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April 9th, 2014
Denver Cops Threaten Good Samaritan with Arrest
by Andrea Dantzer

Dani Juras and her family would soon find out the sad truth of current law enforcement mentality. Their family dog, Harley, slipped out of the yard and was hit by an oncoming car. Dani heard about it from a local website, hoped that it wasn’t her family pet and even prayed for the family of the dog. Turned out, it was Harley that was hit and if that wasn’t bad enough, details started emerging that would horrify all who heard them.

On scene, Harley did not die right away, he laid in the street gasping for air. Rather than allowing a concerned neighbor to take Harley in for treatment, the neighbor was threatened with violence and told he would be arrested if he came near the injured dog. What kind of society are we living in when a good Samaritan is threatened with arrest for simply doing what anyone would do in his situation?

Harley was subjected to the worst kind of cruelty by being left in the street for over ninety minutes suffering from his injuries. “It’s always about personal safety of that individual. It’s not trying to be cruel to the animal or the individual. It’s best if we get the Animal Control people in there, let them do what they do as experts and let them take the actions,” said Denver Police Dept spokesman Sonny Jackson. However, it should always be an individual’s decision whether there personal safety is in danger, or not. When a cop stops a person with threat of force from doing the right thing, there is a problem.

According to the official records, the police waited over fifteen minutes to call Animal Control. Animal Control finally made it to the scene over an hour later. Harley ultimately passed away from his injuries.

Many people may think that it is just a dog, and at least it’s not a person, but how much longer will this kind of overstep be limited to the domestic animal world? There is a frightening trend of increased police brutality, violence and coercion in this country. While Harley is just a dog, he was a member of the Juras family and they are heartbroken over what happened.

Now, friends, family and supporters from all over the world are speaking out against this latest outrage.

A Facebook page was started in support of Harley and to bring awareness to the situation. With over 700 supporters voicing their support of Juras and letting the Denver Police Department know how outraged they are over their blatant cruelty, Dani said she was touched and overwhelmed by all the support being shown to her family.

Some of the comments include:

Kristie Cooper: I am so sorry for your lost. I couldn’t imagine my dog lying in the street and the police just letting him die. This is the most inhumane and heartless thing a person could do. I don’t understand police dogs are treated with so much respect but these same officers cant have compassion of a person fur baby. I know this is heart breaking and i hope that you can find peace for your family and justice for Harley. My prayers go out to you and tour family.

Shiner Bock: People of Denver, and Colorado. This puppycide will not end, the sociopaths in the Police Departments will not see Justice, they will continue to kill and kill and kill again, dogs are inventory, property to these Officers and Officials. Nothing at all will be solved until the People of Denver and of Colorado tell their Police, their leaders and everyone they know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. Fire them put every kind of pressure on them, don’t let them have a night’s sleep until they solve their issues and show the People that crimes by their LEO’s will be prosecuted, prison time. It’s our responsibility and our duty to make our Govt. responsible and ultimately accountable to We the People. Do something!

Marcia Lardin Siemsen: So I have a question – if your dog gets hit by a car and law enforcement is on the scene, will you be threatened with arrest for trying to help your own dog? Or does this just apply if you are trying to help a dog that is not yours? SMDH

Lizz Huie-Fulks: Harley’s last minutes on this earth were terrible. The officer who kept people from helping needs to lose his badge. The story about protecting people from an injury is shall I say it, “a cop-out”. There was no reason to threaten people with getting arrested because there were no grounds to arrest anyone, no grounds. The officer was in the wrong, plain and simple. There is NEVER an excuse to allow a dog to suffer.

Juras noted, “There has been a great support system here for me and reading all the positive comments from everyone is amazing! I can’t say it helps my pain, but I’m looking at this as Harley is the voice for future pets that could fall in this situation!”

There is also a petition through Change.org with over 10,000 signatures demanding a public apology to the Harley’s family. You can find the petition here if you would like to add your name and tell the Denver Police Department what you think of them.

You can watch the ABC News7 interview with Harley’s owner as well.

For now, Dani and her family has to live with the constant reminders that Harley is no longer with them, and hoping this will never happen to another family, or their pet.

Andrea Dantzer

Denver Police Threaten Good Samaritan with Arrest is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don't Grant Extra Rights

From Jeffrey M. Pilcher, The Rise and Fall of the Chili Queens, in Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food (2012):

. . . Mexican food [from worker-owned street vendors] was also seen as a threat to white workers, both through unfair competition and labor radicalism. Nativist opponents of immigrant workers claimed that the Mexican diet of tortillas and chili, like the Chinese staple rice, undermined the nation’s standard of living. . . . Mexican food was also associated with anarchism and union organizing. Tamale vendors were blamed for the Christmas Day Riot of 1913, when police raided a labor rally in Los Angeles Plaza. Milam Plaza in San Antonio, where the chili queens worked in the 1920s, was a prominent recruiting ground for migrant workers. Customers could eat their chili while listening to impassioned speeches by anarcho-syndicalists of the [Industrial] Workers of the World[1] and the Partido Liberal Mexicano.[2]

— Jeffrey M. Pilcher, The Rise and Fall of the Chili Queens
in Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food (2012), p. 113

So I just stumbled across this passage today; it’s kind of like a perfect addendum to the Xenophobia and Anarchophobia / U.S. vs. Them section of my old No Borders / No State presentation, reheated, perfectly seasoned and cooked up together with everything I have to say about worker-owned, informal-sector food vendors and disruptive social and economic agoras.

See also.

  1. [1] Original mistakenly reads International [sic] Workers of the World, a distressingly common mistaken expansion of the I.W.W.’s initials.
  2. [2] A Mexican anarchist revolutionary group, whose founders included Ricardo Flores Magón, among others. After a series of strikes and uprisings they played a major role in the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution and briefly liberated Baja California from the control of the Mexican national government in 1911, with cross-border assistance from hundreds of I.W.W. anarcho-syndicalists from the U.S. After being defeated by the Mexican military and expelled from Mexico, members lived on in exile in southern California and central Texas.

This post was shared via CopBlock.org’s submit page by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous.

Date of Interaction: March 13, 2o14
Police Employees Involved: Kevin Corbett, Jose Aljandro
Police Employee Information: Loveland Ohio Police Department

Apparently cops don’t give tickets for possession on the spot anymore. My warrant was issued a week after being caught, and five minutes later the local cop was ripping me out of my house in my socks with no coat and no explanation. I’ve been bullied by this entitled, power hungry cop before in normal routine traffic stops – traffic stops including sitting in my friends/co-workers driveway.

I am a mother, a business owner – not a crack head or junkie. I happen to smoke medicinal marijuana. The police force is making as much money as they can with task forces before it goes legal.

The officer explains to me that I can’t possibly be working because my normal work-from-home attire is not something he considers appropriate.

Okay, possession is possession. I will take my punishment. What I won’t take is a 200 lb man giving me bruises and making me look like a battered woman. This man has no business ever being in a position of power. He is no different than any other abusive man I’ve come in contact with – entitled and controlling! It oozes out of him and it’s disgusting.

Please get this man off the street! I have respect for the police department. I even have family in the biz. No, I was not resisting! How could I? Two 200 lb men vs. one 100 lb girl. I’m scared to death of retaliation. He drives past my house ten times a day, and follows me into parking lots. I’m a single mom of three. He knows that.

Please find every girl this guy has raped, and get him off the street!

First Checkpoint Block of 2014

DEO shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: April 12, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Seven Hills PD
Police Employee Contact Information: (216) 524-3911

The first checkpoint of 2014, Seven Hills was kind enough to set up for a couple hours for me to film. Olmstead Falls and Seven Hills are both on the list as the nicest officers at a DUI stop that I have ever met! Sgt Kapas (sorry if I screwed up the spelling, sarge) is open to conversation – nice guy. The best part about it?

If these stops are deemed constitutional on the grounds that the stop not be too invasive or too long, these guys got it down pat! No checking licenses, they are STRICTLY out to get drunks off the road! We can’t all say that about our checkpoints, can we? Parma? Cleveland?

Something I noticed though – you people LINED up to be stopped. Even with the sign and several turns before the checkpoint to get out of it, you couldn’t wait to get in that line up. Several of you did turn away, and to the additional credit of Seven Hills police, they were not going after people that opted out. They still had that CHOICE to NOT go through the checkpoint, without retaliation.

Remember to always drink responsibly and use a designated driver!

And don’t forget, badges don’t grant extra rights!


Oh did that say “Preventing”? Editorial mistake. “Committing” is the word we’re looking for here. That should be, “Recent Instances of Police Committing Sexual Assault.” Obviously.

Late last year, San Antonio police officer Jackie Neal was charged with felony sexual assault for handcuffing, groping, then raping a 19-year-old while on duty. He stopped the woman and claimed her car had been reported stolen. He then forced her to the back of his squad car and raped her. (More here).

In another instance late last year, Kim Nguyen, a student at Loyola Marymount University, filed a lawsuit against LAPD, alleging she was sexually assaulted by police officers. Ms. Nguyen was standing on the sidewalk with friends on March 17, after a night of drinking, when accosted by LAPD officers David Shin and Jin Oh. The officers singled Ms. Nguyen out, handcuffed her, placed her in the back of squad car. She testified in deposition that the officers sexually assaulted her.

She ultimately was tossed out of, or fell out of the moving squad car. Ms. Nguyen woke up after a six-day, medically-induced coma. She underwent several jaw surgeries and lost all her teeth. More herehere and here.

The San Jose Mercury News reported in March that Patrolman Geoffrey Graves raped a woman who was staying in a hotel because she had been arguing with her husband. Graves was booked on suspicion of one count of forcible rape. However, he spent no time in custody, as he posted the $100,000 bail. He is currently on paid administrative leave (paid vacation for a rapist who turned himself in). More here and here.

In another instance last month, a Detroit police officer Deon Nunlee was charged with sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a domestic violence call. Upon the reported rape, Nunlee was placed on administrative leave. After results from the rape kit returned, Nunlee was suspended without pay. More here.

In late March, San Diego Police may have fallen short of the legal definition of sexual assault, but nevertheless harassed naked women in a vile and perverted manner. Three officers with bulletproof vests and guns charged a strip club in San Diego, allegedly to ensure strippers were complying with licensing requirements. The officers held dancers  against their will for some 3 hours, and photographed them – purportedly in an attempt to check permits. More here and here. Feel safer now?

This is not much of a surprise, considering the data suggesting cops are three times more likely to commit sexual assault than everyone else. While some may be optimist that a couple of these rapists were actually charged with a crime, it would be naive to be too hopeful.

Waukesha SWAT Sgt. Accused of Murder Threats

Photo Waukesha WI Police Sgt. Gregg Satula (Credit Waukesha PD)

By Tim @wkshacopblock – MilwaukeeCitizenPress

In the latest incident to come to light in what would generously be called an incompetent police department, Waukesha PD’s SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula is accused of showing up at the home of his wife’s lover, armed and holding his holstered gun, threatening to kill the man and his own wife. The PD’s cover-up machine apparently took effect within minutes of a 911 hang up call and continues to this day.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the incident:

Gregg Satula showed up off duty at Todd Kraine’s (name changed) house to confront him about an affair with his (now ex) wife Waukesha PD officer Jessica Satula-Trucksa. Satula pulled his green Prius down the street from Todd’s house and Todd called 911.  He was startled by Satula approaching his house and hung up the 911 call. Satula then approached Todd’s front door while holding a holstered silver .38 special with approximately a 2″ barrel and a laser sight while yelling and demanding entry into the home. Todd grabbed his own 9mm for protection. Satula was yelling and stated something along the lines of, “I’m on the Tactical Team and I can put a bullet in your and my wife’s head.”

The 911 hang up call was plotted by cell tower to Todd’s address and WPD officer Michelle Enderle was dispatched. She saw (her current direct supervisor) Satula standing at the door and was told it was taken care of and not to include his name on the report. Enderle falsely entered info into the WI State CAD system stating she made no contact. Satula filed for divorce the next day.

Months later, Todd contacted Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to file a complaint about the incident by phone and requested documentation. Dennis Angle refused to document this incident as noted below.

Here’s the email exchange from 8 months after the incident after Todd tried to file a verbal complaint.

-   -   -

4/15/13 Todd wrote to Deputy Chief Dennis Angle:

Dear Mr. Angle: I spoke with you about a month ago with my concerns over Sgt. Satula and officer Trucksa. I would like to get a copy of that report for my court case. Is this something I can procure via email or pick up in person at the station? Please advise.

4/16/13 Dennis Angle responds:

Mr. Kraines, I did not leave a report based on our conversation.

4/16/13 Todd writes:

Mr. Angle, I thought I stated that I wanted those incidents documented? Perhaps there was a misunderstanding?

4/16/13 Deputy Chief Angle writes:

There was no misunderstanding when I spoke to you. We spoke about the computer aided dispatch call (CAD) that documented your call to the police department. That document is attached to this e-mail. However I did not, nor plan to, draft any report documenting our conversation.

-   -   -

Now let’s just look at the individuals involved. I’ve personally had experience with Satula while I was trying to file a complaint against Officer Katrina Frey who illegally detained me for filming which was unsubstantiated. He is also apparently was a member of what I refer to as the “Beat and Delete” club which is a group of Waukesha cops involved in the deliberate destruction of a critical dash cam video showing excessive force. The group was admonished by Judge Stilling for deleting Officer Ryan Lafavor et al’s dash cam video of Mark Schroeder being beaten. She stated it was deleted in “Bad Faith.”  Obviously Satula’s in deep and under the assumption anything will fly.

Deputy Chief Dennis Angle is personally named in the above described “Beat and Delete” Federal Lawsuit pertaining to La Favor‘s beating. Angle once described to me how sometimes officers have to make up their best guess as to what happen then write it as fact on the report. As seen in the emails, he’s shameless and deliberate about his aversion to even document Todd’s complaint. Perhaps he’ll do a better job if he wins the lawsuit he and “eyes wide shut” Police Chief Russel Jack have filed against Waukesha. They claim they should both be paid more than their current rate of $14,000 per month.

Or perhaps Angle will get his act together now that Waukesha PD squads are equipped ALPR systems which, along with several area departments, boasts a database of over 7 million “stored plate reads” saving the GPS location, time of day, and photo of car/driver etcetera for at least 1 year. It’s likely also shared with the Milwaukee Federal “Fusion Center.”  The cited database covers around 250,000 drivers while only 6 million people live in WI. ALPR has been outlawed in NH and similar laws are working their way through other states’ legislatures.

Then there’s Officer Michelle Enderle. Her CAD (computer aided dispatch) entry was made about 2 minutes after arriving on scene at the 911 hang up call and her entry stated the party had left. She likely wanted to get out of the situation ASAP then lie on this state database which could probably land her in a jail cell. Enderle was also present for a not yet released conversation between her, Officer Darin Wittnebel, and Officer Jeremy Bousman in which Bousman is heard laughing, almost hysterically, about dumping evidence in the Kevin J. Noe case (marijuana plants) on Owens Drive which is a small road behind the PD in Waukesha. She’s also facing some other very serious allegations from another incident which I’ll go into detail about this summer.

Prior to publishing this story, I requested comment from Waukesha PD’s Public Information Officer Captain Ron Oremus regarding the allegations (as well as Satula and Angle.)

Here is his response: Your email has given us information that is contradictory to the information we received a year and a half ago about the situation involving Sergeant Satula and Todd Kraines. We will be investigating this new information.

I’m sure they’ll just ask Deputy Chief Dennis Angle to come up with a lie to support the existing lies.

But Waukesha Police Department’s  SWAT Sgt. Gregg Satula placed a little American flag on top of his mountain of damning evidence.

On 8/13/12 (the day after the incident and the day he filed for divorce from Jessica Trucksa) Sgt. Satula sent this to Todd from his personal email which is gregg.satula@redacted.com:

I guess in some strange way I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and explain your side. I don’t have any reason to believe you lied to me. You don’t have to fear me any more. I’m never going to stop by or call you again. I’m not going to check if she’s there. If for some reason you have a question for me, I’ll answer.Take whatever you want from this mess. I hope you don’t believe her lies anymore. And if you ever go after a married woman, pray that they have the self control that I do.

Apparently Gregg Satula feels that going to a man’s house with a gun (and invoking his official capacity as a SWAT Sergeant) and threatening a man’s life is self control. I tend to disagree.

Town of Brookfield WI Police Department sits just to the East of Waukesha and shares a jurisdictional border. TOB is 99.999% white and houses the upper middle class (along with hundreds of 1 million plus dollar homes) in suburban Milwaukee. TOB includes a 1/2  mile section of Moreland Boulevard  just west of the eastbound I-94 on ramp to the Brew City. It’s a great place for all cops near and far to tax “out of town-ers.” I refer to where my friend was stopped as “The Gauntlet, where black people come to learn about racial profiling.”

In February around quarter to 5, a personal friend of mine we’ll call J got off the bus on his way to work a 12 hour shift as an assistant manager at a local restaurant. It was still broad daylight and he was walking the half block from the bus stop when he was stopped by Field Training officer Steven G. Thompson and his apparent trainee (hired in Feb. of 14) Antonio Dominguez. Thompson demanded ID which was given under duress by my friend (and fellow cop-watcher) while he adamantly asserted that his rights were being violated. Thompson proceeded to unconstitutionally pat J down for weapons (drugs.) Nothing was located but of course Thompson had to make it look good on paper.

He fabricated an incident report which included the “you’re violating my rights” quote but stated he was given consent for both searches. He also reported that the area has a lot of vehicle break ins. The corner in question is overrun with cops from Town of Brookfield, Waukesha PD, and the Wisconsin State Patrol Milwaukee Outpost which is located 200 yards from the field interrogation. I asked police chief Chris Perket to provide some area crime stats to back  up the high crime area claim 5 days ago. He didn’t.

Thompson decided to toss one more lie on the official (probably sworn) incident report. He claimed J has prior convictions for burglary and trespass. This is false. You’d think he’d at least lie about stuff that couldn’t be dis-proven but perhaps his lies have gotten him through the past decade with such little resistance he no longer considers them.

Town of Brookfield Police Chief Chris Perket declined multiple requests for comment on these allegations.

Check out Waukesha CopBlock  on Twitter…



Cop Chokes Out Teen

Lucy Ingalls shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: March 2012
Police Employees Involved: Chicago Police
Police Employee Contact Information: Address – 3510 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60653, Telephone – 312-746-6000

This is a video I came across on YouTube. I was not at the incident. In the video, a teen boy is standing toe to toe with a Chicago thug police officer having words. The boy is then literally picked up by his throat and carried across the street, choking, until he gets thrown to the ground, not moving. The cop then proceeds to stand on the unconscious boy until an ambulance arrives within seconds. During the incident, people are heard to be laughing and defending the officer, and no one steps in to rescue the teen from his aggressor.

There is no information on if there were any consequences for this murderous cop, but if the situation was continued to be treated in the same way as on the scene, and afterwards with people saying, “That boy deserved it,” in the comment section of the video, then I imagine nothing has been done.

Reckless Driving

Joey shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: 01/24/2013
Hamilton County, Ohio Police Department

This is an incident that occurred last year that I forgot until I was going through my email of a letter I sent to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, but never got a response.

Around 10:35 PM, I was traveling I-75 S a few miles north of I-74. In front of me was a PT Cruiser, a silver car, and a red Mustang in front; we had been in a row for about 5 miles. Once we passed construction, a police officer who had a vehicle pulled over finished and got onto the freeway behind me, just before the I-74 Exit. All five of us took the exit; the lane splits and turns into an exit only for Colerain Ave, so the silver car, the Mustang, and I got over in the left lane, leaving the officer and the PT Cruiser in the lane. Well, the PT cruiser put on his signal to take the exit and began getting over, and at that time the officer floored it and went around the PT through the right shoulder almost hitting the wall while the PT Cruiser swerved back over to avoid being sideswiped by the officer. Then the officer swerved over two lanes to the left and hit the brakes behind another car that came from the other side (I 75-N); the officer hit the brakes and got back over so he was behind the silver car. Being blocked in, he proceeded to pass the car in the right shoulder, almost hitting two orange barrels (construction zone) and causing people to swerve and slam brakes. He got back over and almost sideswiped the Mustang trying to get back in the left lane, causing the Mustang to almost hit the wall to the left, so the Mustang hit the gas to get away and then got over in the right lane. I thought the officer was drunk or something. Then, the cop got behind the Mustang and pulled him over right at the Montana Ave exit. I called 911 at 10:42 PM to report this reckless behavior and the officer inappropriately pulling someone over. After hearing my story, the lady at 911 said, “I don’t know what you want me to do about it.” I told her that I wanted to report reckless driving and purposely trying to cause an accident in order to pull someone over for no apparent reason…and she hung up on me.

Mental Cages Precipitate Those Physical

 Let him who would move the world, first move himself.
- Socrates

If someone was kidnapped from your community and went missing for years you’d be concerned.

Say you lived in Manchester, NH, Murfreesboro, TN, Berkeley, CA, or Columbia, MO – what if the entire population of your town was snatched-up? That’s what happened in the early 1940s based on the orders of one person, the blind allegiance thousands of others granted based on that person’s title, and the unquestioning acceptance by millions more due to years of programming.

Though claims of a “fervered time of world war” were given as justification, no person has carte blanche ability to violate the rights of even one individual, much less the 110,000 caged in America’s concentration camps.


For more on Gila River check out “Years of Infamy” by Michi Nishiura Weglyn, who was held captive at the facility.

What happened at Gila River, in countless other iterations, and what may occur in the future can happen only after the mind has been made complacent, force-fed Statist Quo drivel, that a certain group of people have the right to control others. Fortunately, bad ideas can be replaced by those recognized to be better, and more aligned with ones consciousness.

It is paramount for each of us to not accept the dogma of another as our own but to decide for ourselves what makes sense. Don’t buy into the divisive propaganda and ‘us vs. them’ paradigm upon which your would-be masters depend. Trust yourself. [related: http://copblock.org/library]