or can not fight back.”

Then he swept my legs out from underneath me and he was sitting on top of me, with my palms open and my hands above my head and spread out far away from each other. He was choking me so badly at this point that I couldn’t breathe at all, nor could I talk. I tried to scream for the other COs, saying that I could not breathe. He continued to push on my throat harder and harder, now with both hands. As he did so, he asked, “Who’s in charge now, you little bitch? Your life is in my hands, I could kill you here and get away with it.” I was scared, there were five COs less than twenty feet away just watching me be abused, or ignoring the incident completely. I was starting to blackout, I honestly thought he was going to choke me out and possibly kill me. I continued to try and call for help; the other COs were laughing, as was the one who was choking me. Finally I decided I had no other choice but to prevent myself from being choked out and possibly killed.I used my arm and pulled his hands off of my throat. I did no more than this, I simply wanted to breathe.

As soon as I knocked his hands off of my throat, four or five other COs ran into the room and began to kick me in the stomach, chest, and head. I was at that point on my stomach being beaten by five COs. I was not resisting at all. My hands were behind my back with my wrists touching so that they could handcuff me. They didn’t handcuff me immediately, instead they continued to punch me, knee me, and kick me about the face, head, chest, back, and stomach. They kept yelling for me to quit resisting, which I was not. My hands were behind my back. The only resisting that I was doing was to move my face from left to right in order to avoid being kicked, elbowed, or punched. One CO jumped on the small of my back with his knee; my back still hurts to this day. Another CO was kneeling on my face, pushing my face into the concrete with the full weight of his body. Another CO had my hands and was twisting them as much as he possibly could. At one point I felt and heard a pop, it was my thumb and wrist. They then maced me and put the handcuffs on. They tightened the handcuffs as much as they possibly could. They made a deep laceration on the wrist of my right hand with the handcuffs, which began to bleed profusely. They cut off the circulation to my hands.

They then continued to kick and punch me until they suddenly stopped. They then picked me up off the ground by the handcuffs, which caused great strain on my shoulder. They put an anti-spit mask on me over my maced face. They brought me to see the nurse. They held my thumb in a contorted fashion and said that they were going to remove the mask and if I spit on anyone that they would break my hand. They removed the mask and they dumped half of a bottle of water on my face and put the same mace-covered mask back on my face. The nurse asked if anything hurt. I told her that my thumb was killing me, the small of my back hurt from the CO jumping on it, and that I had lost feeling in my fingers from the handcuffs. They COs told her that I was lying and threatened to break my hands again.

The nurse did absolutely nothing. I told them I needed medical attention as I thought my thumb was broken because it hurt extremely badly and was swollen up. I also asked for them to clean the mace off of my face. They told me, “Shut the fuck up or we will fuck you up again, this time worse.” They then put me into a high-visibility suicide watch cell. Why? I don’t know. I was not suicidal. They threw me into the cell and pushed me up against the wall. They told me they were going to take the handcuffs off and when they did I was to put my hands on wall above my head. They removed one handcuff and I did exactly as I was told. All of a sudden, one of them said, “This guy is a fucking retard, he’s resisting again.” I was not resisting at all. My hand was flat on the wall in front of me and my face was on the wall as well. All of a sudden, they pulled my legs out from under me and kneeled on my face once again. They kicked and punched me multiple times again and they removed all of my clothes. One of the COs made sure to squeeze my testicle as he was removing my pants and underwear, which caused excruciating pain and forced me to cry out. I was kicked in the stomach for crying out and called a fucking faggot and a piece of shit. They then left me in the room naked, with a sprained thumb, mace all over my face, and a tiny, green, anti-suicide smock to wear.

I was told I was not allowed to wash the mace off of my face or move until they told me to. I stayed lying on the ground untilI heard the cell door close and they told me I could get up. I got up and walked over to the sink, blinded, trying to find the water. The CO yelled me and said, “God, you are fucking retarded. Did we tell you that you could wash your face yet? No, we didn’t. Go ahead and wash it off and see what happens.” I told him, “I’m not an idiot, I know my fucking rights, I’m washing this off of my face; if you have a problem with that then come and kick my ass again. You must feel like a really tough guy for beating the shit out of a guy who isn’t fighting back with four of your buddies.” They kept me in the suicide watch cell for the next three days until I was bailed out.

During those three days, I was regularly visited by a CO named Salinski. He would come in and verbally berate me. He would threaten me with more violence or more time in suicide watch by telling the psychiatrist that I told him I was going to kill myself if I said anything back to him when he was berating me. He told me that he would rape my mother, rape my sister, and he said, “If I ever see you on the street, and the chances of that are pretty good seeing as I know where you live (he recited my address), I will beat the fucking shit out of you so badly that you will be lucky if you ever walk again.”

I tried to see the doctor numerous times and I followed the grievance procedure to try and speak to a captain to report the incident. I was never allowed to speak with anyone, even once I was bailed out and tried calling; they would hang up on me or tell me to, “Get fucked.”

Alvin Decker


Middlesex County DOC North Brunswick NJ, Beating by Corrections Officers is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

Bullies like to operate behind closed doors, out of sight and off the radar of others.

Change that equation.

Seek justice not from the friends of the aggressor, but from the court of public opinion.

Visit to:

Recount your own police interaction or one that you witnessed
- be detailed so others can easily get up-to-speed.
- if you captured a video, upload that elsewhere and include the link. or attach a picture.
- and be sure to include the name and badge number, and known contact information about the aggressor, so attention can be focused on them.

Share your perspective in an original piece
- we can each learn from each other
- the exchange of ideas is key

Cross-post relevant content found elsewhere
- if you see content created by someone else that strikes you as on-point, or as off-base, share a bit from that article, and your own thoughts, to frame it from a different view
- keep in mind that if you only share a link, it will not be published.

Visit to inject the disinfecting light of transparency into a situation that demands justice.

And if it’d help, be sure to check out the post -  “Have You Been Wronged By a Police Employee?


Thanks in advance for your involvement – this decentralization is key to effect real change!

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Maximize Transparency via is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

On July 14th, 2014 Scottie Roberts shared a write-up via about a negative interaction he and his wife were subjected to by Londonderry (NH) police employees Christopher Wiggin, Michael McCutcheon, and an unidentified third employee.

On July 15th, 2014 that post, entitled Londonderry, NH Police Officer Badge #51 was made live on the site. It quickly gained traction – over 7,000 shares on Facebook alone, due to the callousness experienced.

Roberts recounted an interaction that focused not on rendering aid during a medical situation (he was experiencing a minor heart attack), but on the failure to comply with an arbitrary dictate (a sticker on the vehicle windshield). The Londonderry police employees were claimed to have exhibited no respect for property rights (per the theft of the cell phone Mrs. Roberts was using to film the encounter), and brashnessness toward those they purport to “serve” (upon spying a Cop Block sticker on Roberts’ vehicle, being told that “CopBlockers make me want to puke”, and later, when Mrs. Roberts called the Londonderry police outfit, she was hung up on).

On July 23rd, 2014 a Google Alert was received that informed me of an update to this situation posted to

That post, entitled Londonderry police chief probing online ‘CopBlock’ allegations, made live the day prior, July 22nd, 2014, is posted below in full, and notes that though no complaint was received by those at the Londonderry Police Outfit, the situation is being looked into.

Will those involved be held responsible for their actions?

Police “investigating” their colleagues definitely does not curtail the perverse incentives inherent within that coercive monopoly, but the court of public opinion can be imperative to focusing attention on the actors involved.

That was the case recently in nearby Seabrook, NH, where two badge-wearing aggressors – Mark Richardson and Adam Laurent – were fired , and two others – Keith Dietenhofer John Wasson – were suspended or demoted, after a video of their treatment of someone being caged was made public.

If you have thoughts or want clarification on the situation described by Scottie Roberts, feel free to inquire of those at the Londonderry Police Outfit: 603-432-1118


Londonderry police chief probing online ‘CopBlock’ allegations
Complaints stemming from a July 14 traffic stop were posted on several websites but weren’t submitted to Londonderry Police, officials said.
Union Leader Correspondent

LONDONDERRY — Complaints concerning two police officers posted on a popular website are now under investigation.

Police Chief Bill Hart said the department hadn’t received a formal complaint regarding the incident earlier this month, but he said he’s treating the case as seriously as any other complaint.

“No one said anything to us,” Hart said during Monday night’s Town Council meeting. “This was posted on the Cop Block site and on Facebook and as soon as we knew about it, we initiated an investigation.”

Hart described Cop Block as “an advocacy site for people holding certain views.”

Cop Block’s website said it is “a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.”

On July 14, a person identifying himself as Scottie Roberts posted a detailed account of a traffic stop in Londonderry on

The author of the post claimed he and his wife were traveling through town that morning when a police SUV pulled them over.

He said his wife told police she was driving him to the Parkland Medical Center emergency room because of “severe chest pain” and asked them to call an ambulance.

According to the post’s author, the officers refused to call an ambulance and then asked the couple about the clear inspection sticker on their car.

Noting that clear inspection stickers indicate the vehicle had passed a safety inspection but not an emissions test, police allegedly gave the couple a $62 ticket, charging them with operating an uninspected motor vehicle.

The couple claims police also confiscated their cell phone, claiming it was “evidence.”

The poster identified as Roberts also claimed a second request for an ambulance call was dismissed by the police officers he identified as “Wiggins and Sgt. Mccutherson.”

According to the department’s online roster, Officer Christopher Wiggin and Sgt. Michael McCutcheon are current members of the force.

Roberts claimed one of the officers said, “You don’t need no goddamn ambulance,” and after seeing the sticker on their car, sent them on their way saying, “Get out of my face. You Cop Blockers make me want to puke.”

This week, Hart said he wouldn’t be discussing details of the case since it remains under investigation.

However, he stressed the importance of citizens speaking up when it comes to their concerns involving the local police.

“The complaint process is an important one because it’s essentially about strengthening the community’s trust in the police department,” Hart said.

He stressed that “every single complaint made to the police department is reviewed and addressed accordingly.”

According to Hart, complaints against Londonderry officers remain relatively rare.

Last year the department received five complaints Hart described as “internal affairs, noting the department has about 65 employees.



Submission to Cop Block Prompts Londonderry Police “Investigation” is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: July 18, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Los Angeles Police officers
Police Employee Contact: LAPD West Valley Division

I was pulled over on my motorcycle under the pretense of my pipes being too loud. As soon as I shut down my motorcycle, the cops began asking invasive questions; was I on parole/probation? Where was I going and coming from? I told them I don’t answer questions and they became hostile and agitated. When I was able to, I retrieved my phone and began recording. They told me I wasn’t allowed to record them and that they would place me in handcuffs if I continued to do so. That’s exactly what happened . I was handcuffed for recording the incident. They then wrote me a ticket for everything they could and told me that they would have been cool and not written me a ticket if I had not exercised my right to remain silent and had not recorded them .

Los Angeles Police Handcuff Me For Filming is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

I saw all of what I’m about to share in just 40 hours locked in the Franklin County Corrections Center for a traffic violation that was dismissed. I was in holding until I was bussed to the courthouse. The dorm had sewage on the floor from a broken toilet. A woman had been there 5 1/2 months and had never experienced any recreation; people only get out of the dorm for court or the hospital. Inmates are given just enough food to survive and sometimes it is rotten. A woman with active hepatitis was among a group of women taking turns having sex with each other in the corner. There was no supervision or checks. Blood was on the floor from the beating someone received before I arrived. Violent felons were housed with those who’d committed misdemeanor crimes. Air-conditioning and cold water was turned off for punishment of the entire dorm. It was over 90 degrees outside.
Some people are really sick and medical care does not exist. They seem to operate on a “take them to the hospital if they might die” medical plan. A woman had a seizure while arm-locked and cuffed to another woman, packed into a court holding cell like sardines in a can, because they refused to give her meds. This happened just after the judge “released” her. She was taken to the hospital for over 12 hours, then brought back to be processed out, which didn’t happen for 15 more hours and they still wouldn’t give her the hospital prescribed meds. Verbal abuse is the standard means of communication. They wouldn’t give me meds for diabetes or high blood pressure. It’s a miracle I didn’t leave in an ambulance, or maybe the ambulance would have been the miracle.

I wasn’t allowed to make a phone call until after 18 hours incarcerated, nor was I allowed to contact a lawyer before court. I wasn’t allowed to have bra or underwear and my pants were so big they didn’t stay up; I had to walk around holding them until someone gave me an elastic from her underwear band. My towel was dirty and stained with blood. I was not given a cup to drink cloudy water from a hand sink or a toothbrush or spoon. Laundry is a bar of soap and the shower. People in drug withdrawal are ignored. Meanwhile, they were either vomiting or shitting and it didn’t always make it to the toilet or “sewage area.” Bright lights stay on 24/7.

I had never been arrested in my 38 years on earth and I actually was innocent. The judge dismissed charges at 10:30 am and I didn’t get out until 2 pm the next day. My debit card was stolen and of course they take your cash. They had also taken my driver’s license. I was out on the street not even knowing where I was. I had just moved to Columbus two weeks prior. My phone had just enough power to call a taxi. Since I had no cash or debit card, only by the grace of God I happened to have my birth certificate and social security card and could withdraw money from the bank to pay for the taxi. It ended up costing $170, partly because the driver waited for me at the bank. I’m thankful they didn’t put me out in the middle of the night, as they do some people every night. I was told I’d be able to make a call when I was released, but that didn’t happen either.

This place pretty much breaks every administrative code written regarding safety, medical issues, cleanliness and more.  Dogs at the humane society live in luxury compared to human beings incarcerated at the “work house.”

Dangerous Conditions at Franklin County Corrections Center, Columbus, OH is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page.

Police Employee Involved: Andrew DiPerri
Police Employee Contact: (603) 887-2080

The Chester Police got a complaint that two cars were speeding on Town Farm Road in Chester, NH. Officer Andrew DiPerri responded to the complaint. Once he located the cars that were supposedly speeding, he pulled up to the house. Officer DiPerri, seeming like he was on a mission, slammed on the door while yelling for someone to answer it. Once a resident came to the door, Mr. DiPerri yelled and demanded to know where the owners of the cars were. The resident went to the back yard to find them, but did not give officer DiPerri permission to follow or enter the residence. Officer DiPerri stormed through the garage into the back yard and walked approximately 100 feet to the pool area, still not invited, still trespassing.

We were on the back porch when Mr DiPerri screamed and cussed at us, asking us, “What the f*ck are you guys doing?” We had a small amount of marijuana, which is illegal in NH, but we were in a private residence almost 200 feet away from the street. We came away from the pool area where we were sitting and officer DiPerri screamed at us and patted us down, after we have done nothing but cooperate. After that, the homeowner came out and asked what was going on. DiPerri said that he was there for a traffic complaint, but that he could smell marijuana and wanted to search the fenced off pool area. He was denied by the owner after she said she wanted to check it out first. DiPerri once again broke the law by following the homeowner to the pool area, after he was just denied permission to do so.

He grabbed the marijuana and a bag, then proceeded to yell and scream at my two friends and I, demanding to knows whose it was, making all sorts of accusations and telling us the consequences for a crime that no one had admitted too. Officer DiPerri seized the marijuana and bag, but did not charge anyone. The reason why he didn’t charge anyone is because he knew that in his mission to find the owners of the two vehicles, he entered a home without permission and without a warrant, then made an unlawful search. The Chester Police Department is a joke and they do not follow protocol at all. Officer Andrew DiPerri is an officer who tries to get his way by intimidation and abuse of power. It is disgusting that in 2014 things like this are still happening. This event took place on July 18, 2014 at approximately 1:30 PM.


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Date of Interaction: July 4, 2014

Police Employees Involved
Tennessee Highway Patrol
(Name not given when asked repeatedly)

Contact Information
THP District Three Headquarters
1603 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 741-3181 (800) 736-0212

While filming b-roll footage of traffic stops at the start of Independence Day, a State Trooper walked 30 yards away from her stop to come over to us to say we couldn’t be on public property and if we didn’t obey her orders that she would “take action” against us. She apparently doesn’t know the laws very well because she explained to the city police that we were a threat to her safety and we needed to be removed. They came over to us, saw that we were doing nothing wrong and told us that we were perfectly within our rights!

Chris Kalbaugh Jr.

State Trooper Tries to Kick Us off Public Property is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights